Meghan Markle & Prince Harry will be working together in Scotland for V-Day

Prince Harry and his bride-to-be Meghan Markle were greeted by screaming crowds as they visited a youth radio station in Brixton

I love how the Meghan Markle-haters get so salty about how much we’re seeing of Meghan during the engagement. When Kate Middleton was engaged, she only did a couple of public appearances, but she mostly hid out at her parents’ house in Bucklebury or William’s rental in Anglesey. Not Meghan – she’s already made a half-dozen public events since getting the ring roughly 10 weeks ago. They’ve been important events too, and it feels like Harry is really trying to prepare her for her position in the British royal family, and prepare her as a full partner in his activism and advocacy. So how will Meghan and Harry spend Valentine’s Day this year? They’ll be working. Ha!!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to be feeling the love in Scotland! The royal couple is heading to Scotland on the eve of Valentine’s Day, Kensington Palace announced Tuesday.

Harry and Meghan, who are set to tie the knot on May 19, are continuing their string of official royal engagements with a trip to Edinburgh on February 13. Their visit will include a stop at the historic Edinburgh Castle, a visit to a youth cafe run by Social Bite (an organization that tackles homelessness — a cause close to Harry’s heart) and a reception celebrating youth achievement to mark Scottish Year of Young People at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Whether they end up spending February 14th in Edinburgh, which is about 400 miles north of London, or they return to Nottingham Cottage after their visit, Harry can expect a special Valentine’s Day from his bride-to-be. Meghan previously revealed her affinity for the holiday on her former lifestyle site, The Tig.

“Hook, line and sinker, I am such a sucker for Valentine’s Day,” she wrote. “Without fail, every February 14th, I wake up feeling like I’m immersed in a Robert Doisneau photo, waiting with bated breath to be dipped into a kiss. This is all happening in black and white, of course. And in Paris, if I had my way. But delusions of francophile grandeur aside, Valentine’s Day is special wherever you happen to find yourself. And in terms of gifts, be it breakfast in bed, a sweet love note, or a single flower, it really is the thought that counts.”

[From People]

They probably don’t want to spend V-Day traveling back to London, so my guess is that they’ll stay in Scotland overnight. It seems like a bit much to think they would go to Balmoral or Birkhall (the Prince of Wales’ Scottish residence, which sits on the Balmoral estate). Maybe they’ll snag an invite to some Scottish lord’s castle, or maybe even stay at a hotel. What does a ginger prince give his romance-loving fiancee for V-Day? My prediction: a puppy. With a pink bow.

Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan Markle during a visit to Cardiff Castle as part of their royal duties

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Cardiff Castle

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News and Backgrid.

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  1. Runcmc says:

    She really has made so many public appearances! I remain optimistic and excited about her contribution to the royal family.

    • Anners says:

      Me too! As an actress she must be used to long hours on set and memorization of lines. This must seem so easy by comparison – attend functions, remember names, show interest in people. She seems like a pretty thoughtful and caring individual, so this must seem like a breeze.

      Also, every time we see new pictures I can’t get over how radiantly beautiful she is. And I say this as someone who couldn’t stand her Suits character 😊

  2. Banhamnror says:

    Love it when anyone quotes her little old blog, must be so cringey for her.

  3. Talie says:

    Well, it is good for her to jump right in since she will most likely be doing solo appearances rather quickly after the marriage.

    I think it was a mistake, in hindsight, to coddle Kate as much as they did. Baptism by fire is a way better strategy for this particular role.

    • Alexandria says:

      She has been doing social work events before, so I think it’s good that she jumped into the fray and get more comfortable with her future life as a royal.

      I know she was an actress but oh gosh her smiles always look so genuine. I think I can’t do this lol.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The royals didn’t coddle Kate Middleton, she and William coddled themselves. Royals set their own schedules, as said frequently by royals and courtiers through the years. We were given promises in the engagement interview about how prepared KM was for the role and that she’d “hit the ground running”. Then the two of them went to ground. W&K chose to be lazy, that wasn’t a dictate from above.

