Lindsay Shookus, Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, reportedly spent an hour with Jennifer Garner

Yesterday we reported on the fact that Lindsay Shookus, Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, was seen out with him in LA over the weekend, which was of course right after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. As I mentioned, both Ben and Jen said in interviews that they were spending the Thanksgiving holiday together, but lest we think that there was a reunion in the cards (because come on, they’re not divorced yet and they have gotten back together so many times) Ben was seen out with Lindsay. I joked that she likely didn’t spend Thanksgiving with his family because that would be weird and she has her own estranged husband and child, but now paparazzi agency X17 is reporting that Lindsay spent an hour at Ben’s house over the weekend, allegedly visiting with Jennifer Garner. This may not have happened the way they’re reporting, but here’s their report:

Ben Affleck took his mistress-turned-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus to meet his ex Jen Garner on Saturday, and it seems to have gone off without a hitch! The lovebirds hit up Farm Shop in Brentwood around 4pm for a late afternoon bite, and then headed over to Jen’s pad in the Pacific Palisades for a sit-down. Our sources tell us the trio hung out for about an hour, and everything was quite friendly considering the circumstances! Our source tells us: “Ben and Lindsay looked so happy to finally be making their relationship legit with Jen. They’ve had to tiptoe around and Jen has resisted having the kids hang out with Lindsay. Ben was dressed up and seemed to really want to make a good impression on Jen — like how clean and healthy he looks. Lindsay looked a little nervous but was getting support from Ben.”

[From X17]

I put some stock in paparazzi reports, because their photographer stalkers know where the celebrities go and for how long. So let’s assume that the main details are accurate, that Lindsay went to the house when Jen was there. She may have visited with Jen, she may have acknowledged her briefly without much of a sit down, or she may have avoided her. We know that Jennifer Garner is extra, she’s type A and she’s southern. After moving here I learned the hard way that southern women who hate you will be sweet to your face and act like your best friend while stabbing you in the back. So I could see Jennifer laying it on thick for Yankee Lindsay, who likely knew it wasn’t genuine but didn’t realize the extent of Jen’s duplicity. (Like Lindsay I’m also from upstate NY and the learning curve on this was high for me. It’s a kind of “keep your enemies closer” philosophy I think.) Anyway this wasn’t the first time Jen and Lindsay met. There were multiple reports that Jen not only met Lindsay when she helped Ben with his SNL hosting duties, but that she discovered their affair a couple of years ago, confronted Lindsay and told Lindsay’s husband about it. These weren’t just rumors, they were reported by US Weekly’s sources, which has run ongoing insider stories that only could come from Jen. This one though, this is a source quoted by a paparazzi agency. I am not so sure they spoke to anyone or could see inside the house. The stuff about Jen making sure Lindsay isn’t hanging out with their kids I definitely buy.

Oh and Ben took his daughters to see Hamilton over the weekend, where they were photographed of course (you can see those photos here). Among the main things that make me jealous of the celebrity lifestyle are flying private, wearing couture, and the ability to see expensive sold out performances.

Lindsay Shookus, girlfriend of Ben Affleck, wears a loose dress fueling the speculation that she is pregnant while seen after attending a Pre Emmy Party at The Chateau Marmont



Photos credit: WENN, Backgrid and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Miss M says:

    If I were Jen, I would not want my kids hanging out eith his girlfriend. He always looks awful when he is hanging ot with her. As if he was on a binge the night before and woke up hangover and is trying to sober up.

  2. Snazzy says:

    “Among the main things that make me jealous of the celebrity lifestyle are flying private, wearing couture, and the ability to see expensive sold out performances.”

    I second that motion

    Also, personal chefs

    • detritus says:

      personal chefs, really really good personal trainers and the ability to afford a massage every day. Coco Rocha basically has my dream life.

    • someone says:

      Pretty much for me it would be the never having to clean a toilet. That alone would be worth the price of fame.

      • Esmom says:

        Amen! Cleaning my house is a task I dread more and more.

