Kevin Federline basically wants Britney Spears’ finances audited now

Britney Spears was just named the latest face of Kenzo, and Kenzo was all too pleased to release some images from their new campaign with Britney. I imagine this is a lucrative modeling gig for Britney, which makes it weird because Kenzo is paying all that money for Britney’s face… and then they Photoshopped the crap out of her face. Trust me – Britney just walked a red carpet a few weeks ago, and she looks nothing like this. This image is like a hybrid of 2002 Britney combined with 2002 Jessica Simpson combined with a computer-generated Leo DiCaprio Girlfriend.

Speaking on Britney and money, we’re still talking about how much money Britney pays Kevin Federline every month. He reportedly gets $20K a month and he wants more, because Britney’s income has drastically increased over the past five years or so. Kevin has full custody of their sons and Britney is still under a conservatorship. I thought/hoped everything would be settled quietly between Kevin, Jamie Spears and the lawyers. Not so much! Jamie Spears basically went to TMZ this week to call Kevin a money-hungry loser. Kevin’s line is the same: all he wanted to do was settle this quietly. From Us Weekly:

A source close to the insider told Us: “Kevin truly wanted to try and settle the child support payment increase without getting the courts involved out of respect for Britney, and of course, their two sons.” The insider added this likely won’t be “resolved without a court intervention.”

And that’s exactly what happened. “Jamie and Britney Spears sent a response to Kevin’s request for an increase to his child support payments, to his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan. Kevin has flatly rejected it,” the source said, adding that Federline will be requesting “a once yearly income and expense declaration from Britney including most recent tax returns filed” so his team can come up with a number based on that.

“Meeting with Jamie Spears, along with his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin laid out the reasons why he was requesting the increase for child support payments,” the source said. “Kevin is tremendously disappointed that the offer was rejected, but is prepared to proceed.”

Meanwhile, a source close to the 36-year-old pop superstar tells Us: “This is causing Britney a tremendous amount of stress [because] Kevin does indeed have full physical and legal custody of the boys. She just wants this resolved as quickly as possible.” But she’s not ready to give in due to worry that this could be a revolving door situation. The insider added, “The cause for concern is that Kevin is given an increase this time, what is going to stop him from coming back the next time Britney signs another big deal, wanting a piece of that?”

[From Us Weekly]

Considering Kevin has had legal and sole custody of the boys this whole time – and we’re going on a decade of this – I think it’s perfectly reasonable for Kevin and his lawyers to review the child support agreement and have a look at Britney’s current finances. Jamie Spears controls everything, and Jamie’s work as Britney’s conservator/handler/manager/accountant is overseen by the court too. Why not bring family court into it just to double-check?

Also: according to People Magazine and The Blast, the threats were mutual: Jamie Spears wants an audit of how Kevin is spending the child support payments, and Kevin reacted by requesting an audit of Britney’s finances. K-Fed’s lawyer released a statement saying: “Unfortunately, the proposal that came back amounted to no modification of support, but it indicated to me that Mr. Spears has to recognize that he is the conservator for Britney and not for Kevin.” K-Fed’s lawyer also indicated that if Britney’s finances go through an audit from just the past year, it’s possible Britney could owe Kevin millions of dollars in back child support pay.

Instagrams courtesy of Kenzo.

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  1. Belle Epoch says:

    I SWEAR this is the fake Britney. It just isn’t her. Anyone with me?

    • Snazzy says:

      Seriously. WHAT did they do to her face? WHY?

      • minx says:

        Her nose looks thinner, looks like a face lift too.

      • Eleonor says:

        Whoever was in charge of that photoshop work should be fired. NOW.
        That’s not Britney at all.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Her new face reminds me a bit of Ivanka.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Tiffany, I agree that Britney’s new empty Kenzo-face is similar to Ivanka’s. That’s because there’s no emotion in it. To be Trump’s daughter requires a perpetual state of numbness.

      • Sabrine says:

        Britney can afford much better legal council than K-Fed. Good move by Dad to ask for how the child support is being spent. K-Fed is in panic mode, knowing his lucrative gravy train is going to grind to a halt in not that many years. He may be limited in what he can put away for that time if he’s heavily in debt. Also, the boys are getting older and may soon have a voice as to who they want to spend their time with.

    • holly hobby says:

      Yep it looks like a random model. I don’t see her in those pics at all.

    • Tate says:

      That was my first thought.

    • jenna says:

      It’s not so much photoshop as Britney’s new face. What we’re seeing is her new face airbrushed and cleaned up in post. In reality she had a severe nose job which has made her nose more hard and lacking in softness, while the shape of her mouth has been messed up via collagen injections in the lips. It’s depressing.

      These photos were leaked a few weeks back but then taken down by numerous fansites after a cease and desist was sent out, and I thought her lips looked even worse in those. It seems like they’re trying to airbrush away a lot of her unnecessary facial tweaks.

    • Sirius says:

      With you.

    • Yathink says:

      Yep. Saying Britney embodies your product when using a photo that doesn’t look anything like her except in a vague, has blonde hair way, is jarring.

      Sabine – that’s not how child support works at all. Federline, whatever one may think of him (even its a view you’d never have for a separated woman seeking support from a much richer man who father the kids she had full custody of) he only needs to demonstrate that she now earns WAY more than she did when the original support order was determined. She does. This will almost certainly be settled because she will have zero argument.

      The law doesn’t work like a gossip blog thankfully.

  2. MandyMc says:

    I legit had no idea who that was in the ads.

    • Heat says:

      Me neither!!!
      It looks like some IG model-wannabe who is trying to look like Britney Spears.

    • Llamas in pajamas says:

      I thought it were Jessica Simpson. Very confusing face situation. Other than that Britney totally makes the clothes work.

  3. Josie says:

    What happened to her face? It looked like she’d had some work done but those pics don’t look like her.

    Also didn’t know her ex still had full custody of the kids.

    • MVC says:

      He doesn’t.

      • Josie says:

        Oh sorry I misunderstood this part:
        “Kevin does indeed have full physical and legal custody of the boys”

      • AppleTartin says:

        Yes, he does, she can’t have custody under her conservatorship since she can’t make any legal decisions for herself. What she does get is liberal access to seeing them. Kevin has never kept the kids from Britney.

      • Sherri says:

        I don’t think that Kevin decides to give liberal access – that will be a court decision.

      • There a difference between custody and visitation. You can have zero physical/legal custody and still have liberal visitation with your kids up to 50% of the time or more. It just depends what they come to an agreement on.

        Physical custody means the kids live with Kevin for all intents and purposes. Legal custody means Kevin has the last say in any decisions about things like doctors appointments, school, etc. From what little I’ve read it sounds like Kevin has worked with Britney/Jamie a lot on most things that have to do with the kids.

      • Yathink says:

        Yes he has full legal and physical custody. It would be unheard of for someone under a conservatorship, which denotes a legal inability to care for oneself, to be granted any custody. Federline has always ensured that the boys maintained a relationship with their mother and their maternal grandparents. Britney’s access to the boys is entirely by the say so of Federline and not court ordered.

    • Erinn says:

      I’m honestly not ready to believe that that is her. It looks like a Britney impersonator – but not even a great one. Derek Berry on Drag Race looked more like Britney than that. It looks like they found some 26 year old model to ‘play’ Brit.

      There’s three options.

      1) That’s not Britney
      2) Britney got a LOT of work done
      3) They photo shopped her into oblivion to make her look ‘better’/’younger’/’healthier’.

      • psl says:

        It is a combination of 2 and 3.
        She did get work done on her face (why she trimmed her nose, I don’t know), and she is photoshopped beyond recognition.

  4. Aang says:

    If a poor person making minimum wage has to to pay 25% of income for two children, a rich person should get no special treatment. I’ve worked with men forced to live in their cars or shelters just so they can make support payments.

    • Jamie says:

      How many of those men pay the child support and also pay for every expense incurred by the kids? or do these men pay the child support and the ex wife use the child support to pay for the kids expenses?

      Cause kevin is getting child support while britney pays for all the kids expenses. Kevin literally has no expense to pay for the 2 boys with the 20k besides food.

      • Anne says:

        Exactly. That’s why I’m doubtful about Federline getting the increase he wants. The point of child support is basically so the kids can get the same quality of life as they would have if their parents stayed together. And because Britney pays for all of their expenses – lodging, education, hobbies, vacations, etc, they ARE living in the same standard as they would have lived if Britney and Kevin never split up. It would be a total different situation if she’s not paying for their expenses and it instead has to come out of the child support payment.

