Lady Gaga stepped out in Milan with nightmarish bangs & a $5K goat-fur coat

Lady Gaga leaving her hotel in Milan

Lady Gaga has been in Milan this week for her European tour. She’s been photographed a lot, coming and going from her hotel for the most part. Yesterday, she was photographed in this… ensemble, let’s say. First, let’s talk about the bangs because I CANNOT GET OVER THEM. These bangs are a horror show, a living nightmare for me. I’ve come around to the idea that some women enjoy bangs and some women can pull off bangs, but here are a few truths that everyone should know. First, no one looks good with baby-bangs. Audrey Hepburn pulled them off because she was Audrey Hepburn and she is literally the only exception to the rule. Second, no one looks good with these two-level shaggy-dog bangs. Literally no one.

As for the outfit…the whole look is by Francesco Scognamiglio. The gown is that peachy-nude shade which rarely – if ever? – works. But the jacket… wow. Before I really got a good look at the bangs, this post was going to be “Which Muppet did Lady Gaga shave to make this jacket?” As it turns out, we’re looking at an actual GOAT FUR jacket. This jacket made of GOAT FUR costs more than $5000. The whole ensemble costs $10,000.

Also: I meant to discuss this around Christmas but I never got around to it. Just before Christmas, Warner Bros moved the release date for Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born, starring himself and Lady Gaga (Cooper directed it). I initially thought the move was a signal that WB had lost faith with the film, but it looks like WB is actually positioning it for the awards season. It was supposed to come out in May, now it will come out in early October. Hm.

Lady Gaga leaving her hotel in Milan

Lady Gaga leaving her hotel in Milan

Lady Gaga leaving her hotel in Milan

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  1. Angela says:

    I like bangs. I just do. I like almost all bangs. I don’t even mind these bangs!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I like the bangs on her. They aren’t like audrey’s bangs, those were one length all across. Wrong era. These are more 70s layered bangs.

      I think the bangs hanging on either side of her eyes combined with the extra eye liner near her nose makes her eye shape look so different. It’s a fun change, I like it. The scrunchie, not so much.

      • FLORC says:

        These bangs aren’t bad. And the whole look is pretty good imo.

      • Amy says:

        She isn’t saying these Gaga bangs are like Audrey’s. She is saying she does not like any bangs. Not short baby bangs, and not these long doggy bangs. These Gaga bangs are the doggy ones.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Amy, thanks for the clarification! I re-read the passage, and you’re right. I should’ve know better than to comment pre-coffee! ;)

  2. Ankhel says:

    Those bangs are an attempt to distract from some pretty obvious work on her face.

    • Kitten says:

      Yeah the change is so drastic. She was unique-looking before but now she just looks weird. And that hideous dead animal coat isn’t helping matters.

      • V4Real says:

        The goat coat, I’m done.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She was friends with 45 for quite some time. Her extensive face work and the goat fur is just disgusting.
        I don’t spend a dime on projects by fur wearers. I refuse to help them murder more animals for some simple red carpet walk or pap opportunity. Yuck.

    • Molly says:

      Yes, that’s it. My first thought was that she lost a bunch of weight, but it’s definitely face work.

    • boredblond says:

      Since they look like clip ons, maybe it’s a temp cover for a forehead procedure..definitely re-shaped nose.

    • FLORC says:

      I thought maybe there was heavy work, but also thought it was contouring

  3. T.Fanty says:

    If you had not said that was Lady Gaga (and maybe had she not been wearing the fugliest coat of all time), I would never have guessed who that was. Goat Girl needs to stop messing with her face.

  4. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    She sure thinks she looks spectacular.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree. I hate those high on the forehead fringe bangs. This girl is rocking some real bangs, and looks great. Wish the jacket was faux fur, she looks good in pastels. Does PETA still throw buckets of paint at people. Walk fast GaGa. @Mabs….just realized you were mocking her….sorry but I think she looks pretty for a change!

  5. Narak says:

    That coat is awful. Poor goat. I wish she’d stop doing things to her face.

  6. OriginalLala says:

    Goat fur? That is horrific – even high end designers are moving away from using real fur because it’s a disgusting practice that needs to end. I instantly lose respect for people wearing fur when we know the horrors of the fur industry. SorryNotSorry.

    • Char says:

      Fur is a statement of ignorance and selfishness, matches Lady Gaga perfectly.

    • ScrewStewRat19 says:

      What is the problem with goat fur? Does the goat have to be killed? I figured you could just shave the goat like you do a sheep for it’s wool.

  7. Miss V says:

    What the hell did she do to her face?!? Yikes.

  8. teacakes says:

    It does take a certain kind of face to wear that short fringe – the Audreys (Hepburn and Tautou) and Winona are the only women I know of who can pull it off.

    Also Gaga looks very different.

    • Lucy says:

      Her bangs aren’t remotely short ? If anything they are too long..

