Hugh Jackman covers People: Deb and I are a team, we’re there for each other

Hugh Jackman People Cover
I love Hugh Jackman and am so happy to see him on the cover of People. At a time when even Tom Hanks is sounding clueless, Hugh is one of the few “good guy” celebrities left. If we ever hear that he’s been inappropriate with women I will lose my sh-t. I’m not that far from it lately, but hearing that Hugh is like that would just push me over the edge. All signs point to the fact that Hugh is a devoted husband, in fact he regularly gushes about his wife of 21 years, Deborra Lee Furness, and we haven’t heard a bad word about him. He’s said to be a genuinely decent and kind person, and while that doesn’t make for good gossip it does warm my cold heart at a time when the world is particularly lousy.

Hugh is of course promoting his passion project, The Greatest Showman, out today. He plays P. T. Barnum in the musical origin story of Barnum and Bailey Circus. Unfortunately for Hugh the reviews are bad. Musicals are a risk as Hugh knows, but it only has a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, with some critics saying it glosses over Barnum’s troubled history and others complaining that the musical numbers are mediocre. I hope for Hugh’s sake it makes decent money this holiday, but bad word of mouth often predicts box office.

Getting back to the interview, here’s some of what Hugh told People:

“One of the great pieces of fortune in my career, it started late, but that Deb and I were already set together, a team, madly in love, like literally before it all happened,” Jackman tells PEOPLE’s editor-in-chief Jess Cagle. “We can kind of see all the ups and downs for what they are. Our priority is our family, and we’re there for each other no matter what.”

The Greatest Showman actor, 49, says he actively reminds himself that he wouldn’t be where he is today without his wife. Calling Furness, 62, his “rock,” Jackman says he always makes his wife a priority — no matter what the occasion may be.

“Even at the Oscars, I walk out, I put my hand on my heart and I always look to Deb in the audience,” he says. “Straight afterwards, I will not see anybody in my dressing room until Deb’s been in. Because that is my foundation, that is the rock, that is the foundation of our family, and therefore my life.”

The couple met on the set of the Australian drama Correlli in 1995 and have two kids together, Oscar, 17, and Ava, 12.

Jackman says that while his career may hit highs and lows, he can always count on his wife and family to be there for him.

“Underneath the surface where it’s real, and where it’s still and where it’s deep, that is the love I have with Deb.”

[From People]

That’s so sweet! Again, Hugh has consistently spoken lovingly about Deb and his relationship with her. While I used to think longterm couples like this were full of it, I now believe that there are people who just adore each other for decades. (I want to believe!) Hugh and Deborra seem like that couple, and when I see them talk about each other I buy that they’re devoted. You often hear this about relationships too, that couples who act like a team stay together. I just wish that The Greatest Showman was a better film, but maybe the central concept is flawed in that Barnum was a con artist and user who is hard to sell as a likable character in a musical.

World premiere of 'The Greatest Showman'

Hugh Jackman is all smiles while out riding on Citibikes with Wife Deborra-lee Furness

Empire State Building lighting ceremony

Photos credit: WENN and People

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  1. Des says:

    What is especially galling about the PT Barnum angle is that it is entirely possible to write an unlikeable character in a musical. It would just require a bit of imagination and risktaking.

  2. Falum says:

    It worries me when couples where the woman hits her 60s when typically no amount of creams or botox will stop the afeing process, that the younger guy will flip his preference to a 22 year old. I feel that way about the Taylor Woods. But Hugh sees really devoted to Deb, that its more of an intellectual and best friend bond, and he really isn’t interested in anyone else.

    Deb is awesome. I see why he fell for her. She may not be a glamour model but she is super attractive lady.

    • Kitten says:

      “It worries me when couples where the woman hits her 60s when typically no amount of creams or botox will stop the afeing process, that the younger guy will flip his preference to a 22 year old.”

      This is such a deeply cynical outlook and it makes me sad.

      ANYone can cheat on their spouse at any time for any reason and age doesn’t usually play a part in that. It’s depressing that women are so conditioned to think that men will stray because, age. I don’t know if that says more about how low our standards are for men or how badly we feel about ourselves or maybe a bit of both.

      • lamaga says:

        Kitten: completely agree, and this is why we all need feminism.

      • Lyka says:

        Probably both.

        Although some men totally do stray because of age; sometimes their partner’s, often their own. To paraphrase Cher’s mom in Moonstruck: They’re afraid of their own death (and often have poor emotional tools to deal with that)!

