People: Kim Cattrall ‘is the one who creates the drama’ & won’t ‘take responsibility’


What has happened in the past week with the Sex and the City cast is kind of crazy, right? I keep thinking of it as “The Public Shaming of Kim Cattrall.” It’s true that there have always been long-simmering resentments within the SATC cast, mostly between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, but I always thought both women would keep the thin veneer of sisterhood to the grave. Not so much. I also have to admit, before the events of the last week, I’d always been kind of “meh” on Kim as a person. She’s talented, she seemed cool in interviews, but I’d never really thought too much about her. After seeing the wolves descend on her and try to bury her with bitchy gossip, I’m now a big-time fan. What’s happening to her has made me very uncomfortable on her behalf and I’m glad to see her standing up for herself publicly. Kim also tweeted about the week-long drama on Friday:

She also retweeted this:

But still, *someone* has an axe to grind about Kim being a terrible, terrible diva. People Magazine had yet another story where “sources” just had to f–king reiterate that It’s All Kim’s Fault and Kim Is To Blame. I want to get in Sarah Jessica Parker’s face and sing “Let It Go.”

Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon spent years combating rumors that there was tension between the four of them while filming their Emmy-winning HBO series and its two big screen sequels. But a source close to production tells PEOPLE the actresses had conflicts and consciously kept that from fans.

“They genuinely did care about each other and worked very hard to protect their relationship,” the insider says. “Every relationship has its ups and downs and they worked very hard to protect fans from moments that weren’t ups.”

Multiple sources tell PEOPLE that star Kim Cattrall’s demands led studio Warner Bros. to kill Sex and the City 3, which Parker had said had a “beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story” ready for filming. Sources have told PEOPLE that Cattrall made “outrageous demands” to re-board the movie franchise. Another source previously countered that Cattrall was not happy with the “humiliating” plotlines for her character in the movies. (Warner Bros. has not commented).

While Cattrall has since denied that her demands had anything to do with the death of the in-development sequel — which she said she refused to board back in 2016 — an insider tells PEOPLE that the actress is refusing to own up to her part.

“It’s amazing Kim is saying she wasn’t negotiating because she was absolutely asking for many demands, some of which have already been quoted,” says the insider. “When she said the relationship was toxic, it’s interesting because she is the one who creates the drama, but she won’t take honest responsibility for her actions. She’s been protected by their silence for so long I think she just expects that.”

[From People]

Nothing says “that other woman created the drama” than a person who refuses to let go of a grudge and continues to give these “who me, I’m so innocent!” quotes about drama to People Magazine. I could seriously picture Sarah Jessica saying that to People, it really, really sounds like her. And it’s sad. Meanwhile, the New York Post had a very interesting history of the beef between SJP and Cattrall – go here to read it. They identify the pattern – SJP was mad that Kim was a “scene-stealer” during the TV show and SJP would basically isolate Kim with the help of cast and crew, while simultaneously pushing stories which casted Kim as the “villain.” This happened when SJP wanted to make all of the films – Kim would resist because she didn’t want to do something, and a spate of stories would appear about how Kim is terrible and she’s dragging her heels, etc.

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  1. Don't kill me I am French says:

    I DON’ t understand this drama.She refuses to be in another movie ? Find another actress to act her character and it is all

    • FHMom says:

      Exactly. They could just recast if they wanted to. I think they just want to take her down.

      • Shiba says:

        I wonder if this ‘story’ wasn’t dreamt up to gauge public interest for a #3/pre-deflect any criticism that would inevitably arise from killing (much less recasting!) Samantha.
        Any backwash onto Kim would have been “just business” for SJP…

      • lavin says:

        I’m with you on that. I said from the beginning that this whole thing is a publicity, pr-campaign, like those dreamed up by some record companies between artists on the same label, or someone watched Feud and said hey maybe we can create a Joan-Bette Davis type PR-feud, between Kim and SJP, to get fans to talk about and interested in a possible film… and then in a few months we’ll get a midnight tweet, that Kim has gotten her demands met and is reconsidering, then by morning ,it will be on all the morning shows that “HEY We’re doing SATC 3, with Samantha and we’ve all smooth out any differences, it’s all fine now.
        What made me believe it was a PR Stunt was when Willie G, the actor who played Stanford, took a tweet potshot at Kim Cattell. I felt then ,it’s all acting, all of it. We are being played, IMO. But I like it. LOL

    • Laura says:

      This! Or they could easily say she died. Her character had cancer before so it would be believable.

