NYT: Harvey Weinstein’s ‘complicity machine’ involved CAA & tabloid media

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As the Harvey Weinstein saga unfolded in the past two months, there’s been a not-so-quiet undercurrent: actresses and models naming the people around Harvey Weinstein as complicit in his systematic abuse, harassment and assault of women. Some of Weinstein’s victims have stories that don’t involve anyone else – but many of his victims were “sent” to his hotel room by their managers or agents. Many of his victims went to a meeting in a restaurant and they were manipulated into a hotel room by various assistants or handlers. Whether or not Weinstein got what he wanted from his victims, it’s more than likely that he abused them further by controlling the narrative around their work, their careers, their reputations with his influence in the media. This is what the New York Times deems “Harvey Weinstein’s Complicity Machine.”

The New York Times details the “vast web of enablers” helping a sexual predator like Harvey Weinstein abuse women for decades:

Harvey Weinstein got away with sexual assault for decades with assistance from a vast web of enablers, according to a report in the New York Times. The 8,000-word story, published Tuesday evening, attempts to pin down who knew what and when about Weinstein’s alleged misconduct. According to the Times, at least eight agents at Creative Artists Agency were aware that Weinstein had sexually harassed or threatened female clients, yet the agency continued to do business with him and send actresses to meet with him.

The story also details Weinstein’s close relationship with tabloid journalists, detailing how Weinstein would provide tips to reporters about others in exchange for killing stories about his infidelities. The story also documents Weinstein’s close relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and discloses that Weinstein was involved in a documentary project about Hillary Clinton until revelations of his sexual misconduct came to light.

Bryan Lourd, the managing partner of CAA, declined to tell the Times whether he was aware of the allegations against Weinstein, citing client confidentiality. In a statement in response to the story, CAA apologized to clients who were “let down,” and vowed to use its influence and resources “to help create permanent change.”

“We apologize to any person the agency let down for not meeting the high expectations we place on ourselves, as individuals and as a company,” the agency said. “We unequivocally support those who have spoken out publicly.”

According to the story, Weinstein had a long-standing alliance with American Media, publisher of the National Enquirer. He relied on the Enquirer to help him gather information about his accusers and to help kill stories about his misconduct, the story states.

The story also quotes two former Weinstein Co. employees who said they were tasked with providing Weinstein with penile injection medication for erectile dysfunction. Sandeep Rehal, a 28-year-old assistant, told the paper that she sometimes had to dispense the drug to Weinstein before his hotel meetings with women.

[From Variety]

Uma Thurman notably left CAA in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein debacle, and I would assume that more women will probably leave the agency in the coming weeks and months. CAA also represented Kevin Spacey for decades, and they dropped him like a hot potato when the Spacey stories became public, although I 100% believe that Spacey’s agent knew exactly what Spacey was doing.

As for Weinstein’s association with American Media… it feels like low-hanging fruit to say that Weinstein had connections with a tabloid like the National Enquirer. Why didn’t the New York Times talk about Weinstein’s very real influence with the New York Post, the New York Times (yes, I said it), Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles Times and more? Was it because the NY Times might have to admit their own complicity, and the complicity of the mainstream, non-tabloid media in covering up Weinstein’s criminal behavior for decades by refusing to cover it?

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  1. Andrea1 says:

    I’m so glad CAA is finally being called out. Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow left CAA early on in their careers i say kudos to them. National Enquirer isnt the only tabloid complicit in this even page six and the rest have been used by Harvey to run smear campaigns against people.

  2. Really says:

    They all knew and they are aware of The current creeps abusers, predators out, they will keep covering for them like they always have

  3. Maya says:

    Yes – take down CAA with you…

  4. Sarah says:

    Shocking, Not! Enquirer got it’s own scandal as of yesterday. Hope CAA really gets called out on it’s own agents individual conduct. Lots of stories about Kevin Huvane.

  5. Christine says:

    Reminds me of when Bernie Madoff came to light and everyone was SO SHOCKED. But the feeder funds had to know the money they were giving him was going in his pocket. But they got a benefit so they did it anyway. This is the same; there’s always enablers for every great atrocity.

    • Izzy says:

      There were investment advisors who REFUSED to direct their clients’ funds to Bernie Madoff, specifically because what they saw of his “investment strategy” seemed too good to be true, didn’t pass their smell test. People will see what they want to see when they want it to suit their narrative.

  6. marc kile says:

    The victims didn’t know till it was to late the that their own agents threw them into a pool with a great white shark. I hope all the scum who were part of this burn in hell for ever .

  7. Casi says:

    “Bryan Lourd, managing partner of CAA…”

    Someone’s going to be extra-haunted by his ex if he was involved. I have no doubt Carrie will the make his life miserable from wherever she is now.

  8. JRenee says:

    Expose all involved, shut them down.

  9. Mia4s says:

    CAA represents Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, RDJ and pretty most of the Marvel actors. Seen a Marvel movie recently? Congrats you helped CAA make a lot of money. That’s how interconnected and deep this complicit sickness runs in a Hollywood. The whole system is sick.

  10. wood dragon says:

    Time Magazine just made the Me too movement the Person of the Year!

  11. Moxylady says:

    This isn’t a Hollywood problem. This is every industry in every company in every city in every corner of the globe. This sort of thing happens in friend groups and cliques. When they hear a woman tell her friends her ex or that guy she dated was controlling or violent or assaulted her …. and no one believes her or warns the new girls.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      I agree with you completely. On a happy note, I don’t remember the source or the exact details, but in this British political institution women staff had a Whatsapp group where they share info on men they knew to be abusers to warn female colleagues so they know they have to avoid them? That counts for something too.

    • Yezzz says:

      The ex wife of my ex husband had an unconscious “better her than me” attitude and NEVER warned me. We were friendly, just not friends. We’ve since really talked, and I realize that Fear and subtle intimidation from the abuser can create the complicity machine. I forgive her; we were all so ignorant and self-blaming back then.

  12. fes says:

    I hate these ” I apologize to *anyone* who’s been hurt…” as if it’s all hypothetical. CAA has clearly hurt many people, the absolute bare minimum would be to say they apologize to *everyone* they’ve hurt.

  13. Falum says:

    Bryan Lourd needs to start talking

  14. Abby says:

    2017 is the year that I stopped wanting to see movies (and TV shows for that matter). I feel like I’ve always known there’s ugliness within Hollywood, but this is just so systemic and disgusting. I am happy it’s being exposed, but the desire to support this industry is rapidly diminishing for me. The whole thing is just tarnished. I kind of feel like my personal evolution here started with Johnny Depp (Well probably Tom Cruise years before) and it’s just gone down down down from there. I feel trepidation that some other actor I really love, some other franchise, is going to be exposed for being a terrible human being / harboring atrocities.

    Again, I’m glad this is all coming to light, for the sake of the women–and men–abused by men in power. I’m just so disillusioned by the film industry right now, and I’m only a viewer, consumer of media. I don’t work in Hollywood.