Prince Harry & Meghan Markle kissed at the Invictus Games closing ceremony

Invictus Games Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony for the Invictus Games was held last night. Bruce Springsteen was there. Kelly Clarkson was there. Bryan Adams was there. And yes, Meghan Markle was there!!! SHE BROUGHT HER MOM! Meghan’s mom Doria Radlan was there to support her future son-in-law. Doria flew in from LA just for this, apparently. Meghan, Doria and Meghan’s friends were seated separately from Prince Harry, in some kind of luxury box. Harry was on and off the stage, at one point he went to Meghan’s area and stayed for awhile, He even kissed her, on camera, in front of her mom. Sigh…

Since Meghan’s outfits are becoming a thing, let’s name-check what she was wearing: the beige-cream trench coat is $178, from Badgley Mischka. The jeans are Everlane, $68. She wore Jimmy Choo heels in nude. At one point, she took off the trench and she was just there in a black t-shirt. Harry also stood with Doria for a little while, chatting with her – you can see more photos here.

I mean, at this point, the engagement announcement is just a formality. Still, it will be interesting to see how, when and where they do it.

Prince Harry kisses girlfriend Meghan Markle on the cheek

Invictus Games Closing Ceremony

Invictus Games Closing Ceremony

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid.

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  1. Blaire Carter says:

    She looks gorgeous! He looks fine! Her mother looks beautiful! If you go to DailyMail bring out the wine!

    • Imqrious2 says:

      🥂💍🤴🏼👰🏽. Ok…I’m ready! Let’s get this party started! 😊👍🏻🍾

      • Mary says:

        I bet they announce at Christmas and marry in spring. The big question is, where do they marry? Since she is divorced, St. Paul’s and Wesrminister Abbey are closed to them. They will have to have a civil ceremony in a designed spot, just as Prince Charles was forced to do. Maybe Hollyrood House like Zara?

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Those comments are horrible. I hope she and her mom don’t read them.

      • holly says:

        What is wrong with people? I am appalled that the Daily Mail allows these sorts of comments to be published. I’m gobsmacked by the cruelty displayed.

      • PrincessK says:

        Me too it is so disgraceful. That is why I am so happy to come here to discuss Meghan, although i strongly suspect it has been infiltrated by some anti Meghan trolls. I force myself to go there a) because I like to see the pics b) to counteract the sick comments and let gullible people understand that the majority of British people are decent and will welcome Meghan.

      • Kath says:

        If you want to despair at the human race, descend into the cesspool that is the Daily Fail comments section.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        I think Meg Sparkle and mum Doria should ignore and consider those as a ‘compliment’ – the bar is set low now – due to Willnot carol waity and the middelton mob.

        The only place is UP for the expectations of duties of Prince Henry Sparkle Couple- as long as they continue to be seen performing duties to HM the people of GB CW.

        Snowflake middletons – were on top at the start only to have taken up country toff life as GB reps, that may be fast returning, now that george is sick of his pricey- far away school in time for baby make five + middletons.

    • Beluga says:

      Going to need something stronger than wine. It’s vile over there.

      But it is interesting to watch how the goalpoasts had been moved all of a sudden. After they got papped at that wedding they went to loads of comments were saying “Omg she’s acting way more affectionate than him. He’s not into her, she’s faking the whole thing, the bitch.”. Now it’s “Omg he’s acting way more affectionate than her. She’s not into him, she’s using him, the bitch.”.

      But that aside they look happy and in love and I might have cooed a bit at the photos, so bring on the engagement!!

    • K says:

      I love her now, for the aneurisms she’s going to give the dregs of this country. And for causing a senior member of the British Royal family to issue a statement openly addressing racism and misogyny, too. Bless her. I hope they are happy as pigs in ordure.

    • kellyann says:

      Lol. That should be a disclaimer for DailyMail

    • Mermaid says:

      I will be all over this wedding. After all the turmoil in this world, I’m desperately hoping for a royal wedding. She will be a stunning bride. They are a bit older and have been involved in many friends’ weddings, and both love to travel. I could see them doing a destination wedding. Unless Harry has something forbidding him from marrying in a ceremony outside England? Apologizing for not knowing, I’m American.

      • K says:

        He’ll get married in a British church. I think probably Westminster Abbey, as he’s still fairly near the throne, but it could be St George’s Chapel if he wanted, as there are now almost 4 lives before his, after his father’s.

        It won’t be overseas, though. That’s not how senior royal weddings work. And if she’s not already an Anglican, I’m pretty sure she’ll convert.

      • A says:

        @K Doubtful it’ll be Westminster Abbey. The Church of England still has that thing about divorced couples don’t they? Wouldn’t they have to get married in Scotland if that’s the case still?

      • dodgy says:

        I like Markle and all… but we really can’t afford another Royal Wedding. Not with the rape clause, the new universal payments roll out, failing schools and NHS. We need to get our priorities right, sorry.

      • LAK says:

        Since 2002, divorced couples can marry in the church of england.

        Further, in the spring, Westminster put out a statement saying they would be happy to marry Harry and MM.

  2. Abs says:

    They are the cutest. A very affectionate couple. Her mum being there to support him and the games really seals the deal.

  3. Jb says:

    Her mom came!! It just struck me that I would never have thought Prince Charles would attend…but then he certainly could support his son this way. Can Harry go have a vacation for a bit – he’s got to be exhausted! But yes, engagement and wedding planning. Maybe her mom is going to come over the pond for that? I’m going to leave the nude heels alone although I’m a bit disappointed.

  4. suze says:

    Aw. Hi Mom.

    Meghan looks a lot like her mom. As I said on the ObamaHarryBiden thread, it’s good to see Harry interacting casually and happily with people of all color. I am scarred by the relentless barrage of criticism aimed at people of color coming from the White (very white) House.

    I like that her mother took this whole thing so casually, too. She’s dressed well but not to impress, and that impresses me. I actually want that shirt.

    Oh, yeah, Meghan is her beautiful self.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      I liked her shirt too.

      And it really is amazing to see a senior royal being comfortable and casual with people of color. We have this impression of the BRF as these white Europeans, who wouldn’t deign to associate with the common folk, and it simply isn’t true. There are POCs in the royal family. I’m sure they fit in just fine. But to see the 2nd son of the future monarch, friendly with the 1st AA USA president, with a biracial girlfriend/future wife, with a future black mother-in-law…wow. It’s modern. It’s inclusive. It just feels great.

      • PrincessK says:

        Harry is very used to interacting with non white people. Many of the charities he supports are headed by non whites. Someone also mentioned that Harry secretly dated a high profile Namibian lady 😉. Also he spends time in Africa. In Britain blacks and whites mix together socially much more than in the US.

      • Lorelai says:

        @TheOriginalMia: it does feel great, I think particularly so since we thought we’d made so much progress with Obama for eight years, but then were suddenly thrust into the awful reality that no, we really hadn’t at all. So this does feel like a little bit of a balm and a reminder that not *everyone* is a terrible bigot. I hope Harry and Meghan are so so happy together.

