Blue Ivy Carter told her parents to stop clapping at the Grammys and they did

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Blue Ivy Carter was one of the best parts of the 2017 Grammys – her parents let her roam around a bit, and she ended up getting more screentime than most of the nominees last year. This year, Blue Ivy and her parents did not walk the red carpet, even though Jay-Z’s 4:44 was nominated for multiple Grammys. Eight Grammy nominations, to be exact. And he lost all of them!! He lost to Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar in multiple categories. Which… I mean, I think all of the nominees were probably like “fair enough” if they lost to Kendrick. But Bruno Mars? Winning Album of the Year? Yeah, I bet Jay-Z had some thoughts.

Anyway, Jay-Z and Beyonce didn’t walk the carpet. Beyonce wasn’t even seated with Jay-Z in the first 30 minutes (or so) of the Grammys, which made some people wonder if they arrived separately, and if Beyonce was late. She also wore this insane getup – a velveteen Nicolas Jebran Couture gown, THAT HAT, $6.8 million worth of Lorraine Schwartz jewels and sunglasses. She kept the hat and the sunglasses on throughout the show. Bey was trying to be cool. But she was out-cooled by her daughter, who had the brilliance to actually tell her parents to STOP CLAPPING.

Blue Ivy Carter will be president of the universe one day. She’s already on her way. I would love to know what she thought of her mom’s get-up.

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  1. Lakota says:

    Beyoncé – the last person you want sitting in front of you at the cinema.

  2. Censored says:

    BLue is adorable and they seem to be very hands on parents , I sure they have help but never get the impression that Blue is just parcelled of to Nannies.
    IMO though whilst an occasional night out is a fun treat. BLue does seem to attend a lot of these nighttime adult functions. I sorta have some mixed feelings about that but hey to each his own

  3. Slowsnow says:

    My youngest did this all the time. They also asked us to not sing or speak loudly. Then they grow up and accept that you also behave like other people. Or whatever that strange reaction is.

  4. Sensible says:

    She should be at home, also Pink’s kids need to be home too. Children need less stimulation and more rest.

    • Xi Tang says:

      It’s true. We criticise Jolie for the same thing. Nevermind that Angie‘s kids are all older than Blue and Pink‘s kids.

    • B n A fn says:

      IMO, I don’t see anything wrong taking kids out at night once in a while instead of leaving them with nannies. Anyone remember what happened to Cher’s daughter who was sexually abused by the nanny? Blu Ivy appear’s quite comfortable to be in the spotlight, she was born there.

      • The Original G says:

        You’re not really saying that kids left with an appropriate care giver are going to be molested? Putting children out at celeb events certainly makes them the target public discussion and speculation, doesn’t it?

      • B n A fn says:

        @Original G, you know I’m not saying that. I’m saying too many people like to tell parents how to raise their children. She is with her parents once in a while at functions, appears quite well behaved and looks appropriate. Let them decide, they are not teenage parents. IMO, they appears to be very good parents. I hate when others try to tell others how to raise their children when they are not family or even know the parents.

    • Dee says:

      My 5 year old would never survive at these things. She hates the noise, too many people, waaaay too much stimulation. She’s out cold by 9 pm even if she takes a 2 hour nap. A night out treat is going to the movies at 6 on a Sunday night, not to the Grammys. She should be home.

    • Nicely Done says:

      Come On, What happened to letting HER parents decide what they think is best for their child?? Maybe this was a treat. Maybe Beyonce was like “Ok Baby, you get gold stars all week and you can come with us th THE FREAKING GRAMMYS” I just believe that parents are the utmost experts in their children. If bey and Jay though it was appropriate for their child….. nuff said. Mind Your Own.

      • Kitten says:

        I tend to agree with you. Lots of pearl-clutching over the kid having to sit still for hours at a time. Well, isn’t that what church is like? How many people make their kids suffer through that sh*t every damn Sunday and most wouldn’t think to lecture other parents about it.

