Rihanna in Ralph & Russo at her Diamond Ball: lovely or unflattering?

Rihanna's 3rd Annual Diamond Ball

Rihanna hosted yet another “Diamond Ball” last night in New York. Rih’s Diamond Balls are fundraisers for her Clara Lionel Foundation, which raises money for schools, educational supplies and health care in developing countries. Rihanna is low-key about it, but she does a ton of great work in Barbados and in developing nations, and her foundation raises a lot of money with these Diamond Balls.

For last night’s fundraiser, Rihanna wore a Ralph & Russo mullet dress which I dislike. I’ll give her some credit – she went with a more conservative look, which is appropriate for the event. But this dress is just bad. I feel like Rihanna has gained some weight this year and she’s totally fine with that, but she doesn’t know how to dress herself when she’s slightly bigger? This Ralph & Russo gown makes her look a lot heavier than she actually is, I’m just sayin’. I also think she chose this gown as sort of a “blank slate” look to feature her Chopard jewelry – Chopard sponsors Rihanna’s Diamond Balls, and she wore one necklace from her Rihanna Loves Chopard collection, and one necklace from Chopard’s High Jewelry Collection.

Rihanna's 3rd Annual Diamond Ball

Rihanna's 3rd Annual Diamond Ball

This year’s Diamond Ball had a good turn-out – Kendrick Lamar performed, after all – and this was the first big event for Beyonce and Jay-Z since the twins were born. Bey and Jay didn’t walk the red carpet, but they were photographed inside the event.

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Also: Emily Ratajkowski was there, with a new haircut. Emily looks terrible, my God. That hair makes her look 50-something and she’s lost a lot of weight recently. Yikes.

Rihanna's 3rd Annual Diamond Ball

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  1. Kate says:

    God she’s beautiful, even in a mullet dress.

  2. Babs says:

    I love the dress, but the hair not so much, too messy. She looks good.
    Good to see the Carters!

    • kodakay says:

      I like her hair even though it IS messy. I imagine her waking up and realizing she has to be at an event; taking a quick shower and getting dressed; working with bedroom hair.

      Okay, my imagination is off the charts! I apologize…. heh heh heh

    • Sabrine says:

      Everything is lovely except the dress. I don’t care for those cut out in front styles nor the look of people with dark hair wearing dark clothing, especially dresses.

  3. GO says:

    No, I love the dress. I like the tuxedo style it has. But the hair needs to be styled in a way that doesn’t make her look like she has a giant forehead. I like Beyonce’s dress too.

    • V4Real says:

      The hair would be better up.

      Watch out for the pregnancy rumors because her hand is over her stomach. Isn’t that the norm if a female starlet takes a pic with hand over belly she’s pregnant.

    • GiBee says:

      I think she’s both okay with her weight gain and doesn’t care if the dress shows it off? What does she care if she’s a bit heavier or if the dress makes her look even heavier than that. She’s Rihanna. And I say this as nowhere near her biggest fan.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I like the gown from the waist up, but that’s about it. The hair definitely should have been pulled back at the very least, because it really doesn’t fit with the whole “ballgown and diamonds” vibe.

      But hey, she’s still stunning…on her worst day she probably looks 10x better than me at my best, hahahaha. 😛

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I like the top half, LOVE the jewels (wish we had a close up shot), but really dislike the bottom half of the dress. It reminds me too much of Demi Moore with the bubble skirt. I think her hair up would have looked better. It would show off the jewels and her magnificent face better.

  4. minx says:

    I would have liked the dress better if she had worn her hair up, if that makes sense.

  5. KLO says:

    Riri is naturally beautiful but I do not like the hairdo, make up nor the dress. The stylists should have done better. She usually looks stunning.

  6. Goldie says:

    I think she looks great! Love the dress on her.

  7. Cmon now says:

    I love ThiccYonce

    I love ThiccRih

    Only thing I don’t like is Rihanna’s makeup, funny enough.

    Off-topic: I love my Fenty Beauty haul. It really got me into makeup again, after the countour-heavy years.

    • Annabelle Bronstein says:

      I love it too! But why did Bey photoshop her birth announcement to remove all of the new maternal curves? That I did not get. Rihanna seems to totally own her body, always, at any weight.

