Us Weekly: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s divorce is stalled, they might reunite

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I used to think that Angelina Jolie would manage to come out of the collapse of “Brangelina” with her image somewhat intact. Like, I knew she would take a hit – as all of Brad Pitt’s exes seem to take a hit – but I thought she would survive and she was likely taking the long view. But the Vanity Fair cover interview – her first in-depth interview since the split – ended up blowing up in her face. It was a major PR fumble, among other things. As I said last week, Angelina probably wishes right now that her only worry could be the post-Brad narrative. That’s probably what the tabloids wish too. Which is how this Us Weekly story was born. Us Weekly claims this week that Angelina and Brad might be getting back together, mostly because their divorce situation seems stalled.

Brad and Angelina are healing the fam: “The divorce is off,” says the source. “They haven’t done anything to move it forward in several months and no one thinks they are ever going to.”

She painted Brad as the villain, which she regrets: At the time, the insider alleged that people in Jolie’s inner circle were “running a smear campaign” against the actor, who was accused of infidelity and physical abuse. But in the months that followed, Jolie’s passion for her partner of 12 years led her to regret her decisions. Explains the source, “She’s still so in love with him.”

Brad stopped drinking & tried to improve as a parent. His determination to improve himself warmed Jolie. The United Nations special envoy for refugees had confessed to friends that she’d consider taking Pitt back “if he showed he was committed to raising a family,” says a Jolie pal.

She’s glad he stopped drinking. “He got sober to try and win her back,” explains the source. “He knew he had a problem that he had to take care of. And that’s all she ever wanted.”

So are they getting back together? “Everyone thinks they are going to get back together,” says the source. “It wouldn’t be surprising if they announced that they’re calling it off and trying to work things out.”

[From Us Weekly]

I think if this was happening in the first few months after the split, it would have been far more likely that they could work through their sh-t. But it’s been almost a year, and everyone is lawyered up and Angelina just bought that big house. I mean… maybe? But probably not. Angelina still seems like she’s really pissed at him. And I suspect that Brad is really pissed at her too. Which is evidence that they still have feeling for and about each other – neither of them is ambivalent, neither of them is apathetic about the situation. But getting back together? Eh.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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  1. Surely Wolfbeak says:

    Oh Us Weekly, your Enquirer is showing.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Gossip Cop flat out denied this with a Brad source none too subtly suggesting Angie and her people put this story out there to squash the fallout from her Vanity Fair article. I’d be more likely to buy that than they’re getting back together.

      • Megan says:

        Me, too.

      • annabanana says:

        This was my first thought too

      • Surely Wolfbeak says:

        Would she and her people really go to Us Weekly and say she feels bad about trying to “smear” him with accusations of infidelity (which I don’t remember coming from her side) and abuse? It feels made of whole cloth to me.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Totally GotR. No way is he ever going to forgive her for the hit jobs and no one in his life wants that including his family. AJ doesn’t seem to understand that Brad is not a subject that works for her. The public will never love her nearly as much as they love him.

      • Artemis says:

        Yep. The only thing that would deflect the recent bad PR for Jolie is a relationship story which in their case would be ‘are they getting back together’? The fact that it only gives Jolie’s POV says enough. This was not approved by Pitt so he ran to Gossip Cop. Funny that it’s mainly Jolie who still uses the family and relationship to change the conversation. Although I assume Pitt will be exactly the same once custody is fully resolved. And then it will be interesting to see how they take jabs at each other as Pitt cannot fully unleash his PR prowess yet due to what happened on that plane and how that affected the custody talks. If custody gets resolved, they will be playing on a level field.

        I mean, they were highly passionate being together, it was always going to be messy during a split, so many feelings and they are deep in it :D

      • Tanguerita says:

        good call.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:


        What hit jobs are you talking about? You mean the one where she went on live television and started talking about every abusive thing that he has ever done. Cause that one didn’t happen.

        Do you mean the print interviews that she gave where she went into detail about every single problem that they had over 12 years? Cause that didn’t happen either. He basically even admitted in a word salad answer that he caused their family a lot of problems. Yet, you and a lot of other people are still willing to believe that she was the monster and he was a POW set free after twelve years and six kids.

        He made claims and she refuted them that is it. He leaked things and she leaked things refuting his leaks with evidence. Not the same thing as you are making it out to be. We still don’t know to this day what actually happened on that plane. If she wanted people to know, she would have done so. Many people keep saying that she is a publicity hound but cannot back it up with real evidence.

      • Nancy says:

        Mighty nasty things were said by both and one can forgive, but can you forget. It seems to me like this is like you say a distraction on her part to bury the VF bad press. But…..for all the fans praying for this moment, it wouldn’t be bad for the kids to have their parents together. Couples have reunited, but with all the shit that was flying, nothing would ever be the same.

      • Snickers says:

        Well this thread is heading towards 500 thread count like all the others.

        When and if Angelina wants to do movies on the regular again, all she has to do is play mean evil villanous bishes on the regular and she will take in billions. Because like with Hillary women don’t ever want to give her a break.

        Now she’s being blamed for the latest tres obvious piece in Donald Trump’s favorite tabloid (his pal owns the Enquirer). Really ladies? Stop.

        One I don’t believe Angelina does anything with tabloids unless it’s to deny stories once they’ve reached a point of family/work/personal interference. Which is rare.But there was that one time it was written in News of tithe World, that she and Brad were splitting 7-8 years ago that got of control and was on the cnn scroll. They sued the now defunct News of the World got an unspecified amount, gave it away to people that needed it, and it was back to business as usual, ignoring them.

        So, here’s what I think. Very obviously someone is out to kick Angelina when she’s already dealing with this small forest fire about the casting of her kid actors. If it’s Brad and his camp they are even more weak and desperate than i had previously given them credit for. Gossipcop theorizing on behalf of Brad’s camp or Brad friendly ‘sources,’ was a ham handed move and told me all I need to know.

        It doesn’t help Brad to be seen as going after his children’s mother when he vaguely admitted to being a drunk with a spliff and a doob(not even counting the steroids alleged), for most of his adult life.

        The reality is tabloids are a woman’s platform. It’s for them and by them. Angelina and Brad getting back together helps her not one iota. Women have more good will towards her when she’s alone. When there’s no man in sight, and especially when Brad Pitt is out of the picture.

        So this rag story was created to actually create more ill will towards Angie, with a source from Brad’s camp coming out and saying she’s behind this to make him look better.

        It helps him in two ways: 1) It sez, if Angelina’s behind it and wants him back and still loves him, how bad could it have been on that plane? Must be no big deal if she wants him back and enforces the narrative that she overreacted over nothing. Plus for Brad. 2) if she’s back with Brad, it puts Angelina right back in the pool of women misogyny she was thrown into 13 years ago where some women refuse to see her humanity and prefer to think of her as a manipulating evil incarnate home wrecker.

        This story was a reverse Angelina hit.

        It’s obvious to those of us in the business of know.

        Kicking a woman when she’s already had a rough week? To me, it shows Brad and/or his camp are as weak and trifling as they’ve always seemed.

      • Andrea1 says:

        @Aiobhan Targaryen
        Your comment is the only thing that makes sense on this post.
        You know i have stayed away from this whole thing for long but let me just drop this here and disappear i know her repuation is in shambles now i am not even going to defend her for her vanity fair it was a total misstep on her part and i feel she should have known better! Did she do wrong? yes she did! but are we going to say the whole 16years humanitarian work has been self serving and that she didnt care but was doing it all for her image? people are going on calling her all sort of names a manipulator, a child abuser and so on and so forth….. And people are so damn sure this came from camp jolie i am just going to say the both of them should settle their divorce amicably and quitely away from the press…..
        Angie has always been hit and i know she will bounce back up i am just curious to see how she is going to do that after the whole vanity fair saga because it has affected her humanitarian efforts which i am sure she cares very deeply about… This is going to very difficult so i will jut watch and see how she does it.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Wow Wow Wow your comment is everything… Execellently stated! Slow clap for you

      • magnoliarose says:

        @AT There are other ways to smear a person. She was leaking like crazy in the beginning. I mean the Russian hookers and cheating were thrown out there by her team, but they must have realized it was too much and stopped that angle. She did strongly insinuate what happened on the plane. Not a blow-by-blow account, but she put plenty out there. It backfired on her, and she hasn’t recovered from it. In the end, she had to hire a publicist for damage control but it was too late.
        What kind of evidence do you need to believe she used to be great but manipulative about her own PR? No one is making it up, it is constantly mentioned about her for a reason. It is easy to see that she was able to re brand herself when most people could never recover from her past. Magazines have said she will only interview if she has complete control of the whole process and final approval. Her move to get Vanity Fair to write her version of a retraction that they rejected because it was a lie is certainly an attempt at image control.

        By your standards then we should never believe anything unless it is a declaration on TV or a press conference. He didn’t do that either yet you believe her side of the story. Do you honestly believe it was all him, and she had nothing to do with it? Admitting his part in the split is about taking responsibility for his part but where is her admission about her role in the breakup? She most certainly had one. He was cleared of the allegations, so we do know that there was no evidence he did anything abusive.

        @Snickers You aren’t the only one in the entertainment business or the only person familiar with PR tactics or leaks. You have your view. Fine but I have mine and I have no favorites. Analyzing gossip is a fun distraction but I know well enough not to believe it is pure facts or naive enough to think celebrity images aren’t crafted.

      • Paige says:

        Gossip Cop is a load of crap. They don’t have inside sources. I’d rather believe the ET source that said they aren’t getting back together and things are moving slowly because they are putting the kids first. Plus, when has US magazine been on Angelina’s side. They were the first to call her vile and manipulative when the divorce news break.

      • Dana says:

        After reading Angelina VF article, the last thing she wants is to get back with Brad. That ship has sailed. She didn’t sound like a woman that wanted to forgive and try again. She’s done.

      • Fa says:

        Only jealous women will hate a woman strong case on point Hillary Clinton. Still certain women don’t comprehend why she run with their children from their father bad behaviour. This US article is extremely negative to her how can her team say negative things if it was from them.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        @Magnoliarose Yes, you are right that there are many ways to smear someone’s reputation, but if that was her putting out those rumors during the divorce, then it also had to have been her when all the other OTT negative stories about him (like the one you mentioned) came out during their marriage. IF she did that, then did he put out the anorexia rumors or her slipping back into drug addiction because she looks so thin. No. I don’t believe he or she would have done that during their marriage or now. I do believe that those “anonymous” sources are not really from either camp but more the tabloids making things up. People who own these sites know that most Angelina stories are going to get clicks and people are going to fight about her.

        I am sorry (not really) but what is it about Brad that makes people forget what he said in that GQ interview. He admitted to his part in the divorce and also strongly insinuated that the stories about him and Maddox were true. Yet no outrage from you and the other officers on the moral police squad. She is not worse than him for leaving him the way she did. I keep bringing it up because it needs to be restated: she never said what happened on that plane. She didn’t mention it when she announced the divorce or any other interview she has had since then. If it was about destroying him then she could have done a more savage job doing so by doing tons of interviews and makin stuff up. She could still be leaking things about how much of a drunk he is and that he is not trying to cooperate with the divorce. None of that is happening.

        What she does do is sigh, say something vague and diplomatic and then moves on. She may show some emotion on her face but it never goes further than that. She hasn’t and probably never will say what happened and that is fine with me. She knows that she will never win because of how women are treated in these situations by other women and men, even the so-called liberal ones. And the fact that we are talking about winning a PR war when everyone is so worried about “the kids and their welfare” is getting insincere.
        She didn’t respond when people thought she was a homewrecking ho who broke up the whitest couple to ever be white to start an even better version of the whitest couple to ever be white. She only cares that people think she would ever hurt a child or exploit a child.

        Being manipulative about her image is not bad. He is, so why not her as well? It means that she gets to control her own narrative as much as she can, which is always what she has been about. This is common practice amoung politicians, celebrities or any high profile person in that arena. So what?

        “Magazines have said she will only interview if she has complete control of the whole process and final approval.” Many high profile celebrities do this, not just her, so what?

        Here is where you are wrong. First, go back and read what I wrote. I wrote about tv and print. That GQ interview was highly manipulative and it worked on you. It didn’t work for me. She shouldn’t have to admit to anything if she did nothing wrong. Her reason for ending the marriage was because of his behavior, not hers. I am not sure why people always believe relationships are 50/50. They aren’t and people need to let that concept go.

