People: Chris Pratt’s marriage broke down because he was always working

Chris Pratt seen for the first time since split from Anna Faris taking his son, Jack Pratt, to church this morning in Los Angeles

Here are some photos of Chris Pratt with his son Jack on Sunday. Pratt is going with “The Jennifer Garner Method” of PR management, which involves pap strolling with the kids at church following a divorce/separation announcement. Media outlets made a big deal about how Pratt isn’t wearing his wedding ring. But… why would he be wearing it? They announced their split more than a week ago. Speaking of, People Magazine has an obvious update on the situation:

Chris Pratt’s sudden superstardom became a major strain on his marriage to Anna Faris.

“He was gone for a great deal of time, one movie after another,” a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “It made her very sad.”

Since tying the knot in 2009, Pratt went from being known for his silly Parks and Recreations character to starring in blockbuster franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. The pair announced their separation on Aug. 6, explaining in a joint statement that they “tried hard for a long time” and feel “really disappointed” for not being able to make their relationship work.

“They really didn’t have a roadmap for what this would all be like,” the insider continues. “They are both fun-loving and gregarious types, but she had much difficulty with the separation.”

[From People]

I mean… sure, I totally believe that was a factor. Even more than the fact that Pratt was away for long stretches of time was the fact that he became truly A-list, one of the Marvel Chrises, and the latest star of the Jurassic franchise too. His star was on the rise at hyperspeed, and Anna’s star was declining steadily. Some celebrity partnerships can handle that sudden imbalance, but most can’t.

Anna Faris also spoke a bit about her split on her Unqualified podcast on Tuesday:

“Hey, dear listeners: I just want to thank you all so much for all the love I’ve been receiving, and I truly love you,” she said. Later on in the episode, she did touch on the importance of self-worth and being valued in a relationship while answering a question from a woman struggling with her boyfriend and one of his co-workers.

“Don’t be afraid of the future. You’re young. You’re in L.A.,” Faris said. “There’s a lot of amazing people out there. Don’t feel afraid to feel your independence if things aren’t right. I made that mistake, I think, a little bit feeling like, ‘I’m checking my relationship off the list,’ and, um—The final advice I could give you would be know your worth, know your independence, know that you’re young, and there’s so many people out there. There’s so much life experience. I hope you get to live it all and experience a whole lot of people. Life is too short for you to be in relationships where you’re not feeling like this isn’t fully right or somebody doesn’t have your back or somebody doesn’t value you in every way.”

[From E! News]

Are those pointed comments about her own relationship, or did she just give specific advice to one person? We’ll never know.

Chris Pratt seen for the first time since split from Anna Faris taking his son, Jack Pratt, to church this morning in Los Angeles

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. tracking says:

    Such an obvious photo op, ugh.

    • Mia 4s says:

      You noticed that too huh? Don’t go there Pratt.

      • smcollins says:

        It’s certainly possible, or it just could be someone famous with a lot of media attention at the moment having the audacity to go out in public with their kid. Are they supposed to hide away and become hermits or something? I know this type of photo op is unusual for him, but this much attention on his personal life (and outings) is also kind of unusual. 🤷‍♀️

    • Squiggisbig says:

      Except that church holds services is in a theater so for someone to know that you’re attending church services rather than a show of some kind you probably would have to have some sort of heads up….

    • FU says:


  2. LT says:

    When to remove one’s wedding ring is very personal. I stopped wearing mine after we filed for divorce (so long after we separated) but before the divorce was final. It felt somewhat liberating for me. A good friend couldn’t bear to do it until after the divorce was final and said it felt like cutting off her arm.

  3. tullyg says:

    they’re going to be fine. i don’t believe their divorce will be messy and i don’t believe anything like cheating happened.

    anna has spoken about her first divorce before and blamed her career. i think her words were “the divide became too great”, so that’s obviously an issue that she’s struggled with before. i just think they grew apart and couldn’t make it work any longer. it’s sad, but it’s not messy and there’s nobody to blame.

  4. Aims says:

    People break up, it’s a sad reality . How they conduct themselves now is what matters .

  5. Clare says:

    I don’t know the background to their relationship – but her advice is straight up good advice. For any relationship and any life.

