Game of Thrones 7.1 ‘Dragonstone’: two hands & the North remembers


SPOILERS for Game of Thrones Episode 7.1: “Dragonstone.”

Game of Thrones is back, but not for long. Which is why I felt like the show spent too much time catching up on the storylines that many people don’t really care about? While it was interesting that Sam Tarly’s path intersected with Jorah Mormont, couldn’t those scenes have been cut down quite a bit? Granted, I’m starting to believe that Sam will play a significant role in the wars to come, but still. Sam is one of the least interesting characters. So, here’s our first recap of 2017! DRAGONS! JORAH! Littlefinger!

The North Remembers. Of all the taglines/sayings of the show (“Winter is coming,” “A Lannister always pays his debts,” etc) I think I love “The North Remembers” most of all. The “cold open” of this episode was ancient old Walder Frey gathering all of the Freys to the retaken castle, and ordering a toast. Of course, Arya killed Walder Frey last season. She’s stolen his face and she’s concocted a plot to kill all of the male Freys. It works. The wine is poisoned. She tells one of the Frey daughters, “the North remembers.”

Bran & Meera finally make it to the Wall. Edd, the new Lord Commander, is like “who dis?” Meera calmly explains who they are and Edd isn’t sure what to believe. Bran – who just had a vision of the Night King and the White Walker army marching south – tells Edd that he (Edd) was at Hardhome and he knows what’s coming and Edd’s like “oh sh-t, yeah, okay.” So, finally, Bran and Meera get somewhere safe. Hopefully a reunion with Jon in the next episode?

Euron Greyjoy’s two hands. God, I hate Cersei. She’s an idiot and she’s just having her floor-map painted, which is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. She and Jamie chat about their enemies and blah, blah, blah. She has a plan, which is revealed to be a marriage/alliance to Euron Greyjoy and his new armada (which seemed to get built overnight). Euron saunters into King’s Landing like an insouciant, leather-clad rock star and proceeds to woo Cersei. His best come on? A knowing glance and a statement of fact: “I have two hands.” The look on one-handed Jamie Lannister’s face, OMG! I laughed so hard. Cersei refused Euron’s offer of marriage, but he promised to come back with a gift. I hope it’s not Tyrion.

Ed Bloody Sheeran. After the slaughter of the Freys, Arya is on a horse, traveling to the South, as we soon learn. Perhaps she has not heard that Jon Snow has retaken Winterfell, perhaps she does not care. She hears someone singing and for a brief, shining moment, I thought she was about to encounter GENDRY. But no. It was Ed Sheeran and a band of Kingsguards on their way to the Riverlands (?) to check out the damage Arya left in her wake. They are nice to Arya – they offer her food and wine and they have a chat. She sits next to Ed Bloody Sheeran. This completely took me out of the show, I’m sorry. Also, she tells them her plan: she’s going to Kings Landing to kill Queen Cersei.

Sam Tarly and the Citadel. Like all Sam scenes, this went on too long, especially all the stuff about the food and the poop. Long story short: he ends up stealing some books and figuring out where there’s a mountain of dragonglass. He also encounters Jorah Mormont, who seems to be overtaken with greyscale.

Sansa & Jon Snow. Jon and Sansa bicker in front of the assembled lords and ladies of the North. Jon tells them that they have to prepare for war, men and women, boys and girls. Jon Snow is a feminist who wants the women to fight for their country too. But he’s not the kind of feminist who takes back-talk from his sister! Sansa argues that disloyal families need to be punished by having their castles and lands taken away. Jon argues that the disloyal family members are already dead, so if the surviving family members pledge their allegiance to him, that’s good enough for now. A young woman and a young boy – the surviving members of traitorous families – come forward and pledge their allegiance to the new King of the North. Sansa looks pouty but Lady Mormont is pleased with all of Jon’s decisions and Lady Mormont is the only one who counts. God, I love that child.

Sansa and Littlefinger. Meh. I guess he’s still trying to manipulate her or something, whatever. Sansa and Jon fight privately but it’s sort of left at an impasse and you know Sansa is still going to undermine him.

Brienne and Tormund. She’s teaching Pod how to fight and Tormund is watching with interest. When she knocks Pod down, Tormund says something about how Pod is so lucky. Tormund is really going for it. Brienne isn’t into it.