    • Hydrangea says:

      William and Kate had enough energy to renovate their apartment in Kensington Palace only to promptly move to the country. Kate simply didn’t want to do much more than that. I will never begrudge her the time she needed to have her children and make their home life exemplary. She gets way too much criticism for that but beyond that Kate had plenty of time to do more royal engagements. She chose not to – the firm did not ease her into working. They all set their own schedules.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      The Royal did NOT coddle Kate – Carole did. I know Kate’s type, she has very clearly lived in a bubble most of her life. An independent woman does not say that her ‘husband looks after her’. She went from being coddled by her mother to being coddled by her mother AND husband.

    • Veronica says:

      People act like she is out there every day, working her fingers to the bone. She has done 5 or 6 events in two months. Stupendous.
      Amazing how low the bar is for Meghan on here.

      • Scram says:

        It’s not a lot of events and they aren’t difficult on the least, but people are excited because she’s showing a willingness to jump right in and be out there. And, yes, the bar is on the floor. Why? Because someone placed it there almost seven years. Don’t act brand new.

      • Mimi says:

        Meghan is rightfully being compared to other royal brides to be and not to your average 9 to 5 office worker. In comparison to her peers, she is working at an impressive pace. We get that you think there is nothing special about her efforts but for some of us, it’s nice to see her out there being visible when she could be excused for begging off to work on wedding plans, citizenship tests, her COE conversion, etc.

      • TSK says:

        The bar is so low for Kate that an earthworm can barely crawl underneath it.

  4. Hydrangea says:

    Love this! Doing Scotland by rail this August and am so excited.

    • Lizzie says:

      it cannot be overstated – scotland is breathtakingly, hauntingly beautiful. you will really enjoy it.

    • Fifee says:

      Hope youre doing the west coast line, Glasgow to Fort William and onto Mallaig. Scotland is beautiful but for me the west coast in particular is breathtaking.

    • Hydrangea says:

      I am so excited! We’re doing the west highlands and the Jacobite Steam Rail tour. I can trace my ancestors on my dad’s side tooo John Witherspoon who received a royal grant from the king to start a settlement in South Carolina in 1732. His ancestors include Robert the Bruce and Mary of Scots. So yeah, thrilled to finally see the country – plus I am an absolute sucker for a castle lol. I only wish it were October instead of August because slightly cooler weather is more romantic ha ha.

    • Bellagio DuPont says:

      @ Hydragea:

      You must, must visit Edinburgh! As far as I’m concerned, it’s only marginally behind Paris and St Petersburg in terms of beauty and culture.

      I used to work at a company where we made a point of going to the Edinburgh festival every August, just as a point of cultural enrichment (I gladly went 5 years in a row!) and it really is absolutely gorgeous.

      The architecture alone is just breathtaking, with ancient, black stone mini castles scattered liberally across the city, twisty, winding roads on steep hills and deep valleys mean that everywhere has a breathtaking view, (there’s even a dormant volcano!);

      Even the train ride from london to Edinburgh has some of the most breathtaking views (ancient castles overlooking beautiful blue/green rivers and lakes) ever…..

      Lots of chic restaurants, art galleries, comedy clubs…..I could go on all day…..

      The best part of it is the people…….really, really, super friendly with their gorgeous accents……. far nicer than Parisians and Russians 😁😁(Sorry!)

      I dream of living there one day, if I’m lucky enough. 😬😬

  5. Guest says:

    Lol I hope he gives her puppy. Then I can grab my popcorn as the haters rip her apart for that.

    Still laughing at the new excuse the royal blogs came up since she’s working more and more. They wanted harry to marry a girl who wanted to work and now that he has the events aren’t good enough. They need to go out in the “poorer” areas and not to castles.

  6. Erinn says:

    I hope he doesn’t give her a dog. Living things shouldn’t really be gifts – unless she’s actively researched and looked into a dog and been a main part of the process.

    I’m still sad about her other dog. It might have been the only ‘fair’ decision for her to make, but I don’t think I could do it. I’m way too attached to our pets to ever leave them with someone else.

    After we got engaged, and had bought our house I bought my husband a puppy. He knew he was getting one – he had full decision making rights with this dog. Juno absolutely despised me for the first few months we had her. She was OBSESSED with my husband. She still adores him – but I grew on her, and she’ll sook to me now instead of him. Surprise pets are just never a good idea.

    Meghan also has talked a lot about “adopt don’t shop” – so I can’t imagine him buying a puppy would be on brand. And I don’t think rescuing a dog for someone is a great idea – you need to make sure they’re a match and it could take a while to find the ‘right’ doggo – especially where she still has one dog with her (to my knowledge).