      • GiBee says:

        I have a theory that Beyonce doesn’t actually know what she looks like.

        Think of it this way – a Beyonce photo is not taken by Beyonce, who then looks at it on her phone, changes a filter and Facetunes it.

        A Beyonce photo is taken by someone else, who submits it to Beyonce to approve. You know sometimes how photos on her accounts would be so airbrushed as to be just surreal? Like, girl has amazing legs. And in the photos that would go up, she would have Barbie stick thin legs.

        I think she lives in such a bubble, and she’s so used to controlling her image, and rejects so many photos where she’s not airbrushed stick thin, that she might think real photos of her are just bad angle photos of her.

        If that all makes sense.

    • dodgy says:


      Ugh, I’m peanut butter jealous. The nearest HN to me is in London and I won’t be getting there for a while. Let me live through you, what did you get?

      • Cmon now says:

        Damn near everything! Grabbed my cousin on my first day off and raced to the mall and had a full makeup tutorial with her products. Even FB instructions to the sephora employees was really great and helped them narrow down my foundation on the first try.
        The foundation is so light and easy, yet builds give fuller coverage. I normally hate foundation and how heavy/cakey it becomes, but this 340 perfectly matches my in-between tone and is *light*

        Then I went to town! Got the 3-pack Tan kit with the Rum highlighter, truffle contour and.. something else to cover pimples (I really haven’t been this into makeup in so long, forgive me, I forget the names of specific uses!)

        340 foundation
        The Tan caramel-truffle-rum combo pack
        Yacht life & sinnamon highlighters
        Blotting powder

        They were sold out of the gloss bomb, Moscow mule combo and trophy wife, which is all coming in the mail today. My cousin got the last trophy wife and the pigment is so rich and beautiful, she uses it as eyeshadow.

        Can you feel my excitement? Lol. It’s really worth the hype.

      • Enough Already says:

        Makeup by Shayla did a youtube tutorial and now I can’t wait to get my hands on the foundation! It looked absolutely flawless and is supposedly weightless. Shayla did not like the highlighter as it looked very brassy and just seemed to sit on the skin. The contour stick also got high marks. I think her foundation, which comes in 40 shades, is going to be a hit.

    • Cmon now how dare u tease me like this! Same over here, pushed away from makeup during this dragqueen faze, and now I’m excited again like when I was younger(28). I love how Rihanna wanted to include everyone and thought about our undertones! I want everything but the highlighter, heard it gets everywhere and I don’t like the look. Thanks for the reviews!

  8. JA says:

    Eh beautiful lady but Im not on the bandwagon that she looks amazing in anything…her fashion choices are more WTF then daring. Only plus Emily kept her clothes on[ though the dress like her, lacks any charisma ]and didn’t talk about how everyone ever talks about is her boobs!

  9. Annabelle Bronstein says:

    That picture of Emily Ratatouille is one of the worst pictures of a model I have ever seen. Dead eyes, legs look broken?, slumped posture. I’m hoping that is just a wig. And I hate that dress of RI’s but she still rocks it.

  10. Nancy says:

    Can keep asking if Rhenna looks fab or fug and the answer is always fab. She is amazing. Thought Mrs. Carter looked matronly on top and then oopsie, there’s her thigh right under her waist??? Not a fan of this particular dress. Don’t know Emily, but like her hair.

  11. Tracy 2 says:

    She looks amazing

  12. Wren33 says:

    Beyonce’s face looks really different.

  13. Erica_V says:

    I love everything except the hair.

    Haven’t seen any videos of her performing yet. Last year she turned Pour It Up into an instrumental ballad it was insane!

  14. GiBee says:

    Ohmygoodness Emily Rideajetski’s makeup looks awful.

