Donald Trump ‘wants to thank’ Putin for expelling our diplomats from Russia

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There’s nothing so amusing-scary as watching someone really, really stupid attempt to be clever. So it is every day with Donald Trump. Like, you would think that if Trump really wanted to convince people that he’s anything other than a bought-and-paid-for Russian stooge, he would actually go out of his way to say some harsh things about his precious Vladimir Putin. It shouldn’t be that hard – Trump is a baby-fisted bully who will literally mock the handicapped, POWs, veterans, other Republicans, gold-star families, anyone who isn’t white, anyone with a vagina and Meryl Streep. Trump loves to sh-t talk and he loves to bitch, moan and whine about all of his petty personal grievances on Twitter. So how is that he has never, ever said one bad word against Vladimir Putin? Exactly. He thinks he’s being so clever.

Last week, Trump was forced (!!) to sign Congress’s bipartisan, veto-proof Russian sanctions bill. The bill basically says that we (America) need to keep all of the Obama-era sanctions in place, plus add some new sanctions because of how Russia interfered with the 2016 election. Trump was a giant baby about it and he made an asinine statement about how he should be able to do whatever he wants because he’s a businessman. Russia responded by throwing a series of hissy fits, suggesting that Trump is impotent and that he handed his balls to Speaker Ryan. You get what you pay for, Vlad. Russia also responded by announcing the expulsion of 775 American diplomats and civil servants working in Russia. For days, Trump said nothing, because he’s so clever, you guys. Then when he was asked about it on Thursday, this is what happened:

President Trump said Thursday that he is “very thankful” to Russian President Vladimir Putin for expelling hundreds of U.S. diplomats from Russia, because he said it helps him cut the U.S. government’s payroll. Addressing for the first time Putin’s decision late last month that the U.S. Embassy and consulates in Russia would have to cut 775 diplomatic and technical staffers, Trump told reporters that he sees no reason for them to continue working in Russia.

“I want to thank him because we’re trying to cut down our payroll, and as far as I’m concerned I’m very thankful that he let go a large number of people because now we have a smaller payroll,” Trump said. “There’s no real reason for them to go back. I greatly appreciate the fact that we’ve been able to cut our payroll of the United States. We’re going to save a lot of money.”

Trump’s answer was a tad tongue-in-cheek, but he gave no clear indication that he was joking or trying to be facetious in offering his gratitude to Putin.

[From WaPo]

What I keep thinking about is how the Deplorables love to go on Twitter and call other people “cucks.” But isn’t Emperor Bigly showing that he’s the biggest “cuck” of all? Putin is the dominant, the alpha. Trump is showing off his submissive beta status yet again. He’s so weak. It’s all bluster and fire and fury for North Korea, but when Putin is actually making some huge geopolitical moves that affect North America and Europe negatively, Trump bends over and asks to be humiliated once again.

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  1. Susanne says:

    Cutting down on payroll? These people are now unemployed. The logic is so transparently flawed, and there is no arguing with dumb and crazy.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      IMO, in this case it’s not about the payroll or unemployed people. The main concern is about the value employees bring as *resources*, and as a businessman AND POTUS he should know that. I personally believe that business skills can be useful even for politician or presidents. They can think of the country’s overall interest as profit, which is by no means exclusively related to money. Negotiation skills can be very useful as well. A reduced embassy staff can have bigger consequences when compared to how much money US can save. Having diplomatic staff banned from a country is a severe blow in the face and quite extreme. Yet Drumpf proves time and time again that he is a businessman first and foremost, and a very bad one at that. Putin is much better than Drumpf – not that I am defending Putin. He does prove a long term vision and intelligence that Drumpf sorely lacks.

      • Tanguerita says:

        Oh puh-lease. Putin doesn’t prove a long-term anything. He is an ok tactician, but has always been a hopelessly bad strategist: any average, not completely dead-brain politician would have foreseen the potential repercussions of occupying Crimea in 2014.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        From what I can tell and I stick to my opinion, Putin does have a long-term vision and strategy and he is much more clever than what some people give him credit for. He *is* utterly selfish, egocentric, megalomaniac, takes morally condemnable actions to stay in power and expend his power. About Crimea, he was able to foresee potential scenarios and while he knew he might face some consequences, he also decided that what he may gain on the long-term is worth the “trouble”. Because this is how it works.

      • Kitten says:

        I actually think that Putin is far LESS clever than people give him credit for.

        Even his plan to interfere in our elections wasn’t very well-conceived and is backfiring pretty badly. I don’t think he thought about the potential issues that would arise with a Trump presidency. The result of his meddling is that he got slapped with sanctions and is now dealing with the impact of a conflict between two deranged leaders with the potential fallout being one that could conceivably destroy his country.

        All I can say is that obsession with Hillary Clinton is ultimately a self-sabotaging disease and both Putin and Trump are proof of that.

      • FLORC says:

        I suspect it’s less with how clever he is in an independent context. More with how his image is controlled.

        I believe he is intelligent and clever with a team and experience.
        What backfired was the rogue Trump. Maybe it was assumed he’s be easily controlled and would employ the same. What backfired was those other rogues. The variables. Hidden figures. Etc… etc… And in a country where we aren’t as restricted. Where many others are trying to gain that oval power.