        Lastly, if there was no wrong doing, why does he not have joint custody with her and not just visitation? The incident happened almost a year ago but they are still working custody out. Why? He may not have met the threshold to have criminal charges thrown at him but that does not mean nothing happened and that it was not serious enough for CPS to get involved. Two different things. The feds have a very high standard to be met before they get involved in cases of abuse.

      • Snickers says:


        As mentioned, Angelina wouldn’t put a lie out there and certainly not with US rag who’s demonized her for years and who painted her as the devil in one of the worst smears on an actress I’ve ever seen during the week her mother died – all because she failed to kiss Ryan Seacrest’s behind at the Golden Globes.

        ..and @magnoliarose, what are you talking about? Russian hookers? Lmao. Look i know so many of Angelina’s arch haters were really disappointed there is no third party with which to ‘Aniston,’ (using as a verb) Angelina – and with the disappointment in the tabloid Cotillard nothingburger being palpable…i can see why you’d try again with some Brad cheated story…except NOPE, it didn’t fly and didn’t take.

        I guess her haters and/or the rags creating some equally fake Hooker tale also excites that same base of female first-ish tabloid readers that want to live long enough to see her scorned by Pitt (like Aniston was)but again, that was a rag lie that just didn’t gain traction, and left AJ haters with egg on their face, sorry.

        I know it hurts but SHE left Brad. He confirmed, vaguely, that she had reason to, she’s being very specific only in the sense that it was that incident that broke the straw and that it involved her son. Seeing as child protective services were called along with 3 other agencies, she couldn’t say he kicked a dog. Children were traumatized due to his behavior…that he’s still willing to fudge and let her take hits from the same rags and women that have always attacked her (and if this latest clumsy reverse hit job is his camp’s doing, and I believe it is) it shows me the measure of the man. He’s very very small and weak. Even if he’s taking a hands off approach and letting his PR do it’s worst and not tell him the details, that more than anything shows his weakness.

        Lastly, Angelina IMO, has an addict in her family. Specifically her co-parent. The idea that a mother faced with an inebriated alcohol addicted partner is not going to use all the tools at her disposal to make/influence him to get help and treatment (or else) is ludicrous.

        The way some of you talk, a mother and wife at her wits end over an alcoholic partner should do as he asks, suffer in silence, pray he doesn’t flip the car with the kids in it when he has them, and most of all don’t let on that anything is wrong.

        Tell me, how is a clandestine cover-up supposed to get an addict (addicts, who are notoriously resistant to treatment and live in perpetual denial)
        help? The way some of you talk, Angelina simply inferring Brad has a problem and implying her family needed to heal from an altercation- then getting everyone into treatment, was WORSE than what Brad did.

        Some women will never catch a break from some women. Ever.

      • Lady D says:

        “Gossip Cop flat out denied this” Why do you believe what Gossip Cop has to say? They are no different than any other gossip blog or magazine, making shit up to sell clicks. Some act like GC is the actual truth.

      • KiddVicious says:

        This doesn’t have to come from any camp. Tabloids make up stories, that’s what they do. Their job is to sell papers/magazines, that’s it.

      • Dana says:

        Gossip Crap is a beacon of truth. Lol

      • magnoliarose says:

        @AT You hit on something that is an absolute truth. Stars get blamed for things their agents or managers do all the time. Once it is out there they can’t very well publicly take it back. It could be some leaks were people in their orbit protecting their own interests. After all, a star is a money maker for a bunch of people who don’t want to lose it.
        I don’t think it is bad to be good at your own PR. Not one bit. He definitely does it too. No shade on AJ for that. His confession was his PR game in play, and he does it in a way that is subtle but very effective.
        I have no illusions about Brad the Innocent. I just think he is winning the PR because she misread how much cover being Brangelina afforded her. She didn’t re brand when she should have.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:


        I am going to have to reluctantly admit that you are right that he is being favored in the public sphere over her and probably always will.

      • Sticks says:

        That was my first thought too given how reactive Angie is to negative press. Trying to turn the narrative away from the Vanity Fair blowback.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I too think that other interested parties, outside of the subject themselves, go to the tabloids. Sometimes, I think this is with the subject approval and other times not. I also think a lot of the tabloid stuff is just educated guessing, narrative supporting, or made up out of whole cloth. They have magazines to sell and clicks to garner.
        I too have no illusions about Brad the innocent. He has just played, as you said, I subtle and effective PR game. In essence, he is seeking redemption through a mea culpa and people love that stuff. When asked for forgiveness, many people are inclined to bestow it but you have to humble yourself, admit your failings and ask. It was genuinely smart that he took that route.
        As far as Jolie, I think that she thought the divorce filing “for the sake of the family”, the VF interview, along with Pitt’s admitted substance abuse problems, and the continuing humanitarian work that she is doing with the children and being just generally seen with them period was her re-branding as a single mother, powerhouse, whose top priority was her children. It just hasn’t taken very well. Not least, in the way that she chose to make everything very public, very quickly. The standard “we’ve grown apart” would’ve been, perhaps less truthful, but also less harmful to her kids. In the meantime, as tempers cooled, she too could have taken the opportunity to say “you know I might should have held off on making a public statement until I had my children settled and Brad and I discussed things.” Conversely, if true, she could have said, “I regret the way that I announced the divorce filing. I was trying to preempt the stories that I felt would inevitably come out about being investigated by children’s services.” I think people would understand that and find it relatable. To do that though, it would suggest that she acted in haste and may not have taken the best course. I don’t think that she is capable of that.

      • pwal says:

        @AT… I consider that HW Sad Dads piece, courtesy of th Daily Beast, a hit piece. After all, Angelina and Tina Brown collaborated several times over the years. It would’ve probably gain traction if Chris Cornell hadn’t died and inadvertently brought the subject matter (male mental health, addiction, etc.) back to a more serious tone.

        Kinda interesting that Angelina chose the HuffPost to rebuke the VF article…

      • India Andrews says:

        Yes. Back in the day a lot of the Jen hates kids so Brad left her PR was from Angie’s camp too which always made me sick that Brad went along with it. So neither Angie or Brad are smelling rosy right now.

      • L says:

        @ Aiobahn Targaryn…I agree with everything you said & I agree with @ Andrea1..yours is the only post that makes sense here.

      • Pacific says:

        “This story was a reverse Angelina hit.”

        If it was put out by BP team, they’re dumber than dumb ’cause the “reverse hit” makes him look weak, pathetic, and desperate to have her back. I agree with Goat’s take and believe the GC clarification is true.

        I have a bridge to sell you, Snickers, if you’re interested.

    • Nicole says:

      Goats I think so too. I read this last night and immediately thought “distraction”.

      • MostlyMegan says:

        Classic case of ‘change the narrative’

      • Snickers says:

        I think it’s a classic clause of smear Angelina more, as US rag has always done.

        Anyone falling for the way to obvious, needs to start taking ginko biloba.

        1) Why would Angelina do this when if it’s a lie, it will be exposed in almost real time?

        2)what would have ever given Angelina the impression that a tabloid’s mostly female readership would rejoice that she’s back with Brad- you could live on Uranus full time and be able to figure out that gets Angelina 50x the hate.
        Start a rumor that she created the tall tale and got an arch enemy publication to print it, and you can push that up to 100x the hate.

        So according to some of you Angelina is sitting somewhere thinking – i need to change the narrative back to the old fashioned vicious female first sexual jealousy and hate I used to get before the kid actor casting game criticism? (the latter which will probably increase viewership of her film not decrease it).


    • someone says:

      Why does everyone assume someone working for Angelina or Brad made up this story? If you were a tabloid writer this story essentially writes itself – there has been no visible movement in the divorce case (nothing filed that the public can see) so it’s easy to make up reasons why that might be. Doesn’t mean Angelina or Brad made up this story though…..

      What I’d like to know is why Angelina waited this long to become the “stay at home mom” that her kids so clearly wanted. Her comments about how the kids wanted her to be home making pancakes for breakfast and decorating the house and taking cooking lessons – clearly the kids have wanted for some time to have a normal home life. Why couldn’t she have done that before while married to Brad? Why play the narrative that she can only be a “typical mom” now that she’s a single parent? Being married and being home for the kids weren’t mutually exclusive. Even if Brad had a drinking problem there is no reason Angelina couldn’t have done what the kids wanted in regards to being home taking care of them while they were married.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        Maybe because she is still a woman with goals and ambitions outside of having her kids? Your professional goals don’t slip away when you have kids. She has also said several times that she does not have the patience to cook or do any of that stuff.

        She thought she had a support system when she was married with Brad and probably left him to do that while she took care of the kids other needs. That system is gone now and she wants to help her kids with the transition to their new life.

      • Snickers says:


        Why is there the need to nitpick this woman with a fine tooth comb. I never read where she said she can ‘onky be a stay at home Mom now that she’s single.’ She’s only ever said she can’t cook and is learning how. It’s also very obvious that with the whole family in therapy and healing from an alcoholic abusive (verbal or otherwise) component she might want to put work on the backburner for now. Which is essentially what she says, not that she’s not working until the 9yos are off to college. Sheesh.

        This reminds me of the time she had just adopted Pax, and told some interviewer she would stay at home to help Pax adjust to his new life. She started filming maybe 6-8mos later and the usual haters were fronting at the mouth and screaming ‘LIAR!! You said you were gonna be a stay at home mom!!”

        Lol it was ridiculous then as it is now.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        My impression of the “stay at home” Mom stuff was more that she has been grounded by the courts for the most part due to therapy and whatever visitation Pitt gets, until custodial issues are worked out so she decided to try her hand at homemaking. She seemed very clear that she found it dull and uninteresting. I think she let her kids know this as well which kind of goes to the Knox quote of “not ever being normal”. Jolie doesn’t seek normal as she said, she is ready to “put on her boots and go hang”".
        Jolie has been very open about her wanderlust and I don’t see that changing. I think Pitt is much the same way. I also think that the fact they were and are both type A overachievers, which there is nothing wrong with, may have led to a lot of their problems. Both had so many priorities outside of one another plus their obligations to their children. That is an awful lot of pressure both personally and professionally.

      • Greta says:

        Why do you assume the kids want a normal home life, just because one time they said they enjoyed being home with her? I don’t see how you can jump to that conclusion, just because of a one-off oh it’s nice to be home with mom scenario. I don’t see how you can come to that conclusion at all. In fact, it appears for so long that it was the kids who wanted to travel. Occasionally you like a day at home. It happens. It doesn’t mean anything more than that.

    • BJ says:

      The cover of US Weekly saying Brad is dating Sienna is still in some stores.I just saw it at a Dollar General store.SMH
      Why didn’t they put Chris and Anna on as cover story rather than a sidebar?

    • cara says:

      I must have had amnesia when Angelina did her “hit job” on Brad, because I don’t recall seeing anything that could in anyway be called a “hit job”.

      Do I think Brad and Angie still love each other, a resounding YES. You’re not angry with someone you don’t love or have strong feelings for. Brad was never angry with Aniston, he just flat out ignored her and happily moved on with his life, looking better than ever. Now Brad looks like the 53 year man he is.

  2. Deee says:


    It would be funny to see the angelina haters freaking out though

    • Honey says:

      Wouldn’t it be the Angie worshipers freaking out? They’ve labeled him as the devil and said Angie was too smart, special, and angelic to ever speak to Brad again. Now things have stalled and thre’s a chance of them getting back together? Uh oh

      I’ve never cared one way or another about either of them, but Angie worshipers go a little overboard with defending her

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        @ Honey. Please find the proof of Angie worshippers actually writing comments like this on this site.

        Both sides go overboard.

        For someone who doesn’t care either way, why are you taking the time out of your day to make a point about this story or Angie’s worshippers? Why not go after both sets of mega fans?

      • EOA says:

        Yep, agreed, @honey. Her stans have spent months here demonizing him. They’d have to do a 180 and once again make claims they are the perfect couple.

        IMO, this is an encouraging sign for Angelina. She realized that she needs to change her PR strategy and come off as less controlling.

      • magnoliarose says:

        They are always aggressive. They actually think the world is as invested as they are. You have to be a hater to be critical. lol Ok.

