Donald Trump is throwing tantrums about how much people hate the stupid tax bill

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At this time last year, I was tapping out from watching the news. Remember that? Donald Trump was president-elect and everything was awful and the media was trying to make it seem like anything could happen in the Trump presidency, like he would magically become some great healer to the nation. Instead, the past year has been pretty much what I thought it would be. The rise of violent white supremacy and virulent racism. Creeping authoritarianism from a man who openly worships dictators and despots. And now this, the sum total of decades of work and lies from the GOP caucus: a tax bill that will wreck the American economy, punish the middle class and poor and give trillions to corporations and billionaires. Congrats, Rust State voters. But her emails, amirite? The orange sh-tstain still wasn’t happy though – yes, he got the tax cut, but what he really wanted was to be praised far and wide for the tax cut!

Which led some people to question why – after such a momentous win for The Dark Side – Trump was so focused on the way the media was covering these terrible tax cuts. The answer is pretty simple: he’s a f–king nutjob. He doesn’t even understand the bill, he doesn’t understand what it does, he’s telling a million lies about what it does, and all he does know is that he basically deserves a parade!

So… as we’re getting screwed over, at least we can have a brief moment where we can chuckle and think, “well, at least Trump is throwing a baby-fisted tantrum right at this moment.” Another reason to stifle a cackle: Nate Silver says that the GOP is so out-of-touch that they don’t even realize that they’ve just signed away their jobs, starting in the 2018 midterms.

And finally, here’s something Hillary Clinton retweeted, saying it was something we could use to channel our anger and frustration with the tax giveaway.

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    I want to punch things. These people make me rage like the Hulk.

    • Mrs. WelenMelon says:

      45 and his troupe of treasonous clowns are total losers. SAD!

      • Jerusha says:

        That’s #IQ45.

      • themummy says:

        I actually read that as “45 and his toupee of treasonous friends…” It took me a second to realize it didn’t say toupee…hahahaha.

      • imqrious2 says:

        We, THE PEOPLE, need to make SURE they are losers in the next election! This is the ONLY WAY to get rid of these evil POS. Rage as a word doesn’t even come close to what it/they make me feel!

    • Beth says:

      Lol. That’s exactly the way I am. I feel the anger and frustration building up inside me…. Beth SMASH!!!

    • Lilly says:

      Yes and some of what was reported is certain Republicans are all “eff the voters, I’m cashing out.” They don’t care and may not run again, but they’re going to get all the money they can beforehand. Also, move on has some sign-ups for instant action if Orange Foolius tries to fire Mueller, in case anyone can participate. I think I’ll go look at the engagement photos again.

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        Paul Ryan being the most toxic example of smash and grab politics. He doesn’t give a whit about his constituants. The tax bill is horrendous and will do even more to furthet our global demise in more ways than the corpirations getting richer and workers left with nothing.

    • isabelle says:

      Don’t punch things, Vote out the republicans in 2018. In the words of Obama, don’t get angry, VOTE.

    • happy girl says:

      Perfectly said @Rapunzel….

      That’s pretty much it.

    • tulsa says:

      now you know how we felt w/ zero. Enjoy;)

      • magnoliarose says:

        Explain how the Obama presidency economically impacted you so your cryptic post will make sense. Otherwise, it doesn’t.

      • Raina says:

        @Tulsa, who is “we”?? Republicans never make sense or throw out a legitimate fact. Unless you’re a freaking billionaire and with no sense of decency, take your “we” and shove it up your you know “what”.

      • jana says:

        I assume you’re from Oklahoma? Because that would explain a lot.

      • Tanguerita says:

        Go back to Russia, troll.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Wait until people dissect this travesty. You ain’t seen nothing.
      You may actually smash something.
      There are so many loopholes for rich people, the Biggest Grift in US History Tax Plan that many can end up paying absolutely nothing.

      • Raina says:

        Mag, these types of people cannot explain anything to you. They will make an absurd statement and be unable to back it up with any facts or figures. Every time. All they do is parrot Fox “news” and sit on the false information like smug little idiots.

