Demi Lovato in Zuhair Murad at the VMAs: goofy or not bad?

Demi Lovato’s new album, Tell Me You Love Me, is coming out tomorrow, just FYI. Demi put the title single out yesterday. I just listened to it a few times on Spotify and it’s a solid mid tempo song about relationship problems. I’m really feeling Demi’s new releases and she’s putting out quality hits instead of relying on drama to get press. (You know who I’m talking about.) Anyway she wore this really questionable Zuhair Murad getup with a sheer lace top and striped sequin harem pants. No Demi. I had to turn the ads off on this post because you can see her areolas. She didn’t even wear those nip stickers, but I guess the place to do that is at the VMAs.


Katy Perry wore a white one sleeve structured Stephane Rolland gown on the red carpet. This is a fun kind of scifi look and I love her giant hoop earrings. Katy had a lot of costume changes during her presenting duties but unfortunately I could appreciate any of them because the “comedy” bits she did were just so f’ing awful. I’m not going to talk about her different hosting looks, but Fashion Court has a breakdown on their Instagram. Do you think Katy is just smiling through the pain or does she have no idea that she’s about to bomb?



Heidi Klum was in a very revealing embroidered Dundas dress which was not made for a woman with boobs. This is her default “sexy” look and she definitely needs to employ that rule that you show boobs or legs but not both. This is too low cut to also be strategically sheer.



Heidi’s Americas Got Talent co-judge, Mel B, was in a Discount Universe sequin dress with a message that’s surely personal to her. I like the graphic print but poor Mel needs to do something about that styling.



Look they were holding hands! I love this. I’m going to hold hands with my besties from now on.


Millie Bobby Brown was in a cute Rodarte gown with ruffled tiers and gold metallic polka dots. This is age-appropriate (she’s only 13!) and I love her black combat boots, they’re giving me 90s flashbacks and I’m so happy they’re coming back. Unfortunately when she was presenting artist of the year, to Ed Sheeran (I know), she opened the envelope and said “my personal favorite, Ed Sheeran.” You just don’t do that when you’re announcing awards but she’s young so she gets a pass.



photos credit: WENN

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  1. PIa says:

    Yay to Millie, and love that dress on Katy Perry, but she does not wear it well. Any of the Gwens (Gwenyth P., Gwen Stefani, and especially Gwendoline Christie) could pull it off, but not feeling it on Katy.

    • Nancy says:

      I love the dress on Katy Perry from the neck downwards. I hate her “ZANY” hair, make up and earrings. With different hair, earrings and eye make up that dress would be knockout.

  2. frigga says:

    Demi…girl, what are you doing? I like her pants, but the top? Desperate.

    Heidi…even more desperate. Did she get new tits?

    Mel B looks fantastic. Love her dress and its message. I also like Katy’s dress and earrings. Very cute. But she makes everything kind of cheap looking.

    • WeAreAllMadeOfStars says:

      I really like Demi’s outfit. If you can’t go offbeat at the MTV Awards, where else can you do it? Mel is also fun. Heidi should develop the sense to be ashamed of herself.

  3. Chaine says:

    Love Katie’s dress, but her hair is just awful. She needs to just get a wig that looks like one of her old hairstyles until that grows out.

    Did Heidi get implants? I don’t remember her bosom being nearly so … plentiful … in the past.

    Mel B, dress looks fab on her, but hair is a bit too Andy Warhol fright wig series for me.

    Demi, I love the jumpsuit on her (and usually I hate this kind of look); facial expression is oddly J-Lo-esque.

    The child, not sure that is really age-appropriate, but maybe that’s old curmudgeon me talking. I think it’s more of a sixteen-year old look than a thirteen-year old.

  4. CharlieBouquet says:

    Demi looked great. Loved the architecture of KP dress but the crayon eyebrows and yellow hair ruined it. Here for anyone in combat boots. Mel dress, just no, don’t give the man the enjoyment of thinking your body is a billboard for him. Heidi, I would remove both pinky toes for that body ( don’t care for exercise or flip flops)

  5. minx says:

    I actually kind of like Demi’s outfit. She’s got a great voice, much better than Selena Gomez’. Heidi needs to grow up.

  6. alexandria says:

    I used to be impressed with Heidi because in interviews or on her shows, I loved her self-confidence. But I wonder if she’s now trying to cling onto her youth too hard these past years. It’s not as if she looks bad.

  7. jferber says:

    Demi looked like a goddess. You go, girl! Her voice is amazing. I always wish her peace, happiness and self-acceptance. She is a genuine, talented and vulnerable young woman.

  8. bucketbot says:

    I love love love Demi’s Aladin harem pants but I don’t like the top, the sheer with creepers running through it ruins the look for me.

    And is Mel twisting her foot as ladies do while posing? Because her foot looks painful in photos to me. I’m a little extra sensitive about this as I can’t bear too much physical pain, nor look at it. I hope she is fine though.

  9. Marianne says:

    Are those spanx peeking out from demi’s outfit??

  10. LadyT says:

    Way too much make-up on everyone except Heidi. This contouring thing needs to go. I kind of like the edgy super short haircuts, but not on Katie or MelB. Too stiff.

  11. Doc says:

    I love Mel B’s shoes! Swoon! I would buy them and look at them, but they look too painful to wear. Sigh…

  12. JCro says:

    Anyone else think Demi looks like a wax figure in all these photos? She looks great but something about the poses or makeup or I dunno, feels very Madame Tussauds