      • Honey says:

        Aiobhan,are you serious? Maybe you weren’t here the other day to see all the excuses Angie worshipers gave for her and the game with the children which everyone else agreed was mean, irresponsible and a type of abuse. No matter what proof was shown, they wouldn’t admit that their idol made a mistake and went overboard trying to protect her. Most of us care about the way the kids were treated, not about it being Angie. Her fans freak out of anything negative said about her just like Trumpsters and the Beehive

        I don’t care either way about most celebrities, but I have a right to have an opinion

      • Paige says:

        Well in my opinion, I think you’re obsessed with complaining about the Angie worshippers.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        Yes, I am serious that is why I wrote it. I am not sure if you read every thread about that VF article, I know I didn’t and don’t have the time to do so, but I will say that what I have read is not as innocent and non confrontational as you are trying to make it seem. Some people don’t believe that Angie would harm a child and was inarticulate, you and a few posters who posted multiple times disagreed. Fine, that is how conversations work. You calling them Angie worshippers is confrontational and you damn well know you are trying to insult them. I’ll admit you weren’t the only one doing it though. Some posters took it too far by likening some of Angie’s defenders to Dump supporters in their support of her, which is damn dead wrong. No, it was not you in that thread, but we ALL are taking it too far when we start attacking each other and co-signing insults over people who we will never meet.

        Lastly, I did not write that you could not have an opinion, but it does seem kind of odd that you don’t care about someone yet you are writing negative comments about them and then going after people who disagreed with what you thought. Those Angelina worshippers, you, and me are all allowed to have opinions. We are even allowed to have opinions about others opinions. You care more than you are letting on.

    • Tanguerita says:

      But strangely enough it’s stans like you who bring up the topic of freaking out. Projection much?

      • Deee says:

        Lol here we go ….

        I really don’t give a damn about either of them but im sick and tired of Brad getting a pass. He broke up his marriage yet Angelina got the blame. He went to hell on booze and had temper tantrums at his kids and when Angie does the RIGHT thing and removes them from that environment she is the evil wife trying to turn them against him …

        Its always women hating on her while “the old Brad is back, she held him hostage all these years” crap is thrown around.


      • Tanguerita says:

        No one is getting a pass. They both behaved like ass..les that they are. I don’t hate on Jolie, I just don’t care for her holier-tholier-than-thou shtick.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Getting a pass? What? Like Tanguerita said they both behaved poorly but at the moment it is more her than him.

    • cara says:

      It would literally kill them. (not that I want anyone to die, lol)

  3. runcmc says:

    Ugh I so wish this was true! But you’re right- it’s been a long time. Then again maybe they’ll be like Pink and her dude (I forget his name). Didn’t they divorce for a couple of years then get remarried and have a couple of kids? They seem super solid.

    Hope this is like that, because I like them together!

    • tanesha86 says:

      @RUNCMC Carey Hart is his name and they separated but never divorced but got back together stronger than before and now they’ve got 2 beautiful kids together. I can only dream this could ever happen between Brad and Angelina…

    • Nicole says:

      And neither of them fought in the press either. They took a break and then got back together.

    • Guest says:

      I wish it was true too!!!

  4. Jamieee says:

    Well, this will certainly shift focus off her other issues.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I’ll bet that she wishes it would! In her shoes, I’d be hoping to divert attention from the VF interview too. Still, I don’t think anything short of them getting back together, announcing a completed custody and divorce settlement, or Jolie having romantic photos taken with some new guy is going work. Frankly, I don’t see any of those things happening because:

      There appears too much animosity between them as recently as the VF interview for them to be getting back together. It’s been almost a year so I definately believe custody/divorce negotiations are proving to be tricky maybe a result of said animosity. I don’t think Jolie’s priority is finding a new partner, publically and privately too, probably. She is concentrating on her professional life.

    • cara says:

      If you compare what Angie actually said from the VF interview and what the “journalist” wrote, there is nothing to divert attention from.

      Why someone hasn’t come down on that journalist like a ton of bricks is very suspicious. It’s clear as day she changed Angie’s words and meaning. VF has gone TABLOID.

  5. Jegede says:

    Pitt sources have already gone to GossipCop to kill this story.
    And brought up the VF story again while at it.

    And was it not US Weekly who were just saying Pitt was knocking boots with Sienna Miller?

    They’ve really gone the way of Star Mag/Enquirer.

    • milla says:

      Sienna is in NYC doing a play. Brad is in Cali. I call bs on that one. Doubt she would hang out with a drunk.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I guess you don’t know Sienna’s history with substances and sketchy behavior. They could be hooking up but not seriously.

      • cara says:

        Sienna makes Angie look a Nun. Drugs, affairs with married men, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as Sienna is concerned. Angie stopped drugs over 18 years ago, Sienna is in her late thirties or early forties and still does drugs and lives like she’s a young person trying to “find” herself. Sienna is also “sexually fluid”, but people STILL harp on Angie for experimenting when she was in her early twenties with one woman.

        Charlize Theron just gave an interview where she admits she did drugs for years and also sleeps with women. Funny, that didn’t even get a blip of publicity, just as her dressing her son as a girl doesn’t get talked about. Double standards, so ridiculous.

      • cara says:

        Sienna is in London doing a play.

      • Pacific says:

        Sienna’s kid’s pic’s always pixelated, she can act, and she doesn’t really put her personal life out there much. She has more cachet with me – someone who watches films and is not personally invested in celebs.

    • B n A fn says:

      If he wanted to kill the story he would have went to People Magazine. Still waiting for a denial from Brad or Angelina. ❤️

      • Pacific says:

        They like GC because it’s not a formal interview and so clarifications don’t have the unwanted effect of giving more attention to the original story they’re trying to shoot down.

    • tracking says:

      Under new ownership, apparently. I read somewhere we can totally expect them to deteriorate a la Star/Enquirer, and here we go.

    • Tanguerita says:

      Haha, just read it.
      “One of our contacts also questions the timing of this cover story, as it comes after Jolie’s controversial Vanity Fair interview, and wonders whether she is trying to change the direction of the conversation surrounding her. Gossip Cop also reached out to reps for both Jolie and Pitt for comment.”
      Ouch, burn.

  6. LAK says:

    Considering the negative, DETAILED, BURN of a denial on Gossip cop, i think this reunion is better described by that *Swifty song..’ we are never, ever getting back together’ or words to that effect.

    *and i can’t believe i just quoted a Taylor Swift song. The shame!!!!

    • Jegede says:


      C’mon out of the Swift closet LAK!

      We’ve got your number now.

    • No name says:

      It’s pretty detailed, isn’t it? I always thought Jolie was the PR genius and now I’m beginning to rethink that one. He’s just savage.

      • Artemis says:

        He is savage. But being a man he automatically had the advantage in this PR ‘battle’ even though he pretty much admitted he’s trash and Jolie was right to dump his loser ass. It makes me think it was him that gave news outlets info about Aniston not wanting kids and that’s why flew after Jolie’s ass. I really want a publicist or journalist working for People and US Weekly in the know to spill the beans during 2004-2006 surrounding that Triangle!

      • tracking says:

        Artemis, I remember reading Pitt hired an aggressive PR firm to burnish his/their image after the Aniston split. Supposedly, they pushed the humanitarian/children narrative, and Aniston was a casualty of that. It was no accident that Jolie’s first pregnancy photos were combined with a humanitarian visit. In terms of PR, neither party here is an amateur, though Jolie has obviously made mistakes lately. I think the fact that Pitt would not let this new PR effort fly gives insight into their current relationship, and it’s not good.

      • No name says:

        @Artemis…thank you for that, I want a publicist to spill what they know from that time period that worked that triangle…I have said it from 2004. Jennifer Aniston was left behind because she didn’t fit the Pitt playbook and while Jolie left Pitt, she’s finding out the same way Aniston did, if you don’t fit his playbook and play nice, it’s all out war. He’s Savage and here I thought he was a pot smoking dumb joke…I was played. I can’t imagined how the women in his life feel.

      • magnoliarose says:

        @Artemis and No name. I think if the whole story came out it would be disheartening to everyone. Someone I know theorized that Anniston’s refusal not to disappear and be a constant pest was her way of getting revenge. Maybe.
        This whole thing started out negative and is ending negative.
        I just feel sorry for the children. They need to stop using them. Period.

      • Chinoiserie says:

        NoName, if you look how succefull he has been as a producer of Oscar type films you will see he really is quite savy with publicity.

      • No name says:

        @magnoliarose: It would definitely show the die hard stans that a) Pitt did cheat on Aniston with Jolie and b) no one would look particularly good. This started out bad because Jolie decided on a scorched Earth tactic that unless he was beating her & the kids was unnecessary & cruel. Either it was always him that was PR savvy or she’s way off her game. She’s making some major missteps.

      • tracking says:

        It’s interesting, because I think many of us assumed Aniston was less savvy than Jolie. I always wondered why she spoke so positively about Pitt after the split, and now think she realized he was more powerful professionally and astutely decided to play nice and not burn that particular bridge. Of course, it’s normal to be more emotional about it when it involves your kids, but I agree Jolie hasn’t been as strategic as she might have.

      • Artemis says:

        Well Aniston was not even fighting back. She wanted to allow him to have his fling with Jolie and there were reports how amicably they were before it was obvious he moved on with Jolie (he even planned her birthday party and there was that last holiday with those corny photo ops!). But wew, Pitt’s concept to promote their basic spy action film with that spread in W Magazine (‘Domestic Bliss’) was soooo cold and way too thought out and specific not to have drawn from his personal feelings in that period.

        Fans still defend that spread to this day and it’s like, that deep of a concept for a basic ass action film was unnecessary and hurtful. That spread was deeper than MAMS could ever hope to be and coinciding with his divorce that ‘fake marriage’ concept must have cut Aniston. That said, it’s iconic and shows how they believed the hype, they were so into each other!

      • Felicia says:

        @magnoliarose: I think Aniston was just living her life. There is no reason she should just “disappear”, she was a loved TV A-lister when they got together, that didn’t change just because ahe and Pitt divorced. She, or any other ex-wife, is under no obligation to erase themselves because it’s not convenient for her ex-husband and his new lady love that she still exists.

        In regards to telling Pitt to go and “get it out of his system”… I know people seem to see that as a “have your cake and eat it” scenario. Me, I see that as Aniston seeing their marriage as being for the long-haul. Pitt was 40, classic mid-life crisis age and that is very likely how she framed what was going on. Rightly or wrongly. Any of you who has gone through the mid-life crisis of their partner will recognize that what’s going on in their heads has a lot to do with their own self-esteem and ego, and pretty much nothing to do with the wife. And they tend to be thinking with their d*cks, which has an IQ of precisely zero. You, as the wife, become an “obstacle” to the needs of their egos and that makes you, as the wife “the bad guy”. I’ve had the “what goes through the mind of a guy during a mid-life crisis” discussion with several of my guy friends. The general theme has been “I love my wife, but it would be great if you could just hit the pause button on your marriage for 5 years”. Even they recognize it’s a state of mind that is temporary.

        I would hazard a guess that Aniston discussed this with her therapist in depth. I would also hazard a guess that her therapist may have asked her serveral pointed questions in regards to this and the answer was yes to each. Do you love your husband? Do you think your husband loves you? Do you think what your husband is talking about is a temporary thing? Can you put your ego aside long enough to let that “temporary” pass? If she was looking at it that way, she had nothing to lose, she was removing herself as an “obstacle” and the resentment that goes with it. Quite frankly, that’s not something you do if you don’t believe in your marriage because that comes at a huge cost.

    • Sixer says:

      I will never allow you to forget that you wrote this comment, LAK.

      I’m so glad I’m not famous. Imagine your day being taken up with issuing self-congratulatory press releases or getting your mates and employees to go about telling flattering porkies about you or hinting at dreadful nefariousness about others.

      What a non-life that is.

      I think Jolie AND Pitt AND their proxies should all shut the eff up and come back in a year or whenever this split or reuniting is all done and dusted.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Confess LAK you are a Taylor stan and your greatest wish is to be part of her squad. We see you.
      That was a fast denial and an aggressive one too. He wants no part of changing the subject using him as the bait play.