        Although I once went on vacation with a group of friends and we stayed at a villa that came with a staff and having someone cook three meals a day for us was AMAZING. It was a huge letdown to come home to my cold dark house and have to fire up the stove again.

      • LizLemonGotMarried says:

        So, I recently read an article about paying someone to do the hated little chores and how it makes you happier than whatever you could buy with the money. Granted, it’s not applicable for a great many people who are having to live paycheck to paycheck with NO buffer, but if you’ve got to debate between having your house cleaned and buying shoes, pay for the cleaning! My cleaning goal is to never clean another toilet or shower again-barring emergencies.

  3. Sky says:

    Many people already Jen was in San Francisco over the weekend, so this story is untrue.

    • Ankhel says:

      If so, that means Ben gave his mistress/new gf a tour of his family home while Jen was away. Dun dun duuun!

    • Nicole says:

      I was going to say the same. I think a commenter even mentioned she was out of town.
      Even if she was in LA I doubt she sat and met with her for an hour. I don’t think she wants anything to do with her (not that I blame her). I wish she applied some of the same firm stances to Ben

  4. happyoften says:

    If Jen didn’t spend the hour repeating “Run girl, RUN!” it was an hour wasted.

    • Ankhel says:

      In my imagination, it would be Jen talking for an hour about the children’s routines, allergies, dislikes and preferences, while Lindsay was smiling tightly, thinking “shutupshutupshutup” and nursing a hangover. But that’s just me.

  5. minx says:

    Well, that’s nice I guess.

  6. Originaltessa says:

    I know millions of people are in similar circumstances, and marriages end, and the mistress becomes the stepmom, but I still find this sad and awkward for Jen. She loved him, and this must suck for her.

    • LT says:

      Eh, I don’t know. I’m thrilled that my ex is with a stable woman who is nice to my kids. It’s not hard at all.

  7. Peeking in says:

    Ben loves a woman with strong features, that’s for sure.

    • Pamela says:

      That pic of Lindsay alone…in the black and white dress? LOOK at her face, she looks SO much like Ben there, it is bizarre. Not picking on her looks, that was caught at an unflattering moment–but just in general, she looks a LOT like him.

  8. detritus says:

    Jen’s looking extra good recently. she’s got her groove back thats for sure, and I bet she excels at killing them with kindness.

    • Esmom says:

      I agree. Whatever she’s doing is working, big time.

      • Jerusha says:

        I think what she’s doing is realizing she’s finally DONE with BA. She only interacts with him when it has to do with the children. She’s got several projects in the works. She works on children’s literacy and other programs with Save the Children. I think she’s mentally and emotionally free of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she met with LS thinking “he’s all yours now, and welcome to him.” JMO.

      • amanda says:

        But that’s not even what she says in public. She says that she doesn’t want to be single and is refusing to date. I don’t think that she needs a new man to “prove” that she’s moved on, but she is making it clear that she hasn’t. There is actually no reason whatsoever that she needed to divulge that information.

  9. Jayna says:

    I don’t believe it. The paps are always around. They would have papped Lindsay and Ben going to Jen’s house, not just a report. And Ben is so pap-hungry to rehabilitate his image, he would have made sure they were on hand to get the photo arriving there.

  10. Luca76 says:

    If this is true i’ll give Jen credit. I really didn’t think she was capable of actually being civil and just wanted to keep a grip over that pathetic man.

  11. kodakay says:

    Jen is way prettier, IMO.

    • Pandy says:

      Agree. Even when she’s not made up she looks less harsh than Lindsay Shookus. I’m always wondering how often she dumps her kid with the ex that she’s available to tool around the country with Affleck?

  12. Tanesha86 says:

    This is going to sound really mean but Lindsay has such strong angular features. She’s a really unattractive woman

  13. K says:

    She looks EXACTLY like Ben in that picture of her in the dress.

