What’s worse, Emma Stone’s janky perm or this really awful Givenchy dress?

11th Annual Celebration of the 2018 Female Oscar Nominees - Arrivals

Here are some photos from the Women In Film event on Friday. This Oscar weekend has been chock-a-block full of endless parties and events, as it always is, but this was one of the few with a big-time red carpet. The event celebrated this year’s female nominees, which is nice. Emma Stone is the current Best Actress, having won for La La Land last year. This year, she’s probably going to hand the Best Actor Oscar to… Gary Oldman. Whose performance I absolutely loathed. So it gives me pleasure to realize that Emma will be standing up there with a really janky perm. Also: this Givenchy dress is SO BAD.

11th Annual Celebration of the 2018 Female Oscar Nominees - Arrivals

Greta Gerwig in Oscar de la Renta. This is possibly my favorite thing that she’s worn this whole awards season. This dress is business/cocktail perfect.

11th Annual Celebration of the 2018 Female Oscar Nominees - Arrivals

Back in the ‘90s, “zoot suits” were a thing. That’s what Margot Robbie’s Dolce & Gabbana reminds me of. Still, she comes close to pulling it off. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

11th Annual Celebration of the 2018 Female Oscar Nominees - Arrivals

Michelle Monaghan in Michael Kors. This is super-cute…? I’m not even a polka-dot person, but I would love to own this whole ensemble.

11th Annual Celebration of the 2018 Female Oscar Nominees - Arrivals

Olivia Wilde in Bella Freud. I feel like it should be either/or: Either you wear palazzo pants OR you wear an oversized jacket. Not both.

11th Annual Celebration of the 2018 Female Oscar Nominees - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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48 Responses to “What’s worse, Emma Stone’s janky perm or this really awful Givenchy dress?”

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  1. MVC says:

    Her hair is really tragic.

    • Chaine says:

      Unfortunately this is a thing right now. Several younger straight-haired friends did this in the past few months, look equally tragic but don’t seem to realize it, keep talking about what fun it is to be a curly-haired girl, etc.

      • MVC says:

        I have curly hair so is really funny for me to see people try this look lol
        Honestly, I’m sure she can get someone to do her hair curly in a beautiful way…
        Jennifer Lawrence at the European premiere of Red Sparrow looked amazing.

    • TwoPac says:

      I think her overall look is cool- I love the 40’s meets goth styling.

  2. nemera says:

    Fashion this awards season has been horrid. There aren’t that many really big named celebrities that are making fashion headlines. Really boring to be honest.

  3. Ms. Lib says:

    The dress is the worst! Nasty, nothing pretty about it.
    Curly hair – meh.

    • Alix says:

      Yeah, the perm is bad, but the dress is a HORROR.

      • Esmom says:

        It’s truly heinous. Her wide stance in that one shot adds to the overall ick factor.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Is it really a perm, or did someone just go mental with the curling tongs? There’s nothing wrong with curls (I have them), but hopefully, hers will just wash out, because they do look basic.

      • Esmom says:

        It’s a perm, she or her hairstylist posted on IG a couple weeks ago. Looking none too happy, tbh.

    • Nicole says:

      All around bad. Yikes.

  4. minx says:

    Why, just why?

  5. Esmom says:

    I thought Michele M was Liv Tyler at first. Her and Greta’s outfits are the best of this batch. Wilde is so lovely but I agree that her suit is just too much, too much volume and fabric.

    • LizLemonGotMarried (aka The Hufflepuff Liz Lemon) says:

      I ❤️❤️❤️ Michelle M’s outfit-but I’m a polka dot person. I just packed three different black polka dot tops for a M-F trip.

    • Chaine says:

      I thought she was Liv Tyler too!

  6. Tig says:

    Greta looks fantastic. Emma- fire whoever told you this was a good look for you. Like the color of Oliva’s outfit, tho not on her.

    • Hazel says:

      I love the colours of Olivia’s outfit—ice blue + ruby red is one of my favourite combinations. But yes, oversized jacket OR pants, not both.

      • minx says:

        The outfit makes Olivia look dumpy, and I’m pretty sure she’s not. It just looks sloppy.

  7. HelloSunshine says:

    Olivia Wilde looks like a child playing dress up in her dad’s clothes. Definitely agreed that she should’ve only done one part.

    Emma’s whole everything is no good. That perm is awful but the dress actually made me cringe. She’s so gorgeous, she needs outfits that compliment that!

    • Audi says:

      +1 on Wilde. How could anyone let her out the door looking like this? She’s a beautiful and usually styled well. Ugh.

  8. Liberty says:

    I like Emma’s dress, though that particular photo and her stance are poor…but hope she can lose the the tragic waves before she presents.

    Loathe the de la Renta on Greta; looks like a throwback that would be favored by older ladies who lunch in Newport, Rhode, or a look that she found at a Junior League shop. Same for the zowie clunky Kors look. “Let’s start planning the Summer Fete! Girl in the Kors, you can take notes and type them for us, dear.”

    It seems like Bella Freud’s thing is always doing looks that are so frumpy, overserved with fabric, looking thick and scrrumpled or saggy on. It is odd. Poor Olivia. I agree, one piece or the other might have saved it. Even trying it without the third piece, the buttoned man-styled vest, doesn’t help it.

    • magnoliarose says:

      There is nothing here that blows me away. Greta’s dress looks like a garden party dress for an older woman. Olivia looks ridiculous. The pants with…nothing. I can’t think of a way to salvage them at the moment.
      Margot has the wrong shoes and styling for the suit, but as always with D and G I find it slightly garish.