        For the record, I was born in Russia and believe me when I tell you: A lot of Russians can’t stand Trump or Putin. Putin knows Trump is an easily manipulated moron. My father and I just had this very conversation the other day. Sadly, it really doesn’t matter where you live, ignorance does not discriminate. If someone is willfully ignorant, there is no amount of logic one can use with them. I do not have solidarity with Russia or any country if that means I have to be a sheep and go along with a sick agenda. My solidarity is with information and knowlege.

  2. minx says:

    “Reform” i.e., giveaway to the wealthiest.

    • Olenna says:

      The GOP had no intention of reforming anything. If they had, they would have to have made it a bipartisan effort because none of them are dedicated and smart enough to deal with the complexities of tax reform. And, all drump’s addled, ignorant mind can focus on is “winning” and destroying Obama’s legacy. He doesn’t give a fuck about the national debt, or his low income, broke-ass base of ignorant supporters, or all the other US citizen not in the 1% who are in need of affordable health insurance and fair tax laws that might help them build for the future. So, fuck him, and fuck all the GOP congressmen and women (I’m looking at you, Mrs. Collins) that made this happen.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Yes, minx. It’s being reported here that 80% of the benefits will (again) go to the top 1%. It’s absolutely appalling. I’m not American, but boy, I sure would like to do unmentionable things to the orange schittstain and his band of seditious grubs.

  3. Eric says:

    So it appears that WH counsel (and of course Emperor Zero) knew in JANUARY that Flynn had lied to the FBI and violated the Logan Act.

    This bolsters the Obstruction case because EZ fired Comey after that and recently stated he didn’t know Flynn had lied to the FBI (he claimed to know as of Dec 1).

    Tantrum City has already begun in the WH and as I said a few days ago, Mr Mueller has all angles, all scenarios, all misfit possibilities covered. Be patient and have faith. This shitshow is doomed.

    • darkladi says:

      Emperor Zero!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Tanguerita says:

      I salute your optimism, but why are you using news from two weeks ago to prove your point? Because lots have happened inbetween, none of it hope-inducing.

      • Tiny Martian says:

        There is still plenty to be optimistic about. The White House is continuing to spread its lies smearing Mueller and the investigation via the media, but people aren’t buying it and have come out in droves on social media to mock the idea that government emails would be protected by privacy acts, for instance.

        Trump is going down, it’s just a a matter of when. Things likely won’t come to a head until the spring, at the earliest. And yes, the tax bill is absolutely horrible, but none of this is permanent, because once Trump is gone there will be a huge backlash which will lead to the undoing of everything he has done, in much the same way that he is undoing all that Obama accomplished.

        So yes, he’s making a huge mess, and the American people need to elect excellent cleaner-uppers in any coming elections. But mostly he’s just sh*tting his own bed.

      • Eric says:

        With all due respect, EZ claimed at the time Flynn pled guilty and turned on EZ that he did NOT know Flynn had lied to the FBI. A breaking story last might suggests the White House Counsel knew Flynn had lied to the FBI as of January 2017.

        It’s important because:
        1) EZ lied about when he knew Flynn had lied
        2) it bolsters the obstruction charge against EZ since he fired Comey after the fact and claimed falsely it was bc of the Hillary handling and later confessed to Holt that it was bc of “the Russer thing”
        3) rancid penis lied to the public on tv
        4) vp pence lied to the public on tv

      • Tanguerita says:

        @Eric With all due respect, who cares what he – or any of them – claimed, on TV or otherwise? everyone knows that Republicans lie every time they open their mouths – even the more decent among them. He still can fire Rosenstein or Mueller (or both of them) tomorrow, and no one would do anything about it. Just look at Nunes and co who have been investigating perceived corruption at DOJ and FBI for months! Unless the Republicans lose in landslide in 2018, the world is stuck with Trump for anoher three years. Mark my words.

