Jon Gosselin might have 2 girlfriends, one is daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon

Jon Gosselin was seen out twice on consecutive days with the daughter of his wife’s plastic surgeon, a 23 year-old named Haley Glassman. Haley’s dad is the doctor who performed Kate Gosselin’s tummy tuck. In Touch says that Jon stayed with Haley’s family in Nyack, New York over Memorial Day weekend. The National Enquirer has photos taken from a video of Jon out with Haley at dinner on May 24. Jon was also seen out with Haley and her mom drinking at a bar the next day, with a photo of the three published on TMZ.

Maybe Jon was just hanging out with friends, but the Enquirer reports that Jon left the restaurant out the back door when someone tried to take his picture with Haley, and that it definitely looked like they were on a date.

All that makes it seem like Jon is no longer seeing that 23-year-old teacher, Deanna Hummel, from his parents’ hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania. Jon was famously caught cheating with Deanna, but then the press started honing in on his controlling wife instead of focusing on his obvious cheating.

Jon might have two 23 year-olds on the hook, though, because the father of eight was spotted out in vacation in Park City, Utah with Deanna on May 28. That means he spent the weekend with one woman and her family and then immediately jetted off for a vacation with the other one.

A new photo has surfaced of Jon Gosselin and 23-year-old school teacher Deanna Hummel vacationing in Utah.

The picture shows Deanna and Jon March 28 at the Spring Gruv at The Canyons Ski Resort in Park City.

Jon’s Utah visit was filmed for an episode of his hit TLC reality show, focusing on how he helps handicapped kids (the vacations in Utah are among the freebies he receives from the show).

A witness who spotted Jon and Deanna tells the two “were close and chatty” as they watched a pond skimming competition together.

“There wasn’t any making out or handholding,” says the onlooker. “But there was that whole girly-smiley-chatty thing. She didn’t seem like somebody he’d just met. It seemed like two people having a great afternoon.”

Later, the two went to a bar downstairs, where “they were curled up in one of the booth seats and very cuddly,” the witness tells Us. “Nobody was put off or surprised by it at all.”

At the bar, the witness said, Jon “just looked different. He was so smashed, his eyes were barely open.”

“I didn’t recognize him at first,” the witness continues. “He didn’t look like himself. I said, ‘Get together, let’s take a picture!’ But he said, ‘I can’t. No, really, I can’t. It’s contractual — I can’t have any photos.’ He kept going on about it. She was like, ‘It’s because he’s in that show.'”

[From US Weekly]

It looks like this guy is keeping busy since he split from his wife. Kate is a bossy woman pimping out her kids and can’t be easy to live with, but the media keeps trashing her when her husband is off with another woman. She’s the one staying with the kids while Jon is off acting like a coed with two different young women. Sure she’s getting plenty of help, cash and publicity out of her role as mother, but at least she’s sticking around. Jon also clearly has a drinking problem, and should be cleaning up and figure out his next move instead of drifting around with different woman.

Here is Jon Gosselin returning home yesterday, 6/4/09. Credit:


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  1. crab says:

    It’s beyond me why he’s got all these girlfriends! I don’t find him attractive in any way, shape or form! Ick!!

  2. vixenella says:

    People are bashing Katie Lee for what she said about them, but she’s right on the money. How are the kids going to feel when they get older and see all this stuff?

  3. Cougar says:

    I can think of two reasons. . . fame and money.

  4. Darya says:

    This has become totally overblown. I don’t think Jon has any girlfriends. In the future he might of course if the marriage dissolves but for now he’s just trying to break out a little after being Kate’s thumb for years. Also, Jon has been with the children for weeks on end while Kate was out selling her book. It’s only now Kate is back and spending time with the children that he’s gone out a little on his own…so don’t give Jon a bad rap here by accusing him of not being there for the kids. It’s amazing how these sites always are so accusatory in such a negative way without confirming any facts.

  5. readitagain says:

    Read it again.
    It was MARCH 28th that he was with Deanna.
    MAY that he was with Haley.
    Not days apart.

  6. hojo says:

    I’m sorry… but you couldn’t pay me enough money to sleep with that man.