      • Ravensdaughter says:

        Exactly my thought! They could always bring in a spunky younger character to keep the “girls” (as in verging on “Golden Girls”) up to date. (I’m 53, btw)
        I saw the entire series but not the movies for pretty much the same reason Kim wants to move on. I thought the series ended on a high note and that the characters and the concept were played out.

      • tealily says:

        Or just be like, “oh Samantha’s off globe-trotting with some dude.” They don’t even have to kill her. They barely even have to explain it.

    • greenmonster says:

      They can’t just replace Kim Cattrall with another actress. Fans really like Samantha, they love KIM as Samantha. Replacing her wouldn’t work. And I tell you, they can not just kill Samantha because I bet they wanted to kill off Big – to give a heartbreaking storyline to SJP. They can’t kill off two characters. That’s why SJP and others are so mad – they need Kim Cattrall for this movie. This makes me giggle so much!

    • Nicole says:

      ugh same here. Kim has given her blessing to do this very thing!

    • minx says:

      One CBer last week said that perhaps Big was going to be killed off, because Chris Noth claims he hadn’t been contacted and wouldn’t do it anyway. That makes sense because they wouldn’t want Samantha to be killed off as well. And it would explain the uproar over KC’s refusal–the movie would really need her. SJP’s claim that the story would be “beautiful and heartbreaking” sounds like a single Carrie would be back on the market, bravely coping with widowhood, shopping and all the gorgeous NY men throwing themselves at her.

      • Scal says:

        Also Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) is rumored to be considering a run for NY governor. I seriously doubt she signed on either. Why is SJP and her minions throwing just one actor under the bus?

      • Boxylady says:

        There is an Instagram account called everyoutfitonsatc. When this story first came out, they posted what they said was the outline for the 3rd movie. I was looking at it today and I see the hashtags #fanfiction and #satire at the bottom of the post. I don’t remember those being there the 1st time I saw the post but I see that the post says “edited.” Also, the 1st time I read it, I saw that Sarah Jessica Parker had liked the post and had agreed that that was the script.

        Anyway, I don’t know that they killed off Mr Big because that outline doesn’t mention him. But Carrie is supposed to get some backlash on something she wrote and go on some kind of Eat, Pray, Love sort of journey (as I understood it), and then land on Oprah’s podcast. Samantha was supposed to go to some exclusive sex party in DC which leads to her becoming Trump’s latest press secretary. But in the end, Samantha has a public breakdown about details of her life being publicized but winds up a seven-figure book deal. Charlotte has a mommy blog that she parlays into a lifestyle brand for “the modern Jewish mom with WASP tendencies.” (I have to say, that is a perfect storyline for Charlotte.) Miranda’s son comes out as gay; Miranda comes out as well and divorces Steve.

        As I said, there’s been some walkback on whether this was really what SATC3 was going to be but check out the Instagram post and see it for yourself.

      • The Original G says:

        Boxylady, that sounds horrible. Really white privilege clueless.

    • Char says:

      How could it be about Carrie if not oh-so-dramatic. Seriously, SJP is reaching a Swifty level, stop embarassing yourself, girl.

    • kimbers says:

      sho should shut down the slander. it makes her look like a total bish and at this point I don’t want to watch any projects with the mean girls senior edition.

    • lavin says:

      Oh my gaaawwwwwwwwwwd, SJP please just let gooooooooooo! Kim Cattrell doesn’t want to do the film. WTF.
      SJP sounds like a spoilt mean-girl who is angry she can’t get her way.

      Maybe they should get the red haired actress Cristina Hendricks, from Madmen to play Miranda’s cousin from Pennsylvania who needs to stay in NYC for a few weeks with Miranda and she causes chaos, fun and and forms fast friendships with the three ladies.

    • Mrs Odie says:

      Just do like “Rogue One” and put her in digitally. No one curr.

    • Vail says:

      LOL Oh my gosh, seeing women over 50 call themselves “girls” and ugh, have to hear them talk about sex and how pathetic men are and how fabulous they are … Sarah Jessica in more inane outfits, overacting… WHY would any of you pay to see that? The second movie was really a stretch and if there were a third? Well that would just be pathetic.
      I would not be surprised at all to find out that Parker is the one being hateful. She seemed for a while to have cultivated this whole “I am so much like you regular people, I am just down to earth, golly gee!” persona, but if you read interviews with her, she always manages to get in a dig at someone. Heck, even the hair and makeup people for the intro on SATC were tossed under the bus!
      And she was horrible to the girl who played Carrie in “The Carrie Diaries”, and said the weirdest thing about people over-using her generosity or something bizarre [did she really forget that she was playing a character based on the person who wrote the books to start with?] when asked about it. Very lame, since she has certainly been in plays that have had many actors play one role. Parker didn’t need to be “generous” and allow someone else to play Carrie Bradshaw, she doesn’t (gasp!) own Carrie.
      All the more proof it is just time to cut this out. I would never watch a third movie and I doubt anyone really wants to do one.