  6. Shirurusu says:

    Man their son is adorable! Those comments from Anna sound very pointed in regards to her marriage, and if he really was gone that much I can’t really blame her. She thought she was marrying someone who wouldn’t have that stellar of a career and not be gone that much, wether that’s a bit selfish or not, I get it. She wanted a husband who was there not someone who was gone all the time and the hottest thing in town (I don’t like Chris but he’s certainly got a lot of attention recently). She probably thought he was a safe bet and then the power dynamic changed completely for them. Kind of understandable but a bit sad. They’ll probably be happier apart.

    • Anitas says:

      If she wanted a homebody, why marry a fellow actor? I’ve no idea what happened there and can’t take any sides, but if I were him and my wife told me or insinuated that she never thought I’d make it big, I’d feel pretty resentful.

      • Shirurusu says:

        I agree if it is true (which I don’t know) it’s not the healthiest dynamic, but I also kind of get it. I have a friend who put everything into his relationship and making a home with his girl and at first she was on board as much as him, but as soon as she got a promotion, she took off and was barely ever present. I think he felt pretty used by it, like she’d only been pretending to want to build a home with him until her luck turned and she got what she really wanted – which for her was a great career. I’m not saying either one is to blame really, nobody wants to be held back by their partner either. It just kind of sucks when it dawns on you that you really didn’t want the same things I think.

      • tullyg says:

        anna and chris have both said that she preferred him fat too, which i think… is kind of awful considering he’s openly talked about how depressed he was when he was overweight.

      • Artemis says:

        People that change is a good thing. Why be fixed in your values and goals as you age, life is much more interesting when you can explore different paths? As long as the intentions are good, true and you’re not consciously trying to hurt people, I don’t see the issue. The problem is when the partner is not willing to explore and grow with you. Nobody is to blame for that but that’s usually what happens anyway. Especially for women who have to compromise so much more than men.

      • kibbles says:

        What happened to Chris Pratt was very unpredictable. He would have been someone I would least expect to become an A-list heartthrob. Before he got into shape, I only remember seeing him as a supporting actor in The Five Year Engagement. Now he is more talked about than the two main leads in that movie. I don’t think Faris ever predicted that he would be more than a B-list movie star and television actor, like her. The dynamics of their marriage completely changed, and I’m sure Pratt’s personality and outlook on life changed once he became a sex symbol. I think both reacted in a toxic way that destroyed their relationship. Faris reportedly became insecure over reports about infidelity and she wasn’t happy that he was away filming all the time. Pratt’s ego probably blew up and his career became more important than his commitment to his family and working on his relationship with Faris. It’s sad because they did seem to be happy together before his career accelerated. If I were Faris I’d probably be happy to be married to an A-lister who makes a ton of money, and if I were Pratt I probably would have wanted to work more on my marriage even if it means turning down a few acting roles. Both made their choices to react more negatively than positively on the changes in their professional lives.

  7. Mia 4s says:

    Really there are three options for actor couples and no one size fits all;

    1. Alternate projects so the family travels together. Doable; but if one side doesn’t let a few opportunities go conflicts are still likely.

    2. Endure the time apart. Also doable depending on the couple but incredibly tough if a child is young or it’s frequent.

    3. One side pretty much has to forgo their career. See Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson, Stephen Spielberg/Kate Capshaw. A valid choice, but not one I would condemn someone for not making.

    Honestly I can think of successes and failures in all categories. No easy answers!

  8. TheOtherOne says:

    Is this just another way of saying she is jealous of his success? Just own it. Jealously, especially over careers, happens to men and women.

    • detritus says:

      She’s apparently jealous of the women he was banging when he got that success if you believe the blind gossip stuff.
      She let him go alone to sets for awhile though and that changed around Jurrasic Park 2. So possibly smoke/fire, but who knows now.

    • RuddyZooKeeper says:

      I don’t think she’s jealous of his career — I think she’s jealous of his time. It probably escalated with the arrival of their child. I bet they had a pretty strong equal partnership type of dynamic before their child was born. Nobody likes to feel like the lesser in a relationship. I think it has less to do with the box office success and more to do with how he was probably making her feel by living like a single person instead of like an equal partner in the family.
      Or not. *shrug*

  9. Lulu says:

    I really hate this pap stroll picture. It just makes Chris look really douchey. I hate when celebs try to use their children for publicity. It’s just really gross.

