People are criticizing 8-months-pregnant Khloe Kardashian for flying to Japan

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Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian flew to Japan a few days ago. I didn’t think much of it – they’re always on the move, and I thought the trip was probably work-related in some capacity, like a just-sisters promotional appearance, or maybe they’re opening a DASH store in Tokyo or something. I didn’t realize two things though: one, this was a just-sisters trip where Kim and Kourtney didn’t bring their kids, and two, Khloe is already eight months along. That’s a really long international flight to take when you’re eight months pregnant, right? A lot of people thought the same:

Eight months pregnant Khloe Kardashian flew to Japan on Monday, February 26, with her sisters Kim and Kourtney for one last girls trip before she gives birth. Sweet, right? Not everyone thinks so.

“Why would you risk travel during a pregnancy??” asked one Facebook user. Added another: “She’s 8 months and flying that far? Not too smart.” Another user worried that the mom-to-be is too far from her Ob-Gyn if she gets sick.

Khloé, who is expecting her first child — a baby boy — with NBA player Tristan Thompson, has not disclosed her exact due date. The 33-year-old has, however, revealed that she’s in her third trimester, which means she is at least 28 weeks along. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, flying in your third trimester is perfectly safe. But air travel is not recommended after 36 weeks.

Meanwhile, Khloé wasn’t the only Keeping Up With the Kardashians star who came under fire for the Asian getaway. Kim, who welcomed her third child via surrogate on January 15, with husband Kanye West, was shamed for leaving 6-week-old daughter Chicago at home in California. “A newborn and kids leaves the country for business!!” fumed one Facebook user. “And Khloe needs to quit whining about how her painful and difficult pregnancy. She looks fine in Japan!!”

[From Us Weekly]

I’m assuming, as he often does, that Kanye West is probably looking after the kids, all of the kids. Kanye is close to Kourtney’s children, and Penelope and North are BFFs, etc. I’m not saying Kanye’s doing that alone – there are nannies involved, I’m positive, and Kris Jenner is probably hanging out too. But I don’t think we should treat this as a case of “Kim and Kourtney abandoned their children!” I do sort of side-eye Kim – in general – because it seems like she’s been very busy since the birth of Chicago and maybe hasn’t had a lot of bonding time with the newborn? As for Khloe’s travels at eight months pregnant… I mean… I think it’s a bad idea too, but I also think women should listen to their doctors and make their own decisions about how they take care of themselves.

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  1. Kitten says:

    “As for Khloe’s travels at eight months pregnant… I mean… I think it’s a bad idea too, but I also think women should listen to their doctors and make their own decisions about how they take care of themselves.”

    This though. Are we suggesting she didn’t clear it with a doctor?

    Look, I cannot stand anyone in this family but I am getting really exhausted with the Mommy Police coming for every woman who makes a different choice than they did.
    Flying at eight months is NOT something I would do, but that’s my choice. I think people need to back off a bit with judging these women’s pregnancies. They’re horrible for so many reasons but how they choose to handle their pregnancies isn’t one of them IMO.

    …and this is coming from someone who generally enjoys having yet another reason to judge them lol.

    • BLewis says:

      Agree, also pretty sure she wasn’t in coach for the long flight.

      • Jag says:

        It’s not about her being in coach; it’s about the possibility of blood clots just due to flying at all.

        I also have an issue with someone going to Japan while pregnant with Fukushima still raging unabated.

      • FLORC says:

        You can’t speak to the risk of clots and dismiss the fact she’s likely not in coach. I’m betting she has loads of leg room. A seat that heats, cools, microadjusts, vibrates, etc… etc… on top of room to walk. This all helps to lessen the risk.

      • CariBean says:

        They have their own airplane. Because of course they do 🙄

      • Sabrine says:

        I wonder why she narrows her eyes and poofs out her swollen looking lips like that instead of just having them in a normal pose. It looks so ridiculous when she does that. Kim is pushing 40 and is still doing it too. Both of them look like immature high school girls taking selfies so they can look sexy to snag hot boys.