        That’s why I’m really against this increase, because it’s really not about the kids (or at least not Britney’s kids). Frankly I think this is rather disgusting, and I would think the same thing if it’s a woman trying to squeeze her ex for more money too.

      • Krill says:

        Could you please post a legit source to back up this claim that Britney takes care of all their expenses in addition to paying child support? Jamie appears to have Harvey Levin on speed dial. If this were remotely the TMZ articles (which are nakedly vicious at Kevin) would lead with this. At this point, I suspect this claim started on a comments section and is now being disseminated as confirmed.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree with Krill. People keep making broad claims that Britney pays for Kevin’s house, etc., but they have no proof of this.

      • KBB says:

        I’d also love a link for that info too. I’ve read claims that her estate owns his house, but I haven’t seen that anywhere but here. I’m curious where people are getting this info about what she pays for.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        That article says “a source” provides the information. That doesn’t meet my standards for proof. If it came from court documents or a lawyer’s statement, it would have more weight.

      • ravynrobyn says:

        @ GEEKYCHICK-I heard last night on Entertainment Tonight that Jamie gets $137,000/year to be Britney’s conservator, that comes to $11,417/month. I bet he gets an additional percentage of her concerts, music, merch, etc.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Man logic: asking for more money is called ‘an offer’, not ‘a request’.
        This sums up so many things about men for me right now-

      • FLORC says:

        Yea that’s unsubstantiated at this point. And sounds like a leak statement to sway opinion.

    • Clare says:

      Slightly different situation though – most people paying child support help the parent responsible for the child provide basics for the child – possibly some extras like lessons and holidays. In this case, we’re talking about $20k in ADDITION to her paying for things like school, etc.

      Federline isn’t exactly struggling to buy healthy food and pay for school supplies here. Come on.

      • JBC says:

        In Ontario, this can and does happen. You have your child support payments, and then things over and above the typical scope care of the child are considered “section 7” expenses. Section 7 can include private school, university tuition, even special lessons (like horseback riding). These are generally split based on income level, but I imagine the split could negotiated. And in Ontario, the parent who receives the support payments does not have to give any indication of how it is being spent. It is very clearly outlined.

      • Marley31 says:

        I understand Kevin has full custody but what I want to know is how is he paying for his other 4 kids I think he has 6 in total. He is married now and I’m sure he can and is untitled to a increase but if I was Britany I would see if my lawyer can have him (Kevin) show me some receipts or some type of invoice to show me were the child support money goes. I know child support is to take care of the child but Britany shouldn’t be responsible for taking care of his other 4 kids its not here responsibility. And I know he’s married now but if that was my husband I would make him get a job a trade something instead of relying on a check.

      • Geekychick says:

        you really think that, by getting any job, Kevin could earn something equivalent to Nritney and support those kids with the same lifestyle? and you really think their kids don’t (and more importantly didn’t) need a stable, loving, caregiving home and parent raising them this whole time? Cause Britney can’t give them structure and can’t give them stability, so….what should it be? why are we angry when someone says SAHM is not a real job, but Kevin-who was for all accounts and purposes great SAHD-is deadbeat and should find a job? he was there when those kids had a mom who put them in kidnapping/hostage situation and had to be hospitalized (and still is under strict supervision, girlfriend is not legally responsible for even herself!), he stepped up and changed his way of life to be tjere for his kids when he could have just as easily sell BritBrit out to the tabloids and earn enough for years and years to come, but he is suddendly called out? To me, this is obvious case of Britney’s hangers on wanting to keep those thousands and thousands of dollars to themselves, being greedy. how much does Jamie earn from his daughter? her personal trainer? her chef? her doctors? I bet Jamie get’s more than 20000 a month.

      • I believe we’ll be hearing everything Kevin knows about Britney once their kids turn 18 and the money train comes to a halt. Kevin has done nothing to make sure he’ll have a steady stream of income after his kids come of age. I feel he’ll start spilling when he’s run out of other options rather than, you know, getting a job.

        There’s no reason to have two SAHM parents, yet that seems to be the way it is in the Federline household aI’ve neither he or his wife work. Hope I’m wrong, but KFed has always been an opportunist.

      • Lyla says:

        @geekychic I don’t think anyone is shaming him for being a stay at home dad. Usually when you’re a stay at home, your spouse works. Neither Kevin or wife works, so people are questioning how he’s providing for his four other kids. How is he paying child support to his two oldest with Shar Jackson? How is he saving for college for his kids with Shar and Victoria (Brit will obviously pay for her kids)? Brit should be responsible for his four other kids.

        I don’t know why people are suggesting that only stay at home parents can provide a stable environment. That sounds a little like Prince William saying working parents are bad.

      • Olive says:

        @Sophia’s Side eye I can see him spilling when the youngest turns 18, but at the same time doing that to Britney would likely completely destroy his relationship with both boys, so maybe he’ll think about them and NOT spill.

    • Lela says:

      Britney’s case is also different because the money isn’t technically paid to her. She has various corporations that are set up and all the money gets paid through them, her homes, cars and all the luxuries are “expenses” that the corporation pays for, she doesn’t technically own them, she would get paid an “income” from these corporations which is probably relatively small. As such it would depend on what her shares of the corporations are, if she set it up so that Jamie has 50% ownership and each of her boys have 20% ownership and she only has 10% ownership then her income would be based on the income she generates from the 10% ownership. I have a feeling that this is why Jamie is okay fighting Kevin on this, her tax fillings would probably show a few million in income because she’s probably not set-up to be a majority holder in these corporations and therefore he knows child support wouldn’t be too high. Jamie, for all the shit he gets is a very savy man when it comes to Britney’s finances.
      In the court documents for her conservatorship her personal net worth was $46 million but her estate and various corporations had a net worth of $285 million, meaning that $285million worth of money and assets were not directly under her name so Kevin wouldn’t be able to touch it, the $46million figure is also what the child support would have been based on.

      • SNAP says:

        Wow! Thanks for the explanation…it sure makes sense. Me being a Jane Doe making an average hourly wage would have never thought of it that way. That is a smart way to protect income/assets for those who make amounts like Brit. Plus Kev knows he only has a few more years of child support to help him with his other younger kids. He’s probably trying to milk those last few years from his kids with Brit. Once they turn 18 his gravy ride ends and then he may have to -shudder- work!!!
        I hate that the one receiving child support is not held accountable to prove the money is going directly to benefit the children, i never understood that. I think it opens the door to misuse. I am so glad my ex and i have always been able to agree outisde of court on everything. Although it was a rough time and took time, we decided not to give away our hard earned money to lawyers nor to put the big important decisions in the hands of a court. I am to pay child support but we agreed i would spend that money in grocery shopping, clothes and other necessities. I love it because i get to teach my kids to shop every other week. I like having a direct say on their nutrition, making sure they have healthy food available and in the end both my ex and i know the money is going right to meet our kid’s needs. He is retired and is sort of like the stay at home dad. I can see my kids anytime and they have thrived with the level of flexibility and support my ex and i have. We sucked royally at being married but can coparent really well. On the other hand i have seen the effect of leaving it all to the court in my husband’s case. His ex never agreed to anything and let it all go to court. She was upset bcs the offer my husband suggested was more generous than what the judge dictated. But she was the one being venegeful. She enjoys lavish shopping sprees, goes to dancing lessons (expensive!), manicures, weight loss programs (that never seem to work), orders mary kay inventory packages for her “home business”… while their kids wear goodwill ill fitting clothes and get fed pop tarts for breakfast. It breaks my heart but it makes me even more thankful to have an ex who is willing to work with me and seeing my kids thrive! Gosh am i ever thankful for that!

      • Frome says:

        I hope the judge will wade through the shady front companies and uncover her real wealth.

        If your wealth increases, so should your child support payments. It’s scummy of the Spears family to go off smearing him on gossip outlets for doing the correct thing. I hope he rejects all offers and forces this to court. I love to see judges slap down celebrities for airing child related disputes stuff on TMZ and shit talking co-parents. And it’s guaranteed a judge will raise it by the way.

    • Jan says:

      Are you joking? Why should she have to pay for his other 6 kids? He doesn’t have a job and already gets $20,000 a month when he only has them part time? It’s not her fault he won’t wear a condom!