The Hound is Still Around. He’s rolling deep with the Brotherhood and they stop at an abandoned home – where the Hound stayed with Arya – and stay for the night. These scenes were rather beautiful for the Hound, but what was interesting was that the Hound stared into the flames and had a vision about the White Walker army. So The Hound is rolling with the Lord of Light now? The night is dark and full of terrors, Sandor Clegane.

Dragonstone. It’s been so long since Stannis was alive, much less at Dragonstone, that I totally forgot about how beautiful and weird that castle is. Dany finally arrives at Dragonstone, which was given to Stannis after Robert’s Rebellion (when the Targaryens were overthrown and killed). Stannis is dead and I guess Dragonstone has been sitting there empty this whole time. They even left the place unlocked! Dany slowly walks around the castle, and ends up in the “war room” I guess (it’s where Stannis plotted his wars too) and she says “Shall we begin?” Fade to black.



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  1. Nicole says:

    ARYA STARK. Little baby is all grown up and committing mass murder. So proud.

  2. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Not enough Dany. It has taken Dany 184 years to get to Westeros and all they gave her was three minutes tacked at the end. I am still happy that Mother of Dragons is home though.

    Same with Bran: not enough time with Baby Bran Flakes and Meera. It has taken them both 184 years to get to civilization and all we got was that. At least they are safe… for now.

    Dang Arya. It could not have happened to a more deserving family of salty thieves and cowards.

    What a beautiful shot of the NK and his army. Poor WUN WUN. At least I think that may have been WUN WUN. It may have also been the giant that was killed back in season 2 (?).

    I told you Sansa was going under the bus this season. I don’t like what the writers are going to do to Sansa to prop up Jon as a leader. Even if Sansa was making good points, she should have waited until she and Jon were in private. Sir Davos and I had the same look on our faces when she was talking. I know she wants to be respected but she is not going to earn it this way. She is sowing discord where there needs to be strength as a unit. She and Jon need to start listening to each other because they both have knowledge that can help the north.

    The only reason Jon is king of the North is because of three women: Lyanna selling him to all the Northern families, Sansa getting the Vale to show up, and Melisandre for bringing his ass back to life in the first place. Oh, and the writers refusing to tell a real story and not write bs fanfiction.

    I was worried Sam was going to mix the bowls up. I could have done without that montage. Also, I thought women weren’t supposed to be in the Citadel. How are they going to explain Gilly and little man staying there with Sam?

    Poor Jorah. Worried about Dany eve if he looks like charcoal. That is loyalty right there.

    Cersei is not as smart as she thinks she is. Working with the Greyjoys is going to blow up in her face, just like her trying to manipulate the High Sparrow blew up in her face last season. At least she is not pretending she gave a damn about Tommen, though. Jaime was making good points left and right in their conversation. I think he is finally starting to see she is full of it, just like dear old daddy. It was never about family. IT was about him and control. Tywin was all about keeping up appearances but did not give a damn about the individuals that made up his family. She is the exact same.

    The Hound was almost sweet burying that family. He still is a garbage person but I like that he is unapologetic about how salty he is. He also looked terrified looking into the flames.

    • lightpurple says:

      Wun Wun died in Winterfell, killed by Ramsey. He wasn’t left where the Night King could get his body. There were several zombie giants in that shot.

      The Hound stole that family’s food several seasons back when he was traveling with Arya.

    • Rachel says:

      LP is right. It wasn’t WunWun. Jon would have known enough to burn his body. Even though he was the last of the giants, he wasn’t the only giant. All those giants who died before the wildlings realized they needed to burn the bodies would be up for grabs.

      Gilly wasn’t with Sam in the Citadel. She was in Oldtown. There are women in Oldtown. She must have some kind of job there in order to pay for wherever she’s staying. And Sam probably should be staying in the Citadel as a novice, so he is probably sneaking out to be with her and little Sam. I agree with Kaiser, Sam is going to play an important role. That was clear last season when he stole Heartsbane from his father. There are so few Valeryian steel swords left, and the whereabouts of only 4 (I think) are known.

      I love the opening scene. Arya gettin it done! Although I think it’s wrong to believe she eradicated all the Frey males. They were very prolific, and as Jon’s scene showed, when the parents die, there are always children to take up the mantle. I’m sure there are little male Freys running around a nursery. And I’m a little disappointed in Arya for taking off without freeing her uncle from the dungeon. I’m assuming he was returned there after Jamie used him to take Riverrun last season.