      • jwoolman says:

        Trump has never shown respect for employees as resources. Likewise for vendors and contractors. Unless he thinks he needs somebody long-term, he stiffs and abuses them. No long-term thinking at all.

        I think most of the unemployed in this case will be Russian citizens, though. The US Embassy employs quite a few. Will be interesting to find out how remaining staff feel about that.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Everyone seems to think Putin is a clever genius, and he isn’t. He just looks that way in comparison. His master plan of destroying the EU and getting his oligarchs back in America to launder their money backfired. The UK will take a large hit, and we will but the other countries rejected his grand plans cutting off more avenues for wealth.
        No one with any amount of intelligence would have chosen Tangerine. His reputation is terrible and his mental decline has been on display for the last 20 years. But like everyone on the right they are blinded by their hatred for Obama and Clinton.

        It has nothing to do with employees or anything like that. He just won’t defy his Master.

      • wolfpup says:

        The “clever genius” recently ensured that his chosen “puppet” came into office. My personal reaction is Putin misjudged. God Bless America, and all that shit. On the other hand, why is there such a great number of the US electorate so ignorant? Really, there exists such a planet as the alt-right? How? The Truth is Self-Evident, after All! Is it simply the Fox news channel? Or the denial of science, which is only what we perceive. I believe it may also have to do with “Jesus Coming Again”, or perhaps complete confidence in teachings of heaven/hell and who is going where (chortle!) and how those ideas play out in the Bible belt. There is no responsibility to the earth or geopolitical reality, in that train of thought. It’s like waiting for your “prince” to come, or a Savior that wants fury and fire, before carrying up all the judgemental ones into heaven, as He tells you to turn the other cheek, and curses the earth and all it’s inhabitants before you were ever born, and one is required to set aside intelligence. No matter – simply a religious tale. We need to care for this planet that we emerged from!

        We can’t just be *ssholes. Hate, in return for hating what we love most. We must Be Patient, and give and teach, and honor….I don’t know – civilization is a process that has been occurring a thousand years, and then dying out once again. Unfortunately, this will not be our story, ever again. We have bee so successful as a species, our need for protein has overcome he planets resources. I am not vegan, but my son’s girlfriend has shown me the major polluter on our planet, which is animal husbandry. STill, our incisors and larger brains made us the top apex predator. I believe it is ridiculous to look to the stars when we have dead spots in our oceans.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      I read that that they are still on the payroll so we aren’t “saving” a dime. Also the number is highly exaggerated.

      Some of these people put themselves at great personal risk to collect information for our government. They are not amused that Dum Dum thinks the work they do is worthless. What a shithead.

      His supporters are saying he was being “funny” or “trolling” Putin. His brain cell is not capable of either.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        They remain on the Department of State payroll. They will be reassigned eventually to other posts.

    • lightpurple says:

      Forgetting that unemployment numbers reflect back on him.

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      One of my best friends is a U.S. diplomat being expelled. Cheeto Mussolini can go €£ himself. He has no idea the upheaval these people and their families are enduring right now.

      The soon-to-be-former U.S. ambassador to Russia went on an epic Twitter rant about all the damage this expulsion will do. God bless him.

    • EOA says:

      They aren’t. Our president doesn’t seem to understand that Putin doesn’t handle employment decisions for the federal government.

      • Zan says:

        This whole circus of dumb had me yelling at the TV yesterday afternoon. I’ve tried to cut down on that, but this was so upsetting.
        Even if this fool thought he was being clever or funny, he wasn’t (and that’s his best case scenario for this idiocy). Those diplomats work for their country in challenging places and positions and their service deserves respect–esp from the President. UGH.

    • ELX says:

      They aren’t unemployed–the FSOs and civil servants will most likely be reassigned and since there are so many unfilled positions that won’t be a challenge. The general political and executive incompetence is another matter. The ignorance of this man is astounding–when did we decide that a dimwitted clown was what our country needed? Sorry, last November–have a bug out plan just in case people, build a shelter in the back yard if that works, know your exits, this is not a drill.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        “political and executive incompetence is another matter” — yep, this is the real issue. And I think that’s also why North Korea suddenly feels emboldened after Trump took office — the rest of the world sees an idiot in the White House, and they are taking advantage of it.

      • wolfpup says:

        These problems are piling up folks. I contemplate the newscast on PBS which reports that Asia will be too hot for humans to inhabit by 2050; that dumb-ass Donald is threatening nuclear war – don’t make fun of him, or he will push the button!; and that the simplest problem here is that Trump is extremely beholden and so desires to impress Putin, as if that dictator were his own father, who he admired and worshipped, all this time… It seems to me as though the axis of the world has been thrown off. My God, there will be so much displacement of humans during my children’s lifetimes – so many weather related events. Not meaning to brag, but do you realize how lucky we are to have lived human life during this time and place – a life better than kings in their drafty castles!

        Everyone will need to look at animal husbandry as the major source of pollution on this planet that created Us. The “grown-ups” seem to kick the can down the road – expecting computers to figure it all out – or some gift like Van Gogh or Einstein – or perhaps Jesus! Yes, bless the little children… What’s the proper curse word here while species decline and become extinct, for REAL???

  2. wood dragon says:

    What a colossal jacka$$ that horrible man is. I’m sure he thought he was being funny when in truth he was being his usual tone deaf stupid self. We sure could use some sort of deus ex machina right now.

