Oh, good: Jennifer Lawrence & a ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star are beefing now

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I’ve already spent way too much time looking for the video and I cannot find it! So I’m sorry. You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that Jennifer Lawrence was – SURPRISE – a drunk mess on Watch What Happens Live last week. She went on WWHL to promote Red Sparrow, but because J-Law is so “just like us,” she just had to show off how much she knows about inane Real Housewife programming. She has strong opinions about nearly every Real Housewife and spinoff show, just like she has strong opinions about the Kardashians, etc. Again, Jennifer is literally one of the most A-list women in Hollywood, but her real dream is to appear on a Real Housewives show. Anyway, during the course of the interview – in a clip I cannot find – Jennifer apparently called Vanderpump Rules’ star Lala Kent a C-U-Next-Tuesday. And long story short, J-Law is now feuding with some woman on a Real Housewives spinoff show.

Lala Kent and Jennifer Lawrence are equally unfiltered. But Kent was confused and upset when Vanderpump Rules’ most famous fan dissed her on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen last Thursday, where Lawrence said she believes Kent is phony for befriending her enemies. “I’m like, ‘Bitch, you’s a c–t!” she laughed.

Kent responded to Lawrence via Twitter, writing, “Did Jennifer Lawrence really call me a ‘c–t’ on @bravowwhl? Annnnnd talk about my mama? Bitch, you better pray I don’t see you in the streets. You’re one of the highest paid actresses on the planet…you claim you are pro-women and you call another woman a c–t? You’re gross.” Kent deleted her tweets later Thursday night. In an interview Tuesday with Reality Checked’s Amy Phillips on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM channel, Radio Andy, Kent admitted she also congratulated Lawrence “on two bombed movies in a row.”

“I did a three-peat: I did one tweet, delete, two tweet, delete, three tweet, delete. My manager called me and said, ‘Lala, what are you doing?’ She goes, ‘You either delete the tweet or you delete my info for the next 24 hours ’cause I’m not trying to deal,'” Kent said. “So, I deleted it.”

But Lawrence’s comment had offended Kent. “The thing is, no one wants to be called the c-word, especially by an A-list celebrity on national television. I as such a huge fan of hers, and it bummed me out. I thought that she had a little more class than that. You know, let’s leave the trash to people like me who do reality TV,” she said. “Don’t try to steal my thunder, girlfriend!”

[From E! News]

We are living a world where a Real Housewife SPINOFF star is like “bitch aren’t you a feminist?” to Jennifer Lawrence. We are living in a world where a pretty minor reality star is given the platform to RESPOND to an A-lister’s diss… by doling out a pretty solid burn of her own. “Congrats on two bombed movies in a row” is a solid burn. It also happens to be true! Passengers and mother! were both bombs. Props to Lala Kent, whoever she is.

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  1. DiligentDiva says:

    I really hate Jennifer Lawrence and at this point I just want her to become irrelevant.

    • I rarely comment but... says:

      Her whole schtick is getting really tired. I was a fan, but it feels like she’s purposefully trying to stir up drama for more publicity.

      • Clare says:

        Can you imagine the daggers that would have been out if another actress had gone on national television and called someone a c*nt? Just imagine the daggers that would come out. But no, when blonde white woman acts like an obnoxious asshole (and bully, actually) we’ll all make excuses. Gross.

      • DiligentDiva says:

        Can you imagine if a black woman had called Jennifer a c*nt? The media would have lite her up.

      • Clare says:

        @DiligentDiva Right? Whereas the response to this instead is people laughing about how Jennifer Lawrence is stooped to making fun of someone so far ‘beneath’ her. UGH.

      • Mmg says:


        Exactly. People are shocked (well, were shocked I guess, she’s been beating this dead horse for a while) that she’s into this stuff because she’s an A-list actress but really, once you look past that part, she’s just as simple and vapid as these people. She’d fit right in.

      • Veronica says:

        Imagine if Katherine Heigl or Anne Hathaway had ever said this? Of Jennifer Aniston? Or most other actresses? They would be rightly run out of town on a rail. JLaw just has ZERO filter, ZERO class and needs to start checking out rehabs.

        And she also does what Trump does: punches down.She punched down that foreign reporter a few years ago, also. It is not right to punch down, to someone less powerful than you are. It shows that you are a really crappy person.

    • C says:

      You’re absolutely right!

    • Laurie says:

      I doubt that Jennifer Lawrence will ever become irrelevant. She’s an A-lister Oscar winner that has already won all the awards that many actors don’t get in all their careers and people always talk about her. Look at how many comments there are here.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        Except remember the 90’s? Remember Julia Roberts and Demi Moore and Bruce Willis and every other big name? Yeah stars can plummet. If enough people get tired of her an stop watching her movies, she’ll go the way of all the other big names of whatever decade they were famous.