    • bettyrose says:

      I hate that we still live in world where people are applauded for not being racist. The RF and Trump’s America are both way more race-focused than a middle-class upbringing in 1990s Los Angeles. California is far from perfect. It’s still a culture where people are valued by their money and latest achievements, but I suspect that Meghan is accustomed to multi-cultural environments and isn’t obsessed with the racial differences between herself and upcoming in-laws.

  5. Amy says:

    Her mum looks so unimpressed by it all and I mean that as a compliment – like “oh yeah, just up here in the VIP box, whatevs”. I don’t blame her, it must be pretty surreal.

    EDIT: Ahh I posted that before the above comments were showing – it seems we’re all on the same page!

  6. OTW says:

    They’re probably already engaged. Just waiting to announce to the public, that’s all. Harry and Meghan give off such such a different vibe than Will and Kate. Someone online posted that “Harry and Meghan have all the charisma. Will and Kate have all the dignity…”. Somehow I tend to lean towards that statement….

    • Ankhel says:

      I just remembered this quote. “Dignity is the mask people wear to hide their ignorance.”

      Don’t know why.

    • Angel says:

      Will and Kate have no dignity, or at least they are incapable of conveying it. That’s part of their problem, they don’t come off as Royals. No matter what was up with Charles in the 80′s when he attended events people felt that he was royal. No matter if they thought he was up to no good, Charles has presence and dignity.

      • Royalsparkle says:


        What dignity!?

        Princess Henry in the making has All for an American (without Royalty) – she display IS – class regal dignity AND a great posture – not the least is her beauty.

      • frisbee says:

        She is not Princess Henry In the making. She will not have the rank of Princess, if they marry Harry will be awarded a Dukedom. She will be the Duchess of somewhere (Sussex probably) she would be styled HRH The Duchess of …. She will never be Princess Meghan, only those born of the Reigning Monarch and her descendants are Royal Princesses. Princess Anne, Beatrice and a Eugeni are all Princesses in their own right and as Royalty trumps everything else in these matters, they all outrank Catherine as they would Megan. Also it is incredibly unlikely that Harry will be King, he’s sixth in line to the throne, may slip down even further AND clearly doesn’t want the job. The Potential as you insist on putting it is, in practical terms, near none existent.

      • Tina says:

        Frisbee, you’re right about rank, but Royal Sparkle is right about the title. If Harry was not awarded a dukedom upon his marriage, Meghan would be known as Princess Henry of Wales. (Kate would have been known as Princess William). It’s like how Prince Michael of Kent is married to Princess Michael.

      • frisbee says:

        Tina that’s right BUT it will be Princess Henry/Harry of Wales, it won’t be Princess Meghan. Diana was never ‘Princess Diana’ officially she was Diana, Princess of Wales, a title always adjacent to her husband and to his name. It’s a subtle distinction but it does exist.

      • Tina says:

        @Frisbee, I don’t think we’re disagreeing, but didn’t Royal Sparkle say Princess Henry initially? I don’t think anyone has claimed she would be Princess Meghan (except People magazine, who will inevitably call her that whatever her actual title is).

      • frisbee says:

        Tina, you’re right but I so become used to this poster calling her ‘Princess Sparkle, (its the only thing I can make out on these word salad posts tbh🙂) whatever I missed that bit, my mistake ☺️

      • Enough Already says:

        Upon marriage she will be Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales. When the queen gives Harry his inevitable dukedom she will be addressed as Her Royal Highness Duchess Meghan of Sussex (or whatever duchy he receives).

    • Megan says:

      More like William and Kate have all the stiff, awkward uncomfortableness.

    • Lorelai says:

      DIGNITY? William and Kate? Seriously?

      They work the least, stay at engagements for so short a time that Kate generally doesn’t even take her coat off (which is just plain rude in most settings), and William has publicly admitted to being unprepared.

      They’ve skipped events in their own home, been caught lying about their whereabouts, and let’s not forget that Kate’s response to hearing about how Indian children were mutilated was, “Oh, how interesting.”

      And this doesn’t even begin to get into the number of times her skirt has flown up while on duty.

      Or William off skiing/clubbing with a bunch of young-ish girls while the rest of the family attended mass with his grandmother.

      So “dignity” — not so much. Or else we have very different definitions of dignity.

      • Ourobo says:

        “Dignity” and “The British Royal Family” are not words that have spent much time together, historically.
        Edward VII.
        Randy Andy.
        Harry’s naked Vegas photos.

        There’s a lot of examples out there.

        Being part of the BRF means all the money, connections, and entitlement that most posh people have, but combined with a backwards “ordained by God” mentality that means they can misbehave publicly as much as they want.

  7. AnnaKist says:

    Aww, this is just lovely. Mum, Meghan, friends, President Obama, Mr and Mrs Biden, and Prince Harry doing his Invictus duties, relaxed and flitting about, socialising casually with everyone. I’m loving it! I happened to catch only the tail end of the closing ceremony, and his speech was truly wonderful. I have a feeling that if they do marry, Meghan is going to be a shining star within the Royal Family, whether they take to her or not. Since he’s never going to be king, Harry has the luxury of freedoms that his brother does not. Harry and Meghan are going to be a brilliant double act.

    • suze says:

      I am not sure why there is this persistent narrative of the royal family will not “take to” Meghan. There has been nothing to indicate any resistance within the family.

      I stick by my gut instinct that says this potential marriage is much less controversial inside the family than out – and even outside it’s just controversial in some pretty dubious places like the comments section of the DM, a few toff circles, and crazy internet blogs. I hope Sixer has time to weigh in today, because she points out over and over again that most Brits don’t care much about the royal family outside of the Queen. Most people who show up to meet Meghan in person, or bother to follow her on the news, won’t get hung up on her genetics, they’ll just see a pretty royal.

      I am guessing his family wants Harry to be happy. I would guess Charles, in particular, would like Meghan. She has some of the same interests in he does: organic food, Africa – and he is not immune to the charms of a pretty woman.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Yes, I apologise, suze. You’re absolutely justified in calling me out on this. I think I’ve been reading too many trash mags, and watching this happen with families around me.

      • suze says:

        I’m not calling you out! You had a lovely comment. I agree with most of it. We should all just enjoy a nice, positive story

        I was responding to the general narrative that appears here – not you personally.

      • Megan says:

        I would imagaine Charles is all in on Harry marrying Meghan. The fact that she is not British is a small quibble when compared to her education, charity involvement, work ethic, and beauty. The fact that she is comfortable living a public life is a massive bonus.

        I think the BRF is very anxious to see Harry settle down. They would love to replace the “wild child” brand with ” respectable, hard working family man.”

      • Sixer says:

        Sorry to be late – busy today!

        Suze is right. Beyond a vague “the Queen’s alright, done her duty etc etc”, hardly anyone cares about the royals – aside from the tiny minority of pro-royal fanatics and the other tiny minority of arch republicans (like me).

        I honestly can’t see anyone getting aerated either way about Markle beyond enjoying a pretty wedding.