      • No name says:

        I ignored the Swifty reference lol….I figured there would be others to jump on that train.

      • Kate says:

        I agree Pitt wanted no part of being used as bait to change the subject. I also like to hope that, in some measure, he put it out there on behalf of his children. Nothing like having your kids wonder if your parents are getting back together based on a tabloid saying they are, without at least trying to alert tabloids that using that diversion won’t work.

    • bluhare says:

      Hey LAK, I’ve got room on the couch and a bottle on the coffee table. Come on down and let’s watch this sh*t! We can play that drinking game — you know, the one where one of us is Brad, the other Angelina, and we have to take a shot when people say evil witch or drunk child abuser? The one we never remember playing? ;)

    • Elaine says:

      @LAK Lol! There may be those among you who are partial to ‘shake it off’.
      *averts eyes*

      But I couldn’t say for sure.

    • LAK says:

      Bluhare: i’m not sure our livers could take it, but i will sit with you and watch the ping pong across the various groups.

  7. Thebees says:

    Maybe the whole smear campaign against him and divorce was about her protect the kids from whatever legal or CPS drama due to the plane saga. Distancing herself from brad would be a good strategic move. Hummmmmmm.

    • Felicia says:

      She didn’t need to give details, or rather vague inuendos, to do that. There’s a reason that most celebrity divorces are handled with some degree of (public) dignity. That the two parties agree on a PR public front. I find it incredibly disappointing that wasn’t the case here. Regardless of what went on behind the scenes, the way it was initially handled was letting one’s ego, rather than one’s common sense, take the lead. And that was a mistake. The tabs sense blood in the water and (in this case) one person willing to give printable lines that sell tabloids. And the minute you have one, the other is pretty much forced to play the game as well. Honestly, if there weren’t children involved, it wouldn’t matter all that much. But there are 6 of them here, all of whom are perfectly capable of going online and reading hateful comments, disturbing allegations and speculation, and diatribes defending one while demonizing the other. To those kids, these people are just Mom and Dad. They don’t need to be reading sh*tty articles or comments about either of their parents, and that could have largely been avoided by an initial statement that was neutral.

  8. Mermaid says:

    Yeah I doubt it. It seems like the bridges are burned especially after Gossip Cop story. But you never know.

  9. Lolo86lf says:

    I do not believe they will get together. Brad Pitt right now is getting a taste of freedom from raising such a large family. Once he gets used to the life of a rich famous bachelor he will not go back to his previous existence with Angie. You want proof? Look at Scott Disick. He may resent the way his wife painted him as a villain to the media.

  10. Blue says:

    Did y’all see the gossip cop denial? Brad Pitt is a savage lol

    • B n A fn says:

      Gossip cop did say there were no problem up to a month before they filed for divorce. Gossip cop 👮 is just as good as the person making the denials.

      • Blue says:

        Their divorce was sudden and there was a trigger. Nobody knew they would be divorcing until they did. I’m sure even Brad didn’t see it coming

      • B n A fn says:

        @blue, are you saying the first time he got drunk 😵 he acted a fool and she filed for divorce? I believe what he said he had an alcohol 🍺 problem for many years and it needed to be taken care of. I believe the plane ✈️ incident was the last straw for her. Maybe she gave him an ultimatum to get his shit together, maybe it was a year. We will know in due time if they share it with us.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        A 100% do not believe that there were “no problems” up to a month before Jolie filed. That doesn’t even make sense. No one files for divorce after one incident unless said incident is cataclysmic such as gross infidelity, bodily danger, or something along those lines. Even with substance abuse, most spouses will attempt to support the other through rehab.
        I think their relationship was a powder keg ready to explode and someone finally, perhaps accidentally, dropped a match.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree Tulip. Sounds like his substance abuse, by his own admission, was a long time, on going problem. The plane incident was probably the breaking point for her, but things build up to that point. I do not think they were perfect one day and filing for divorce the next.

    • cara says:

      Gossip Cop is a tabloid site, everyone knows that.

    • Pacific says:

      “Did y’all see the gossip cop denial? Brad Pitt is a savage lol ”

      Can you blame him though? She’ll be doing interviews about Pitt being a terrible father (which I believe he is) until she’s 90.

  11. smcollins says:

    I loved them together and would love it if this were true, but I don’t think it is. Just because the divorce isn’t moving along at a rapid pace doesn’t mean it’s not happening. There’s definitely a lot to work through as far as custody, finances, properties…I have no doubt those things take time, especially for them. So, yeah, I’m not buying it.

    • Jessica says:

      They were never friends to begin with; it was all lust and then straight to parenting. Now that’s gone.

      *Wow, I responded to the wrong person. Oh well.

      • Artemis says:

        True. Jolie said point blank she took a risk by getting with Pitt but that she couldn’t turn away when a good thing was in front of her. It was a shaky foundation and she knew it. They both knew.

      • B n A fn says:

        Brad first marriage was over before Brad and Angelina together. I remember reading that he and his X were over, Because he wanted children and JA did not, don’t know if it was true or not, they denied it. I even remember there were a SNL skit with JA. They pretended there a group of paparazzis yelling Jennifer when you going to have a 👶 baby. Btw, I do believe Brad and Angelina did and might still love ❤️ each other. I will see how this shakes out eventually.

      • cara says:

        That’s not true. Angie said she and Brad immediately became great friends, she said they realized their feelings for each other were deeper than friendship toward the end of the shoot.

        It seems Brad had it bad for Angie from the very first. He even told Aniston he was very attracted to her and wanted to explore those feelings as a single man. It should not have come as a shock to Aniston, they were physically separated before he even met Angie. Aniston told him to go ahead and have an affair, and just keep things between them status quo, them living apart but her still being able to call herself Brad’s legal wife. Brad said NO, he thought what he felt for Angie was something they could build on and he wanted to explore those feelings.

      • sage says:

        A source (Brads camp IMO) revealed to the sun about Sienna “It’s early days, but they are very into each other and enjoying a carefree, casual summer romance. They’re both absolutely determined to keep everything under wraps. Their goal is to explore things without any massive publicity. It could all fizzle out, so they’re waiting to see.”
        Sienna also said Brad is a great friend..

        Brad’s team is using the same playbook with Sienna.

    • Paige says:

      I loved them together too but I’m not hoping they get back together. It’s over. Neither seem like they want to make things work. Too much animosity from both sides.

      • cara says:

        You never know, they are both going to therapy, whether it’s as a couple or individually was not specified. They are obviously trying to get to a better place in their relationship, whatever that turns out to be.

        If both Brad and Angie discover the feelings they have for each other are worth fighting for, this could only be a good thing. There are six children who need and love BOTH parents.

        I can’t imagine either with another partner, they seem made for each other. For those who think Brad is some vanilla Ken doll, remember what Fincher said, “Brad is closer to his Tyler Durden character than most would be comfortable with”.

  12. Lucy2 says:

    This really feels like an attempt at some damage control after the fall out of the Vanity Fair article.
    I don’t see them getting back together, I think too much happened, but I do hope for the kids, they can get to the point where they’re friends or at least can coparent well together.

    • Mermaid says:

      Agree with everything you said!!!

    • Esmerelda says:

      Indeed that makes sense. I don’t hold out much hope about the ‘shut-up and co-parent’ resolution, though… their image is sooo tied to the ‘happy family’ narrative, they’ll each have to find a new selling point first.

    • cara says:

      The VF article is nothing but BS. When VF published the recorded interview, it proved the “journalist” put her own spin on Angie’s words. There was NEVER a story, VF must have wanted hits, and hits they got.

  13. Shelley says:

    Don’t believe it. The timing is way too suspect after the vanity Fair article. My guess is BP is sober for kids and AJ is attaching for publicity.

  14. B n A fn says:

    Brad and Angelina together again, love ❤️. Hope it’s true. Angelina give Brad another chance.
    I bet he’s missing his family. Angelina, remember you had a shady past and you changed, everyone deserves a second chance if they show they are working towards positive change.

  15. Jessica says:

    I think Brad has moved on, just like he moved on from Jennifer. I’m sure it sucks that Angelina feels like she’s on the short end of the stick this time around. In a few years he’ll be making comments about how miserable his life was with Angelina just like how he did to Jennifer.

    Newsflash Angelina, how he treated his ex is how he’ll treat you.

    • Wilma says:

      I used to like him, but the way he talked about his life with Aniston soured me on him. There does seem to be a pattern in his love life in which he molds himself after his partner, but it ends up being never enough to keep his demons at bay. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he throws Jolie under the same bus.

      • cara says:

        Part of that is true, Brad does seem to become whatever his partner wants at that time. Aniston was into drugs and alcohol, which is why Brad said he was sick of himself being drugged and lying on the couch with no real purpose. Aniston does seem a person who really has no passions or projects except trying to look as young as possible.

        Angie is a person with many interests and passions, she wants her life to matter, to show her children that people can try and help others. Brad tried that for a few years, it seems he sort of fizzled out right before the split. Angie would never go back with hm if he did nothing but want to be a movie star.

        It would be nice for the kids to have both their parents, but only if the parents really want to be together.

      • Greta says:

        Why is it that Aniston was allowed to say her 30s ‘blowed’, as well as numerous passive-aggressive jabs over the years, but Brad makes precisely one comment, and gets attacked for it while his ex gets a free pass? Aniston spent the better part of a decade smearing Brad and Angelina, digs, laughing at cartoons of her shooting Angelina, mocking have a twin on each hip, she psychotically kept her vendetta up for the better part of a decade. Brad made ONE comment ONLY that HE was lazy, a loser and his life sucked – not a word about Aniston, yet he is vilified? Why are people such HYPOCRITES over Brad and give Aniston a free pass? Wilma you cannot be serious. I think Brad (and Jolie) showed admirable RESTRAINT, class and grace when he was being hounded by Aniston and her vendetta for many years. Many men would not have that much restraint with a psychotic ex.

    • someone says:

      I see it the other way around – Angelina moved on, and when Angelina moves on she doesn’t look back.

    • Dana says:

      Why do you assume Angelina hasn’t moved on? I think she moved on first. She bought a house and it sounds like she hasn’t forgiven him for his f#ck up so I doubt she wants him back. When she’s done, she done. Same goes for Brad.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I think that they have been done with one another for awhile. Honestly, the marriage seemed a way to shore up a deteriorating relationship to me. It’s like a Band-Aid baby except they already knew that no amount of children was going to improve things for them because, well, they had six already. I always believed them when they said that they were getting married “for the children”. I think that the kids needed that security due to the tempestuousness of their parents relationship. I believe part of the vows, as suggested by the kids, was to “always make up” or something a long those lines.
      Either way, I do think that separate households will be better for their children. In the long run, it will be better for Pitt and Jolie too. If they can manage to work out a financial and custody arrangement then I believe both will have a more peaceful existence.

      • Esmerelda says:

        ITA with your analysis.
        Poor children, though – trying to bring about and foster some sense of security for their family only to have it shattered so publicly in just two years.

        A clean break is probably the best, with adequate support the children can become more resilient and weather this out.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Awww, that is extra sad about the kids when you put it that way. You are right though. I hope they are all doing well.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Tulip what you wrote breaks my heart. I saw it with my own children and I feel ashamed about my behavior sometimes. My kids would try to make me hold my hubby’s hand or try to say extra positive things about him. They were sad. I wanted to think it would be ok that he wouldn’t be missed as much as he was. This is why I wish they would knock it off before too much damage is done.

      • KB says:

        Completely agree about the marriage. It always seemed odd to me that the kids wanted them to marry so badly. I thought maybe they were just exaggerating that aspect of it, but looking back I think the kids thought marriage would stabilize the relationship in some way. Angelina looked like she was walking to her execution in those photos though. I think the separating was a long time coming and the wedding was just denial on both their parts.

    • Fa says:

      From his GQ interview he is the one who did not move on everyone knows Angelina is always the one who definitely move quicker from relationships and her quick filing the divorce is an example.

    • cara says:

      Sorry to disagree, Jessica, but the breakups were entirely different. Brad wanted the divorce from Aniston, Angie wanted the divorce from Brad. And most importantly there were no ties to Aniston, Brad could move on without looking back, that is NOT the case with Angie. Brad and Angie will be tied to each for the rest of their lives through their SIX children.

