Justin Theroux’s Greenwich Village neighbor says Justin is loud & rude

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Years ago, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux went on something of a real estate binge. It was mostly Jennifer – as in, it was her money – but she was buying properties for herself and Justin and their life together. Over the course of two years, it felt like she bought and sold like four properties in LA and New York, and I honestly didn’t keep track of everything. I know they have a big palatial property in Bel Air. I know Justin has always held onto his original New York apartment, the one he shared with Heidi Bivens before Jen came along. I think that’s the same apartment being referenced in these stories – there’s a mention in one of the TMZ stories about “Justin’s ex”, so yeah… this has been Justin’s apartment for years, before he even met Jennifer.

In mid-May, TMZ reported that Justin was at war with his neighbor at this Greenwich Village apartment. He and Jennifer were doing renovations to the co-op, and the downstairs neighbor pitched a fit about how Justin needed to spend extra money to soundproof the place. When Justin refused, the neighbor “launched a nasty campaign … including threats to cut the water and electricity lines that run to Justin’s roof deck, harassing construction workers at the home and perhaps worst of all … threatening to prune Justin’s ivy.” The neighbor also threatened to go to the press with allegations which “would not please Justin or his wife or their respective publicists.” Justin sued the guy. And now the neighbor has responded to the lawsuit:

Justin Theroux’s war with his NYC neighbor is actually pretty one-sided — Justin does all the damage and the downstairs neighbor’s left to deal with it … according to new legal docs filed by the guy. Norman Resnicow responded to Theroux’s recent harassment lawsuit against him, claiming he and his wife have been terrorized by the actor’s rude behavior at their Greenwich Village co-op for years … including endless barking from his rescue dogs left isolated for long periods, dropping heavy weights on the floor at 3 AM and angry outbursts.

Despite all this, according to the docs, Resnicow has actually had Theroux’s back in the past — including when he was the co-op president — and the 2 have a history of “friendly relations and cooperation.” That’s why he calls Justin’s allegations against him … “as fictional as the television series in which he recently starred.” For example, Norman claims Jennifer Aniston’s hubby asked him to help quietly kick Justin’s ex-gf out of his apartment.

Resnicow says he’s been nothing but helpful to Justin, yet J.T. won’t return the favor by soundproofing his unit, and that’s why Resnicow has pitched a fit from time to time. We reached out to Justin, so far no word back.

[From TMZ]

“Norman claims Jennifer Aniston’s hubby asked him to help quietly kick Justin’s ex-gf out of his apartment.” Ouch. And yet another pang of sympathy for Heidi Bivens. Of course, we already sort of knew that the situation was pretty tricky – Bivens moved out of the apartment in June 2011, after Justin and Jennifer were seen traipsing all over LA together (and Justin and Jennifer allegedly began an affair the previous year). So, again, Heidi Bivens was treated very shabbily in the end of that 14-year relationship. As for the other allegations… Justin lifts weights at 3 AM? He and Jennifer yell at each other all the time? Hm…

Also: neighbor drama is always some of the best drama. My new neighbors on one side have a ROOSTER. I’m living next to a rooster. I’ve honestly gotten used to it at this point. COCKADOODLEDOO.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in Paris

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  1. Hoopjumper says:

    This may be the bitter New Yorker in me talking, but I take anything a co-op president says with a grain of salt. Anyone who wants that job more or less by definition wants more control over their building than other tenants. His willingness to embarrass Heidi over this also reflects poorly on him.

    • tracking says:

      Yeah, poor Bivens getting dragged into this again. Isn’t it pretty standard to notify a coop board when someone moves out? Elevators need to be reserved, residents notified, parking for moving truck arranged. Also, he might have been aiming for quiet in the sense of low publicity (maybe permission for an off time move), both for Bivens and himself.

      • Snickers says:

        Isn’t it weird that the one thing Jennifer needed to improve her own self esteem was to ‘homewreck’ someone else?

        Very ironic that the only REAL cheater in 13 years of triangle, is she and Theroux. Lol

        That said, i absolutely don’t believe the screaming and yelling between he and Aniston, because I don’t believe she’s there that often at all. Can’t be her.

        Don’t know what kind of other dirt the neighbor has (it’s not the Bivens stuff as he comes right out and tells that) but my guess is it will be settled between all parties long before this blows up any further.

        Huvane will take control and shut this down, he’s letting nothing affect his cash cow- especially not Theroux’s…er…proclivities.

