Duchess Kate wore a button-less Goat coat in Essex today: cute or meh?

The Duchess of Cambridge opens an Action on Addiction Community Treatment Centre

This is just a quickie, these photos came in a bit later than I was expecting! The Duchess of Cambridge did an event today in Essex. She opened a treatment center for Action on Addiction, for which she is a patron. Usually, we don’t see Kate for a few weeks after a royal tour, but clearly we were in the midst of a Keen Renaissance where Kate actually shows up to work on a somewhat regular basis. I’m just saying… I’m sort of proud of her for coming out to an event just a few days after she returned home from a whirlwind four-and-a-half day tour of Sweden and Norway.

For today’s appearance, Kate wore a new-to-us £660 coat from Goat. Do you think Kate has been reading Celebitchy? I think someone on her staff has been reading, because LOOK, NO BUTTONS!! It’s a Keen Miracle! Our Lady of Perpetual Buttons went a bit easier on the button-looks during last week’s tour too, and now this button-less coat.. I’m so proud. As for everything else… the color is pretty, but I wish the coat was just a few inches longer. She was having a tough time trying to navigate her short skirt/coat situation when she was trying to kneel down. Ugh. One step forward and two steps back!

To the person on Kate’s staff who reads this blog… please encourage Kate’s hairdresser to spend a bit more time blending in her wiglet, please. It sits up on the back her head like it was velcro’d on.

The Duchess of Cambridge opens an Action on Addiction Community Treatment Centre

The Duchess of Cambridge opens an Action on Addiction Community Treatment Centre

The Duchess of Cambridge opens an Action on Addiction Community Treatment Centre

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. lolamd says:

    Why does Kate wear a wiglet? Is her hair thin?

  2. minx says:

    Another couple of inches on the coat and it would have been perfect.

    • Laura says:

      Yes! Just longer on the coats, please.

      • formerly known as Amy says:

        That is exactly what i came to say.

      • Aurelia says:

        Ya, if you need to make sure you put your hand out to stop flashing your minge to the world when you bend down at work, its a clear sign your dress/coat need to be longer. No home training this girl.

      • RoyalSparkle says:

        “obscenely short…”

        Flasher waitie knows she is visiting children – and if to follow HRH Henrys’ she will need to stoop. Note her crossing hand on knees, must be professional PA remind her to , for the kids sake.

    • Amy Too says:

      It is way too short, like obscenely short in that picture where she’s crouching. I can’t see a dress under it at all either. She’s has to cover her crotch w her arm. There’s a shadow from the arm that I though was a black dress but it’s not, it’s a shadow. Does she wear anything under there?

      I was wrong, maybe it is a skirt. I’m reading on my phone and the brightness wasn’t turned up very high.

  3. Stella says:

    This is ok. She does look nice in blue, but I preferred the buttonless French blue coat from the other day better. (The one she wore with the fur hat.) That one needs to be in my closet.

  4. Lorelai says:

    That coat is way too short. She looks ridiculous.

    • momoffour says:

      I totally agree. Way way way too short. It looks weird. Also she looks cold.

    • Rose says:

      She never learns, there are always little kids there and she’s really tall, is she intentionally trying to flash and make her life more tricky?

    • V4Real says:

      For a second there I thought the coat was made out of goat. Woo, I’m relieved to have thought like an idiot.

    • Beluga says:

      She’s really struggling not to flash in the photos where she’s crouching down.

      If you know you’re going to be meeting kids, you should be taking that into account, especially after 7 years.

      Trousers, Kate! Trousers!

      • Joy says:

        Trousers or a nice pencil skirt that hits at or below the knee. It’s not hard to NOT SHOW YOUR BITS.

      • Merritt says:


        Trousers or pencil skirts can be uncomfortable when pregnant.

      • Deedee says:

        Pants can be way more comfortable in pregnancy than a short skirt and pantyhose.