  2. Talie says:

    Sarah was on Howard Stern not that long ago making a big to-do over how false the rumors were that she and Kim didn’t like each other. How devastated she was…mmmhmmm

    Kim is like an English actress, she is always working in TV or stage. She’s carved out a nice place for herself as a working actress.

    • Shirurusu says:

      Yes she seems to be getting work just fine! And if they really wanted her on board they should have created better story lines for her character than in the last two films which were horrendous. Unlike SJP, who seems to only care about the money and attention from the franchise, I actually think Kim cares about the character of Samantha and didn’t want her dragged through the mud as the butt of every joke yet again. I think she has more integrity than all these b*tches doing it just for the money and fame lol :)

    • WhatwasThat? says:

      She recently was in a BBC production of Agatha Christie ..Witness for the prosecution which I enjoyed..I believe the famous film version was Tyrone Powell..his last movie I think and Marlene Dietrich..this time one of my favourite actress Andra Risebourough took that part was very good and I can see why she would want to move on and not just type casting but to get good roles and perhaps even an award someday

    • Megan says:

      SJP needs to check her ego because NO ONE wants this movie. The first two sucked, the storylines are complete. Let it go.

      • lavin says:

        That’s not true, there are millions of fans who would still show up at the box office to see SATC 3. I certainly would and so would most of my friends who were fans of the show and the first film. The second film was horrible, but I would still go to number 3 and then complain if it was horrible too, but I’d still go see it.

    • grumpy says:

      She isn’t just like an English actress, she is one. She was born in Liverpool and has dual British Canadian citizenship.

    • Scout says:

      LoL, Kim wants fame and the fact she doesn’t have it independently and isn’t making the big $$$ drives her crazy.

  3. The Original G says:

    NO ONE wants to see this movie. I doubt ANYONE wants to finance it. This was never a real project. It’s just a ploy to create an impression there’s fan interest. It’s backfiring.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I think it is hilarious how wrongly SJP misjudged this. There was no interest in this movie, but she maybe thought that a bit of chatter might raise interest in either a third movie or in the second season of her show Divorce, and she seemed happy to throw Kim under the bus to get that interest. SJP was counting on the paycheck as well as renewed interest in her as a “fashion icon” to sell shoes and perfume, those sidelines only sell because of the Carrie character, not SJP herself.

      • The Original G says:

        I just think that the values of the show, the non-diverse cast, the shameless consumerism and privilege displayed in the final seasons and films are entirely out of step with modernity? So, there’s no film going audience for this and I’m shocked SJP doesn’t know this?

      • magnoliarose says:

        It is a dated concept. I don’t know any women in my age group who act like they did in the 90s.

    • lavin says:

      There are millions of fans who would still go to see a third movie, regardless of what some say. Number one was good, Number two was HORRIBLE. but I would still go see what Movie 3 was, just out of curiosity.

  4. Jules343 says:

    SJP really hasn’t realised there’s been a shift has she? 15 years ago when she started pushing this ‘Kim is a horrible diva for wanting fairer pay’ line she got away with it, but calling out a woman for knowing her worth and negotiating hard, that doesn’t fly now.

    If she’s actually a hideous nightmare to work with, they can make a film without her. If they can’t get a film financed without her, well then obviously Kim was always right about her value to the franchise.

  5. Yellowrocket says:

    Uuuggghh this has really lowered my opinion of SJP. She should do us all a favour and drop the unwanted third movie and try and get a sequel made to hocus pocus instead of the reboot.

  6. Nancy says:

    I never disliked Kim. It sounds to me like SJP is on a witch hunt. I am absolutely aware of the fact that I am in the minority, but I just couldn’t watch that show. Parker, in my eyes, is so unappealing, it’s hard to believe Big, is it….would be interested in her. Time to move on Sarah, everyone else has.

    • lisa says:

      I’m with you, i always expected the show to end as a snow globe fantasy world like st elsewhere,

      SJP wants to be regina george screaming you cant sit with us. but kc doesnt want the invite and it is killing SJP.

      ps sarah, they are making that hocus pocus remake without you so you can lighten up on the witchy eye makeup

    • awholenewworld says:

      Only a SATC viewer could form an opinion like that. You totally watched the show. It’s all good! It was a great show. Don’t be embarrassed by it.