      • megs283 says:

        Also, @Jag, assuming she worked with her doctor, she was probably put on blood thinners for the trip.

      • Aurelia says:

        Arhh. negative. I just had a friend with a blood clot whilst pregnant and you CAN NOT take blood thinning medication whilst pregnant. It can kill the baby.

      • TwoPac says:

        This mommy & baby are likely well preserved with copious plastic fillers & botox-ness. No need to worry.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Thank you, Sabrine! Further to your comments, why does she continue to overline her already hugely-inflated lips? It always looks as if women who do this – and there are many! – have a moustache. Yuck.

      • SKF says:

        @JAG ummmmm… say what? 😂😂😂 I just lived in Tokyo for 7 months and I’m perfectly fine. I know women who were in Japan for their entire pregnancies and they and their babies are perfectly fine. Indeed I know people who live in Fukushima (about 3.5 hours north of Tokyo) and they too are fine. It was and is an environmental disaster; but don’t believe all of the fake reports with maps that are actually about other things as pretend radiation maps etc.

      • Clare says:

        Jag, are you serious with that Fukushima comment? There are plenty of women who conceive, gestate and deliver babies in Japan. What’s your point? I mean, I get it these people are pretty crap, but the comment about Fukushima is ridiculous to the point of almost being funny.

      • FLORC says:

        You can be pregnant and receive a blood thinner. It’s a different delivery system that does not reach the placenta. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had it.

      • megs283 says:

        @Aurelia, news to me, since i’m 35 weeks pregnant and on enoxaparin since day 1. You cannot take warfarin or other ORAL blood thinners while pregnant, but Lovenox and its generic, enoxaparin, are safe for pregnancy, and the only reason I have a two year old and one on the way.

    • sunny says:

      I totally agree with this comment @kitten. The only people who should share say in Khole’s decision to travel are her, her partner, and her doctor. Hate the family but this is not a case for outrage.

      • Milla says:

        Just her doctor and her.

        I’m defending a Kardashian. Apocalypse is coming …

      • Aloe Vera says:

        you don’t think her parter should make a comment on what could potentially happen to his baby Milla?

    • Morning Coffee says:

      Here comes the Mommy Brigade, judging anyone who does something different than they did. What I judge Khloe for is not travel, it’s continuing the lip injections and hair coloring during her pregnancy. Makes me wonder if she stopped drinking.

      • PoodleMama says:

        As both a pregnant lady and someone who has flown to Japan before I am impressed that she would be comfortable enough flying that long. I would be a bloated, hungry, grouchy mess!

    • Lela says:

      yes to all of this! When I was 4 months pregnant I opted to not fly halfway around the world for my cousins wedding. It was a high risk pregnancy and I was just too scared to take the risk. My entire extended family judged and bitched the heck out of me for being rude and selfish and missing such an important moment. People should butt out of other women’s business when it comes to pregnancies.

      • jwoolman says:

        My mother’s doctor told her not to fly in her third pregnancy. My father bullied her into it. When she miscarried, I suspect she never really forgave him for that. I don’t know all the details so I don’t know if the flight was the cause of the miscarriage or not. She miscarried again after that, but there may also have been an unwanted flight involved that time also. Mom wasn’t very good at saying no.

        I suspect it was actually capillary fragility involved, since my mother, her sister, and I all had very easy bruising. My mother was the only one who was ever pregnant. I discovered as an adult that about 1 gram or so of Vitamin C per day solved that problem for me. Really, we would get huge bruises with no idea where they came from. I mean bruises the size of the palm of my hand. If I stop the Vitamin C, the easy bruising comes back.

    • Kitty says:

      And saying that Kim and kourtney are abandoning their children…people know the children have fathers and grandparents right? I am so sick of all these stories, I don’t know why anyone takes these Twitter and instargram comments seriously. The Chris Pratt prayer one was super annoying

    • Felicia says:

      Most of the airlines won’t even allow you to fly on a trip that long at 8 months pregnant. I was unable to attend my step-fathers funeral for exactly that reason.

