Miley Cyrus has a new clothing line with Max Azria for Walmart


Miley Cyrus is slowly taking over the world. First she had her television show and became a singing sensation, and you couldn’t walk into Target without being bombarded with everything Miley: Hannah Montana hairdryers, sleeping bags, and televisions. Now, she’s taking over the tween clothing industry – with Max Azria. Yes, that Max Azria. The clothing line will include everything from tops to pants and shoes, with all items under $20. Released this fall, it will be just in time for back-to school shopping and will come just before Miley’s concert tour.

Hot on the heels of Taylor Swift’s Wal-Mart line of l.e.i. sundresses and the Jonas Brothers’ sweatervests, the “Miley Cyrus & Max Azria” label will include tops, pants, graphic tees, shoes and accessories all priced allowance-friendly and under $20. The goods will hit shelves, as well as, just in time for back-to-school shopping in early August—and her tour kickoff a few weeks later.

Wal-Mart is sponsoring the Miley Cyrus Live in Concert tour, launching Sept. 14 in Portland, Ore., and winding up 45 stops later in Miami.

As for those duds…

“We’re really excited,” BCBG Max Azria Group rep Patrick McGregor tells E! News.

“I love creating looks that are all about personal expression and individuality,” the recently reupped Hannah Montana said in a statement. “Collaborating with Max Azria has been an amazing experience, and I’m really excited about launching this line with Wal-Mart. There’s even more to come!”

In case the idea of Cyrus coming together with the designer sounds familiar, the pair shared a segment during the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards this year that had the starlet and Duane “The Rock” Johnson donning the same red frock. Miley also wore Hervé Léger to the Grammys in February and the London premiere of her movie last month.

“Miley Cyrus is talented and approachable, so working with her sparked a line that is authentic and vibrant,” the demure fashionisto said in a statement.

[from E! Online]

This girl must have absolutely boundless energy. She’s constantly coming out with something new, and while I don’t believe she designed everything in the line, I’m sure she put her own flourishes on it – at the very least, her name will make the items fly off the shelves. Considering the sheer number of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus products on the market, when she loses popularity she’s going to fall hard.

With Max Azria also working on the clothes, at least we know that the items will be parent-friendly, too – it’s a good thing Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus weren’t in charge of the designs, or they would have ended up with red carpet bikinis for 9-year-olds.

Here’s Miley going out for a bite to eat at the City Wok restaurant in Studio City with a friend on Saturday. Images thanks to .

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  1. Bellatrix says:

    I don’t know what has hit Max Azria these past few years. Really. The bets are on.

    He’s started a contract with Carrefour (the French Walmart) for clothing lines. Absolutely tasteless and very poor quality. Ugly. Even the colour schemes are completely off regarding the big scale fashion industry.
    Here’s an excerpt of one his collections for Tex (the Carrefour clothing line):

    And now with Miley?
    A pact with the devil in order not to go out of business, I guess…

  2. maggie says:

    When is this bitch going away. She wants to milk everything now before she fades into obilivion(i.e Hilary Duff)

  3. Wow says:

    Oh Dear Lord!

  4. Lynnie says:

    She’s wearing a rosary! That is NOT jewelry. And people are supposed to want to dress like she does? No, thanks…

  5. huh says:

    My word how did someone so homely get so famous?

  6. Peter says:

    The funny thing is that some people may insult her or say cruel things about her but she is laughing all the way to the bank. She is getting richer every day.
    So what does she care if some people say bad things about her ? Right now she is a millionaire but she is well on her way to becoming a billionaire within the next few years.