  14. Jayna says:

    That dress Lindsay has on is horrible, and she needs a more supportive bra. Her hair is looking much healthier these days than when they first debuted their relationship. Less frizzy and more shine to her hair.

  15. KBB says:

    What an unflattering photo of Lindsay (the dress one)

  16. JA says:

    Ugh Lindsay and Ben both look like wasted messes!!

  17. allison says:

    I don’t think that it’s true that they met with Jen at the house — she was likely out of town with the kids. I do think it’s true that they spent time at the house for some reason. X17 camp out on that street.

    So many petty and unkind comments about her looks, yet people were up in arms when someone commented that Jen Garner looked butch and had man hands in a post the other day.

  18. The Original G says:

    How does it serve Jen to give Lindsay the ole”bless your heart”? Why couldn’t these people get together for a civil hour or two? All over the world, families will be doing just this. Why the need to continue the vilification of Ben and Lindsay? Everyone’s an adult parent here. Move on I say. Maybe cut the pap walks.

    • lisa says:

      But how would Garner get any attention if she stopped doing pap strolls and leaking things to the tabloids? ITA with your post, btw. People need to be adults at this point.

      • The Original G says:

        I can’t get with her incessant papping of the kids. It says something significant about her.

      • Nicole says:

        More than that. Her kids/family life/clinging to Ben is literally ALL she has left to talk to reporters about. She drags the kids into everything when really, she should be protecting them from the media. She turned her divorce into a media circus and continues to feed the frenzy. She’s no better than Ben.

      • ashleyg says:

        I’m sure that she’ll be promoting her new movie more this week and oversharing yet again about the “special Christmas” that she has planned with Ben and the kids and the family, like we all really care. The tabloids will print breathless, gushing articles about it like it’s brand new info. But golly gee, will Ben need another sober coach and/or detox nurse afterwards again? How special! NO ONE needs to know about the kids’ holiday plans. That should be private. People act like Ben is the worst, but he’s a shameless addict who can’t help himself, what’s Jen’s excuse? If she’s so much better than him, she should know better and act better. But she’s not.

      • LearningtheSystem says:

        Maybe she could talk about her new organic company (which I think is going to do quite well), or her extensive work with Save the Children, and the travel she does for that, or the speaking engagements, like the think tanks in Chicago and New Hampshire I believe that she participated in this year? Or, she might talk about training to be in an action thriller, how many hours of work daily/weekly it’s taken her to get the fight sequences, muscle and stamina to do that kind of work? Or, she could talk about how much she enjoys certain hobbies, which she shares on her IG. She’s got lots to talk about that have nothing to do with her family, and I think she would actually much prefer to talk about any of these other things.
        As women, surely we want to support her coming out of Ben’s shadow and reestablishing herself? Many, many women have been in this place – they were the family caregivers supporting their husband. He left, and they had nothing on their own and had to recreate themselves. I’ve known a few over the years. I’m going to encourage and support other women coming into their own.

        Women are often women’s worst enemy, and yet many women will find excuses for the men’s poor behavior and give him all kinds of slack and chances.

      • mary says:

        Please, Jen is the divorced wife of a multi millionare movie star. He is going to be paying her alimony for a LONG time. She doesn’t have to work another day in her life if she didn’t want to. If ANYTHING, Her life should be a cautionary tale to other women, dont give up your life and identity for a playboy because you never know what will happen

      • LearningtheSystem says:

        @Mary, Jen has millions of her own, but WOW to your comment.

        Maybe she wants to work? Maybe she wants to set that example for her kids?

        Maybe she wants to be an example to women that you can rebuild your identity even if you DO subject yourself in a marriage that fails? She has it much easier than most, absolutely and beyond, but still it’s a good example to encourage women to rise up and find life after divorce.

    • mary says:

      @ learning I don’t disagree Jen should work and she should have probably never given up her career for him to begin with. But she isn’t some broke divorcee, she has no financial hardships here.