      • Megan says:

        The “illegal email” lie is so ridiculous. If it was illegal for Mueller to request those emails Trump’s lawyers could have gone to court and stopped them from being released.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        “once Trump is gone there will be a huge backlash which will lead to the undoing of everything he has done“

        It will not be easy to undo all he has done. Democrats are people pleasers and weak knee-ed. Reversing the tax cuts equals “raising taxes”. Trump’s federal judges are setup for years to come. Drilling will be started and much damage to our environment before he is kicked out. His signing statements and reversals were done at public protest but he still did it because he only cares about making 35% of Americans happy. Democrats try to please the majority and are willing to compromise.

        He has done a lot more with those signing statements than even George Bush did in 8 years. I think some liberals continue to underestimate the damage he has caused to our country with his bull in a China shop method. Many of it is not being covered by the media. It will easily take a decade to fix what he has done in one year. And our overseas allies, I’m not sure they will ever trust us again on deals.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      It would truly be a Festivus Miracle if Bobby Three Sticks succeeded in taking down Donnie Two Scoops over the holiday season, but I fear it will be the opposite.

      It’s difficult to have hope when you see Senator Mark Warner trying to make the case to his fellow senators across the aisle that Mueller shouldn’t be fired and the investigation has to proceed.

      • bleu_moon says:

        Every reliable experienced source I’ve read says it will be at least summer 2018, if not fall, before anything major happens in the investigation. Still faster than Watergate.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Rest assured. The sun will shine again, but it is going to a bumpy road until we get there. We have to change the way we read the news and our sources. We also have to realize that there are dirty tricks afoot.
        Sharpen those pitchforks while we wait.
        The Deplorables will lose their minds once they realize what he did to them.

  4. Dhavynia says:

    I’m surprised he’s throwing a fit, his millionaire buddies and himself will be making tons of money off the back of the middle class. The GOP and Trump DGAF about Americans, only what benefits them
    I’m so scared of the future….

    • lightpurple says:

      Because he needs adulation. Not enough of us are saying “thank you” to him. None of us are clamoring for parades in his honor.

    • swak says:

      Don’t you remember Trump and his mouth piece Sanders said he will lose bigly from the new tax bill. Except yesterday Sanders admitted his companies will benefit from it. Poor, poor Trumpy. What’s even sadder is that all the polls indicate that a majority of the people are not happy with the tax reform. His minions must be keeping that fact from him.

      • Christin says:

        The elimination of the estate tax (which had already been raised to over 5 million) certainly bigly benefits his heirs, too.

      • Enough Already says:

        More importantly, the pass-through tax exemptions will net Trump and his real estate holding cronies millions.

    • Christin says:

      Right now, retiring senator Bob C is on live TV denying he knew anything about a kickback provision that benefits him personally. He didn’t know! He can now empathize with how the WH claims to be treated!

      Sure, Jan…

      • lightpurple says:

        But yet that was covered on almost every media outlet and his staff was questioned about it at least two days before the actual vote.

      • Spring says:

        Yet another lying, corrupt POS claiming innocence

      • imqrious2 says:

        BullSH!T he didn’t know! His vote didn’t change until that provision for LLCs was put in (Corker has a LOT of real estate holdings in LLCs). Lying sack of evil sh!t!

    • bleu_moon says:

      I guess that explains the “pay homage to the emperor” Cabinet meeting yesterday. 45 needed his ego stroked. I couldn’t listen all the way through Pence’s squealing.

    • Holly hobby says:

      Because he wants everyone to kiss the ring! Didn’t you see that cabinet meeting where pence and those GOP traitors literally were all up his ass saying how great he is?

  5. grabbyhands says:

    Oh my god – you got what you and all of your evil, treasonous little cronies wanted!!! SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!

    I swear I have never wanted a group a people to die so much as I do everyone in that picture grinning liked morons over the death sentence they’re about to levy on so many people. And I have never hated so many people as I do them and all the people who voted for him. Enjoy the tiny bump in tax relief you’re going to feel for two years, because you will be using that little windfall to cover all the things this administration just f*cked you out of.