        And sure, Blue looks a bit bored in a couple photos but she’ll likely look back on this as an awesome memory. It’s a special experience, not something that happens every week, you know?

      • GreenTurtle says:

        I think it’s fine. I’m impressed that Blue can sit and watch the whole show. If she gets bored occasionally, well, she’s learning to be patient. It’s good for kids.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She isn’t out all that often. A handful of award shows in a year is not parading her around constantly anyway.
        Plus gossip is all about not minding our own business. lol
        Still, she seems to like the limelight a little, so no harm was done. I tend to believe children should be able to be children for as long as possible but in measured doses exposure isn’t harmful.

    • Amelie says:

      Not sure I ever shared this story but Madonna brought her BABY Lourdes to a Spice Girl concert at Madison Square Garden in 1998 or whatever year they did their world tour. My mom, sister, and I were seated two rows behind her, her bodyguards were in front of us. She was holding Lourdes and my mom was scandalized she brought a baby to a pop concert. It’s possible Lourdes was wearing special headphones, who knows it was too dark to tell, but it doesn’t matter. With the lights and the vibrations in general, you think Madonna could afford for someone to watch her baby for a few hours. Even now I judge her for it.

    • serena says:

      She should be at home? Lol her husband is nominated in 8 categories and she can’t go out to support him ,or just enjoy the Grammys for the hell of it? I’m sure the twins are well cared for, and it’s just one late night for Blue Ivy.. what’s the harm?

    • Veronica says:

      Why? My friends and I take their kids out all the time. It depends on the kid and depends on the event. We didn’t see Blue at these shows when she was 2-3 years old, so clearly they waited until she was old enough to have some self-control. She didn’t throw down a temper tantrum in the middle of the show, and she wasn’t at the after party, so clearly they knew her limits.

  5. Inas says:

    I don,t like these pictures , it’s lovely to have attentive caring family but this is spoilt to god kid right there infront of you. I don’t blame blue ivy whatsoever, but I do give big side to her parents. Does even these awards suits her age?

  6. BooRadley says:

    My daughter is 2.5 and tells me to stop singing all time time, like within the first note. Lol harsh!

  7. magnoliarose says:

    I hate her outfit, and the sunglasses are ugh. I do not get it. She has looked nice and had a stretch there a few years ago but lately… And Jay Z looks like he stole Denzel Washington’s wig from Roman J Israel Esq. and shaped it up a bit.

  8. ncboudicca says:

    I don’t have any issues with the kids coming to watch. They’re probably all homeschooled so it’s not like they have to get up to catch the bus this morning.

    As an aside, I think Jay Z’s look was fantastic. That tux looks sooo expensive. Not into Beyonce’s outfit.

  9. Kirby the kid says:

    I’m an artist and I’ve brought my kid to my openings since he was a baby. And yes they go pretty late. But it’s good for him to see all the months of work he has seen me doing actually means something. And to see how I am as a professional person. I consider it my version of “bring my child to work”, but an opening is my office.

    • Argonaut says:

      yep, most children of artists or musicians wind up at gallery openings, concerts, etc at a young age. i dont think it’s weird either – that’s their life. it’s normal. i remember bring my child to work day, mom worked for the government in a cubicle, how boring. children of artists are lucky!

    • magnoliarose says:

      It is lifestyle and culture.
      Kids in cities usually have later hours, and it isn’t uncommon to see them out late.

      That is very sweet to take your child to see your work. Those memories are for life.

  10. trollontheloose says:

    kids are the new accessories to polish a public profile. The first one being the Afflecks back when whispers started..

  11. Kate says:

    It reminds me of Riley Curry telling her dad Steph to be quiet during a press conference.

  12. Talie says:

    Cute, but of course it’s a little weird that people are so obsessive about a kid on Twitter. You shouldn’t be “stanning” Blue Ivy.

  13. Jussie says:

    That she told them to stop clapping is normal kid behaviour. That they actually did…

  14. Nicole Savannah, GA says:

    Bruno can and did beat Jay. Good on him.