        I mean, nobody outside of celebrity gossip even knows or cares that Bill and Cathy are the laziest creatures in creation, so I don’t think they’re going to be bothered about Miss Sparkle.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        I have a feeling Charles will absolutely love Meghan and they’ll be fairly close. Joint interests for one thing, and her sparkly affectionate personality. She’ll also likely allow him to see and become close to her children, once they arrive. Very appealing.

    • Royalsparkle says:

      Never day ‘Never’ – at the way the eorld is turning – there is no time for wasters if great status – to USE and to do for least among us.

      Freedoms or not – potential King Henry behaves as his father son – appreciate and honour hia RF – The Monarchy Traditions.

  8. Sunfuntravel says:

    Can we talk about how young meghan’s Mom look… dude she is in her 60’s but she legit looks like she could pass for 40

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Black don’t crack. It’s just a fact.

    • PrincessK says:

      She looks great. I remember seeing pics of her in a bikini at Meghan’s wedding in Jamaica and I believe she was 60 then. Meghan gets her beauty and lovely smile from her mother. Only having one child who seemed not to have given her mother any problems must have helped her stay young looking…..and all the yoga.

    • Lorelai says:

      Her mother seems lovely. I adore her casual demeanor. Some people are truly not phased by status, and it is also possible that she’s spent a lot more time with Harry than we know about.

      She seems relaxed and supportive of Meghan. I can’t wait to see what she wears to the wedding.

      (And yes, I would love to know her skincare routine because she looks closer to her daughter’s age than her own!)

      I also like her shirt.

  9. Mimi says:

    I wonder how Meghan’s mom really feels about all of this. There has to be a part of her that is very concerned and apprehensive about her daughter taking Harry and the drama that comes with the BRF on. It’s not what I would want for my child.

    • suze says:

      Well, perhaps, although Meghan is 36 so I hope her mother trusts her judgment on the matter. She doesn’t appear to be particularly naive.

      • CynicalAnn says:

        I don’t think it’s naive at all to worry about your child being subjected to the scrutiny and criticism (most of it unfounded.) You might also worry about her personal safety, as the BRF would certainly be a target. Meghan’s freedom will be curtailed, she and her children will always have a security detail. Furthermore, her mother lives in LA. I too would be sad that my daughter and future grandchildren would be living on a different continent. You can be happy that your daughter is in love, thankful that the person she’s chosen is wonderful, and excited about her new life. But that doesn’t mean you still wouldn’t worry.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Well said. I would worry. It never stops; it comes with the job.

      • suze says:

        @cynicalann – I meant Meghan isn’t naive. She is a grown up, she must have some idea what she is taking on

        I am sure her mother feels her daughter can make good decisions vis a vis the “drama” the original poster mentioned. I was talking very specifically about intra family dyanamics

        As far as safety, distance, etc., the universal motherlode of worry, that is all true and I am sure it is as true for her mother as for any.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I have to agree with CynicalAnn.
        I think she is supportive but concerned and protective as we would all be if she were our daughter. It doesn’t stop no matter what age we are.

      • PrincessK says:

        I am sure Doria will be spending more time in the UK. Meghan after all is her only child.

    • Royalsparkle says:

      I dont feel Americans consider view the BRF Royals as negative. The positives outway – and her daughter pending new status in the making, have so much
      GOOD of tbe PRINCE HENRY Couple and will continue times 2.

      Doria could give back more -contribute to charities with her daughter . That would surpass the hangers on entitled middeltons use of perks by way of Willnot ‘I am a Prince’ association.

    • Bess says:

      I agree. It seems like it would be extremely important for anyone marrying into that fami,y to have a strong support system.

  10. Talie says:

    I can’t believe a Badgley Mischka coat only costs $178 now! That brand used to be a big luxury…interesting.

    Anyway, her mom looks great for her age.

  11. loislane says:

    Ohhh! Mum’s there. Best pals’re there. They’re all loved-up. Girlfriend got that ring 💍. Game over, fvck£r§!!!

    • Really? says:

      +10000. Couldn’t agree with you more!!!!

    • suze says:

      It’s a win for the participants and those who enjoy their relationship, for sure.

      The game is far from over regarding race relations, online and in real life. Not sure it’s much of a win there. Maybe it will move us forward an inch. But maybe not. I thought Obama’s election would move us forward as a country and instead it’s opened up this huge divide I thought we had crosse.

    • LAK says:

      Sorry to rain on your parade, but this same scenario was repeated with Chelsea and Cressida. It’s his dating pattern.

      • Really? says:

        Really? Did Chelsy and Cressida’s parents show up at his events as well? I’m hoping this time it’s different. Somehow Meghan strikes me as a street smart gal and a lot of her public “moves” have been very strategic. I doubt she would bring her mom into it so publicly without a ring involved.

      • LAK says:

        Cressida grew up around royal circles. Their relationship was conducted with her siblings tagging along or Harry visiting with her siblings or parents or vice versa. They attended weddings together, holiday-ed together, partied together. Her siblings were present at that one semi-official event they attended publicly as a couple.

        Similarly with Chelsea, her brother and mother. Most people don’t know what they look like and so don’t realise they were front and centre at the Diana concert or how often they appear in papped pics during that relationship. Chelsey was invited to his Sandhurst passing out parade and was forever comfortable with Charles every time they were seen in public together.

        For their own reasons, WK chose to keep her away from his family for several years or in public. That worked for them.

        Harry seems to go the other way by incorporating his latest GF into his life immediately and meeting his prospective inlaws, hanging out with them etc immediately and publicly.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @LAK – I do remember him being out with Chelsea and Cressida in this way, but I don’t remember a parent present while Harry bussed the GF at an event this identified with him.

        I’m a cynic, as you all know, and am always suspicious of ulterior motives in relationships (e.g., Her: Wow I couldn’t have bought this PR with a winning Powerball ticket, who cares if I don’t get a ring out of it?! Him: This’ll stick it to the family I’ve never, underneath it all, forgiven for shafting my mother). So anything is possible, especially on Harry’s part. He strikes me as being what they call emotionally “labile”.

        But that said, LAK, it looks to me like this is more than just Harry’s dating pattern – this looks to me like he’s really nailing this flag to the mast. For all we know, the BRF has been “discouraging” of the relationship and this is his way of forcing their hand and making it impossible for them to say NO. I find that difficult to believe, given how far down the line he is now, but, as I said, anything is possible.

        If this is really a done deal, in MM’s place I would call it a day on “Suits” when it wraps in November and move to London. She can’t just waltz in a few months before to plan the wedding and pick up her HRH without ever having lived in the country of which she will immediately become a citizen (and, one must add, a subject of the Crown) and start representing them. She needs to show interest in the entire country, not just London, and learning to absorb British ways of looking at things.

        When Maxima married Willem Alexander in Holland, I saw early engagement interviews with them and was impressed that she was already answering questions in fluent Dutch – they went on extensive tours of the country to introduce her to the Dutch people. Mary spent a year in Denmark before she and Frederik made the engagement announcement.