  16. Maya says:

    Umm let’s see – Brad was the one who was/is an alcoholic and verbally abused his children and yet people here forgive and support him.

    But Angelina supposedly exploited children (people outside the gossip world knows she didn’t and it was just media sensationalism), and the same people cancelled her.

    This shows us exactly why Trump was elected and Hillary was not. Hypocrites the bunch of them.

    I was upset after reading comments from several people here I actually respected because they appeared neutral but don’t anymore.

    They showed their true personalities when the attacked fans who told about their personal horrors to explain their point of view and claimed we lied while praised those who used their personal experiences to attack Angelina.

    Outside the gossip world people from YouTube, Twitter & Facebook can see how unfair Angelina was attacked and they are showing support for her.

    As for Angelina planting this – lol you wish. Angelina has never needed a man to help her and she never will. She will address the Vanity Fair issue during the promotion..

    • Jessica says:

      Trump was elected because there are more racist white women than non-racist white women. End of story.

      • tracking says:

        Also internalized sexism, but yes.

      • Wilma says:

        Or because college educated whites aren’t as smart as they should be.
        Or because working class whites seem to be more interested in identity politics than actual plans to better their situation.
        Or because to a lot of white people equality feels like oppression.

        I don’t think we need to particularly blame white women on their own. They play their own sad part in the system of white patriarchy. We need to smash the system.

      • tracking says:

        Wilma, well said, but I also should have added effing low turnout in key Dem constituencies.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I give you credit for your diligence and true fan of AJ but for some people she isn’t their cup of tea just like you don’t like Charlize. I like Charlize a lot but I don’t care if other people feel differently. You have to stop taking it personally because it surely isn’t.
      What you said at the end is that she never needed a man is absolutely not true. I won’t get into a tit-for-tat but you make her into something she isn’t.

      • Maya says:

        Yeah but I won’t sit back and just allow people here brushing aside the horrors we experienced in life like some of you did few days ago.

        In fact – some of you were downright rude and insulting towards some of the fans.

        As you said, I don’t like Charlize but I don’t go around attacking her fans nor do I disregard what her fans says.

        That’s what I meant about people showing their true personality.

        But let me remind you that this is gossip site and people can discuss but in a polite way and not crossing the line like some of you did.

      • Artemis says:

        She never needed a man yet she married 3 times? LOL
        She never needed a man yet there are many interviews where she clearly stated she wanted/needed a man and wants lots of sex? And a famous interview with her father (’99 I think) where she states about the current state of feminism not being her cup of tea and that there is something to be said about stereotypical male chivalry. Look it up, it’s ‘Interview’ Magazine.
        Jolie has always had a thing for including men in her narrative and she’s more than willing to put them on a pedestal. Heck even her directing revolves around men!

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        @Artemis, you had to go all the way back to 99 to pull that feminism quote. Some people, like myself, don’t call ourtselves feminist because of on going issues in the community but believe in the overall definition of the word. If you went back and looked at everything you said in 89 or 99 you would probably cringe at what you said. People are allowed to change their minds .It is called growing up and being adaptable to when new information is put in front of you.

        I do have to say that the slut shaming is textbook and completely beneath you . There is a difference between needing a man and wanting a man in your life. Her being married 3 times does not mean that she needs a man, enjoying sex with her partner(s) does not mean that she needs a man or that it is a bad thing to enjoy sex with her partners or with anonymous people she met on the street. Including men in her narrative and making her every waking moment about men is not the same thing. You are trying to imply the latter and their is nothing to back that up with. Her image, whether you believe it is fake or not, has been crafted around helping and uplifting females and males, but mostly about females.

      • Artemis says:


        No I just happened to have read that interview just recently and that quote jumped out which is why I brought it up now. Maybe I should give a more refined comment:

        Jolie has never been into the concept of feminism. She will never alienate her male fanbase and she was always that type of woman that would never think about excluding men when it comes to equality. Many women are tired to have a man’s opinion interjected when it’s about women’s rights but there are also women who openly welcome, support and encourage men to enter the conversation. Jolie has always been the latter. I would take that old interview from the 90s as the basis for her later diplomatic answers about men entering the conversation about women’s rights and equality that’s all. It’s a red thread throughout her interviews in both entertainment as well as her UN work. For example when she was asked about the lack of female directors in Hollywood, she would deflect the issue about the obvious lack of inclusion in Hollywood for meaningful female acting parts and directing jobs by talking about the positives of the current (small) crop of female directors and how she would never see issues as a negative but as a force to drive the conversation (that she interestingly won’t address). Her films are mainly about men and war (where men commit the most crimes). Even her UN work she has said things while speaking about sexual exploitation how men NEED to be part of the conversation even though women are driving the conversations and fall victims to these crimes to begin with and men get away with the crimes:

        We need policies for long-term security that are designed by women, focused on women, executed by women not at the expense of men, or instead of men, but alongside and with men.
        This while working for an organisation with questionable ethics and the equivalent of selling your soul if you read what other aid workers have to say about the UN.

        Maybe some people don’t have an issue with that like yourself and that’s fine but I prefer women making bold statements that don’t care about offending men and having to include them at all times when talking about fighting for women’s rights and basic respect e.g. Jessica Chastain who calls it like it is. Pre-UN Jolie’s quotes about men were less polished and I can see where her stance is on feminism that dares the put the middle finger up to men. Sorry not sorry.

        Actually no, I was raised by a terrible woman and could be quite sexist and racist myself. At age 12 (2002), I started reading a lot of books, including informative books and got my hands on feminist texts like bell hooks as I got older. Books raised me. In class I always went against boys’ tirade about girls and what we could or could not do as it was clear to see if nobody spoke up, they were going to think it was OK to talk about girls like that. Not on my watch. I always knew where my loyalty was trust me, no matter what cute boy said it :) Luckily I had a female teacher who encouraged my behaviour but male teachers could say horrible things like I would never be able to get a man. Boy bye, I told him he needs to stop impregnating women he was never going to commit to… don’t mess.

        You don’t know me and in no way would I waste my time slutshaming anybody. Jolie does need men, that’s clear from her quotes from any era of your choosing. I actually preferred single Jolie romping in hotel rooms with her FWBs than Oatmeal Pitt but when she was with Pitt she said she thought she would marry an aid worker next and never thought to fall in love with somebody like Pitt. So her 3rd marriage was on her mind when she was single and claiming she could only handle her hotel romps at that time. It’s so clear honestly, don’t blame me for bringing the receipts.

    • B n A fn says:

      You have to remember alcoholism is an illness. If someone gets treatment and dedicates themself to being treated, like take Meds everyday, e.g. Staying in the program, they should be entitled to a second chance. Everyone, if the children 👶 and Angelina forgive him, who are we to pass judgment, jmo.

      • Olive says:

        @B n A fn speaking as an alcoholic in recovery, I was NEVER entitled to a second chance with anyone I wronged while using. The program teaches that you have to amend for your wrongs against others, IF doing so would not harm further them by bringing it up. You have to be sure you are doing it for that person’s benefit, not your own.

        The program teaches that you aren’t entitled to a second chance with people, but you would be damn lucky to get one and need to work hard on amending your relationships so maybe that will happen to you. But no way is he entitled to anything – it’s up to Angelina to say when it’s done, and she’s said it’s done.

    • Honey says:

      Maya, did you ever know or maybe you forgot the fact that Angie had a heroin problem? She hasn’t always been a good girl.

      Like B n A fn said, alcoholism is a disease. Addictions can be treated and controlled. None of yours or anyone else’s business if she forgives the man her and their children give the person they love a second chance

      How do you know that she didn’t exploit children when she herself actually talked about it in the interview? Was she fibbing about the game the young kids played in Cambodia?

    • Tanguerita says:

      Wow…just wow. Someone needs to take a chill pill.
      And by the way – you have NO idea what happened on that plane. But all of us know – from Jolie herself, no less – how she manipulated and exploited children she “cares-oh-so-much-about” for the sake of being taken seriously as a director.

      • cara says:

        READ the VF transcript, you’ll see Angie nor anyone else did anything wrong, except maybe the so called journalist that misrepresented what Angie actually said.

      • Tanguerita says:

        @care keep telling yourself that.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I realize that today’s story is about Pitt and Jolie but the one that made you upset was only about Jolie. Pitt literally had nothing to do with the Vanity Fair interview. I don’t understand dragging him, Trump, or Clinton into that conversation. Jolie and Vanity Fair have both spoken and if Jolie wants to add anything to the impressions that people have, negative or positive, she will have ample opportunity while promoting FTKMF.

      As far as today’s story goes, I’ve gone on record saying I don’t believe either partner wants to reconcile. Frankly, they seem happier apart. Pitt, I believe, is dealing with his substance abuse problem and I don’t think he deserves an award for that but I glad that he is doing it. Jolie filed for divorce and I don’t think that she is going to change her mind about that.

    • Lilian says:

      Maya I realize that you admire Jolie a lot but you don’t know her. Unless there is something you aren’t telling us, you don’t know her. People are allowed to like her or not like her due to her own actions. I see flaws even in the people I love the most in the world. Flaws are human. The fact that u think a person you have never met is flawless makes me a little bit sad for you.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        You know what amazes me? When people brag on their spouses, significant others, or children for being perfect. My reaction, in my head, has always been, “well, they must be easy to love, hope you feel the same when they disappoint you”. I mean that. People will disappoint. It is a measure of how much you love them and see them as a fully rounded individual if you can love them despite their flaws not because of their perfection.

      • kay says:

        where on earth did maya, ever in any thread, say angelina was flawless?
        your comment about humans and flaws is true, but i have never ever read anyone saying she is flawless, let alone maya.

      • cara says:

        Lilian, Brad is also a human with flaws. Some here seem to forget that. Some actually say he is not an alcoholic after he, himself, admitted he was. He caused the implosion of his family, he admits that. But for some strange reason people still think they HAVE to blame “evil Angie”. Unfukingbelievable.

  17. rachel says:

    You know US Weekly does not get any info anymore when you see the Chris Pratt/ Anna Farris “cheating” story on the cover.

    • Surely Wolfbeak says:

      Their sources dried up when they were bought by David Pecker’s American Media. It’s the MAGA glossy of choice now. I doubt Jolie would contribute to a mouthpiece for the Trump administration.

  18. Talie says:

    Honestly, she seems to have made a colossal mistake pulling the plug on this marriage the way she did. It screwed up her image and she was very unsteady in that Vanity Fair interview. If she wanted out, it probably should’ve been more on the “conscious uncoupling” side of the coin rather than scorched earth.

    • Lady D says:

      It was Brad’s actions on the plane that caused the timing of her abrupt decision, but I also believe she was planning her out at the time, too.

    • Fa says:

      Who cares about image when you want an healthy family for your children, a mother will never choose image over children. All of you are talking about image but none of you care about the kids. Always prioritise children

      • cara says:

        AMEN!! Angie had to protect their children, and if Brad is any kind of man he will be on his knees thanking Angie for doing just that.

  19. rachel says:

    Let’s not make Brad Pitt some kind of Victim of Angelina Jolie manipulation. Because if I remember well, he’s the one who provoked this divorce and admit it in his ridiculous GQ profile. Now I think both of them should stop sending their PR to the press. How annoying and petty are they.

  20. Lili says:

    I hope it’s true. Couples that loved each other a lot do contemplate reconciliation, it’s normal I think….look I got back to my ex after 10 yrs and we don’t have children, so it’s not impossible specially since they have children ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Noelle says:

    That denial in gossipcop was very strong. Things like that make me really dislike Brad Pitt (seems I am the opposite of every one else lol). The denial on Entertainment Tonight was much more kinder to AJ. I wonder if the Pitt sources are different for gossipcop and ET?

  22. Maria says:

    I remember an old interview with Angie where she said that Brad was her only friend. I thought it was kinda sad, but at the time I could understand it because I figured it was probably hard for her to connect with other females on account of her beauty, this was the height of her beauty and the height of her being branded a home wrecker, so honestly I could see how later on she may actually miss Brad just for the sheer friendship/bond they had.