      • Jamie says:

        Age definitely affects men more. I was talking to my cousin about how beautiful Cate blanchett is and his repsonse is that, but she’s old. In his 26 year old mind, you can’t be in your 40s and be considered beautiful..

    • SKF says:

      Deb is super smart, very charismatic and extremely funny. She draws people to and around her and holds them in her light – no one moreso than her husband. My friend’s parents are friendly acquaintances with them and they said he talks about her all the time and the way he talks about her is very sweet.

  3. JustJen says:

    I won’t see the movie for two reasons: I generally hate musicals and I despise the entire institution of the circus. I’ve always liked Hugh Jackman though. I thought he was too good to be true and have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, but there he stands, as honorable as ever. Right now, Pierce Brosnan and Hugh are the only ones I’m counting on to stay clear of the shitshow, everyone else is suspect. I’ve been surprised too many times.

    • Kitten says:

      Circuses are unconscionable. I’m scared that this movie glorifies Barnum and the industry in general.

    • TrixC says:

      Why do you hate circuses? Do you mean old-fashioned circuses with animals? That’s not what modern circus is about. I’m a trained aerialist, what we do is a form of physical theatre.

  4. Neelyo says:

    The movie looks like shit. Plus Michelle Williams looks like his daughter, not his wife.

  5. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Love Hugh. Always have and I feel the same way. He is the one male celebrity that if really s*itty news came out about I would be genuinely devastated. The list of people I was fans of has gotten so short over the last two years. There is almost no one left!

  6. QueenB says:

    So whats his take on Bryan Singer?

  7. Unmade_bed says:

    I thank God for men like you, Hugh Jackman!

  8. Savasana Lotus says:

    They’re a really good “fake couple” in that while they are both involved with other people and gay, you could just call it an open marriage.

    • i don't know her says:


    • lamaga says:

      Who cares what they call it. They love and respect each other.

    • Lyka says:

      Seems like a real ass couple to me. Just of a different sort.

    • Bob says:

      I don’t think their love for and commitment to each other is fake at all. Regardless of whatever their sexual arrangements are, you’d have to be a fool to think you could break them up.

    • SKF says:

      This is utter bullsh*t. My best mate’s parents are close friends with Hugh’s gay friends in Sydney. They’ve hung out with him a fair bit. Most of their friends are gay. They, and all of his gay friends, think he is straight and madly in love with his wife. If anyone would know it’d be his gay friends! These crappy rumours come from the fact that people think that she isn’t attractive enough for him and because they have adopted children. I also think that because he is faithful to her perhaps there’s some extra bitterness. They got together before big fame – there really was no need for a beard then. They tried for kids when she was in her 40s and she couldn’t have them so they adopted. And she is a charismatic, hilarious, intelligent woman. These horrible know-it-all rumours have caused her enormous pain – something High has spoken out about and condemned. It’s just not okay.

      • ElleC says:

        GOOD ON YA SKF – I mean, perish the thought a man loves his wife?! And to all the people going on about “whatever arrangements” Jackman has with his wife, if you truly believe he’s closeted, then what gives you the right to out him? So far, it seems the only proof anyone has is their own misogyny (What man of means loves a woman north of 60? A dude that charming must be lying or gay!) Meanwhile, I’ve only heard stories from acquaintances that echo what SKF has said. The rumours are gross and feed into really ugly narratives about both men and women.

      • helenw says:

        Completely agree. The harshness on aging women is scary and sad. We are so so terribly far from gender equality and feminism. My great grand mother , a girl from a posh wealthy family , married an eight years younger boy who did not have nearly as much as she had. They lived through wars, losing everything, including parents, rebuilding their livees and so on and through all this carried them their true love. They lived long lives, my great granny died at 99, I remember her clearly and he followed her 4 months later despite being in a good shape and health for his age. They simply did not mean to live separately. Since I’ve seen their affection toward each other, I believe it exists in real life too and it doesn’t care about age, class or looks. I’m rooting for Hugh and Deb .

      • Kit says:

        I loved the show Corelli where they met. It was so obvious they were falling in love it was almost awkward to watch. Hardly firsthand evidence I know, but I don’t know of any actors that could have faked that.

    • Writergirl says:

      (longtime lurker—like yeeeaaaars—crawling out to post for the first time!)

      I interviewed Hugh at a junket before, where he gushed about Deb and told me about how they met. And while he’s an excellent actor, I doubt he was lying about how much he loves and adores his wife. Those rumors about him being gay are totally off.

    • Raina says:

      @Savasana, I mean, I love Hugh and I’ve heard those rumors, but what makes you think that? Just curious honestly.