      • lisa says:

        lol no i really cant say it’s good because carrie is such a jerk and i cant figure out her appeal to save my life

        SATC is one of the tapes they play in my mother’s dementia unit so i’m sort of binge watching by default late in the game.

        but i think KC is a great actress and really elevates the scripts, so i am glad that I’ve seen some of it, if only to enjoy the current gossip while my country burns

      • Meggles says:

        “SATC is one of the tapes they play in my mother’s dementia unit” is the most A grade shade, well done. (And sorry for your mom.)

      • awholenewworld says:

        My mom has dementia and enjoys watching old cowboy westerns most of the time. I found myself kind of getting into them by default too. Hugs to you and your mom, Lisa.

      • Nancy says:

        Never watched one episode honestly. The only perfect role she had was the younger Bette Midler in First Wives Club and when she was a kid, that Geek show, that I remember from Nick…..not a fan!!

      • SoyFrappe says:

        She was also very well cast in The Family Stone, as the mostly unlikeable big sister to Claire Danes.

  7. minx says:

    The “insider” feeding People this stuff (cough SJP cough) talks like SATC is still a thing. It’s not. KC has moved on and is living in the present. SJP isn’t, but those pricey NYC townhouses don’t pay for themselves.

  8. K says:

    Yeah this has ruined SJP’s reputation as a nice person imo. The truth has all be exposed she looks pathetic trying desperately to hold on to a long dead character.

    This needs to be said stop bringing back shows from the 80s and 90s they are great then but reboots kill them! They highlight how time has changed and the shows don’t fit now. The originals are funny because of context but redoing it doesn’t work.

    And finally with sex and the city particularly the movies SUCKED!! They were straight garbage that RUINED THE SERIES. I can’t watch the show anymore because of how horrible the movies are. Not to mention the second one was just so racist it made me embarrassed to say I ever liked the show to begin with, like I feel I owe people an apology for watching it. So stop with all SATC crap it’s over, SJP killed and ruined it and frankly Kim is the only one trying to keep any dignity or value it had maintained.

    Get a new job Sarah, Kristin and cythina- let it go!

    • Lady D says:

      Your line about bringing back old shows made me think of MASH. I think it’s one of the very few that hasn’t been imitated yet. Here’s hoping it never happens. Could you imagine a remake of the Honeymooners, with Ralph’s (Jackie Gleason) constant threats to smash his wife in the face?

      • K says:

        Could you imagine mash working now with what was that character who wore the dress to get sent home? But if you watch reruns the show stands because it fits now.

        Like really at this point Samantha is 61 the cougar thing isn’t empowering it’s sad, the fact these women haven’t evolved isn’t funny it’s sad. That Carrie hasn’t gotten to care about anything more in her life the shoes and going out and being seen is pathetic.

        It’s he same with will and grace really 20 years later and you all are in the exact same place! That is a nightmare come to life.

  9. JRenee says:

    School kid bully level. She doesn’t have to do the film. If it’s good, do it without her for pete’s sake.

  10. ANOTHER DAY says:

    Find another actress, kill the character off, but for the love of God……STFU and leave Kim alone. I was a big SATC fan back in the day, but I will never be able to enjoy another rerun or rainy Sunday movie rewatch without thinking of this drama. And yes…..I’ll be pissed off @SJP and turn the channel in disgust now that she’s made clear who she really is, which is even more insufferable than Carrie Bradshaw,

    Team Cattrall all the way.

  11. Eliza says:

    Even if she took calls and negotiated, until she signed a contract agreeing to join, there is no mandatory “yes”. You cannot bully someone into taking a job. She publicly said to replace her character, and make it without her, so if its THAT important, do so.

    I also read Chris Noth wasnt approached, so it couldn’t have gotten that far into negotiations. Plus he seems over it too. If he said “No” do you think they’d be publicly calling him “toxic” and “dramatic”?

    SJP is just mad shes not getting paid AND got a punch to her reputation. But these petty comments just make it worse. Move on.

  12. Lilly says:

    Honestly, my first thought was “Oh ffs SJP, stop bullying.” At this point I’m so completely #teamkim and who didn’t steal the show from SJP? I know lots of people loved Carrie, but in my circle, we watched despite her. Again, thank you Kim if this prevented another movie.