        I never really had an opinion of her before but the more I read about her on here, the more I realize how trash as a human she is. I’m actually kind of shocked that someone like that can be an A list Oscar winning actress. Maybe it proves that stars are just like us, but I’m not sure I want to know stars are such classless, tactless people. And she’s mean to boot. I’m also fairly certain she’s an alcoholic.

    • Lana 234 says:

      @DiligentDiva I agree I didn’t get the hype around her. I don’t find her refreshing.

  2. Miles says:

    Red Sparrow bombed as well. Jennifer can’t catch a break, I see.

    • Barrymore says:

      Hate to say it but red sparrow didn’t bomb. Underperformed but not bombed.


      • Miles says:

        Umm no it’s a flop. It’s not going to cross $40 million domestic and cost $70 million to make before promo/marketing. It opened to $16.85 million. That’s a flop for a $70 million movie.

        Jennifer is a good actress don’t get me wrong but she’s not this big movie star who gets people to the theaters lile everyone likes to claim she is.

      • DiligentDiva says:

        Critically it bombed, not financially. There are two different kinds of bombs. Critically it has like a 49% on rotten tomatoes which isn’t good.

      • lucy2 says:

        I think it’s going to end up breaking even, but will not be a commercial success.

        Passengers ended up being successful – $300 million on $110 million budget. It was not a good movie, but I wouldn’t call that a flop.

      • Wisca says:

        It’s made about 60% of its gross overseas. She’s raped and abused in this movie. I think, perhaps, people don’t want to see her like that?

      • sunnydeereynolds says:

        Don’t forget the additional 4-5 million dollars cost for Super Bowl premiere plus the promotional cost.

        They were expecting it to make atleast $25 million opening which is a decent opening for movie stars but then lowered it to $21 million and it didn’t even reached that.

        That movie bombed. She has a atleast 6 more movies lined up, I wonder if she can still demand $20 million paycheck per film when she has 3 back to back flops.

      • Lola says:

        No, they didn’t expect a $25 million OW, it was always mid teens. And a $16 million OW for a hard R-Rated movie, with mixed reviews, nudity and violence is good. This wasn’t a PG-13 action flick. Even Forbes wrote this. And it’s making a lot of money overseas (in Italy, Spain and other countries it even beat Black Panther

      • Emmegone says:

        JLaw was paid $15-20 million to do Red Sparrow.

        It barely made her salary the first weekend out the gate domestically – it came in at $16.8 million.

        That’s not good.

      • Laurie says:

        Red Sparrow is already at $20 million with Monday and Tuesday gross

      • Lucy2 says:


        Laurie, breaking even on Tuesday isn’t a positive thing, not sure why you thinking that. That’s a gross of a little over 4 million…for a $65 million dollar movie…the gross goes down from this point. The movie has made a little over what JLaw was paid. That’s basically being in the red – but a little bit better.

      • sunnydeereynolds says:


        Studios don’t pay an actor or actress $20 million dollars and expect less than $20 million opening for a movie. They paid her that much because they thought JLaw’s name alone will attract movie goers regardless if it was Rated-R or not. After all, she is supposedly this generation’s biggest movie star – she is supposed to draw big box office numbers. There is no way studious will expect lower than their lead’s paycheck for opening – studious will go broke if that’s what they do.

        Years ago, Jolie opened Rated-R, action movie Wanted for over $50 million dollars. And her SALT movie made over $36 million dollars opening which is about russian spy too. I am comparing them since they both command $20 million per paycheck and they both played russian spies. Charlize Theron’s Atomic Blonde (the most recent one) only made $18 million dollars opening but the budget of that film was only $30 million plus Theron’s company produced it.

        It has been proven that JLaw’s name alone can’t open a film with big numbers when it’s not a franchise nor an ensemble cast.

      • magnoliarose says:

        It is a bomb.
        No amount of creative accounting can fix it. Once they began adjusting the numbers downward, it was a signal that all was not well. Their projections are already conservative so that they can say it was a success and this isn’t that.
        Passengers did ok, but also Chris Pratt has his own fans so that can’t be dismissed.
        The last movies she headlined have underperformed noticeably. Breaking even is a bomb for someone commanding that kind of paycheck.
        Not to mention what backend deals were made and what those stipulations might have been. If they don’t hit a certain mark, then the backend deal may be moot.
        Once it is in the public mind that a film is a bomb, it is a bomb. There will be no word of mouth to increase sales. It will hit a huge slump.
        She was never worth 20 million. There has been nothing to warrant that big of a payday. Based on franchises with built-in audiences?
        She has not proven she is worth it on her own so they set her up only to inevitably fail.