      Either they flew private with a doctor in attendance or she’s not actually 8 months along.

    • Jess says:

      Completely agree with you kitten! Tired of the sanctimoms shaming for every little thing. Also, would anyone freak out on Kanye for leaving his 6 week old?! Nope, because men aren’t held to the same standards as women when it comes to their children. So it’s only moms who shouldn’t dare take their eyes off a newborn for a second, dad’s are free to do as they want and need.

    • Lua says:

      I was told by my doctor to keep flights short and take baby aspirin before the flight. Blood clots are a real problem. I had to cancel Ireland this summer. He said pregnant women are more likely to get them. My friend’s best friend died after a flight home from Hawaii in her second trimester due to a blood clot, so ya. This close to birth? Doubt this was cleared by the doc.

    • Raina says:

      Ohhhh the mommy police pearl clutchers drive me insane. And it just FEELS inauthentic; in other words, the judgment had nothing to do with legitimate concern. It’s like they wait for what they think looks like a kid in danger, pray for it even, and pounce. Yuck. So unattractive and vile as people go. Reminds me of a gossipy sewing circle.
      Secondly, this is probably private plane travel so I don’t think the general restrictions are as high.
      Lastly, this is clearly a family built on appearances. Khloe seems like she was made fun of long enough that she’s almost disfiguring herself. She genuinely had a decent personality and was appealing in many ways. Then, to catch up, she had bloated her face and lips to no recognition and will only discuss her revenge body. She seems miserable and trying too hard. It’s unfortunate.
      Overall, the one thing that appears clear is she will be a mom who protects her kid where safety is concerned.
      But God help them all if those kids grow up to be, in their minds, unattractive.

  2. me says:

    What are they doing in Japan though? What are they promoting? Remember when Kim had her first two kids and wasn’t seen for months? She said she wasn’t hiding due to her weight but was just “bonding” with her kids. So why no bonding with the third child? Why no 3 month break this time?

  3. Bubuu says:

    When I was 8 months pregnant I also wanted to travel- my ex wouldn’t ALLOW me too….

    I too would’ve travel if I was able to…

    • Milla says:

      It was your decision and your doctor’s. The ex is an ex for a reason.

    • Felicia says:

      The airlines probably wouldn’t have let you on the plane either, at least not for a long haul flight. They have policies about this stuff. “Unacceptable to travel”.

  4. EMc says:

    If her doctor felt it was safe, then more power to her! We don’t know anything about this trip, how long it will last or where she’ll be staying. If anyone has the resources to ensure a safe delivery either here or in Japan it’s the Kardashians. I’m sure she could fly her family and doctors to Japan if something happened, or have them on a return flight home, let’s be real.

    And a kid free girls getaway? Terrible mothers! I better cancel the 2 I have planned with my girlfriend’s due to the shame…

  5. aenflex says:

    Her face. Ugh.

    Her call on the flight.

    • Rachel in August says:

      My thoughts exactly. She should be criticized for her utter lack of morals, class and character. I think she’s a disgusting human being.

    • still_sarah says:

      @ aenflex : that was my first response too – what the hell happened to her face? So I guess fillers, botox and the crap that pumps up your lips like bike tires is NOT banned when you are pregnant. She looks like some digital porno-bot.

      • AnneC says:

        Digital porno bot is so perfect. My god, she looks crazy. I watched their show years and years ago and I thought she was at least pretty self aware and funny. And she looked pretty normal in those days. Kind of sad.

  6. Nancy says:

    She looks so natural, almost like she just stepped out of the shower. Ugh. She is and always has been my least favorite of those women. Don’t care if she flew, only wish she would have stayed in Japan, at least until the end of basketball season.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Nancy, the way your love for your Cavs shines through everything makes me smile.