    • Blue says:

      Being hard to connect to other “females” on account of her beauty? Lmaooooo Beyonce has friends, Rihanna has friends, Gugu Mbatha-Raw has friends, Kristen Stewart(another homewrecker) has friends, Halle Berry has friends, Gal Gadot has friends, Scar Jo has friends, Tessa Thompson has friends
      Y’all Jolie fans are ridiculous

      • hogtowngooner says:

        I’ve never not been friends with a woman because she was too beautiful. That’s absurd. But to her stans, anyone who doesn’t worship her is just a jelli h8tr. Rolls eyes.

      • cara says:

        Angelina has friends, they may not be “Hollywood friends”, which are usually nothing more than PR “friends”. She is close with Marianne Pearle, with Loung Ung,, both who have been friends with Angie for well over 15 years or more.

        No one knew Angie was close friends with George Lucas until she accepted the Governor’s Award. Angie doesn’t seem the type to go out to lunch with “friends” (or rather clients of a certain PR agency) just to be photographed, she seems to have more important things to do.

      • Pacific says:

        Jessica Chastain has lots of friends.

    • Maya says:

      Sorry Maria but Angelina said that Brad was the only person she spoke to about her humanitarian side.

      It is well documented that Angelina has been best friends for decades with Loung Ung, Marianne Pearl, Queen Rania, Gillian Armamente, her stuntwoman etc.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I do remember that. Looking back at photos they were happy and she said he protects her. The sad part is a family is destroyed and I wonder if they both acted over the top rash and angry. I can tell you from experience after the anger dissipates everything is much clearer. I am able to repair my marriage but sadly some go too far and it can’t be done.

  23. Adorable says:

    Ofcourse she isn’t ever going back to him,especially after buying the house & the kids settling etc…Concerning the PR,Angie was always going to be at the short end of the stick thanks to mainly they’re image(Brad the golden boy🙄)& she the “vampy seductress”…No matter what she did,it was always going to be her fault…& even when he Basically admitted he was difficult to be around(Gq interview)The public immediately Congratulated Brad for his “honestly”,but fail to realize what Angie & the kids had to go through being around a drunk…even if She were to tell us what happened,Brad lovers would still be up her a** about it…All in all,Angie knows where she stands with her PR I feel(in not really fighting it anymore)& I do feel she’ll recover.

    • B n A fn says:

      I don’t Angelina buying a house would prevent her from going back to him or him her. Hell, they must have at least six homes between them. The kids will be settled wherever the family resides. I don’t believe that would be any concern to them, talking about a 🏡. The vanity fair interview Angelina did she mentioned the kids were not over the divorce. I remember wondering what she meant, still wondering. Does the kids want to get them back together. I’m a fan and wants what is best for all of them. 😐 i just can’t do the hate on them.

      • cara says:

        I agree, a house is just real estate easily sold or kept. A house would definitely not keep them apart if they wanted to be together.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I don’t think that the general public sees/saw Jolie as a “vampy seductress” anymore. I’m not being snarky either. Jolie has been seen as a mother and humanitarian type now for many years. She crafted and leaned into that image too. I’m not saying that it was insincere, just that Jolie wanted to be known for those things and she was.
      As far as Brad being a “golden boy”, I thought he lost that halo a long time ago too. I mean post-Jennifer many didn’t care for the way he spoke about his ex-wife. Also, I don’t think Pitt as a substance abuser was a surprise to anyone. Hasn’t that always been a part of his persona despite his denials?
      I just think that Pitt is going to continue to do better continuing as a megastar due to his business success. Pitt’s producing has assured him a seat at the table whereas Jolie’s directing efforts, at this point, haven’t been as successful and she hasn’t done many serious film roles in years. Of course, all of this could change on a dime as in a fantastic/poor interview, unsuccessful/successful film project, or public misstep for either one. Regardless of what the public wants or thinks, it will come down to dimes (& dollars) for Hollywood.

  24. Noelle says:

    PS the only reason I would want them to get back together is for the insane implosion of both Angie haters and lovers. Actually that would be so funny – I am now rooting for them to get back together!

  25. Micki says:

    Afleck/Garner spent so several years. If Brangelina can top that I may even write a fan-letter.

  26. Sophie says:

    I think people are forgetting that us weekly was recently bought by the people who own radar online, star,ok&NE. To think this has come from Jolie’s came? I doubt it. Just writers of a now bottom feeding trash rag. Do not give us magazine credibility that it once had. AS For gossip cop? It’s also owned by an ex tabloid news editor, so not entirely credible either. No one truly knows what is going on between them but those in their inner circle, who are not talking.

    • Pacific says:

      But she hasn’t bothered denying this story.

      It’s claiming she’d consider taking him back.

      Given she’s been so adamant about him ruining their family, she’d be even more eager than Pitt to deny this story if it were just made up, and esp since it’s been given a lot of secondary coverage (Daily Fail, etc, with thousands of comments).

  27. Aerohead21 says:

    It’d be a lie to say I was perfectly cordia towards my ex as we divorced but I don’t have media scrutiny to deal with, either. Like someone else said, time will pass and they’ll either keep fighting about each other or they’ll figure out how to get over their own issues for the kids and work together on friendly, united terms – which can mean divorced coparents. They don’t have to be together to do that.

  28. perplexed says:

    I think people read US magazine while they’re at the hairdresser’s. I’m not sure this article will shift focus.

    • Paige says:

      The average person spends very little time reading celebrity gossip. I could ask random people on the street how much they know about their divorce or Angie’s Cambodia debacle and most wouldn’t know. Now, if I asked them about our President they would have plenty to say.

  29. crogirl says:

    Well, according to his GQ interview he still loves her, and according to VF one she sounds hurt but over him. I would believe this scenario more if he was the one begging to get her back. Besides the divorce is probably stalled because he’s still not in the place where he can be trusted to take care of his kids and he probably wants a distraction from that. Maybe his team planted the story beacuse he can’t get over that she dumped him and is not looking back.

    • Fa says:

      It is clear that the whole family are in therapy and dealing whatever they are dealing. They can not do anything until the children finish therapy with their father but some people here don’t understand and do not care the children.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I don’t think that. Since you are fan think about the fact that he was the only man she had children with and threw herself into building a family with. He isn’t a bad person for her to do that. I don’t think she is over him. I don’t think he is over her. It doesn’t go like that when you have loved someone deeply and it takes a long time to get to a point of moving on without any feelings left. I just don’t buy that.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I agree with this. While I don’t think they will reconcile, I also think that it will take a long time for them to heal from this relationship breakdown. After all these years and children, I hope they can find love for one another without the “being in love” part. As angry as either or both may be now, they probably do still love one another on some level or I would hope so.

  30. jenny says:

    fake news

    • Lisa says:

      The first thing I thought when I saw this ridiculous cover was – Oh, how US weekly has fallen.. I remember when each issue was looked forward to like crack for gossips. That’s when they knew all the inside information and now it’s like you said – you see it and say Fake news, like with OK, Radar, STAR, and all the others you know just make up stuff.

      But for brad’s insiders to go after Angie like that on Gossip Cop- like it was her fault US Weekly printed this fake news (with no real proof she had anything to do with it) – you can see the viciousness of this breakup. They are the last couple I can see getting back together.

      • kay says:

        personally, i don’t believe brad pitt is behind this. it is easy enough to claim to be quoting “insiders” “sources” whatever.
        i don’t think either of them or any genuine “insiders” have been speaking for quite some time now.

  31. Fa says:

    “I mean the Russian hookers and cheating were thrown out there by her team”

    Angelina will never use cheating narrative and this tell me you are full of hatred.

    • magnoliarose says:

      FA! I am a cornucopia of hate? Oh please. Don’t be silly it is all over the internet so you can put aside your self-righteous indignation.

      • Paige says:

        The Russian hookers and Marion cheating story came from Page Six. So Jolie’s team ran to a British tabloid that has been dragging her name before and after the split? The same tabloid that had Jennifer laughing on their cover afterwards and a headline saying, brad won Hollywood and Angie won the kids! Real nice, for Brad and Angie PR wise! I doubt neither of their teams would run to a magazine like that. Page Six is beneath them when it comes to leaking stuff. It’s on par with Daily Mail. No substance or good gossip. Oh yeah, I forgot about her a hiring spy. It sounds like fan fiction.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Leaks have to be taken with a huge block of salt in their case. Tabloids absolutely sit around piece together an old interview throws some extra in and print it. Ugly Brangelina fight sells big and that is the bottom line.

  32. Unoriginal Commenter says:

    I am always so blown away at the sheer volume of comments on Angelina posts. It’s incredible! Kaiser and/or Celebitchy, which individual or couple’s posts seem to generate the most traffic? I wagering to guess it has been Angelina Jolie in the past few years.

    Either way, I hope this means increased revenue for the site–I’ve been reading for years and love it!

    • Lady D says:

      Yes, I really want to see Celebitchy stay successful, too.

    • Pacific says:

      “I am always so blown away at the sheer volume of comments on Angelina posts. ”

      She’s a polarising figure and she, Pitt, and Aniston are part of what’s probably the most click-bait-able love triangle in the history of celeb gossip.

  33. Paige says:

    Gossip Cop scorched earth and Vanity Fair comments sound too convenient for me. Us weekly is the same. Gossip Cop contradicts itself all the times. It’s a site dedicated to refuting other lies, and never refuting their lies. No legit sources. Gossip writers need some need shtick because it seems like they are copying and pasting comments from gossip boards.

  34. Ophelia says:

    I won’t be surprised that Angelina realizes that without Pitt, no publication is going soft at her anymore. Vanity Fair basically giving her the hand and looking down their nose at her? Would never happen when she’s with Pitt.

    These publications are taking sides. Pitt is the safer bet for them to still be relevant in H-wood. Not saying that Pitt is better than Angelina, just saying that Pitt is more entrenched in H-wood, VF’s (and many of these magazine’s) bread and butter people.

    Pitt has more networks in H-wood by virtue of him ingratiating himself to them, compared to Angelina’s take-it-or-leave-it attitude regarding Hollywood.

    She seems like a pariah now in H-wood. When Pitt receives that standing ovation at the GG, we know that H-wood has chosen which bridge they have decided to burn. And they do so with only a small very small amount of guilt.

    • Noelle says:

      I see so many comments on here writing off Angelina and saying that her career is over. The bar has now been set so low for Angelina’s career and press going forward (non existent is the constant theme) that if she now in anway has a half way successful career it will be seen as some massive comeback.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Ophelia actually makes really good points. Pitt is a money maker as a producer and also wins Oscars for those films. That matters a lot in Hollywood. Plus Hollywood is much easier on the aging male actor versus the aging female one. Unfair but true.
        With Jolie, there is every likelihood that any success will be seen as a comeback. If FTKMF is a critical success, as none of her movies have really been, then I think her career as a director may continue. The only successful commercial movie that she has directed, Unbroken, did not live up to awards expectations and wasn’t a blockbuster. Sadly, studios today want either awards as in Oscar-bait films, or blockbusters usually in the form of superhereos. Again, unfair but true. IF FTKMF fails on both of these two fronts, I’m not sure where Jolie’s directing career is headed.
        As far as acting, Jolie has been uber successful with Malificent and the Kung Fu Panda movies. She could very well continue along that route with voicework and Disney films. The Bride of Frankenstein movie that she was rumored to be considered or considering would probably be a great vehicle for her to assure a successful return to film provided script, costars, and all that stuff is up to par. Joie does do really good with the over the top characters. I don’t know about other dramatic roles, her last one on “The Tourist” wasn’t bad but it was far below her former work. If she were in a chance taking mood, and she often is, perhaps she will try to do something completely different. I’ve said before seeing Jolie has an everyday person dealing with an everyday situation would be different and, possibly, entertaining. No spies, assassins, missing children, martyred husbands just something real like, idk, Julia Roberts in the Osage County thing or Octavia Spencer in Hidden Figures or Melissa Leo in The Fighter or Amy Adams in practically anything. Jolie actually has an entire gamut that she hasn’t touched in a decade at least if ever. Hmph, now I want to see a really good movie.

    • Paige says:

      Did they really go soft with her? She was blamed by the same publications for the demise of Brad and Jennifer’s marriage. He took 15 % of the while she took the rest. Now that it’s over, history repeats itself. Publications picked Brad because they know women read gossip. An Angelina hit piece will get more clicks than a positive article about her.