    • Raina says:

      I mean, I love Hugh and I’ve heard those rumors, but what makes you think that? Just curious honestly. It really wouldn’t matter to me in how I see them, however. They look happy and lovely.

    • msd says:

      Nope, nope, nope. I know someone who worked for the family for a couple of years and it’s not a sham marriage, she’s not a beard, and neither of them are gay. People speculate because she’s 13 years older than him, which is such a double standard. Drives me nuts. No one one bats an eyelash when a dude marries a younger woman. And because they adopted after a series of miscarriages, I presume. In Australia, she was well established and he was unknown when they got together. Americans don’t see it that way and don’t know her work at all. It’s pretty offensive to suggest his wife and kids are part of some elaborate plan to hide he’s gay. If he was gay he’d just say so, it’s not like he’s a closeted $cientologist …

  9. karen says:

    i dont think you can call it a fake couple; they are clearly happy together and love each other, whatever agreements they have in place

  10. FF says:

    So… divorce announcement by February then.

  11. Barbcat says:

    I adore than as a couple.

    I have been with my husband 30 years and we are best friends/lovers! It is possible. 😌

    • helenw says:

      Are you five or more years older than him? Because the poorly concealed intention of all such rumours and comments is to remind everyone and mainly the leads in the story that a good looking man and even more: rich and famous could never ever genuinely live a wrinkled old bag with bones who dares to not be size 2 and is sagging at all places. It is an ugly and harmful and vile culture which sadly continues to exist. It purposedly aims to destroy people’s happiness through planting doubt where love grows. I feel very strongly about this because I did allow it once and will probably forever be sorry. I know how it hurts.

  12. Texasho says:

    She is obviously and happily satisfied to be his beard. He’s a wonderful human being to have a life with and raise children with if that is what you want, but speaking as a gay man, I can tell you unequivocally that he is a homo. My gay-dar (and trust me that IS a real thing) has never been stronger in my life on anyone else than Hugh. Happy for his children, but just wish that he had had the courage to live openly as a gay man and have a male spouse to really effect change. Unfortunately his desire for an A-list status in Hollywood and on Broadway has compelled him to live a life of lies. Shameful.

    • Kath says:

      What is shameful is people repeating tabloid gossip as though it is fact. Friends of mine have been friends of the Jackmans for decades. You are talking nonsense. You magically have “gay-dar” about a person you have never met? Please.

    • Doodle says:

      Just because it’s real in your head doesn’t mean that it’s real in life. You speak as if it’s a done deal, but the only proof you have is gaydar? 😂😂😂

  13. Kath says:

    Australian here. Sorry, but that is tabloid-rumoured crap that is exclusive to the US. People actually KNOW them in Australia – going back decades. The Sydney and WA acting scenes are very small.

    It’s the same as the “Margot Robbie is 37 years old” rumour. People I know went to school with her! Her school photos and yearbook are publicly available. Just ’cause you read it on a gossip website doesn’t make it true.

    How many people here were going on about “Harvey’s Girls” and Gretchen Mol – another rumour that has been around for years and years and was complete bullshit.

    It’s insulting to Deb (and all women) to insinuate that a good looking man can only be with an older women because he’s secretly gay. It’s misogynistic and gross.

    • Texasho says:

      There’s absolutely no validity to your point and I’ll prove it. Please name another (legitimate) high-profile couple composed of an extremely good looking man and an older slightly chubby woman. Yeah, thought so.

      • H says:

        Pierce Brosnan and his wife. She’s older and “chubby,” but he adores her.

      • TrixC says:

        Is that honestly your argument? That because the visuals of their relationship are atypical, it must be fake? You are coming off as a total misogynist. It seems to offend you in a personal level that a handsome man who likes musical theatre could be straight and in love with his wife. You know, it’s also possible that Jackman is bisexual and in a monogamous relationship with a woman. But in any event, absolutely no way you can tell anything about their relationship just by looking at them.

      • Sal says:

        You’ve made a fool of yourself Texasho and none of your posts have any validity. Anyone who thinks Jackman is gay, has clearly never met a gay person in their life nor have a gaydar.

      • Kit says:

        No validity to the point that people who actually know the couple have an opinion that differs to your opinion, which is seemingly based solely on your “gaydar”?
        Maybe you have more evidence that you aren’t explaining, because basing someone else’s likely preferences on your own (ie it’s all about a particular standard of looks) is about as invalid an argument as you can get.

  14. enora says:

    But…wasn’t he supposed to be gay!!???