Jennifer Aniston: ‘Every house I go to, I have a healer or a medium come through’

'Mother!' Premiere - Arrivals

Jennifer Aniston covers the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The interview was conducted by Amy Sedaris, who is one of Justin Theroux’s oldest friends. It could have been a silly, soft-focus interview, but Amy actually got Aniston to talk about some stuff about Justin and their marriage, stuff we normally don’t hear about from her. But yeah, the rest of it is soft-focus fluff. Jennifer is currently promoting… her latest perfume, I think? The new perfume is called Luxe. You can read the full Bazaar piece here. Some highlights:

The nostalgia of movie theater date-nights: “The kind of wonderful nostalgia of going to a movie on a date on a Friday night unfortunately has gone, it seems. Everyone is so addicted to their damn phone. Kids are watching movies on their phones or a computer. It’s sad to see the filmmaker’s and everyone’s hard work diminished down to a computer screen. But it is fun to sit in bed and binge-watch. You can just dive through them like an eating disorder.”

On renovating houses: “I love it. I’m getting antsy to do another project. It’s a hell of an expensive hobby, though. If I wasn’t acting, I would do that full-time: the process of seeing it, having the vision, then collecting the team of people who will execute that vision. I enjoy walking into a house that’s been taken down to the studs. You should have seen Justin. We walked in one day after they’d been doing the demo, and he was like, “Holy sh-t. What are we doing?” And I was like, “We’re redoing the house, babe. We gotta take the wall down to put up a nicer one.”

Whether she’s ever had to de-ghost a house: “It’s funny you ask. One of the first houses I rented was in Laurel Canyon, and things would literally fall off the shelves, the televisions and stereo system would all of a sudden blast, and the coffeemaker would start making coffee. My roommate at the time, who talked to dead people, if that doesn’t sound too crazy, did a little ceremony, and that freaked me out. I was new to Los Angeles and the spirit, past lives, New Age thing. And now every house I go to, I have a healer or a medium come through. This makes me sound like an absolute insane human being.”

Her style mixing with Justin’s style: “They say building houses can make or break a couple. I was so used to doing it on my own, and there were moments when I was like, “Don’t say no so fast.” I have this dialogue with my interior designer where I’ll go: “No. Hate it. Move. Next.” That can sound a little abrupt, so I had to retool my attitude a bit. It wasn’t very hard because he loved whatever I brought to him.

On smells and nails: “I love the smell of acrylic nails. [Laughs] We were talking about the nails of the character I am playing in a movie called Dumplin’, and she’s got to have these horrible French tipped nails. So we were trying out different ones, and I loved the smell… I usually just buff my nails. I don’t have the patience to let my nails dry. When Justin proposed he put that freaking ring on my finger, and I was like, “Holy crap, now I’m gonna have to get manicures.”

The theory about tanning methods: “Yes, baby oil and Coca-Cola, or some weird combination. Being Greek, we love our tanning, but I’ve been on hiatus. And I miss it. It brought me a lot of happiness being able to lay out there and get that vitamin D, but I’ve become very comfortable with a good spray tan… Sunscreen? What’s that? This is something new. I just don’t like the feel of it.

Her vitamins & her wellness center dream: “Vitamins. Vitamins. Vitamins. I take a lot of vitamins, I’m not going to lie. It changes all the time because someone will say, “Oh, my God, you don’t take activated charcoal?” Then you go down a Googling hole to understand the benefits of that, or turmeric or dandelion for water retention. Now I’m doing apple cider vinegar in the morning….:I can’t keep up. My dream is to open a wellness center. I have a fantasy where you have this beautiful space with facialists, rotating workouts, meditation classes, and a café with recipes that are healthier versions of delicious foods so you’re not deprived. I’m working on it in my brain. Not to sound all woo-woo, but if you go out into the world with inner peace, you’re more joyful. There’s a life’s-too-short policy that I now have with my work; no negative Nancies. So I’m looking forward to my facial.

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

It’s never been a secret that Jennifer is more a hippie-dippy California girl like that, with mediums coming in to de-ghost her homes and dreams of opening up a wellness center. I think she’s leaned into that more as she’s gotten older too – like, this is who she is. She’s the woman who can talk about getting facials and her hair for hours. I think it’s funny that beyond the health-and-wellness aspect to her, she’s really just a girl who loves to tan and decorate. It’s fine. She accepts who she is and so do I.