        True, these women were marrying the Heirs to the thrones of Denmark and Holland, but the lesson stands: it’s important if you are coming in from outside to show good faith in getting to know your new country, instead of simply coming in with the wedding and assuming all your new privileges. MM should hightail it off to London the instant “Suits” wraps and get off on a good foot with the British public – who are, after all, contributing to those privileges.

        That’s what I would do at this point, anyway.

      • perplexed says:

        I do think Harry is an affectionate guy in general, so I tend to agree with LAK. I do think it’s quite possible he could be engaged, but he also always seems affectionate in personality as a general rule (with little babies, kids, girlfriends, William, heck maybe even his dad, etc.) so I’m also wondering how definitive conclusions about a marriage could be drawn. The one difference I see here is that Meghan is quite pretty (she’s more striking than Cressida and Chelsey) and she’s an actress and Harry is older, so people are paying more attention to this relationship than others.

        I also think he has chemistry with everyone he’s with or even the one’s he’s not with (i.e Michelle Obama). Maybe Melania Trump is the only person I can think of where he couldn’t conjure the chemistry (though who would want to?).

        As the former second-in-line to the thrown and now sixth-in-line, I do also think Harry probably gets cut more slack in how he is able to publicly conduct his relationships. My mother said that Andrew was really popular once upon a time and everyone thought he was the handsome prince who showed more emotion with his wife, but over time that popularity faded (probably after all the scandals).

        Anyway, he could be engaged. He might not be engaged. But when I’m reading mainstream media, it doesn’t seem like they’ve drawn a definite conclusion on a marriage yet. Maybe they’re trying to be objective? I have no idea.

      • suze says:

        I think they are very serious and probably heading to marriage, but I buck the CB trend in that I think the engagement is a bit further off – possibly an announcement at the end of year to next spring if it happens. I really don’t imagine you’ll see a winter or early spring wedding. Possibly summer.

        Like see seesittellsit says, it would be savvy for her to actually live in Britain for at least a short while before marrying in. I doubt there is any real pushback from the BRF because of who she is – after all the odds of Harry or any of his kids ever seeing the throne are so low at this point as to be miniscule – but I think there may be pushback because of the situation.

        Should an American actress just fly in, have a fancy royal wedding, and then start getting paid by the state without any real “onboarding”, learning cultural customs, getting used to the country as a whole and not just the joy of cosmopolitan London? Probably not.

        It will be interesting to see how they proceed.

      • PrincessK says:

        Harry is conducting this relationship quite differently. It is quite clear that this man has proposed marriage.

      • Lorelai says:

        @LAK: you don’t have a different “feeling” about this one, though?

        Whether due to their ages or what, this just feels like the real thing to many of us.

      • Abs says:

        No it isn’t. We’ve never seen Harry with Cressida’s parents. And I don’t think there are any pictures of him with Chelsy’s parents either, if there are then it was likely on holidays. They definitely never accompanied him to official events.

        There is a video of Doria and Harry deep in conversation with Harry’s arm around her back. I think these two have already formed a great relationship.

        I don’t see a pattern. Harry made sure to oficially call her his girlfriend from literally the first week after the relationship was outed. He has never done this before.
        With Cressida we don’t even have many PDA pics- I can think of two occassions- the hug on the slopes and the WE Day hug that looked awkward (weeks later they have been broken up). Yes, we have pics of Harry and Chelsy showing some major PDA but again only one set of pictures were they are actually holding hands (leaving a nightclub). With Meghan we get tons of PDA anytime they are pictured together. They are holding hands in all the photosets. Again I see a difference. And why shouldn’t there be one? He is obviously older, more mature and i a different place in his life. Personally I think it’s lovely that they are so confident in showing their love so openly.

      • LAK says:

        Maybe he marries this one or maybe he does not, the pattern remains the same. He is all in with them. And if he doesn’t marry MM, he’ll be all in with the next one too.

        Abs: You can deny the pictures, and i can’t be bothered to post them, but Harry has always incorporated his girlfriends’ families into his life. And he has included them at his events even though people weren’t focused or didn’t care to know who they were.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Comment disappeared. Maxima moved with a job to be closer to WA. She also “went to the nuns” to learn Dutch before she ever spoke publicly. Mary moved to Paris where we’re told she had a (unproven) teaching job in Paris, then was handed a job by one of Fred’s friends at Microsoft. Both received some criticism when they were handed citizenship upon marriage.

        Meghan Markle doesn’t need to learn a new language. She wouldn’t need years to learn how to live in the UK; she’s already show the ability to adapt to new cultures and countries. She’s had an introduction to some aspects of British-related culture by living in Canada for 7 years. It isn’t like it would be completely foreign to her, as she’s already spent time in London and has some friends there. Again, Birgitte, Marie-Christine, Autumn, Gary Lewis. All not British, all doing fine.

        I don’t think Meghan Markle could move to the UK without some acting and voice over jobs to ensure she was there legally – unless they were openly engaged. Learning as-she-goes after an engagement announcement would be enough. Most of the senior royals have said at one time or another that the only way to learn this job it to do it; she wouldn’t have trouble with that. As long as she got to work, I wouldn’t forsee big problems.

  12. emma33 says:

    Is Meghan’s father in the picture at all? I can’t remember ever reading anything about him.

    • Citresse says:

      He spends time living in Mexico. It’s too bad he couldn’t be there too, to support his daughter.

      • The Original G says:

        Why, would you imply, based on nothing that Megan’s father doesn’t support her?

      • Citresse says:

        If they have a close relationship, then it’s logical to presume he supports his daughter in private however the IG was a coming out of sorts, so the father being absent is notable to some. I frankly don’t care who was there and who wasn’t for whatever reason(s). I care as to success of IG and for all intents and purposes, it appears to be a success so that’s wonderful.
        We can only speculate as to why the father was absent.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think it would have been weird if he’d been there. This wasn’t a wedding, this wasn’t some big work event of Meghan Markle’s. It is a bit strange that her mother is there, but her mother has a habit of visiting her for stretches in Toronto.

    • Citresse says:

      But notasugarhere, I viewed this IG event as Harry also introducing MM and her loved ones to the world therefore IMO, seeing the mother there wasn’t unusual. Remember Charles formally introduced Camilla to the world during that photo op after the party at the Ritz.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She was also present at a polo match, which was another introduction to the world that they are together (along with his statement and her VF interview). I don’t see this as an official outing of her loved ones – that isn’t their role. If these two continue in their relationship, if they marry, then I expect both of her parents to be at that ceremony.

  13. Nelly says:

    I don’t want to cause issues or anything because I like both Harry and Meghan, but their open affection with each other is odd for the BRF. IIRC, William and Kate have been criticised for openly showing affection in public and it isn’t how the BRF works. Not saying they are wrong, or in anyway better than W&K, just raising a point.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      Even C &C walk arm in arm at times, and the Queen has on occasion with the DoE. But it is *very* rare to see Bill offer Kate his arm or hand. Which is kind of sad. You definitely see it in other young royals (Sweden, Spain, etc). Poor Kate looks starved for that kind of attention sometimes, considering the way she looks at Bill.