      I liked the scene with the soldiers in the forest (although they were Lannister soldiers, Kaiser, not Kingsguard). Arya was clearly ready to lay waste to all of them just for being Lannister soldiers, but I think that scene showed her that they’re people, too. Just trying to get by in the world. Like her.

      I don’t think Sansa is being thrown under the bus. Throughout the entire series she has shown herself to be selfish and immature. There were brief moments throughout where she had the opportunity to mature and become a player, but she’s too much like Cersei with her need for instant gratification and her desire to strike back against any slights against her, real or perceived. Her desire to strip the Carstarks and Umbers of their holdings and titles was not about fairness. It was about her vengeance pure and simple. And I think the fact that it was two children who came forward does make her look petty.

      Freaking Lady Lyanna! She continues to slay. I know it’s not a popular opinion here, but Jon needs to lock that down. I know that’s not where the show is going, and I’m not saying wed her and bed her immediately, but that girl is his greatest ally and his greatest weapon all rolled into one. He needs to enter into a very long engagement and lock that down. She and Davos are by far my favorite characters. #teamlyannamormont #lyannaforqueen

      I did not like the scene with Euron at all. Last season he was all swagger. Last night he seemed more than slightly unhinged. My husband and I were taking guesses at what his gift would be. I’m concerned. Very concerned.

      Now let’s talk about the preview for next week. Was that Nymeria??!! Arya, girl, hide your direwolf!

      • Leelee says:

        I agree, Snow and Lady Leanna would make an epic dynasty. It is his logical choice for a wife. Can’t stand Dani. She is batshit crazy IMHO.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        We are just going to have to agree to disagree about Sansa. Her concerns are all valid ones that need to be considered. Grudges can pass down from generation to generation. Just because they don’t seem like they are dangerous now don’t mean they won’t be later. Both of them are being dismissive of each other. Cersei and the NK are threats and they both need to be taken seriously. His dismissal of her concerns is yet another sign of him not learning the lesson from the last time he didn’t listen when he was warned.

        Your comments about Gilly and little man staying in Oldtown make sense.

        Since they ar tying up loose ends, it will probably be the Sand Snakes and Ellaria. Dorne was handled poorly and it seems like they just want to get rid of anyone who had a part in that sl.

      • Rtms says:

        I don’t think she was being petty or vengeful out of spite. Her advice was vaild and could have been done in different ways while still securing both those Houses loyalty.

        The problem was and continues to be a serious lack of communication and cooperation between Jon and Sansa and even Jon and any kind of council he has which seems to be non exsistant. I got the impression Jon did this without consulting any one about it. He seems to think he has to make every decision on his own without any help. While it wasn’t ideal for Sansa to argue, it looked like it was the first she had heard of his plan . Not to mention that those kids can be easily intimidated to turn on Jon and he just set them up to do that with the Whitewalkers coming down.

        So did anyone else think Joshua Jackson was playing Euron Greyjoy lol.

        Ayra wipeing out the Freys was a great opening, but why not head home first. Grrr how are the Starks going to unite?

      • Lightpurple says:

        Arya may not know Edmure’s situation. She may never have met him.

        Jon actually did heed part of Sansa’s advice. The banner men wanted to destroy the Karstark and Umber estates but Sansa pointed out that they needed the fortifications to fight the battles. Jon and Sansa just disagreed on who should rule those lands with Sansa closer to the banner men then Jon.

      • Rachel says:

        She’d been hanging out as a serving girl and then as Walder. I kind of assumed she would have heard something about him, whispers, rumors, or bragging, during that time.

      • Yogapants says:

        I’m glad someone said it, as I think Jon and the wee powerhouse Lady M would make a grand wee power couple down the road, when she’s much older. I’m guessing that they are less than 10 years apart in age. I suspect Jon won’t make it out of the series alive, though.

        Euron, eww! More disgusting than poor Sam’s puke, poop, and gruel bowls combined. Possibly even more disgusting than Littlefinger, and that’s saying a lot.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      Thing is Sansa hatedJon in the books and never considered him a true Stark. He was always close to Arya because she recognized him as her brother and treated him right. Otherwise Jon was almost an outcast in the family. Sansa in the books was very immature, naive and a snob. She liked pretty people and wanted to be a princess. I think the TV writers had softened her in previous episodes and are only now brining her true colors in regards to Jon alive. She will listen to LittleFinger eventually and try to claim House Stark for herself as the true heir. My guess is Arya will end up having to rescue Jon.