      • Seraphina says:

        For real!!! For the love of God Kate, wear appropriate clothing!!!! You a Princess of the Rhelm! So not appropriate. I just don’t understand it. Does she not see how ridiculous and unprofessional she looks carrying out her royal duties???

        Like Kaiser said, one step forward and two back.

      • GreenBunny says:

        Why do people act like being pregnant is somehow debilitating. I had 3 kids and worked full time for all pregnancies. And guess what? I wore trousers, and skirts, and pants and I lived! I worked 40 hours a week in pants! Pretty sure she can muster wearing trousers, or a skirt, or a longer dress during the paltry few hours she works in a day. And there are a ton of companies that make maternity wear so there are options and she does have the means to commission bespoke maternity trousers, pencil skirts and whatever else she keens. So it’s not really an excuse.

      • Anastasia says:

        Thank you, GreenBunny! They make maternity pencil skirts that are extremely comfortable and look professional.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I wore jeans and regular clothing. @Greenbunny

        Lots of cute options at her disposal. I don’t understand these gaffes at this stage. The woman baffles me.

      • Amy Too says:

        Super tight pantyhose are 100x more uncomfortable than maternity pants or skirt. Her job requires her to dress a certain, professional way—comfort should not be her biggest concern. How comfortable is it to crouch down in a super short coat that nearly shows your crotch?

      • Lady D says:

        Comfort is my overriding concern when buying clothing. Being pregnant would only intensify the need for comfort. One can still manage to dress like a professional.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Coat length is fine, it is the miniskirt underneath that is once again the problem. Always has to sex it up when she gets further into pregnancy. The big hair comes out, the hems go up.

      • Chrissy says:

        IMO that coat is meant to be worn with trousers. How is a short coat paired with a mini-skirt appropriate for meeting little kids. I assume she doesn’t wear anything similar when interacting with her kids so why is it appropriate here? Any reason to show off her legs perhaps. Time to think ahead a little, Kate.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Noticed that too,black skirt is too short/tight looks miserably uncomfortable.Why did she not at least do the coat with her opaque black tights and this chunky black heels?

      • nic919 says:

        The coat as originally styled by the designer is paired with trousers.. and it looks really nice. A tailor could make a stylish pair of maternity pants for Kate to wear. She has so many bespoke things anyway, it’s not like she can’t get trousers made to fit her changing shape.

      • Amy Too says:

        Deleted. I thought the black skirt was really just a shadow from her arm, but it does look like a skirt.

      • Aurelia says:

        She’s purpetually stuck in the 1980′s/90′s in her dress sense. Diana’s hey days, and her single white female- Ma Midds.

    • Masamf says:

      Exactly what Lorelai said. Coat is too damn short!! It seems Kate gets a kick out of flashing!! I wondered to myself: what are the Brit tabloids going on and on for about how “Meghan will have to give up wearing Mini dresses?” Kate wears skimpy all. the. time!! I guess what’s good for Kate is only good for Kate, RME. And you never stop hearing on this board how HMQE forces Kate to wear this and that because “she is the future Queen and mother of future king” or how Kate wears this inappropriately because she pregnant etc etc, RME till they drop back in my skull !!

    • Princessk says:

      I think the coat is too short but its is deliberate, along with the black stockings which show off her lovely legs which are her best asset.

      • Plantpal says:

        I bet Prince William isn’t paying her a lot of attention right now, being hugely pregnant and all. I bet she’s trying to show….see, I’m still gorgeous. You love my legs and here I am looking all leggy and with plenty hair fulsomeness. So please love me still…..and don’t go out banging some young chick just because you can……

    • Scarlett says:

      She is ridiculous.

  5. Rose says:

    Her legs must’ve been frozen! It’s so cold here today!

  6. littlemissnaughty says:

    I still don’t see the wiglet. Where is it? Am I just blind? She’s always had great hair and mine could do this without a wiglet.