    • minx says:

      I thought Carrie was tolerable until about season three–after that I watched it in spite of her, because I still loved the other women. But, boy, it was hard because the character became even more narcissistic, selfish and superficial. Remember an entire show about Aiden’s old girlfriend grimacing at Carrie? Made me stabby.

      • Nic919 says:

        Carrie was definitely the most annoying and self centered character by the end of the series. Everyone else has developed and changed in some way but Carrie still pined after Big, an ahole who treated her like garbage. Whatever feminist Fred that character supposedly had was ruined by getting engaged to Big at the end of the series.

        I never watched the movies and only heard bad things. Time to beating this dead horse SJP. Move on to something more creative. Leave Kim alone!

      • Lilly says:

        Ha ha, yes, that was so self-absorbed. “Stabby” is so apt. Thanks for the reminder, it’s true about early seasons; there was a vulnerability and truth to Carrie that did not survive.

      • BengalCat2000 says:

        @Minx, I always appreciate your comments. They lost me when Miranda insisted that Carrie be the godmother to her son over Charlotte. Carrie couldn’t even pay her freakin rent bc of her shoe addiction, so of course it didnt ring true. Every single episode, Carrie was lauded for her great beauty and “fabulousness”, while the other women rarely got the same compliments.
        I always liked SJP (despite Carrie)until now. She comes across as incredibly insecure and petty.
        Team Kim forevah!

      • minx says:

        BengalCat2000–thanks, and back at you!

      • SlightlyAnonny says:

        I watched until the bitter, bitter end of the series and while it took me a while to realize Carrie was the worst I definitely had twinges about her awfulness and the realization that no one on the show saw it.

        My fave moment during the last season of Carrie being the Worst was when the Russian (who was too good for her) was like, “I need to be alone to work” and she STILL brought her friends over and he was STILL gracious and polite but was like, “excuse me, I need to be alone to work.” But somehow he was the villian! I remember watching as a young’un thinking, “what the heck? how is he in the wrong?” But of course her friends (who were too good for her) were like, “he’s the worst!” For clearly stating a need sticking to it and being gracious. Carrie was vile.

      • minx says:

        What about her going to a Paris in the final episodes, and moping around the city because the Russian was busy? She was crying on the phone to Miranda “I’ve already been to all the museums, twice.” She had been there about a week, lol, so I kind of doubted that.

      • SlightlyAnonny says:

        @Minx. Ugh! Yes, I’ve seen it all in a week. And it didn’t even ring true to the character! Carrie would have medicated herself with shopping for at least two months before she set foot into a museum.

      • K says:

        Remember when she told charolette she was a horrible spoiled princess and bad friend because she wouldn’t sell her engagement ring to pay for Carrie’s apt that she couldn’t afford because she spent all her money on shoes and was broke?

        Oh and cheated on Aiden?

  13. Squiggisbig says:

    No one wants another SATC movie. Even if the rumors are true Kim is a hero for stopping this drivel from getting to the big screen.

  14. Mindy_dopple says:

    I’ll repeat the theory other commenters had, they didn’t ask Noth back because killing him off would have let Carrie relive her SITC days. It ruined her vision, who is she supposed to run around and talk about her mediocre sex life with? Charlotte and Miranda? I mean Charlotte is actually low key kinky but… it’s a low key thing. No they needed Samantha to egg her on, they’re just pissed they have to work HARDER to make her stupid, stubborn vision come true.

  15. Maria F. says:

    i read on Just Jared that Ryan Murphy also said, ‘just kill the character’, but is that not exactly the problem and why we are reading so much about it? It will not be the same without her. She was an integral part of the show, one of the most beloved characters and as vital to it as Carrie and Mr. Big themselves.

    • Maria F. says:

      i should actually add, that she is more vital than Mr. Big. The men on the show were always replaceable, but not the women and not NYC.

  16. Meggles says:

    Honestly does Sarah Jessica Parker suffering from some kind of mental illness or personality disorder? The extreme level of hatred and obsession she has just because someone doesn’t want to work with her is bizarre and disturbing.

    • Deanne says:

      She’s obviously a raging narcissist. They hate it when they don’t get their way and the people who don’t bend to their will become targets.

  17. Bridget says:

    Either put up and pay her, or stop complaining. This is how business works – if you think she’s so integral to the production, and she knows it, she has leverage.

  18. NoKiddingCats says:

    I have always been team Kim, and had a dislike for SJP – I’m glad this seems to be backfiring and SJP’s true colors are finally shining through. Kim is a class act and how wonderful it is that she’s moved on and sustained her career apart from the Sam character and SATC franchise. SJP is looking more pathetic by the day…Everyone has moved on except her.