      • Pam_L says:

        Tracking, as I recall Sources who claimed to be friends of Justin’s said at the time that Justin and Heidi were off and on at best and that Heidi knew it was over long before he got together with Jennifer and had no right to be in his apartment. None of which explains why she had lived there with Justin for 6 years prior to June 2011. Maybe Justin wanted help quietly getting Heidi out of the apartment because he had lied to her (and her mother) for months about his true relationship with Jennifer Aniston. I think the shell shocked look on Heidi’s face the week she moved out Justin’s apartment was a sad testament to the true situation.

      • Pacific says:

        Snickers, I think most people know Brad and Angie were getting it on and don’t really judge them harshly for it because they later got married and had kids and everything. I just came from Dlisted and some poster was talking about how their Smith film-set bodyguard actually caught them in the act!

    • Heather says:

      Yes! Was going to say the same. Sounds like they were trying to shake them down for building improvements or just be unreasonably co-op boardy.

    • Enough Already says:

      This exactly. Sleazy name-dropping/hints make me really dislike the co-op guy.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It isn’t the bitter New Yorker in you it is the truth. When I bought my first apartment I had to be approved and the lady who was president clearly relished her power. I was away a lot, so she appointed herself as the person to care for my place when I was gone. She kept rearranging things and adding a few things. Every single time “I took the liberty of___” To this day when someone says that my blood begins to simmer. They can be straight up tyrants.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve never dealt with a co-op board or president, but I’ve heard a LOT of stories. Also, having worked in the residential construction field for a long time now, I’ve seen a lot of people go NUTS when their neighbor does work, and these are people with larger properties, not a co-op!
      This sounds like one of those situations where maybe both parties have their annoying moments, and things escalate into lawsuits and insults.
      I agree dragging Heidi into it was uncalled for.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      TeeHeee! This absolutely reminds me of the episodes Frazier where he wants to be the “head” of his building. Far less laugh-worthy, am I remembering correctly, that George Jefferson went to a meeting in his building where he saved a white man’s life who then went on the state that he would rather have died then be saved by George because of his race? It was awful.
      I know it is off topic but does anyone else remember these episodes?

      • I Choose Me says:

        I remember the George Jefferson one. It was eye opening to me at the time just how far some people are willing to take their racism and bigotry.

    • cara says:

      Is this the apartment Heidi Bevins made the payments on because Theroux could never sell any of his “work”?

  2. Sixer says:

    If you threaten to prune Justin’s ivy, he’ll do his patented lip wobble. And that’ll larn ya.

    I’m stealing pruning X’s ivy as my new go-to smutty innuendo for all my internet boyfriends. And they are legion.

    Also: American lawsuits are so bitchy and funny. Britisher ones are too stuffy to make amusing gossip posts out of. USofA 1-0 Britishers.

    • Esmom says:

      Lol, “I’ll prune your ivy,” is a really good one.

      That lip wobble, though, I can’t shade it because I miss The Leftovers. Even Matt, who bugged me…until the very end when his brotherly love for Nora melted me heart. Nothing good to watch these days!

      • Sixer says:

        I so miss Leftovers. My favourite show in ages. Including the Lip Wobble.

        Not QUITE enough to make me want to prune Justin’s ivy though. His carefully-placed post-drowning towel annoyed me. ;)

    • SilverUnicorn says:



      Although I totally pruned neighbour’s ivy without any permission because it was destroying part of the fence on our side… I have to count my blessings on that one, thank God Theroux is not my neighbour lol

    • bluhare says:

      British lawsuits may be stuffy, but your ASBO stuff puts us to shame over here!

  3. Blue says:

    I’ll just say that the guy sounds like tool. Not Justin but the neighbor. I won’t go into it
    He helped Justin kick his ex quietly out of the apartment. He’s making Heidi look bad though. Did she refuse to leave quietly? Sounds like cheap blackmail to me because now that he put this out there what else has he got?

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I seriously doubt Heidi refused to move quietly. It is insulting to her to even suggest that. She is an incredibly attractive woman that will have no trouble attracting another partner if and when she so chooses. Also, Heidi doesn’t even have to do that as she is financially independent so she can take her time. Yay for Heidi.

      • cara says:

        Heidi Bevins was the Classy one in that triangle. (which the tabs totally ignored because of “someone’s” bulldog PR agent)

  4. Loopy says:

    Well the ‘angry outbursts’ dont necessarily mean its him and Jennifer arguing,he could be to the phone with his agent,manager,pr etc

    • Jamieee says:

      Yeah, given how much personal info the guy gave away on other issues, if these ‘angry outbursts’ involved Aniston in any way I don’t doubt he would have told us all about them.