    • DiligentDiva says:

      It was a rip off Black Widow movie, it should have bombed. It was un-original near plagiarism and Jennifer Lawrence can’t pull off sexy to save her life.

      • Gnerd says:

        …no it wasn’t. I don’t have excessive love for JLaw but Red Sparrow is based on a book by a former CIA officer. It had eff all to do with Marvel comics.

        Have you read the book, or frankly any Black Widow comics? Back story aside, they are very different creatures.

      • DiligentDiva says:

        It was the same type of storyline. Extremely similar plotline.

      • Gnerd says:

        Have you seen the movie? I find it weird that you seem to dislike it so much, yet claim that you know the storyline and plot.

        I haven’t read any Black Widow comics in a few years but damn, they must have gotten pretty R rated.

        I guess there can only be one character who is a female Russian spy. 🙄

        I haven’t seen this movie but I have read the book and it’s nothing like Black Widow. Unless, again, you believe that there can only be one female Russian spy in all of fiction

        Have an opinion, that’s all good but maybe knock it off with the plagiarism accusations

      • Jordan says:

        Uh, black widow was toned down in recent years after the Disney buy out. She is most certainly an R rated character. All of those characters can be/were with the correct writer.

      • Jussie says:

        Black Widow didn’t invent the concept of the beautiful female Russian spy. It’s been a hugely popular trope in Western media since the beginning of the Cold War. Being ‘selected’ as a teenager, being put through horrific training, being taught to use sex as a weapon, being a double agent…none of that was remotely original to Widow when she made her first appearance in 1964. It was already cliche back then, and like most cliches, has a basis in truth.

        Anyway, Red Sparrow has far more in common with The Americans than Black Widow.

    • Mgsota says:

      Red Sparrow was HORRIBLE. I was anxious to see because I think JLaw is a good actress and I LOVE Joel…but it was bad. Very bad.

      • Geekychick says:

        To say that an outdated, incredibly sexist and misogynistic movie about Russian spy has more connection with America than Black Panther…I have no words. Racist as hell.

  3. littlemissnaughty says:

    How was Passengers a “bomb” and why did this woman think Lawrence had more class than this??? She doesn’t. We know this.

    • tegteg says:

      Passengers bombed critically, but yeah it didn’t bomb $$ wise. Net profit was around $200 million.

      • Miles says:

        The net profit was not $200 million. Studios don’t see 100% of the box office. They get half of the box office and if it’s money from international markets, it’s even less than half. That’s why most folks say a movie needs to make double in order for it to be a success but in reality if you also count the marketing for a film (depending on how big it is) a movie needs to make triple what it costs sometimes before the studio sees any green. Passengers wasn’t a bomb financially but it certainly didn’t make Sony $200 million

      • tegteg says:

        You’re right. Profit after deducting production costs was $200 million, but there’s no way of knowing what Sony’s post-production costs were and what Sony will actually walk away with after everything’s said and done. Would be very interesting to see a break down of all of that.

        I do wonder if studios are going to continue paying Lawrence $20 million per movie based on Passengers and Red Sparrow’s returns (she made $8 million more than Chris Pratt in Passengers, before the extra she earned after the movie broke even, and many think Sony made a mistake paying her so much for a movie that’s not a sequel).

      • Bridget says:

        I don’t know, that money may have actually been well spent. Can you imagine how much worse that movie would have done without Lawrence?

      • Jordan says:

        It bombed because it didn’t make as much money as they hoped. The same as Disney’s Princess and The Frog was reported as “bomb” for Disney.

        Passengers is a bomb. Princess and the frog is not.

      • magnoliarose says:

        It might have done better with someone like Emma Stone with lower expectations.

    • lannisterforever says:

      Exactly, Passengers was by all accounts not a box office bomb. Smh.

  4. HonkyTonk says:

    Isn’t the whole point of these shows is that everyone acts like a See You Next Tuesday eventually? Not exactly something to have a fit about.

  5. HelloSunshine says:

    I love swearing, I think it’s a creative way to express yourself but that specific word is ALWAYS demeaning and always makes me cringe. Other swears are more versatile imo.
    Anyway, JLaw is so exhausting even my friend who loves her is saying girl stop now.

    • Dee says:

      I prefer to use male body parts to swear, just to shake up the patriarchy! e.g. “Wanker, you are such a penis!”.

      • Lensblury says:

        I do that, too! I just recorded a song where I say “fatherf*cking” three times within one verse, because it’s a rap song and I am fed up with guys saying “motherf*cking” all the time like it’s no biggie. For a live show I took one of the worst-of-the-worst rap songs ever made, translated it into my native tongue, sat down at the keyboard and turned into a ballad. People were like, “OMG, I never even really listened to the words… that’s an awful song with such a gross message.” I’m like, “yeah, surprise!” People were shocked, grossed out and startled throughout the whole thing, but it had to be done. At the end of the performance, most people were laughing with me because I obviously made fun of what a dumb misogynist that guy is. It’s time to reclaim.

