US: Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup are ‘very into each other’

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I almost forgot that Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup have been dating and I covered that story when it broke. (Ok I did forget that.) Well here’s a reminder because US Magazine is reporting that these two are going strong, that they’re in the first phase of romance and that they’re “very into each other.” I’m squeeing a little inside. As another reminder, Billy plays the husband to Naomi’s sneaky therapist character on the new Netflix series, Gypsy. They’ve known each other for years but only started dating recently, when Naomi was well out of her relationship with her children’s father, Liev Schreiber. US has this story with insider quotes along with the news that Naomi and Liev are working to be civil and deal with each other for the sake of their two kids. They were in the Hamptons together this weekend. “Trying very hard to be civil” sounds like they hate each other and actively ignore each other, right? Here’s more:

“Naomi and Billy are dating, but in the early stages,” the insider tells Us. “They’re very into each other.”

The duo costar in the Netflix original Gypsy, in which they play a husband and wife going through a rough patch in their marriage.

According to Page Six, Crudup, 49, and Watts, 48, first fueled dating rumors when they were spotted holding hands and eating lunch together in New York City in mid-July.

The new romance isn’t causing any problems with Watts’ ex Liev Schrieber, though. The former couple were together for 11 years before splitting last September and share sons Alexander “Sasha,” 10, and Samuel, 8. “Naomi and Liev are on great terms,” the source adds. “They were in the Hamptons with the kids this weekend and are trying very hard to be civil and able to be around each other for the kids.”

[From US Magazine]

I want this for her, I want Billy to have changed and I want them both to be happy. Also, Liev has been dating and he was with one of Naomi’s friends for a while. She seemed OK with that, but I bet he still hates that she’s moved on too. This also reminds me that the new season of Ray Donovan is out and that I need to watch it. Sorry that’s just a little note to myself as I love that show so much. Maybe I should give Gypsy a try too. I’ve mostly heard bad things about it but some of you have said you’ve watched and enjoyed it.




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    • angie0717 says:

      I really wanted to like Gypsy. I forced myself thru all the episodes (admittedly ffwding a lot of it). My only positive takeaway from the series was the two leads. Both convincing in their roles and shared hot chemistry. I wish them well in their real lives… but I do hope it’s just a fling for her because I’d love to see her play the field!

      • The Old KC says:

        This show made me profoundly uncomfortable. Watts (and Crudup) are great in it, I just could not deal with the subject matter. I get to see enough chaos and stress in the real world – I don’t need to watch an entire show built around a psychotherapist who is actively ruining her own life. I made it halfway through episode 3 and then I had to turn it off. I have a friend who watched it – I’m going to get her to give me a blow-by-blow synopsis so I can see how it ends 🙂

  1. Surely Wolfbeak says:


  2. minx says:

    Oh, Naomi, you can do so much better.

  3. tealily says:

    Despite the cruddy Crudup history, I think I still like them as a couple. They seem to go well together.

  4. Jamie42 says:

    I had to look up the Billy Crudup story and . . . yes, that’s not good.
    I hope Naomi is okay, and I would wish for a better partner for her.

  5. Shelley says:

    Heard Liev’s interview on NPR last week. While he did not address this relationship directly, his comments made me think that he had difficultly switching between his Ray character and real life.

    • Jayna says:

      Well, he does play a dark character in dark storylines, shooting very long hours. I can see where that would bleed over into your mood during shooting.

      Liev had the most fascinating upbringing, unorthodox for sure.

      And he had discussed how different he and Naomi could be, but that she helped him in that area, I guess to be more open.

  6. holly hobby says:

    Well I certainly hope Billy grew up since the debacle with Claire Danes and MLP. Otherwise, run Naomi.

  7. Jayna says:

    Mary Louise Parker seems to be on good terms with Billy, even after what happened years ago. She was giving an interview in her home a few years ago, and some people were there just finishing up for an exercise class or yoga, or something. I can’t remember And Billy was there.