      • tracking says:

        Seriously. He’s clearly selling info to TMZ, or at least willing to give statements (TMZ got the legal docs from both sides). If he had any real dirt, we’d hear about it with specifics, no doubt.

      • Lady D says:

        …maybe he’s keeping something back for leverage.

    • Blue says:

      Yeah the angry outbursts is clearly between neighbor and Justin

    • KB says:

      I assumed the angry outbursts were directed at the co-op guy. He’d definitely have name-dropped Aniston if he had anything juicy about her, I mean look at the rest of it.

  5. tracking says:

    I read about this on TMZ a while ago. Apparently, the neighbor wanted Theroux to install super-expensive soundproofing during the renovation. He was under no obligation to do so but agreed to a partial fix, didn’t do the whole thing that would have meant ruining the original wood floors. Seems he tried to compromise, but the neighbor retaliated by not pruning, but cutting, the ivy so it would die (seriously, who does that?) and threatening to cut water lines, and put out bad press about Theroux and Aniston. Sounds like a typical NYC coop dispute, except the neighbor seems nuts and saw an opportunity for money/publicity. Also, pretty sure the “angry outbursts” refers to interactions with the neighbor, not Aniston (lol).

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I did it (cut the ivy); although only on my side.

      I don’t know about you guys in USA but in UK it’s considered a pest, like Japanese knotweed. Have ivy or other pest-plants in your garden and when prospective buyers do the survey before the actual sale, well you get offered less money for your property (not the issue for Theroux & his neighbour though).

      • tracking says:

        It can definitely be a legitimate point of dispute, say if your neighbor’s is damaging your property in some way. Don’t think that was the case here though.

      • Sixer says:

        In the UK, I call it Curse of the Leylandii. Having a too-high Leylandii hedge is covered under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act. I kid you not.

      • Millenial says:

        Yes. Our neighbor has English Ivy growing in the backyard, and it frequently invades our yard. It’s not a native species in our area, it’s invasive, and it’s a haven for mosquitos. My husband weed wacks it twice a year on our side of the fence and I feel absolutely zero guilt about it. Neighbor has thankfully never said anything.

      • KiddVicious says:

        I hate ivy and it’s all over the place here. Our neighbors had their side of the fence covered with it, I’d chop down any part that came over the fence. It harbors spiders and rats and I want no part of that. They finally got rid of it and had to replace the redwood fence since it damaged it so badly.

        The Anti-Social Behavior Act would not fly here. We have 6 foot fences in the back and 10 foot Azalea bushes in the front to separate neighbor properties. We’re all friendly and neighborly, but we don’t need to see what each other is doing every second of the day.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Ivy is lovely but my understanding is that it will get in any cracks or defects in the brickwork and actually damage the building. You bring professional people together anywhere, they will start having pissing contests over stuff like this. One neighbor spent a huge amount of coop funds for a report to claim how a tree (a beautiful linden, that smelled fantastic in the spring) was supposedly damaging the foundation walls (I’ve been in the basement, no cracks to be seen where the tree was but plenty elsewhere!). They cut it down. I am not really a tree hugger but it did feel like a kind of murder.

    • Hoopjumper says:

      This makes total sense, thanks @tracking!

    • Snickers says:

      Why’s the neighbor nuts? Justin and he used to be tight.

      Or scratch that, Justin’s also friends with Terry Richardson and collected syphillis memoriabilia and has jars of old baby teeth(not his own) so let’s assume they’re all nuts.

      Back to the neighbor, if Justin is asking dude to do him a solid and let his partner of 14 years sneak out and move things under the cover of darkness, we can safely assume Justin at some point thought he was a cool dude.

      I believe the neighbor. Seems like Justin is acting the loud diva and disturbing neighbors and they want him to soundproof but he’s reluctant to spend Jen’s money.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Meh, this won’t even be debatable. Either the HOA guy proves his case or he doesn’t. Also, either way it doesn’t mean that Heidi sneaked out at all. She did nothing wrong and had no reason to. She may have moved after work which is often after dark but most of us do that.

        As far as expensive, I’m pretty sure Theroux could afford the soundproofing but may just think that with Board approval plus meeting the HOA more than halfway, he has done his part and all he is willing to do. Although, if ordered, I’ll bet he can scrounge up a few thousand dollars…..even if he has to take it from his wife which I doubt. :)

    • lucy2 says:

      Who does that? I know of people here who have killed their neighbors trees. Yup.