  3. Div says:

    Sansa shouldn’t have confronted Jon in front of everyone, but she kind of had a point. As someone on Jez’s thread pointed out, it’s crazy to leave a kid (from a disloyal family) in charge of the Hearth which is one of the closest outposts on the wall and likely to be the first to face the White Walkers. Couldn’t they have put an adult regent from a loyal family who had experience in battle and then later handed the property over to the kids? Both of them had a valid point, but instead it became Jon’s show again.

    I know Sansa isn’t a popular character and she’s not a favorite of mine either, but I find it annoying that her legitimate claim to Winterfell was usurped by her brother/cousin who then goes on to (mostly) ignore her multiple times such as when she tells him about Ramsey’s habit of taunting his victims. Plus, Jon, as a leader, got his as* killed while Sansa is somewhat better at politics. A lot of stans though are all Jon Snow 4 lyfe while overlooking his flaws (and I say this as a Jon Snow fan) and the show is obviously propping him up as the savior.

    Anyway, I wish there was more Dany and Arya.

  4. Surely Wolfbeak says:

    Still holding out hope that this show ends with the biggest twist off all, Jon keeping watch north of the Wall, Danerys cleaning up her mess in Slaver’s Bay, and representative democracy in Westeros.

  5. Sixer says:

    Is it bad that all of us chez Sixer got up early enough to watch it over breakfast before the school bus?

    And I like Sam!

  6. Jess says:

    I got chills reading this and I watched the damn show last night, lol. I loved it so much, I did find the weird poop/slop/gag flashes to be odd and out of place for the show, and about 10 seconds too long, but other than that it was a fantastic show. My hope is that Jamie will somehow be the one responsible for killing Cersei, he’s seeing how evil she truly is now. I want Arya and Bran to get HOME, I’ve waited years to see a Stark reunion and they’re all so close now, please let them make it.

  7. wood dragon says:

    Watched it 3 times in a row. I suspect that Jon will cede the Northern crown to Sansa the moment Bran clarifies his parentage. That’s got to be coming, right? Jon’s destiny is bigger than being king in the north. It’s tied up with Daenarys.

  8. anonymous says:

    The first scene was the best scene ever ! It’s already my favourite scene even thought I have not watched the rest of the season. So glad we’re getting some girl power so early in the show.

  9. Talie says:

    Sansa doesn’t want Jon to be like her dad and Robb because she knows how the otherside thinks way better than he does. She knows you need to be a little ruthless. I mean, jesus, if Jon only knew what Arya was up to! His sisters have been in the Game of Thrones far more than he has.

  10. Josie says:

    I read Sansa totally differently — that she has one goal now, to keep the Stark family in power at Winterfell, and no matter what disagreements she has with Jon, she’s never letting anything distract her from her goal ever again. They will keep arguing (and hopefully Jon starts listening to her ASAP) but real, lasting division? I doubt it. Especially not with Brienne watching her back.

    I also think she’s learned too much from Cersei, and been too badly hurt by the Boltons, ever to have anything to do with Littlefinger again. She needs his army but if she can find a way to keep them and lose him, I bet she does it.

    • Gene123 says:

      I had the same thought. Jon even kind of concedes that she wasn’t totally wrong. They both know they are all the other has and that they both are working towards the same goal. I do think Sansa is too worried about cersi but she has no idea the shitshow going down in kings landing.

    • Rachel says:

      She could get the army by marrying Robyn as earlier planned and killing off Baelish. It would be so easy. She would have to keep it way under wraps though because if Petyr so much as caught a whiff of it, he’d derail her plans.

    • Lauren says:

      This is how I read it, too. She was sincere when she said Jon was a good leader. She also knows no one in the North is going to follow her on her own at this point, so if she actively works against Jon, it’s not going to end well for her. He’s the king, that’s it. She’s just afraid, and rightfully so.

    • LadyMTL says:

      ITA, I doubt we’ll see a real conflict between Sansa and Jon…maybe some more disagreements on “policy” so to speak, but I believe that Sansa just wants to use her experience / what she’s lived through and help. Of course, all that could change if they find out the truth about Jon’s parentage, but I’d be surprised if that happens this season, and even then it might be a moot point.

