“Mike Tyson gets married for the third time” morning links


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  1. Shelly Shellz says:


  2. kiki says:

    Mike Tyson gets married
    his daughter died 3 weeks ago
    chezz why u delete my post?
    its Mike tyson

  3. lala says:

    she died 2 weeks ago

  4. RobN says:

    Is there some reason you shouldn’t celebrate your child’s death by getting married in Vegas? Seems pretty appropriate to me.

  5. crazymary says:

    While I understand that life goes on this seems to be incredibly bad timing on his part.

  6. kiki says:

    ugh 2 weeks.
    did you know that Mike is a former brother in law of GOP chairman Steele

  7. Enonymous says:

    Who in the right mind would marry him. It is a very sad notion to admit that even for the worst men/the biggest losers in the world, there is always some idiotic women willing to marry them. Don’t women have no standers anymore.

  8. the original kate says:

    i agree with above posters – the timing on this is pretty bad. he couldn’t wait a few months after his little girl died such a terrible death to get married in las vegas? that’s weird.

  9. orion70 says:

    yeah, poor timing…it’s not as if this was an event planned a year ahead of time and there were major obligations, they got the certificate 30 mins prior. Tacky.

    methinks someone got punched a wee bit too many times in the head.

  10. j. ferber says:

    I looked up the blushing bride’s name and it seems she was on trial for fraud 4 years ago. She and other members of her family bilked some sort of reading program for over 220,000 dollars. A class act, for sure.

  11. Magsy says:

    But it’s Mike Tyson, we always knew he ain’t right.

  12. Dillie-O says:

    Celeb’s don’t think like anyone else. That’s why they are who they are.
    In this special situation, it magnifys his dysfunctional thinking further.

  13. Danielick says:

    :O So mush Info :O THis Is he MOst AMAzing SIte DUDe 😀

  14. ur story on del.icio.us today — liked it.. bookmarked it , will be back to check out some more later .. nice Work ..