“Why was ‘The Big Sick’ completely shut out of the Golden Globes?” links

SFFILM Awards Night

The Big Sick is a beautiful & funny movie starring a wonderful Pakistani-American actor named Kumail Nanjiani, and featuring a brilliant supporting role for Holly Hunter. The entire film was snubbed for Golden Globes nominations. [LaineyGossip]
The Leftovers got snubbed for its final season too. [Pajiba]
This poor dog needs better parents. [Dlisted]
What in the world is Emily Ratajkowski wearing?! [Go Fug Yourself]
That creepy story about the girl who got plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie? The whole thing was a hoax. [The Blemish]
Douchebag kicks woman in head. [Starcasm]
Porscha Williams talks about her dinner with NeNe Leakes. [Reality Tea]
All of these feminist tweets are on fire! [Buzzfeed]
Christian Louboutin is a Jedi, I think. [OMG Blog]
The new Tomb Raider poster isn’t as bad as the first poster, but it still looks like they stuck Alicia Vikander’s head on someone else’s body. [Looper]

SFFILM Awards Night

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  1. AV says:

    If any of you haven’t watched The Big Sick, you definitely should. It’s so charming and funny and engaging, without being saccharine. You’ll definitely enjoy it!

  2. Lucy says:

    Has Josh Homme always been such a raging a-hole?

  3. Neelyo says:

    I’ve followed movies long enough that I am still in shock that people take the Golden Globes seriously. They were always treated as a joke up to even the early 2000s. It’s amazing how the red carpet plus airing on NBC has given them some veneer of credibility.

  4. mia girl says:

    I really don’t understand how The Leftovers received no nominations. I mean WTF?
    At the VERY least Carrie Coon… and Mimi Leder is amazing as a EP & Director.

  5. Flora says:

    I watched it in the cinema and I can’t say I enjoyed it much.
    Holly Hunter was excellent as usual though.
    I don’t get the Zoe Kazan hype.

    • nancypants says:

      It wasn’t that great.
      It had the potential to be great.
      I saw it at the theater with my husband and 16 year old daughter and while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great.
      We were a little disappointed.

      I’ve loved H. Hunter for years and years and I like Kumail and would probably see another of his movies if he does one.
      This one just wasn’t award worthy.

      Not every one wins a prize.

    • TheCassinator says:

      +1 — while it had some good aspects (Holly Hunter) it was just an overall ok movie. I really like the cast and the story, but the way the whole thing was put together…I think the director was the weak link.

  6. INeedANap says:

    The Big Sick was so good it made me like Ray Romano, and I loathe that man on screen (have no opinion about him IRL).

    Its snub is a dang crime.

  7. JenB says:

    Would the fact that it was distributed by Amazon make a difference?
    Saw it in the theater and loved it! (Also it’s on Prime video for free if you’re a member.)

  8. Jerusha says:

    Everything said about The Big Sick.👆🏻👆🏻 It was wonderful, should’ve taken several nominations.

  9. eulalie says:

    cant believe Get Out didnt get a nom for Best Screenplay. one of the most original films Ive ever seen.

    Meanwhile, default white girl coming of age story based on the filmmaker’s real life getting Best Screenplay nod? check check check.

    but then again, GGs always are a joke. Lady Gaga’s people paid for hers a few years ago. Kirsten Dunst was gonna win but then they managed to get Gaga to get it. Pathetic.

    If the rumblings are true and a Franco expose is in the pipeline, I’m really worried his defenders will write it off as some sort of nefarious grab during his awards season campaign. I was hoping it would have been released sooner if it really is out there and going to be soon.

  10. Other Renee says:

    The Big Sick was one of my favorite movies this year.

  11. Wowza says:

    I’m not trying to be a hater, but I really didn’t like the Big Sick. I love that a Pakistani-American guy can star in a successful movie but that movie was just… not actually good. His girlfriend was so annoying, I can’t believe we were supposed to like her. And the jokes were weak, felt like the script needed a punch up. The filmmaking was amateur, nothing different than any indie romcom you might catch. I’m not trying to yuck anybody’s yum but movies can be positive in terms of their politics and the ground they stake but also be uninspired movies. I guess long story short, I see why that one didn’t stand out enough to earn a GG nomination.

  12. DesertReal says:

    Christian L. is a Jedi?
    Sure, Jan.

  13. Erin says:

    This! Plus, it was just a poorly executed film. Couldn’t even watch the entire thing.

  14. Addison says:

    Such a shame. This was a gem.