Quentin Tarantino’s Air Rage

Sometimes, you have a perception of people that you’ve never met, that you just can’t shake. I’ve seen Quentin Tarantino interviewed. He seems normal enough, but I still kind of imagine him as a – balding – kid sitting in an attic plotting ways to kill people. Which I guess he kind of is, except in my mind he’s really killing them, not just faking for film.

So for the stewards on a recent flight from the Phillipines to LAX who were faced with his air rage, I hope they didn’t recognise him in the same way I do.

“Tiffany (Limos, actress) was pushing Quentin in a wheelchair,” the flier told us. “Apparently, Tarantino injured his back to the point where he couldn’t walk . . . Quentin made one of the stewardesses cry because he didn’t want to sit in his first-class seat. He wanted to sit on the floor or in one of the flight attendant’s seats.” A Philippine politician who happened to be on board had to come from his seat in business class to break up the fight. Meanwhile, cranky Tarantino “was telling Tiffany Limos how much he loved her . . . He called her ‘the wife’ on the flight.” Reps for Tarantino and Limos didn’t return calls.

New York Post

Was actress Tiffany employed just to push the director in the wheelchair, or was she travelling with him for a reason?

Tarantino and “the wife” were returning from the Cinemanila film festival, where he was honoured, I can only assume for his ‘contribution to directing’. On the way to picking up his Lifetime Achievement Award, he was stuck in a traffic jam in his limousine, so he decided to catch a rickshaw to the venue. This isn’t how he injured his back, no word on how that happened. Maybe he fell down the attic steps while pursuing a particularly grisly plot idea. Or maybe he did it while feeding the cat.

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