Why is the LA DA’s office ‘slow rolling’ the Danny Masterson rape investigation?

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I forgot about this. Back in March, we discussed Danny Masterson, who is likely best known for playing Hyde in That ‘70s Show. Masterson and his brother Chris are well-known Scientologists, and Danny Masterson in particular always had a reputation for being a bit of douche. Anyway, back in March we learned that the LAPD was/is investigating Danny for three separate rape accusations by three different women, all allegedly taking place in the early 2000s. That was seven months ago – how is it that we haven’t heard anything since? How is that no arrest has been made and no charges have been filed? Well, HuffPo explains what’s happening – the case has been thwarted by the Church of Scientology (three of the accusers are or were Scientologists) and some people in the DA’s office seem to be “slow rolling” the investigation. You can read the full HuffPo piece here. Some highlights:

The stalled investigation: A monthslong investigation into multiple allegations of rape against actor Danny Masterson has inexplicably stalled, despite the Los Angeles County district attorney having compelling evidence in the case, multiple sources told HuffPost. Four women have accused Masterson of raping them in the early 2000s. Masterson is a longtime member of the Church of Scientology, an organization that has a history of covering up allegations of misconduct leveled against the organization and its members. At least three of the women who have accused him of rape were also Scientologists and reported the incidents to the Church of Scientology at the time.

The vanishing case file: One of Masterson’s accusers filed a police report in 2004 saying that she was raped in 2003, but the case didn’t move forward after the Church of Scientology intervened and submitted over 50 affidavits from Scientologists who denied the woman’s account. According to a report filed with the Los Angeles Police Department, the woman said Masterson raped her while she was “passed out,” and when she awoke and realized he was raping her, she struggled with him until he choked her and she passed out again…. According to two sources with knowledge of the case, the woman’s case file from 2004 vanished, leaving Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller to reconstruct it.

Slow-rolled: In April 2017, police referred the case to the district attorney. Since then, the district attorney’s office has examined the evidence turned over by LAPD and conducted its own investigation. Despite compelling ― what one law enforcement source described as “overwhelming” — evidence, the charges have not been approved for filing. The evidence includes audiotapes, emails sent to and from Scientology officers at the time the alleged rapes happened, forensic computer evidence and a threatening handwritten letter Masterson sent to one of the alleged victims, according to two people with knowledge of the evidence in the district attorney’s possession. Deputy DA Reinhold Mueller is a highly respected prosecutor in the district attorney’s office who is known for his thoroughness and objectivity, which is why two sources in the office are confused that the case, in one source’s words, has been “slow rolled.”

[From HuffPo]

You should read the full HuffPo article – it includes details about how the Church of Scientology closed ranks around Masterson and left the rape victims out in the cold, basically, which is the M.O. of CoS. HuffPo doesn’t have any answers for why the case has been slow-rolled within the DA’s office, there’s only vague conjecture about nefarious Scientology forces at work. Which could be more than possible. I also think it’s possible that: A) Masterson has great legal representation, B) the case is being described as “overwhelming” by the police but I bet it’s mostly circumstantial, with little to no physical evidence and C) Masterson is a white dude and they’re rarely punished by the legal system when they hurt women. Is it Scientology or just good old fashioned misogyny? Little of Column A, little of Column B.

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30 Responses to “Why is the LA DA’s office ‘slow rolling’ the Danny Masterson rape investigation?”

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  1. JRenee says:

    As difficult as it is to learn more daily about the abuse and those involved, I pray the exposure will lead to charges filed for every case that is applicable.
    Of course the CO’S closed ranks, it’s what they do…

  2. Juls says:

    Maybe when Mueller wraps up this whole Trump/Russia case, he can start a federal investigation of CoS. Can we start a petition?

  3. Stacye310 says:

    These women need to contact Leah Remini stat.