    • tracking says:

      I should add that Theroux would have had to get coop approval for any and all work (including soundproofing or lack thereof), which would seem to put him in the clear here. Given how lightweight the neighbor’s complaints are, hard to imagine the lawsuit will have any merit. When you live in an apartment building, especially one that allows pets, there is going to be some noise. Also the noise complaints seems a little silly given Theroux is only there PT at best.

      • tracking says:

        Correction: I didn’t realize the original lawsuit was from Theroux regarding harassment; this latest is his neighbor’s response. Seems pretty clear the neighbor retaliated when JT didn’t meet his soundproofing demands, which neither the coop board nor city required him to. He also wanted him to remove the original radiators, which JT also refused to do. It’s in e-mails that he threatened, then proceeded, to cut off the water and electricity to the roof deck they share, and kill the ivy he knew JT enjoyed (ha).Then he disputed the roofdeck property line, so JT can neither renovate nor use it. Sort of nonsensically, he states in an e-mail why can’t JT just pay the extra 30k for soundproofing this apartment he only uses “several weeks a year.” Which seems to pretty much obviate the need for the more expensive soundproofing, right? Especially since the heavy weights dropped and “angry outburst” were one-offs, and dogs don’t even live there anymore. So strange.

      • Felicia says:

        The issue with the soundproofing was that it would have required him to tear up the original hardwood floors, if I understood correctly. Clearly the original fixtures (radiators, hardwood) are part of the charm and if it were me, it would be a cold day in h*ll before I’d start tearing those out.

        “Dropping weights”…have to wonder if that’s even true. Dropping weights on a hardwood floor would cause some serious damage. Given that Theroux seems to like those hardwood floors, it seems a bit unlikely he’d be dropping weights on it.

  6. Missy says:

    I highly doubt Justin asked his neighbour to help get his ex out….seems like the neighbour just wants to make this story into a drama

    • Jamieee says:

      If the guy was on the co-op board back then he might have had to send her a letter or something. I think he’s trying to make it sound like he literally escorted her out at JT’s request, which, nope.

      • Loopy says:

        Not from the US! What is a co-op building,what does this mean ? Who owns this building,do the tenants rent? And why are the neighbours so much in each others business?

      • tracking says:

        Loopy, it’s complex, but basically a coop is more like a business in which you buy a share (your apartment). Everything is subject to coop approval–you have to successfully interview to buy, they review your finances, stipulate the lender, subject you to a strict housing covenant etc.–vs. straight-out purchase of a condo (still subject to a condo association, but less controlling overall).

  7. Maya says:

    Not so happy in paradise huh?

    So no one is worried about the dogs being left alone and isolated for long periods of time?

    And oh goody, finally the horrible way Jennifer and Justin treated Heidi is coming out. Go neighbour – do spill some scandal worthy gossip..

    • Blue says:

      Girl just stop lol. This is not a good look

      • Maya says:

        Hey I am allowed to wish for some celeb gossip..

      • Blue says:

        Lol yeah Maya you are allowed to. This must also be some kind of consolation for you especially after the bad couple of weeks Angie has had. Honestly I feel you (and kaiser both HA) girl. Its just a gossip site and we shouldn’t take this serious

      • Kath Day says:

        We are ALL hoping for some tea to be spilled. And yes he treated Bivens terribly in the end so if he looks bad for doing so well then.. but this neighbor seems sketch for threatening to go to the press etc. A control freak that didn’t get his way.

    • tracking says:

      Since their dogs live FT in LA, what is this guy talking about? Years back when Theroux had to work and probably hired a dogsitter or -walker, like most dog owners would have to do? This guy seems nuts, Maya, but I know this makes your day, so go ahead and enjoy.

      • Maya says:

        Oh but I am because if this was someone else you would have called it animal abuse.

        So I am going to enjoy the hypocrisy coming from you people.

        This seems to be something that will explode so just going to stock up on my popcorn…

      • tracking says:

        Uh, no, I explained why this guy’s assertion is not credible, but keep spinning.

    • Phoebe says:

      Oh Maya. Let it go already.

    • Jamieee says:

      If someone other than a neighbour alleging noise complaints makes the claim, I’ll call it animal abuse. But since the guy obviously has an interest in suggesting there’s a lot of noise coming from Theroux’s apartment, I’m not just going to take him at his word, not when he’s coming off so badly.