  19. Frosty says:

    Wow. The more SJP/minions attack Kim, the better I understand why Kim bowed out of this mess.

  20. The Original G says:

    So, the trials and tribulations of several rarified white society women forced to contend with unchilled champagne and intrigue at the nail salon?
    It’s called RHNYC. This project is so tone deaf.

    • freewhitebaby7.0 says:

      Being white isn’t a crime. If these people had been black, you would have been blown off this site.

      • The Original G says:

        Where did I say it was a crime? It’s a limited perspective, uninteresting to to contemporary audiences.

  21. Neelyo says:

    All this drama is doing is reminding everyone how shitty the films were.

  22. g says:

    This ridiculous drama really ruins the whole memory of the show for me.
    And it’s funny because the SATC 2 movie was on and I watched it over the weekend and Sam’s character really was made into a caricature. Sex crazed, menopausal, and didn’t know how to respect the rules and decorum of the middle east (and that plot line in and of itself was ridiculous, but that’s another story all together). Sam was always a business woman, they completely mocked that. It’s as if Carrie’s the only one who gets to seem put together and poised. Charlotte is painted as a wet blanket, Miranda’s a little better but still used as comic relief in some scenes and is a sketch of a grown up nerdy woman. Carrie gets to be bitchy and snarky when it suits her and the others just have to deal with it?!
    SJP needs to stop trying to live out her fantasies with this project and just let the whole thing die already.

    • greenmonster says:

      I totally agree with you. People may have heard a lot of nice things about SJP, but when you watch the show and esp. the 2nd movie you get a glimpse of how she really is: Carrie has to be the glorious one. Carrie is desired by her Ex (even his wife had to be jealous and google Carrie). Carrie is the one with the heart of gold. Carrie. Carrie. Carrie.

      SJP was the main star of the show for about five seconds, before Kim Cattrall stole every scene she was in (and the scenes she wasn’t in) and someone doesn’t like that.

      • minx says:

        Also Kim is aging beautifully and looks comfortable in her skin, unlike….

      • greenmonster says:

        I have to add: you get a glimpse of the real SJP while watching Carrie because she was a producer of the show and the movie. She had a say in how Carrie had been portrayed. SJP wanted Carrie to be this way, because she may think this is adorable.

        @minx: unlike… unlike… don’t tell me who it is, I will solve this riddle ;)

      • Eleonor says:

        Kim Cattrall stole the scenes because she was AMAZING as Samantha.

      • Artemis says:

        Maybe because SJP’s real-life marriage is dead? Kim seems to have a great life and she’s content with it, SJP seems like a miserable person.

  23. Deanne says:

    Team Kim 100%. Saying no to something that you don’t want to do is a completely valid answer and doesn’t mean you are creating drama. They fat shamed Samantha in the first movie and turned menopause into a farce in the second. Kim’s a better actor than any of them, has carved out a nice career for herself and it isn’t her responsibility to bring SJP’s narcissistic vision to the masses. She’s already done that twice. I have no doubt she asked for Samantha’s character to be given some dignity and was dismissed by SJP, because in her eyes, Sex and the City is about her and only her. This bullying is making me sick.

  24. abby says:

    I was Team Aiden back in the day. The back and forth with Big just pissed me off so I stopped caring about Carrie long ago. I was more into Sam, Miranda and Char.

    I don’t know how the dynamic got so screwed but the other woman became caricatures. As if SJP was passive-aggressively mocking them.

    On a superficial note, KC looks great. SJP on the other hand is not aging so well.

    And btw, if this is a reflection of SJP’s true personality then Matthew Brodderick must be incredibly patient/easy-going. It’s one thing to be tough in business but damn, let it go.
    Clearly this is personal though.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I’ve heard not-so-good things about Brodderick. I get the feeling they might be one of those couples who last because they’re both pretty hard for others to put up with.

  25. Bella says:

    After the initial hoopla last week, I started watching KC’s Sensitive Skin. And wow, KC is a much better actress than SJP. The show made me cry and laugh and bummed that it didn’t get renewed for a 3rd season.
    I’m honestly not interested in a 3rd movie. As so many have commented, the script for the 2nd movie was horrid and it really turned me off to the whole thing.
    SJP- if you are reading this site, please just take the high road and walk away from SATC so it leaves a positive memory for us fans.

  26. perplexed says:

    How can you get this mad for someone refusing a job? Geez, this is weird.