'Mother!' Premiere - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of Mariano Vivanco for Harper’s Bazaar.

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  1. minx says:

    That cover…why? Her eyes look beady and she has chapped lips?

    • Casey says:

      Her eyes are beady. They’re close-set, smallish. The lips and mouth looks like they’ve either gone down from the filler or they’ve used an older file pic of her original thinner lips and flatter mouth that she had in the early 2000s. Remember her deep forehead crevice and deep nasal labial folds those have been photoshopped out.. Poof. Lol

      • Aubree says:

        The hatred you have for her is disturbing

      • Chelsea says:

        Aubree don’t you think you are over-reacting? I don’t see any hatred in Casey’s post at all.

      • Alexa says:

        Yeah, there is some vitriol there. Sad.

      • Aubree says:

        You must be a trump supporter @Almond milk
        You way you determine a women’s worth based on how attractive they are and how pretty they are is exactly what trump would do.
        Women ripping down other women.
        This is exactly something a trump supporter would do.
        This is why we are getting nowhere.

      • Jessa says:

        Wow.Get some help Casey.

      • briefstickershock says:

        I’m no fan, but I actually think she looks great here. And her eyes haven’t looked this good in a long time – tightlined eyeliner and all.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      It’s the waterline eyeliner. It takes a certain shaped/ larger sized eye (and coloring IMO) to pull off black eyeliner in the waterline. Otherwise it shrinks the eye and hardens the look.

    • Sarah says:

      Come on, you may not like her, but she is beautiful! She looks great for her age also. You can tell she takes good care of herself.

      • minx says:

        The cover is unflattering. There weren’t any better shots?

      • Kosmos says:

        She looks great on the cover!! It’s only a cover, so I’m sure she looks more herself in person…..I like her interview, too, very enlightening, love her! I agree with her lifestyle, sounds a little bit like my own, so hey, go girl….do what makes you feel good. She sounds very down to earth, which I REALLY like. She’s just an everyday California kind of person who has a good sense of humor. Love what she said about how phones and things have taken over the date night movie thing, but then says how great it is to binge watch in bed. Right !!

      • minx says:

        I disagree, she’s more attractive than that. Weirdly lit and photoshopped pic.

  2. Ytbtet says:

    She looks amazing on the cover

    This will sound weird but I’ve had enough creepy experiences in houses where her hiring a medium is not really crazy to me

    • ElleC says:

      Ghost stories please!!! I was really hoping this thread might turn up some good ones!

      My weird experience: I used to hear typing in the office across from my bedroom and I thought it was my dad working late, until one night both doors were open. After that I always slept with my door open because somehow it was creepier not knowing if someone was there. Years later, my each of my family members brought up at different times how I used to stay up so late typing and I was like THAT WASN’T ME!!!

      Seemed like a friendly ghost tho (not that I necessarily believe in them) because one time my sister was home alone with a sketchy boy when suddenly they heard someone coming down the stairs from the office. They didn’t see anything but they called the police in case there was an intruder. Everything was searched and there was no one, and all the doors and windows were locked. Needless to say, that sketchy boy got out of there FAST!

      • susiecue says:

        That is WILD! A typing, sketch-repelling ghost! I love ghost stories, believe in them but don’t have any experiences of my own. I do feel bad vibes in places and recently cleansed my house with sage just for my own peace of mind because of a lingering spooky feeling. Couldn’t hurt right? Even if it is BS. So I relate to JA here.

      • Kristen820 says:

        My grandfather used to visit me after he passed. For at least a couple of years, if I went to bed late at night, I’d “see” someone standing in front of my bedroom door. Not particularly tall, but broad shouldered, with a cue ball head. I never told anyone about it until my sister and I were out to dinner one night. I described him, and her response was “Kristen, that’s Grandpa,”

        Never saw him again, so I know she was right, and he knew he had made his point…

    • lucy2 says:

      I like that she at least admits it makes her sound a little crazy.
      I’ve been in a few houses that just feel…wrong. Bad energy or something. If bringing someone in makes a person feel better, why not. I bought an old house last year and everyone asks me if it’s haunted, but it’s not at all, luckily!