      I feel you i just have a hard time finding sympathy for her. She has had MANY many years to start moving on. Of course you want her to do well I think thats why people get so frustrated with her when she is pathetically going on and on about the little time she does spend with Ben on holidays. It’s like girl – get a life of your own for once. What is it going to take for her to get a life of her own?? Is there no one close to her that is honest with her? It’s been more than enough time and time is running out on the sympathy for poor Jen who got divorced. Their marriage has been over for YEARS, she has no financial hardships due to the divorce and her ex has moved on with a new woman. She needs to get it together, people only pity others for so long before it’s time they get it together and get on with it.

      • LearningtheSystem says:

        But that’s it, I don’t think she does go on about it. Look back over the last year, especially. You can see that she has carefully tried to separate herself from him. The press she puts out is about her Save the Children work, attending speaking engagements, new movie roles. Her IG account is all about her and her varied interests. She has, very clearly, a very active life of her own. She’s run in a few marathons – per twitter, not because she publicized it, either

        I think that Ben is the one who keeps pulling the “family/Jen” card and keeping that in the press, because he is desperate for us to forget the sexual harassment allegations, and that he cheated on Jen so badly. He is the one who puts out the stuff about their holidays together. Who spoke about TXT day first? Ben. He talked about it in all of his JL press junkets. Jen was asked about it following that, and responded somewhat lowkey and talked more about the cooking than Ben. She absolutely did not go on and on. Neither did Ben, really. He was asked, and he answered. Spending actual holiday meals together is not unusual these days for divorced families, either. Its pretty common and good for the kids if you can do it well.

        Is it because she isn’t publicly dating? That has nothing to do with not moving on – she is very busy with friends, work, charitable work and her kids. I look at her and see a very full life.

      • ash says:

        Her IG is cultivated very carefully to make things seem one way. Most people think she’s totally pathetic and not moving on based on what she said. Ya know, words that came out of her mouth about not wanting to move on.

      • Mela says:

        She didnt have to bring up her plans with Ben, could have just said she will be with family.

        I mean…technically she is talking about someone else’s man now..cuz ben aint HER man anymore..hes with Lindsay…she sounds really dumb…

  19. mary says:

    I dont think it looks like they were in SF according to her instagram. Could have been a false sighting.

    I think this happened. X17 are like super stalkers and maybe it happened so fast or Ben has promised better pictures if they hold off posting any photos they may have gotten.

    What an awkward meeting but it was bound to happen and is probably for the best they all get on with it.

  20. lisa says:

    Ben is obviously serious about LS. They seem determined to make it work and be together. In a few months they will have been together for a year. If Jen’s goal is to make things so difficult and strained that she drives Ben to move to NYC permanently, then fine, give both of them the ol’ “bless your heart.” Seems like things might be headed in that direction anyway.

    Jen is no Goop, never will be. I give Paltrow a lot of credit. Now THAT is a civil situation. Nothing being leaked to the tabloids every other day, no games.

    • LearningtheSystem says:

      But in photos with Goop and Chris together with the kids, they don’t have their significant others present, either. Just the 2 of them and the kids.

      I don’t think Jen wants to make things difficult. I’m pretty sure she just wants to live her life and let Ben live his, coming together for the kids for holidays and activities. Things will evolve over time, but it’s NOT good to introduce your kids to the person you are dating until you have been together for a long time to avoid the kids being confused when/if it doesn’t work out and they move on. You don’t let your kids get close to random people who are transitory like that.

      • The Original G says:

        Good lord, these kids know all about what Ben is up to. Dissing Lindsay as a “random transitory,” is just concern trolling.

      • mary says:

        As much as a dog as Ben has been, he is allowed to live his life after Jen. He doesn’t have to become a hermit just because he divorced his wife. His kids will google him and find out anyways and doesn’t seem like Shookus is some transitory fling- she is here firmly. Maybe Ben could spend more time with the kids if he and Lindsay and his kids could start doing things together as a group instead of having to split his time between the two.

      • The Original G says:

        @mary. And, isn’t that the kind of situation that’s stabilising for some one with substance issues?

