Mario Lopez Accused of Stealing Flowers


This is a strange little story, but here’s the skinny:

Allegedly, Mario Lopez stole at least one flower arrangement from the Southern California Home and Garden Show where he was booked as a guest on August 18.

Ben Widdicombe over at Gatecrasher says Lopez took the flower arrangement when HGTV’s “Red, Hot and Green” host Danny Seo was doing organic flower arrangement demonstrations and noticed some of his flowers were missing. According to Seo:

“Mario Lopez was also booked, and he took the flowers with him when he left! He outright asked a stagehand, ‘Can I take these for my girlfriend?’ and the poor kid was like, ‘Sure, I guess.’ He basically took my props as a gift for someone else!”

[Gatecrasher - NYDN]

I’m guessing the “girlfriend” is probably Karina Smirnoff, his “Dancing With The Stars” partner turned love interest, but why would Lopez actually steal flowers? Is he so cheap that he can’t buy a bouquet? At least Lopez had the foresight to ask first, so maybe Seo should be ticked at the stagehand who gave him the go-ahead in the first place.

[Header image: PR Photos]

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