  10. Miles says:

    I mean duh. Like we all know that. I’ve noticed that Hollywood couples who do make it, put an emphasis on not working at the same time. And no that doesn’t mean one spouse doesn’t work at all. They find a fair balance between the two of them….which means not doing a movie here or there. Does it always work? Obviously not but it CAN work.

    In this case Faris was in LA doing a TV show and Pratt was traveling around the world doing movies.

    What will be interesting though is what happens with their son. Pratt is doing these photo ops now but is he going to be the Garner of the relationship, stick to one location and raise his son? I don’t think so.

    • Ray says:

      i’m not saying this isn’t a photo op, might be because the timing is great, but he’s photographed with his son already somewhat. it makes sense that he took his son to church because there are pictures only a day or so later of him flying out of los angeles to washington.

  11. Originaltessa says:

    I tend to believe Lainey on this. Chris will take the blame, he’ll let his skyrocketing career and lack of time at home be the “official” reason for the breakup in the press, to protect Anna’s substance abuse issues from becoming public.

    • Don't kill me I am French says:

      Lainey likes to protect her favorites. She also said that Pratt is not RP driven whereas Look this totally unspontaneous RP stunt church outing with his son.Pratt chose the fame and his career over his family and it is just all

      • Ray says:

        there are pictures of him leaving la only a day or two later. is it unbelievable that he might have wanted to spend time with his son before he left? the media attention on him right now is hot, he was going to be papped wherever he was.

      • Originaltessa says:

        Sure, that fits Lainey’s narrative. He’s not going to fall on the sword completely for Anna. He’s going to need to keep his reputation as a nice guy and loving parent intact (which I believe he is). He’s just trying to keep her side OUT of the media. Distract them with cute pictures of father and son seems right on par.

    • detritus says:

      If weare being completely speculative, I think he stepped out. It escalated her burgeoning jealousy issues and exacerbated her unhealthy relationship with alcohol.
      So they both probably have stuff they’d like to hide.

  12. Shijel says:

    Looks like Starlord’s trying to save face, trotting his kids out to give an impression that he was a present father who totally didn’t take a ride on the Douche Express the moment he got fit and launched to stardom.

  13. jess1632 says:

    He looks painfully average. That’s all I got

    Oh and what Anna said is definitely pointed towards their marriage problems

    • xflare says:

      That’s average? No hope for most of us then.

      • Olive says:

        Average attractive white guy look. There’s nothing unique or striking about his looks. He just embodies a physical type.

    • kibbles says:

      He looks above average but nothing spectacular. I have said the same thing about Jennifer Lawrence. A lot of these stars have the girl/guy next door appeal along with a body that most young people can get with a personal chef and trainer. But you are right. He is nothing special and probably the plainest of all the Chris stars in Hollywood right now. As I have said in previous posts, he is naturally on the chunky side and will need to really fight against that chunk coming back as he gets older.

  14. Don't kill me I am French says:

    This outing at church is clearly a RP stunt.Pratt didn’t know where the entrance was and the paps waited him in the parking

    • still_sarah says:

      @ DontKillMeIAmFrench : Exactly. I go to church every week and for sure I can find the door every time. Gee, Chris, maybe you’ve never been there before and only went today because that’s where you told the paps to be.

  15. Electric Tuba says:

    They broke up because they are Anna Farris and Chris Pratt and neither one of them are beacons of light and genius. They are egocentric actors. I’m not crying for these fools and their spilt glitter.

  16. Brittney B. says:

    This: “she had much difficulty with the separation”

    This is code. “Much difficulty” in this case doesn’t mean she was just really sad or jealous or insecure, so they had to split… if all the scores of rumors are true, she couldn’t *cope* with those feelings in a healthy way, so they had to split.

  17. Myriam says:

    Oh wait. We’re still talking about this?

  18. Talie says:

    I mean, I did roll my eyes at the planted story this weekend about him taking his son to church. Please…

  19. Cee says:

    The last bit she said in her podcast struck a chrod in me. I just dumped someone for making me feel invisible, worthless and not good enough. It hurts, I can’t stop crying and being a mixture of angry and sad, but she’s right – I knew my worth and in the end he just didn’t deserve me, nor I the treatment I received from his part.