    • Megan says:

      I think keep waiting for some junior person from his campaign to turn up at Mueller’s office with all of the receipts. I wish Mueller would offer a reward because I am confident that person exists.

  3. Alexandria says:

    I’d love to know if any of those jobless civil servants (and their spouses) were his supporters, and what they think now.

    • Beth says:

      Jobs, jobs, jobs! Supporters thought Trump would make sure everyone was employed. Now he’s thanking Russia for firing people. Unfortunately, his base will probably still cheer and love him

    • Tanguerita says:

      From what I’ve read somewhere most of them are Russian citizens with non-diplomatic status and were hired locally.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        But wouldn’t it be in Putin’s interest to have Russians working in that environment?

      • Tanguerita says:

        What for? we are talking about low-level/entry staff – secretaries, cleaners, paper-pushers. Whenever Putin needs real, important information, he can ask his bosom buddy Tillerson or skip this step and go directly to Trump.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        *Anyone* can be involved in intelligence gathering. And you never know who is who, what they did before, and what they are there for.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        Not all of them. One of my friends is a mid-level career diplomat who is being expelled. He and his family have less than ten days to pack up and get out.

    • KJA says:

      People still supporting him never ceases to amaze me/scare the crap out me. For all they go on about jobs and putting America first and showing strength, you would think his base would be upset by this. None of those things matter to them, and I don’t think they ever did-because they’ve shown that they would happily let the world burn so long as they could stick it to ‘liberal snowflakes’.

      • Tate says:

        His base seems to live in an alternative universe where 45 is doing a remarkable job. They seriously don’t see how crazy dangerous he is as POTUS.

  4. Cannibell says:

    “Thank you so much for stealing my car. I’m gonna save so much money on gas!”

  5. Rapunzel says:

    Putin can’t fire these folks. They’re State Dept. employees and will be likely reassigned. So DT ain’t firing them either.

    • Alexandria says:

      Perhaps. Anyway, he fired all ambassadors appointed by Obama, which may be normal with every President (not sure) but he sure did not give grace. The one in my country had to uproot his family asap, and he left our airport wearing an Obama t-shirt!

      • lightpurple says:

        Normal to replace ambassadors, although they generally serve until a new one is confirmed. Same with US attorneys, incoming presidents replace them but they serve until replacement named. What is unusual is that he fired everyone but has not named replacements. He’s blaming democrats for holding up his appointments but they don’t control Senate schedules, don’t have enough votes to obstruct, and they can’t block what he hasn’t named.

      • Alexandria says:

        Hi Lightpurple, is it normal to give no grace period? Genuinely asking.

      • Nicole says:

        @Alexandria the grace period is usually until a new appointment is nominated. Then it’s 10 days I think. It’s not necessary to appoint all new ambassadors. Pretty sure Obama kept a large number of existing staff. Like Light said it’s unusual and downright dangerous to fire everyone unilaterally and have no one to replace them.
        For instance the fact that we have no South Korean ambassador is about to bite us in the @$$ with how N Korea is posturing.

      • jwoolman says:

        Alexandria- Usually they let people stay if needed to finish out the school year or finish up projects. Trump just told them to pack up and leave, even though there weren’t replacements. He hasn’t made many appointments or nominations so a lot of positions are empty as a result. He has no idea how government works. Or how anything works, he only really has been CEO of his private family business where he had absolute control regardless so he always has generated chaos. He’s not the great businessman he claims to be. Without regular infusions of millions from his father and then his large inheritance, he would be living under a bridge.

    • Surely Wolfbeak says:

      The bright side (?) being that those career diplomats who aren’t reassigned to other countries will be put to work in the grossly understaffed State Department. This just means that Donald Trump, the Halloween circus peanut no one wants, still doesn’t understand how his own government works.

      • IlsaLund says:

        I have friends who work at State Department headquarters in D.C. They say it’s utter chaos there. Staffing and funding issues and no leadership. Many are contemplating retirement which will be a huge drain on institutional knowledge.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        It doesn’t seem like Tillerson is trying to do anything to reorganize the State Dept. Didn’t he hire a couple companies to do due diligence, but nothing has come of it? Is this simply Bannon’s plan? Scary to think of the brain drain IlsaLund.

      • Holly hobby says:

        To be fAir to Tilkerson, he did notify Orangino of staff he wanted to hire but his stupid cronies (bannon, dead eye nazi Miller et al) kept shooting the potential hires as “not loyal to Trump” and all these stupid frivolous reasons. Orangino’ clown show is turning every position as a test of loyalty and making it politically driven. This violates the Hatch Act. Fed employees cannot endorse or overtly support a political party, agenda etc.

      • The Recluse says:

        And I have heard from a friend whose sister was working at the State Department, until they fired her boss, that Trump et al has minders in place to keep an eye on Tillerson. Tillerson, being little better than Trump to be honest, can’t even be allowed to run the joint without Trump’s evil minions meddling with it and him.

  6. darkladi says:

    Yep. Sooo glad Hillary’s not president. This is sooo much better 😣🙄

  7. Jayna says:

    He’s so in love with Putin and always trying to impress him.

    • Esmom says:

      I cannot believe Trump’s not even attempting a pretense of distancing himself from Putin. His cluelessness knows no bounds. He’s a f^cking menace, endangering people at every turn.