      • JoJo says:

        @LTS – Goop just got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Brad, and Goop posted a picture on Instagram of both Chris and Brad at a table together laughing. I absolutely think Goop/Chris/Brad do things with all of them present with the kids, and if they don’t now, they’re going to start, especially now that Goop/Brad have made their engagement official. If you’re going to be long-term serious with someone post-divorce, it’s not sustainable at all to think you’re just going to continue along doing things with only the “exes” (?) together with the kids.

        Now, I don’t necessarily know that Lindsay fits into this long-term/serious category yet, but just saying …

      • LearningtheSystem says:

        @JoJo, that’s my point. Once the new relationship is serious and committed, then of course you bring in the kids. Until then, it is not recommended to involve the new person in family events because that creates a bond with the kids that might not last and eventually the in and out makes it difficult for the kids emotionally.
        @The Original G, I never dissed Lindsey as a “random transitory.” I said that ANY new relationship, before it is considered serious and committed, should be kept apart from the kids. I refer to THOSE relationships as random and transitory generally – not Lindsey specifically.
        NONE of us know if this relationship is serious or committed – NONE OF US! According to People’s paper issue, a BEN source says it’s not serious, so…? Only Ben and Jen know what boundaries they have set on when new relationships get to meet and be around the kids. None of us know what those joint boundaries are and so calling out Jen for not “allowing” the kids to know Lindsey is pure speculation and quite likely wrong factually. I’m sure Ben would feel the same about the kids meeting “random” men that Jen dates when she’s ready. He wouldn’t want the kids getting attached to other men who will come and go out of the family environment.

    • amanda says:

      MTE, Lisa. Actually I think that is what will eventually happen: Jen will make it so difficult for him to see the kids that he’ll give up on the whole thing and move to New York to be with Lindsay and her daughter.

      • Sophia's Side eye says:

        Right, because Jen is the only parent who has rights here. You know, neither parent is allowed total control over a situation involving kids, so if Ben decideds to abandon his own kids, that’s 100% on him.

    • Scout says:

      No, sis, they have been together since 2013. She was his mistress. He upgraded her once both of their marriages ended.

  21. Nicole says:

    Ben always looks like hell after he is forced to spend holidays with Jen and the kids. They need to split those up and drop the charade. Clearly doesn’t work. I bet Ben will marry LS and move to NYC semi-permanently. I suspect the kids know that their dad has a girlfriend. Ben mentioned that Violet goes to a friend’s house to google things (since she is apparently not allowed on the internet at Jen’s house), and implied that other kids are apparently telling her stuff. So as much as Jen wants to live in denial about his relationship, keep the kids in the dark forever and pretend that they’re still married and whatnot, …that’s not gonna happen, lady. Bless her heart. She will never move on.

    • mary says:

      exactly why their charade is futile. the kids will google their dad and realize he has had a girlfriend for years and probably resent their parents for lying to them.

      • The Original G says:

        Seriously, these kids have had a front row seat at their parents relationship issues since forever. They know what’s what.

    • happyoften says:

      Ben is a grown ass man, and not “forced” to do anything. As to him finding spending time with his children draining, he has no problem showing up uninvited for pap strolls after he’s been outed acting like an ass. So I guess he finds them okay some of the time.

      This idea that Jen Garner is some how *making* him help raise his own children out of her own desperation to have him near is absolute nonsense. And sexist. And probably how Ben feels being asked to adult.

      Cripes. She would probably be happier and better off cutting him out completely, but somebody has think of the children. God knows Ben and Shookus aren’t.

  22. FlyLikeAbird says:

    I don’t know if it’s the lack of lips, or the ageing like a banana thing but this woman looks like the taste of lemons. If the taste of lemons had a face, it’d be this broad.