    • Stacy Dresden says:


    • jwoolman says:

      Health insurance premiums will be jacked up even higher now that the individual mandate is officially gone. Trump started working on that on Inauguration Day, with an executive order telling the IRS not to enforce the mandate and they said they would no longer reject forms without the insurance info filled out.

      Many middle class and poorer will see less money left in their pockets according to the online calculators popping up, and those who do get a decrease in taxes often seem to have pretty small ones. We’ll have to have the actual forms in front of us and the calculations loaded into tax assistance software before we really know. A lot of people much richer than I ever was are saying that loss of itemization and personal exemptions will crunch them despite increases in the standard deduction. I never itemize, so I don’t know.

      More importantly, many people will see any cut more than offset by increased insurance premiums and loss of services and benefits in other programs. People are worried about Medicare and Social Security cuts now. As they should have been at the very mention of Paul Ryan’s involvement. He’s tried this before.

      Without that mandate, the insurance companies have lost a major incentive to go along with no more cap on lifetime claims and no more hassle about ore-existing conditions. It’s estimated they may increase premiums up to 10% just for that reason alone. The insurers have been saying for months that other uncertainties about subsidies and such that Trump has caused were going to accelerate premium increases considerably. Last summer they were talking about 28% as the expected response to Trump’s actions. The latest I saw was an expected 30%-35% increase in premiums overall, which is exactly what they did to me once I was in my fifties.

      At least the polls indicate so far that people other than his hardcore supporters don’t trust what Trump claims about the bill and how it doesn’t benefit him and his family (of course it does, most people aren’t stupid enough to think otherwise) and think it’s a disaster even if they themselves might temporarily benefit. Trump was stupid enough to point out that he and the Republicans deliberately were quiet about the repeal of the individual mandate (actually the most damaging part of the bill) to avoid negative coverage and discussion. People can see he’s acting like a little kid who thinks he got away with something.

      For something this drastic, rushing it through without public hearings and input from experts and advocacy groups was just reprehensible. And calling it a jobs creation bill was such a lie. The jobs created will be for accountants and tax assistance people. The rich people who benefit from the tax cut windfall are unlikely to “create jobs”. They will squirrel it away in other types of investments. The companies benefitting would have created jobs long before if it were profitable. They have freely admitted that they won’t be doing that.

      Another promise broken is the claim that it simplifies the taxes and many people will be able to fill out a postcard sized form. Yeah, the classic one:

      1. What is your income? $___________
      2. Send it all to us.

    • Littlelala says:

      And, unfortunately most of the Deplorables are too stupid to know the evil being done to them and by whom. I have doubts whether they will EVER understand. Ignorance is bliss….I guess?

  6. hnmmom says:

    One year. It feels like a decade. One atrocity after another, rapid fire. God, I hate these people.

  7. Nancy says:

    I hate this POS. This bill is about repealing Obamacare. He had to jump through hoops to get this damn bill passed because HE COULDN’T get his health bill through. Ignorant, cruel old man.

  8. Nicole says:

    I mean they definitely signed away their jobs but they don’t care because they get to cash out on the tax bill unless the Dems stop it once they have the power. But I’m not donating to the DNC until I see some changes from them. I’ll vote but they aren’t getting my money
    Anyways I love how they didn’t have time To save dreamers or renew chip but found the time to give windfall to the 1%.
    I seriously loathe this country.

    • Spring says:

      I love this country, but I despise the arrogant sociopaths who have enabled, and continue to enable, the tsunami of dark money & sociopathic abuse of power.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I feel the same. This is what they have always been, but 45 has given them permission to be shameless and stop the pretense.

    • Laura says:

      It is just depressing as it can get.I saw the Young Turks bashing the establishment democrats as well caving over DACA as well for their wealthy donors to not shut down the government so that the markets won’t be shut down.I don’t know if we have anyone anymore fighting for us,only the 1 percent but I guess the democrats are better than these horrible people.