      • Cali says:

        @LensBlury Fatherf*cker? Lolololololololol Thanks!!! I’m going to take this knowledge and use it well 😊

      • Lensblury says:

        @Cali Thanks for your nice reaction! I first heard this word when Peaches used it as the name for her album, and I want to do my part and continue to spread it.
        Btw, the song I played as a ballad was Necro’s “Who’s your daddy”. Listen to it if you feel like now’s a good time for vomiting, and watch the video if you wanna vomit some more.

      • Natalie S says:

        Ha! Props for “Fatherf*cker.”

      • magnoliarose says:

        I love Peaches. She is so raunchy and unapologetic.
        Well done Lensblury! I would see your show just to support.

      • Lensblury says:

        Thanks, everyone. Yes, fatherf*cker is an interesting word, and so are the reactions. There are quite a few aspects to it. @magnoliarose, thanks for that scenario. I love the idea of playing a show knowing a fellow CB’s there! Maybe someday it’ll happen. I’d like to know what you’d think of that one ballad in particular. It feels so liberating to challenge expectations and confront an entire room with it stone-cold, not knowing what the next moment will be like. I’ll definitely do this again. I loved the audience’s “wtf, she’s really doing this” and “damn, those are really nasty lyrics” during this song, and, of course, the adrenaline. No matter the gender, people had such strong reactions to it. I made people scream and laugh, and I loved it. Lots of women hugged me. One man implied he was disgusted with it, saying, “you’re sailing close to the wind, those lyrics are too much”, and I answered, “yeah, I think so, too. Glad you get it!” And YEAH, PEACHES!

      • bikki says:

        ooooh I like that! I think I’m going to use father**cker too!!

  6. MI6 says:

    JLaw needs to take a long trip to rehab. Stat.

    • SK says:

      No she doesn’t. She works most of the time and doesn’t drink while she works – she has stated as much. She has never been reported to show up for work hungover or drunk, or even late. She has also stated that these shows make her nervous and she has a few drinks to relax before them. Good move? Not really, but there is a big difference been a 20 something having a few too many drinks occasionally and an alcoholic who needs to go to rehab.

      • Clare says:

        She showed up to work drunk LAST WEEK. The Red Sparrow premiere.

        I don’t think she needs rehab…but come on, facts and all that.

      • Anon33 says:

        It is often the dismissal of “20-something behavior” that leads to fortysomething addicts.

        Just saying.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        FWIW, she also said she was drunk on the red carpet the other day.

      • magnoliarose says:

        There is no way to normalize being drunk this much on a promotional tour. Minimizing something that has been mentioned for years about her helps no one. This promotional tour was a disaster.
        She needs to rest and step away for a while.

      • MI6 says:

        …AND was climbing over seats at the Oscar ceremony, wine glass in hand. Work, right?

      • Mmg says:


        Cool Girl is her whole shtick. No one’s gonna believe that she doesn’t party it up with her male costars after hours. No one.

        Also,she’s stated that she doesn’t drink while working. Great. Except she’s also stated she got drunk before shooting a sex scene for the Passengers.

      • minx says:

        Personally, defending Lawrence’s sobriety isn’t a hill I would want to die on. Just saying.

      • Sara says:

        Yeah well she also “stated” for the last 8 years that she had fast tracked high school and graduated with a 3.9 gpa. So I take anything she says now with a grain of salt. And using alcohol as much as we’ve seen her use in the past two weeks because she is nervous is unhealthy self medicating. And age isn’t an excuse. I have friends who had to start AA in their 20s.

      • Amalia says:

        Do you really think she was drunk before shooting the sex scene? Probably she drank a glass of wine.

      • Mmg says:


        She got “really, really drunk”. Her exact words.

      • M.A.F. says:

        She is 27, not 21. She has often said that she drinks right before she has to do an interview and look at the photos during the Oscar. I think on every stop to promote this movie, she has been drunk (or is buzzed a nicer word?) in order to do the interview. That is a problem, not some bs 20-year old thing.

      • serena says:

        She’s drunk on television, red carpets… and those are work events, just imagine what she does when she parties..