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      Of all the dictators baby fists loves, he worships Putin the most. And it is at the level of hero worship. Har, har baby fists, you just love sending cryptic love messages to your boyfriend by way of the global stage. Wink, wink. Only you and Putin understand the joke.

      Recently I read Christopher Steele’s intelligence dossier on donnie and it is damning on how well Putin and donnie know each other. Donnie has a slavish loyalty towards Putin that is shocking. His terror of losing Putin’s affections is so obvious. And Jailbird Jared and Bannon are part of this extreme Putin loyalty.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      He really is just a little boy in love, isn’t he? I mean who wouldn’t be though. Just look at Putin’s huge … pin. Even his pin is manly.

      Meanhile, the best Prez EVAH is tweeting at North Korea about sh*t being “locked and loaded”. Happy Friday! May we survive the weekend.

      • Holly hobby says:

        But the military is also saying this isn’t news. They’ve always been locked and loaded. Stupid Orangino is like a kid. He probably heard that phrase and went. Ooh new info! Let me tweet that!

  8. RBC says:

    Whenever trump does say anything remotely negative about Putin and Russia, it always stops short of the usual “trumpisms” he uses to insult or intimidate others. Almost as if has to get the okay from Putin before he makes a statement. Whatever Putin has on trump must be so explosive and damaging.

  9. Beth says:

    Putin must have some really damaging secret information about this fuckface. The way Trump keeps thanking and never saying one bad thing about a guy the world hates, is kind of suspicious

    • Nic919 says:

      Considering that he is such an ass to everyone else, from McConnell and Sessions, who haven’t spoken against him, it is obvious and bizarre that he praises Putin even when getting ripped by Putin and now the Russian media.

    • Jamie42 says:

      Very suspicious. Best guess is years of real-estate-based money laundering for Russian plutocrats.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Nah… it’s gotta be worse than financial crimes.

      • Alexandria says:

        I actually think Russian money has been keeping Trump corp afloat.

      • Nic919 says:

        Twitter has suggested that Trump Models are involved in underage models and human trafficking. That along with the allegations made against him through the Epstein case certainly suggests more is out there than money laundering.

      • RBC says:

        I am thinking it may be closer to home and involves members of his family.

      • Rapunzel says:

        RBC- you mean like a tape of him and Nagini? I need brain bleach. Maybe with the slow one’s wife? She’s running Trump News.

      • Mermaid says:

        I hate this man like I have never hated anyone else. Here’s hoping the Twitter rumors about August being full of news taking down Trump-the money laundering, obstruction, treason, the underage models, come true. Seeing him arrested-”especially later in the summer I would love it.”

      • Rapunzel says:

        RBC-. Sorry for the filthy image. Lol, I’ve been off work and spending too much time on twitter, with it’s wild conspiracies.

        You could be right but I don’t know if DT cares that much aboutt anyone but himself or Ivanka.

      • jwoolman says:

        Yes, Trump has been entangled with rich Russians for many years. His last cash infusion from dad was his inheritance when dad died. US banks won’t finance him any more. Eric revealed a few years ago that the Russians were providing the cash for construction of new golf courses. Don Jr revealed earlier that Russian money was coming into their business projects as a very large percentage of such investments. Rich Russians have been paying Trump for property at prices way above market value, which is a sign of money laundering. It is unrealistic to assume that Trump isn’t thoroughly entangled financially with Russuan banks and oligarchs and especially Putin, who is incredibly rich.

        The only reason for Trump to deny his Russian connections now is because some of those transactions are illegal. My guess is that this also involves transfers of money to fund his campaign. He claimed he was self-financing but he doesn’t have such cash and never gives anything away. Then we found out he was actually loaning money to the campaign and getting reimbursed from donations and the Republican Party (imagine the interest paid on millions of dollars). He needed real cash for the campaign to get started.

        The Russians had already decided his campaign was useful propaganda for them and eventually decided they actually could help him win and then get the sanctions directly lifted. Putin must be spitting nails because Trump has been trying and failing to lift those sanctions since soon after inauguration, and now the Congress has tied his hands. The Europeans are even standing fast against Trump’s attempts to weaken NATO, another Putin objective.

    • RBC says:

      @Rapunzel, pass the brain bleach when you are finished! I was thinking more along the line of Melania and her career as a “model”. There seemed to be some inconstitences with her story and also how she got her green card. I remember the rumours that were floating around during the election. Also thinking Don jr.and Eric are up to their hairlines in some shady business dealings as well.

      • Giddy says:

        Also, any properties etc bought with the proceeds from money laundering would normally be seized. On another thread I asked if a Presidential pardon would extend to properties bought with the proceeds from fraud or other illegal means. Bigly Ass Tiny Hands will never go to jail, but the mental image of him sitting in his ugly condo with none of his toys, no Mar-a-lago, no Bedminster, no plane, no helicopter thrills me.

      • Lady D says:

        That piece of puke Donny Jr. is in BC right now, hunting big horn sheep. He was spotted on the weekend at Prince George airport heading north to hunt. Break a leg Donny, and I say that with all sincerity.

  10. Rapunzel says:

    Oh and BTW? We need no further evidence that Putin own Trump. The Steele dossier is legit. We will see the pee tape (or whatever kompromat Putin has). Likely it will involve underage girls or something more repulsive.

    There is literally no other excuse for this behavior by Trump. Nothing else is worth hidIng so badly.