      • Merritt says:

        It is actually not that rare.

      • Royalsparkle says:


        Agree – it’s not rare at all for Royals having a genuine love affair. The latest being CP Couple Victoria Daniel- Prince Carl Sofia, SRF. CP Fred/Mary, King Felipe Qn Leticia all the time.

        Potential King Henry Meg Sparkles now coming out – doubters will have their fill. An Official Engagement before Invictus was needed – but HM /Firm/CH knows best.

      • perplexed says:

        I’ve seen pictures of William hugging Kate at sporty type events.

        The amount of times I’ve seen him do it is rare, but I’d say the amount of times I’ve seen him do it equals the amount of times I’ve seen Charles or the Queen show emotion towards their spouses.

        Charles is also older now and has been waiting for forever to be King. Now that he’s old, he’s probably like “Screw it, I’m going to lock arms with my wife in public if I want to.” (He also wants people to accept Camilla. By letting people see that he has affection for her, it makes the public more accepting of her and helps them to understand why he might have been drawn to her over Diana, whose memory will probably haunt them as a couple forever).

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s mostly Kate does the the puppy dog look seeking attention from Will as he generally ignores her. It’s actually sad because he often walks ahead of her and doesn’t pay attention to what she is doing and it goes beyond protocol because Charles does not do that with Camilla and in the early years with Diana wasn’t like that with her. Will is just an ass. And Kate puts up with it because she wants the title. But that has always been their dynamic since Kate centered her entire life from university on into pleasing Will and he wants that.
        Harry is not like that with Meghan ( and wasn’t like that with Chelsy or Cressida either )

      • perplexed says:

        In this slideshow, William seems to look at Kate with affection:

        I’m not fans of either of them in terms of their work ethic, but in terms of their marriage, I feel sometimes that people are seeing some kind of discord where there might not be any.

      • Merritt says:


        Exactly. People see what they want to see.

      • lobbit says:

        Yeah, I’ve never seen this love-starved version of Kate that people talk so much about – and believe me, I’ve looked.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Charles and Diana showed plenty of PDA in the first few years. He also openly shows affection with Camilla. He’s always taking her arm, making sure she gets up and down stairs okay, making sure she has her umbrella or sun parasol.

    • LAK says:

      WK tend not to show affection in public. It’s not a protocol thing or the way of BRF, it’s *their* way.

    • perplexed says:

      In the Tina Brown book on Diana, I remember reading a passage where it said that the Queen shot Diana and Charles a look when they started laughing together at a public event after a joke Charles made about a song. I have no idea if it’s an official rule to seem unemotional, but I got the impression that the Queen likes it better if you’re a bit more…stoic? I think she might prefer the more stoic appearance if you’re further up the line.

      I wonder if birth order also affects how people behave. William and Charles are also first-born children, and I do think first-borns have a tendency to be more serious looking.

      I do find it a little weird when people say Harry and (Diana when she was alive) show so much emotion. Compared to someone like Julia Roberts, I always thought of Diana as fairly reserved. It’s actually strange to me when people make it sound as if she whooped it up in emotion. Sure, she smiled and laughed, but overall I thought she came across as British in persona, imo. (I don’t find that to be a bad thing. I do think public figures who are more reserved are less annoying. Whereas I find someone like Julia Roberts or Jennifer Lawrence laughing it up all the time a little irritating to listen to over long periods).

      • suze says:

        It was the specific song that way playing that made the Queen shush them. It might have even been “God Save the Queen”, but I can’t remember exactly

        The Queen is a stickler for protocol during certain very official events, but I don’t think there are any rules for not showing affection in day to day appearances.

      • Nelly says:

        I suppose I am thinking in terms of also when William crouched down to speak to George at TOTC and received a stern rebuke from HM for it. I seem to remember lots of comments on that post revolving around royal protocol, affecting in public and William’s behaviour as inappropriate. Different story for Harry here, I suppose.

      • perplexed says:

        Oh, yes, the song was “God Save the Queen.”

        All of these people just seem British to me. None of them strike me as particularly strange in how they conduct themselves in terms of affection. British people generally seem more understated. Even Diana seemed kind of understated to me. So whenever people go on about how emotional she was, I don’t get it. She looked like a fairly reserved lady to me by modern post-1970s North American cultural standards. I would have described her as “demure.”

      • LAK says:

        Perplexed: of course JLaw and JRoberts is the other end of the scale, and we are talking a modicum of affection in public or at the very least not looking like you came alone to an event and don’t know anyone there.

        The Queen tends to have a serious or not depending on occasion, but that is different from looking like she’s doesn’t know Philip or doesn’t care for him.

        Most of WK’s affectionate photos are misleading because they often video shoes a different picture to reality especially during the early years when she mugged for the cameras looking like she was the life and soul of the party is in the photos where the reality was quite different. As ever, video tells a very different story of each of those photos and it’s not the one in the still photo.

        Nelly; that occasion was quite right for William to be reprimanded because he chose the wrong moment to fuss over G. Being asked to be appropriate for a minute is not the same thing as showing a ffection. A simple solution to the G problem would have been to pick him up and stand to attention. Crouching down and chatting to the child is not appropriate at that solemn moment of honouring the military.

      • perplexed says:

        Well, I wouldn’t dare to compare the Queen to any regular celebrity. She’s the Head of State. And I’ve always thought she loved Phillip, almost to a fault. I do think she comports herself the way she does because of her position – she’s essentially a diplomat/ambassador and has always acted accordingly and appropriately.

        I just simply don’t get it when Diana (or Harry) are/were referred to as emotional. Diana always looked fairly reserved to me, even when she was spilling her guts to the world in the Panorama interview. And even Harry doesn’t seem like the guffawing type like J-Law. Diana always seemed composed and graceful rather than hyper-emotional to me. She may have been a mess on the inside, but I don’t think it ever truly showed on the outside. She always looked like someone in control of her emotions.

        Maybe William loves Kate. Maybe he doesn’t. But his actual demeanour with her in public never strikes me as out of the ordinary. Neither does Harry’s with whichever girlfriend he’s with. Neither does Charles’s with Diana when she was alive or Camilla now, etc. And I don’t think the demeanours of the other royal members of the family are out of the ordinary either. What does strike me as out of the ordinary is the confirmed messiness of some of their private lives. But I also believe that some of that is, in fact, private. If Charles was having some odd conversation with Camilla that was wire-tapped, I don’t really feel that’s any of my business because he didn’t consent to have that conversation publicly heard. Ditto for Diana and whoever the Squidgy guy she was talking to on the phone. And double ditto for those tapes that were released for the speech therapist. How they behave(d) in public, however, always seemed appropriate to the occasion, and most likely how I would choose to behave (not like J-Law or Julia Roberts on the Ellen show, where that kind of demeanour makes more sense to have).

      • PrincessK says:

        @Nelly…Oh gosh yes! I will never forget how the Queen publicly rebuked William, watched by thousands of people on TV, during the flypast when William kept kneeling down to attend to George ( I can’t stand this new trend of kneeling down to kids to make eye contact with them so common in the UK, I am forever seeing women in shops on their knees talking to their children …’eyes roll’.) William quickly stood up and I could see that the Queen is really the boss in the family and everyone listens when she speaks.