      • Krill says:

        Kevin has sole physical and legal custody. The courts dont consider her even salvagable as a competent parent. He just facilitates visitation and given he has sole legal custody, could have restricted that but never has.

        Theres no legal obligation to provide for his other children but I believe there is moral and ethical one. There is no way their parents could ever provide for them at the same level and yet they live in the same home. These are their siblings. Imagine a situation where your two brothers have the very best of everything, go to the best private schools, have the most expensive after school activities, go on 5 star overseas vacations and world tours and never have to hear the words “theres no money to do this thing that you care about”. Meanwhile, despite sharing a home and a primary caregiver, you live on a very different lifestyle.

        Do you think thats good for those three other children? Do you think its good for Britneys two kids? Do you think it promotes a healthy family unit? The reality is that Britneys estate can easily afford this. And yes while most courts will ot require her to provide for these other babies, basic human decency should.

        This story is dripping with greed and selfishness, and its not on Kevins side.

      • Shijel says:

        Uh, Krill. Are you seriously insinuating that K-Fed’s other children are also Britney’s responsibility? That K-Fed’s wife, and he himself are, because neither of them apparently work? Is Britney the mother of K-Fed and his wife? Hell’s bells. Shall we include any uncles and aunties from K-Fed’s side into that big happy family that Britney has to pay for, too? After all, children benefit from a happy family, and uncles and aunts are often a source of stability, joy and security for children.

        Britney Spears only has financial responsibility to her children. Not their unemployed father his unemployed wife. Britney’s children’s half-siblings are ENTIRELY K-Fed’s and their respective mothers’ responsibility. The only person here being greedy and irresponsible is K-Fed. What’s he gonna do when Brit’s kids grow up and the money train stops coming? Ask/extort for more money? Doubt he wants to get a job and earn his own, for his own children.

      • Krill says:

        Please read comments carefully before replying. I am saying that while there is no legal responsibility, there is both an ETHICAL and MORAL one. I then explain that a situation in which the children of a multi millionaire spend the vast majority of their time in a home shared with half siblings who dont even have a fraction of that access is unhealthy for all concerned. This kind of inequality is bad enough in a school, imagine what it does to a family. Please remember that they LIVE with their half siblings, not Britney.

        Faith Evans put it perfectly. She said over her dead body would her son with Biggie have anything more than equal access with her other children. She feared it would corrupt him at a young age to live within a defined class system in his own family. Thats a good mother and a good human being. How can you not see the impact class differences in one household would have on impressionable pre-teens? No fandom can be worth divesting your humanity.

      • bma says:

        @Krill then its on Kevin to at least strive to provide for his children. Sure, he can’t provide the exact same lifestyle and I think you make valid points about class-system within the same household. But Kevin’s answer is….to get more money from Britney rather than him get a job? Everyone claims Britney was taken advantage of and has been/is being used a workhorse to fund everyone else’s lifestyle (and I don’t disagree with that assessment) but that’s still exactly what Kevin is doing. I’d have much more sympathy if Kevin worked outside the home.

      • Frome says:

        I agree with Krill here. Even if one of the parents had an income, it could never even come close to giving the other children even an itsy bitsy fraction of the opportunities Britneys kids have. Its impossible to parent fairly in those circumstances.

        Anyway, can anyone really say with a straight face that Britney and her stupid autotuned songs and mediocre white barbie dancing deserved this degree of success? She and her dad should stop testing their good luck gods with this miserly crap. 20,000 is nothing to her. And it’s less than what men of the same wealth status pay despite having half custody unlike her.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Ok let me just point out that nobody put Charlie Sheen under conservatorship, and he was in MUCH worse need of it than Britney. Don’t get me wrong, I have no great love for this woman. As far as deserving, there are plenty of other equally undeserving and talentless people who are blessed with money (Drumpf comes to mind and I wish someone would put him under conservatorship, were it not for Pence waiting in the wings). However somehow she did manage to collect this barrel of dough. If the shoe were on the other foot, do you honestly believe K-Fed would be willing to foot the bill for everybody in her household?
        If he is so filled with sweetness and light (let’s everybody marvel at stay-at-home-dad because it’s such a great sacrifice for men), he should be perfectly willing to show an accounting of what he’s spending it on and why he needs more.

      • Lyla says:

        If Kevin has 10 more kids, should Brit be financially responsible for them too? Kevin wants Brit to pay for private school and tutors for his other kids. If the boys get a car for their 16th birthday, should Britney buy cars for the other four siblings as well? I get what you mean, that siblings should grow up relatively the same, but shouldn’t that be on Kevin (and Shar and Victoria)? My aunt’s ex is a multimillionaire businessman from old money. She has a daughter with him, my cousin G. She remarried a successful chemical engineer and had a son with him, my cousin J. Her second husband, while a millionaire, is no where as rich as her first. She didn’t ask her ex to pay for stuff for J so that my cousins would be raised “equally.” G went to private school, college, then law school – all paid for by her dad (my aunt was a sahm), J went to public school, college, then med school. G got some things J didn’t, and J got some things G didn’t.

      • magnoliarose says:

        That isn’t the same. The incomes are not as disparate as KFed’s and Britney’s, and you aren’t factoring in the conservatorship and her mental illness. It is not like co-parenting in a normal situation.
        We are talking over 200, 000 million to Kevin’s wife who is/was a school teacher and KFed’s too old and overweight to be a backup dancer. Even if he went back to college like Shar did he still wouldn’t make much. He did the reality TV thing until it ran its course and then disappeared. Only popping up from time to time to say nice things about Britney.

        It would be like a millionaire giving his ex for two kids a thousand dollars a year. Getting caught up in what KFed does with the money is far less important in this situation. And it isn’t Britney balking it is the people around her on the gravy train. They keep saying Britney feels this and she feels that and it is a load of BS.
        Britney was known to be a generous person who loved children. She was kind to Shar’s children and wanted them to be a family. Back then Shar had money from Moesha and her other work, so I am not sure if she gets residuals or what her situation is now. None of these people talked trash about each other.
        The sad part is how do any of us know what she would do given a chance to get healthy and decide for herself? Her generous nature is why she was vulnerable to leeches and users.
        Mind these same people arguing are the ones that exploited both their daughters without any real jobs of their own. And when I say exploited I mean in every sense of the word. But they feel comfortable smearing Kevin when he’s been a better parent than they ever were.

        Out of all of the adults in this situation, he is not the worst of the bunch. Lazy, maybe. Ambitionless? Maybe. He did admit to having depression at one point during Britney’s breakdown and having issues with it and gained weight. I don’t think he is some martyr or blameless, but I do think he is overly criticized based on leaks from people with an agenda.

  5. Una says:

    I just don’t get why Jamie is not giving Fed the money he wants. It is hardly worth all the trouble this can cause.

    • minx says:

      Exactly. There’s enough money to go around. Just get it done.

    • Erinn says:

      I think this was a dumber move for Jamie than it was Kevin. Looking into KFeds finances MIGHT show some issues.

      But I’m willing to bet there’s a lot more discrepancies that are going to show in the management of her money as a whole. I don’t for a second believe that KFed is the bad guy – or at least the ONLY bad guy – when it comes to her money.

      This is going to get interesting.

      • PoodleMama says:

        Perhaps. I don’t understand how Britney could owe back child support though? Like if she wasn’t ordered to pay him above the amount she is already paying how could she be behind?

      • Bridget says:

        There should already be regular audits happening with the conservatorship, but this whole thing is just so sketch.

      • Erinn says:

        PoodleMama – I guess if her income was higher for longer than they let on, it could be? If he hadn’t gone back to court, technically it wouldn’t have just randomly increased. To my knowledge anyway. Maybe if they specifically hid the amount she was making it could be ordered to be back paid if he has proof?

        Bridget – I find it all pretty sketchy. I just don’t believe that there aren’t multiple people taking advantage of her. I wouldn’t be surprised if ol’ dad is making bank off of her as well, and that he’s been possibly misusing funds for a while now.

      • Poodlemama, his lawyer is FOS on that. Unless she was going against a court order and paying him less than ordered then there’s no way she owes back support. The only way that would be true is if they had an outside stipulation that she would pay more than the 20k a month if she started making more money, which isn’t likely. It’s on Kevin to ask for more when her income goes up. I think that was PR spin on the lawyer’s part.