    I hope she takes the time to heal and doesn’t rush into anything.

  20. Sherry says:

    Take into account this is her second marriage … and has a son. If you are raised to be with the person you marry , maybe this is taken upon her more than we can imagine. And he doesn’t have the time to deal with that.

  21. Deee says:

    Why were they so OTT gushy about each other if they had problems for so long? Even up to a month ago when he got the was so cheesy what he said. Overcompensating or covering up an affair?

    He was gone an awful lot. Opportunities or not you can’t ignore your family responsibilities.

    • KB says:

      She said “I love being in love” less than two weeks before the split was announced. It’s almost like she didn’t see it coming or was in deep denial about it. She could’ve been lying, but if you know you’re going to announce it so soon, why wouldn’t you try and downplay or deflect?

    • Artemis says:

      Social media love declarations is the pinnacle of overcompensating. So many couples I know personally that are dysfunctional seem like the most lovey dovey couple ever on social media. I just laugh now as you never truly knows what goes on with people in their head.
      Or it might be that she was clueless. My cousin, who’s an alcoholic, was a terrible husband and semi-absent father but was shocked when his now ex-wife actually took control of her life and divorced his ass. He’s still not over it 5 years and 2 relationships later.

      That Faris is an alcoholic is one thing but that it’s long-term is another and there’s only so much of that a partner can take. Maybe she thought it wasn’t as bad and she didn’t try hard enough to recover, I don’t know. And acting in blockbusters is stressful, you don’t want to come home to somebody who lost their way and a young child depending on both of you. I can see that being more of an issue than a long distance relationship and work commitments.

      • Deee says:

        Wouldn’t you think there would be a public instance of Anna being intoxicated if she was such an addict? You cannot really keep that hidden long term. She seems fine on her podcast. Very together and honest.

        Maybe its true and it just took its toll. Its understandable. Don’t forget that she omitted the respect part from her press release too.. time will tell.

      • Artemis says:

        There has been though and I’m not going to put the receipts here. Check the previous threads. General rule of thumb is: if you end up intoxicated during work, you got a problem. I’d say she has a problem.

  22. Meg says:

    He absolutely chose his career over his marriage

  23. Whatnow says:

    I have no problem with saying that living with someone with long-term addiction problems can be very trying. That some say he doesn’t want to come home and have to deal with that again understandable. My thought though is if her problems are so bad why is he so comfortable with the idea of leaving his son with her for months at a time while he’s off filming and doing promotions?

    • LadyT says:

      I don’t think he IS comfortable with it. That’s why it’s over. Time for a new arrangement. He has not been airing dirty laundry so I doubt he will in the future. He’ll make sure the son is safe without trying to hurt his wife. “They both tried for a long time” was the separation announcement I believe.

      • Whatnow says:

        @LADYT you very well could be right. Time will tell when custody arrangements are made Etc. If Chris goes off to make another movie for months at a time and the son stays with Mom then I guess he IS okay with it. Time will tell

  24. Whatnow says:

    Just an afterthought to my previous comment. What if she did want to go to rehab and get herself together? Who is going to take care of their son if she goes away? Is he going to give up his career for a while to take care of his child so she can get well? I’m just playing devil’s advocate here and know it is not so cut-and-dried as this.

  25. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    I think it’s obvious he did a pap stroll. I also think it’s obvious she has a substance abuse problem and that’s h*’ll on any relationship.

    Also, he got buff for Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty and she was fine with that…so I don’t think him getting in shape again can cause him to be a horrible person.

    The pet abuse, however, does make him one. And her, for that poor dog.

  26. A says:

    This is more about his inflating movie star ego rather than anything else imo. Lainey saying there was no cheating definitely makes me think there was some cheating there, oh well now he doesn’t have to hide anymore he can publicly start partying with his sleazy bros Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner.

  27. mikajoe says:

    average looking joe got abs but still average, that is all I can say.

  28. paranormalgirl says:

    One thing that Anna said once that “concerned” me was the Chris never pronounced her name right. That says something…

  29. serena says:

    Wow, really subtle both of them.