The Weeknd is dating Justin Bieber’s ex while Justin dates The Weeknd’s ex


Playing the latest round of Musical Couples is The Weeknd and Yovanna Ventura. Yovanna, whom you can see on her Instagram, is a 21-year-old model from Miami. She seemed quite snuggly with The Weeknd at both French Montana’s birthday party last week and when they went out clubbing the following night. Holding hands at a club is not too significant but there’s more to it. Yovanna used to date Justin Bieber who just got back together with Selena Gomez who just broke up with The Weeknd. I’m going to need a family tree chart to keep up with all these couplings.

Moving on! The Weeknd was photographed out with Justin Bieber‘s ex Yovanna Ventura on Friday, November 10, one day after he was spotted holding hands with the model.

A source who was at French Montana‘s birthday party on Thursday, November 9, tells Us Weekly exclusively that the “Party Monster” singer, 27 — who recently split with Selena Gomez — got cozy with Ventura at the bash at a Beverly Hills mansion.

“The Weeknd was there hand in hand with Yovanna Ventura all night,” the source tells Us. “They arrived together. They were holding hands. He was there for a solid two hours with her and everywhere they went they held hands.”

A second source tells Us, “He was parading her around. He was trying to make it obvious that he was with someone. They were pretty affectionate and were together the entire night.”

The Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye) stepped out again with Ventura on Friday night — the pair was photographed sitting in the back seat of an SUV as they left Hyde nightclub (a pal of Ventura’s sat in the front seat).

Another source told Us that while the “Starboy” singer “trusted Selena,” he “really didn’t trust Justin.” But an insider says that despite his feelings, Gomez and The Weeknd ended things amicably: “It wasn’t dramatic and it wasn’t about Justin.”

[From Us]

I don’t blame The Weeknd for not trusting Justin. I have no idea if The Weeknd is trustworthy himself but I truly believe Justin takes what he wants if he can get it. I also don’t remember reading much about The Weeknd in any of the reports of Selena’s recovery from her kidney transplant so I do think Justin was just an excuse for both of them to exit a withering relationship. As for Yovanna, her being Justin’s ex makes it funny, but I don’t think it’s serious. After all, just this Saturday The Weeknd rolled up to Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party with Emily Ratajkowski. Plus there’s the “mystery woman” he got flirty with on Halloween.

However, none of The Weeknd’s romantic entanglements matter because he just adopted this beautiful guy:

handsome devil 🖤😈

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I don’t care who the Weeknd’s dating, I just want to see photos of that pup!

Musically speaking, The Weeknd is headed back out to finish up his arena tour and yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of the release of Trilogy. To commemorate, he is releasing exclusive XO merchandise, including 1,000 vinyl box sets that you can purchase here.

Smile, looks good on you babyyy

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34 Responses to “The Weeknd is dating Justin Bieber’s ex while Justin dates The Weeknd’s ex”

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  1. detritus says:

    Abel, my friend, you cannot just use your girlfriends foundation for special events, it doesn’t match.
    Cute puppy though.

  2. Athyrmose says:

    So the Weekend broke up with a girlfriend, then started dating her former friend, and is now fussy about bro code because his most recent ex is rebounding with his rival? Ok. NO HYPOCRISY HERE.

  3. Lora says:

    Never thought he would ne so childish! Bella was waaaay too good for him

  4. V4Real says:

    She’s beautiful but that puppy is gorgeous. Yea, the puppy wins this round.

    • Bingo says:

      She has pics of her butt showcased in g-strings all over her instagram. Appears to be another dumb as a tack Kim K wannabe. I think Selena Gomez has a bit more class.

  5. AnnaKist says:

    Well, it’s a very small pond they swim in, so… well, they’re bound to share. Lovely doggie. I’ve never, ever seen dogs with their ears clipped, and the docking of dogs’ tails was banned here some years ago, which is fine, but boy, oh boy, when my beautiful Dobie comes inside, stand clear! The power behind hs wagging tail will send everything on a low surface spilling, flying and crashing to the ground! Now, where were we? Oh, yeah, The Weeknd et al. Actually, forget them. I’d much rather talk about dogs and cats… 🐶 🐱

  6. Beth says:

    Who wants a guy that can’t even spell ‘weekend’? I love the puppy. I miss my so much

  7. Nicole says:

    Well they don’t like each other because they are similar. They both only care about themselves.

  8. Astrid says:

    I love celebrity gossip but I must be getting old because I don’t really know or care who these people are. I get that they are entertainers and have been around for a while but really? this bed hoping and swapping and drama is lame

    • SKF says:

      I know I’m getting old because my strongest reaction was to the model trying to revive the 90s look of single pieces of hair around her face. That look was terrible and remains in the past!

  9. happyoften says:

    And the rest of the week shrugged.

  10. Squiggisbig says:

    The Weeknd and Justin should just date each other. At this point I think that must be what they really want.

  11. MissAmanda says:

    is this too petty:

    I guarantee you he did not ‘adopt’ that dog. He purchased it. Looks like a young purebred Doberman.

  12. Babs says:

    The dog’s ears are cut. This is torture.

    • Lulu says:

      That was my first thought. Their natural ears are so beautiful too , I don’t know why anyone would do this.

    • Annetommy says:

      I don’t understand why cutting dogs ears is legal in the US. It serves no purpose other than to make some breeds look more aggressive. Docking ears and tails is illegal in the UK (with few exceptions for the tails of working gun dogs). So nice to see Boxers, Dobermans, Rottweilers etc with their natural tails.

  13. Here's Wilson says:

    I didn’t need to see this girl to know what she looks like since they both go for the same ‘look’.. and bingo! I was right

  14. diana says:

    All I can think of is STD. Cute dog though.

    • Meme says:

      hahaha totally
      Abel is obviously trying to make Justin and Selena jealous and it looks like Selena and Justin are back together and could care less. In the end, I think The Weekend looks the most butt hurt and pathetic here!

  15. Svea says:

    Yovanna is kind if a dolt isn’t she? To allow herself to be used like this? For revenge.
    So immature Abel.

  16. Micki says:

    The next step is 4-some.

  17. Electric Tuba says:

    I hope all those celebrities get spayed and neutered before they are sent to live in their forever homes.

  18. Ashley says:

    I know it’s immature, but this got me laughing! Yovanna is so much cuter than Selena, and there are so many rumours of Selena being jealous of all of “Justin’s girls”, so I’ll bet this is really going to grind her gears. This is so petty, but the Weeknd is winning this game.

  19. Pandy says:

    Yawn. These people are BORING. Right down to recycled partners. Jeez, trash a hotel or pee in a bucket or something! Oh wait …

  20. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    IDK why, but his face reminds me of a perky little Yorkie’s face…
    I mean, he is blandly attractive, but something is there, in the way tRump reminds me of this Amazon Horned frog:–pacman-frog-amphibians.jpg

  21. GinT says:

    I don’t know but this headline made me laugh. That’s all I’ve got.

    Also not supporting cutting dog’s ears. Stupid and useless.

  22. Tim H says:

    If I were Justin, I’d take this opportunity to try to hook up with Bella Hadid (if he hasn’t already tried!). That would be the winning move in this petty but entertaining game (plus she’s the hottest of this whole bizarre love triangle).

  23. Lentils says:

    It looks like he took your advice, Tim H. Haha. Good on him, Bella is the loveliest of the bunch.