      • magnoliarose says:

        He can ask for back child support if they lied to him about not being able to give more when he asked before. If they bargained in bad faith, they can, but I believe it is a threat.
        Britney had a chance to be healthy, and her mother should be shunned from society along with Dina Lohan and others. Imagine if someone had truly had her best interest at heart all along. There would be no KFed and probably no conservatorship.
        If KFed ever chose to be a hero, doubtful as all get out, he would expose the whole situation. Someone should.

      • That’s true, magnolia, you make a good point about if they they lied about her income.

        I actually think it’s a good idea for Britney’s finances to be audited. It really bothers me that she’s supposedly mentally well enough to work and make millions, but can’t control her own finances. Agreed about her mother, awful woman. Has anyone ever had Britney’s best interest at heart?

      • bma says:

        It sounds like the current order has been in place since Kevin retained sole legal custody. If they were honest about her income then, I don’t see how his lawyer could get back support. By all reports, her finances were a mess back then too so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was actually overpaying for what her income was at the time.

      • magnoliarose says:

        No one has and it has bothered me a lot since this story broke. It just brought up how sad it all is.

      • madonami says:

        I had no idea she is still under full conservatorship and has zero legal custody of her kids. Holy hell, it’s been ages!

        It seems to me that she should be given back control of some things, like in steps maybe. If she does well with the first steps, add more. Etc. A chance to “rebuild her credit,” as it were. And that should have started years ago. Makes me wonder if this setup is meant to go on for her entire life, which…. tf?? Unless SHE wants it this way. Who knows, maybe she knows her limits and prefers it this way. Although I’m not sure I entirely believe that, given her life, she’s ever really had a chance to figure out what SHE wants.

        If the conservatorship is meant to go on for the rest of her life, what happens when her dad passes? There should be a successor conservator named, if there isn’t one already. Her dad may be shady with it, who knows, but I could see it falling into much shadier hands if her dad passes and the conservator role is passed to some smarmy manager or lawyer or whatever.

    • magnoliarose says:

      That is what I said from the beginning.

    • bma says:

      we don’t really know what Kevin wants tho. according to the articles, he asked for an increase because he said “he deserves it” and but he didn’t ask for a specific #. then Britney made an offer and he flat out rejected it, opting to go to court and have her finances made public.

      • magnoliarose says:

        But did Kevin actually say that or is it a PR campaign? No one knows the truth.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        I haven’t read anywhere that he asked for it because he deserves it – what has been reported is that he needs it. While I don’t think he lives a particularly lavish lifestyle he has previous for mismanaging money (he blew his $2mill divorce settlement pretty quickly and then ended up owing thousands in unpaid taxes), so he’s possibly got himself in debt he cant afford to pay off.

      • bma says:

        the article yesterday said Kevin said he needs it, and couldn’t explain what changed that the current support was insufficient.

      • bma says:

        and actually, Kevin’s side has explicitly stated this is to compensate HIM for the sacrifices HE has made, making no mention of the boys needs.

      • magnoliarose says:

        @bma I think the whole thing is a mess.
        That is a snippet and US sensationalizes, so I take that as part of the story.
        I don’t know what that means since it wasn’t spelled out. I would have to know what he considers a sacrifice.
        There are a lot of details missing and a lot of press releases. What is really going on? It seems murky.

    • Look2 says:

      I think it would be best to go to court. Let the court decides what is fair for both parties. If not, Kevin might come back next year for more increase,justifiable or not.

      People keep saying Papa Spears to pay up. He cannot! He is obligated by court as Britney’s conservator, to justify every penny spent, child support included. If Kevin wants more money, and Britney already pays for all the kids expenses, then, Papa Spears is right to ask for where the money goes. If the court audits the conservatorship, then will have to justify the increase. By going to court, Papa Spears can make sure nothing is shady.
      Papa Spears will likely wait for court order to release her taxes, again, it prevents the conservatorship, any future legal complication.
      I think Britney is on a budget, which was imposed by court. I am not sure if Papa Spears is thinking, if Britney can live on a budget and still meets her financial obligations, so can Kevin.
      This might work out in Britney’s favor. Perhaps, push for the personal conservator ship to be lifted, keep the financial one and go for more legal rights to her kids.
      I will say, go to court, this is an opportunity for Britney to slowly regain her rights. Time will tell.

      • Aurelia says:

        Boy, jamie better pay up quick cause k – fed knows where all the skeletons are buried. Don’t push a deadbeat as he might change his attitude towards hanging up on all those journalists who keep a calling.

  6. LittleWing says:

    Aren’t relationships great?

  7. Digital Unicorn says:

    Kevin is a gold digger but if he is entitled to an increase and he can justify it then it should happen. Equally Jamie is also entitled to know what the money is for and how it will be spent in relation to Brits 2 kids. I think he’s shaking her for an increase to fund the rest of his family as neither he or his wife work, there were reports last year that he wanted her to pay for his other kids to go to the same private school as her boys. Let this be a warning to what will happen when you have kids with a known leech, IIRC Shar warned Brit what he was like as he mooched off her when they were together.

    • Lucy2 says:

      Agree on all counts.

    • Lela says:

      Yes I remember the private school story as well. On one side I see his point of view he doesn’t want 4 of his kids to have less than the other 2 but that’s not on Britney, those other 4 kids have a father and a mother who should be responsible for their well being. I honestly think this is he and Victoria (his wife) wanting to stash away as much money as they can before the kids turn 18 so they won’t have to work.

      • Iknowwhatboyslike says:

        The law is the law. Unfortunately for Brit, she had a breakdown and as such, her bum ex-husband has full custody of their children. If she makes a lot more money now, then the child support should be increased. But I am incensed at him expecting her to pay for his other children to go to the same private school. I get his situation as a parent, but how is that Brit’s problem? That’s his and the kids’ mother. After already having 4 kids, he chose to have two more. If Brit is paying for every single thing and he gets 20k a month, if he and/or his wife got a job, they would be more than able to pay for the private school tuition. More and more school are allowing for monthly payments. Just live a little less extravagant and get job. Problem solved. and here’s my thing: the 20k a month should be going to Brit’s two boys. She pays even for the house they live in and all the boys’ expenses, what is the 20k a month going to? It most certainly isnt’ going to the boys because Brit takes care of all of their expenses. If Kevin were a woman and the situation was exactly the same, I would feel this way. It’s not like the 20k is going to the all the extras Brit pays for any way. This wouldn’t have been so bad if Kevin and his wife had shown some form of ambition other than mooching off Brit.

      • Lela says:

        From what I remember of the story it wasn’t just private school it was ALL the bonuses that he wanted for the other kids. Like he requested she pay for the tutors and instructors so his other 4 kids could have that advantage as well and there were certain extracurricular activities that her boys were doing that the other 4 would not financially be able to do (I think one of her boys is an avid skier and was getting private lessons and she was paying to rent out an entire ski facility for him to receive private lessons). There were also disputes about vacations as her boys had the luxury of traveling more often and to more exotic locations. Again I do in a sense feel bad for the other 4 kids, it must suck to see their two brothers having luxury education, hobbies and jetting off to all these vacations when they don’t but Kevin, Shar and Victoria need to step up and make an income themselves to level it a bit for the kids. I know Shar got a Masters but she doesn’t work in her field so I’m not sure what she does….
        The other thing is Kevin got an almost $2 million payout during the divorce and he received spousal support until 2011, if he was smart and invested that money he would have no financial problems. But if I remember correctly he also was sued over trashing one of the homes he was renting and had to pay out like $120,000 he also owed tens of thousands in back taxes to the IRS so he just hasn’t been very smart with his finances.

      • holly hobby says:

        Well said. At $20K a month (totally his to spend at his discretion since she covered all the boys’ basic needs in addition to that payment) he should be sitting on a lot of money by now if he knew how to save and invest wisely. Blowing through $20K/month when he got an additional living stipend (not an obligation by the court) for the boys is unacceptable.

        I don’t care if his other kids felt left out. They should ask dad why he frittered the $20K/month away instead of socking it in an account or investing it. If he got an increase for $80K a month do you think that’s enough? My guess is it isn’t!