    I’m 23 y/o and wouldn’t give him a second look if he approached me.

    Are these girls that hard up they want to sleep with a married man with EIGHT kids? Ew.

  7. HEB says:

    yayyy Cara is getting into lacrosse!!

    I love how Kate comes home from her months long book tour for a freakin week, pulls the kids out of school for vacay and poof! suddenly she’s the better parent…when Jon has been the only custodial parent for the last 6 months. Kate probably told him “this is my time with them, get lost!”

  8. poppy says:

    Could he look anymore pitiful with his Ed Hardy and pierced ear, Grow up Jon you are not 18, you are in your 30’s and have 8 kids.

    It is obvious something is/was going on with the chick that can be a witch for Halloween and doesn’t even need a mask, Deanna.

    I really dout the Haley chic wnats him, she has a rich daddy, Deanna is in it for the money and trips and maybe plastic surgery cause boy does she need it!!

  9. Roma says:

    @readitagain is right; they are new pictures that have surfaced from the trip he took to Utah during Kate’s birthday.

  10. Lucky says:

    pulls the kids out of school for vacation??
    Uh it is summer vacation bean head, My kids been out for 2 weeks. DUH, get a calander.

  11. cara says:


    and he’s fat as hell….look at HIS ass from behind

  12. boo says:

    He was in Utah in March, not May.

  13. Jukebox says:

    There is a lot of evidence he and the ugly one are having an affair.
    Not much of any evidence about the plastic surgeon’s daughter, haven’t seen her, don’t know if she is ugly too.

  14. Tasha says:

    yes, at least kate’s ugliness is hair and can be changed, I don’t think much could help Deanna’s face, except maybe a bag.

  15. HEB says:

    Lucky–I live in estern PA and the schools in my area are still open. Sure I made an assumption based on that-I don’t know what school they go to.

  16. Zanna says:

    Clearly, Tasha, it’s what’s INSIDE that counts. And frankly, TLC should be ashamed of themselves. The Learning Channel? I’m all I’m learning is that they are willing to exploit the death of a family instead of pull the plug.

  17. abbizmal says:

    @poppy – Good one. I was thinking pretty much the same thing. Maybe GF #1 couldn’t get anyone else.

  18. yourmom22 says:

    Really? Why do you care so much. He clearly isn’t going to go out in public on a date at this point. If he is dating, they could come to his house. Grow up.

  19. boo says:

    My whole group of friends, married or not, always hangs out with friends of the opposite sex. One of my married girlfriends had dinner with an old guy friend last night and I hung out with her husband.

    It’s not the 1950s anymore. The remarks about Jon’s friend Deanna’s looks are harsh too! I think the way she dealt with the whole situation has showed a ton of integrity.

  20. Cinderella says:

    Zanna-You’re on the money about TLC.

  21. the original kate says:

    note to jon: a pierced ear on a married, suburban dad with 8 kids doesn’t make you look hot, it just makes you look lame.

  22. Lori says:

    It was reported that the two older girls were taken out of school for the vacation with mom.

  23. OXA says:

    Here is a very interesting article written by a neighbor of the Go$$elins, it gives another side to the saga.

  24. just a poster says:

    he is such a pin head!

  25. teehee says:

    I think hes outwardly attractive– but his behavior, no. No money can make me like a guy whose behavior I cant take pride in.

  26. mollination says:

    I love their whole “The SECOND the kids are done with this, we’re done!” line. Would you let your five and eight year olds dye their hair red? I ask because that was my life-long dream at nine years old. “Feria #94” was the color. It was hideous. Anyway, my point is, they may like what they’re doing right now, but since when was eight years old – old enough to make decisions that will impact your later life? Those poor kids can never take this back or get rid of it. It will follow them for the rest of their lives. Poor things.

  27. annie says:

    boo, thats just wierd.

  28. notso says:

    Agreed @#8 Poppy. I read through everything to see if anyone was going to comment on the awful Ed Hardy and earring combo on that man.

    The whole situation sucks, but more and more I am beginning to believe this guy has a major issue with alcohol. No comment on anything other than that and being sad for the kids.