    • Stacey says:

      I don’t think Sansa should have questioned Jon in front of everyone BUT she does make a good point. I’m afraid Jon is going to be too “honorable” (just like Ned and Robb) and get himself in trouble. Sansa is one of my favorite characters – they’ve done a good job with her character development – and she could be a major political player.

      I’d love to see her marry Littlefinger (to gain control of the Vale) and kill him off.

      • Linn says:

        Sansa shouldn’t have questioned Jon in front of everybody, but she Jon didn’t leave her too much of a chance to do so privately either.
        If she had spoken with Jon after the scenes he would have given the children the castles already and he would have never taken them back from them.

        They need to learn to communicate properly and the sooner the better. Have a little small council meeting with Sansa, Jon, Davos and maybe somebody like Lady Mormont before you announce your decisions to the public.

      • Rachel says:

        I’m hoping leaving the Night’s Watch is an indication Jon will not follow in Ned’s footsteps, as far as carrying honor to the point of foolish recklessness. Ned never would have left the Watch. Even after being murdered by his brothers. His honor would have required him to stay. I’m hoping Jon’s willingness to leave is a sign that, while he’s a good guy, he’s not going to carry it to extremes anymore. He’s been burned too many times trying to do the right thing.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Sansa’s proposal was actual the middle ground, a compromise, between what Jon did in the end and the banner men who wanted to turn out the families and raze the fortifications

  11. Giulia says:

    Sansa’s only role model of a powerful woman is the vindictive, bloody Cersei and it looks like she’s going to stab Jon in the back. Jon’s decision about houses umber and karstarck is somewhat riskier in the long term, but for now he’s won the loyalty of his bannerman and not just their obligation.


  12. Jenns says:

    I feel like Stefon on SNL: “This episode had everything!”

    What a great opening.

    The walkers have 3 Giant Wights! This may have been my favorite moment.

    Sansa was right. Jon needs to stop brooding and whining. He has a head to protect.

    I love how Brienne looked at Lady Mormont with such pride as she delivered her smack down.

    Euron Greyjoy’s black leather star jacket was a bit much, but I still look his look and how he is coming accoss like his unhinged character in the book.

    Cersi is awful, but interesting.

    “You’re a lucky man.” LOL Tormund.

    I like Sam and I even enjoyed the sh*t scenes.

    Jorah’s hand is rotting off, but he’s still creeping on Dany. If Sam wants to help him, he should just remove all Dany parts of Jorah’s brain.

    My other favorite moment was with the Hound. The top knot line was hilarious. But I really like how he is still trying to atone for his past.

    I have a love/hate with Dany. It was really cool to see her in Westeros, but does anyone want her there?

    And finally, f**k off, Littlefinger.

    • Olenna says:

      Ditto to everything you said!

      Speaking of the Greyjoys, I thought the same thing Kaiser mentioned about Euron’s 1,000-ship fleet. DB obviously screwed with the timeline. I could go with a couple of a years jump in the script, but it would take many more to build 1,000 ships. And, where did the lumber come? There are no trees on that rock he stole from his brother. I know–I’m trying to make sense here where there is none; it’s a fantasy. Anyway, it’s still hard to believe he built that many ships, then hopped his cocky ass over to Kings Landing so fast, all the while Theon is traveling to and from Westeros across the Narrow Sea. And, that crazy get-up. Who does he think he is–Fonzie? LOL!

      Also, I saw a rumor elsewhere that dragonglass may cure greyscale. Now, wouldn’t that be something if it worked for Jorah?

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Oh, when I saw that the Night King had Giant wights… oh no. That wall is coming DOWN. I felt brief but actual dread.

  13. CidyKitty says:

    I am already super suspicious of Sansa, Jon is going to run out of patience with her. I don’t think she understands that his main priority is the White Walkers, I also don’t think she has a lot of fear about them because she has never seen them. She’s so scared of the South that she’s not focusing on the White Walkers. I got so much second hand embarrassment from her last night, it was cringy.

    Arya is life. That is all.

    I continue to be worried for Sam’s safety.

    Poor Meera Reed, just…. that girl has been dragging Bran around since the dawn of time her arms must be TIRED Y’ALL. I also found it funny that the actual true heir of Winterfell (Benjen Stark) is out in the wild somewhere.

    I continue to be annoyed by Dany, I get that she’s this pinnacle character and all that but I have never been able to like… get with it. I hope she does well though, better her than Cersei (although I do love me some Cersei, I get that she’s a villain.)