    • Megan says:

      We used to live in a tiny little townhouse. It was my husband, me and the cat. We constantly heard someone walking up and down the stairs at night, even though all three of us were in bed. Occasionally the hall light would turn on in the middle of the night. One morning I walked into the living room to find a lit candle. My husband was still asleep and I was pretty sure the cat didn’t do it. I was like, ok ghost, we’re happy to share our space, but you can’t light candles, that’s dangerous! Trudging up and down the stairs continued, but no more candles after that.

      • CaptainMonkeyFarts says:

        What a nice, considering ghost! I’m glad you two got along.

      • Megan says:

        I have a friend who is really into the supernatural and when i first told her about the ghost she said I should try to communicate with it. According to her, some ghosts just want a bit of company.

    • Sarah says:

      I am a shamanic oractitioner and in my training we learned to cross over the dead who are stuck. It happens a lot.

      • nicegirl says:

        awesome, Sarah

      • Lady D says:

        How and why do they get stuck Sarah? Does it happen a lot? Is there always a heart breaking reason they become stuck, or do some just like to hang? Is there many of them? Do they seek you out for help or would you be called by a client? Do you know where they go when they go? One more question if you don’t mind Sarah, how did you get into this line of therapy/help to begin with?

    • Chelsea says:

      Yep, can’t blame her for that. I live in a very very old house and there was once a ghost in my room. It was standing by my bookshelf, with a book open in it’s hands. I screamed and then she disappeared. I ran out to dad and said we need to call the local Catholic priest, we need him to exorcise my room. Lol. Luckily, in the 30+ years I’ve lived here, that was the only experience with a ghost (to my knowledge) that I’ve had.

    • Felicia says:

      I’ve lived in a couple of houses that were haunted. Completely understand having someone come in. Plus…there are places that radiate very bad vibes. No idea if anyone else gets that, but there have been places I wouldn’t set foot into because the negative energy was like a wall of misery, or jumping into a pool of toxins.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Yay ghost stories! I was hoping for a ghost story thread and I was not disappointed. Given my own personal experiences, I’d say Jennifer is not crazy at all.

  3. Alix says:

    “If I wasn’t acting, I would do that full-time…”
    1. No idea she was still acting.
    2. Always amazed by people who have all the money in the world but still act like they can’t, somehow, go off and do want they want (see also: Kylie Jenner).
    3. An increasingly odd choice to cover any major fashion magazine. Her heyday in the entertainment industry was well over a decade ago.

    • jenna says:

      1. You know she’s still acting, don’t lie.
      2. Seems sort of sad to just stop dreaming, even if you are a very wealthy person.
      3. I swear I read a year/two years ago that she’s one of the most valuable magazine cover stars, like putting her on the cover is an instant sale. Her, Jolie, etc. It’s why they kept ticking over that triangle stuff for so long. They all sold.

  4. the_blonde_one says:

    That cover photo looks like that religious painting where someone wanted to clean it so they wiped off and then re-painted half the face (they only left her eyes alone in her cover)

    found it:

  5. Keri says:

    I lost some brain cells just reading this article.

    • ida says:

      me, too. can’t believe she is still a thing.

    • GiBee says:

      I’ve softened on her A LOT over the years (I think not seeing her everywhere helps a bit) but this article seems Peak Jen. At least she’s over the endless victim thing.

    • ell says:

      yeah, she sounds really vapid and uninteresting.

    • Parigo says:

      Thank you. So basic and boring. The medium thing is just over the top rich person wackiness.

    • Lilly says:

      Ha ha. I wish her the best, but yeah. Afraid I don’t care for Amy Sedaris and her posing in an awful faux Native American gear for her book.

    • cara says:

      JA should just do infomercials in the wee hours of the night. She’s certainly heading in that direction in her so called “career”.

      • Aubree says:

        Lol she has 3 movies coming out
        This is the same poster who has a nervous breakdown if someone criticizes angie
        Lol such hypocrisy

      • Chelsea says:

        It is really sad that you need to link Angie to this, Aubree.