      • notasugarhere says:

        William was playing around with his son playing the PR “look I’m a hands-on dad” game instead of honoring the flypast. HM rebuked him because he chose to bring his kids out on the balcony and chose not to prepare them well-enough to pay attention at that important moment.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Have you ever seen pictures of Zara with pretty much any member of the family? Zara has always been the big huggy person in the BRF. Whenever she goes in for a hug with Charles, he absolutely lights up. You can find plenty of pictures of her with William, Harry, Charles where they are hugging or hanging out side-by-side with their arms loosely around each other’s backs.

      William shows plenty of PDA with his brother and cousins Zara and Peter. He shows more PDA with the dog than he does with his wife? Well that’s his choice.

  14. Merritt says:

    I absolutely think an engagement is in the works. I know some people are concerned because she doesn’t live in the UK and the response to an engagement with someone who hasn’t lived there for any length of time. But I think security issues complicate a move without an engagement. Once she is done with Suits the security paid for by NBC Universal will be gone.

  15. seesittellsit says:

    I should have put more money down on this but I was burned from BREXIT, Trump, and a subsequent bet that he’d be impeached within a year of the election. Oh, I forgot, I had a bet down on May winning a huge majority in June in the UK, too. That’s the thing with this stuff: you have to hold your nerve till that sure thing comes in!

  16. Karen says:

    They are adorable. He looks so,confident and happy. Can’t wait for the announcement.

    Meghan’s mom will be the opposite of Carole Middleton. Her daughter may be marrying royalty but that does not change her life. Unlike the Middletons who had to upgrade their home-you know for security reasons. I know she lives in the US but she is not about the superficial. No stupid coat dresses for the wedding! I hate those outfits!

    Meghan is very pretty and confident. I will be curious how Kate reacts to her. Kate is a very competitive person and does not like anyone outshining her. Meghan can handle life; Kate cannot. She always seems stressed and insecure. Should be interesting…

  17. katie says:

    Jessica Mulroney & husband Ben were there too – there’s a photo of her in the box with them in DM. I wonder if Ben will get some “exclusives” for his etalk show.

  18. Sharon Lea says:

    Yay! Loved seeing these pics.

    Now that the Invictus Games are over, the question is, when will they announce their engagement? I’ll say for sure by Christmas.

    • Lorelai says:

      @Sharon, same! I love these two together.

      Definitely by Christmas, although I’m hoping closer to Halloween 🤞🏻

      • Lady D says:

        Thanksgiving Day is huge in both Canada (Oct 9) and in the States (Nov 23). Is the British equivalent Harvest Day a big celebration in the UK? Giving thanks for everything you have would be a memorable day for an engagement.

      • starryfish says:

        I’m guessing early December. I’m hoping Harry will spend thanksgiving with Meg & her family, sort of one last moment for the two of them before the circus truly begins. I’m dying to see what her ring looks like!

      • GRR says:

        No, Harvest Day is really not a thing in Britain. If you’re an active church-goer or go to a Christian school you might collect tins for the disadvantaged, and perhaps attend a special service (and churches decorate) but that’s it. If you’re not an active church-goer you probably wouldn’t even know it exists.

        Reading your comment was a blast from the past as it’s the first time I’ve heard anyone mention Harvest Day since I was at primary school. It’s not comparable to Thanksgiving.

  19. starryfish says:

    It’s great to see him looking so genuinely happy! My favorite pictures of the night were the ones of him hanging out with her mom, there are quite a few photos floating around out there of them chatting comfortably and everybody looking really happy together. I can’t wait for this wedding, we need some happy news to provide respite from everything else.

  20. snarky_lurker says:

    I like these two, but sometimes when I read about them I think about that old Mary Chapin Carpenter song: “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her.”

  21. Bxhal says:

    Makes me want to cry. What a beautiful couple. I love a beautiful love story. Meghan is so beautiful.

  22. What's Inside says:

    Looks good to me. I wonder if Harry’s had time to talk to her father yet.

  23. Combat Vet's Girl says:

    You guys underestimate how classist the British aristocracy is. I don’t even think the issue is that she’s biracial, it’s more about being American. Most of us do not believe in the concept of royalty–we fought against it and broke free. We are not required to curtsey or bow, ever. I would never bow to another human being. These people hold deep and old beliefs about rank and royalty and this shakes them up. Agreed, it doesn’t help that she’s half black but I think it’s more the American divorced actress that get their panties in a wad. I personally do not believe in the concept of royalty in the modern world and Harry, IMO, is not a Prince but rather he is a man and a combat vet who is doing a GREAT thing with Invictus.

    The trench looks amazing. Her fashion is already FAR surpassing Kate’s.

    • Merritt says:

      Bowing as a show of respect is done for reasons beyond monarchy. And I’m not just talking about entertainers bowing or curtsying to the audience.

      • Lady D says:

        I was just thinking the same thing, Merritt. If I ran into the King of Thailand I would bow, it’s an easy and understandable way to show respect. It has nothing to do with the fact that I or they think they are better than me. Doesn’t the country of Japan use bowing as a form of greeting/courtesy? It’s simple enough to do with no emotional cost to the one bowing.

    • A says:

      Yes, the British aristocracy is classist af, and yes, their beliefs in rank and royalty are far more deeply entrenched than people think. But the BRF has had far more scandal when they have married among their own aristocratic ranks rather than outside of it, especially in the recent years. The most successful/binding marriages have been when they have married relative commoners (Edward & Sophie for instance). I think the Queen values stability and peace and an absence of scandal when it comes to their personal lives a lot more than someone’s background, especially in her later years.

      And it’s funny that you say most Americans don’t believe in the concept of royalty. The royals are by far more popular among Americans than in Britain or even elsewhere in the Commonwealth. Of course, it’s a lot easier for someone to watch a spectacle like royalty from a distance when it’s not their tax payer money going towards it I assume.

    • LAK says:

      The idea of ‘divorced, american actress’ as barrier is public fanfiction and prejudice not reflected in reality of the family.

      Wallis Simpson was an outlier who was useful in the goal of demonising the ex-King therefore any thing that made her different was used as a perjoritive, but that was uniquely about Wallis as opposed to entrenched attitudes.

      Wallis aside, Americans have never had trouble marrying into the aristocracy. Most of the current crop of dukes have American heiresses in their recent past, including Churchill who had 2 Americans in his lineage including a Vanderbilt AND his own mother.

      Diana’s maternal grandmother was an American.

      The first female MP, Lady Astor, was an American.

      In terms of nationality, there are plenty of foreigners in the royal ranks starting with Philip (Greek), HRH DssGloucester (Danish), Princess Michael (German), Countess of St Andrews (Canadian), Gary Lewis married to daughter of Gloucester (New Zealand), Autumn Philips (Canadian)

      In terms of divorce, Gary Lewis, Princess Michael, Countess of St Andrews, Camilla were all divorcees who married into the royal family.

