Raj from the Apprentice to run for Congress

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Raj Bhakta from the second season of The Apprentice is going to run for Congress in the district of Philadelphia, PA as a Republican. Bhakta challenges one term incumbent Allyson Schwartz:

“We offer voters legitimate change,” Bhakta said. “I am not a politician. I am someone from a business background who wants to make a change.”

What a prick this guy is. In case you didn’t see that lousy season of the Apprentice, Raj is the arrogant one who wore a bowtie. He brought down his team in a challenge to create a video promotion for the NYPD by producing a scary, terrorism-themed ad with helicopters and riot police. The other team easily won the challenge with a feel-good commercial that featured cops talking about how they made a difference.

The House is already full of dickweed Republicans and doesn’t need a new one. Only a minor celebrity or someone with excellent backing can take a seat away from a sitting member of Congress, because the incumbency reelection rate is over 98%.

Why does this matter? Our rights are being stripped from us by the Republicans. The USA Patriot act, which authorizes warrantless searches and paves the way for massive government data mining, was just reauthorized. The government can learn anything it wants about you, including all of your shopping, reading, e-mail and Internet habits, without getting permission and without your knowledge. Indeed, they’ve been doing this for a while.

Chances are you know someone fighting in Iraq. With the Republicans in control they won’t come back for a long time. The military is way overextended. If the Republicans decide to attack Iran, you or your friends could even get drafted.

And South Dakota just outlawed abortion.

If you saw The Apprentice you know Raj is the type of guy who takes over and messes everything up. We already have those kind of people running the country and don’t need another one.

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