Daisy Ridley looks fierce as hell on the cover of Vogue, but the interview’s boring

The 89th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals

Daisy Ridley is the November cover girl for Vogue Magazine. She’s promoting The Last Jedi, which comes out until December 15, so if it feels like the promotion is starting early, don’t worry, it totally is. For what it’s worth, I absolutely LOVE the cover and I kind of hate the rest of the Mario Testino photos. If you can get such a fierce look from Daisy for the cover shot, why not try to create more magic with the rest of the editorial? But clearly, I’m not a professional photographer or fashion editor. You can see the full Vogue cover package here. Some highlights from the interview:

Working with lightsabers: “They’re really heavy. Three, four, five kilos? And the weight’s very unevenly distributed.”

What she was like as a kid: “I was a little tomboy. Loud. Often very sassy. Insane amounts of energy. I remember asking, ‘Was I shy?’ And my mum laughing hysterically. She said I used to run into a room and go, ‘Helloooo!’ ”

Her style: “I realize I sort of do dress like a four-year-old.”

On Carrie Fisher: “I’d never met anyone openly bipolar before, who discussed loving glitter because of her LSD days”—and she tilts her head back to stem the tears as she speaks.

Becoming famous seemingly overnight: “Everything was so confusing. People were recognizing me—I still don’t know how to handle it. My skin got really bad because I was stressed. It was crippling. I just felt so seen and so self-conscious… I felt like I was sort of reducing myself because I was so worried that people would recognize me,” she explains. Then she thought, “You know what? I want to dance through life. I don’t want to scuttle.”

She doesn’t want to sound like a complainer: “I’m very aware that there are thousands of other people who could do what I do much better, and it’s a matter of timing and luck. I’m counting my blessings that I get to be one of the people working. I worry that things start to seem normal that aren’t normal. You get rushed through airports, and you never have to queue, and you get tickets to things that you wouldn’t otherwise. I think it’s important to remind yourself that it’s not normal. It’s difficult, though, because it is my normal.”

[From Vogue]

Yeah, the piece is kind of boring. That’s not a knock on Daisy, really – she’s now been famous for a few years, and she’s learned the hard way that it’s better for to hold some stuff back. She didn’t want to talk about her dating life, or Carrie Fisher’s passing, or much of anything else in this Vogue piece. Daisy’s being boring on purpose. This is why I’ll always appreciate Jennifer Lawrence: whatever else you can say about J-Law, she ALWAYS gives a good interview, even if she ends up sounding like an a–hole.

Here’s Daisy’s “73 Questions” thing.

The 89th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals

Photos courtesy of Mario Testino for Vogue.

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  1. B.Ro says:

    I find both her and the character Rey so bland. Also, on an extremely superficial note: a woman in my office detailed how often she has her mouth open in TFA and now it’s all I can see when Rey in on the screen. It’s almost distracting to me now.

    • tracking says:

      I agree. She’s perfectly good in the action sequences, but no charm or charisma. LOL at the open mouth.

      • B.Ro says:

        I kid you not, my co-worker will likely make some sort of chart/graph with an accompanied write up about the time Daisy Ridley spends (non-speaking) on screen with her mouth hanging open. It’s actually very amusing and mostly good natured. She also goes hard on her annoyance of anything Ed Sheeran related (truly the best commentary) and many other pop culture related things.

      • Jenny says:

        As someone who has this problem – it’s really, really difficult for some of us to keep our mouths closed. My genetics and bone structure just don’t allow for it. I try to close my mouth in my normal “resting face” position, and it takes a huuuge amount of effort and looks unnatural and I end up looking pissed off. I have to really focus on keeping my lips pressed together. So please don’t judge people for this. We aren’t trying to look sexy or mysterious or weird or stupid or anything. It’s just the way our faces are shaped. It actually makes me sad when I see these comments mocking people like Kristen Stewart etc. for having their mouths open because I wonder…is that what people are thinking about me? It’s such a silly thing to judge… and something that I (and people like me) do not have control over.

      • Talia says:

        Jenny, me too.
        It’s short muscles in the upper lip. “Training/stretching” while still growing can help, so I have an eye on my children… ;)
        But reading those comments about Kirsten Steward made me feel the same. When I close my mouth for photos, I look like I’m pressing my lips together. It looks more natural/”effortless” with lips slightly apart.

    • MissAmanda says:

      I agree. I think she’s fine as Rey. I like that they chose somebody pretty much unknown for the character, but she has never really interested me as a celebrity. I am very curious how she will be in Murder on the Orient Express…just as bland?

    • Nick says:

      Totally agree. The mouth thing has bugged me for a long time. So distracting.

      • courtney says:

        yeah, shes pretty but bland personality. no charm at all. not sure on her acting, never seen her in anything.

    • perplexed says:

      I think she’s charming in her own way when she’s being herself, but I’m not sure if that’s because she seems like a nice person and has the British accent to go along with it.

      Maybe her smile helps too. She always looks happy.

    • Kath says:

      How can you find the character of Rey bland??

      That was one of the best surprises about ‘The Force Awakens’ — that the GIRL ends up being the hero/jedi.

      I hadn’t read any reviews of spoilers prior to seeing the film, and it was such a nice, unexpected development.

    • serena says:

      I do not agree on the bland part, we still have to discover Rey’s past and I think that’s why she may come off as that. But I think she’s a great asset to the new SW movies.

  2. Lucy says:

    She’s so lovely and beautiful. I want good things for her future.

  3. Sansa says:

    Interesting. I have her mixed up with Riley Keough and after watching the video she appears like Kira Knightlys pretty little sister. She seems to have her head on straight.

  4. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    She looks a lot like Lena Heady in that top shot.

  5. third ginger says:

    She’s lovely, and the jury is still out on her true talent as an actress. I just can’t get over that she did not know who Cary Grant was.

  6. Serene Wolf says:

    Wow! Love these powerful images.

  7. teacakes says:

    I love the shot with the dogs too but that may be because of the dogs. She looks like Keira Knightley when she smiles, but her resting face looks more like Emma Watson.

    I don’t mind her being a boring interview as long as she delivers onscreen. I’ve really liked the new-gen Star Wars leads so far, both her and Felicity Jones (and with them, John and Diego).

  8. AVVSAJNC says:

    Those DOGGOS!!! Put a dog in a photo, I won’t see anything else :D

  9. teacakes says:

    Also, you know what would make that cover even better? A LIGHTSABER.

    (of course Vogue would never, too nerdy for them)

    • Ladiabla says:

      I definitely see the earring in the cover photo being vogue’s hat tip to the lightsaber. I like it. She looks great in the photos.

  10. Shannon says:

    I thought she seemed pretty fun and interesting in the interview

    • Miss S says:

      Yeah, I’m totally fine with this. I know it may not be great for gossip but I appreciate kind of normal interviews (like Amy Adams usually gives too) than dealing with just stupid over the top nonsense we so often get with Jennifer Lawrence. I know it must be great for clicks but I’m getting exhausted by the outrage encouraged by social media and click-bait articles, it’s just toxic.

      That suite is kind of wonderful and so is her leather jacket.

  11. Sage says:

    She should have been Lady Croft in the reboot.

  12. serena says:

    She looks amazing!!! I really root for her and hope even after Star Wars she’ll find some awesome projects (and possibly keep on kicking ass)!

    As for her interview being ‘boring’, well, I think she’s well-adjusted. I’d rather take 10 boring interview with Daisy over J-Law ‘I’m so normal’ ones, honestly.