    • nicegirl says:

      ride a jet ski, ? sorry this is cracking me up

      are there some pics of her riding a jet ski I have not seen? I am laughing out loud like a dork right now

    • Ksenia says:

      I think Rhianna is simply gorgeous, but this look is more of a miss than a hit. It’s too Adam’s Family/Gothic for my taste…As for Emily, it’s amusing to me that she whines about how all people talk about are her breasts, when that’s ALL she herself ever talks about—besides her pathetic pseudo-feminist drivel. (And even that is all about her boobs, about how she should be allowed to constantly display her breasts w/out them negating her ardent “feminism” in any way. She clearly has no *clue* what feminism actually is.) She looks truly ghastly here, like a wax replica of herself at her worst. What I find most striking, however, is that for a site which prides itself on its liberalism and it’s dedication to feminism and acceptance and lack of prejudice—it’s compassion and justice and equality–there’s still blatant ageism. “She looks fifty-something:” Really? Since in context that sentence is *clearly* meant as an insult, a negative criticism, it’s ageist and inherently offensive. (And I’m 33, and *still* noticed this.) There are far better, kinder, and less insulting way to express that someone looks bad, besides resorting to ageism.

    • I Choose Me says:

      LMBAO @ rideajetski.

  15. D says:

    Seriously ones too fat the others too skinny?! Have some coffee they both look amazing CeleGrouchy;) hehe

  16. Mermaid says:

    Rihanna is such a stunning woman. She makes anything look great.

  17. dexbex says:

    I think the dress is beautiful. It works for a woman who’s gained weight and gotten a nice rack in the process. I’m usually insecure about my arms and face size, but especially when I gain weight so it makes sense that she’s wearing that. Also Emily R definitely has fake boobs because they stay the same while she loses weight. And to think she got famous from her boobs,

    • You have to check out her Instagram if you can stomach how into herself she is lol. Because I want you to check out her stomach, I stared at it for a minute wondering how it was possible to look like that and have boobs! She’s way too skinny, and it’s not natural cuz she chooses to eat light and clean.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She’s naturally slender you can tell by her frame, and there aren’t bones jutting everywhere, but she does look thinner than usual. She has tiny bones.
        Clean eating and light won’t make anyone her size, but it would ensure against weight gain.

  18. Vera says:

    Rihanna is blossoming into quite the incredible human being

    • UmYeah says:

      Except for that whole ricecakes imcident right?? Why everyone ignores it is beyond me

      • Applecore says:

        Right! I’ll never forget her making fun of a fan who made herself a prom dress inspired by one of her dresses. Such gross and entitled behavior towards someone who clearly was a fan and didn’t have the money to buy the original dress.

  19. PPP says:

    Can you not weight-police so much? I want to overlook the Rihanna comment since it doesn’t seem to be portrayed as a bad thing, but when you follow it up with the “dress for her bigger body” it sort of undermines it, and then you have this super negative comment on Emily’s weight loss, which might be due to health problems or disordered eating, and we all know how much pressure there is in that world and how it causes female entertainers to struggle. This sort of judgmental language contributes to that and doesn’t make any of us normies reading feel great either.

    • Aren says:

      This is a really good observation.
      Also, I see nothing wrong with Rihanna’s body, she’s stunning.

    • Oh-Dear says:

      agreed PPP. There’s enough to talk about with the work these women are doing without policing their weight.
      And it sets the tone for the comments – so many of the comments on the Angelina post discuss her weight. I have a very good friend who looks emaciated and she is so self-conscious she won’t leave her house for days at a time. Her autoimmune disorder dictates her weight, and it is an awful battle.

  20. Sage says:

    Her face is always stunning but lately her style is a mess.

  21. DiamondGirl says:

    Rihanna looks gorgeous and this is a very grand gown that suits the occasion. I like the hair as a contrast to the very formal gown. If her hair is up or very “done”, I think she would look too much like playing dress-up.

  22. Chinoiserie says:

    I think the gown isn’t unflattering and she just is this weight right now. And she looks great.

  23. babu says:

    Was ‘Not-that-great hairstyle’ the ball’s dressing code?

    A messy, high updo would have worked wonders for Riri
    I don t think this shade of caramel and pleated waves flatter Beyonce’s new face (she looks like a layer of Gisele Bundchen has been merged over her face on that picture)
    And the bob is not hitting it either.

  24. CharlieBouquet says:

    Yeah maybe taking the waves back a bit with silver rhinestone wiring. Letting her face and bling bling louder. Says the fashionnotta in her husband’s boxers and a peace sign tshirt.