  8. Nicole says:

    And this is exactly what a bunch of us said yesterday. Had they settledtbjs quietly like they’ve been doing for years no one would know. Instead this will be dragged out and let’s be real she will be forced to pay more than what he was asking for

    • magnoliarose says:

      Of course.
      There is a level of hypocrisy here too. I don’t think if the genders were reversed we would see anyone talk about a woman like this. I have seen women cheer other women on for being golddiggers and laughing at their “game”.
      This is how patriarchy works. Golddigging is of course morally reprehensible. But it is ok for women to do it because we are supposed to need a man to survive, and we are supposed to use our bodies and looks to get what we want. It is ok for women to debase themselves for a better standard of living. Lesser beings behave in lesser ways, and it works in favor of wealthy men.
      But a man does the same thing, and he is torn to shreds. So what does it say that we think men are too good to do the same? Men are supposed to be above this, but women aren’t?
      I don’t read this as “what about the men” because I think using someone for money is morally bankrupt. I do question why anyone thinks this behavior is acceptable for women without looking at the misogyny of that acceptance and the patriarchal thinking behind it.

      Let’s be honest. A man making 200 million and paying his ex to care for his children full time and throwing a paltry 20 thousand and paying for expenses of school and medical care would get his ass handed to him by women. Rightfully so and I would have the same attitude. If she had been a backup dancer and the whole nine yards, it would not play out like this. If he were mentally ill, it certainly would not play out like this.

      I also find it ironic the person balking is her father who has made a better living doing this than he ever did on his own.

      • Snap Happy says:

        Totally agree. Said below the conversation would be different if the gender roles were reversed.

      • Nicole says:

        Agreed. If this was reverse we would be roasting the guy for not paying his share

      • Geekychick says:

        Bravo Magnoliarose! this! i completely agree.
        and as someone whose dad was the one raising us and giving us stability while our mom was working, Inresent this stance of “he’s a deadbeat dad because he stayed at home and raised his children while their mom wasn’t able”. if we were talking about a woman, no one would say the same! they’d be applauding SAHM for sacrifising her career.

      • Veronica says:

        Well, in fairness, I do know plenty of men who criticize women who go after child support and complain they’re unfair, but I do think Kfed is getting character assassinated for no reason. Do I think he’s likely exploiting the money to some extent? Probably, but so are her conservators. Do I think it’s pretty dumb for him and his wife not to be working on careers for when the child support ends for their other kids? Yes. Do I ultimately think it matters where the child support is concerned? Not if he’s doing right by his kids and, frankly, by her. Her income went up, she pays more. Simple as that.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I have heard men gripe about paying for their kids and other men supporting them MRA style. I always find it appalling. They hide assets and then want to move on and start fresh like their children never existed. Horrible.
        I have no idea what the Federlines do at home. But he let go of alimony to marry his wife so I am not sure what her deal is.

        My brother in law is sort of a SAHD. He’s an artist so his studio is in the house and he takes care of the home and kids while she’s out conquering the world. It works for them.

      • ZigZags says:

        Preach it, MagnoliaRose. Preach it. I said something similar a few weeks ago. Just give him the money and move on.

    • Veronica says:

      Honestly, it illustrates for me what I’ve suspected all along – Britney is probably not the one orchestrating this. I don’t think she actually cares how much money she pays out as long as she gets to see those kids. The fighting is being done by her conservators because they’re the ones riding high on the gravy train she’s providing.

  9. TurkeyLurkey says:

    Those photos are ridiculous. They look nothing like her.

    Daddy should just pay up. Who knows how much money she may have made. It may cost more in the long run to fight it.

    Although I hate that her ex may be taking advantage of her earning capacity she needs to keep him happy in order to see her kids. Her situation is just sad. They keep her working and her money takes care of so many others (probably including daddy).

    • Lady D says:

      She gets to see her kids, no matter what. It’s court ordered. Maybe she should fight for custody? It was given to Charlie Sheen’s ex Brooke. Charlie had to pay for nannies and tutors for the twins. With Brit she has her parents in the picture too. If severely drug-addicted Brooke and Charlie gets the kids, Brit should be able to, also.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She can’t get custody under conservatorship, and KFed could justifiably deny her visitation because of her history. Charlie Sheen’s situation is very different. You can’t really compare them because there is no conservatorship.
        It is a mess. Unfortunately.

  10. MVC says:

    She looks great in the video of the shooting.

    • heh says:

      They photoshopped my QUEEN waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much.
      but thats on Kenzo not her.

  11. Snap Happy says:

    Jamie should have given into the increase. If Kevin was a woman and Brittney a man would the conversation be the same? Brittney was the one to end the marriage and acted very dangerously towards the children. It must have been very scary to co-parent with someone acting so erratically. Kevin has always tried to include Brittney in their lives and hasn’t done any tell-all’s as far as I can tell. Also, Kevin did earn money while they were married. They had that reality show together and who knows if he invested that money.? Maybe he should get a job, but maybe he realizes he won’t make that much and would rather be home with his children?

    • Jamie says:

      If everyone quit their job and stay home because they realized they won’t make much, then we would have many many children in poverty.

    • Lady D says:

      Brit had one dangerous episode with her child, a decade ago. One. She’s been medicated to the point that she can perform 220 nights of the year in Vegas and be a huge success. Time to give her a break.

      • Snap Happy says:

        I can remember two. One where she drove with the baby on her lap and another where she locked herself in the bathroom with the kids for hours. And those were the ones we heard about. They were babies at the time. I would have been terrified if I had to hand my kids over to her.

      • Veronica says:

        She had a massive mental breakdown after years of parental abuse and untreated mental illness. I agree with Snap Happy that she shouldn’t have custody until it’s clear she can maintain her medical regimen herself. But I also I don’t think she should be punished for being sick, especially considerably how blasè everybody went about exploiting her during that time.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She almost dropped the baby once in public, and she was using drugs in front of them. The court ordered supervisor said the kids were not receiving basic care. Kfed would pick them up, and they would be dirty and hungry and whiny. She was ordered to take parenting classes. Her drug use was extreme and had been from a very young age, so there is no telling how much damage to her brain this caused. There were reports mixed in that one of the babies fell out of their high chair, but conflicting reports said possible abuse and there were other times they had mysterious bruises and accidents. Still, it was excused as all children hurt themselves by her fans and public who couldn’t see her beyond the carefully crafted image.
        Remember how Kevin was vilified for wanting custody? He waited awhile, but her parents encouraged him to get full custody. Then a few leaks and some public episodes sort of turned the tide.

        It was a long time ago, but I imagine if social media had been around it would have been a huge scandal.

        Britney’s tragic life is heartbreaking. I just wish something better for her than this. 🙁

      • Tiffany :) says:

        If it was indeed time to give her a “break”, the court system would see evidence to that effect and remove the conservatorship. They don’t extend these things without solid and continuing evidence.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @veronica – there was also substance abuse. She partied heavily with Paris Hilton and its long been rumoured that Lufti and Adnan were giving her drugs (one of the reasons she shaved her hair off). Lynne Spears has a lot to answer for when it comes to how she pushed Britney and continued to push her even when her behaviour started to unravel. From what i recall Britney relationship with her mother wasn’t good, she was Brit’s biggest enabler as all she saw was the dollar signs. Lynne was personally cashing in on Brit’s fame, didn’t she write a couple of books about her?

      • Lady D says:

        I stand corrected:) Thanks for the info, all.

  12. Svea says:

    Leave Britney alone! LOL

  13. Talie says:

    I’m genuinely shocked that all these years later, Britney still hasn’t gotten joint custody back. Still, I don’t buy into him needing more than $20K a month since you know she is also putting out way more than that for their every need.

    • Merritt says:

      She can’t while under a conservatorship. In order to have joint custody, she would have to prove she is stable and capable of taking care of herself and her kids without intervention.

    • Bridget says:

      Britney is not legally in charge of herself, how could she get custody of 2 minor children?

  14. Mariposa97 says:

    Child support shouldn’t be your only source of income. Kevin and/or his wife need to get a job. I don’t buy that he doesn’t work to facilitate Britney spending time with her boys. Like any other couple sharing kids they could come up with someone they both agree on to accompany the kids to/from their mom. Otherwise when those kids are past the age of 18 and he can no longer be collecting money from Britney, what’s he gonna do? Will he sue her saying that he didn’t work to make sure he was available to make it easy for her to see the kids and now he has no way to make a living for himself?
    I think the court will decide what’s fair, he does have full custody after all.
    It shouldn’t fall on Britney though to financially support the rest of his family.

    • Luca76 says:

      Even if he magically got a decent job he’d have no way of coming close to her income she’s a multimillionaire. He’s a former backup dancer. Him working would be basically irrelevant to the court case. She is going to pay more and it’s just a matter of when they stop bickering over it.

