“Never forget David O. Russell’s long-documented abusive behavior too” links

'Mother!' New York Premiere - Arrivals

Never forget: there is extensive documentation that director David O. Russell is an incredibly abusive jackass too. [Pajiba]
Blac Chyna is suing every Kardashian she can find. [Reality Tea]
Rest in peace, Mychael Knight. This story is so sad. [Starcasm]
Taylor Kitsch is bad at football. I can throw a better ball than that! [LaineyGossip]
Gucci Mane got married live on BET. I would get married live on The Cooking Channel in a friggin’ heartbeat. [Dlisted]
Abbie Cornish’s dress is not great. [Go Fug Yourself]
Ivanka Trump thinks she had a punk phase. Girl, you lie. [Jezebel]
Peak 2017: someone decided to sell “Anne Frank” Halloween costumes. [The Blemish]
I can never figure out who Mackenzie Davis reminds me of. [Moe Jackson]
Gigi Hadid’s in Vogue for some reason. [Celebslam]

'Mother!' New York Premiere - Arrivals

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  1. FishBeard says:

    Never noticed how similar he and Aronofsky are in appearance. Makes sense given they’re both abusive to their actresses on set.

  2. Jillian says:

    “Punk phase” by that she means she bought blue hair dye

  3. Incredulous says:

    I didn’t click but I hope the Anne Frank costume disguises you as an attic. Full size, of course.

  4. Frosty says:

    No, not Mychael Knight! Condolences to his family and loved ones.
    What a sad year

  5. Lucy says:

    Gord Downie has died, so so so sad.

  6. marc kile says:

    MacKenzie Davis looks like a young Mary Stuart Masterson from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes with the Late Great Jessica Tandy if you have not seen this movie please check it out when you get the chance:)

  7. AN says:

    Yep Russell has a long history of abuse.
    Also interesting picture of him there with another abusive director.

    • Veronica says:

      Does Aronofsky have the same lengthy record of that, though? I’m not asking to be a smartass, but this last film is legitimately the worst I’ve heard of his behavior. It’s not acceptable but not something I recall from him extensively.

      I’m not counting the rumors of his entanglements with his female leads because a.) Weisz doesn’t count because he was already involved with her years before she starred in any of his movies, b.) Portman is an unconfirmed blind item, c.) they are all consensual adults involved and none of the actresses are low profile.

    • flan says:

      This is it.

      I’m not going to any more Hollywood movies, unless I am absolutely sure the directors, actors and producers really have nothing against their name. No abuse. No coercion. No racism or sexism.

      And preferably made by women or minorities. I’ve watched enough crap in which only background parts were reserved for these groups, both on- and off-screen

  8. Deborah says:

    Mackenzie reminds me of Uma Thurman in those pictures.

  9. holly hobby says:

    I remember hearing about how DOR berated Lily Tomlin (WTF right!) in one of the many movies he directed that I never bothered to watch. There is an audio of it somewhere on the net. Didnt’ listen to it but I read it was unacceptable behavior.

    At any work place, that kind of behavior would lead to dismissal.

  10. Harryg says:

    I can’t stand DOR and I hate his directing style!!! Hate it!

  11. Veronica says:

    LOL. I’m pretty sure “punk” is actually intended as a rebellion against everything for which people like her stand.

  12. wood dragon says:

    One of the reasons I like Clooney is that he stood up to Russell for being abusive towards one of supporting actors/crowd people during the filming of Three Kings. It got ugly too, but Clooney wouldn’t back down.

  13. Ally says:

    I’ve always loved this SATC (s.1, e.7) line and it apples beautifully to all these verbally abusive “geniuses”:

    Jared: You know the greatest thing about writing a successful book, besides the validation and acclaim? It’s knowing I’m pumping my ideas into the world.

    Carrie: I thought it was the fact that you could behave like an utter asshole and people would find you amusing.