      • cara says:


        Yellow Birds or whatever the name of that film will never see the light of day.

        She’s filming that Punkin film where she’s supposed to be an ex beauty Queen, whoa, was that bad casting or what.

        As for another film I have no idea what that would be. You can count on her films to be BOMBS, that’s a given if she is in the cast.

  6. burnsie says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. I remember during the Friend’s days, Lisa Kudrow did an interview where she said she got all of Phoebe’s quirkier stuff from the real-life Jennifer Aniston. I think she’s more hippy dippy than she comes off

    • ElleC says:

      Hilarious! I didn’t know that and I LOVE it!

      • Carrie1 says:

        Ditto! And is it me or did she not just describe GOOP, essentially, as her dream wellness gig?

        Now I understand how Brad went from Gwyneth to Jen. They’re not that different.

    • Annabelle Bronstein says:

      Smoking marijuana will do that to a person.

    • Agree! I think she hides that part of herself and rightfully so, it’s easier to be vague and be safe. She would alienate a lot of her fans who truly believe they know her lol. I think she’s a breath of fresh air in a world full of, “I’m a special snowflake”.

      • Elisa the I. says:

        Ha, that’s exactly my take after reading her interview. She was so far quite clever in hiding the quirky side of her personality. She is really growing on me and I hope she shares more of her quirks. She sounds like a fun person to be around.

  7. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Why couldn’t the editors have used the second photo for the cover of this magazine? She looks so much more alive and energetic in the second one. The bottom part of her face seems off on the actual cover.

    I don’t blame her for wanting to smudge the death and sadness out of some of those houses. I won’t say I am a ghost chaser or whatever, but I do believe that spirits, demons, etc exist and can stay in a home long after someone leaves the building. If nothing else, the house smells like incense and warmth.

    Justin is lucky Amy chose to be his friend. She and her brother are hilarious.

    • Wowza says:

      Justin Theroux and Amy Sedaris are close friends? That’s really surprising to me!

    • Jaded says:

      I’m a Reiki practitioner and teacher and I smudge EVERY home I go to when giving treatments, and I smudge every new place I live in. When I moved across country to live with Mr. Jaded I smudged and cleansed his place top to bottom because his ex-wife is FUBAR and I had to remove the dark energy from everything.

    • Skylark says:

      @Aiobhan Targaryen – I’m curious as to why you’d say Justin is lucky that Amy chose to be his friend? Chose? As if he had no part to play in it? As if it was all one-way, with Amy making the decision to be friends with him – as a favour – rather than them naturally becoming the longtime friends they clearly are because they really like/love/respect/enjoy each other?

      It suggests that you think he’s somehow not worthy of her friendship.

      • cara says:

        He’s “friends with benefits” with Terry Richardson. He’s always been one of Richardson’s nude models from way back.

        A few of the pictures that Huvane could not scrub from the internet has Theroux and other men nude and in very comprising poses. It’s no wonder his biggest fans are gay men.

  8. Mrs. WelenMelon says:

    Much credit to JA for not starting a lifestyle blog.

    Also, she looks good.

    • slowsnow says:

      But she says she’ll eventually work in “wellness”, the most dangerous, vapid area of post-truth there is courtesy of average-talented-actresses-who-somehow-got-it-big… Let’s hope it stays in her brain.

      • ElleC says:

        I appreciate that she has the self-awareness to say she sounds absolutely insane… but this is coming from the girl who loves a ghost story.

      • I actually believe her wellness over Goops, because my friend and I have talked about possibly doing a similar thing. We live in a world that we don’t fully understand yet. Wifi and all these devices we carry can really affect us in ways we can’t see yet. Our food is poison unless you can afford organic. Plastic is altering our hormones, I could go on. I admire anyone who educates themselves on what’s going on, who actively try to make a difference even if just in their life/family. Hipsters in Brooklyn not included!

      • Chaine says:

        I know, it sounds like basically her dream is to become Gwyneth Paltrow…

      • cara says:


        Odd she’d want to be Gwyneth considering Goop’s name was never allowed to be uttered in her presence for years. Now, she and Goop are in Huvane’s stable of over the hill “actresses” with no discernible talent. Huvane trots them out in groups as if they are “besties”.