    • Aloe Vera says:

      Benjen isn’t the true heir of Winterfell. Once the Lord of Winterfell had children the inheritance then runs through them. This also happens with the British Royal Family. Ned is dead, so Robb was next in line…then Bran…then Rickon…then Sansa…then Arya and then we get into the murkiness of whether Jon or Benjen are next in line.

    • Rachel says:

      I don’t think Sansa is scared of the south per se. I think she’s bent on revenge. As someone pointed out upstream, it’s pretty clear she learned a little too much from Cersei. It’s all about revenge for her. Getting back at people who hurt her instead of playing the long game. Like Jamie pointed out. Cersei can’t wage her war without food for soldiers and horses, and Cersei blew up the alliance that provided that. Literally. Sansa is using the same playbook.

  14. Louise177 says:

    I only saw Ed Sheeran in that stupid scene. I don’t if it’s because he’s too famous or a singer not an actor but it seemed out of place. It’s hard to decide what to do with the traitors. The North still needs the houses supports. Taking away their land can make those who always supported the Starks’ turn. That’s what happened with Robb. It was also bad for Stansa to undermine Jon. If she wanted to rule Winterfell she shouldn’t have supported Jon last season. She’s the rightful heir since nobody knows where Bran is. As we’ve seen females do get to rule.

  15. Lillian says:

    I went in with no expectations and had so much fun with the first episode. It was a great premiere.

    Did anyone else see how Brienne was looking at Lyanna Mormont when she was talking? That’s what I like about this show, it has great small moments.

    Love the Hound

  16. Sayrah says:

    You forgot Wun Wun and other giants as white walkers. Yikes

  17. lightpurple says:


    Glad they’re back. Ed Sheeran was a distraction. Especially as several of the other guys in that scene were hot.

    The promo trailer for next week: NYMERIA!!!!

  18. NachoLibre says:

    First time commenting on CB in general. I skulk around on the royal treads and mannn you guys are excellent writers. Loved reading these comments. Love the analysis.

  19. Bex says:

    Perhaps Sansa went about it the wrong way, but I think she’s got a major point (besides, allowing a kid from a disloyal family to keep the reigns of an important outpost is bloody stupid, even if it is the ‘right’ thing to do. Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honourably etc etc) and Jon- who really shouldn’t have a claim to the North over Sansa anyway- isn’t even pretending to seek her counsel or listen to her. I don’t think she trusts Littlefinger as far as she can throw him either.

    • Rachel says:

      I think Jon is very prepared to listen to Sansa. But she shouldn’t have challenged him in public. Jon has seen first hand what can happen if the people under you lose faith in your ability to lead. If he’d given in to Sansa in front of all his bannerman, they would have doubted his abilities. When Robb was king, Catelyn, Edmure, the Blackfish, and even his wife, questioned his decisions often. But they knew to do it in a private counsel. Not in front of the people who have to have absolute faith in him. Now Robb was an idiot and he didn’t listen to them. He ignored their advice repeatedly. However, so far Jon has not shown a pattern of bulldozing Sansa. And quite frankly, why does everyone think she’s such a great strategist?? Why should Jon listen to her anyway?? She knew the knights of the Vale were *right there*, and she never said anything! She cost hundreds of loyal men their lives because she Little finger hurt her feelings, and she didn’t want to use his soldiers.

      • Linn says:

        If Jon is very prepared to listen to Sansa he should give her a chance to give her opinions on his plans in private before he puts them into action.

        Sansa speaking against him publicly made him look stupid, but having a conversation after he already announced his plans to his banner-men and it’s too late to consider Sana’s opinion/advice is a waste of everybody’s time.

    • Kelly says:

      IRRC in the books, Alys Karstark is the only member of the Karstark family to remain loyal to the Starks/not actively collaborate with the Boltons. Her uncle tried to usurp her and her brother’s claim to Karhold after her father was executed by Robb Stark, by forcing her to marry his son, her cousin, and she flees to the Wall. Jon then arranges her marriage to Signor, Magnar of Thenn, with the goal of creating a hybrid Northern-Wilding noble house to protect the North.

      The Umbers in the books doublecross the Boltons, providing refuge to Jeyne Poole aka Fake Arya and Theon, after they escape from Ramsay.