  14. Mannori says:

    Oh I love me some Mackenzie Davis, what a talented actress she is. She herself said she gets a lot of comparisons to Robin Wright. And Laura Dern. But I think she looks more like Robin and they also have the same type of acting talent: a very intense yet subtle way of conveying emotion. I love them both. I’m still mad that they’re both on Blade Runner 2049 and both are totally underused yet they’re the best actors onscreen. And they could have put their astonishing physical resemblance to good use, but instead that movie was a complete disaster on its mistreatment of all its female characters, what a waste.
    “People say I look like Laura Dern. And—I don’t believe it, but I always want to believe it because it makes me feel prettier than I actually feel—Robin Wright,” Mackenzie Davis says and laughs. “She’s just got a hell of a jawline.”

  15. FF says:

    Well sometimes – if you want to argue that she’s that – mediocrity is rewarded; there are plenty of white male examples of that and no one ever suggesting they slept with Harvey to get there, so *shockingly* it’s possible. JLaw became kind of a more cross-marketable antidote to KStew, esp. after Stewart sabotaged her own career and got dropped out of the franchise leagues. That, and DOR casting her age-inappropriately in three of his projects made it easier for other directors to follow suit. She could then still also be cast in YA franchise fodder because… more demos, more money – in theory.

    Not to mention this idea of “sleeping with” Harvey (or any guy) for advancement never seems to make any sense. For a start, guys are as hypocritically sanctimonious about this stuff as anyone. Second, powerful abusers never cast a small net: HW propositioned, oozed over, and forced himself on nearly every woman he met; they were all attractive women. His intent just seemed to be to have a “harem” on standby that he could brag about and objectify BUT according to this beneficial sleeping arrangement idea, supposedly, magically one women in this mix is going to get longterm preferential and beneficial treatment? Asia Argento had a relationship with him and her career does not demonstrate this fantasy.

    Because no woman in that dynamic is going to be on the winning side of the power differential. She does not and will not control his choices. He just boosted women he was either creepily obsessed with for five minutes – you know, before he blacklisted them – or trying to abuse, or those he found he could utilise for money/acclaim for him company.

    Why would he owe anything to what viewed as interchangeable and disposable objects that were just there to fuel his ego and narcissism? All while he’s still preying on more women every day?

    JLaw probably got focussed on for the markets and demographics they thought she could access and likely because – as they saw it – she was new and they could still control her image.

    I mean, there isn’t even a “new, younger JLaw” on the horizon yet, so that’s another reason why.

    The casting couch is just a weird fantasy that creates a cognitive dissonance so that really powerful men can get away with everything from verbal abuse to coercion, intimidation to abuse on a mass scale while claiming the victim got something out of it, and heavily implying that the same victim couldn’t have ever got there without them abusing their power and using them to gratify themselves sexually. I’m gonna call bs on that, even if I hated JLaw there’s just too much at stake with keeping that erroneous thinking.

  16. Mina says:

    David O. Russell and Darren Aronofsky come from a misguided, old fashioned idea that great filmmakers achieve their art by putting their actors through hell. There are so many stories of well regarded directors from the golden era of Hollywood that treated their actors like crap, like Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Orson Welles among them. Now it’s either the more “artsy” directors –Werner Herzog, Terrence Malick, David Fincher, Terry Gilliam and the above mentioned– or the ones that like to run their set like they are feudal lords, like James Cameron and Michael Bay. Some people believe that the worse of a person you are, the more of a genius you can be, and I’m sure there was a time when it was believed that this type of behavior was necessary to bring out the best craft, but nowadays when we should be more socially conscious it’s no longer acceptable.

  17. Grant says:

    Gigi Hadid is in Vogue for “some reason”? Um, maybe because she’s a model? lol…

  18. Jenn says:

    Anyone seen the statement from Bjork about Lars von Trier?
    And then some anonymous “Oscar and Golden Globe winning” actress who lives in LA wrote an article about knowledge of three other Weinstein types in The Guardian?
    This slow trickle is going to turn into a flood.

  19. I am bored says:

    Look at the big cheesy smiles and the people posing with known perverts and creeps. Hollywood is sooo fake!!

  20. Helen Smith says:

    I want the women and men recounting stories about anonymous abusers to start naming names. That is how you really scare the crap out of them. They are cockroaches who scatter in fear when kitchen light is flicked on. So flick it on already.

  21. SM says:

    Oh look two douchebags in one photo.