    • Lizzie says:

      i’m getting that vibe

    • Riki says:

      Maybe it’s an American thing because in Europe drinking like her is normal (I’m Spanish). I find it really bad when people start making assumptions about addiction based on nothing. This is how rumours are born.
      No one has ever complained about her professionalism, on the contrary she’s praised by everyone: directors, actors, crew people. She’s loved in her industry

      • Mmg says:

        I’m from Europe as well. Getting sh!tfaced whenever you find yourself around alcohol is not normal here. Lots of people do it but they’re seen as drunks just like they’d be anywhere else, especially if they do this past their early 20s. People in Spain drink frequently but they’re not stumbling around drunk.

      • Andrea says:

        I had Irish people tell me that also—that they don’t believe in alcoholism and it is an American thing. I think it is called denial.

      • serena says:

        Um what? Also from Europe, getting drunk or drinking before-during work is not ‘normal’ nor acceptable. It’s totally disgraceful, as it should be.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I work in Europe and have constantly for over 15 years and lived in Paris and London and have relatives there etc. I have spent plenty of time enjoying the nightlife. Europeans have a healthier attitude about alcohol but not once was it accepted to be drunk at work or even sloppy drunk socializing. Alcoholism exists and to act like Europeans don’t recognize it is false.

    • Veronica says:

      I agree. Her behavior and her continual drinking and her continual talk about drinking are all worrisome. If she isn’t ready for rehab, give her a few more years of this, and she will end up there eventually.
      And yes, drinking for anxiety, which she says she has, is what leads to alcoholism. Drinking for fun dies out in the mid to later 20s for most people.

  7. minx says:

    I know this is Lawrence’s thing, being unfiltered and “relatable” and talking about trashy TV, but she’s ignoring that idea of “always leave them wanting more.”

  8. Loopy says:

    The good thing abour J Law is that when she is done promoting she disappears

  9. Kate Widdleton says:

    I actually agree that she shouldn’t have called her the c word. I don’t know anything about Lala (is that her real name?) but even if she does suck…pick a different word.

  10. Nicole says:

    She’s about as feminist as her bffs Amy and Emma.
    Being drunk (again) and calling someone a c*nt is about as low class as it gets. Her year off couldn’t come any sooner

  11. Chef Grace says:

    What a for shit world we live in.
    seriously instead of bashing everyone and everything, why don’t you celebs put all that energy you spend dissing and take on a cause.
    Think of the good that could be done.
    But no, it is more fun to Twitter fight.
    I am off to pull weeds. LOL

  12. Jussie says:

    Passengers made 300 million with a 110 production budget. Not the big success people hoped for, but even assuming the marketing rollout was significantly more expensive than it seemed it made at least 100 million profit. Not a bomb.

    Mother! also wasn’t a bomb, it broke even.

    • not a real think says:

      It cost 110 to produce and let say 30-50 on marketing? This movie needs 300-350 to break even. It didn;t gave 100 mln profit. Please stop this nonsens. And Mother is a bomb to.

    • minx says:

      mother! may have broken even but audences hated it, even if the critics didn’t. So it will always be perceived as a bomb.

      • Marianne says:

        Actually audiences were pretty split. Either people loved it or hated it. Not much in between.

    • Sara says:

      Broke even means that no one profited on it. Meaning it’s a bomb .

      • detta says:

        Break even does not necessarily mean a bomb. By that definition lots of smaller, independent films or average productions would be classified as bombs. Often it is not quite that black & white.

        Also it is all nice and good to look at the box office figures in press releases or on boxofficemojo, but films are sold on to pay tv, streaming services, television/cable stations and distributors, plus they sell physical and digital copies worldwide. A film’s life does not end once it has left theatres. The public hardly ever knows much if anything about these numbers and how/where they fit in.

        Also, from my experience with the film business all those officially spouted “the movie cost X dollars to make” numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt. Unless you have seen the books and actual figures, none of us can be sure. At the end of the day the accounting going on in huge companies is way more intricate than just looking at a) production costs were X, b) box office receipts were Y, and so c) Y minus X is what’s left or not. The public gets this oversimplified version, but for an army of accountants there is more work involved. Sure, you can read through one hundred plus pages of each annual report of a company like Time Warner Inc., and maybe then you are wiser about the financial situation of HBO, Warner Bros. and the CW – but seriously who does that?

        And do not forget: It may actually be in the interest of a studio/production company to not make too much profit, because less profit, less tax. In your yearly budget as a business you more often than not strive to NOT present the highest possible profit; everything that can remotely be counted as costs will be in there to offset the money that comes in. Just sayin’.

      • magnoliarose says:

        It is considered a bomb. When it fails to meet expectations even with creative accounting it is a bomb. Based on numbers she is supposed to generate and they put loads of money in marketing.

  13. Kitten says:

    People say it’s “relatable” but I’ve found that I usually have nothing in common with people who are obsessed with reality TV. And yes, Jennifer is juvenile and crass–that’s who she is. I’m not sure who thinks it’s cute but I sure as hell don’t.