      • Pam_L says:

        The neighbor might have testimonies from other neighbors in his counter suit. We won’t know until and if this goes to court.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Believe me if the situation with dogs or any other noise complaint were that bad, the HOA guy could have contacted the police and not the courts. I have done it before when I lived in an apartment and my neighbors stayed up partying all night. Cops came everytime with orders for them to quieten down. BTW, turns out I knew the guy living there from high school. At any rate, for several nights in a row, I called the cops followed by the apartment manager whom I assured that “if I can’t sleep, neither can you.”
      A lawsuit isn’t an answer for everything unless you are just looking for a payout. We will see in the near future of the guy has a legit case but I doubt it as others’ have described the hows and whys of getting renovation approval.
      Also, let it go :)

  8. Merritt says:

    The neighbor comes across as worse in this situation.

  9. Rosalee says:

    The amount of time people spend watching each other in co-ops is wild. Our very new neighbours had loud sex during one of our dinner parties..I turn the music up. The grandkids are over and they are doing the wild thing both screaming, I had to stop the eldest one from calling the police, she thought someone was being beaten. They leave open their windows while fighting, having sex, smoking skunkweed..at times it sounds like they are doing all three activities at the same time. I file a complaint..they file a complaint apparently our dogs are peeing on the balcony, I throw my cigarette butts on their deck and the grandkids are running up and down the hallways…co-op life is BS. I miss my house.

    • FLORC says:

      It is and it’s hilarious from the outside. He’ll on the inside. Friends dealt with this years ago. The neighbor left for the weekend. Tv on full volume and a DVD opening menu playing. The music was gospel playing on that loop for 2 straight days clearly heard through the walls. Torture!

      • lucy2 says:

        OMG. I think I’d break in, turn it off, and leave money to cover the damage.

      • FLORC says:

        They wanted to! They survived though. As I recall no apology was given. Just dirty looks in awkward elevator rides.

  10. FLORC says:

    Hang that dirty laundry!

  11. godwina says:

    I dunno who did what how much and how loud, but there IS a special place in hell for folks who slam doors, stomp their feet, blast music/tvs, or move furniture at night etc in shared buildings. They needed to be treated for narcissism.

    • Kezia says:


    • jetlagged says:

      Absolutely! I could have sworn my upstairs neighbor was Frankenstein’s clumsy brother, the pictures on my walls would rattle when they walked from living room to kitchen. Turns out she was a tiny blonde twenty-something who probably only weighed 110 lbs. Oh, and she really enjoyed vacuuming at 1am on a weeknight. It was awesome living below her (sarcasm). Thankfully she moved away, or I probably would have been driven into a homicidal rage by now.

  12. Micki says:

    So the new sabre – rattling is ivy pruning.

    ….” My new neighbors on one side have a ROOSTER”… Still preferable to cockroaches.

  13. Julaho says:

    I have a rooster too. He’s the worst. My neighbor holds ragers 2 or 3 times a week with stadium quality sound system. So I feel like we’re even.

    • Millenial says:

      Our neighbors used to have a rooster and we loved him! We have sound machines to sleep, so it was never a bother. And he would crow throughout the day and it would make me smile.

      Sadly, I think one of the other neighbors on our street complained to the city (you can have chickens in the city limits, but not roosters) and the rooster left after a couple months.

    • susiecue says:

      Haha our neighbor has a rooster too, but he crows in the afternoon rather than the morning! I enjoy it tbh. I used to have chickens and a rooster and I miss them.

      • Julaho says:

        Our satanic rooster bothers me more than my neighbors I think lol. But I give all the neighbors eggs and a bribe.

  14. Chaine says:

    This is all the tea he has to spell? Boooooring.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I know! This is nothing. Just neighbors arguing with the condemnatory info that:
      1. Theroux’s former girlfriend moved out of HIS apartment and he told the HOA dude about it and they moved stuff After dark (how clandestine)
      2. Theroux dogs bark, really they do, and it isn’t because this HOA dude wants money for soundproofing all of a sudden after, admittedly, years and living next to and being friendly with on another.
      3. Theroux has anger outbursts and it has nothing to do with the HOA guy essentially attempting to blackmail Theroux into soundproofing the guy’s apartment. I’ll bet Justin and Jen are trembling that he will give away the fact that they have Bateman and Anka, and Krisinski and Blunt over all of whom have potentionally disrupted, noisy children even BABIES!
      4. Theroux dropped a weight at 3 a.m. Not sure about this one. He doesn’t live there a lot due to location shoots and his home in L.A. Maybe it happened more than once tho so there is that and it no way is yet another way to prove that soundproofing is the HOA guy right against rampant dumbbell dropping.
      I’m sorry but if you are going to insinuate that you are going to drop info that would devastate your adversary, it should be a lot better than this. Lastly, if the HOA guy has a decent case, I hope he wins but I doubt he does. It seems more like power tripping and bullying on the HOA guys part to me.