      • magnoliarose says:

        They are better, but the leadership needs to go. There are receipts to what I was saying about the Franken set up. The alt-right was offering money to get women to lie about him. The bots have pretended to be feminists all over the internet to push the narrative. They illegally obtained records to take down Conyers.

        Investigate everything. Every time. Or else they will plant more seeds and turn our decency against us.

    • jwoolman says:

      Well, you don’t owe anybody your money. But since it’s still a binary system – we really have only two choices yet again, the Republican or the Democrat. There are other ways besides money to support the candidate for whom you intend to vote, however. Just taking opportunities as they arise to say or write something about it will help.

  9. lightpurple says:

    The bonus AT&T is supposedly giving because of the tax cuts was actually announced a week ago as part of a settlement with one of its unions. It also has been investing large sums of money in its infrastructure for the past two years with plans to continue that trend next year but it now claiming that the planned 2018 spending is due to the tax cuts.

    • MMC says:

      I had the same thought; and weren’t many of the bonuses announced from other companies also already in budgets, no correlation to the tax bill?

    • IlsaLund says:

      Other corporations are now claiming they will provide bonuses and pay increases to employees due to the tax cut. All in an effort to sell/justify this heinous bill. Lies, lies, lies.

      • lightpurple says:

        I particularly like the one claiming it is raising the minimum wage for its employees. They’re already paying that amount in some cities.

      • Nicole says:

        Its a PR tactic. As if we don’t know they could’ve done this without the bill giving them extra millions

    • swak says:

      My son-in-law works for AT&T and the employees just got the email yesterday about the bonus and it only goes into effect if he signs the bill before Christmas (even though it was announced earlier). They are making Trump look good and I bet it’s because they want to buy Time Warner and they are coming up against monopoly concerns. Also with AT&T – this is a bonus, a ONE time payout not a pay raise. Here where we live they just laid off 700+ employees because they don’t have the work for them.

    • Betsy says:

      Can you link that? I’ve been online fighting with someone about that….

  10. MMC says:

    Did you see where Rosie O’Donnell apparently offered any Republican opposing it $2M and all the pearl clutching? I mean, she was just being direct with the “bribe” as opposed to the “campaign contributions” from lobbyists, who, by the way, wrote the darn tax bill.

    Perhaps middle class Americans should get a GoFund me going to band together to get an office on K Street, hire some retired politicians then just maybe we’ll actually get some legislation that works for us. I’m one where this tax bill absolutely sucks; not only will my federal taxes go up I live in a state with high state and local income and property taxes, including an annual property tax on my car (that is several hundred a year, on top of inspection and state registration) that I can no longer deduct close to what I pay. Fabulous, yay for us!

  11. IlsaLund says:

    The Rethugs (& their co conspirators) are planning a massive marketing campaign to sell the tax cuts to the masses. They are confident they’ll be able to win people over to their side and this will help them in the 2018 mid-term elections. The rationale is that people will see the initial short term benefits of a minuscule decrease in taxes and the long term pain of the tax cuts won’t be felt until 2019 and later. Sadly, many people will fall in line and believe the Rethugs. Just remember that the last time ReThugs rammed a massive tax cut like this through, we had a Great Recession eight years later. Start saving your money in mattresses, cause when this blows up, it’s going to be worse.

    • Eliza says:

      Theyre selling it as more money for corporations to open more jobs.

      But please!

      They’re just making extra money to give bigger bonuses to their top players. Who then stash it away, count it often, but don’t stimulate the economy with it because the rich don’t stay rich by spending their money.

      • Elkie says:

        But isn’t US unemployment already running at a near all-time low? And isn’t the economy currently growing at an above-average rate thanks to Obama cleaning up W’s mess?

        And haven’t many, many business leaders basically admitted that the extra cash will go straight to share buy-backs? And isn’t it middle class spending that drives the economy, not the rich hoarding their cash?

        So what exactly is there in this bill to motivate corporations to create jobs they don’t need or to pay their current employees more?


      • Veronica says:

        It is, mainly because of the Obama era policies (which Trump claims credit for). A very large number of CEOs have already stated that this bill will not funnel money into jobs or wages. They were entirely direct about it going straight into investors’ pockets.