  9. Angel says:

    Vitamins = really expensive pee

    • Josephina says:


    • GiBee says:

      Hey! goop would say that you’re denying women the autonomy to select their own journey in the world! Why do you hate women!

      Also, the good ones give you really expensive neon yellow pee.

    • minx says:

      Yes lol!

    • Josephine says:

      My exact thought when I read that. But I think any Hollywood person has to pretend that he or she looks the way they do because of a healthy lifestyle. What’s amazing is that so many people believe it.

      • Ain'tNoTelling says:

        I have no issue with Jen. But she’s no health guru. Jen is a regular smoker of cigarettes, pot, and loves her alcohol. Nothing wrong with any of those things, other than the cigarettes. The other two can become a problem. But Jen, and most of Hollywood looks great because of a fantastic aesthetician, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, personal trainer, and hair stylist. Let’s be brutally honest.

      • Wilder says:

        Does she still smoke? I know she used to, but I haven’t seen any photos of her with cigarettes in a really long time.

    • Hunter says:

      @Angel, you sound like Dr. Berg! 😂

  10. marc kile says:

    The cover photo looks like the singer Liz Phair anyone else getting that vibe?

  11. Ariel says:

    The other day, out of nowhere, my boyfriend asked me: Why do we still have to hear about Jennifer Aniston?

  12. Jayna says:

    We’ll, it’s more than decorating. She buys homes and takes them back down to the studs. Sure, she has builders and architects, but I’m sure she is very in involved. It’s stressf for many people, trying to see the potential and start back from bare bones when buying a home.

    • Kate says:

      Exactly. She’s actually been very successful buying, renovating and selling properties for huge profit. Reducing that to ‘decorating’ doesn’t sit right with me, especially when she explicitly talks here about loving the actual process of a full renovation.

    • lucy2 says:

      That to me is renovating, not decorating. She’s fully redoing places.
      “They say building houses can make or break a couple.” This is so true. Some of our clients are in perfect agreement, some one person takes the lead and the other lets them do it, and some fight and bicker about every last thing and can’t agree on anything. I’ve seen some REALLY interesting marital dynamics in this job!

    • someone says:

      I think renovating is a lot less stressful when you aren’t living in the space as it is redone. Jennifer doesn’t have to deal with dust everywhere, worrying about a contractor coming in while you are showering, not being able to eat at home while your kitchen is ripped out, etc etc etc. And it is also a lot less stressful when you don’t have to worry about things going wrong and killing your already bare bones budget.

      It sounds like fun to do a renovation project where you give the ideas and then pop in every now and then to see how it is progressing.

      • lucy2 says:

        Definitely true, living in a space being renovated is very tough on everyone. And the unlimited budget thing would be heaven!

    • magnoliarose says:

      She has made a modest fortune with her real estate ventures.

      Renovating is something I love/hate to do, but it can be a nightmare if your partner doesn’t share your same aesthetic. We were lucky when we found our house, but it took a few years to create the oasis in the city I wanted.
      I have done it a few times, and it is fun to see a space transformed into something appealing, but it takes a load of patience.

  13. Darla says:

    I love that gold dress, she looks great.

  14. Marion C says:

    Wonder if she got the remodeling bug from Courtney Cox? She did really well flipping houses before hitting it big, and I think still does some flipping.

  15. adastraperaspera says:

    Nothing against Aniston, but I would much rather have had her interview Amy Sedaris! “Strangers with Candy” is still one of my favorite satires.

  16. JenB says:

    I liked this interview and her pics look good. She seems happy and is enjoying her life. I like that “new age” stuff too.

  17. Tulsi 2020 says:

    I agree with her about the decline of the cinema. I remember seeing films in packed cinemas and they felt like events. These days you can go to the cinema.and there’s hardly anyone there. It’s a bit sad and Trump is a white supremacist #NaziBucketChallenge.

    • Movies also aren’t what they used to be. They no longer make movies that cost 25 million or 50. Studios only put their money into garbage superhero rebutes and recycle the same actors. I’m pretty sure we’ve all switched to telivision series, it’s so much better, like a longer movie with better characters. Watching movies from the 70s-90s makes me mourn what used to be! Like a love that’ll never die, hope it comes back around.