    Also, I hate the c-word.

    • Cky says:

      We need to stop using women-centric words as derogatory terms.

      It does us a great disservice and just allows men to denigrate us. I feel like people put too much pressure on j-law and this is how she’s coming off, it’s the same way years ago the onion got in trouble for calling quvenzhane wallis a c-word (and she was like, 9 at the time). People always need a scapegoat, and unfortunately, it falls on women of color.

    • lucy2 says:

      Agree on all counts, Kitten.

      I like her as an actress, but over the years her off screen schtick has worn thin.

    • Clare says:

      @Kitten I am admittedly lame enough to watch reality TV every now at then, so can’t judge her there. But I’m SO not here for women bullying other women (hence the real housewives is so not my jam) as if it’s funny or acceptable.

      It’s disgusting to go on TV and be abusive towards someone you don’t even bloody know. I can bet you my shoe JLaw would NOT speak about anyone in a position of power like that. Her Shctick is not just old and unfunny – its…awful and mean.

      • Veronica says:

        As I said above, JLaw is like Trump – they both punch down. Which is a horrible character trait. She did it to that foreign reporter several years ago – condescending, snide, completely ungracious. Between her lack of character and her possible drinking problem, I don’t predict much more popularity for this young woman. And you can fix the drinking – but you can’t fix the character.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Agree with ^^^.
        Punching down is bullying.

    • isabelle says:

      She defines, if you have read the book Gone Girl, the attempt at playing the part of the “cool” girl. Women pretending to be like one of the guys (drinking, cursing, being OK with whatever, laidback, not bitc8y) so they appear to be the “cool girl”. So wanting to be liked but are 100% fake.

      • Redgrl says:

        @isabelle – yes, I thought of the Cool Girl reference in Gone Girl too. So insecure, thinks she wants to be “one of the guys” and doesn’t realize that being degraded and belittled by douchebros while dissing other women isn’t cool, it’s pathetic.

  14. Gaby says:

    I apologize in advance, because English isn’t my first language, but what is exactly the difference between calling men “d*cks” and calling women “c*nts”? They are both kinda like the same insult, no? Or is it something like African-Americans using the N word, or gays using the F word when they are talking about themselves? Can someone help me, please?

    *BTW: I do not condone the use of any of these words, I’m asking to learn.

    Also, even if it’s a bad insult to use regarding another woman, does that really make her a fake feminist and fake pro-women? She was calling the girl on her shtick of being such a fake person. I believe there’s a difference between criticizing a woman for BEING a woman and treating her diffently then you would a man, but calling a person, any person, on their hipocrasy, mistakes, etc, is not about gender, is about character.

    • Div says:

      Unlike Australia and England, the word c*nt in the US is seen as one of the worst curse words and even people who curse a lot don’t usually say it. For some reason, people will say C U Next Tuesday but not the actual word and it’s very rarely heard on TV (even on explicit shows) unlike other curse words like f*ck, d*ckhead, etc. I guess one could say it’s a cultural language thing?

      • Clare says:

        Well, in egnland too – its far more common than in the US, but its still not a word you’d use in front of your mum, y’know? It doesnt fall in the same category as f*ck or t*at or whatever.

    • magnoliarose says:

      There is no word to equal the c word when it comes to men. It is worse than that. It is demeaning and mean and always said with malice when thrown at a woman.

    • otaku fairy says:

      Some people don’t mind too much if someone from their own group uses ‘bitch’, ‘c*nt’, ‘n***a’, ‘f*g’, etc. in certain contexts. But there will also be other people in their communities who don’t want to hear those words at all, joking or not, and will make it known to other members of their group (like Lala Kent just did) that they’re not okay with that word being used to describe them.
      I don’t know anything about Lala Kent, but since she’s not participating in any kind of misogyny herself, it’s fine for her to say she’s not okay with other women using that word to describe her. If some Kellyanne Conway/Michelle Bachmann type made this kind of statement, I wouldn’t take them seriously at all.

  15. blndcvnthairs says:

    Isn’t the c word pronounced like Kent?

    • Eden75 says:

      Depends on what part of the world you are from. I had a Scottish guy who worked for me who said it close to Kent and my bestie is Welsh and, depending on if she’s angry or not, it is a cross between Kent and how we pronounce it. Being Canadian, apparently I say it different than most Americans as well and I know for a fact if a Newfie is saying it, it doesn’t resemble any of those pronunciations.

    • Snowflake says:

      No, I don’t pronounce those words the same way

  16. Natalie S says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is not a stupid person but she does seem to involve herself in so many stupid things. The balance between substance and obnoxious breeziness is way off.