  15. DavidBowie says:

    Thank God Solange is Blue Ivy’s stylist!

  16. bread says:

    I’d like to know what her thought process was – I mean, why no clapping?

  17. Luca76 says:

    That was awesome seriously hilarious. I hope Blue gets to be a normal kid most of the time though.

  18. Babs says:

    She is hilarious. That last pic! Kids are so funny. I love Beyoncé’s get up. Superstardom or what. They are a beautiful family, bless them.

  19. Patricia says:

    Boy am I glad my every moment with my children isn’t scrutinized like this. We are deciding she spoiled because she did this little gesture? Jeez. It seems funny and if my son who is three did that I’d probably take his little direction out of humor. It’s funny. And taking a child out to a late event now and then does not mean that the child is overstimulated and sleep deprived every day.
    Basically, let’s chill. We don’t know anything about them at home really.

    • Sullivan says:

      That’s what I was thinking, Patricia.

    • Nicole says:

      Same. I had my moments as a kid. My parents tell this one story about it all the time. Guess what I grew out of it just like most kids do. I was also the first and spoiled for years until the siblings came. She’s not acting any more than any other kid spotlight or no.

      • Jamie13 says:

        We must remember that they are black too. I feel like people here nitpick to death celebs they dislike but doubly so when they are black. We have to remember were we are.

      • Nicole says:

        Oh I know. Remember when Blue was in the middle of a firestorm over her HAIR. Believe me I’m hyper aware of the racial undertones of comments

      • Peeking in says:

        Nicole and Jamie13 – I take offence to the idea that black celebs are criticized more on this site because of race. I’m a person of colour who has been commenting here since 2010 (I’m formerly, ORLY), and I completely disagree. Have you not read the Angelina threads? The Kardashian threads? The Taylor Swift threads? The Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Threads? The Kristen Stewart Threads? The Charlie Hunnam Threads? And I could go on and on.

        Celebitches are not usually racists, at all. The regulars here are generally lovely people. Occasionally there’s an influx of tumblr babes and daily mailers who come in here to spew garbage, but they aren’t regulars. Regular celebitches are equal opportunity critics. IMHO.

      • Miss Grace Jones says:

        Thanks for whitesplaining black folks feelings Peeking In. 🙄

      • Nicole says:

        I’ve been around here long enough to see casual racism on this site…so thanks for that explanation.
        I didn’t mean just the comments here…in general the comments about Blue Ivy have had an undertone of racism since she was born. Black kids are always criticized more than any other kids and aged up more than any other group.

      • Peeking in says:

        Wait? I’m whitesplaining? How so? Please explain, Miss Grace Jones.

        Nicole – if you’re not talking about the comments, then you’re talking about the authors/owners of the site. Kaiser is a woman of colour, so I don’t know.
        I can’t tell you how to feel, and your feeling are valid, they matter. I’ll have to pay closer attention to see if I’m missing something.
        Or maybe you’re including comments from other sites, in which case, they have no value in this discussion.
        From what I’ve seen, mostly black people were going in about Blue Ivy’s hair, just as they went in about Zahara Jolie’s. They were the ones talking about edge control and what not.

      • Nicole says:

        Again the comment I responded to made a general statement. That was my first point.
        My second response…I’ve had interactions in these comments that would say otherwise. I’ve been around this site for years and have taken breaks because the comment sections have been ridiculous and dismissive. Pretty sure you could find a thread speaking to this and i know other regulars like can also speak to this as well. Its not the Daily Fail but there have been some interactions that I can personally speak to. As I’ve had regular commentators defend me on here.
        These were two separate points here…one that in general black kids do get scrutinized more in general and that there are comments on here tinged with casual racism.

      • geekychick says:

        I’m white and even I can see the racial undertones in comments. They seem subtle, but when you read 200 comments and realize that suddenly people who don’t mind Angelina or some other celeb doing it, but have a problem with Beyonce for doing the same thing, you see it. I am too tired to go back and look for specific examples, but it’s there. It’s hard to get rid of them, bc they are always written in passive-agressive way and always subtle, but it’s pretty easy to see once you start noticing.