      • Merritt says:

        Everyone understands that. But he has less than a decade to continue collecting child support from Britney. He will still have other kids to support after that, so her does need to work.

      • Jamie says:

        I think britney should just let the court increase the child support and let kevin pay for all the kids expenses as he should have done with the child support to begin with.

        Because right now Britney pays the 20k and all expenses for the kids and kevin’s family. (nannies, maids, bodyguards, housing, medical, institutions)

        I’m willing to bet britney pays more now (20k + expenses) than what the child support increase will be.

        So britney and jamie should just follow the law, increase the child support. make kevin use the support to support the children. Tho this would not be as good as a deal for kevin cause unlike now, kevin would not be able to pocket any of the money.

      • bma says:

        so bc he can never make as much as britney, he nor his wife should be required to at least try to work in some capacity? that’s just insane. britney pays for ALL of their expenses, including their house. what happens when the boys turn 18 and britney says they have to move out of the house, return the cars, etc. bc she no longer is required to support the boys? i have no issue with an increase if its warranted but I think its reasonable to ask where the money is going considering she pays far more than $20k a month overall and he refuses to work despite having child support obligations himself.

    • Lela says:

      The agreement is that Jamie actually travels with the boys back and forth not Kevin. So there really isn’t a reason he can’t work, or his wife, or his ex for that matter.

  15. Deniz says:

    I’m sorry but this is not Britney Spears.

  16. Iknowwhatboyslike says:

    If they add up the 20k plus all the side extras she pays, I’m sure it will add up to at least 50k or more. Private school tuition for middle school kids, depending on the school, could be upwards of 30,000 per child. Plus activities, the cost of the house.. etc,. In my opinion, she pays for all the things the child support should go to.

    • Jamie says:

      i kno. Which is why britney should just let them increase the child support and then let kevin pay for all the expenses with the child support, because that is what kevin is supose to do anyways.

      I’m sure the amount britney ends up paying will be less than now. and kevin won’t be able to pocket any money since he will actually have to use the money to support the kids

      • Anne says:

        But then the money would be split between the six kids, and I’m guessing with a focus on the other four because Kevin knows Britney would hate to see her boys go without and would pay more out of her own pocket. This way at least she knows her kids are getting everything she wants them to get, even if she ends up paying more.

  17. Tallia says:

    Wow. She is sure the NEW face. A whole NEW face.

    Federline should be paid more IMHO, support changes as income changes, but is he responsible for providing anything? Also, DB move to request an audit. He always seemed to be the “good guy” and the fact that Spears offered more money and he rejected without any mediation seems super DB. What child needs more (or anywhere near) 20K a month for care? #firstworldproblems

  18. Echotango says:

    I don’t understand, 20k a month (including everything else Britney pays for) seems like more than enough to have similar/equal lifestyles in both households. When it comes to making millions of dollars, shouldn’t there be a cap on child support? I’m not familar with this topic, so any insight on that would be helpful.

  19. Hollz says:

    Good. Audit her finances, audit his, and let the judge figure out what’s fair.

    • Juls says:

      I agree. Since this is already messy and out in the open, as long as it’s just about finances and her mental health doesn’t get dragged into it. If a Judge thinks she should pay more, so be it. If they find that he has been blowing the money on stupid stuff like diamonds for his wife or gambling or a massive baseball card collection, or if he’s paying child support to his ex with the money, let the Judge deal with that also. If he is managing the money appropriately, then he has no reason to be concerned about an audit of his finances.

    • Miss M says:

      I am waiting for all this audit… Just the fact his lawyer mentioned he could be getting millions for child support, tells me he is in for the money and not necessarily for the well being of his kids. He knows his expensive life style is going to end in 6 years.
      He does deserve the increase. But… he needs to address the expenses.
      Britney’s dad should show all the expenses she pays for their kids + the child support and see what the total she spends monthly for their kids.
      Audit them all!

      • Lyla says:

        I think it’s pretty telling when he said that he deserves an increase, not that his two sons deserves it.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I think it won’t come to that. I took a look at his lifestyle with the kids, and it isn’t living large. But if that is what is needed. Maybe it will be suitable for all those involved.

      His kids are adorable by the way, and they all seem to spend a lot of time together. I just want the children to be happy and emotionally healthy. The boys look like her in some ways. I hope I get well soon or I will continue to have too much time looking at people’s IGs and playing on the internet. lol

  20. TheOriginalMia says:

    Jamie should have known this was the next step. He should have paid Kevin and moved on. But nope! He had to run to TMZ. Now, the judge may decide to have forensic accountants look at Britney’s finances. Dumb. So dumb.

    • Lady D says:

      I hope the courts check his too. Jamie can also demand an audit, right? It wouldbe interesting to see how he pays his child support. Plus, Shar(?) can take him back to court for an increase because his income will jump.

      • Unfortunately for Shar child support isn’t counted as income. On top of that Kevin apparently doesn’t work. She may be able to take him to court and have his income imputed and get support based on that. I have feeling they have an agreement and that he already pays Shar more than she’d get in court out of the support he receives from Britney, which would mean they’re all living off her and her boys.

    • Aurelia says:

      Ironic it’s jamie running to TMZ, not k-fed.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Word. TMZ is a cesspool. Why not have a proper interview? Shady. That’s why.

  21. GD says:

    I have some questions. Kevin’s first two kids with shar live with mother or Kevin, does he pay child support for them? If he does where he’s getting money from? What happens if they found out that he has been paying child support to Shar with Britney’s money?

    • bma says:

      Reportedly, he does have court-ordered child support for the two children he has with Shar. That’s why I think its more than fair that Britney asks for an accounting of the child support she pays him. He nor his wife work and he has very obvious non-comingled child related expenses he is required to pay. I don’t care how much money Britney has– she should not be expected to support the rest of his family, especially when he nor his wife work.

  22. Arpeggi says:

    CS is intended to ensure that children live a similar lifestyle regardless of with which parent they are living. Britney is making a lot of money, even if KFed was working full time as a heart surgeon, he wouldn’t come close to making as much. So she has to pay more, plain and simple because he’s the one with full custody of their kids.

    To everyone saying that she pays for nannies and the house and all that stuff that is not included in the monthly $20K, just think about it: if she (or her conservatorship) was to stop paying for all this, then her CS checks would have to increase even more because a judge would want to make sure that the kids can live in a similar fashion with their dad then what they have when they visit mommy and that would include enough money for him to hire nannies and drivers and to buy a big house for himself and his family.

    By all accounts, Kevin is a good father and even a good ex (which is extremely surprising when you think about it) and he has provided Brit’s kids stability, a good family and an environment in which they can grow up in a healthy way. That’s much more than what Britney will ever be able to give them (not that it’s her fault, she simply cannot do that). So they should just pay and move on

    • Jan says:

      Why should Britney have to pay for his other six kids because that is what she is doing??

      • Miss M says:

        To be fair, if Britney has to pay to any of his other kids, she should pay only for the first 2 because well… she got involved with a man that by all means was committed to another woman at that time. But the two youngest kids was Kevin’s messy and irresponsible decision to have them after having 4 kids already and no income of his own. Does Kevin wife work? I thought she as a teacher.

      • bma says:

        she was a teacher but she also doesn’t work.

      • Arpeggi says:

        He has 4 other kids, not 6. And 2 of them were conceived before Britney decided she wanted to marry him and have his kids. He has 2 with his current wife and those kids are Britney’s children’s siblings. They live full time together and those siblings contribute to the happiness and stability of the kids. Yes, it’s hard to separate what is paid for each kid and it would be disgusting to do that anyway (what? only Brit’s kids would be allowed to use the swimming pool? Is that how it should be? Is that how you ensure brotherly love?).

        The youngest kids are 4 and 7, so maybe the reason why the wife doesn’t work at the moment is that having 4 kids at home, including 2 that are barely starting school right now is a handful and she wants to stay at home until they are a bit older? But that still doesn’t matter when it comes to child support. One parent is a millionaire, the other isn’t and that’s all that will matter for a judge

    • Lboogi says:

      Thank you Arpeggi! I think people forget that CS at this level is to help the children maintain the same lifestyle regardless of which parent they are with. I don’t think people should assume that Kevin and his wife don’t work. The man has stayed mostly out of the media; we have no idea what he does. Also, I thought I read somewhere that the wife was a teacher or something. Either way, not the point as you said. Also, I’d like to point out that 20K is waaaaaay less than a lot of celebs worth less pay for 1 child. Usually the one receiving the money is much messier, constantly in the media, selling stories about the ex, and so forth. Kevin has been beyond accommodating and civil to Britney and her family. Just pay the man and move on daddy Spears; you’ll stiil get plenty in your cut.