  17. Miss V says:

    J. Law… always keeping it classy.

  18. Lorena says:

    I need to see the video! Was she giving an opinion on a storyline in the show ? Am I the only one that yells at the tv when I’m watching it? Or if you’re talking about a show with friends doesn’t anyone ever say “what a bitch” or whatever to give your opinion on whatever is happening?

    • Clare says:

      She wasn’t watching ‘with friends’ she was on a nationally televised chat show. She humiliated this woman on a national stage. Can we stop making excuses for her? Jeez.

      • Marianne says:

        I dont think Lorena was saying that the videoclip is her with her friends. I think shes just trying to point out the hypocrisy that we likely all do. I mean, look at how much Jennifer gets sh** on even when shes just talking about food or whatever.

  19. Adorable says:

    The more she talks,the more I dislike this Jennifer Lawrence chick & the more convinced iam that fakes her “fall”all those years ago,just to seem “like one of us”urgh!

  20. Brooksie says:

    I hate to admit it but I love me all of these Bravo shows. I find them to be a nice distraction from the shitstorm that is the world right now. Lala is a lot to handle but I will say she is one of the realest people on that show. I used to think JLaw was relatable but now I just find her to be exhausting and somewhat cringeworthy

  21. anna says:

    jlaw just brings it every time. everybody seems to love to hate her around these parts of the internet, but she truly is so entertaining. after all this boring oscars stuff, this story simply makes me laugh. also, reality tv with an ensemble cast that has a longish history with each other can be a rather fascinating study of human behaviour and sociology. i thought we are over the high culture/ low culture nonsense of the madame bovary age. anyway, carry on with the jlaw bashing!

  22. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Trash can only be dolled up for so long before it starts to sink. Take it to the bin already.

  23. Harryg says:

    Yes we live in that world now. Social media has given a platform for so many idiots it’s sickening.

  24. crazydaisy says:

    Looking forward to seeing what Jennifer Lawrence does with Represent.Us – the progressive political organization based in Florence, MA. I saw she’s not going to be making any new movies for the next 12 months; instead, she wants to help get corruption out of politics. I think it’s fantastic! I’m a big van of the Indivisible Guide, too. So many opportunities right now to help improve our democracy and fight for what we believe in.

  25. Darla says:

    Oh my. I always defend Jlaw. I cannot defend calling any woman that word though. What on earth is she doing?

  26. isabelle says:

    Lala shouldn’t have deleted the tweet, cause its true.

  27. Emma says:

    Lala is really phony. She address a roomful of POCs as “my bruthaaaas.” She supports James Kennedy’s abusive behavior toward women. And on twitter she threatened Lawrence. I don’t like this.

    • MellyMel says:

      I was about to say the same. JL shouldn’t have called her the C-word (which I hate), but Lala is trashy herself for the reasons you mentioned and some others. I highly doubt she’s actually upset about any of this.

      • Frances says:

        More like she was hoping for a response from JLaw

      • HK9 says:

        Lala is a very pretty girl with very questionable morals. She wants the visibility JL has and in this case JL is making it easy for her.

    • pan says:

      ah so there is some background on this… so why wasn’t this written in the article? sometimes i find that there are big pieces of stories missing just to skew the audience’s response… on purpose. that’s not fun.

    • magnoliarose says:

      She called herself trashy and is aware of her lane. She doesn’t claim to be perfect or even likable.
      She still doesn’t deserve to have someone with more visibility and power calling her a C word. They don’t even know each other.

  28. Lizzie says:

    its amazing the lala whoever from an e! show has more media savvy than Jennifer Lawrence. her comeback was dead on. her response that she was bummed felt honest. jennifer looks like a drunk mean girl messy bitch.

  29. Close to a nervous breakdown, says:

    I was a J-Law apologist way back when. I thought she was funny, charming and authentic. Right now, she just needs to go away. She tries too hard: to be funny, to be relatable, to be politicized, to be inteligent, and it is just so phony and annoying at this point. Just stop.

  30. Frances says:

    Everyone here continues to say “I’m tired of JLaw” and then they always comment on all of her news. The truth is that everybody eat with her: sites, magazines, blogs and even those who are commenting now

  31. Marie says:

    I hope that one day JLaw puts a barrier between herself and the public, that she no longer shares everything. I imagine that the people who are complaining now would then say that she is a diva and that she has changed.
    She is like that and remains faithful and true to herself and if someone don’t like it, patience. She lives and works anyway but I would like people to be so harsh in their judgments even with men, but that almost never happens.

  32. Peaceful says:

    Go LaLa!!!! I can’t believe you don’t know who she is

  33. MoAnne says:

    Trashy and not cute. When you get owned by a reality star, it’s time to stop and reassess your choices in life. Seriously….