  7. Pamsicle says:

    Why the hell cant she repeat jackets. Who owns a new jacket for every day??!! Nuts to me.

    • Ankhel says:

      This. Swap between different trousers and longer skirts underneath, and different types of shoes. Then noone will notice it’s the same coat once in a while!

    • CynicalCeleste says:

      Methinks she is addicted to coats. She really could wear a different coat every single day of the season.

    • Deedee says:

      Accessories like beautiful scarves, hats, pins, purses would change up some of these plain coats.

  8. Liberty says:

    She looks wonderful in that color.

    But the length is too short, so it somehow looks like an old cheap blah coat from a resale shop. It’s making her whole look with the tights look dated and throwback. Why oh why.

  9. Starlight says:

    Not very engaged in the hand shake photo lovely coat pretty blue

  10. EKeane says:

    It looks awkwardly short, also I despise black pantyhose.

  11. Beluga says:

    How many blue coats does she have?! I make this her 4th this year and that’s just the new blue ones!

  12. tw says:

    Beautiful coat, but would look better with trousers or jeans. I love her hair color, too.

  13. Rianic says:

    I think it’s a bad tease job, not a wiglet. When my clip ins are on incorrectly, there is a bump where the seam is, and I don’t see that.

  14. Kelly C says:

    I’m going to be like “Go Fun Yourself” and say she needs a statement bracelet. Or a big brooch. Love the color, but it either needs boots or too be longer.

    I bet she gets a memo about the length though.

  15. Who ARE These People? says:

    Yeah, too short. It’s not a swing coat, and if it were, it should be a little shorter and worn over slim pants. Hey, that actually would be a good look for her, wouldn’t it? Even not pregnant.

    Say I sitting around working in flannels.

  16. notasugarhere says:

    She looks like Sarah Ferguson in that second photo.

    • Aurelia says:

      OMIgod notasugarhere, you are spot on. That is such a fergie get up. She always insisted on wearing too short as well. Showing the legs. AS I said waity is stuck in the 1980′s/90′s, di and fergies and ma midds hey days. … grow up, silly empty vessel girl.

    • Skooch says:

      Why would you even compare her to Sarah Ferguson? Seriously?!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Because in that second photo she looks like Fergie to me. The way her hair is styled, the increasing amount of blond and red highlights she’s using, and in particular the way she is holding her mouth.

      • Skooch says:

        I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I just don’t see it no matter how hard I try.

      • notasugarhere says:

        To me she looks like Fergie circa 1990/1991 when she was growing out her chin-length bob. That, the 80s/90s electric blue coat, the set of her mouth = Fergie. She even wears the jewelry designer Fergie made popular – Kiki McD.

      • Skooch says:

        I went back and looked at pictures of Fergie from that time period, and I honestly don’t see the resemblance. Is there a link to a certain pic you think shows how much she resembles her? If so, I would be grateful. Btw, I had no idea how many “marilyn moments” Fergie had had herself, and now I can’t unsee them! I think I’m scarred for life! LOL!

      • LAK says:

        Skooch: a few years back, someone photoshopped a few Fergie pics to show ‘marilyn moments’. Those pics are still on the internet and pop up when you google Fergie. It’s easy to see that they are photoshopped because the originals are also on the internet.

      • Skooch says:

        @LAK-Thanks for the info about the photoshopped pics of Fergie. While I was looking for pics that resembled Kate, I was thinking how could I not have heard of all these ‘marilyn moments’ Fergie had? Now I know! I’ll keep a better look out from now on. I thought I knew a lot about the royals, but you, notasugarhere and a few others truly impress me with your knowledge of the BRF! So glad I found this site!

  17. Digital Unicorn says:

    She suits the colour but as usual its too short and she’s flashing everyone.

    And yeah, she’s feeling the competition – neither she or William are this visible at this time of year. Even for this stage in her pregnancy she’s more visible than previous ones and its not down to the alleged HG.