      It’s a business and they know the nasty articles like the Gossip Cop denial story will bring hits. Didn’t many of us, flock to the Gossip Cop article, that was supposedly from Pitt’s team? Yep. In an entertainment world, where fashion and gossip mags aren’t selling like ten or twenty years ago, they will pick a side because they live for the drama. Drama sells like sex sells. Btw, VF isn’t in Brad’s pocket. He shunned them years ago.

      • Ophelia says:

        Brad shunned VF years ago, which is all the more reason for VF to not side (too much) with Angelina now. It might be a wrong conclusion to make, but Angelina is more NYT and Newsweek or Time anyway.

        I just feel like for publications that rely more on the H-wood machine, it makes sense to ingratiate themselves to the H-wood connected half of the two. And now that Pitt is no longer Jolie, they can stop being so kowtowy to Angelina.

        In addition, I also think that although Angelina is not without cache in H-wood, a lot of consideration given to her by the H-wood types are tied to Pitt too. Like, let’s be nice to the wife just in case she maligns us to the husband; or conversely, let’s be nice to the wife and hope she puts in a good word to Pitt.

        Pitt is the one with the rising star production house, the continuous relationship with that part of the world… Pitt is in front of the camera in six months than Angelina does in three years for instance (my math may be iffy but you get my drift), not to mention the projects in Plan B pipelines…

        If you’re a H-wood type trying to survive the H-wood jungle, do you choose the woman who only comes back to it once in a blue moon and has no marked love for it; or a man who never seems to leave it and desperately clings to it (and has power in it).

      • Paige says:

        True. I don’t think Angie loves acting like Brad. Brad loves being part of Hollywood. He loves the recognition and I don’t see him slowing down. He’s already taken on two new roles while Angie chooses to be with thekids.

        Angie has slowed down. She’s slowed down tremendously over the years. I would love to see her in front of the camera. I miss her. I’ve always found her work more interesting than Brad. But, I see her working to support her lifestyle and her humanitarian work but I think her passion is gone. She didn’t sound like she was in a rush to get back to work in her recent interview.

    • tracking says:

      I’ve said this on another thread–she was protected by being with Brad in some respects and press coverage showed that (previous VF articles were downright fawning). Because of Plan B, he is entrenched in Hollywood in a way she is not. He’s consistently played the game, socialized with the right people etc., whereas she chose not to and, moreover, frequently dissed H’wood in contrast to her humanitarian pursuits. So, yes, he’s the insider, and she’s the outsider, comparatively. Although he certainly benefited from the family man persona she enabled, she benefited in very concrete professional ways: from prestigious parts (A Mighty Heart) to professional connections. Would a vanity project like By The Sea have come to pass without Plan B and Brad signing on as the costar (despite the dog of a script)? Would Malick have co-directed her perfume commercial without the Pitt connection? Will Fincher, sought for Cleopatra, ever work with her now? Is it an accident Jolie and Pitt both signed on for Netflix projects at the same time? (maybe, I don’t know). Look, she still has a tremendous level of fame, but has not been lauded in an acting or directing effort in quite a while and I think may have taken for granted the privilege she enjoyed as one half of Brangelina. With ageism and sexism also not in her favor, it stands to reason Pitt has much more advantage in this scenario. That all said, given how shallow and corporate Hollywood is, she only needs one hit project to turn the tide. Imo she should concentrate on finding a great project and step away from the PR.

      • Snickers says:


        Most everyone in the know is aware that Angelina’s relationship with Pitt actually interfered with her getting a much deserved Oscar nod for A Mighty Heart. She had been nom’d for all the other awards that year. Some say it would have been seen as too much good fortune, after Pitt, babies and then to nab an Oscar nod on a Plan B film in the face of Aniston’s then nonstop pity party crying to Oprah and in various mags?

        Angelina got her second Oscar nod working with Eastwood with zero Pitt inclusion. He had zip to do with it. Would By the Sea had been made, who knows? Angelina made ITLOBAH, so no reason to think she couldn’t have pulled a Clooney and made a big budget wide releaser in exchange for her own indie. Happens all the time, doesn’t take that much.

        Malick may not have directed her LV, but are you really suggesting Angelina Jolie and LV couldn’t have gotten an equally well respected director and/or auteur to have done it? Come on.

        Again there’s this need to either disassemble her physically or career and fame wise or her relationships – usually all of the above, which is kind of sick on the part of other women.

        Why do we take our most empowering role models and do this?

        As for who Angelina’s friends are in the industry – we saw who they are, they gave her the Herscholt Oscar something Brad doesn’t have. Jeffrey Katzenberg, George Lucas, Gena Rowlands, etc. None of those folks on that stage were via Brad Pitt.

        Brad still doesn’t have an acting Oscar. Though he finally won for his productions. One could make the case that he only saw his professional success and reward when he was with Angelina. Unlike Brad, she’s been WINNING awards including Oscars, since she was late teens and early twenties. His stagnant years with the sitcom actress didn’t help.

      • tracking says:

        Snickers, I really liked AJ’s performance in A Mighty Heart–I personally think it’s her best work after Gia and her Oscar role– but the critics were not uniformly sold on it, due in part to the “blackface” problem and criticisms of her not mastering the tricky accent. I’ve never seen any implication that the lack of an Oscar nod was due to a PR issue. Can you provide a link?

        AJ had made a series of really bad movies before MAMS, which suddenly made her very hot again. I believe the AMH role was crucial in establishing her bona fides as a serious dramatic actress again, even if she didn’t get the nod. It’s hard to imagine Eastwood considering her for the Changeling role without that intervening one imo. At any rate, my point holds that she benefited in specific professional ways from the support of Plan B and his friends/colleagues. The reverse is not the case. Pitt has not won an acting oscar because he is not an especially talented actor. That has nothing to do with either wife. He is, however, a talented producer, but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard him thank AJ for her support when he received awards recognition for his projects. That suggests that, unlike “the sitcom actress,” she had no role in Plan B.

        The Hersholt honorary Oscar is impressive, but is tied to her humanitarian efforts when she was still a part of glittery and powerful Brangelina, not to any serious acting or directing success in the last decade. I am not trying to tear down AJ, but my opinion holds that he, not she, has more power in Hollywood, at least so long as Plan B continues to produce such high quality projects and he continues to get lead roles in prestige fare. However, I think she has more power politically and internationally. Like I also said, one great acting role or directing effort, and some of the networking she seems to hate to do, could shift the H’wood power dynamic back to more equal, but it’s much harder when you’re a woman of a certain age. I personally was not a huge fan during the overhyped overmanufactured Brangelina years, but I’d love to see her go back to meaty and/or kickass roles again. Shoot Like a Girl sounded promising!

    • Pacific says:

      “realizes that without Pitt, no publication is going soft at her anymore.”

      She was a big star in her own right before Pitt. I think it’s more to do with how she took down her own cred with the leaks (through her own lawyer and TMZ and other outlets) against him than her no longer being part of power couple Brange.

    • sage says:

      “no publication is going soft at her anymore.”

      Publications have NEVER been soft on her. Since she got with Brad, she is the jealous, home wrecking, lunatic. Angelina is aware that she is swimming in negative press.

  35. Green Is Good says:

    Brad doesn’t need “BRANDgelina”, she does.

    • Carmen says:

      If she needs him that bad she wouldn’t have dumped him. She needs Pitt and his problems like she needs a hole in the head.

      He is a master PR manipulator who built up this devoted paterfamilias image to the point where it became almost sacrosanct. Now that the separation has rendered it irrelevant he needs a new schtick, so now he’s the remorseful former alcoholic rebuilding his life after his evil ex kicked him out when he was vulnerable, and his adoring fans are lapping it up.

      I’ve said since they first split that Pitt doesn’t want full custody; it would cramp his style. But he will go for it anyway because when it’s denied, he can whine to the tabloids that Angie is poisoning the kids against him. Actually, he’s fine with occasional visits. Those kids have always been accessories to burnish his image, but not much more than that.

      • tracking says:

        I completely agree with you on the PR master manipulator point, and that he likely doesn’t want the kids FT or even half-time. He’s left the heavy parenting lifting to Jolie, and has been enjoying his freedom, for some time now. I’m sure Jolie has been very resentful about this too–it seemed they started out as more committed partners but over time he became more selfish. I feel for those kids, and hope they’ll turn out okay.

      • Carmen says:

        At this point I think Angie is just relieved to have him out of the way. It’s hard enough to parent six children without an overgrown spoiled brat in the house acting like the seventh.

    • Fa says:

      She knew in advance that trolls on internet do not like her after she got with Brad, and she knew what people will say when she filed the divorce. She knows that she will never be trait fairly whatever the situation. This means she does not care because her children are more important than her and she always say in her interview first I am a mother and that’s telling why she filed the divorce. So she does not need a man and that is insulting to say a woman need a man to feel good.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I wish she had known in advance that those “auditions” were a bad idea.

        Tell her “hi” and wishing her well the next time ya’ll talk.

      • Snickers says:

        Oh really? So now we aren’t casting and auditioning child actors at all anymore, or is it just that we only cast children from well off homes in Western society, no need for a poor kid in Africa or SE Asia to catch a break?

        Wonder what kind of casting and on-set direction 7yo Angelina was given in ‘Looking To Get Out,’ when told she had to say goodbye to her father on camera, a man who had constantly made her mom cry in real life and left her family when she was 6 months old?

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Are you “oh really-ing” me? If so , I don’t know why as your comment as nothing to do with mine. But, just in case, I’ll answer your questions.
        I personally don’t cast any actors, child or otherwise, western society or otherwise. I suspect that you don’t either because from my non-insider status, I do know that child casting still takes place. I think there is tons of nepotism involved particularly to get started (see Cara delavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow, the Smith kids, Angelina Jolie, and Vivien Jolie-Pitt to name a few). I’m all for less nepotism myself although I’ve no control over it. I would think far fewer poor children from Africa or Asia do get a chance to audition. I’m all for them having more opportunities to do so although not at the cost of their mental and emotional well-being. Based on Jolie’s VF statements and subsequent statement to the Huffington Post, I think that she failed to realize her casting error and continues to do so using straw men arguments like yours.
        I have no idea what experience a 7 year old Angelina Jolie underwent during, “Looking to Get Out”. She may enlighten us sometime. Although, again, I don’t see what that has to do with the casting of poor Cambodian children under circumstances as Jolie described them. I also don’t know what it has to do with my comment.

        Oh, Fa, may be able to tell you about how Jolie thinks and feels or can, at least, ask her!

      • kay says:

        why are you bagging on fa so much?

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I’m not. I wrote a 2 line reply to her. Hopefully, most can see that I was joking because I don’t think she really knows Jolie. I thought it was a gentle way of teasing Fa because she cannot possibly know these things. It is just speculation which is fine but state it that way, not as fact.
        My long reply to Snickers, while true, was also a way to point out that her entire comment that was directed at me made no sense in context to what I was saying, which was an obvious joke anyway. I mean where did the whole poor, 7 year old Angelina and only allowing rich kids to be cast come from? It was utterly meant to change the conversation and failed.
        As to the last comment about talking with the all seeing Fa, again just gentle teasing. Also, a way of pointing out that some people are being super sensitive and/or ridiculous but that isn’t going to change anyone’s minds or, for that matter, make them shut up,

    • Snickers says:


      This is femalefirst-ish – this ‘Brand,’ business.

      I dont get it, never have.

      Even if you think she’s a fraud, or her heart’s not in the right place- at the end of the day, people are being helped, educated, and healed by her or their ‘branding,’ so where’s the bitter and the anger come from?

      Did I miss her furniture line on QVC? Her cover girl and revlon contracts? Her bargain celebrity named perfume in Walmart? Her workout clothes? Her drug store eczema lotion commercials? Her shampoo? Her coffee makers she shills with Danny DeVito? Her HSN coordinated cardigan sets? Her franchise restaurants? Her Angelina lip kits and eyeliner?

      The infrequent stuff she does – an LV print add, a Guerlain relaunch overseas, the St John print ads back in the early days had clauses to fund her foundation.

      Why does everyone else get to Brand- and pimp, furniture and coffemakers and tequila, and it’s fine?

      But all the bitter and ulterior motive goes to the humanitarian actress admired globally who’s doing good in the world? That’s wack and misogynist.