      • Peeking in says:

        Nicole – I did a long post responding this this but I don’t see it and I don’t have time to write it all again. Basically I never said all celebitches are 100% not racially motivated in their comments, that’s why I said “not usually” instead of totally—as with any group, odds are, there will be at least one.
        I have seen some uncomfortable things in the past and Q-Q was vigilant about calling them out. What I meant was, in my opinion though it happens, it isn’t common on here to be faced with racism, subtle or not. 🤷🏽‍♀️

      • magnoliarose says:

        It is there, and I was guilty of missing it more often than I am comfortable admitting. I am not a racist, but I was blind to subtle racism and was condoning it in a way. I recognized the problem, but it took some time to understand what the WOC have been saying on here really. Now that I see it I feel angry and impatient when it is there because it is obvious and stupid.
        When a minority group tells you they are experiencing racism or discrimination believe them. As a minority, I understand the frustration and the annoyance when someone tries to explain to me what I see and know.
        When someone tries to do that to me, it hurts a little, and I feel as though they are trying to diminish and dismiss my feelings like I am some oversensitive loon. Believe me when I say it takes a lot of strength and endurance to overlook 70 percent of the insults and insensitivity I experience on a daily basis so when I speak up, it isn’t reactionary. I have thought it about it and experienced it before.
        “Well if I say X or Y then black people will say I am racist when I am so not doing that!” How many times have we read that? If your fingers are beginning to type that then maybe take a pause or ask why it is being said instead of acting like an authority on someone’s else’s experience.
        Even though racism and bigotry are illogical, the ones doing it always accuse the victims of being oversensitive and illogical.

        I am not picking on you Peeking but just explaining my POV.

      • Peeking in says:

        Magnolia – why in earth would I think you’re picking on me when I myself am black? I was accused of whitesplaining, I’m not sure how I whitesplain without a white person’s perspective. I’m surprised that even though I clearly said I’m a person of colour in my post, somehow it’s not getting through.
        I don’t see the racism that others do on here. Sometimes people say stupid insensitive things because they’re stupid and insensitive, and it has nothing to do with race.
        I’ve seen someone being called racist because they made a nasty comment about Rihanna’s kaboodment day costume, and I’ve seen that same person defend Zahara’s hair. So, is that person a racist? Sometimes a jerk is just a jerk, and jerks can make comments that are racially insensitive without feeling or intending racial offense. Other times a racist is a racist is a racist. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      This. Sometimes people use children against mothers they don’t like. I do wonder how many of the non-regulars going on about ‘bratty’ Blue Ivy and shitty parenting also argue that preteen Baron Trump is supposed to be off limits?

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        I’ve usually stayed quiet regarding Blue Ivy’s parenting but do speak out against Baron’s parenting. Mainly because Blue seems happy and thriving while Barron is around an insane madman and narcissist who seems to show no affection at all towards the boy. It’s concerning.

        I grew up with old school conservative Black parents who always expecteded perfect behavior from me in public so my natural instinct is to expect that from Blue’s parents but my brain realizes that I’m being biased thinking my parent’s way is the only way. It just adds flame to the fire of the mommy wars. This thread to me reads very similar to threads about William and Kate’s children or Kim and Kanye’s. A diverse range of opinions from defenders to critics.

        P.S. Ok I am guilty of complaining about Kate and Wills leaving George in shorts during winter instead of trousers or pant to keep his little legs warm.

    • Kitten says:

      ITA 100% with you. These comments are a bizarre overreaction IMO.

  20. CooCooCatchoo says:

    Beyoncé, dressed like a wealthy villainess from an ‘80s movie. Like Sandra Bernhardt in “Hudson Hawk.”

  21. Seraphina says:

    I have to agree with some of our readers. Hopefully this is a fun night and an anomaly and not the norm. Second, treating these kids like celebrities is not good for them and we should back off. None of them will be able to have a normal life anyway but we shouldn’t exasperate the problem.

