David Harbour makes good on high school photo promise


Today’s moment of sanity is courtesy of David Harbour, who plays Sheriff Hopper on Stranger Things. David has so far proven to be a nice guy. He made an impression with his great Golden Globes speech from last year. Plus he has some interesting thoughts on love handles. But David has just upped his “right on” factor with this latest effort.

A high school senior named Damaris at Orestimba High in Newman, California made a plea on Twitter. She asked David what it would take to get him to appear in her high school photo with her:

Celebrities get these requests all the time. Many retweet or like them, most requests are probably lost in the sheer volume of requests they get. But the universe made sure David got this request and he replied with this:

It took little to ignite the Twittersphere. I mean, come on – the initial appeal of David in a yearbook was enough but a trombone and HS sweatshirt as requirements? When asked about his response, David told thisisinsider.com “The idea of me in a small size sweatshirt of some high school, holding a trombone with this poor girl trying to take her high school photos seriously, I just thought that was so funny.” So did most people, including David’s co-star (Will Byers) Noah Schnapp:

And it worked! Damaris got the retweets. As suspected, David is a man of his word:

That alone is enough to make us smile and go about our day knowing there is good in the world. But as I said, it had already happened. Entertainment photographer Tommy Garcia agreed to take the photos and the results were glorious:

Damaris was kind enough to post the video of her meeting David for the photo shoot:

Tommy posted the official portrait but it wasn’t the only one:

Speaking of high school photos, Last week David posted one of his own. First of all, aaaaaaaaw. Second of all, Hello Mr. Harbour:

So there you have it, your Pleasant Burb in the Flume of F***ery going on in the world. Enjoy.



Photo credit: WENN Photos, Twitter and Instagram

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  1. Chaine says:

    I want to love this whole story but at the same time In the metoo climate I’m a little creeped out at a middle aged actor taking such a personal interest in a teen fan.

    • Narak says:

      Agreeing to a consensual high school picture with someone who actively made it happen with retweets does not a pervert make.

    • Loopy says:

      I get what you are saying, now every time i look at an actor/male i am thinking ‘do they also have the creep factor’ but its important to remember there are GOOD men/males out there.

    • Esmom says:

      Come on, it’s not like she asked to take some sexy glamour shots — they’re in hoodies and jeans! And you do realize that plenty of middle aged men, along with younger ones and older ones, interact closely with teen girls every day. They’re called teachers.

    • Shelly says:

      Her family was there and part of it, and he didn’t instagate it. And there was a trombone.
      Don’t make something innocent dirty.

    • Myhairisfullofsecrets says:

      All men are not creepy perverts. Just like all women aren’t promiscuous sl*ts. This is definitely a time of reckoning for men that need to be called out but remember, there are still good, loving and compassionate people out there too. Don’t let the mistakes of bad people overshadow the good. Much love to you!

    • Nello says:

      Huh? No idea how you managed to turn such a cute story into something nefarious and sleazy.
      Hecate, love this story! Love David Harbour, love Damarius, love you for posting it! 😮

  2. Svea says:

    The trombone is everything.

  3. pupsie says:

    Oh my goodness. Greatest thing ever. He seems like a very good guy.

  4. MissMarierose says:

    OK, guys. Which one of the pictures is your favorite? I’m partial to the one at the top right where he’s playing the trombone and Damaris has got a big smile.

  5. Hazel says:

    Sweet. I like the upper right trombone photo, she’s got a nice smile 😊 in that one.

  6. bitchyarchitect says:

    he was interviewed at the GGlobes about Times UP (when he was wearing a timesup pin) and had no idea what it was about and couldn’t even string together a sentence about women in film. Thought he was cool but he pathetic.