  9. Ankhel says:

    Emma, apologize for sleeping with your stylist’s boyfriend, then let her go. It’s necessary, I’m afraid.

    • minx says:

      Emma is also someone who isn’t suited for the heavy eyebrow look. She is so pretty and the eyebrows are too harsh for her features and coloring.

      • AnnaKist says:

        I agree, minx. The eyebrows make her look hard, older and angry. Nut, eh, maybe she’s happy with them. That’s what matters.

      • Giddy says:

        You are so right! Her eyebrows remind me of an old lady who went crazy with her Maybelline pencil. Not good!

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Bahaha great comment. I love Emma but I feel like she’s one of those women that can go from hot to hot mess w one bad makeup application. I like her look when she’s less effort? Make sense? This is too much

  10. Jan says:

    Apparently none of you know she has naturally curly hair. The way it is styled is unfortunate but it’s not a perm.

  11. Caitlin Bruce says:

    Honestly ever since her and Andrew spilt she’s lost her sparkle. Her style during the 2015 seasons was daring and fun. The only look I’ve loved since was the globes last year. The globes this year she looked like a 40 year old. It’s weird. She’s put on some well needed weight (she was starting to look really ill) but it’s like she’s not as confident or doesn’t know how to dress for size (she’s still tiny). She suits her hair more red red like during cabaret. This colour and the curls are doing nothing for her.

    • Hoping says:

      I agree with you on everything. I mean, I understand she is more a woman than a girl now, and that it reflects on her style, but it has gone so serious, so mature that it kind of surprises me. Her style used to be elegant and playful and bold at the same time, I see any of this in her last years, it has become flat and “characterless”, most of the time. As for this occasion, from hair to eyebrows to the dress, I think it is all unflattering. It’s like with that recent Margot Robbie’s combover: you see the evil effort how to make a very beautiful person look ugly! 😉

      • Caitlin Bruce says:

        I agree. It’s like she thinks she can’t be taken seriously as a dramatic actress if she has fun with her fashion. Her eyebrows are terrible but not nearly as bad as her bushy black eyebrows during the Venice film festival when la la land premiered. Let’s hope her style is better tonight at the Oscars

    • magnoliarose says:

      She hasn’t looked healthy and glowing for several years. I don’t know what is going on with her, but she needs to get healthy again. She’s too young to look that worn out.

  12. Svea says:

    IMO what’s worse is everyone else’s hair and outfits (Greta Gerwig!) Don’t see why Emma Stone is being singled out.

  13. LadyT says:

    This week Janelle Monáe wore the same aqua pantsuit as Olivia Wilde, only styled completely differently. On her it was an A+ look, not this sloppiness.

  14. minx says:

    Margot Robbie is carrying off that retro pantsuit…nice simple hair too. A win for me.

  15. Other Renee says:

    I totally agree about the pantsuit. No to wearing wide pants and an oversized jacket. Why? Olivia is so beautiful and she’s swallowed up by this outfit. On the other hand I love Margot’s soot suit.

    Greta looks nice but this is not a good color on her. Black doesn’t suit everyone.

    I absolutely loathe polka dots. Unless you’re five years old. I know not everyone feels this way but that’s just me.

    Emma’s dress is one of the most tragic I’ve ever seen. Tragic. Like someone realized her boobs would be showing and decided to slap on cover up patches.

  16. Theodora says:

    Emma’s dress is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s almost funny how bad it is. The designer who had the idea of putting pockets over the breasts on a transparent top might have been drunk.

  17. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Big, baggy suits are everywhere in women’s fashion for Spring – not saying I love it, but it’s a thing apparently. I don’t get why Emma’s hair is the object of scorn, it’s probably temporary, and what’s wrong with curly hair? She was obviously trying for a vintage look, unfortunately the dress is awful.

  18. Gisele says:

    The Givenchy dress is horrid. Emma Stone’s perm does not look “janky”. Her hair doesn’t look damaged or over-processed and the waves are well-formed, beachy and cute. Her make-up however is quite harsh and unappealing.

  19. Hazel says:

    Which is worse, the hair or the dress? The dress, no question. Plus, I have a lot of sympathy for women with thin, baby fine hair such as my own. It’s damn difficult to do anything with.

  20. Lizzie says:

    Emma stone’s eyebrows look insane. They look like they’re about to get up and crawl off her face. I HATE Steicher brows.

  21. Fleur says:

    I have to admit, I don’t hate her hair. I don’t think her hair has much body to it, and all of that color processing has probably left it in bad shape, so I get why she wants a perm (although that’s even harder on the hair and the upkeep’s very difficult. You’d be better with a really great curling iron)

    But I don’t like the dress. I’m so sick of this transparent/naked outfit trend. On the surface I’m sure see-through clothing seems avant garde to some, but the roots of it are so misogynistic…it irritates me that it’s sold to women as something fashionable. Men don’t have to parade themselves in invisible clothing at formal events. It’s yet another opportunity to pressure women into ridiculous standards.

  22. smee says:

    Emma Stone – love her and usually love her style, but this sheer dress + limp perm is bad news.

  23. lucy2 says:

    Not a good look for Emma.
    I like Greta’s dress a lot, yay, finally!

  24. bella says:

    Oscar and Givenchy are rolling over in their grave, as the clothes are not of the caliber when they were alive and in charge! Heinous dresses. Michelle looks like she is going to work and it is a cute outfit–for work. I love the color of Olivia’s pantsuit, but it is not the best on her.

  25. Shannon says:

    Oh honey, no. Between the perm and the dress, it’s a look I would have coveted in middle school (minus the see-through top because parents LOL)