  18. Annika says:

    I’m gonna get hate for this but I think the best thing Jennifer & Angelina could do is a project together. People would freak out.
    Everyone paints these women as the villains of the triangle but to me it’s obvious they both got screwed over by the same man.
    What better way to put Brad in his place & flip the narrative? Take control back of their images? Promote feminism?
    Their career choices & talents are very different, I understand, but I think they could make a killer film/tv show/Netflix, etc.

    • Tulsi 2020 says:


    • Josephine says:

      Or may they are three people each with faults of their own?? We couldn’t possibly know if there is one person more to blame that another when all three have PR machines at work. And I think relationships are way more complex than laying blame on any one person or event.

    • ElleC says:

      THIS IS GENIUS! More celebs should put aside their differences to troll us all. Filing this for future reference under “in case of acrimonious public divorce.”

    • tracking says:

      Maybe in their sixties/seventies, like Liz and Debbie did. Of course by that point Liz was probably like “Eddie, Eddie…which husband was that?”

    • Carrie1 says:

      It would be like Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor. It’s a great idea.

    • nicegirl says:

      smart, Annika. I would probably watch it

  19. Evyn says:

    Is it just a coincidence that whenever Angelina is promoting a film, Jennifer is on the cover of this magazine? Is she even promoting anything besides her need to be seen?

    • Carmen says:

      Of course it’s not coincidence. It happens every single time Angie is promoting a movie. It’s like she’s waving desperately in the background calling “Don’t forget meeeee!”

    • magnoliarose says:

      Now it is. Before it wasn’t.
      JA and AJ aren’t concerned with each other anymore. Only the fans seem to be stuck there.

  20. perplexed says:

    She sounds kind of humorous here. The part where she said she sounds like an absolute insane human being kind of made me laugh. Not even slightly insane, but absolute!

    Did Gwyneth tell her about the activated charcoal?

    I don’t consider myself hippy-dippy at all, but I could relate to the idea of falling down a rabbit-hole after hearing about a new vitamin (though I ignore what Gwyneth says).

  21. tracking says:

    “No. Hate it. Next” is exactly how I am with mr. tracking about decorating decisions. Guess I should work on retooling my attitude!

  22. jenna says:

    She looks incredible. Go gettum tiger!

  23. Pam_L says:

    Where are the filler and botox and plastic surgery comments? I’m surprised because with nearly every other female celebrity, and even non-celebrity women like Matt Damon’s wife, the first few comments are usually something about laying off the botox and them having done something to their face because they look so different from what they looked like 15 years ago. The woman on the cover photo above looks nothing like she did a decade ago and yet not a peep.

    • perplexed says:

      They’ve been discussed in many other previous posts about her.

      • Pam_L says:

        I don’t know. You can go back through the archives yourself. Check articles on her and then on other female celebrities and non-celebrities. This is what has me perplexed. It is more noticeable to me with this article now because we have just gone through major film festivals and the emmys where women were accused of having work done on their faces in many of the comments.

      • perplexed says:

        I have seen comments about her having fillers and botox (and stuff about her hair and multiple nose jobs and how she’s always been less pretty than Courtney Cox and Brad Pitt ). I’m pretty sure they’re in the archives.

        In this article, I think people probably got distracted from talking about her face because of her admission of sticking a psychic/healer/medium-thingy in her house. That’s kind of out there for a celebrity to admit so maybe that’s what people are focused on for the moment.

  24. Jeannie says:

    “We just dive through it like an eating disorder?”

    I like her, but cmon.

    • tracking says:

      It’s silly, but she’s obviously joking about the word “binge.”

    • Annabelle Bronstein says:

      Yeah, that was.. not great. But I think she’s talked about her own issues with food in the past. I get it, binge-watching is probably not great for us but she could have said this in a better way.

    • graymatters says:

      I understood that she was connecting binge watching to binge eating. I’ve done both. There are similarities.

