VH1 picks up reality show about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


VH1 sure is starting a new trend with reality therapy television. They’ve had “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Next they’re doing a celebrity sex addiction show, also with Dr. Drew. And I’ve got to say that while I loudly proclaim my disdain for reality television, I really find these shows interesting – probably because they have some unexpected content. And I really prefer the “I’m peeping in on your therapy session” kind of voyeurism to the “I’m watching you eat shell bugs” type.

So VH1 is sticking with a good thing and creating another reality show based on mental health. However this time it won’t be based on celebrities – it’ll be about real people dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder.

VH1 has picked up a new unscripted series that centers on people battling obsessive compulsive disorder. 3 Ball Prods. is behind the still-untitled “OCD Project,” which will follow a group of participants suffering from severe forms of the disease. They’ll live together for several weeks in a treatment facility and undergo both individual and group treatment.

Jeff Olde, VH1′s senior VP of programming and production, noted that OCD has become a part of pop culture, thanks to various viral Internet videos as well as entertainment projects such as USA’s “Monk.”

“I feel our viewers will also see something of themselves in these patients as I think everyone has a little bit of OCD, making it surprisingly relatable,” he said. “We want to open people’s eyes and hearts to a very real side of this disorder that can often ruin careers and relationships. … Our goal is to bring some real understanding to this disease.”

VH1 said the show falls into the same category of some of the channel’s other rehabilitation series, including “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” and “Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew.” Producer 3 Ball, which just signed with CAA, is also familiar to the TV help genre: The company produces “The Biggest Loser” for NBC and was also behind “Breaking Bonaduce.”

“3 Ball’s brand has always been about transformation,” said 3 Ball exec producer JD Roth. ” ‘The OCD Project’ will be another example where regular, everyday people afflicted with severe symptoms take their lives back from an out-of-control situation and inspire viewers to do the same.”

[From Variety]

I really think that quote about how “everyone has a little bit of OCD” is very true. We’ve all got our “things,” it’s just a matter of how many and what type. While a lot of people think OCD and think obsessive cleanliness/fear of germs, someone with OCD can just as easily be extremely messy. I lived with a guy who had it and one of his compulsions was saving absolutely everything that could ever possibly be important to him – and that could very easily mean every gum wrapper. I’m a compulsive neat-freak who loves nothing more than a good seven bags piled up in front of the garbage can. It didn’t last.

But it makes sense that there are little bits of OCD we can all relate to. I’ve gotten some increasingly big germ issues thanks to a crappy immune system and nearly dying from pneumonia last winter. All you had to do was look at me and I’d catch whatever you had, for twice as long and twice as bad. My roommate must have everything in parallel lines. The other one must flush the toilet 3 times, no matter what. Sometimes you grow out of these things, and other times you grow into them. Now that I’m running over some in my head, I’m realizing how long this list is getting. This show will be great. If nothing else, it’ll make a lot of us super-aware and paranoid. Sounds like some good relaxing television.

This picture was titled “Germs are everywhere!!!! Thanks.


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11 Responses to “VH1 picks up reality show about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”

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  1. Sauronsarmy says:

    Ugh, why can’t they just stick to exploiting trashy, slutty women and douche bag men? The A&E show is a 1,000x better.

  2. Lex says:

    Yah, the show ‘obsessed’ that came out recently is really interesting to watch. I guess VH1 is taking a page from their book

  3. fizXgirl314 says:

    i’m interested!

  4. Jessica says:

    Yep A&E did it first with “Obsessed” and that show is really great! I think VH1 isn’t going to take it as seriously as they should. These people have real problems. Real OCD is not a joke.

  5. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    OCD is not just behaviors. The O part involves obsessive thoughts. It’s like these horrible negative thoughts get stuck on a loop in your head and they NEVER STOP.

    So the C is compulsive behaviors the people feel driven to in order to feel they have some control over the obsessive thoughts (and they do not).

    Some people are what’s called “pure O” or mostly O, meaning they don’t have many of the compulsive behaviors, just the horrible thoughts all the time (imagine living like that).

    There’s no pure C. You have to have the O with the C or just the O.

    I have OCD. I try not to be too thin-skinned, but I hate it when people joke about having it. If you really had it, it’s horrible. To say the least. I suffered for years before getting cognitive behavioral therapy and medication and things are MUCH better now (four years into treatment). It’s on the anxiety spectrum, by the way.

    The negative obsessive thoughts are things like dying from germs (not just getting sick), doing yourself harm, doing someone else harm, committing some sort of religious sacrilege, etc. Mine were always of throwing myself off a tall building to my death. Imagine having that image pop into your head several hundred times a day and then dreaming it at night and the harder you try to stop it, the more often it happens. And it causes little mini-panic attacks every time.

    It’s God-awful.

  6. Orangejulius says:

    Thanks for the enlightenment, Anastasiabeav. I have it too, but haven’t had any treatment for it. It’s hard to explain to people why you can’t get the same thoughts from going around and around and around on a mental train track in your brain. All 3 of my sons have it to a certain extent. Mostly the “O”. Mine is not as severe but it still causes me a lot of difficulty in life.

  7. MikeyAngel says:

    My dad has it and he makes everyone around him miserable about certain things. He has a lot of tics. Over the past six months I have the most aweful thought of paper cutting my eye. Over and over and over. At least 50 to 100 times a day on a good day. It is weird. Some people have dreadful thoughts of death and I have dreadful thoughts about my eyes. I agree Jaybird everyone has their certain “things.”

  8. Zoe says:

    As a former OCD, I’m glad there is a show out there about this. Because it is treatable and something that should be brought to more attention. I didn’t know what to call it until I was 17 and thought I was the only person who had it growing up. A news report cued me into the name when I was in high school and eventually I researched it and by the time I was 21, it wasn’t a problem anymore as I had it treated. I was lucky I never went into remission, probably because of the age I took medication (between 18-21 gives you the best chance of long-term success). I’m free from that horrid disease and quite happy about it.

    That said, I’m sad people are watching shows about drug recovery or sex addiction involving live participants, because while you may find it entertaining, those people will absolutely relapse and Dr. Drew knows this full well and doesn’t care. The absence of anonymity and the potential to revive your career because of your addiction is a death sentence for those people and Dr. Drew should be in jail. That said, an obsessive compulsive can recover without putting their lives in jeopardy on camera or not. People, please think before you watch shows and truly evaluate the consequences of your television viewing habits prior to contributing to the destruction of human lives, it’s really not worth it.

  9. RaraAvis says:

    I think the most interesting thing about OCD is that it can be treated and cured, if the person is willing to face the reality of why they compulse. And it’s waaay less depressing than addiction.

  10. Gina Leeper says:

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  11. Diagnostic says:

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