        I hope Collins constituents don’t forget her about-face on Obamacare with this one. She gladly threw them under the bus to avoid a “government shutdown.”

    • Christin says:

      One problem is that none of us will complete our first round of tax returns under this plan until early 2019 (after the mid-terms). So they could spin it to voters who don’t look into it before going to the voting booth.

  12. Beth says:

    Aren’t taxes what pay for public schools, Medicaid, Medicare, SS,infrastructure, etc? Those are some of the things he said he’d make better, not take away. Maybe someone should explain to him how damaging to the country this huge tax cut to the rich would be. Everyone wants to keep all of their money, but taxes are important to keep everything going, and taxing the rich less will leave us in an empty hole

    • Jerusha says:

      He doesn’t give a shit about any of the things you mentioned. Nor do his wealthy donors or the rich Rethugs who voted on it. Public schools? Medicaid? Ha! Peons use those things, therefore they’re disposable.
      And, unfortunately, many of his low income voters don’t seem to have the foresight to think about those things.

      • Christin says:

        I posted upthread about how the mid-terms will occur BEFORE any of us file our first taxes under this plan. If they go after Medicaid/SocSec/Medicare, maybe it would wake some people up. But maybe not…

    • lightpurple says:

      Did you see who he appointed to run our schools? And her plans? And how they’re pushing STEM but they haven’t funded it and they’re gutting funding for programs for disabled kids and reading and the arts and social studies and are spending buckets of money moving Ivanka around for photo ops? His secretary for HHS had to resign because of major ethics violations involving travel but in his previous job in Congress was under ethics investigation (still is in NY) for insider trading on pharma and supports elimination of Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security?

    • Veronica says:

      These people don’t care. They got theirs, yeah? As did their largest voting base. It’s not their children who are carrying the massive burden of debt and infrastructural decay that will hurt the United States in the long run. Destruction of the education system only works to their benefit, as it creates dumber, less thoughtful voters and forces the rest to indebt themselves for life to get ahead in higher institutions of learning.

      My suspicion is that the baby boomer generation is not one that will be fondly remembered at all in about twenty or thirty years. The worst of their damage has yet to come.

  13. T.Fanty says:

    January 1, Alabama will stop enrolling children in CHIP because Congress did not renew funding. 18% of children in Alabama were insured under this program. This is the price that Paul Ryan is willing to pay for his buddies’ tax cuts. Remember that.

    • Jerusha says:

      And Alabama did not expand Medicaid.

    • H says:

      My sister is a vet tech (loves her job, but it doesn’t pay much) and has a deadbeat ex-husband who pays nothing for my nephew, so she has CHIP. She’s freaking out because he’s had two surgeries in the last year (knee and elbow injuries due to wrestling. He’s a state champ, they are hoping he’ll get an athletic scholarship to college).

      If CHIP goes away, kid won’t be able to wrestle as my sister couldn’t afford to add him to her crappy health insurance…so there goes the dream of a better life through a college education. Paul Ryan can die in a fire as far as I’m concerned.

      • Jerusha says:

        I sometimes wish Celebitchy would modify its stricture against wishing you know what on some people. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

      • magnoliarose says:

        This is the stuff that makes me so angry I can’t stand it. Meanwhile, they gloat on television about hurting people.

  14. IlsaLund says:

    This article is so on point and helps explain how we got into this mess.

    How baby boomers—not millenials—screwed America

    • still_sarah says:

      The article looks interesting – I copied it to read tomorrow (time for bed now!). i am a tail-end boomer – born in ’62. And I feel bad for the millennials who are stuck with huge college debt (I owed $8,000 after a four year degree), horrific job prospects and no hope of being able to afford a home. Oh, and then there’s the trillions of dollars of debt the boomers left behind. And climate change too. I don’t envy them at all.

  15. Snazzy says:

    My American Celebitches, I am so so sorry you are living through this mess. I send you lots of positive energy (I know, not useful) and stand with you as you advocate for change in 2018!