  29. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    She LOVES being made out to be the poor long-suffering mom and victim, believe me. But she’s anything but.

    Also, neither one of them does much child care. They have lots of paid help for that.

  30. nah says:

    Kate DOES NOT stay home with the kids anymore. Hardly ever actually. She sees them for a couple of days in between speaking engagements etc. To paint her the stay at home mommy type is really unfair becuase she hasn’t been for awhile. He is a stay at home Dad though and supplies most of the parental child care, if he wants to take off and blow off some steam I don’t judge hime for it, just like I wouldnt judge some mom out there.

  31. kim says:

    Boycott the Duggars they are exploiting 18 kids.

  32. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I already do boycott the Duggars too, Kim. And TLC in general, for all their explotative freak shows.

  33. Diane says:

    The bottom line, wheather all these rumors are true or not, it is only hurting the children. Both Jon & Kate seem to have lost all perspective of what this is truely about, the children, and what is best for them. All of this has gone way overboard and I think in the long run, if Kate continues this lifestyle for the children (they have no choice about it), they will grow up to resent her for allowing their lives to be so public, all the good and the bad, especially all the detailed potty training . She claims this is her “Job”. I’m sorry but children are not a “job”, they are family and a responsibility, one she seems to be neglecting these days, and to refer to this as a “job”, not so. It’s a life style that she has chosen and forcing her children and husband to be a part of wheather they like it or not. I also think that TLC needs to re-exam their own motive behinde all this as well. Yes they want rateings, but at what, and perhaps, whos expense??

  34. Diane says:

    The so called bodygurar IS NOT MARRIED! He filed for divorce in Sept and it was finalized in April.!!!!!

  35. j. ferber says:

    I agree that Jon probably has alcohol problems. What a mess this whole situation is. The last thing this family needs is to be on the air right now, but the bigger their travails become, the more people want to watch them. It does seem that no one is willing/able to put the brakes on. Too, too sad.

  36. j. ferber says:

    Oh, and Jon looks awful. The sideburns, shades, earring, Ed Hardy sweatshirt, and the bald spot all scream mid-life crisis. It’s like he’s trying to escape his life by being a teenager again or an Elvis impersonator. He is puffy, but that could be due to alcohol. Maybe the sunglasses are to hide the red eyes. Just such a mess.

  37. Paulette says:

    “It’s beyond me why he’s got all these girlfriends! I don’t find him attractive in any way, shape or form! Ick!!”

    Yeah, but if you remember the fact that he’s a father of 8 (EIGHT!), then you’ve got yourself some smoking hot boyfriend material. The chubbiness, the bald spot, lame clothes, and possible cheating are just added bonuses.

  38. Magsy says:

    Money must be the attraction. His face looks so bloated, with red eyes like he’s using. He’s sloppy dressed, chubby, bald spot in the back and always miserable looking. Can’t blame everything on the wife.

  39. Ew, what an ugly sow. Why do all these celebs come out to Utah?

  40. demoiselle susan says:

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Jon has clearly developed rosacea, (facial redness) which is frequently associated with alcoholism. He is seen in an intoxicated state frequently, and is now sporting pierced ears and wearing clothing commonly worn by people at least 15 yrs. younger than him. Additionally he is dating women who are considerably younger than he is. This man plays a considerable role in the breakup of his family – it is not just his wife who is responsible.

  41. carol says:

    The man is definately having a mid-life crisis in his 30’s. Kate better take the kids and run…she is the better parent. I can’t imagine any girl or guy finding him attractive, but there are many desperate people out there. My husband deserted his family for some old fat chick because he didn’t want to work anymore. I say don’t let the door hit u in the ass…bye, bye.. and don’t come back. We r better off without him.

  42. BG says:

    I would be a bitch too if I had 8 kids and a child for a husband. She has to tell him everything to do because he isn’t smart or motivated enough to do it for himself. Good for Kate.She’ll be so much happier when all of this is over, and she can finally find real love. No matter how many 23 year old you get with Jon…one day they all will grow up, and they’ll want you to act like an adult too.