  20. Eric says:

    Samwell Tarley’s cut scenes of food, poop, gag (rinse and repeat) remind me of the job that Emperor Zero’s “army” of lawyers have to put up with daily.

  21. Just to forewarn everyone, my brother (who has read all the books) and did some talking in commentary with others told me Euron is worse than Ramsey and Joffrey combined. The comment he made about watching his own men get killed was kind of disturbing to say the least and I guess it gives you a hint of what’s to come. He said he’ll bring a gift. I’m sure it’s one of her enemies heads. She has so many so there’s no telling who it’ll be.

  22. nona says:

    Huh. I was disappointed in the premiere. I’m a huge GoT fan, but I was thoroughly underwhelmed. I know that the first episode usually sets up the players—reminds us where they are and what they’re up to. But it felt like there were a lot of missteps. Sam’s sequence went on forever. Seriously, I only needed a couple shots of him emptying bed pans to get the point. Ed Sheeran was stupid. That scene even made Arya fall out of character and giggle. Euron Greyjoy looked (and acted) like he just walked out of a bar in New Jersey. Tyrion was just wasted—they couldn’t think of one good line to give him?
    I did like the interaction between Jon and Sansa. Very true to life sibling bickering, except these arguments are about who rules the kingdom, not who gets the car.

  23. Gene123 says:

    If anything happens to Lyanna Mormont, I will burn GoT to the ground

  24. Diana B says:

    Queen Lyanna Mormont gives me LIFE. That child is everything. I think both Jon and Sansa are making awful mistakes. Their fights should happen in private and not show a divide in front of everyone and Jon should not dismiss Sansa’s ideas as quickly. They need to find a middle ground and fast because that creepy Littlefinger is so eager to meddle he might sprain his tongue. Stupid Cersei being stupid and what else is new? I need Jaime leaving like yesterday. Danny getting to Dragonstone got me all emotional.

  25. Anitas says:

    Jaime Lannister, not Jamie ;)

  26. Kayzilla says:

    I think Euron’s gift will be either a dragon egg or a horn that supposedly gives the person who uses it power over dragons.

  27. Lucy says:

    That first scene, though. I was YELLING. Also, Sansa and Brienne admiring Lady Mormont’s speech was fantastic.

  28. Isa says:

    Sam’s scene went on so long I thought they were going to make into a musical scene.

    Ed was distracting.

  29. Chris says:

    I know in the book, the song Ed sang is about Tyrion and Shae, but does anyone else think cold hands of gold is seriously foreshadowing Cersei’s prophecy, and her end?

  30. chlo says:

    Lord Bae needs a better line than “Are you happy, Sansa?”

  31. Zondie says:

    Can’t Jon and Sansa have a pre-Board Meeting breakfast where they hash out their Ruling the North talking points in private?

  32. Jenns says:

    The one thing that really worries me about this season is the pacing. I’ll admit that I read the leaks and from those leaks, we know that a lot of stuff is going to happen and a lot of people go to a lot of different places. With only 6(!) episodes left, things could feel very rushed.

  33. Amelie says:

    You forgot one very important detail about Sam. Yes the montage was unnecessary and we all could have done without it. So yes, he realizes Dragonstone, the ancestral Targaryen home, is pretty much sitting on top of dragonglass, which can destroy the White Walkers. This is also means once Jon gets his message, he will pretty much set off for Dragonstone and run straight into Daenerys. During his speech, Jon even tells everyone they need to scrounge for dragonglass. I really hope the meeting happens this season and not the next and they don’t drag this plotline out. So this is some not very subtle foreshadowing for the rest of the season.

    Also Lyanna Mormont is related to Sir Jorah, not sure they ever made this clear on the show but in the books they reference Jorah’s heritage. He is from Bear Island and his father was the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch when Jon first arrived at the Wall. I would assume Lyanna is probably his niece.

  34. Guesting says:

    My friend said it best. I told her about people thinking Jon Starknwasnt feminist in listening to Sansa. This is her reply:
    “She gave her opinion at the worst time, a time he couldn’t abruptly change his mind without looking weak and indecisive in front of the leaders of every Northern House.

    Feminism and logic should go together, fake woke young feminists wannabe idjits.”
    “I liked that Alice Karstark was there as head of House Karstark, so Jon wasn’t just defending the sons of traitors against the actions of fathers, but a son and daughter. People should take note of that. Alice Karstark didn’t lose her status, home, and inheritance because of the actions of her father. (Also she is a minor character in the book, so I was glad they found a way to bring her in.)”