    • lobbit says:

      So, what would you do? If you had to relocate for a job or for a marriage or both and you discovered you couldn’t bring one of your dogs with you, what then? Do you say no to the job or to the marriage proposal?

      IDK maybe this is a cultural thing, but as much as I love animals, choosing a pet/companion animal over my husband would be unthinkable for me.

      • Erinn says:

        If it’s a health reason – I’d do what’s best for the dog. If it’s a convenience reason – that’s a problem. Like I said – it might have been the only decision she could make when it came down to whats best for the dog. But when I adopt an animal – I’m adopting the animal for life. It’s a responsibility I’ve taken on, and I’m not going to ditch the animal. If I’ve gotten to the point of a marriage proposal – they’d know that my animals come with me. She was able to take a dog with her – so it’s not an issue of regulations or laws. It’s not like she isn’t going to have space for the other dog, or the ability to provide for the dog. Personally – I’m not in a position where I’d ever need to relocate and not be able to bring my animals. It might be a case of needing someone to watch them while I got things in order – but I wouldn’t give them up. UNLESS it’s best for them.

        It’s unthinkable for me to ever be in a situation where I’d need to choose a pet over a husband. There really are not many scenarios that ANYONE would have to make that call. Either the dude’s a prick who doesn’t like animals – which wouldn’t be someone I’d be with, or alternatively he could be allergic. If it’s a horrible allergy that’s one thing. But if it’s a case of “well, I’m slightly bothered by it but nothing horrible” then there are over the counter meds, or allergy shots out there. There’s also the ability to prevent pets from going in bedrooms and certain areas.

        Gun to my head and I have to choose between my husband or my pets – of course I’d choose my husband. But if there’s ANY possibility of keeping the animals I’ve decided to adopt – I’m not going to get rid of them unless it’s genuinely in the best interest of the animal.

      • unamadridista says:

        @Erinn, I have to disagree on the allergy thing. It doesn’t have to be horrible or life threatening to be difficult to live with. My husband has many allergies and manages them with medication, but the only cats he’s able to have are our Devon Rexes; any other cat breed will flare up his allergies like crazy and medication will only help so much. When we got engaged and I moved in with him, taking my two tabbies was out of the question, and they are much happier at my parents’ (the only home they’ve ever known). I, personally, agree with Lobbit where it’s unthinkable to me to choose pets over my husband’s comfort. When he’s not abroad on business, he works from home and I don’t want our home to be a place where he’d have to feel uncomfortable or constantly have to have his allergy medication within reach.

        Perhaps it is a cultural thing. I moved to the States from Russia in ’97 when my stepdad proposed to my mom, and no one asked if we were going to take our cats with us (we left them with my grandparents); it was assumed that we wouldn’t and the thought hadn’t even crossed my mom’s mind, as a lot of things we had would naturally have to be left behind, especially what couldn’t fit into two suitcases. To turn down a marriage proposal, especially the one that comes with a relocation to another country, over issue of pets is just silly to me, as someone can always look after a pet, but to find a right partner to spend your life with is much harder.

    • Plantpal says:

      I disagree @Erinn. A dog I love was rehomed because when my galpal’s beloved dog died, she needed him more than I did; he was very easygoing and would fill her need perfectly. Tried and true. I took on another girlfriend’s dog, who was newly adopted but not fitting into her family of young children as well as hoped or anticipated. I still see ‘Gus’ upon occasion, and my girlfriend could still see ‘Pip’ . The dogs are very happy and well cared for and loved. Dogs can love more than one human in their life-times. I trust Meghan enough to make the best decision for her dog, over and above her own ‘but I want him to travel to a new country and figure out how to adjust even though he’s ancient because I LOOVVVE him’ desire.

      • Plantpal says:

        I disagree @Erinn. A dog I love was rehomed because when my galpal’s beloved dog died, she needed him more than I did; he was very easygoing and would fill her need perfectly. Tried and true. I took on another girlfriend’s dog, who was newly adopted but not fitting into her family of young children as well as hoped or anticipated. I still see ‘Gus’ upon occasion, and my girlfriend could still see ‘Pip’ . The dogs are very happy and well cared for and loved. Dogs can love more than one human in their life-times. I trust Meghan enough to make the best decision for her dog, over and above her own ‘but I want him to travel to a new country and figure out how to adjust even though he’s ancient because I LOOVVVE him’ desire.