    • tracking says:

      There’s a little bit of tea buried in there. Apparently JT stayed at a hotel while Bivens organized and prepared to move out. He asked the neighbor to help keep it discreet, which led him to suffer through a confrontation “with the ex’s angry sister.” LOL. Good for the sister!

    • magnoliarose says:

      I need dirt. Not this amateur hour baby stuff. I need an altercation of some sort preferably physical, heated exchanges and a fight about Heidi. Just for starters.
      Boo hoo his ivy. Although neighbor wars usually start over the little stuff could this be a warm up?

      • tracking says:

        Ivy may seem like a small thing to some, and a downright nuisance to others, but it probably added aesthetic appeal and a rare note of green on an urban rooftop. I could definitely see being attached to it, especially in the context of living in the city. But it was probably more that killing it was clearly a retaliatory act.

  15. Natalia says:

    @Godwina exactly right. You reminded me of my former upstairs neighbors. Horrible people who smiled and fooled everyone but me. I had lived in peace for 4-1/2 yrs and moved 10 months after they invaded my bldg. Again, horrible people.

    As for this post, I believe Justin over ANY HOA president.

    • Justjj says:

      I think this neighbor might be embellishing quite a bit or out right lying about some things but I always thought Justin looked like he was one soggy falafel away from crazy on some poor unsuspecting someone. I kind of believe the yelling. He looks like a yeller to me. Maybe that’s just his face?

  16. Luci Lu says:

    I hope Jen got an iron-clad pre-nup, because there’s no doubt in my mind, that this shit-sham marriage will not last.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I think they have a decent shot at lasting. They are both older and more mature so presumably they knew what they wanted in a spouse. They both seem independent and enjoy their time apart. They appear to have shared an overlapping of friends before they became romantic suggesting that they are a good fit socially. They are both attractive, not essential but helpful. Both are super into animals particularly dogs which is one of the things I love about them. Oh, and, they seem to laugh a lot like that is a major connection and attraction point for them. Neither seems to take themselves or their personas too seriously. Those things are just a few that MAY help them last.
      All that said, you just never know so if they don’t work out, I hope they part peacefully, amicablly, and respectfully.

      • snowflake says:

        Yeah, they seem like a well-matched couple to me. Jen and justin are very both into how they look. Remember Brad tried to look less attractive as he got older. midwe guy and a CA girl don’t go together, NY and CA.

    • cara says:

      At some point down the road Theroux will want kids. He will end up with a much younger woman who will pop out a couple in no time.

      • Jamieee says:

        He’s really, really never seemed interested in having children, or any type of standard family life.

      • cara says:

        He’s really, really trying to have some kind of a career. When he finally discovers he will never be a big star, that’s when he’ll discover his desire for a family. I give him a couple years at most before he dumps Aniston.

  17. norahb says:

    NYC Coop Boards are the pits. I wound up buying a Condo. They cost more but in the end so worth it as I found the Condo board was so much easier to deal with as opposed to my old Coop board. My fellow Condo owners pretty much echo this.

  18. KatyD says:

    Justin’s awful treatment of Heidi makes me think he really is this kind of a self-absorbed jerk. He threw her out like she was trash. 14 years is longer than many marriages and that’s how you honor your time together? Says a lot about his character. Well, Jen, you get them in the same way you lose them. Bet, he’s on the lookout for his next upgrade.

    Also, I can totally relate to the neighbor’s story. I had a nasty upstairs neighbor who would make tons of noise, but if I made a peep, he would drop his weghts on the floor. It sounded like a sonic boom and scared the bejuses out of my partner and I, and our pets. We pleaded with him to stop but he said he could do as he liked because he had “been there longer than us!” It got so bad that we had to move out, especially after he decided to throw broken glass on our walkway. If I hadn’t of seen it, my dogs’ paws would have been cut to pieces. I think the guy was seriously off. The landlord refused to help either. Some neighbors can be total hell.