      In Camilla’s case, she was his mistress to boot.

      Nevermind that Anne and Charles are on 2nd marriages.

      Actress? Princess Michael of Kent’s son is married to a working actress. Last seen on 2.5 men as Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend on the show. Princess Alexandra’s grand daughter is a working actress.

      • A says:

        @LAK, to be fair, a lot of the buccaneer marriages (wealthy American women marrying into impoverished, but prestigious titled families) were met with some furor at the time, at least for their novelty. But none of those families were necessarily main line royal families whose heirs were marrying in, so there’s a difference there, and the women marrying in had considerable wealth (which was the main plus point for those marriages to begin with).

        And the Queen did face some opposition with marrying Philip. He worked out fantastic for them of course, but he did have to deal with a lot of friction. But, the aristocracy, for all their foibles, are as varied and diverse in their opinions about royalty, Americans, marriage and divorce as any other group of people are. They disdain pretense above all else (*cough* Ma Midds *cough*), but so long as that is kept at bay, they’re not that picky, at least not in this day and age.

      • LAK says:

        @A: absolutely. I included aristocracy in my comment because other poster mentioned them as an example of entrenched classicism that excludes foreigners.

        There seems to be a public held view that the aristocracy are a monolith that doesn’t welcome any differences which is demonstratively untrue. Ditto the idea that aristos tend not to be pretentious.

    • perplexed says:

      I do tend to think the discussion of classicism does seem to enter snobby media commentary with the higher-ranking royals. Although maybe it was the Queen Mum who was the biggest snob of them all, and now that she’s dead nobody feels as constrained as in the past.

      I feel like the classist standards have always been a little weirder for the higher ranking royals than the ones who are way lower down the line. Even though Harry is 6th in line to the throne, I also feel like he’s perceived as on the higher end of royalty because of his connection to Diana. Everyone remembers the little kid who walked behind the casket, and, therefore, he’s viewed as more important than his actual status would indicate.

      Diana had American relatives, but they were the super-posh American kind that the British press loved to brag about (i.e connections to American presidents and some celebrities). So I think even reference to her American side of the family was sort of classist. And Diana was always presented as the epitome of Englishness. No one could be more English than Diana.

      Even though Camilla married into the family, it did seem like Charles and Camilla had to go through some degree of struggle to finally make it a reality. And I do think their path to the altar was made easier by Diana’s death.

      I think Harry will be allowed to marry whoever he wants, but I also think some people in the media, rather than his own family, might be snobs about it (not because of her bi-racial background, but because people like to talk about other people’s divorces because it makes them feel better about themselves. It’s not clear to me whether her American-ness matters much or not, but I do think Brits, like everyone else in the world, probably like other foreign nationalities better than American, especially in today’s, er, climate.)

    • Enough Already says:

      Harry will face virtually zero levels of pushback from his family about marrying a divorced, biracial, Jewish, American actress because they want him to be happy and times have changed within the rf. It’s the Gloucester poshies, turnip toffs and other aristos who will titter behind Meghan’s back. But the people who really matter will approve of her and probably already love her for Harry. Meg has nothing to worry about.

  24. Meh says:

    Wow, how wonderful. Wonder if Harry can put the love show aside to care about the terror attack on a city within a commonwealth country.

  25. CommentingBunny says:

    Somewhat off-topic but I got to attend the closing ceremonies!

    Harry has charisma for days, and his speech was great. I kept thinking how proud his mother would have been to see what he has created. It’s pretty special.

    Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams were amazing, especially singing together.

    One of my favourite parts was the sign language interpreter air guitaring along with Bruce and Bryan. He was amazingly animated!

    But the absolute highlight was getting to see and cheer for the athletes and their families. Several well-deserved standing ovations during the night. We had free tickets and I’m feeling inspired to donate the amount we would have paid to a veteran’s charity.

  26. Cath says:

    Can’t wait to get the behind the scenes scooo from Mulroney on e-talk

  27. aquarius64 says:

    I think this is a brilliant roll out of the couple. Protocol has been observed for the opening and closing ceremonies because H & M are not officially engaged (not sitting together). Attending the tennis match cements that Harry is with a woman that is not a dirty little secret. Meghan’s mom at the closing ceremony shows Harry’s intentions are honorable. I think that’s the driving force for the nasty comments on DM and other places: for a woman of Meghan’s heritage and profession the ceiling for her is official mistress. I am certain Meghan’s mom is concerned for her daughter but I think she trusts Harry to look out for her. And I like that Doria does not comes off as thristy as the Middletons, seeing a royal son in law as an opportunity for an upgrade in status and lifestyle. As for grandchildren, I think H&M will make the effort that they have a relationship with their African American grandma as well as their having one with the future king.

    Calling the engagement announcement in March or April 2018. Suits starts to air the second half of season 7 in January 2018 I believe and the walk out from CP, BH or KP with Harry and an engagement ring wearing Meghan would be after the season ends.

  28. Aerohead21 says:

    Not exaggerating, I was watching my local news station (not exactly a big city but not a small town either) and one of he anchors was wearing the purple outfit she wore on opening day, including the leather jacket. I was like…DAMN that was fast!!

  29. adastraperaspera says:

    Her mother is so lovely, and they seem like a very happy mom/daughter team!

  30. Glisten says:

    I LOVE this! I jumped for joy, literally, when I heard of it and then saw the photos. It was a little love and sunshine in these dreary times. Way to go Harry. And to heck with the racists! To all that were at the games, I hoped you enjoyed it. I heard it was phenomenal this year.

  31. Island_girl says:

    Im fascinated by all the body language amd relationship experts commenting here today. Will walks ahead of Kate and ignores her… Harry is super affectionate amd makes out with every human he comes in contact with, so his kisses for Meghan aren’t a big deal…

    Everyone’s an expert.

    • perplexed says:

      Oddly enough, I don’t really think he’s making out with Meghan. He looks like he’s simply kissing her in a peck fashion on the cheek. His kiss is not minor, but he’s also not going full-throttle with her in the stadium, in some kind of stark contrast to how he’s behaved with other girlfriends or in some kind of glaring contrast to other royals. When’s described as being so amazing with her, and everyone else looks odd with their partners, I don’t get it. He is being affectionate, but that’s as far as I would go in describing what he looks like.

      When the title of the post claimed he was kissing her, I thought he was going to be seen kissing her on the mouth for what could be perceived as an extended period of time, with some big departure from royal tradition. Then I saw the photo and I was like “oh. That’s it? Okay. That’s nice, I guess.”

  32. perplexed says:

    I wonder what kind of moisturizer her mom uses. In the Daily Mail photos, she looks as young as her daughter.

    • perplexed says:

      Sorry, my original post was not meant as an insult to Meghan. I saw some other pictures where the mother looked a bit older. But then there were other shots where she looked quite young. It was in the flattering photos where I thought she looked almost as young as Meghan.

      Meghan herself is quite beautiful.

      And I’d like to know what both women use for their complexions.