    Bey looked ridiculous. I feel for those seated behind her. Jay looks old. And that makes me feel old :(

    • Slowsnow says:

      I imagine a post about one of my kids like this ans it makes me stabby. I am not a celebrity but my husband is an artist and I have a sort of public role that sometimes gets me there on youtube and some mags. I’d hate it to have a cute post or comment about one of my kids with their picture and comments below about how adorable of bratty they were.

      I’ve said this before but I am truly baffled by a post about a child on this or any website.

      So I comment negatively. But it translates to clicks and views and does not solve the problem….

      • Jamie13 says:

        Your explanation really changed my view. I get it.l, I didn’t see it like that.

      • Lylia says:

        Slowsnow it makes me stabby too.

        My Dad was a C-Lister celebrity. I went to these events all the time. I loved them. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for those experiences. I am working Blue Ivy’s side eye about “Oh, she should be home so late at night!” Trust me this is a rewarding chapter in Blue’s life.

        Bey & JayZ were probably clapping in her ear. It probably hurt. I would have told them to stop too if I was at that age. She is young with sensitive hearing.

      • lucy2 says:

        Lylia, I would imagine some of these are fun for kids, but my concern with it now is that it’s a different era, and everything is filmed and put online and dissected to bits. These kids who are put front and center by their parents are turned into little mini-celebrities themselves, and having that much attention on them at such a young age is just not healthy, IMO.
        Apparently Pink brought her young daughter too? I just don’t get it.

  22. Seraphina says:

    I have to agree with some of our readers. Hopefully this is a fun night and an anomaly and not the norm. Second, treating these kids like celebrities is not good for them and we should back off. None of them will be able to have a normal life anyway but we shouldn’t exasperate the problem.

    Bey looked ridiculous. I feel for those seated behind her. Jay looks old. And that makes me feel old :(

  23. Christina says:

    She’s starting to look more like her mother.

  24. Nancy says:

    Beyoncé really needs a reality check. She is so full of herself!! Maybe her husband’s armful of no awards will assist her. But, Blue is everything. Her face is so expressive and man, Kim’s at home telling Northwest, that’s what you’re supposed to do….I can’t do everything!!

  25. Lizzie says:

    beyonce is serving some bela lugosi’s dead realness. she looks amazing. blue ivy is a doll. i can’t believe how big she is – she was just a baby.

  26. Svea says:

    Her father was up for a major award and she played a small part on the album. Anyway my take was that her parents were clapping right at the level of Blue’s ears. Ouch. That is a lot of percussion. She simply motioned to them to lower their hands. Very smart and self aware of her. People talk into my ear on the street all the time. Or at a dinner party when someone is shouting to someone at the end of the table but you have the misfortune of being next to them so they are just shouting into your ear.

  27. JustJen says:

    Bey’s outfit is ridiculous, but what about Blue’s? It looks like she’s wearing a bathrobe! And she is way too young to have that strong of a RBF.

  28. Tallia says:

    Beyonce looks like she is on the way to a NOLA style funeral. JayZ, did you really think you were going to be rewarded for admitting to cheating on the Queen? Um. No.

    • B n A fn says:

      Let’s not put ourselves in another person’s marriage problem. Who knows if Bey cheated on J. I remember years ago there was some word in the street that she was tipping out with one of the body guard. That’s their marriage, let them solve their problems, I’m staying out of theirs and try to fix my relationship which I have control over, jmo.

  29. HelloSunshine says:

    People are saying this is bratty but every single kid I’ve nannied/been around her age has done this to me lol I really think it’s just kid’s becoming aware that others will think things about them because of who they’re with. Literally had one of the boys I nannied who adored me tell me, “don’t embarrass me okay??” When we were going on a play date and he’s not bratty at all lol

    Btw, I’m here for Jay growing his hair out. Get it Jay!