  18. KiddV says:

    She’s wearing a car coat, made for travel and slim pants underneath. She looks great, but I think the coat is too short for what she’s doing. I do like the coat, I wouldn’t mind owning it.

  19. Anastasia says:

    Wow, she’s working a LOT lately! Weird!

  20. Guest says:

    Whew she would have bent a little further those people on the front row would have gotten a show.

  21. Becks says:

    I love the color of the coat – I think that shade of blue looks great on her. And her hair looks good, wiglet or no.

    I agree that the skirt underneath should have been a bit longer – or the dress, hard to tell since she did not take her coat off ;-)

    Overall though she looks nice and I agree that I was surprised to see her out and about again. Usually she goes dark for a bit after a tour.

  22. Sage says:

    She looks good in darker colours.

  23. NotForNothing says:

    I don’t get the obsession over her having buttons on her coat. Most of my non-sporty coats (and blazers) have buttons, too. It seems normal? Also, I’m 5’7” and thin and find a hard time finding stuff that’s long enough pregnant or not that is also slim enough or flattering – like if I bought a size large enough to have enough extra length the tailor wouldn’t be able to take it in enough. It’s frustrating – I look back at the gorgeous / pricey rehearsal dinner dress I bought and it looks ridiculous like a doll’s dress on me because so short. Obviously she can afford custom and I can’t, but I imagine she’d get skewered if everything were custom (and I bet she has a few inches on me)

  24. I will never understand why someone in a place of authority can’t come right out and tell her to lengthen her hems and make sure she follows the directive. She always thinks it looks so good to get down to eye level with the children. Doesn’t she realize that she’s giving a full show right up her legs? If she isn’t smart enough to get it, someone needs to show her a photo or just come right out and tell her.
    As old as she is and in her position, and pregnant, this length of hem is way out of bounds and does her no favors.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    That would have been really cute with tailored trousers.

  26. WHAAAT says:

    She’s pregnant with her third child. Leave her alone. Shit,, does her matter?

    • notasugarhere says:

      Plenty of other women have small children, work 40+ hours a week while pregnant, dress professionally while expecting, and pay their own bills. Pregnancy isn’t a valid excuse for this get-up.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      That her coat and skirt are so short she has to hold them down while doing her job? Yes, actually it does. She has very few job requirements-one of them is to dress appropriately. I think the coat is great. But she should have been wearing black slacks under it and then she wouldn’t be worrying about flashing the little kids she’s meeting. I’ve been pregnant 4 times-and didn’t have her money/access-it’s not that difficult.

  27. seesittellit says:

    She really is getting to the tubby stage now – bosom face upper arms and thighs filling out. I love the color and the winter pairing with black hose and heels – but she’s clearly trying to move the eye from her blossoming middle to her legs – but I dunno – at nearly seven months’ along, I’d give up, it is what it is till the baby comes. I really like the shorter hair and it looks like it’s gotten a bit of “teasing” at the crown.

    • Jayna says:

      It worked for me, so I guess not giving up worked in this instance.. She has great legs. I was looking at all the photos and never thought about her stomach until one to the side where you saw it, but not even in a prominent way. And I realized never once was her belly the focal point. I was looking at her hair, makeup, legs. It was kind of remarkable this far along that it wasn’t. So mission accomplished.

      She looks fine.

  28. carolind says:

    Coat nice. Too short.

  29. Cher says:

    Would someone please adjust her hem lines…a little lower.

  30. Leigh says:

    I honestly don’t see the wiglet, point it out Kaiser, I do want to mock!

  31. Kaz says:

    Great colour, just too short. Honestly, why would you wear a short outfit with high heels when you absolutely know you will probably have to bend down?

  32. Spicecake38 says:

    Her legs are definitely great! I still think the coat with opaque tights or black trousers would look nicer and very weather and work appropriate.😊

  33. Sullivan says:

    I don’t see it, either.