      • Amy says:

        The writer is saying she does not like any bangs. She does not like the short baby bangs a la Hepburn. She does not like the multi length dog bangs a la Gaga, here.

  9. Chaine says:

    Yeti chic.

  10. Dingo says:

    Clip on bangs to distract from some nose and lip work?

  11. JA says:

    I get it when ppl like Selena Gomez, nepotism models, and a huge list of reality “stars” feel the need to do something crazy with their looks/style to give off an impression of an actual personality but lady Gaga is talented, she can sing, dance and write music! Why always so try hard?!! Even the surgery…why??!!

  12. Pandy says:

    She’s got the face and hair she deserves for supporting the fur industry.

  13. Shelly says:

    But did it have to come from a dead goat?
    You can sheer goats you know, just like you can sheep.

    • Amy says:

      That’s true but how would they attach all the goat hair to something else? You sort of need the goats skin bc it’s what all the hair is attached to. When people sheer sheep they spin the wool into yarn, they don’t reattach it to some kind of fabric and so that it looks like sheeps fur again.

  14. PunkyMomma says:

    Her look hasn’t been the same since Alexander McQueen’s death.

    This is another fail attempt on the part of her current stylists to recapture that McQueen look. Can’t be done, and yes, her face — what has she done to her face!?

  15. Jag says:

    She needs to stop messing with her face. There, I said something as nice as I’m going to say about this woman who can sing, but who steals everything from other artists, imo.

    As for the goat fur coat, that is disgusting. I cancel people who wear fur; I canceled her a long time ago.

  16. PIa says:

    Meh, they bangs are part of the rock boho chic she is looking for…And they might be the clip-on ones.

  17. Ellie66 says:

    Her nose tip is different and her upper lip is weird the space between her nose and lip is puffy or pulled up…weird.

  18. FishBeard says:

    If she gets nominated for an Oscar I’m going to die. But I guess if Emma Stone has one…

  19. LondonGal says:

    Christ alive her face! She’s unrecognisable even from ‘Five Foot 2′

    • Jayna says:

      She gets a lot of work done. Plus, she often uses surgical tape, or whatever they call it, to contour her face. She showed her fans a video of her using it.

  20. Shannon says:

    I can forgive the bangs – I just got bangs for the first time in my adult life, and I love them! I think they really make me look younger and, at 41, I don’t hate that LOL. But I hate that coat. Like, HATE it. I mean, I guess it’s better than a meat dress but still … I think her face looks cute here (makeup on point and maybe her plastic surgery has settled?) and omg I HATE inches of roots. I will never understand that look.

  21. bikki says:

    no judgement here.. but I do see that her face is pumped to the hilt with fillers.

  22. nikzilla says:

    I don’t mind the bangs but a goat fur coat? Disgusting.

  23. tearose11 says:


  24. KicktheSticks says:

    Her face is so completely different than it was at the start of her career. She’s practically unrecognizable. I think her nose has been done with fillers, not a surgical nose job. Actually I think most of her work has been done with fillers which can completely sculpt and change your face. Either way, the difference is startling.

  25. Ozogirl says:

    Normally she looks better with bangs, but those are bad!

  26. Cinderella says:

    The first thing I thought was nose job, but maybe it’s just “contouring”.

    • Jayna says:

      No. She definitely had a nose job a while back. She just didn’t go too drastic. She also does a lot of contouring with makeup for her nose. But even her fans admit she has had a nose job, and many said it’s okay if she doesn’t want to cop to it.

      • Fleur says:

        Yeah, I read the headline and thought “and a new nose”. Look, I don’t judge her for it. She’s in a very veery superficial business (music industry, but especially the pop music) where a woman’s beauty is her highest currency. She had an unusual nose on a fairly small face. If she feels like changing that nose makes her happy (I think she’s had a few nose procedures already), than that’s her call. She looks very pretty. Just different.

  27. Dan VA says:

    Come on Folks. It’s GaGa. I would be more shocked if she showed up in a gray suit from Brooks Brothers. She’s fine.

  28. Bee says:

    You know what happens when you change a distinctive face into a vanilla one? You get cancelled. Ask Jennifer Grey how that went for her. And here is a double down cancellation for the dead goat coat.

  29. Charlie's Angel says:

    So much for being “Born this Way”…That MUG has been highly “tampered” with!

  30. raincoaster says:

    I feel like at this point she should only and always wear a tee shirt that says LADY GAGA in enormous font, because how else are we supposed to recognize her?

  31. Laly says:

    I don’t understand Bradley Cooper influence over the academy! He went from the Hangovers to three nomination in a row!

  32. EMau says:

    She is almost as hideous as Donatella.

  33. Cathy Bland says:

    Goats don’t have fur. They have hair. If this pissed me off enough to comment, imagine what the rest of my thoughts are like.

  34. Heather says:

    I like the look, but it would look as good if it were fake, especially since she’ll probably only wear it once.