  30. Linda says:

    Glad Jayz won no awards. Beyonce looks so ridiculous. Sunglasses inside. Hat the size of a country to block people’s views. I kinda feel sorry for celebrities kids because they are so open to scrutiny. But I blame the parents for putting them out there like this.

  31. Jordan says:

    Blue looks so much like her momma. I see Jay of course but Blue looks so much like B as a child. Love it.

  32. Ozogirl says:

    Beyonce looks fierce! And I like Jay Z with hair! I feel bad for Blue though… I don’t like how B and J thrust her into the spotlight more than necessary. It’s like a Kardashian move to keep the empire alive in years to come…

  33. Cinderella says:

    We can tell who is in charge of the Carter household, but I will say, she was a lot more gracious about enforcing the no-clapping zone than most kiddies I know.

  34. Dee says:

    Beyonce is obnoxious. Take off your hat, there are people sitting behind you. The sun does not rise and set on her imaginary halo. And the sunglasses. GMAFB. So extra. Needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

  35. LittlefishMom says:

    She looks ridiculous.

  36. Cinderella says:

    When I first saw Beyonce’s dress/hat/braids, I thought of the styling from Formation. Maybe this was her way to remind the Grammys they didn’t get it right last year.

  37. Neens says:

    That little girl is her father’s mini.

  38. minx says:

    Meh, I wouldn’t bring a child that young to that long event, but that’s just me.

  39. Alexandria says:

    Normally I don’t mind Bey acting the diva but here erhm her big hat is kinda not very considerate to the others. That’s all I didn’t fancy. The whole family looks awesome. I really like Jay’s new hair, looks very authentically retro. Blue is so gorgeous and I don’t think she comes across as bratty at all. Come on, this is not the equivalent of not vaccinating your kid. I believe for this instance, her parents know what’s best for her and whether a night out would be ok for her.

  40. Veronica says:

    Man, some of y’all have some really high standards for six year olds.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      A lot of it is racially motivated. Other celebrity women get mom-shamed for taking their kids to events, but you don’t typically see it leading to some 5-year-old being the target of this level of vitriol. Some people need to grow up here, but it’s not Blue Ivy….

      • Lady Rain says:

        Agree. These racially motivated comments about a little beautiful girl are really sad. And the whitesplaining in defense of their racism some are doing is really pathetic.

        They’re a beautiful family who treated their little girl to a nice family outing. Why can’t people just focus on the positive in that?

  41. Amy Tennant says:

    I don’t mind parents taking their kids to things like this. Plus, it could have been a nice treat for Blue Ivy, considering she’s got the two little sibs at home. A reminder that she’s older and gets to do some things the littles don’t.

  42. SG says:

    I took the sunglasses as a discreet way for Beyonce to literally keep an eye on Blue during the show as needed without drawing attention. Kind of like wearing sunglasses in public while casually people watching…no one can see exactly where your eyes are looking. If Beyonce weren’t wearing the sunglasses, I feel like there would be at least half a dozen photos of her giving Blue multiple maternal side-eye glances if she did anything during the show, cueing the “Beyonce is an obsessive, fun-hating, helicopter parent with Blue at the Grammys” narrative instead.

    • me says:

      Blue’s been to many award shows already. Beyonce usually doesn’t wear shades when at awards shows. Also, Blue is very well behaved from what I’ve seen. I think Beyonce wore shades because it was part of the whole outfit…a certain look she was going for.

  43. HeyThere! says:

    Okay I’m just impressed that Blue wasn’t on a DS Nintendo the whole time!!!! BAHAHA!!!!

  44. Percy says:

    Am I the only one who finds what Blue Ivy did super annoying?

  45. MallieKiki says:

    This might be unpopular opinion but I thought it was really disresectful for a child to feel they can do that to their parents. My guess is she is far far too spoiled and enitled. It’s not like she is 17 and her parents are embarrassing her..she is a very young child.

  46. EMau says:

    Despite the money these people have, they have no manners have they? Who wears a hat indoors like that?