      • Nancy says:

        Ha! Can’t help myself Lightpurple! I love my Cavs even with the uncertainty of what lie ahead. Things tanked bad with IT, wasn’t meant to be. I hope you’re enjoying Kyrie. Question is: what do I do with his 2016 Championship Bobble still intact in package?!!! Lol

  7. BendyWendy says:

    Concern trolling. Just because you (general) wouldn’t do it, doesn’t make it wrong. If she’s having a normal, healthy pregnancy and wants to suffer through a long flight, more power to her. She’s not due tomorrow. At 8 months along, she’s got 8 weeks left, give or take.

  8. Valiantly Varnished says:

    It’s honestly no one’s business. She’s a grown woman with medical care. If it was an issue than I doubt she would have done it. Can we stop policing women’s uterus’ and choices as mothers please? It’s gotten utterly ridiculous. First it was finger wagging because Kim used a Snapchat Filter. Now this. I say you raise yor kids how you want and let others do the same. Same goes for how someone chooses to handle their pregnancy.

  9. Patricia says:

    People are ridiculous. A six week old baby can be left with her father. Would I do it? No. Because I breastfed my babies and can’t stand to be away from them when they are tiny. But would I judge another woman for doing so? NO!
    Mothers can’t win. And what’s with the Facebook comment about how Khloe looks fine and therefore her pregnancy isn’t hard? I looked fine to most people with my last pregnancy also… until I tried to stand up and had to use crutches to walk because my hip was completely fucked by the pregnancy. You really can’t judge.
    I know it’s the Kardashians and all but I just can’t believe how women will judge mothers like this.

    • Andrea says:

      While I agree, it’s judgement and wrong the baby is SIX weeks old. Six weeks. There’s such a thing as bonding. Babies bond to their primary caregiver and if they don’t they can suffer from attachment disorders. I guess we can assume her baby is bonding with her nanny. I’m a mother and I would live my six week old for any amount of money, career opportunity.

  10. Nicole says:

    I hope she cleared it with her doctor because any travel is highly risky at 36 weeks. Especially that far.

  11. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Khloe is an annoying monster but I don’t think she would have gone on the trip if her doctor told her it was unsafe to do so. She and her doctor are the only ones who know best for her not some dumbasses on the internet who don’t know her charts or general health. Those people should just log off or go watch a cat video. Cat videos are great.

    Having said that, I don’t feel bad for her. This family has decided to sell their every waking moment for cash and these are the consequences of doing that. I feel bad for every last one of those kids.

    Also, why isn’t she receiving criticism for making her mouth looking like an inflated bootyhole?

    • Rachel in August says:

      LOL, good one. Oh, and I’m sure it’s all-natural, just like all their other surgeries and enhancements. Bunch of clowns.

  12. namasta says:

    I’m pregnant and will be flying 10 weeks before my due date – but only for two hours. Between 28 and 36 weeks you often need a detailed medical certificate. And I’m sure Khloe checked with her doctor – she’s probably 31 weeks.

    I can’t imagine leaving my 6-week-old for more than an hour or two. But I don’t get a nanny just my boyfriend and grandparents.

    • MissM says:

      When my sister was pregnant we had to fly when she was 8 months, she told them that she was 26 weeks with twins for that reason. Her doctor cleared flying but we figured thsr the airline might object. They did ask and when she told them it was twins they didn’t say anything.

    • Cynical Ann says:

      I flew when I was 34 weeks and I did not need a medical certificate. The only thing the doctor said was be sure you’re traveling somewhere you’d be happy with the medical care if something happened. So no 3rd world countries. I’m sure if she gave birth in Japan, she and her baby, would be fine.

  13. graymatters says:

    Fathers are parents too. I don’t see why a mother traveling for work is any worse than a father leaving his family (temporarily) for work. I was a SAHM in part because my husband traveled for work. No one criticised him and our children were always cared for.

    Also, airlines have rules about pregnant women flying. If they were okay with it, then Khloe was likely in no danger.