      • bma says:

        but he gets a lot more than the $20k a month. All of their living expenses (house, extracurriculars, schooling, nannies, security, etc.) are paid for by Britney. The overall monthly benefit is WAY MORE than $20k a month. The $20k a month is basically just for food, which no one is arguing should be segregated from the other children. I highly doubt Britney is arguing over keeping the clothes/toys and whatnot she buys the boys at her place only.

      • Arpeggi says:

        But if the living expenses were not paid, any judge would increase child support to wayyyyy more than 20K/month to make sure that KFed would be able to afford those so that the kids have a similar life than what they could have with their mom. It might be cheaper to pay what KFed asks for than opening this can of worm

      • Olive says:

        @Lboogi people have completely forgotten that and lost sight of the fact that 20k/month is NOTHING for Britney. Yes of course it’s a lot of money to us, think of what we can do with it, blah blah blah but none of that matters here. Facts are he is well within his right to petition for an increase and if her earnings have indeed greatly increased since the figure was determined her payment WILL be going up. It’s just how child support is determined.

  23. Other Renee says:

    If they wanted to hire Keira Knightley, why didn’t they just do that? Cuz that’s who she looks like especially in the first photo. Never would have known this was Britney. Never.

    Greedy Jaime should have just paid up. KFed has by all accounts been an excellent father. If he’d been a woman and the situation reversed, how would this be discussed?

  24. HeyThere! says:

    I still stand firmly in the if it was reversed I would agree, so I have to say he has the right to ask for more. That’s what happens when the other makes a lot more money. 20k a month for someone of her financial means is nothing!

  25. Jan says:

    Incredibly stupid move on Kevin’s part because they can now demand a review of his finances. They will find out he’s been using Britney money to support the other 6 kids which is not what it is legally for.

    • bma says:

      I think the only way there will be issues is if his finances show that he’s using the $ to pay Shar child support, pay insurance/health expenses for the other kids, things of that nature. It’s incredibly hard to separate out what’s for which kids, although not impossible.

      • Bosandi says:

        This may be a silly question but I wonder how this works.
        When you apply for a loan (say a car), you can claim child support as other income from what I understand. It’s not required that you list child support but you can if you choose to. So with that in mind, could Kevin’s child support from Brittany be considered income when determining child support payments for his other children?

      • bma says:

        in my state, you include support received for other children into the calculation, but its different from your gross wages. so its a factor but its not like they say its the same as a paycheck.

      • Lady D says:

        I wonder how that works too, Bosandi. I asked the same thing when everyone thought Brandi should get an increase in child support because her ex married a rich Leanne Rimes. Brandi wasn’t entitled to an increase in CS, and I was told she had to claim any CS on her income tax. So it should count when applying for a loan and for making CS payments.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Nope. It doesn’t count as income.

      • bma says:

        Per the IRS, child support is not taxable income. Might different at the state level for California. However, spousal support is taxable income. Which is frequently why custodial parents want more in CS than they do in SS.

  26. Mj says:

    I think it’s ridiculous what Kevin is doing. Britney is paying for everything for the kids, every expense, and giving him 20,000 a month. Where is this money going? It is not Britney’s job to pay for the other kids he made. Get a job buddy and pay for your other kids with your own money.

    • Olive says:

      He is the custodial parent asking the non-custodial parent for an increase in child support as the non-custodial parent’s earnings since the payment was negotiated when the non-custodial parent was earning a lot less than they are now. And this happens ALL. THE. TIME in family court.

      I know the amount of $$ involved here is bringing up a lot of emotions but while 20k per month is a lot for us, it’s nothing to britney – and we need to keep that in mind because that’s what counts, Britney’s earnings. we can’t let our feelings cloud our judgement here when the fact is Kevin is well within his rights to ask for an increase. This is just how child support works.

  27. Sage says:

    He’s shaking her down. He mostly likely needs the money for his other kids.

    • Lady D says:

      Of course he’s shaking her down, but her income went up, so child support goes up. It’s the law and it’s fair.

      • Olive says:

        @Lady D do we just have to paste this on every comment until people get how child support is determined?? It’s getting ridiculous here

      • Aurelia says:

        Yeah I know, if you don’t like the law go contact your congressman or something. It doesn’t seem fair in this case, but it’s the law.

  28. Bosandi says:

    I agree, just pay Kevin what’s fair based on Brittany’s current income. Let the courts look at everything she pays for and they can decide the amount. As long as the children are well-cared for, there should be no issue. Period.

    I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow when you know your child support is paying for his lifestyle, his wife’s lifestyle and all the other children he’s produced lifestyle.

    The sword cuts both ways. Kevin may get paid now but when Brittany’s income drops, his child support could drop (if requested). Plus, his gravy train ends at 18. He, just like many women, will have to make adjustments accordingly.

  29. CrazyCatLady says:

    It is Britts responsibility to support her kids appropriately. Is there any question about that? No.

    I see it britts responsibility to support KFeds other 4 kids and 2 baby mamas? Nope,

    Have fun and let the audits begin. SMDH.

    • Olive says:

      to be fair Britney knew Kevin had two children when she hooked up with him and everyone knows single parents are a package deal – you take them and their kids. She can’t complain about the older two as she married him knowing he had those 2 obligations

      I guess it’s too bad for Britney that he moved on and had more kids, but that’s what happens when you divorce young!

      • CrazyCatLady says:

        Geez, yes she knew he had two kids …and they have their own mother who was a working actress at the time.

        So still a nope from me.

        When I married my husband ….yes I had more money….he had an adult daughter but I made it clear I would always sipport my husband but that my money would not go to supporting his aged parents or adult daughter…..and that if that was a problem, he should not marry me.

        Sorry but nope….i disagree completely.

  30. Sherri says:

    I guess the most important questions is are the children needing the money or is their father needing the money. If it is the father then no he should not get more money. I feel that all individuals who get child support (women included) should be audited. To often I see mothers with support buy themselves alot and the kids get very little of the support money. It is just wrong. This is about the kids and their needs not the fathers needs or his other children. As to Kevin not wanting a different style of life for his other children. There is nothing he can do about that. Once the children are 18 he will probably get no money and then his younger kids will live a much different lifestyle while Brittney’s kids will get alot of money!!

    • Olive says:

      child support is never meant to go directly to the child. it is meant to house, provide all utilities for, feed, transport, clothe, etc. a child. It is just not realistic to expect anyone to provide an accounting of how every child support penny is spent.

      child support is about making both homes for a child equal. As the non custodial parent, if Britney has had an increase in her earnings since child support was negotiated, Kevin as the custodial parent is well within his rights to ask for an increase in child support. This is how child support works. It is strictly decided for the benefit of the child. If it ends up also benefiting the custodial parent and/or the half-siblings, whatever, that’s just part of family court decisions that ALWAYS put the child first.

      the court will certainly not decrease his child support or do anything to penalize him if it also means causing disruption to the kids. Kids go first. It’s convenient for Kevin but if Britney wants to do anything she needs to quit her gigs and stop making $$ so her child support will go down as her earnings go down. That’s it.

      • Lyla says:

        But Brit is already paying for school, housing, medical, extracurricular activities, transportation, etc. in addition to that 20k.

        Her Vegas residency ended. Her new one doesn’t start for at least a year or so. Right now she only has this Kenzo gig.

      • Olive says:

        @Lyla We know that her earnings have increased since the child support figure was determined. Because of that, she WILL have to increase her child support payment if Kevin takes her to court. This is just how child support works – it’s based on what Britney earns in a year. If she earns more, he can petition for an increase. If she is earning less, SHE can petition for a decrease

        He’s being paid that 20k on top of everything else she pays for because SHE IS INSANELY WEALTHY. The idea is that her kids should have the same standard of living at both homes, so mom is insanely wealthy? Dad gets big child support checks. To keep things EQUAL for the kids. That dad also benefits and his other kids also benefit is part of it and too bad for Britney but that’s what happens when you are insanely wealthy and don’t have custody – you pay for it!

  31. Olive says:

    I love Britney.

    I do not recognize the woman in that Kenzo ad.