      You know, I’m no Kardashian stan, in fact there’s a case to be made she’s spread shallow superficiality among youth even faster than social media would have on it’s own, but if she started humanitarian outreach and activism tomorrow – I wouldn’t take every opportunity to call her a lying fraud and lash out at her MORE than I would be doing had she just spent her millions on a private island and a shoe collection.

      Do you see my point? There’s something driving this branding business people attack her and Brad with and its not genuine or authentic. It’s the same old female envy and ridiculousness that sold the Team’ t-shirts.

      It needs to end.

      • Carrie says:

        I agree. Angelina uses money she makes to help others. I will always respect & admire her for that. Her audition methods caused disappointment for me. Today I’m hoping she learns from that. Given her accomplishments to date, I have no doubt she will.

        As for Brad, he needs to keep doing his latest thing which is working on himself. A la Halle Berry, he needs to figure himself out while also being a good Dad. That’s a tall order but he’s got lots of support.

        I’m more concerned with the quick pile on for Angelina. I hope she has good supports. Hollywood is a vicious place.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I don’t think the “Brand” business had much, if anything, to do with selling products. Many celebrities have a Brand even if they don’t sell anything. In a way, they are all selling something, themselves. I think it was more about selling a group persona for Pitt, Jolie, and family. Their “brand” was enlightened, global citizens with ethically diverse children creating a unique lifestyle with glamour, caring, and elegance. The thing is it sold really, really well to the point that some came to call them The Brand. Like the pinnacle of movie stardom.
        Lainey talks about branding and rebranding all the time. It’s a thing and celebrities do it. Pitt and Jolie together we’re super good at it particularly with children added. At any rate, that particular brand, The Brand, is over. The re-branding of each will be interesting.

      • Pacific says:

        I think it’s good to use the term brand because it’s differentiates the person from the brand and it reflects how strategic some of these showbiz people are about what they put out there.

  36. Noelle says:

    Well that is probably more likely.

  37. Nicole Savannah, GA says:

    Not even reading the comments. They’re both in a situation where they need the other. Both are drug addicts. No matter what they have done to seem like better people. One day at a time is NOT a joke.

  38. Moomoo says:

    I’m surprised to see so much hate toward Angelina. I really like her and still think she actually seems down to earth to me and is one of the most beautiful celebrities we have ever known. She makes me want to have good plastic surgery but then I remember I still would not look like her.

    • Carmen says:

      I’m not surprised at all. There are still millions of people out there who will never forgive her for Pitt dumping Aniston. What’s made it worse for them is that, as you correctly observed, Angie is totally down to earth and doesnt give a sh*t what people think about her. She has always been this is me, take it or leave it. I wish her well in whatever she does going forward while Pitt is still concerned about burnishing his golden boy image, which is really getting beyond tiresome.

  39. Carrie says:

    As Justin Theroux said – this breakup is terrible, they have 6 kids and were/are a family.

    Ok that out of the way… I’ve always had a niggling feeling about these two, that Brad got stuck committing to what should have just been a brief affair. Not blaming anyone, I think he sincerely messed up and hurt both his wife and now Angie and the kids in the process. I’ve never thought they were a good match. He’s never been settled in who he is nor did he seem to know how to figure that out without a relationship.

    These two may share some traits but I think he was merely fascinated by her whereas she genuinely loved him. No shade on either of them here. He just never looked himself or seemed himself while with her. I’m now looking at him as the male version of Halle Berry a little bit. I like Halle and was glad to read latest on her here.

    Hollywood will take his side because he supports and likes the industry whereas Angie seems to “use” the industry. She’s more of an opportunist than a joiner. Brad is a joiner. I wish them both well regardless. Hoping the kids are ok as these tabloids are certainly not helping matters.

  40. Fa says:

    Really like your posts certain women do not understand a mother whose her priorities is her kids whatever the situations. If the situation is not good a mother will do whatever she can to take the kids from that situation, no matter the consequences on her.
    And we should encourage women who can not run from certain situations. And I applaud brad by admitting his mistake with his kids and hope the all heal from this.

    • Carmen says:

      It took him quite a while to admit it, though, and then only when he realized his “poor victimized me” schtick was wearing thin.

      • Dana says:

        He admitted his issues long after the fact so it wouldn’t affect how the world saw him. If Brad told the world he had a problem closer to the incident he wouldn’t have gotten so much praise for admitting his issues. By admitting he had a problem and it ruined his marriage, nearly nine months after the fact people now say, “He’s doing better and Angelina is wrong”. See how that works PR wise.

      • Fa says:

        Playing victim does not look good on men.

      • bluhare says:

        Playing victim does not look good on anyone.

      • magnoliarose says:

        @bluhare Truth. It never does.

      • cara says:

        Playing the “victim” makes Brad seem weak. Angie was always the strong partner in that relationship, even Brad admitted that.

  41. .. says:

    this is typical brad…… other than her vf article, and some occasional sightings with the family…. shes living life and not trying to keep herself in the media. brad on the other hand…… he obviously put out the us weekly crap…then also put out the gossip cop. he desperately needs to be out there. always has. everytime aj pops up mediawise….he wont be far behind. he did it to ja for years. typical brad.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I don’t think so. I think Brad has landed in a sweet spot in public opinion and is smart enough to shut up until such time as he has something to promote. He’s not dragging Angelina’s reputation down, she is.

  42. Sansa says:

    Angie might be suffering from arrested development due to her strange mother. When SR. Labeled her an ‘entitled spoiled brat’ it was a mean way to label her a teenager thanks to her messed up family dynamic its not unreasonable to explain some of her actions in those terms. I also see she tries to be a good person and her actions show 1) unselfish behavior to help others 2) she tries to grow and is often accused of being self serving and growth might be self serving its not exclusive. I would like to see them get back together in an informal way, life in their own houses but keep each other as the primary other in both their lives. They seem to bring out the best in each other most of the time. People in long term relationships go through negative bouts but if they work on together relationship can be repaired if they still love each other. They might try to reconcile and recover from last year. A bad fight physical and verbal is not irreversible. I’d be glad to see them try this before a final divorce but only they know what’s best.

  43. truth hurts says:

    I hope it is not true, plus Angie’so PR is just fine. The VF thing had blown over
    No one was still talking about it and I know she will be addressing it at TFF.
    One thing fir sure Pitt is a sure fire azzhole. Been proven before and Angie found out and left and people want to bury her for it. one reason is because he is playing the part of his life…poor innocent lost Brad. I’m sure she is hurt by his actions and all this has soured in her mouth, but when you lay with dogs you get up with fleas. She will never take him back and I feel sorry for their kids because from her supposed reaction in the interview she doesn’t even like him. He is prolonging this divorce. He is punishing her. Anyone who read his interview in VF can see the way admitted to being many things is coming into play. He has not changed, it will take more months to change the person he himself described and I’m not talking about alcohol.
    The difference is Angie is more stubborn and difficult than Aniston. Jen just let him ride off into the sunset with what he wanted including Plan B and it was over fast. Oh not the Jolie. He is still pouting about her going solo with the divorce statement and vaguely explaining why. Then he put up this smearing my name and protecting the kids front to damage her. People fell for it like 6 year olds because they want to hate her so bad.
    She filed it could be done but someone is dragging, remember Wasser’s emails.They were eye opening only to those who comprehends.
    He is miserable and yet Angie catches the flack. Gossip Cop is a rad like the rest of them on Pitts crisis tem payroll. Angie has always gotten it from the press Brads shenanigans aren’t any different.
    Although don’t dip to hard Brad. Jolie is clever and remember she will bite you when you least expect it. He better pray the judge orders a permanent gag order.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Oh, I don’t think either are going to want to talk about the particulars of their divorce, gag order or not. Sly innuendo however may be all the rage i.e. Vanity Fair.

  44. Sasha says:

    Whether this story is true or not, and it’s most likely the vivid imagination of USWeekly, my hope for this family is that they do get back together once they work out all of their problems.
    I don’t care who agrees with me. Pollyanna, I am not. Optimistic, I am.

  45. PMNichols says:

    Well IF this is in anyway factual, which I’m betting it’s not, it would be damaging to the kids to “get back together” with all the anger still lingering. They both need help, hopefully they come to some sort of resolve not for their careers but for their kids.

    • Snickers says:

      Can you link me to all this ‘anger’ displayed @PMNichols? I’ve read an interview from both now (the only ones given), and haven’t detected anger or resentment. Just sadness and resoluteness to heal their family and seek treatment.

      I’ll wait here.

      Also, while I would agree that everyone in the family needs counseling when there’s been an alcoholic and substance abuser making life difficult and potentially dangerous within the family unit, i find it odd that you emphasize and say, ‘they both need help,’ because it seems like you’re not saying it in a family treatment way, but more, that they’re equally culpable. Say what?

      How can that be when one person is the addict causing problems and trauma on a plane and elsewhere – and the other is the responsible custodial parent urging the whole family into therapy?

  46. Fa says:

    One last thing just wait until she start the film promotion people here will hate her more because Angelina do not hide behind publicity person she is more open on the red carpet than Brad as his team protected him since the divorce with two movies promotion he did not give an interviews to US entrainment news on the red carpet or sit down interview.

  47. Fa says:

    One more still either camps is denying this nonsense story to people magazine. Normally both always deny anything through people magazine when the story is wide spread. Do not believe GC they are bs than tabloids.

  48. blonde555 says:

    I have nothing to add but just think that she is so can beautiful, it’s not fair lol.

  49. LadyT says:

    Im not sure why so many posters today have included in their defense of Angelina things like “Why does Brad get a pass? Why defend him? Why don’t you blame him?”, when I haven’t seen a single poster try to defend him or doubt for a minute his part in this. Some posters have issues with Angelina, as do I, but I don’t for a minute doubt “the plane incident.” Yes. Brad acted like an ass. We’ve been over that ad nauseam. Now- moving on- any one willing to admit Jolie has faults and makes mistakes? Or can you not move past but Brad… but Brad… You sound like what I don’t like about Jolie.

    • Snickers says:


      If by ‘admit to she has faults, ‘ you mean she rang up her arch enemy publication that has demonized her for 13 years and got them to write this fiction (so that she’d be embraced by women who have attacked her for 13 years for being with Brad), then yeah…we totally don’t think she did that. It makes no sense for a number of different and very obvious reasons.

      Take a look at this thread, which has you as a perfect example. It draws triple the haters claiming she planted it deliberately to deflect, that a normal jolie thread does simply because her haters are anxious it’s true.

      • LadyT says:

        I think OK magazine is a bunch of hooey these days. No, that’s not what I meant. I don’t like her or trust her based on her own numerous, recent VF quotes. This is 2017. I couldn’t care less about whatever happened 13 years ago. I think it’s stupid to even bring up. But then I didn’t. You did.

    • sage says:

      Jolie biggest fault since Sept 2016 was not divorcing Brad using the standard celebrity procedure. I think she would have walked away with full custody if she had filed quietly. I say that as a Pitt fan.

  50. Sara says:

    Why are so many people here so deeply involved in this situation? Do you not have your own lives?

  51. Eveil says:

    I’m going to base my opinion of Angie on all of the good that she’s done this world instead of nasty rumors so all y’all can shut it as far as I’m concerned. I’ve always believed that a person’s true worth is in their actions not their words and that has never been more apparent this week. Angie deeply cares for Cambodia, vulnerable children and mothers, so vague wording from her in an interview is not going to change my opinion of her or the good work that she’s done.

  52. Van says:

    Thank you! The no life having salivating hyenas are out in full f@cking force! Lol!

  53. Honey says:

    Actually Hillary WON. Almost 3 million more votes than Trump. If the Russians hadn’t meddled, she’d be the one leading the country, not the nut job who’s about to start a nuclear war.

    It’s laughable that you can Ha! and call us children

  54. Tanguerita says:

    @Laughable Talk about “nomen est omen”. Run along, you pitiful excuse for a human being. (and yes, you seem slightly better articulated than your typical Russian bot, I’ll give you that).

  55. Honey says:

    +100 Tanguerita! Laughable must not notice how much the world is laughing at Trumpsters. Nobody’s begging her to stay. I hope CB won’t be taken over with those crazy Russian bots like everywhere else has been

  56. laura-j says:

    I’ll put my political beliefs aside and respect the man in office, the minute he starts to respect the office he holds.