  14. HelloSunshine says:

    I had to fly at 34 Weeks half way across the country, my OB said as long as I was back by 36 Weeks I’d be fine. She really wanted this baby, I highly doubt she didn’t see her doctor and clear it. Plus, I’m assuming she has access to the best medical services in Japan. She’s filthy rich, it’s not like you or I flying to Japan at 8 months pregnant lol

    • Juls says:

      I agree. I’m sure she will be fine medically. US average Joes would probably get better medical care in Japan than in the US. I don’t know where Japan ranks in healthcare, I didn’t bother to look it up yet, I am of course assuming they are better as half the world seems to have better Healthcare than the US.

      • Nick2 says:

        Eh it’s a crap shoot. Dental is horrible there and I’ve had friends turned away for being foreign. I personally would have died if it weren’t for the naval base hospital.

  15. lisa says:

    a doctor signed off on that face too, just sayin

  16. Alice says:

    I’m so tired of those people who costantly critize pregnant women. Enough with this.
    If she has taken the plane evidently she had her doctor’s permission.

  17. littlemissnaughty says:

    How DARE she make decisions without clearing it with the Twitter moms first!

  18. Jker says:

    I refuse to waste time on forming opinions about these walking, instagramming, socially performative fiscal agendas.

    I think it’s great that we enjoy the freedom to parent as we see fit and judge as we feel appropriate. I trust them to raise their children to adulthood more or less unscathed considering their reality. But I also get to judge them for the specifics, and how problematic the approach and ensuing perceptions may be. Id like to think there’s a thread a feminism to this, No? I wouldnt think as much if this was about men with the same familial responsibilities. They’re a good cautionary tale and good for forcing discussion on the more nuanced parts of an issue, at least on this site it seems.

  19. HK9 says:

    I’m sorry, I just CAN’T get over those lips they’re HUGE!!!

    • Evie says:

      @HK9: ITA! Her face sure has changed…

      As for the flight to Japan — it’s her call. I personally wouldn’t risk it though. She’s a l-o-n-g way from home if something were to go amiss.

  20. Cee says:

    I wouldn’t risk it, especially with a first pregnancy, but if her doctors gave her the OK, then IDK what the issue is.

  21. psl says:

    I still think she is lying about being pregnant. I cannot see what would be so important that she’d have to fly 12 hours to go promote something in Japan while 8 months “pregnant”.
    It doesn’t add up, and this family lies about everything. I wouldn’t believe them if they told me grass was green.

    Kanye is not near those kids, they are left with the nannies.

    • Kitty says:

      She certainly looks pregnant to me

      • psl says:

        You are certainly allowed to have your opinion, just as I am allowed to have mine. But I wouldn’t put anything past this vile bunch of liars.

    • minx says:

      Thank you. I don’t think she’s pregnant either, so, no problem flying.

    • The dormouse says:

      “In a newly released promo for next Sunday’s new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, pregnant Khloe Kardashian experiences some scary health issues that leave her chained to the couch and barely able to move. ” 2/18

      Yeah, right

      • Kitty says:

        Wasn’t she taking progesterone to try and prevent a miscarriage early on? That can make you pretty miserable, plus, first trimester is pretty rough. Besides the nausea and morning sickness, I couldn’t get off the couch I was so exhausted. Literally falling asleep at random hours of the day, and I never nap. As soon as the first trimester was done, I was back to normal. Pregnancy does weird things to your body

    • Nancy says:

      I wish she wasn’t pregnant with Tristan’s kid, but I think we have to accept it. Just like Kylie posing on the floor in high heeled boots and Kimmie dying her hair pink and filtering her babies pic on ig. They’re all nuts. If that Stormi wasn’t around, I’d swear Kylie was the surrogate, but that would have meant she had to do an unselfish act, so nevermind.

  22. Christina S. says:

    I’m just here to comment on her face. It doesn’t even look real. These girls most have zero self-esteem or are so self-absorbed they fail to realize how unreal they look. I know Hollywood has high demands when it comes to physical appearance, but they take it to a whole other level. They don’t even look like real people anymore. And wtf is up with the open mouth pose? It’s like they’re always ready to suck a d*ck

  23. Green Is Good says:

    Nothing keeps a superficial fame whore grounded.