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      @Rapunzel I completely agree. I posted similar sentiments before I read your comment.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Tangerine reportedly has a Woody Allen problem and an underage problem.
      There have been rumors and whispers around for years and joked about but it was only in certain circles. He has a twisted obsession with Complicity Barbie that he can barely hide. The reason he got no endorsements wasn’t just his craziness but his character and actions.
      On top of that are his dirty business and illegal activities with mafia and gangsters.
      He worships Putin, but he is also very afraid of him not only because of business, he has aligned himself with extremely dangerous people.

  11. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Dump clearly has no understanding of how our government works. He also doesn’t know how to negotiate, be diplomatic, or speak coherently. He doesn’t see that he ig getting played because he is a narcissist. He only can only see and care about the fact that he is getting compliments for working with Putin. I don’t care about Dump supporters anymore. They will eventually learn that they are going to be in the same position if not worse once this is over.

    Conspiracy time: I wonder if Trumps “working vacation” in NJ is to cover up documents being destroyed at the WH or other places. The media focuses on his incompetent self while others are doing dirty things right under our noses.

    Also, I find it very curious that Evil Turtle, Pray the Gay Away Pence, and Eddie Munster have gone silent. No, one is coming out to defend him or the administration at all except Dump’s goons. They really think they are going to get away with taking Russian money and selling this country away for a political win. Those three are going down hard. It may not be today or tomorrow, but those three are going down just like Dump, Drunk, and Damien.

    Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein suck. No, they were not mentioned in this story, but the point still stands.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Turtle is getting his ass handed to him on twitter. Trump’s destroying him.

      Ryan is probably crying cause people still have health insurance.

      Pence is writing his inauguration speech.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        Or his Mother is.

      • Mermaid says:

        Mother wrote that speech months ago. Mother wears the pants in that family. One of my favorite things to read ever is Trump is scared of Mother and personally called her to apologize after the Billy Bush tape came out.

      • LittlestRoman says:

        “Ryan is probably crying cause people still have health insurance.” Funny visual AND factually accurate!

        Aiobhan Targaryen – brilliant and insightful post! My hope is that The Great and Powerful Cheeto & his compatriots are stupid/arrogant enough to leave damning evidence just laying around for Mueller’s folks to find. I mean, we know his entire administration is a Keystone Kops situation, so I’m hoping the trend continues.

    • Lizzie says:

      he doesn’t even know how to read let alone all the things you listed above!

    • Lynnie says:

      “Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein suck. No, they were not mentioned in this story, but the point still stands.”

      😂😂😂😂😂 thank you for the laugh!

  12. Bellagio DuPont says:

    Lmfao……this is now just plain hilarious. If it’s not crystal clear to you by now that Trump is a Manchurian candidate extraordinaire, I don’t know what else to tell you.

    Putin is not only his sadistic dominant, but he’s extracting an exacting amount of humiliation from trump on a daily basis. What did Colbert say to him about this…..”the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock-holster”.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      Exactly. Putin is ***humiliating*** Drumpf BIG TIME. I am convinced he has uber-damaging information on him, 100%. Drumpf’s reactions are very telling.

    • magnoliarose says:

      He whips him in his buttless leather chaps. True story. lol He even has a Russian safe word.

  13. Humbug says:

    Did Donald Trump lose the game of Jinx against Putin? When is this deal going to stop? Anyone? ….Mueller?

  14. Kate says:

    The people who are American citizens and diplomats who were kicked out are not unemployed now. That is just dumb. They are civil servants. When they are not deployed overseas they have jobs back in Washington. That’s how it works.

  15. Rapunzel says:

    More dangerous distractions. Trump on twitter just now:

    Donald J. Trump
    Military solutions are now fully in place,locked and loaded,should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!

    • Beth says:

      North Korea have been joking about Trumps nonsense threats for days. Let’s hope Kim Jong Un keeps laughing and not shooting nuclear weapons! Trump tough talking to a madman while he’s hitting golf balls is ridiculous and scary

  16. Rice says:

    Yay! More jobs for Precious Jared!

  17. adastraperaspera says:

    Trump’s agenda is clear. It is to destroy our democratic republic and set up a family-run dictatorship. This explains all of his “bizarre” statements and actions. He is not a fool at all. He is already Putin’s ally. Yes, there is most likely some extortion involved, but let’s face it, he really seems to admire Putin and the oligarchs. He looked genuinely happy when his buddy Lavrov was in the Oval Office (remember, he didn’t know photos would be released to the public). The reason that he doesn’t hide his alliance with Russia is that he believes there will be no negative consequences. He is not going to allow elections again, except the sham ones like Putin puts on. The reason he looks like he’s doing such a bad job of governing is that he isn’t intending to govern at all. He is engineering a coup. So, what to do? Call your reps and demand his removal. Give more money to groups who are fighting him. Take a deep breath and hold fast. We must support every effort to rid our country of his regime.

  18. lower case lois says:

    The State Department is already decimated. Many positions are not filled and there is no leadership at the top. There are no US Ambassadors for Russia and South Korea, to name a few. According to a NPR story I heard the other day, many State Dept. employees have left for the private sector.
    “Make America Weak Again!”

  19. EscapedConvent says:

    That is just thoroughly pathetic. Apparently Putin is the one person Baby Huey won’t insult. It is so, so embarrassing that our president could say a thing like this.