      • Erinn says:

        “A dog I love was rehomed because when my galpal’s beloved dog died, she needed him more than I did; he was very easygoing and would fill her need perfectly”

        But that’s not really what I’m saying. I’m not saying that a dog can’t love someone else. That’s ridiculous. I’m saying that a) a pet is a commitment that I don’t see as a “just for now” thing. If I’m adopting a dog, I’m adopting it for life. b) Knowing a dog, and knowing it’s quirks/needs and being able to rehome it isn’t the same as adopting a dog from a shelter and expecting it to fit into a home with another dog. I’m saying that I don’t think it’d be wise for him to go looking for a dog as a surprise when there are SO many factors to account for when it comes to personality/exercise needs/ability to live with other animals.

  7. Maria says:

    And if he is with the chef, he isn’t adapting to someone new. I adopted two older rescues and believe me, they can adapt pretty quickly, and they turned out to be wonderful pets.

  8. HoustonGrl says:

    Because she’s such a responsible dog owner.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Yes, responsible enough to make a choice that was in the best interest of the dog instead of in the best interest of her PR.

    • Hydrangea says:

      Have we forgotten that Meghan and Cory adopted those dogs together. It was completely reasonable that one dog be left with him or at least he may have had a part of the decision making process of where to rehome him. Cory loved the dogs also and I think he and Meghan did what was best for both dogs, especially given the fact that the dog that was rehomed was old. Why do people look for any reason to tear Meghan down – especially dumb ones?

      • magnoliarose says:

        The Kate lovers think in some strange way they are avenging Kate for being criticized as if our criticisms came out of the sky without cause. Nevermind Kate was on the scene for well over a decade; long enough for individuals to form their own opinions. So by hating on Meghan, I suppose they feel they are championing Kate. ??? Plus racism and for some, it is a pattern of microaggressions.
        It used to be baffling, but now it is just funny. I look forward to seeing how outlandish the claims can get.
        I haven’t seen any real legit reasons for vitriol at this point. Criticisms sure but some of it is just hilarious pretzel twisting.

    • HoustonGrl says:

      Is it responsible to get a dog with a boyfriend you’re not serious about? Is it responsible to have a pet in your care break two legs? Is it responsible to abandon your pet and separate it from its best friend? This is cruel, I don’t care who it is.

      • Olenna says:

        You have no clue what went on in their relationship. Your dislike for MM, someone you don’t even know, is so strong and unreasonable that you don’t even realize how it reflects on your own character and grasp of reality.

      • magnoliarose says:

        My kitten broke her leg, and I had a cat break her sternum by jumping and slipping and hitting the side of my bathtub. She wanted to look out of the window and lost her footing before I could stop her. The kitten was playing with my children and following the bird. She slid off the banister to the stairs and slipped on the hardwood and broke her tiny leg.
        No one would ever accuse me of being negligent or abusive. If anything I spoil my pets like human babies. My son was told she wasn’t allowed to be on the second floor and he stuck to that by playing on the landing. Accidents happen even if when measures have been taken.
        Neither you or I know how serious her relationship was with the other guy at the time they got the dog. What matters most is the dog is probably with the dog’s favorite person.
        She didn’t abandon him in a field or at a shelter.
        To love a pet means to make sure they are cared for when it isn’t possible for the owner or in situations of a breakup.

      • Bellagio DuPont says:

        @ Houstongrl

        I think it’s pretty clear to any objective person that you’re letting your personal dislike of Meghan cloud your judgement on any and all matters involving her, which is unfortunate.

        As other people have mentioned, she didn’t have sole responsibility for the dogs. Cory must have felt entitled to keep at least one of their shared pets – I bet it was a difficult decision to make for all sides involved and they’re all trying to make the best of it.

    • Maria says:

      If he is with his co-owner,then he is fine. Cory has just as much right to the dog as Meghan does. I’m assuming he is there.

    • RoyalSparkle says:

      HM may gift her a corgi.

      Thanks above thread for the tips to Scotland – noted!

  9. Pandy says:

    Ah, maybe she’ll get “dipped” on a castle turret in Scotland.