  24. Franny Days says:

    Is she eight months though? I’m exactly eight months today and due the end of March.

    • megs283 says:

      Week-wise, you’re probably technically 9 months, right (36 weeks)? Pregnancy is 40 weeks of fun! And congrats!

      • Franny Days says:

        Ahh you’re right. Pregnancy brain haha I am 9 months pregnant and didn’t even realize it.

  25. JustJen says:

    Holy frick!! Her lips could be used for flotation devices for all three of them!! This does NOT look like a first time mom. Shouldn’t she be nesting or something?

  26. Giddy says:

    Sorry to bitch, but what poor over-surgeried woman has her picture above? What? That’s Khloe? Dear God, did she hate her original face so much? I honestly don’t even recognize her now. Giant lips that look like slugs, and whatever else she has had done equals a completely different woman. I sincerely hope that baby won’t be a girl, because her Mama will have her in the plastic surgeon’s office as soon as possible. Because in Kardashian-world nature can always be improved upon.

  27. Beth says:

    This family is used to doing anything they want, whenever they want, but if the doctor says it’s safe, just be really careful.

    That face baffles me. She was never gorgeous, but with all of this plastic surgery, she truly is unattractive. Khloe is an excellent example of someone who took it WAY too far.

  28. Mira says:

    For some reason her lips in that second picture made me think about hemorrhoids.

  29. AmandaPanda says:

    Please. I flew regularly for work up to 31+6 (the cut off for commercial international flying for most airlines is 32w). It’s absolutelt fine to do so – my (highly) qualified obgyn was extremely relaxed about it.

    I hate the whole family with a passion but there’s no reason she shouldn’t be flying at this point.

  30. Hannah says:

    It isn’t like she did anything without docs say so. I flew from Ireland to NZ at 29 weeks and back again at 32 weeks.

    Most airlines recommend not flying over 5 hours past 35 weeks but can make exceptions with letter from clinician.

  31. Hazel says:

    An archaeologist friend of mine flew to an island in the Pacific to do some fieldwork at seven months. Her doc OKd it & she brought verification with her. Khloe can be faulted for a lot of things, but not this.

  32. Anitas says:

    I flew throughout my pregnancy every couple of months (short haul though), but I had to miss my brother’s wedding as I was bang on 37 weeks at that point. It’s less than a two hour flight, I felt fine, had a low risk pregnancy and would’ve loved to be able to get clearance… but all of the airlines said no. If I had a private jet like these people, I would’ve used it.

    • me says:

      The Kardashians don’t have a private Jet. I believe E paid for the trip as KUWTK cameras are with them.

  33. Betsy says:

    Did she fly private or commercial? I would be honestly surprised an airline let her fly that late.

    And yes I judge that which edges ever closer to stupid, dangerous and selfish. If she went into premature labor and they had to divert? It’s not like they could just divert to Nashville.

  34. JA says:

    Her body her business. Pretty sure she will milk the birth with plenty of drama because of course she will! They want you all to care until they don’t and then they want you to mind your business.,. That’s not how this works so she’s getting what she wanted, all the attention, good or bad

  35. Chelly says:

    Oh god. I look at Kylie & Khloe’s pics and all I ever see is desperation. They all have that desperate to be and look as much as Kim K. as possible. I mean of course we all know Kim K is the conductor of the thirst train but these 2 wanted/want that same level of sex appeal sooooo bad they literally morphed themselves into horrible cartoony caricatures of her. As much as they repulse me, I can’t help but feel bad for these 2

    • The dormouse says:

      As Paris Hilton once said, it’s a matter of being ‘sexy’ without being ‘sexual’.

    • The dormouse says:

      Khloe from 2014: ‘“I don’t crave sex. I talked about it more openly when I was married because it’s more comfortable. I crave companionship – I just want to cuddle.”