    • Jerusha says:


    • Betsy says:

      Positive energy is useful, as is remembering that most of us did not vote for this $h**show. America has never been perfect – slavery and genocide being among our chief sins, woven into the beginnings of our nation – but I think we try to be better now. Most of us.

  16. WMGDtoo says:

    That picture of them celebrating and smiling ear to ear makes me want to vomit. I’m shocked they didn’t have another KEG party. And Paul Ryan has the most punchable face ever.

    We can rage and scream. But everyone needs to VOTE in 2018 and 2020. The slogan should be MAKE THEM PAY. Chant it and remember it every moment up to the elections. MAKE THEM ALL PAY.

  17. Kiki says:

    I GLAD. I told you this idiot in Chief would do more damage for United States of America, Trump Supporters. This a*** would be doing more harm than good to your country. America first alright, the first and only country is going to be broke by the end of next year.

    When you sleep with lying dogs, expect fleas. Congratulations, America for electing an Jackass.

    • Jerusha says:

      Oh, thank you. We are duly chastised. None of us posting here were aware of how bad he’d be.

      FYI Not many, if any, trump supporters here. Try twitter.

      • Kitten says:

        Kiki never disappoints does she? Honestly, it wouldn’t be a Trump post if she wasn’t here to kick us when we’re down. Such grace, such compassion…..

        Seriously Kiki go away already. Your gloating over other people’s misfortune is f*cking disgusting and tacky as hell.

    • Laughysaphy says:

      Except the majority of Americans didn’t vote for Trump. He lost the election by three million votes. But keep screaming into the void if it makes you feel superio- I mean, better.

  18. cathy says:

    People need to get out and VOTE in 2018 and 2020. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just one more thing we need to overturn once we’re rid of them. PEOPLE NEED TO VOTE! and continue to resist.

    • isabelle says:

      This. So many angry people right now and we should be upset but it leads to nothing unless we vote out Republicans in Congress & the Senate. VOTE THEM OUT in 2018. Which will send baby cakes into a bigger tail spin. Can’t impeach him (if he is found to have colluded with Russia) until they are voted out first.

  19. I'mScaredAsHell says:

    And all the ass hat single issue “value voters” (abortion, gay marriage), won’t give two f**ks and will look the other way while everyone (including them) gets screwed over. Folks owe over a trillion dollars in student loan debt and they eliminated the deduction for student loan interest. WTF??? They’ve eliminated the individual mandate, effectively gutting Obamacare. God, I wish the sheeple in this country would wake the f**k up and rise up against this tyranny.

  20. Veronica says:

    It infuriates me because IT DOES NOTHING. IT LITERALLY DOES NOTHING. IT WON’T HELP ANYBODY WHO ACTUALLY NEEDS IT. Even the majority of CEOs in the U.S. flat out told the administration that it won’t convince them to do jack all where wages and jobs are concerned. And it’ll add over a trillion dollars to the deficit!

    I can’t. I honestly just can’t with this administration. Leave it to a group of old rich white men to think a massively unpopular piece of legislation is a “victory.”

  21. Lila says:

    I don’t want a tax cut.
    I want maintained bridges
    I want less infant mortality
    I want well-paid teachers
    I want federally funded science
    I want my social security back
    I want universal health care
    I want to help DACA children
    I want gun control
    I want clean water
    I want natural parks intact
    I want renewable energy
    I want to be able to retire
    I don’t want a tax cut

    • Jerusha says:

      That’s way too sensible for the Right Wingers.

    • robyn says:

      So true but way too logical and reasonable for folks with personal agendas and no heart or empathy.

    • Al says:

      Anyone who doesn’t want a tax cut ALWAYS has the option to pay more in taxes. There is actually a line in tax forms that allows for an individual to contribute MORE. So for those people who want to work hard and simply HAND THE GOVERNMENT MONEY TO WASTE – because it is never spent properly anyway by either Republicans or Democrats- go right ahead.