  10. caty says:

    They are going to be at Holyrood Palace for a reception, Holyrood is the Queen’s official residence in Scotland, they could very well just be spending the night there.

  11. Sage says:

    So, I suppose in March they will travel to Northern Ireland too?

    • seesittellit says:

      @Sage – that would be my guess. I was hoping northern England next, but I figured Scotland. I don’t know why people think there’s anything unusual in the difference between Kate’s post-engagement and Meghan’s post-engagement public sightings. Kate is a middle-class English girl who went to school in Scotland and who didn’t need a fast course in the British Isles, and the public had known nearly everything about her for years before the engagement. Meghan is from a different country, who got engaged to Harry after little more than a year, and without any particular experience of Britain beyond central London while visiting Harry. It makes sense for the BRF to see that she is seen in all four regions before the wedding. It’s really that simple.

  12. Carrie1 says:

    Trying to figure out what’s going on with next season of Suits. It seems late. Wondering if they’re holding it back from airing until she’s married, which makes no sense but I’m bored so

    • Imqrious2 says:

      2nd half of this season begins here in the US March 28th. YAY! I have loved this show from the start. What bums me is Patrick Adams isn’t coming back for season 8 either. Probably he and Rachel will marry and ride off into the sunset, somewhere where he can hang out a shingle unhasselled and be the white knight fighting social injustice 😊. I hope the show picks that slack up(which is its core!) with bringing Gina Torres back. She and Harvey are great together!

  13. Peggy says:

    Meghan’s useless half-brother wrote to Kensington Place asking for help to deal with the media, blaming Meghan for all his problems, they gave him the name of a lawyer. Of course he claims he can’t afford one, but he sure had money to hire one to tell him contact the Palace.
    His ‘Dear Megs’ letter was ignored, sure he is is not going to be writing again, because his letters are going straight to the garbage bin.
    So for all the fuss he was making, telling Meghan not to invite his children, it looks like he is not getting an invitation, so that means poor Samatha will foaming at the mouth, no invite either.
    People jumped all over Harry for his comments about Meghan former Christmases, he did not pull it out of the air, and Meghan’s thirsty siblings proved her point.

    • seesittellit says:

      @Peggy – the half-sib is clearly a grifter, but as always, perception is everything, and Meghan’s response, “I don’t know these people” may be judged harshly. The “these people” is particularly unfortunate. I get her frustration, but in the public eye as she is now, she has to be careful not to seem cold – her family is going to be a continuing issue. I doubt any of these people had real expectations of an invite to the wedding, btw. But it’s another theme they can use for another article in the DM with a nice price tag attached. She has to be careful how she handles this.

    • Bellagio DuPont says:

      Meghan’s siblings make me want to just go find a comfortable, smelly little sewer, where I can sit and hide away from their desperation and lack of shame……

    • Olenna says:

      I’d like to know why the brother’s note to Meghan is the only correspondence the DM published to support his story that they’re not “estranged”. As for that so-called plea for help, seems to me there’d be something in writing from her camp to back up his story that she didn’t know him and couldn’t help him with the paps.

    • formerly known as Amy says:

      This sounds like a shake down. Like you know pay me to shut up. How to deal with media say nothing and go about your business. They will eventually go away and you might have been invited to the wedding.

  14. Cher says:

    Her half brother gave himself away when he said that he had contact with Meghan when they were growing up…obviously that contact whined in adulthood…

  15. TSK says:

    Based on what? That a relative wants to take advantage of another relative? What does have to do with MM as a person? If anthing, it should justify her position in cutting out the toxic people in her life.

  16. Maria says:

    Why? Because she has a brother who is a nutcase? Not her fault. Let’s not forget dear Uncle Gary Goldsmith. And is the BRF above reproach?

  17. C. Remm says:

    Yes and Harry and Meghan can only avoid this terrible fate if they pay a large sum to the half siblings and her father. Ironie off!
    They trash her and expect at the same time that she helps them financially. It must be really hard on them seeing Meghan, who they prior considered not worthy enough for them, becoming a member of the British Royal Family.

  18. magnoliarose says:

    I have a few relatives I would be horrified if anyone paid them an ounce of attention. They look and behave like extras from a backwater bayou horror movie. They are walking stereotypes. Granted they are a tiny bit distantly related but not distant enough. We don’t get to choose our relatives, and we aren’t responsible for them either.