      To use Gloria Steinem’s language, these women make a living as female impersonators. It’s unsterstandably alienating from your own nature to work as a blow-up doll, but sad the illusion is being sold to young people as something they should aspire to.

  36. Happy21 says:

    Good lord! She looks like Blow Up Doll Barbie. It’s terrible 🙁

  37. Cupcake says:

    She’s due on April 24 if she was 29 weeks on 2/6. That means she’s only 30 weeks now and the trip would have been before even that.

  38. serena says:

    Oh come on, I don’t like the Kardashian but this is too much. Why do people care so much if they go on a trip without kids? Typical momshaming.
    About Khloe, I don’t think she would risk her pregnancy if she didn’t have the ok from her doc. People need to chill.

  39. LittlefishMom says:

    I thought it was BEFORE 34 weeks you could travel? I’d bet the farm she discussed with her doctor. There is no way she, or any sane woman would jeopardize a baby’s life. Don’t know much about them, but horrible they are not. It’s no one’s business. People reallly need to fallback with the Mom comments. No mother is perfect.

  40. Veronica says:

    I’m sure she had it covered with a doctor. Their job involves a decent amount of travel.

    The Kim thing is just sexist. AS IF they’d say the same if it was a man leaving a newborn and children at home. (That’s ignoring the fact that the wealthy generally don’t raise their own children, anyway.)

    • LittlefishMom says:

      Excellent point! Made me think of Mad Men and how nine out of ten times the men weren’t even there.

  41. CairinaCat says:

    She is risking giving birth in Japan, or not being able to come back til she gives birth.
    Hopefully that was taken into consideration

  42. Sarah says:

    Snort!!!! I’m suuuuure Kanye is running himself ragged, taking care of the baby brood!! 😂😂😂

  43. jwoolman says:

    Khloe has a lot of experience with long flights and probably thought she could handle it, although her body may not react as expected while pregnant. The last month of pregnancy generally is for putting weight on the baby, so although there is some risk during the flight — Japan has excellent hospitals and doctors….

    I’m just surprised that she would take any risk at all, though, since she has apparently been waiting so long to have a baby. But things can go wrong at home, too. Maybe she’s having a fairly easy pregnancy. And I imagine she has a lot more room in flight than most people would, minimizing the risk of blood clots I would assume. The big problem is being stuck sitting down in a cramped seat for hours, and I doubt that is the case for her. Money makes a huge difference.

  44. raincoaster says:

    I thought the issue with flying was all the radiation from the scanners and from being halfway to space. And thus, it’s more of an issue earlier in the pregnancy.

  45. Shannon says:

    I’m sure Khloe cleared it with her doctor, and Kourtney’s kids are older so no shade on that level. But between you & me (LOL) I do kind of side-eye Kim unless it’s a super-short trip. I’m not mother angel or anything, but when my kids were that young I was really nervous and wanted to be around as much as I could. Daycare was one thing, but I don’t think I would have flown halfway around the world – but I’m a worrier, and terrified of SIDS, etc, they just seem so fragile at that age. *shrug* But whatever, I mean, it’s her kid and I’m sure Kanye’s there.

  46. Trying Again says:

    omg, khloe looks awful..she has now ruined her face.

    It is INCONCEIVABLE to me that these Kardashian women think the inflexible one color one size fits all face is attractive.

  47. Peter says:

    As if she is actually pregnant.

  48. Ash says:

    You can fly all you want, all the time even at 40 weeks with a plastic belly and someone else having your baby.

  49. Anare says:

    Why worry about traveling when it appears Khloé has continued with the the lip pumping and fillers and hair dye and acrylic nails. Flying to Japan is nothing. And wasn’t Kim just quoted saying how important it was to bond with her baby for the first week. Lol! Done! On to the next thing.

  50. zeldafitzgerald says:

    I don’t understand how any of this is anyone’s business

  51. heather says:

    She looks like Lisa Marie Presley with all that damned filler.