    • Eiré says:

      Tony Ortega just revealed that there is a whole unaired episode of Leah’s Show dedicated to this that the DA asked them to not show.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        interesting. the response should be “if you’re not going to arrest and charge him, the show WILL go on”.

      • Mia4s says:

        That could be a good sign if they’re worried about tainting the jury pool….but yeah I just don’t know. Keep the pressure on.

    • Radley says:

      That’s not a bad idea. If the criminal justice system won’t help, then seek other avenues. Go public. Sue him. Sue the CoS. Don’t go away quietly. Make his life hell.

  4. Zapp Brannigan says:

    CO$ also donates large sums of money to LAPD associated charities, allegedly.
    There are stories about certain LAPD officers picking up and returning escaping members to the church, so I don’t even know what is up with humanity at this point.

    Edit to add:
    From Mike Rinders blog an LAPD event hosted in the grounds of the LA org.

    • Cilla says:

      There is a great interview with Leah Remini on the Joe Rogan experience. At some point they are starting to talk about Shelly Miscaviage and the missings persons report that Leah filed. Apparently the officer on the case(LAPD ) was also paid by the CoS to speak at an event discussing human trafficking. Ironic and scary as hell!

  5. QueenB says:

    I think in this case its mostly CoS. They have infiltrated lots of high positions
    in law enforcement.
    They also infiltrated and threatened the IRS thats why they dont have to pay taxes:

  6. Nicole says:

    Probably $$$ which is why exposes like this are important

  7. Ann says:

    Ronan Farrow has proved himself to be a solid investigative journalist. I want him on all these stories. CoS, Corey Feldman’s accusations (he gave SO many leads in that Today show interview), the accusations against Louis CK and the comedy industry. So far the coverage of these scandals has been good from a journalism perspective. They need to keep it up.

  8. Eiré says:

    They’re not lacking evidence. From HuffPo:

    “…The evidence includes audiotapes, emails sent to and from Scientology officers at the time the alleged rapes happened, forensic computer evidence and a threatening handwritten letter Masterson sent to one of the alleged victims…”

    Also, Masterson’s lawyer also apparently represents David Blaine, John Travolta, Brett Ratner, Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby and Bryan Singer. Helluva lineup.

  9. adastraperaspera says:

    Scientology cannot afford to have their celebrities get bad press. My money says they are pushing hard to delay the investigation. They seem pretty desperate. The Scientology Potemkin village here in Nashville just added a new, lighted sign in front of their (mostly empty) building downtown. I assume they’re sprucing up to host recruitment parties during the upcoming Country Music Association (CMA) awards next week.

    Unrelated aside: The CMA has just posted a new guideline for journalists–they are not allowed to ask any participant questions about Las Vegas shooting, gun control, political affiliation or the NRA. Guess they don’t want reality to intrude on their pretty little country music world. I’m sure they will include some tightly-scripted and controlled, “prayerful tribute” to fit their narrative.

    • KristinAF says:

      They’re stepping it up here in Portland, as well! (Oregon.) I know where the church is and it’s not too far from where I work, downtown, but I’ve never seen any of them on the street. One day last week when I was out all day running a bunch of different errands, I was approached twice and handed one of the Volcano Postcards. I’ve been seeing them more often since.

      I could tell something was up because they were both really nice-looking, well-dressed young men who established eye contact and it’s usually either Charity Muggers in brightly colored vests or, well, the kind of guy who greeted me this morning by telling me that I was a GD Rooster (?!) and that I should go f*** myself as he shambled past. These guys just kind of smoothly pulled up along side me, however you do that on foot, somehow handed me a postcard I didn’t think I was reaching for, and went on their way with a pleasant smile.

      I’m no fan of Co$ at ALL but at least they’ve nailed the “Least Outwardly Menacing Presence in Downtown Portland” award.

      I used to live in NY and I’d get Volcano Postcards all the time but I’ve lived here for seven years now and never seen it before.