  23. brenda says:

    I don’t know if this meeting really occurred or not. I suspect not because that would ruin Jen’s fantasy of her and Ben getting back together. I’m sure she’s using the excuse that since she hasn’t officially met LS yet, the kids can’t meet her either. And if the kids haven’t met her, then Jen can pretend like it’s not real and not happening. What if the kids actually liked LS? Jen would NOT be able to handle it. The kids are thirsty for real info — they know that they aren’t being told things. Ben admitted that, said that his daughter goes to friends houses and uses the internet. Jen needs to face reality.

  24. LearningtheSystem says:

    Clearly there are many parenting philosophies out there and represented here. All of the counseling and books have informed me it is harmful to the kids to meet a new relationship until it is very advanced so the kids don’t get attached to several people coming in and out of the lives in the intimate family setting. Perhaps Ben and Jen BOTH agreed this is how they would handle new relationships with the kids. Where has it been quoted by either that she is refusing to let the kids meet her? Only the tabloids from those secret sources creating drama.
    We each parent our own kids as we will, and other parents should be allowed to make those choices for their kids.

  25. JoJo says:

    I’m never going to comment on Lindsay as a mom because I don’t know her, and I think that’s the height of cruelty. For all we know, she sees her child every day except when she’s in LA, and in fact, there’s absolutely no reason to assume that’s not the case. What I totally don’t get:

    - The comments about her being a drunk. Nothing about her suggests she’s a drunk. Is she part of the SNL culture/lifestyle? Yes, but that doesn’t mean she’s a drunk. Following that logic, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and so many others must be drunks as well. He**, I must be a drunk too – I drink wine a lot.

    - The appearance shaming. I see nothing wrong with how she looks. If she walked down the street here on the East Coast, people would just think she’s a tall, average-looking/pretty woman. End of story. I guess because she’s dating someone in Hollywood, people expect something different. I would even venture to say it’s refreshing that she doesn’t look like every other cookie cutter woman in Hollywood. She doesn’t appear to have had work done to change her nose, chin, cheeks, gums/lips, etc., although I do think she could benefit from a better hair color/style.

    • The Original G says:

      I agree. We’ve got a grown man whose marriage has been over for years dating a grown woman whose marriage has been over for years. Why the need to put them both in the dog house for imagined sins?

      • LearningtheSystem says:

        The issue that seems to trigger the negativity about their relationship is the timing. It started years before they were separated or divorced from Thor spouses and while both had very young children. That casts a bad smell on both of them that probably will never go away.

  26. Embee says:

    Lindsay looks pregnant to me. I think that’s why this little meet-up. There’s gonna be another Affleck baby.

  27. Mar says:

    I think people are way too hard on Lindsay. What do we really know that’s so awful about her besides what the media tells us? My god I hope everyone one on this post is a perfect person!

    • Betty says:

      Any woman that is a married and having an affair with another married man can’t expect respect from others especially when young children. are involved It not about being perfect but having decency and a moral compass. What can you teach your kids,” Do as I say not as I do.”

  28. ORIGINAL T.C. says:

    These bitchy comments on Shookus’ looks remind me of the comments about the Nanny he had an affair with. She too was called unattractive! Other women are clueless about what men find attractive in women.

    • Gina says:

      Anyone not named Jennifer Garner in this situation is going to get called bloated, ugly, etc. It’s so juvenile. I love that despite all of the crap online over the last several months, Ben has not been deterred at all. Hasn’t stopped him from seeing her one bit. It drives the weirdos wild.

  29. Gelsgea says:

    Am I the only one that suspects that this woman is about 3M pregnant?

  30. Jill says:

    She still looks like the long lost sister of Elliot Spitzer. It’s uncanny.

  31. Betty says:

    I doubt Ben would take his mistress to their family home or that Jen would meet with her, why should she? Ben has respect for Jen and his children and would not bring another woman there if she was away. I think Jen is through with Ben and would not take him back. Shookus is just a transition until Ben finds another woman. He has shown he can’t stay faithful to any woman, I guess she can see that she is not his first priority but his family comes from. That would make most women in her position jealous. I wonder when will their divorce become final, You don’t hear anything about court dates for them

    • ash says:

      He respects Jen so much that he takes his (alleged) mistress girlfriend out in public before the divorce is even final? Sure. Lindsay must be a priority to him or he would not fly around the world every other week to be with her. You sound delusional.