  25. Emily is wearing a wig lol. Some of the blogs on IG I follow suspect rihanna is pregnant. One of my best friends had a 18 inch fibroid in her uterus and looked pregnant, so I’ve learned to not speculate! I hope she really just needs a new stylist, one who loves to show off curves instead of hiding them!

  26. I wish Rihanna wore what Cardi b wore to the diamond ball, I’m surprised she isn’t covered here, she was the best dressed!

  27. “Youncè all on his mouth like liquor..”

    Love thicker Beyoncé!! Brings me back to destiny’s child, when Beyoncé loved Popeyes 😩

  28. KittyCucumber says:

    Sorry but we can’t be slamming hideous sexist male journo trolls for slating Rihanna’s weight gain, then asking if her outfit is ‘unflattering’ and saying she doesn’t know how to dress when she’s bigger (which is what – find a way to hide that you’re bigger – because no one should be bigger?) I love how riri has dealt with all this weight BS – she looks amazing, healthy, happy and clearly does not GAF!

    • magnoliarose says:

      I didn’t see it as a slam at all. Just that when we gain weight our lines change and certain cuts are just more flattering on a fuller figure. Weight gain is a part of life, but it does change our bodies just as weight loss changes what looks best too.

      Her attitude about gaining is great, and everyone should learn from it, but it is new for her.

  29. Joannie says:

    This is the first time I’ve had to say she looks terrible. Most of the time i find her really attractive despite what she’s wearing.

  30. smee says:

    She is a very beautiful woman, but I agree about the weight-gain and not knowing how to dress for her curvier shape. The dress is adding bulk – thick material, double layer, the mullet situation – it’s not that flattering. She looks good, but she could look great with better proportions. She appears to carry her weight in her hips and thighs, so this dress is accentuating these areas.

    • Kate says:

      She’s never been worried about looking bigger than she is. For every tight, revealing, flattering outfit she’s worn another bulky, loose outfit.

      She went to the afterparty in a tight white sleeveless dress. She’s not trying to hide her body.

  31. dowdowdowd says:

    she’ll never not be gorgeous but the weight gain makes her look older. add her extravagant style to that and we have mariah carey in our hands lol

  32. annie says:

    sorry about change of topic about the Diamond ball….but Jamie Foxx was there and brought along Katies nephew Joe, The pic was at the daily mail site
    what was so funny about it is….how all these tabloids look for clues about everything and most of the time they stare at them in the face.

  33. kibbles says:

    I love the weight gain on both Rihanna and Beyonce. They both look great, especially their bosoms. Why women starve to be super thin I have no idea. I see nothing wrong with either of their weight, and I wish that more women would own their curves like Rihanna, even in the face of all the weight shaming from mostly misogynistic men and some women. It’s sad to think that in a year Beyonce will likely lose those curves again to try to be as thin as possible. Women need more examples of public figures who strike a good balance between being healthy and strong with some meat on their bones. Some women are naturally thin and that’s fine, but we are inundated enough with two extremes of thinness and obesity. I rarely see women who represent my body type in the media.

  34. Enough Already says:

    I usually dislike Rihanna’s style, a bit too try-hard at times, but she looks amazing here. Like most I also think the hair should have been up as it’s almost Elvira-ish. It looks flat and oily and drags the eye down past those stunning eyes. Bey looks…different. Someone upthread mentioned a Gisele Bundchen overlay and that’s exactly it. And those are *not* pregnancy lips but I think the new mom bags under her eyes are oddly cute. I like Emily’s new haircut/wiglet but the makeup is Posh Spice on steroids. A softer palette, a dress in a lighter color and more fluid lines and a little less aggressive posing would have helped a lot.

  35. Anare says:

    Rihanna always looks stunning. I don’t like the gown here but she is rocking it as usual. Several recent pics of Beyoncé look off. Can’t figure out if she did something to her face or quit doing stuff to her face. She looks kind of exhausted which would be understandable for most women with 2 new babies but she can afford all kinds of help so it makes me wonder if all is well with her.

  36. A Fan says:

    What a mess. Rihanna usually looks good, but lately it’s like she’s lost her hotness. And the hair is way too long, straggly, and not flattering at all. She’s usually so beautiful and cool. She usually can pull off looks that no one else can – but not lately.

    A similar thing is going on with Diane Kruger.

    [*What happened?*]