    If there is any doubt whatsoever that Baby Huey is in debt to Russia, there shouldn’t be now. Also, Putin must have something on him that he will go to any lengths to keep hidden.

  20. Jerusha says:

    So what now for the 755 diplomats? Jobs mining coal?

    • Beth says:

      Maybe they could help build that big, beautiful wall that Mexicos going to pay for. He could hire them to work at one of his golf resorts or hotels

      • Jerusha says:

        We need farm workers here in Alabama since our immigrant supply dried up and donnie’s salt of the earth ‘Muricans won’t do that backbreaking labor, so that’s a possibility.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Coal that nobody wants to buy

    • B n A fn says:

      I heard they are still on the payroll so 45 will have to find a job somewhere for them, maybe they can run the White House. I don’t believe they cannot do any worse than who are there now.

      • Jerusha says:

        trump and his koolaid guzzlers don’t seem to realize they’re still on the payroll. Yesterday, NPR interviewed some trump supporters in Iowa as to whether they still back him.
        The responses? “Oh yes, he’s done everything he said he would.”
        WHO. ARE. THESE. STUPID. PEOPLE??? How do they manage to breathe on their own?

      • Kitten says:

        Last month I was in Iowa meeting my BF’s family for the first time. His parents and siblings are lovely and liberal people but some of the other folks I met? Not so much.

        I told my BF that he is no longer allowed to give me sh*t about Boston scumbags because I met some SERIOUSLY ignorant hicks when I was out there. Basically the Midwestern version of the belligerent “Boston bro” and probably just as racist.

        But yeah, these people really need to read more of everything, less of Faux News.

      • magnoliarose says:

        They confound me. They think they are sticking it to the left, but he is using them as pawns to enrich himself and his pals. He wouldn’t let one of them anywhere near him in real life.
        Dumbass idiots.

  21. ArchieGoodwin says:

    Uses for the word “hopefully”:

    Hopefully, I won’t run out of tampons before I can get to the store.
    Hopefully, the lasagna tastes as good at is smells!

    “Hopefully” should NEVER be used in context to impending war.

    Hate hate hate this fuckface (thanks to the poster above who reminded me what a great word fuckface is)

    • wolfpup says:

      It should have been nice to see the Queen of England support the European continent. Perhaps she believes that Old Glory (the USA) was in her back pocket because we all speak English, and many whites have tried to copy the old lies of being “better than.” Really? Did she believe in the USA more than her Prince Charles (ordained to have an affair) or the European union that made her country as strong as the America’s? Well, let’s watch the beginning of the end, because of pride for a western civilization that Lizzie has lost for all of us. Empires seem to last 500 years, some even 1000 of them. Lizzie spelled doom to western civilization by her insistence on being superior to all. By the way, Britishers who call Americans impertinent – no more soldiers for you! Stick that up in the same place that you call taunt us as the nethers. Really, Liz? Let’s play with Putin, and Trump – they are not so different than you.

  22. Monsy says:

    When i first read it, i thought it was a parody, but, wow, it is real. And is so obvious where trump’s loyalties lay, and yet no one in his party says anything about it. He’s on the brink to cause a ( nuclear) war with North Korea, and no one seems willing or capable to stop him.
    Whats going on? Why people isn’t stopping him? Will the gop let him get away with absolutely anything?

    • Christin says:

      Their August break cannot be interrupted, apparently. Gotta come back refreshed, to achieve tax breaks for the wealthiest.

  23. Jerusha says:

    That top photo says it all – putin sitting there, holding court and his devoted supplicant donnie standing and paying homage.

    • FLORC says:

      I swear… the only reason Trump hasn’t handed over the actual keys to the Whitehouse to Putin is he’d have to get off his knees long enough to do so… if you catch my meaning.

  24. hey-ya says:

    …quite amusing…he’s growing into the role…pretty amazing for a 70 yo…

  25. B n A fn says:

    Anyone here knows body language? What does 45 crossing his arms across his chest when talking about fire and fury means? Was he just saying words or was he afraid 😳 of what he was saying?. I’m just trying to figure what’s up with this mad man when he’s talking about distroying people lives. I believe he’s manic depressive, jmo.

    Anyone remember 45 saying the first day he’s president he will replace and repeal Obamacare the same day and it was easy and we all would be insure with better and cheaper insurance. I know I heard him with my own ears. Now he’s putting all the blame on Mitch. All 45 wants is a win he does not care what’s in the bill.

    • Jerusha says:

      My body language class was 43 years ago, but IIRC crossing arms and legs mean you’re protecting yourself, shutting yourself off. In fear of something.

      • B n A fn says:

        😊 thank you Jerusha. I thought that was a funny body language for such a dire situation. This was the second time I saw his hugging himself, strange man. He wants to kill millions yet protect himself from his own making of Armageddon.

      • FLORC says:

        If someone else he wanted to impress also had their arms crossed it could have been to gain their favor by mimicking gestures. Like on a 1st date people will be mirror images. It’s interesting stuff.

        Crossed arms could be defensive or just closed off to anything else. Not necessarily fear. That said… Trump is confused and scared and ignorant.

      • B n A fn says:

        THANKS @FLORC.