  22. robyn says:

    This grotesque man with a grotesque personality, the grotesque tax bill and Trump’s grotesque supporters are nauseatingly grinning like cats that ate the canary amid praising Trump as if he were Kim Jong-un. All deserve to find coal in their Christmas stockings. What a disgusting horrible bunch. Jesus would forgive but the god of old, the one they profess to speak for, would surely see fit to burn them in hell.

    • swak says:

      Well if they get coal in their stockings that will make Trump look great because that would mean people had to be hired to mine that coal. (rolling my eyes now).

      • jwoolman says:

        And it will be clean coal in those stockings, lovingly scrubbed with soap and water by unemployed coal miners.

  23. adastraperaspera says:

    The way the GOP leaders grovel in front of him in these photos is absolutely disgusting. A stain in the annals of American History. Although I am a Democrat, I came from a long line of Republicans. As I have said in my comments before, my grandmother knew from reading tabloids in the 80s that Trump was a liar and a phony, and she lived in the rural Midwest. She volunteered at the polls every election. Voting was something she was extremely proud of, as she remembered when women won the vote–she was age nine at the time. She would roll over in her grave if she saw supposedly respectable Republican senators bowing down to a criminal like Trump!!

  24. eric says:

    So I am therefore to guess that the Papadopolous and Flynn guilty pleas and subsequent flipping plus the Manafort/Gates indictments

    Plus the intel on Deutsche Bank, Cambridge Analytica, Erik Prince meeting in the Seychelles, (that I’m guessing Mueller is just looking into for shits and giggles)

    Plus Sessions recusing himself, Comey’s firing, Yates’ firing, the avalanche of WH people let go

    Plus Mueller having all the transition emails, evidence of aiding and abetting a foreign power, money-laundering, computer crimes, FARA violations,

    Plus Mueller having empaneled a grand jury in VA and DC, plus having at least 7 sealed indictments (two of which are due before Jan 1)

    is just a nothing-burger?

    Jesus, that nothing-burger is quite filling.

    Wanna bet that trump won’t make it to 2020?


    • imqrious2 says:

      As the saying goes: “From your mouth, Eric…” 🤞🏻👍🏻🙏🏻

    • magnoliarose says:

      He won’t make it to 2019. There is too much there and I keep going back to the fact that the RNC and probably individuals were hacked. There is most likely blackmail going on and those donors know it too.
      Ivy is getting loopy too.

  25. hogtowngooner says:

    That picture of all of them smirking for pulling off the most craven, cruel and unnecessary tax cut in history makes my blood boil.

    When a Democrat’s in office, they can’t stop screeching about the deficit, but as soon as the Orange Turd is in the Oval, $1.5-$2 trillion on top of the debt pile is suddenly no big deal. Once the tax cuts don’t yield the job growth for anyone but themselves and their rich buddies (because they are ALWAYS the only beneficiaries), they’ll set their sights on gutting desperately-needed social safety net programs to offset the deficit they re-discovered they care about.

    But Trump’s idiot base will gobble it up, but as long as it upsets libs/Dems, it’s a win. The GOP will swan in and blame immigrants and minorities, saying THEY’RE the ones getting the sweet handouts that should be meant for them. Thanks to the rise of anti-intellectualism, they are duped into thinking this is good for them and that anyone who says different is fake news. Rinse and repeat.

    • Lady D says:

      His base is only 1/5 of the country. Three years from now most of them will be so adversely impacted by his tax bill, even they might vote differently.

  26. Mick Jones says:

    Trump knows all he needs to know about being a Republican President:
    As long as he keeps that as his number one priority the establishment will have his back

  27. wood dragon says:

    Let us make 2018 the year these entitled, money grubbing bastards one they will NEVER forget. Let us make political cautionary tales out of them all.

  28. Skippy says:

    I remember back in May 1970 after my fellow college students were gunned down at Kent and Jackson State . I remember how much I hated this country. Time went on and I saw good things done in our country and I felt better. But lately an old feeling has come back on me and I see so much corruption and hatred.