  34. Fed Up says:

    I started out a huge JLaw fan. Found myself defending her to friends who always found her exhausting and attention seeking. But lately, this constant need of hers to grab attention whenever she’s in the public eye is getting tiresome. Did she really have to climb over the seats in a gown and heels while holding a glass of wine on Oscar night? It’s not cute or funny anymore. She’s a grown woman nearing thirty…not some bratty, ill mannered teenager!

    • Mark says:

      It’s not her fault if everything she does is news worthy. The truth is that she has charisma and personality and with those she overshadow the others. It’s a quality that few people own.
      I believe that a person shouldn’t change to please people but must be true to itself. JLaw has always been this way since the Venice Film Festival in 2008.

      • Elena says:

        Same since the 2008 film festival…So she hasn’t matured beyond the behavior and mindset of an 18 year old.

        And I agree the media plays into continuing her “silly cool girl” brand but she’s got publicists to help with the narrative as well. In what world does a person think people will find them charming and cool for defacing religious artifacts with their butt? Grow up.

  35. Lynette says:

    The annoyance that Jennifer Lawrence can do to some of you is to continue to be herself. Go girl!

    • Veronica says:

      She is going to “Go, girl!” herself right into a rehab and right out of any kind of career. Being drunk, punching down, lecturing others on being a progressive…she is out of her mind right now.

      • wowza says:

        @veronica — there is a hive mind mentality occurring on this website right now. Outside of CB, the world at large is not turning away from Jennifer.

      • Elena says:

        @wowza, you might want to read the Buzzfeed article from today.

      • Laurie says:

        Buzzfeed article is a piece about the imagine (and LOL that they didn’t wrote aticle like that for men). But @wowza is right, and the comment about that article is on JLaw side

  36. Nicole says:

    It’s funny to see the people bending over backwards to excuse her crap behavior. As if press and interviews isn’t the equivalent of work that she’s been drunk for. Or that calling someone a c*nt is excusable.
    But I bet we won’t find the same people defending say…Tiffany Haddish if she called JLaw a c*nt on tv or was drunk for basically every late night interview the last two weeks.
    White privilege is a helluva drug.

    • Mia says:

      Yep. And it is also a hell of a drug for Lala Kent. She thinks she is “street and down with us black folk. But the way she talked about her once black friend Faith was disgusting. In fact that whole cast is really feeling themselves with the misynoir and racism. Funny how they all did the exact same things they called Faith out for. Lala is all about women empowerment for white women and feminism as long as no one brings up the sugar daddy she was seeing when he will still married. If you bring that up she will go ‘street’ on you.

  37. serena says:

    I don’t know this Lala Whaterver but she is absolutely right, J-Law stepped out of line. To insult someone on national tv is rude and shows what she’s really like. So much, let alone be a femminist, but a decent adult. I’m disgusted.

    • serena says:

      If I keep on commenting her posts it’s not because I find her ‘entertaining’, actually the opposite, she makes me mad with all the lying, rudeness, childish and drunk behaviour and so much more.

      Also, she keeps saying s-t publicily because she knows she won’t suffer consequences, thanks to the people constantly defending her bad attitude.

      • Natalie S says:

        It stands out to me that we have several posters with the exact same line of thinking: it doesn’t matter what Jennifer Lawrence does because paying attention to her, even negative attention, shows how special and charismatic she is. It’s uncanny how it’s the exact same defense.

  38. Kathie says:

    People are saying they are tired of JLaw but then they are the same ones who keep writing more comments in this article LOL

  39. LittlefishMom says:

    She’s a loudmouth drunk. Really classy.

  40. Ash says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is such trash. I can’t wait for her career to be over. I never was a fan, and never understood why she gets a pass for her stupidity. She’s a train wreck. On a superficial note, whoever that LaLa woman is she’s fighting with is gorgeous! I don’t know anything about her or the show, but she’s stunning compared to the over-rated Jennifer. And she makes a good point! Jen’s comment was unacceptable.

  41. efffefff says:

    I think she has a problem with alcohol that is starting to get out of control.

  42. Bug says:

    Everybody shits on Kristen Stewart, but she would never say such a thing. She is not a famewhore either.

  43. Cherryl says:

    People need to chill. That whole show was funny and she basically makes fun of her obsession with these shows all the time. Lala just needs some publicity in case here rich guy leaves her and she has to pay her own bills.

  44. Pam says:

    Vanderpump Rules is a vile show. I watched a few episodes many seasons ago, and the way the cast treated each other was beyond horrendous. I couldn’t stick with it for many reasons, but sometimes I’ll catch clips or stories (like this one) here and there, and am once again reminded why I quit watching. JLaw sure goes all in with her love of dimwitted reality TV!