    • Beth says:

      He sat there with his arms crossed probably trying to seem like he was tough and brave, but it ended up looking like he was hugging himself with fear. At least with his stubby fingers wedged in his armpits, he couldn’t make those obnoxious gestures with his tiny hands that he usually does. Those hand gestures drive me crazy!

      He shouldn’t be dumping all the blame on Mitch. Trump was the one who promised voters that he had the cheaper, wonderful health care for everyone and it was so easy. That’s the bullshit that got him lots of supporters. He’s the POTUS, he should do his job, not blame and bash everyone for not being able to complete Trumps own promises

  26. robyn says:

    Apparently, expelling the diplomates isn’t like firing the kitchen/laundry staff at one of his hotels and Trump doesn’t know that their wages will continue. Nor does he care to understand that having diplomates in foreign countries helps to ensure security for a number of reasons.

    Regardless, a percentage support this terribly unfit so-called president. These folks voted against their own self-interests because of years of digesting fake conservative news that stirred a deep distrust of government. They voted no to good government mandated health care for all, an increase in minimum wages, innovation rather than stagnation and cleaner air and water. They would rather choke and burn apparently then let go of their mistaken ideologies.

  27. Lynnie says:

    I’ve kinda just accepted the fact there’s a very very very very good possibility we’re all gonna die the longer this goes on. Mueller can’t be rushed, and idiocy at this level and height of government is a fast little thing. I need some ice cream 😢

  28. ANOTHER DAY says:

    First of all I was shocked to learn the number we had there — and vice versa. And my reaction was basically what Trumps glib comment was……good, thin it back to reality.

    Next I’m sure they will be reassigned and aren’t really without jobs. Back to USA to desk work until a new assignment probably.

    Last there are so many things to discuss about what’s happening now……this stupid , glib pop off comment doesn’t scratch the surface.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It isn’t a good thing to have them expelled. They are important to international relations.

      • ANOTHER DAY says:

        1500 staff in Russia alone is staggering and cannot possibly be necessary to international relations. And that’s the total. So nope, I just can’t support such a bloated number without a hell of a lot of substantiation and it just doesn’t exist.

  29. why? says:

    Every time he opens his mouth, he shows just how incompetent and clueless he is. It wouldn’t be so bad if he would take the time to learn what he is talking about. But why would he? Tweeting all day long is more important to him than the welfare of this country. Now the King of Lies and Fakes News is talking about how he wants to denuke us.

    Cut the payroll? This comes after he brags daily about how he has brought over 1 million jobs to this country.

  30. why? says:

    Why isn’t the press calling The King of Lies and Fake News out on his hypocrisy? He criticizes Mitch M and the GOP for not making repeal and replace happen, but wasn’t it The King of Lies an Fake News who said “I alone can fix it”?

  31. Holly hobby says:

    We didn’t save on payroll because staff was reassigned within the agency. They can’t be fired by Vlad. But details details. I don’t expect Trumpanzes to see this.

    WH now says he’s joking. Yeah right I think he’s totally serious.

    What happened to Suckabee? She’s been quiet. Is she hiding in her bunker?

  32. magnoliarose says:

    I don’t know if anyone pointed this out above but “cuck” is a term that White Supremacists coined for white race traitors. They purposely pushed it into the mainstream.

    • Kitten says:

      Are you serious? I did not know that but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Disgusting, abhorrent people.

      • magnoliarose says:

        It is gross but true. They have a guy who specializes in it, and they feel victorious when their terms make it to the mainstream. Usually, when I see the term I immediately know the person who says it may be an alt.right bigot but not anymore.

  33. Beth says:

    F–kface is on TV now saying that 10′s of millions of Americans love him and are happy with the way he’s handling North Korea. He thinks if any other president handled it this way, they’d be praised . Trump is beyond mentally unhinged

    • Kitten says:

      JFC what happened to his vacation?????

    • adastraperaspera says:

      He is crazy, yes, but he is in control enough to know baiting NK will get Russia out of the headlines. I’m most angry at the media right now. Wapo’s headline says, “Deep Divisions in Trump Admin as North Korea Threatens War.” Really? Really? Trump is the one who threw out the “fire and fury” statement without even vetting it first (except with Putin, of course)… There is no strategy at all, except for getting the brakes put on Mueller, if possible. And tons of politicians and journalists are saying things like, “well, something had to be said. NK has been getting away with this for too long, etc., etc.” I feel like they have all gone mad too. It’s ridiculous. NK was just sanctioned by 15 other countries a week ago. Trump should have kept his mouth shut. He is creating this crisis on purpose, and everyone is just following him over the cliff. I hate him more every day.

      • Holly hobby says:

        What’s worse was that a retired GOP senator contacted the congress people in his state to invoke the 25th. The two DEM reps said “no” because it would be setting a precedent. WTF. Did everyone just eat stupid pills!

  34. Annetommy says:

    Two points: the people expelled from Russia have mere days to get themselves sorted and get out. Their kids will have to leave one school and start another in a very short time. Yet Melania and Barron had to stay in NY for months because it would have been too disruptive for the kid to leave school and start another one in DC. I guess other people’s kids aren’t as sensitive as the trump offspring.
    Apparently Putin is increasingly popular with the trumpentribe because of his views about homosexuality and his repression of gay people. That floats their boat, and is much more important than Putin being a despot and hacking US elections. That’s fine but men or women loving each other…we can’t have that.