  25. Meg says:

    Her face on the cover looks jacked

  26. Doodle says:

    My high school boyfriend’ house had a ghost. It was their older brother’s friend who had died and would hand out in their garage at night. You could hear him throwing pop cans. If it got too loud you would just go in there and tell him to stop. I thought they were all insane until one night I heard it… I would always sleep by myself downstairs (because high school modesty) and the noise kept me awake. I finally went upstairs and feeling like an idiot opened the garage door and said “knock it off!”. The noise stopped. I couldn’t sleep afterwards because I was so freaked out.

  27. Natalia says:

    Love JA. Always have. Even the parts of her that seem sketchy, although these particular ones don’t. I’d have a medium come every day to any house, that’s how crazy things have gotten in our world these days. And I too like how honest she is. It’s perfectly fine to like renovating, tanning, healing, cosmetics, etc. Not everyone has to save the world. (And I love AJ too, for the record.)

  28. MrsPanda says:

    Bad cover, SJ Parker-inspired eyeliner is never a good idea! I’ve always had a soft spot for Jen A, I think she’s more of a creative/artistic person than she may get credit for. She strikes me as quite a sensitive Aquarius type (sensitive to energies of people/spirits and toxic workplaces etc). I think she’s just into feel-good holistic treatments and her style is always pretty simple and low-key. I don’t know, I don’t see her as a totally vapid or fake Kardashian type who only talks about her hair (unless she found a great new Hemp leave-in treatment 😉 Maybe she’s a typical LA hippy-dippy stoner but I think she’s that way at heart, rather than a contrived version like Goop is.

  29. Joannie says:

    She looks great. I think she’s happy and it shows.

    • Jessa says:

      She looks amazing for 48,I must say.

      • cara says:


        Aniston does not look “amazing” for 48, she looks years older than 48 year old Naomi Watts or 50 year old Hallie Berry. Aniston is not special, her body, her face , her fake hair, everything looks terrible for someone who does nothing but cosmetic procedure after procedure.

  30. NYCgal says:

    I love Jen Aniston. She’s the best.

  31. Kath says:

    I have absolutely nothing in common with Jennifer Aniston and am as far from being ‘hippy dippy’ as you can possibly get, but I can’t help but like her. She has always seemed to be a decent human being who is comfortable with who she is and doesn’t seem to have an ounce of malice in her.

    As a sarcastic, skeptical and somewhat grumpy person, I envy that!

    Unlike Goop she also acknowledges the insanity of whatever woo she subscribes to and doesn’t try and sell the scientific veracity of this nonsense to the masses.

  32. Twinkle says:

    She’s a high maintenance girl. Good thing she’s got the wallet for it. She’s been a life long sun worshipper, and she doesn’t use sunscreen? She really should be a wrinkled, mottled mess by now. She goes and gets expensive laser and skin peel treatments.

  33. Wilder says:

    I still think she’s a mediocre actor who totally lucked out (as so many do), but I’m warming to her a little. She is who she is. She doesn’t pretend to be deep or political. She admits that her biggest joys in life are lying in the sun, thinking about health/wellness/exercise, renovating houses. She seems to have a close circle of friends who adore her. She’s living a fabulous life and she knows it. More power to her. Not everyone needs to be super interesting — sometimes it’s enough to be a good person and a good friend.

  34. Anare says:

    She seems like she’d be fun to hang out with. I wish I had her money. She seems like she lives well without being over- the-top or ridiculous/obnoxious like others we can mention.

  35. nicegirl says:

    It’s funny how many people say they love the smell of acrylic nails. I do nails, and the smell from the monomer liquid is usually super strong – it does not bother me personally too much but it is always funny to me when someone says they love it. Can’t help my old school love for Jen Aniston though, I am a born hippy dippy Cali girl from jump. And the ghost thing? YEP

  36. godwina says:

    None of the woo/medium stuff surprises me. JA looks like Long Island Medium’s more glamorous sister, after all. (I can’t watch LIM without seeing/hearing JA.)

  37. T-Rasha says:

    She looks absolutely stunning. Those blue eyes are amazing! We are the same age and she looks 25 . Keep up the good work Jen. It’s working!

  38. Sara says:

    Although this is photoshopped into oblivion, this is the best photo in ten years! She looks super young here!

  39. Loca says:

    I like her idea. That is definitely a place l would check out.