  7. Jag says:

    I’m so glad I don’t have children right now. lol

  8. Luci says:

    fall hard? really?
    when miley finishes she can retire to her private island and enjoy all her millions, I don’t think she will ever know what “hard” is

    I like this idea of cheap celebrity lines, not like lauren conrad’s or similar with dresses for -eh- 300$

  9. Luci says:

    thanks for the link to the carrefour images, you’re right, ugly
    I never liked the H&M designer lines also

  10. connie says:

    not my max, noooooooooooooo
    this is definately going to affect my buying decisions in the future. not a fan of this pairing, especially at walmart. ick. nast

    and lynnie i noticed that too. While mary plays a significantly bigger role to catholics than other christians i still view as a faux pau

  11. Ringlord says:

    First off who the hell is anyone else to say if she can wear a rosary or not? Get the hell over yourselves. It is her personal decision and none of your damn concern. Btw I am Catholic and it is not a faux pau. I dare you to try and tell a Jewish celebrity they can’t wear whatever the hell they want concerning their religion as jewelry. You would get ripped apart for anti-semitism. Secondly who is the bitch who wrote this article and what has her panties in a bunch to make that last whenchy comment about red carpet bikini’s for 9 year olds. Except for that one picture for Vanity Fair Miley has never been under dressed and even that picture showed less than many one piece bathing suits with an open back that can currently be bought by teenage girls in Target or Wal-Mart. Sounds to me like the woman who wrote this is jealous.

    Face all you haters. Miley can sing or she would not have a record deal, she can act or she would not have the part in the TV show or movies and beauty is subjective and just because you call her homely ( I still say you are jealous ) does not make it so. People think Angelina Jolie is beautiful and I think they are nuts.

    Hillary Duff is not gone. She is still around and doing fine without the Disney connection. Miley will do even better because she is already doing projects outside of Disney with her next movie based on a book written by the same guy who wrote “The Notebook”

    At least Miley is not being like Madonna or other Hollywood freaks like Tom Cruise and his brainwashed child/wife Katey Holmes and joining some made up religion because the ones that have been around forever do not fit the lifestyles they want to live so they find one that conveniently does. Like Kabala or Scientology, the latter was made up by a writer of Science fiction and the core belief as he wrote it is that there is an alien entity inside each of us fighting for control of us. Not a wonder they don’t believe in Psychiatry as a medical science because they are all nuts.

    Oh well this is all my opinion and I doubt anything I said is going to change any minds

  12. j. ferber says:

    Ringlord, You’re gallant in your defense of Miley, but I’m not sure about your logic: she can sing or she would not have a record deal, etc. Unfortunately, her record contract doesn’t make her sing any better. She does have charisma, though, I’ll give her that. And ever since she made her statement supporting gay marriage, I’ve been a lot more tolerant of her.

  13. maggie says:

    Well have you’ve seen hiliary duff in a movie lately. Hey ringlord apparently you haven’t seen those pictures of her all over the internet. She’s a f****in’ skank.

  14. qwertyuiop says:

    maggie, Hilary Duff has been in FOUR different things in 2009 alone. She has THREE more things coming out. So it seems to me she hasn’t “faded into oblivion”

    (which by the way is spelt like that ^ not obilivion. smart.)

    And is she really a “skank” because she shows her stomach or back in pictures or lays on her boyfriends lap , oh my ! HOW HORRIBLE HER STOMACH !? people are all over the internet showing much more than that.

    miley cyrus is such an admirable celebrity compared to others. She’s harassed for no reason. And nobody has a real true reason to hate her.

  15. Ana says:

    What a hell do you have against Miley?? I think it’s a great thing, people like to buy and use clothes and toillets signed by celebrities….is this wrong? let people live!! If you don’t like it, don’t buy….it’s not necessary write these bad stuffs about…..Go Miley!! We love you…..

  16. Kristen says:

    I have to agree her clothing line is under 20$ and she has clothes worth a 1000 dollars and some ppl cant afford it all she does is sing and act like a skank and she gets paid she already the biggest teenage millionaire! 🙁

  17. amara says:

    stop slagging miley shes a human just like us shes got feelings you’d understand that it you read her life story cut her some slack give her a break gees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. amara says:

    shes the coolest girl alive she deserves it she rocks tis world NO THIS UNIVERSE!

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