    In my opinion Lady Mormont needs to rule everything.

  35. Nikki says:

    Jon and Sansa:
    There is a time and place for everything. I disagree about Jon being anti-feminist by shutting his sister down. If roles were reversed and he questioned her decisions- she would have shut him down too- would you consider her anti-male? No! The fact is that she has a short ass memory. She forgot what happened to her and the rest of the family when Ned was declared a traitor and their ancestorial home was given to the Boltons for being loyal. The people that they just evicted from their home. Hence the incredulous look in Jon’s face for her comments and attitudes. Girl bye!!! Like Cersei, she thinks she is smarter than she really is… the only thing she managed to do besides get on my nerves was finally assert herself with Littlefinger.

    Sam and Gilly:
    I got it the first time that Sam life sucks as a novice… didn’t need 15 minutes of extra scenes to understand his shitty situation! I was like get on with it!

    That opening scene was amazing!!! But I am going to need her to go home. I hope she will hear that Jon is King of the North and go home.

    I love his evolution as a character. There was always a goodness and a fairness to him. Glad he is letting go of the past and standing up to his fears. He has a role to play in the war to come!

    Mother of Dragons:
    So I have to watch 20 minutes of vile housework and only get 5 minutes of my girl inspecting her house. Really writers?! I am going to need most of the Episode 2 to be about Dany’s plotting and those dragons!

  36. Lori says:

    Sams bit was the best bit, and he is going to be very important 😊

  37. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    Why was Dragonstone empty? It’s a township like Winterfell, not a military base. Stannis and his soldiers are gone but what about the soldiers’ families and all the civilians that would’ve supported the place?

  38. I’ve heard from multiple sources that Gendry will be back this season. Maybe he’ll be the gift? He appears only to be killed again. Isn’t he technically the real heir anyway? Then again Gendry wouldn’t be that much of a gift. I don’t think it’ll be Tyrion because he’s well protected and I don’t think Euron’s army is as big as Dany’s. I’m thinking it’ll be Ellaria or the sand snakes and secure the south as someone else suggested. I also think Jaime will be the one who ultimately kills Cersei. Her omen was all her children would be killed and her brother would kill her. I doubt Tyrion would get that pleasure. Either way I hope she dies this season.

  39. CynicalAnn says:

    I love that the women characters (from the young to the older) are such bad asses without just being the “girlfriend” or “witch.”

  40. crazydaisy says:

    Really enjoyed this article and all your comments. Thank you!!! This viewer was in rapture for the entire hour last night. I thought the ARYA opening ruled & o! I LOVE her, and Game of Thrones like nothing else. Hearing the theme song literally gets me high. Anyone else have this response? FREAKY! ;-)

  41. mayamae says:

    Arya warned Walder Frey’s wife, not daughter. The little girl should have known something was off when he didn’t slap her on the ass.

    Although it makes no sense, it seems we’re supposed to believe the giant wight was Wun Wun. Why else focus on the missing eye?

    It’s odd that the Citadel contains geniuses who are already practicing autopsy medicine, but have the bedpan emptiers serve the food.

    Fun Fact: In the stills released of the Cersei/Jaime/map scene, Cersei is standing at the Neck, and Jaime at the Fingers. Foreshadowing that Jaime will strangle Cersei?

  42. Incredulous says:

    So, the Hound gets killed and takes over from Berric and then undead Cleganebowl? I’m cool with it.

    Also, Deathstarebowl needs to happen between Arya and Lyanna.

  43. shelley* says:


    At some point the Dragon glass mine is going to be the go to punishment for malefactors. I thought the Sam bit went on too long and was hoping Arya would commit and act of violence on Ed Sheeran, still you can’t have everything.

    I did enjoy Euron’s bravado but expect to see him come to a sticky end at some point.

    Surely Cersei’s hair would have grown a bit by now, it should be at the not quite long enough to tie it up, so tuck it in your crown stage.

    I find myself scrutinising the embroidery very closely, the Lannisters in particular must have some top notch needle women/men working for them.

  44. Kamelia says:

    Eurons bloody impossible fleet was the most stupid thing about this season, can we please talk about that? How did he build that fleet so fast? It would have taken YEARS to build YEARS. Sorry but that was so stupid, that took me more out of the moment then Ed Sheeran.