  35. Connell says:

    The WH is saying Trump was being sarcastic. The next Russian election is 3/18. It’s possible Russia could elect someone more hard line, because they are having difficulty financially and Putin could be blamed. I think Trump allowed the sanctions to go through without much complaint because he is against the Nord Stream Pipeline, which goes from Russia to Germany. Basically, it gives Russia more of a monopoly, as well as bolster Germany (meaning the EU). I think the sanctions are about our oil glut, and US based international oil companies desire to sell to Europe. These sanctions were debated (articles from 2014 on it) long before Trump came on the scene; we used the Russia scandal garbage as an opportunity to impose them.

  36. why? says:

    “Melanie”(the WH staffer who controls her twitter account because let’s be honest, there is no way that she wrote that because when given an opportunity to speak to the people using her words, she hijacked Michelle Obama’s speech) commented on what happened in Charlottesville. “Melanie” is wrong, what happened in Charlottesville isn’t freedom of speech, it’s pure hatred. Hatred that was perpetuated by “her” own husband. Still no comment from the King of Lies and Fake News about what some of his supporters did today and last night. The King of Lies and Fake News ran and is still running(Muslim Ban, Transgender Ban from the military, Refuge Ban, ICE Raids, the wall, Stephen Miller and his legal immigration ban, Stephen Miller’s attack on the Statue of Liberty and Jim Acosta, and all of the regulations that Sessions has put in place) on a platform of hate and division and now look where we are. Charlottesville. The King of Lies and Fake News, Bannon, and Stephen Miller are taking this country backwards to the worst parts of our history. This is the state of our country.

    When is enough going to be enough for the GOP? The King of Lies and Fake News is now talking about firing Mitch M. Just think if Mitch M had supported Obama administration in dealing the Russians and their meddling in our election, Mitch M wouldn’t be in a position where now his job is being threatened by the most incompetent and clueless person in the world.

    Did the King of Lies and Fake News ever comment on the hate crime on the mosque?

  37. why? says:

    The King of Lies and Fake News finally tweeted about Charlottesville.

    “We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!”-Trump

    Notice how he doesn’t specifically condemn the nationalists?

    Keep in mind that he planted and fostered the hate that is dividing us:

    Muslim Ban
    Refugee Ban
    Transgender Ban from the military
    Stephen Miller and his legal immigration ban
    Stephen Miller and his stance on the Statue of Liberty
    ICE raids
    The Wall
    Sessions’ policies
    Sessions, Bannon, Stephen Miller’s presence in the WH
    his MAGA slogan
    Boy Scouts rally
    verbal attacks on McCain
    verbal attacks on Obama
    verbal attacks on Mika
    verbal attacks on Hillary
    verbal attacks on disabled reporter
    verbal attacks on women
    threat to Dean Hellar
    threat to Lisa M

    He talks about coming together, yet he still has people like Bannon, Sessions, and Miller in his WH! This comment would have more meaning if he would remove Bannon and Miller from the WH. Sessions needs to go as well, the only reason he is still around is because people are afraid of The King of Lies and Fake News firing Rosenstein and Mueller. Sessions presence in the WH is also causing chaos and division.

    • Beth says:

      It’s pretty sad that it took so long for him to tweet about this. Even Melania tweeted about this serious situation before him. It’s awful to see all this crazy violence at protests. Bad when cars purposely driving into crowds has become a regular thing.
      Hearing Trump saying that “America needs to come together as one ” makes me sick because he’s the one who’s divided the country and encouraged hate and violence during his campaign.

  38. why? says:

    What is happening to our country? When is enough going to be enough for the GOP?

    Nationalists physically attacking the clergy and throwing bottles filled with human waste at them

    Nationalists shouting hateful things about Jews

    Masses of men shouting “blood and soil” and carrying tiki torches to disrupt a prayer meeting(some of them were wearing MAGA hats and shouting “Heil Trump”

    Someone ran a car into a crowd of counter-protesters

    Nationalist militia walking around caring guns

    And this is the response from The King of Lies and Fake News:

    “Am in Bedminster for meetings & press conference on V.A. & all that we have done, and are doing, to make it better-but Charlottesville sad!”-Trump

    Again, notice how neither “Melanie”, The King of Fake News, and Pence aren’t directly calling out the nationalists? The first thing he needs to do to make it better is to get Stephen Miller, Bannon, Gorka, Chris Kobach, and Sessions out of the WH. How can you talk about making it better when he still has Nationalists in his WH?

  39. why? says:

    It’s time to impeach The King of Lies and Fake News. He was supposed to be talking about what’s happening in Charlottesville, but he made it ALL about himself and the “great” things “he” did for this country. He also attacked Obama yet again. This is about Charlottesville, but he took to make it about Obama? He also refused to condemn the nationalists, using “all” . He refuses to use “terrorist attack”.

  40. why? says:

    The Russian bots are working overtime right now, they are spreading the narrative that the person who rammed the car into a crowd of counter-protesters was not a WS, but was anti-Trump and a “liberal”. Supposedly someone entered his license plate into an online search engine and it came up with a name. The main problem with their narrative is that the person they are claiming was the driver, is from Michigan, and the license plate on the car clearly is from Ohio. And the person posted on twitter, first that the people accusing him misidentified the car and secondly that he lives in MI, not Ohio.

    The Russian bots are really attacking this person in an attempt to vindicate The King of Lies and Fake News and the WS.