  10. ArchieGoodwin says:

    I’m getting tired of saying this, but I had no idea he did this 🙁
    I never liked that 70’s show anyway, so only watched a few episodes.

    The Ranch is horrible. Why would I ever want to watch a show where the father is so abusive to his kids?! and they are all in on it, they justify his abuse!
    I like Debra Winger but they sure didn’t use her abilities, just had her walk around whining she wanted to leave the town, and supporting the father’s horrid, horrid behaviours.

    What a waste.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I could only watch one or two episodes of that show (the Ranch). it was SO UNFUNNY. like, painfully so.

    • lucy2 says:

      He’s disgusting. COS is disgusting. The LAPD members who work on behalf of COS are disgusting.
      I didn’t realize he had a current show.
      Hey Netflix, you just shut down HOC, how about taking a look at this one too?

  11. msd says:

    There have been stories over the years about Scientology infiltrating organisations – ie. there are literally CO$ people within various police departments and government departments. When you see how little the cops or DA do to prosecute CO$ cases, it isn’t hard to believe at all.

    It will be hard to bring Masterson down legally. Public pressure may at least get him fired, though.

  12. Dana_Pointer says:

    I want to know who the 50 Scientologists are who wrote affidavits for him. I’d like to know how many celebrity Scientologists have gone out on a limb for him in writing while dismissing the rape victims. Give us the list. Give us the list. Give us the list.

    • Mannori says:

      just quick image google Masterson around the time of the rapes happened: Laura prepon, Ben Foster, Ashton Kutcher (not officially a scientologist but pretty much close and tolerant with the cult members over the years) all the Mastersons siblings, Michael Pena. Then you have not only who signed the affidavits to support Masterson but also who was a participant on those “let’s put drugs on the girls drinks” parties.

      • Bazoo says:

        They need to bring charges against all those who aided in the cover up. Let’s hope the result of all this is a good housecleaning of the LAPD and CO$ implodes and loses their tax exempt status.

  13. Moon The Loon says:

    The CoS infiltration of law enforcement in L.A was blown open when Lee Baca had to resign as sheriff. Anyone left with any doubt, after that, clearly wasn’t paying attention.

  14. Lorena says:

    Give me a break! The cult as I cannot call it a church are covering up for him and attacking the victims. This is classic for them and unfortunately, the LAPD and/or others are complicit and are a big part of the problem.

    • Milla says:

      Yup. I wonder how many abusers and rapists that cult is hiding… also, who else is in there and is it just about the money or it’s actually members who are in such power that the police cannot do a thing about it.

  15. Jordan says:

    I didn’t forget. I was wondering if anything was coming along and I’m unsurprised to hear not. Leah talks a lot on her show about how the LAPD is in cahoots with Scienctology. It isn’t much but I’ve completely stopped watching the constant reruns of That 70s Show ever since the case broke. This asshat needs prison time for the rest of his life, as all sex offenders do.

  16. dumbledork says:

    Hopefully Netflix does the same as they did with HOC, and shuts this down too. But considering I believe that many people in power knew about Spacey, and forged ahead anyways for the almighty dollar, I won’t hold my breath.
    On another note, how fun would it be to egg the Scientology sign?

  17. Kelly says:

    If this was actually sent to the DA then there is strong evidence. If they didn’t have much then that hurdle would not have been cleared. The problem is with the DA now.

  18. Eiré says:

    Just in case anyone’s coming back to this over the weekend–head on over to HuffPo to read Yashar Ali’s new article complete with a statement from Netflix stating their refusal to take any action against Masterson pending investigation.

    Also, Ashton Kutcher has been approached for comment and refused.

    Anyone who knows anything about Masterson will know that this is not ‘new’ news. This has been happening for a long, long time, and these allegations are not even the worst of what’s floating around about him. And that’s saying something, because the stories of these four brave women are beyond horrifying. It’s just a scratch on the surface. Masterson and Spacey are cut from the same cloth, let’s say.