    It’s a shame she tore up her face. She was so cute. I know she destroyed her looks first by tanning so much but this isn’t helping, just making it worse.

  32. me says:

    Photoshop has become so laughable. I mean…wow…are they really trying to pass those pics off as Britney? We know what she looks like and that ain’t it !

  33. Doop says:

    Honestly give it to him.

    He has had full custody of the kids now for years so they are being raised in his home with his other kids all within a close enough age range they probably just all consider themselves Reg siblings and not half.
    I understand the money is for her two kids but come on now. What are the two supposed to have everything expensive and the others hand me down clothes and public school ?? He probably shouldn’t have had so many kids but Britney knew he had some when she married him and what he is..that’s on her

    Apparently he had been more then accommodating for her to see the kids in Vegas and wherever. No doubt they probably have Security at times when he is out with her two boys and possibly his other kids which affects average life. Along with paparazzi..etc

    Women get more $$ all the time and he has down the majority of the parenting

    Give it too him

  34. Argonaut says:

    “The cause for concern is that Kevin is given an increase this time, what is going to stop him from coming back the next time Britney signs another big deal, wanting a piece of that?”

    but that’s exactly HOW CHILD SUPPORT WORKS. the figure is based on Britney’s income and can change as Britney’s income does. happens every day all over the country in family court. Really not impressed with Britney trying to spin this.

    • Rachel in August says:

      It’s not just her big deals, she also rakes in millions and millions just from her perfume lines alone, of which there are many.

    • bma says:

      That’s only if the original amount was based on her income at the time, and not a number the parties agreed to. She may have agreed to a higher CS figure at the time than she legally was required to pay for many reasons (keep him quiet, for example).

  35. gentleorange says:

    I wish one of the big sites would run an article on exactly why Britney is still living under a conservatorship after all this time. It’s increasingly creepy.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      From what i have read from various news outlets over the years she has a lot of freedom around making decisions except when it comes to managing her vast wealth – that goes through her father, his lawyer and the court. Its long been reported that when her father took over her finances were dire, the various business a mess – much of her money had been drained from her spending habits and generosity to all the hanger on/enablers that surrounded her at the time. It took Jamie a long time to get things back on track.

      I also read that the conservatorship protects her and her estate from silly/frivolous lawsuits – didn’t several people try to sue her around the time of the breakdown? I recall that both Lufti and Adnan tried to sue her, her father and basically anyone associated with her estate in an attempt to extort money.

      • magnoliarose says:

        That isn’t true. She has no power to make any decisions. She controls nothing. That is PR spin to make it less distasteful that a severely mentally ill woman is still performing and making money off of perfumes and campaigns.
        Which makes me wonder if she even wants to do any of this.

    • Jussie says:

      She’s under conservatorship because she is severely, severely mentally ill and not capable of caring for herself.

  36. Shannon says:

    This poor woman; no wonder she wanted kids so much (she’d talk about it before she had either one of the boys). Someone to love her unconditionally – it really seems like just about everyone in her life, including K-Fed and even her father, see her as a cash cow. At first I thought it was sweet how her dad stepped in when she had her breakdown, but I wondered, why is he having her step right back out into the same system that broke her? I really think she wants to chill and be a mom, but she’s being made to feel she needs to support all of these other people. Who’s supporting her emotionally?

    • Aurelia says:

      I think she needed to get back to work for the sake of her mental afflictions. Routine and purpose benefits her multi ADHD and Bi-polar. And the fact that she blew through about 120 million when she was a druggie and under the influence of her fake manager.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Shannon that is exactly the problem. She still had plenty of money, but originally it was to work so she could build a nest egg to retire in luxury and recoup her losses.
        Yet 12 years later the money is pouring in when she is not even 50 percent of who she used to be.
        Reportedly Jamie gets far more than his salary because he has other titles that garner him a percentage. 6 million is what he made from the Vegas deal.

  37. madonami says:

    Serious question: Does Kevin work? Seems like he should have to at least show he’s trying to make his own income.

    Also, is it weird that this makes me angry at JT? I mean, she clearly has her own medical issues, but he’s such a dbag, and he sht on her so much, I feel like he’s partly responsible for triggering her breakdown. Douche.

    • FLORC says:

      He has worked. And I think he has revenue from investments.
      He stopped working as he was making great money because of their children. Britney was an unstable figure in their lives and Kevin needed to dedicate more time to his boys. This was always encouraged and greatly benefits the kids. I think many forget this and feel it’s a money grab to not work.

  38. Patty says:

    Jeez! I didn’t realize so many here knew the in’s and outs of Federline’s finances personally. He’s a lot of things but I don’t think he’s an idiot and neither his lawyer.

    He’s kids by Shar Jones are 14 and 15 and whatever arrangement agreement he has with her is certainly working cause you never hear anything about her or him. Also for all the talk about how Kevin just wants the money for his other kids – we don’t know even know if he is legally obligated to pay child support for those kids. (Unless Shar preciously applied for state or federal benefits – he wouldn’t be forced to pay child support unless she officially filed for it)

    And again it seems that whatever he’s been doing to support all of his kids has been working for the 8-9 years. I think if he truly just wanted extra money for his other kids he would have asked for more a long time ago.

    It’s may just be fairly simple, he wants an increase because Brit’s income has increased and that’s normal and an everyday occurrence. And since it cannot be stressed enough – 20K is not that much for someone with Britney’s income. And we don’t know what other expenses Brit has been legally ordered to pay. In this case Kevin did the absolute right thing: you go to court, gather documentation, and let the Judge sort it out. That’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

    • Nat says:

      Ok, imagine this. Britney pays for everything the boys want/need so this $20k is just pocket-money for K-Fed. As he has so many other children, that money is not enough to pay for them. Just think for a moment, Brit loves her sons to death and probably buys anything they want. She probably pays for their private school, their clothes, their toys etc. only because they have figured it out by now that mommy is the one we go to if we want something new.

      K-Fed provides for them in the most basic way – he gives them food when they’re with him.

      So K-Fed’s intentions aren’t pure at all. He also realises that the kids are growing up and they will soon be able to choose which parent they want to stay/live with and let’s face it – it won’t be K-Fed.
      Brit got super lucky with her Las Vegas deal but why does K-Fed need to get anything from it?
      Her sons will get a lot if not all – she’s probably opened trust funds for them already to secure their future.

      It’d be good if this got to the court as I’m sure Brit and her Financial Adviser/dad would be able to prove how much money they spend on her boys every single day. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept every single receipt.

      I’m full Brit-Team on this one.

  39. KiddV says:

    I’m team K-Fed on this one. Daddy Spears over-reaction makes me wonder what he’s hiding.

    • Felicia says:

      I think that if Britney is indeed paying for everything that CS normally is used for, there is probably a reason for that. Kevin seems to be every bit as bad at managing his money as she is. And while he is almost certainly entitled to an increase in CS, wording it as “he deserves more because of the sacrifices he’s made” is the sort of argument one would make for spousal support, not child support. That statement sounds to me as if he considers CS as being his “salary” for being a father to his kids. Which he probably does because it’s been set up that way, likely to ensure that the boys get a good education etc etc without the worry of whether or not KFed will blow what he’s getting on poor money decisions or dividing it between all 6 of his kids and then getting a call from the school saying your kids are going to be kicked out because their tuition hasn’t been paid. From that point of view, Daddy Spears is right in asking which needs of the boys are not being met because it serves as a reminder that CS is for the needs of the children and not a salary for being their father. I would also say that Daddy Spears wanting an audit/accounting of how that money is being spent may well be a means of ensuring that the things she pays for now continue to be paid for directly by her and taken into account. I suppose that if Kevin is up to his eyeballs in debt despite having no rent, utilities, car payments etc etc, and he wants a monthly check that includes calculations for education, transportation, housing etc while fully expecting Britney to continue to cover those expenses because he intends to use the $ for other things and knows that she won’t let her boys go without, her father is looking out for her best interests by making sure that arrangement stays in place and is taken into account.

  40. Aurelia says:

    Gad, K-ed is basically fergie, the duchess of york. Get into debt and then shake down the ex.

  41. JRenee says:

    It has been 10 years. They should have required accountability for spending from the beginning. This money is supposed to give the boys a certain standard of living.
    I think Kevin has done a good job, they appear to be stable, loved and well cared for.

    Lastly I hope dad hasn’t squirrelled away a few million here and there…