  27. lunchcoma says:

    So, are the people affiliated with the franchise somehow under the impression that its fanbase is full of women rabid for another installment and willing to attack Catrall or anyone else who denies them their threequel? If so, I think they’re out of touch with both who their fans are and with their attitude toward the series. Most of the show’s fans seem like they’re in their thirties, forties, or fifties – women who’ve had to negotiate career moves themselves – and the consensus has been that the movies have been going downhill.

    The arguments about how far negotiations went are pretty flimsy. If things had really gone far enough for this to disrupt other people’s schedules and finances, Catrall would have had a contract, and they would be suing her for breaching it. I notice no one’s mentioned that, so it’s pretty clear they never came to an agreement. Whether she took some calls from them or not, she shouldn’t be expected to say yes just because others assumed she would.

  28. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    The success of the show went to SJP’s head, when she became a producer the show changed and became all about her. Carrie always irritated me, all she did was whine and chase after a man who treated her like a doormat.

    I loved Samantha and liked Miranda until she got with Steve (the one she married). Charlotte was always bland.

  29. tealily says:

    I hope Kim knows everyone is on her side.

  30. Stacye310 says:

    1. Kim has the right to say “no”, period. She doesn’t owe anyone of these people anything. And speaking of People…
    2. What that hell is the deal with that magazine and their obsession with tearing her down? They don’t have a stake in this. Good grief.

    • abby says:

      You would think People mag didn’t have a stake in this but they have gone full-on tab years ago now. SJP probably promised them an exclusive or something.

      I remember when People used to have features on regular people/special interest articles. It was the one thing that gave them a veneer (thin as it were) of “journalism.” Even that was weak but it was something. They don’t even try now.

    • freewhitebaby7.0 says:

      I’m thinking the Duggars are SJP fans. And anything the Duggars like, People loves. Times a thousand.

  31. Anilehcim says:

    This entire thing is so high school and pathetic at this point. From my perspective, SJP and Willie Garson look bad. They both look desperate and they are obviously angry as hell with Kim because their bread and butter depends on her participation. Both of the movies were absolute garbage, anyway. If anyone wants to revisit the characters, just go back and watch the show again. A lot of it still holds up despite being from over 13 years ago, and the female camaraderie is still a beautiful thing to witness.

    I believe it was Page Six that has an article that says SJP has always had a jealousy issue with Kim because Samantha’s character was always such a scene stealer. They claim SJP always had an issue because her character, Carrie, was supposed to be the star and a lot of fans gravitated to Kim as a favorite because she was so funny… and she gets a lot of credit for how sexually liberated she was, which at the time was really groundbreaking stuff. Plus, it seems a lot of people look back on the show and think Carrie was the worst character on the show.

    I’m team Kim on this one. Any woman (or human being, for that matter) has the right to move the fuck on and say no to a job. The fact that they think she should do something simply so they can get work is laughable. SJP is just pissed because her movie career hasn’t been good, her new show “Divorce” hasn’t been very popular, and out of the four stars of the show only Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon have done anything worth talking about since the show ended.

  32. Savasana Lotus says:

    A few things that probably bug SJP no end:
    1. Catrall aged very well. (SJP erm ah …no comment)

    2. Catrall is incredible in the role of Samantha (SJP is meh in all of her roles)

    3. Catrall speaks for herself (SJP is a two-faced coward)

    • Jules343 says:

      If you read interviews, particularly older interviews, with SJP, she comes off as a person slightly obsessed with rules of etiquette and politeness. Very uptight, very reserved, very focused on acting like a good and proper person (acting being the operative word) and very, very judgemental of anyone who doesn’t have the same standards for behaviour as her.

      People like that tend to be well-liked because they don’t let that veneer of politeness drop even when they loathe someone (and their judginess means they loathe a lot of people). But when someone does see through it and is confident enough to not go along with the whole fake friendliness thing, everything goes to hell.

    • Scout says:

      A few things that probably bug Catrall no end:

      SJP is actually successful.
      People actually watch her television shows/movies.
      This is the only thing that has made Catrall relevant in a decade.
      SJP has the $$$, industry cred and awards Catrall never has/will.
      KC is is 62 and still hustling for a paying gig.

      • minx says:

        If SJP is so fabulously successful, why is she beating this stinky, rotting old dead horse? No one wants this movie. And you talk about Kim’s age–just look two photos up top and you tell me 1) which one looks great, dignified and age appropriate and 2) which one looks like she fell asleep dressed as the ingenue and woke up 30 years later, makeup smeared.