  47. BigBertha says:

    Blue is the spitting image of JZ, who is not adorable looking. I also agree it’s not cute to behave like a little sh*t to your parents.

  48. PiMO says:

    She is gorgeous! I thought she looked too much like Jay-Z when she was younger, but now I can see Beyonce in her.

    She must be a very mature 6 year old to be able to sit through an award show.

  49. Snowflake says:

    I can’t believe how harsh you guys are being towards a child. I also think it is racially motivated. So what if they take their kid out to an awards show? It’s a special event, not an everyday occurrence. And she’s with her parents ffs! Also, kids often tell their parents not to do something, they’re embarrassing them. So disgusted by some of the comments on here. Also I do not listen to Beyonce. But her outfit is amazingly over the top.

  50. Dixiebells says:

    This comment thread was kind of insane. My daughter is 6 months younger than Blue. She is totally normal for her age. They try to be the voice of authority because they’re growing and trying things. It can be funny (I guess bratty to some) because they don’t actually have authority yet. They’re playing and trying on the role. Normal child development. ESP a child who has recently become an older sibling. It actually read to me like she’s mimicking them or a move she’s seen Bey do to her. Nothing bratty or abnormal about it. Despite their insane fame and influence they’ve always seemed like very involved parents. Even this clip you can see both parents body language shift towards Blue to hear her and be attentive. She’s never going to be a normal kid growing up with parents this famous and rich, but they seem to be doing a good job. I don’t think there’s much else to see here.

  51. Lady Rain says:

    I used to think this site was at least populated with majority woke white folks compared to other sites I’ve visited but after reading some of these disturbing racially motivated comments about an innocent little girl, boy was I wrong.

  52. Patty says:

    Seriously. Blue Ivy has a ton of personality. But what’s up with them always dragging her around to these long ass industry functions. She’s going to end up being one of those overly precocious kids.

  53. HeyThere! says:

    God lord to half these comments!!! But really, I am so impressed she isn’t on a device of some kind?!?!?! Every kid I know has a device in the car, at the grocery store, it’s crazy. I saw kids at a long visitation with a DS. She was just straight chilling and mature! Good for her!!! Also, I think everyone is just jealous a six year old got to sit front row at the Grammys. Her life is amazing. Did you notice when she made a gesture Bey bent down to see what she needed?! That is so sweet. She didn’t make them quit clapping.

  54. K says:

    Sunglasses indoors… nobody, not even Beyonce can pull that off

  55. Mysonsy says:

    These award shows are work. I have never understood why they bring her to these events. Are they grooming her and us to be a famous entertainer? Does this mean that the whole family will be at these award shows when the twins are older?

  56. mercy says:

    This comment thread is proof that we will never have equality. A successful black artist is enjoying an awards night with her family, yet she is being blasted because her toddler had a private convo with her that was highlighted on camera. There is a lot of bitterness, jealousy, and hatred here – and its coming from the racist commenters on this thread. I’m disappointed in celebitchy contributors, but sadly, not surprised.

  57. SMDH says:

    Sorry ….but i don’t find this adorable. This thing where celebrities bring their kids to clearly adult events and involve them to this degree where the children become the focus of the event and take away from the adults who are the honorees……

    Big fat NOPE from me, Ditto to Pink who brought hers too albeit to slightly less coverage. And I include when Kim K took North front row to a fashion show, Stephen curry his daughter to a press conference, to,m Brady to a radio show, etc.

    Everyone’s kids are cute, and your little results from the dip into the gene pool aren’t cuter or more special than anyone else, Want to bind with them? Take them to Chuck E Cheese, McDonalds playland or the circus. Other adults don’t want to bond with your little mini me at our work or professional events. Rant off.

  58. meh says:

    The comments judging Jay & Beyonce for bringing their daughter are pretty hypocritical considering everyone falls over themselves to excuse Angelina Jolie doing the same thing.

  59. GrubbyPaws says:

    Oh Lord! Beyonce looks ridiculous in that outfit and who brings their child to an awards show dressed in a bathrobe??? OY VEY!