    Mary adopted a little girl several years after their split-up. I remember once seeing a photo of Billy, without Mary Louise, out walking with Mary Louise’s little girl, holding her hand. But I thought it was nice that they had developed a supportive co-parenting relationship with their son and that he was friendly with his son’s sister. Maybe Mary Louise was working and he helped out. I don”t know. I’m sure it took time for Mary Louise to get there with Billy, but time can help. He is the father of her child.

    So maybe Billy, at his age, is looking to settle down. He said in an interview recently he was happiest in a relationship and had faith he would find that. So I don’t think he dumped anyone for Naomi. They both happened to be single at the same time.

    • SM says:

      That is very enlightning and very, very interesting. It seems to me at times reading comments and commenting my self that we are at time too fast to judge based on the limited info we have and discard people we do not know. If this is true, maybe he has changed, maybe there are circumstances we do not know about or in the end, if Mary Louse forgave him, the same woman that was left by him while pregnant with his child, then I deffinitely won’t spend my energy on hating too.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      While I don’t doubt Mary Louise Parker rose way above the way he treated her for the sake of their child, it doesn’t mean he didn’t inflict incredible damage on her with his and Danes’ affair. Without naming names in her memoir of letters, she addresses this pain, the image of her sobbing uncontrollably, alone and 9 months pregnant, in a taxi, is a palpable one. Of course that was many years ago and he has had other, less dramatic relationships since. But still. If I were about to go on a first date with a guy and he said “Oh btw I left my pregnant girlfriend for our mutual friend”…yeah, hell no, sorry. No matter how much he matured since then, he is still a guy who did that. Claire Danes took way more flack than him for the whole thing, for whatever reason (not that she didn’t deserve flack, but still). But Naomi knows him and is going in with eyes open, so it’s her deal. I hate to say it but I think she likes men who are bad for her.

  8. CL says:

    I enjoyed Gypsy, but it was more from a “I can’t believe these people are so terrible” perspective. Blythe Danner plays against type in this, and I realized I love her as a bitch.
    Naomi and Billy have good chemistry onscreen, as well as some pretty hot scenes together.

  9. Lisa says:

    I don’t really believe in this sorry – it just seems try-hard to me. Maybe I’m bitter because of the way Billy treated my goddess Mary Louise Parker. If there is anything that’s worse than cancelling a wedding 3 days before the date leaving a woman looking jilted at the alter, it’s leaving a long time partner who is 7 months pregnant for a 24 year old who “just fell in love with him and couldn’t help herself”. Blech. I carry grudges because I don’t think a leopard can change his spots. Naomi doesn’t need anyone so callous.

  10. Jess says:

    When my ex and I were friendly I didn’t have to try to be civil – it was easy. Now that’s he’s turned into a raging a-hold I have to try very hard to be civil to him. So yea, I’m guessing Naomi and Liev can’t stand each other right now.

  11. Xtrology says:

    I’m obsessed with “Gypsy.” I cannot imagine someone didn’t like it. I think it is excellent. It’s not my story, but it reminded me of everything I’m insecure about.

  12. Andrea says:

    Since Naomi has children, I’m surprised she went there given his history. I wouldn’t be able to trust a man who did that to a long term partner who is pregnant.

  13. Ally says:

    The actors make the story watchable in Gypsy. They truly elevate the material. The plot and ‘character development’ once they get going are mostly eye rolling. But it’s still fun TV time. Watts and Crudup are excellent.

  14. Lili says:

    Gipsy sucks so badly and I tried to like it but no….no…no

  15. Slowsnow says:

    One review said something in the lines of “in Gypsy Naomi Watts is a psychoanalyst who is really bad at her job” and that’s basically what it is. Totally unbelievable and not oneirical enough to be a dreamlike tale. Also learned that Naomi is as straight as it gets because her lesbian scenes are cringe worthy.