      • LAK says:

        And yet for all that success and age differential, SJP remains furious that KC turned her down. Go figure Scout.

      • pwal says:

        Errr… no offense, but SJP’s post-SATC movie career has been dismal. She, along with Aniston, Hudson and Heigl have been the queens of dismal romantic comedies and all are unwilling (or unable) to take a pause and re-evaluate why they are failing in this genre. Meanwhile, Kim has appeared in dismal films, mainly in her youth, but at least some of them were worthy of a cult following. And yet, there’s not a whiff of desperation to return to film in order to ‘redeem’ herself.

        She has moved on with a clear goal in mind-personal satisfaction.

        She is reclaiming her time.

        Hell, she’s a fcuking boss!

      • Matador says:

        I hope SJP’s team is paying you well, Scout.

  33. bijou says:

    Thank you, Kim. No one needs to see another disastrous Sex and The City movie.

  34. Cookiejar says:

    SJP is a horrible actress. The things I saw her in, which amount to that movie with Nicholas Cage something in Vegas (can’t even remember), and of course SATC, had SJP as a whiny, neurotic person, completely unlikable. SATC, especially, kept focusing on Carrie’s far less interesting relationship storylines. Not one of them was good to watch. I felt sorry for all her dates (except for Big, another douche). Doesn’t say much, does it?

    • SoyFrappe says:

      The Family Stone was an okay film and she was perfectly cast as the fiancee/ big sister no one in the future-in-law family likes. Quite funny to watch if you don’t like SJP.

  35. KiddVicious says:

    Maybe SJP needs the cash. She and Matthew are building a mega mansion in Manhattan, that can’t be cheap.

  36. phatypopo says:

    LOVE her. Sensitive Skin is so good!!

  37. Fiorucci says:

    Sjp is not making herself look good at all here! A rare misstep, she really should have stayed quiet.
    There’s a price for almost everything, they could probably have paid KC an amount that she couldn’t refuse.
    SJP didn’t want kim to have near the same salary right? If sJp cares so much would she do it for free? No I didn’t think so!

  38. InsertNameHere says:

    Do they truly not realize that we don’t care? The show is gone. The movies were not good. Let it GO.

  39. jc126 says:

    Kim C. is practically a hero for shutting down this movie, which would surely be awful.
    And it’s sickening to watch people gang up on and bully her – it’s disgusting, mean girl behavior. I do hope Kim realizes that people are on HER side.

  40. K says:

    There is such a huge irony on the absolute viciousness with which she’s being treated, when the reason they need her to make another movie is that they are supposedly based on the enduring bonds of loyalty and love between women friends.

    I don’t get why they are calling any demand she wants to make ‘outrageous’. She could ask to be carried to set every day on a unicorn if she wanted, and if they didn’t think that was within their budget and said so, and she said she wasn’t interested in making the movie… so what? She’s not their slave; she can ask for what she damn well wants, and if they can’t afford to pay her what she feels it is worth to her in hassle and annoyance to play a part, then she has every right to say no.

    I do completely get that she says she just isn’t interested and nothing they could offer would change that. But even if she were asking for insane amounts of money or no dice, then so what? That would be completely her right. It’s her time and working life she’d be dedicating.

  41. Scout says:

    Weird how literally no one has come to Kim’s defense from her past or present to say anything remotely nice about her.

    • Meggles says:

      Weird how Scout joined this board just to make loads of comments attacking Kim and telling lies about her…

    • Jax says:

      Love how absolutely everyone on this thread is not buying what Scout (and only Scout) is selling.

      Also I don’t care if Kim is as horrible as you think Scout. Kim has every right to say no to the role and to demand anything and everything if she didn’t like the role in an effort to be mollified into playing it. If she wanted to ask for the moon and they really wanted her, they would have found a way to make it happen. This isn’t about that at this point. It’s about SJP not getting her way and it’s ridiculous. I’m just sorry Kim put up with it all these years so the fans wouldnt suffer.

  42. Betsy says:

    You know, now that I think about it, I do kind of want a third SATC movie.

    But I just want to see where Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, Stanford, Magda and Steve are. I am uninterested in Carrie’s arc.

  43. EMau says:

    The SATC franchise is what gives SJP publicity. That is all she is really known for and has been pretty mediocre in everything else. SJP doesn’t appreciate the fact that one actress doesn’t want to play the same role and then the fake stories are ‘leaked.’ SJP et al should be fortunate that Cattrall doesn’t sue them for defamation. SATC has ended. Let’s move on folks.