  33. Adele Dazeem says:

    Okay time for the shallow commenter (me!):

    I’m super surprised and impressed by Meghan’s clothing choices at these events. I think many peoples’ natural inclination would be to over do it–with jewelry, heels, multiple statement kind of J. Crew-ing yourself. (I’m visualizing a Reese Witherspoon scarf pearls layering overdone faux preppy thing.) kudos to Meghan for going minimal and not trying to steal thunder. I love her minimalist chic style. I’ve said it before, she is going to bring the fashion porn!

  34. nessa nessa says:

    I saw the video of the kiss…it was cute. Just out of nowhere he reached over and kissed her cheek. He held her & kissed her again. It was cute & sweet.

    As for this being a pattern….sigh. Look I don’t know what the endgame is but please keep in mind what makes this relationship different isn’t based on if the mother is around or how much he kisses her. It’s about where he is in his life period. He is calm now, mature. He is aware of himself & fixed the things that messed him up before. That is gonna make any relationship he is in “different” regardless. Even if he was back with Chelsy the relationship now would be grossly different from before. It’s just a given…

    Back to this relationship though…what makes it different is the fact that from the start he made it clear she was someone important. He released a statement claiming her & protecting her & her mother. Add to that Meghan gave her mini type acknowledgement by confirming they’re happy & in love. What makes this different is the fact at every turn it’s been clear where they stand emotionally. As soon as it was leaked he confirmed “yes this is my girlfriend”. Before this week came about the vanity fair article with Meghan hinting to them one day being more public. What makes it different is that it seems more “royal official”. Whether it ends with a marriage or a break up is only up to them but if you are trying to figure out what’s different…it’s the behind the scenes moves. The official royal press release condemning the media to the interview given the okay by KP to the extensively planned out appearances this past week.

    The difference is the timing in his life & the officialness to it all.

  35. NOLA says:

    They really seem to be in love, which makes me simulataneously happy and sad. Happy for Harry. But also sad because I don’t get that “totally in love” vibe from Will and Kate. I am a silly American who bought into their love story that was pushed on us. And I feel so crushed that it seems like it’s not true.

  36. Bitsy says:

    Her mother’s energy jumps off the page right at you; she seems so beautiful and serene. I know nothing about her but I like her so much! And ginger and sparkle look super cute and in love.

    Side note, there are plenty of pix of Kate and Will being very affectionate but it isn’t what is typically published by British tabloids. On tumbler sites and royal blogs there are lots of posts of the two of them looking so in love. But really. Its not a competition. Why are we making it one?

  37. Telly tele says:

    Combat Vet’s Girl said: “You guys underestimate how classist the British aristocracy is. I don’t even think the issue is that she’s biracial, it’s more about being American. Most of us do not believe in the concept of royalty–we fought against it and broke free. We are not required to curtsey or bow, ever. I would never bow to another human being. These people hold deep and old beliefs about rank and royalty and this shakes them up. Agreed, it doesn’t help that she’s half black but I think it’s more the American divorced actress that get their panties in a wad. I personally do not believe in the concept of royalty in the modern world and Harry, IMO, is not a Prince but rather he is a man and a combat vet who is doing a GREAT thing with Invictus.

    The trench looks amazing. Her fashion is already FAR surpassing Kate’s.”

  38. Telly tele says:

    The way the public thinks is not the same
    as the British Royal Family. Very few people
    would qualify for the BRF corporation and
    that is a good thing. After everything that
    has come out about the BRF over the decades, people still think they benefit
    the public…what a laugh. Do I think
    Markle or Harry are extremely charitable
    people, no.

    They do seem like two people that care for
    each other though.

    It looks like the BRF will be shrunken down to size, in order for it not
    to disappear, but it looks like it will disappear
    in the next 10-15 years. It looks like Harry
    is fine with taking what comes to him, (as in if the BRF ends it ends and it is no skin off his nose) meaning he will be in a relationship with someone he cares for and not
    someone who is just good for the BRF corporation. Although I believe he cared
    for the other girls he dated, I think he’s
    done looking for someone the BRF will
    love and he loves too and will accept a job
    at the BRF corporation.

    They won’t get married, (if they do it will be if he gets completely out of the BRF) but will probably live together and have kids together and be together for a long time. A lot more realistic articles are coming out, from the
    Meghan & Harry PR team stating this, during this weekend …which …included Harry and Meghan’s Mom hanging out publically.

    There are a combination of reasons why
    cheesy articles have been written about
    these two, but one is some of these hostile BRF fanatics that are evidently out here. Hopefully for their benefit, more realistic
    articles continue to come out.

    And Harry will hopefully end up
    raising happy and healthy kids!

    • Lorelai says:

      Could you provide links to any of those articles?

      I haven’t seen them and would be interested in reading them.

    • nessa nessa says:

      So your assessment is that Meghan will be the mistress/baby mama & never the wife? Is that it? Sigh….

    • Olenna says:

      Whaaaa? Maybe Royalsparkle can decipher this.

    • notasugarhere says:

      “more realistic articles” that kowtow to the racists, classisists, or xenophobes who think he shouldn’t marry the woman he loves who happens to be a bi-racial, divorced, American? Those wouldn’t read as “realistic”, they’d read as increasingly-desperate anti-this-match fan fiction.

      The BRF is being downsized to Charles and his line; that means six working royals including Harry and his spouse. They’d be prominent working royals for the next 30 years until W&K’s kids start doing royal duties.

      The BRF needs someone who will work, knows PR, and is willing to do the job. Harry has found someone he loves and that person also meets those requirements. If they decide to stay together, they would marry in a CoE church ceremony, she’d get a title associated with his, and they’d both be prime working royals for the next three decades.

  39. greenteaandrosehip says:

    Meghan & Harry are a beautiful couple. Cheers to Meghan’s mom for coming to support Harry’s event!

  40. Abs says:

    There is a video of Doria and Harry deep in conversation with Harry’s arm around her back. I think these two have already formed a great relationship. It’s nice to see her supportive of her future son-in-law. He included her in his press release last year, so I am not surprised.

    I don’t see a pattern in Harry’s dating or PDA.
    Harry made sure to oficially call Meghan his girlfriend from literally the first week after the relationship was outed. He has never done this before.
    With Cressida we don’t even have many PDA pics- I can think of two occassions- the hug on the slopes and the WE Day hug that looked awkward (weeks later they have been broken up). Yes, we have pics of Harry and Chelsy showing some major PDA but again only one set of pictures were they are actually holding hands (leaving a nightclub).
    With Meghan we get tons of PDA anytime they are pictured together. They are holding hands in all the photosets. Again I see a difference. And why shouldn’t there be one? He is obviously older, more mature and in a different place in his life. Personally I think it’s lovely that they are so confident in showing their love so openly. They never hid their feeling for each other.

  41. lobbit says:

    They’re so lovely together – I do hope they are as happy and settled as they look in these pictures. I’ll continue to HONK for a royal wedding in 2018ish. That’s all I got!

  42. fran says:

    markle reminds me of miranda k in the talking the victim into believing “romance” good pr! MK hid the jho low jewellery scandal from view?