  32. Kim says:

    Ben Affleck is a typical under-talented, over-estimated douchebag who ends up downgrading to a woman who doesn’t challenge him to be better than he is, who doesn’t expect him to be better. A lesser woman. If he were a better man, he’d still be with the mother of his children, setting an example for them, and actually trying to be the great man that, perhaps, he really does have the potential to be. But he’ll never realize that potential if he keeps screwing around with less-thans.

    • kim2 says:

      LOL. Jen Garner is the “less-than”, pathetic doormat enabler that she is. What a crappy role model she was for her daughters. Ben leaving her was the best thing for their kids because it forced their mother to grow a spine and get a life that doesn’t revolve around wiping her husband’s ass.

    • Mela says:

      I DONT know…people
      Split up all the time. Its sad but to say every person who divorces their spouse is a bad person would mean half the population are awful people. I know we all have relatives and friends that have been through divorces or had affairs. Its tough to live down im sure. i feel like people have a right to control their own destiny. Divorce and affairs happen and shouldnt be a life sentence. Let people move on and live the life they want instead is kind of my mantra

  33. hey-ya says:

    ….I love all the Batman bits in Justice League…

  34. Loca says:

    Ben looks much happier and relax when it is just him and the kids. They should just use a mediator like Ben’s mom or someone trusted if Jennifer doesn’t want him left alone with the kids. He looks miserable anytime Jenn comes along. Maybe split up the holidays where one gets Christmas morning and the other Christmas night. It isn’t healthy for Jenn to be around Ben 24-7 at some point she needs to move on by letting him go everything else will happen when it happens. When they are together constantly Ben looks so depressed.

    • Mela says:

      She seems like a really nice person but he looks like he hates her…wonder what she did

    • LearningtheSystem says:

      Haha how many times have they been seen together when it didn’t relate to a kid or school activity? Ben chooses to be there or not. He is a big boy with his own free will. I’d say Jen looks much more relaxed when he’s not around so maybe he should leave her alone.

  35. bethany says:

    Christ, is Jen ever going to move on? Look, I’m sure she’s a nice enough lady. I personally wouldn’t want to be married to her. She’s an overgrown Girl Scout, all arts and crafts, Bible study, unsexy outfits and walking chickens in the driveway. WTF, does that even sound like *Ben Affleck’s* type?? lmao Of course he spent as much time away from the family “working” when they were married. Of course his public hookups have been a hot little nanny and an SNL staffer. The Garner Affleck marriage limped along for as long as it did for reasons other than love, at least from his end. Jen needs to stop sounding so pathetic in interviews, accept reality and move on with her life. Nothing she’s done in the last few weeks is a good look, talking about Ben like he’s still her man.

    • LearningtheSystem says:

      Isn’t Ben equally pathetic for talking about Jen in recent interviews then? He said his brother and mother were coming to Jens house for Thanksgiving meal and then they are all walking to Damon’s house together. Sounds like Ben is wanting to recapture the family there doesn’t it? Sounds like he misses that togetherness with Jen?
      No to either Ben or Jen being pathetic. I have no doubt if they didn’t have kids they would likely never speak to or about the other.

  36. polarbear says:

    Another celeb couple who look like they could be siblings.

  37. miranda says:

    I am also from upstate New York – we have a saying “If you lie down with the dogs, you are going to come up with fleas.” Ben and Lindsay may be the happiest of couples, they seem alike in many ways – but their backstory is ugly. If the public is critical – so be it. They made their choices. Maybe Ben should move to NYC and live happily ever after with her.

  38. Saras says:

    She looks like a drunk too so I think we found a big part of their attraction!

  39. I says:

    She does not look drunk or hungover.