Oprah loses her lesbian diaries & treats her staff to $1 million vacation

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah is still queen of everything she touches – despite a few dings to her crown. The first ding was losing the number one spot on Forbes’s Most Powerful Celebrity list – Oprah came in second to Angelina Jolie. Soon after, Newsweek called Oprah out for what they deemed “crazy talk”, otherwise known as the shoddy medical advice Oprah promotes on her show. Newsweek used a horrible photo of Oprah too – surely, a sign of the coming apocalypse. After those two incidents, it makes sense that Oprah would want to take a little time and regroup, re-evaluate, perhaps question if her queendom is suffering.

But no queen shall go it alone! Oprah decided to treat her staff and their families (some-odd 1700 people) to an epic vacation – 3 days in Barcelona, then a 10-day cruise to Italy, Turkey, Greece and Malta. Some estimates put the cost of the whole action-packed vacation with the boss at something around a million dollars. Oprah can afford it – she is a billionaire, after all. This isn’t even the first time Oprah has treated her staff and their families to an all-expenses-paid vacation. Four years ago she treated them all to a Hawaiian trip. That must make it worth it – I’d imagine Oprah is a tough (but probably fair) boss, a taskmaster, and a perfectionist. But if you get an all-expenses-paid trip every couple of years, it’s a sweet deal.

On a less-than-queenly note, the National Enquirer is reporting a funny story about Oprah that I don’t buy in the least. I guess I’m reporting on it because I find it funny, and because the Enquirer has broken several juicy stories the past few months, so there’s a possibility it could be true. It’s based on a true story – that Oprah has kept diaries for many years. Oprah has admitted her diary-keeping on her show and in interviews. The Enquirer is claiming that the diaries are missing, and that Oprah is terrified the contents will be leaked publicly. Oprah’s scared that people will find out that she and best bud Gayle King are “more than just friends”. Hm…

Oprah Winfrey’s private diaries are missing – and The ENQUIRER has learned the most intimate secrets in them!

The talk-show queen has confided the shocking contents of her secret journals to close pals, including the admission that she and her best pal Gayle King are more than just friends who often share the same bed!

Oprah is terrified those disclosures could be “misinterpreted” if the diaries become public, sources say, and she’s worried that longtime love Stedman Graham will leave if he discovers her true thoughts.

The powerful media mogul also says she’s recently written in her diaries that her eating binges are getting worse, insiders say, and called her former protege Dr. Phil McGraw a snake who can’t be trusted!

Oprah has been writing regular entries in her diaries since she worked at a Baltimore TV station with Gayle during the late 1970s, another insider divulged.

“Oprah is frantic to get these diaries back!” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “She’s admitted she’s written some things over the years that are very explosive!”

[From The National Enquirer]

I’ll buy that Oprah writes about food in her diaries. And I’ll buy that she thinks Dr. Phil is a “snake”. But the Gayle-lesbian thing has been out there so long, enough already. I really do think that if Gayle and Oprah were really lovers, Oprah would tell us. Maybe that’s naïve of me, but I do think Oprah would do full disclosure on that topic. And if she didn’t, Gayle would. Gayle already has the soul of a starf-cker, she wouldn’t be able to keep quiet if she and Oprah really were getting it on.

Oprah is shown on 6/25/08. Credit: PRPhotos.com
Oprah Winfrey

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  1. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    I only read this story to find out what lesbian diaries were.

    I’m still not sure.

    Is it the content that has a lesbian-stance to it or are the diaries actually lesbians?

  2. wow says:

    Such small non-creative minds, those tabloids. I am so sick and tired of people who love to say some women just have to be lesbians because they are either very independent, not married or don’t have children by a certain age. It gets old. Think of something new.

    They go after Oprah because she’s a self made rich person who didn’t get her riches from “mommy or daddy” and the fact that she is still making a success of herself and helping others …all without putting on a front of having a healthy marriage and a million kids on her hip to do so.

    I think she’s very genuine and she treats her staff extremely well which is a lot more than can be said of some of the people we all work for.

    And WTH is wrong with two women or any number of women for that matter being really good friends? Why does it always have to be percieved as lesbianism? Its as if the worlds is saying all women have to hate each other and bItch about each other, otherwise we’re all lesbians.

    Oprah rocks!

  3. Aspen says:

    I have a girlfriend that I’ve been close to and cherished for over half my life. Our relationship has never been romantic. We’re both straight and happily married. I’ve slept in a bed with this friend many, many times over the years. For a year, we had very little money and pitched in as roommates in a 1BR. We slept together every night for a year! Friendship doesn’t always “lead” to something else, and implying that the loving bond of friendship isn’t “enough,” or that having such a close relationship without sex being involved would unnatural or wrong…is just plain stupid.

    I have always thought that the nasty speculation that Gayle and Oprah were “hiding something” was stupid. It’s not nasty because the speculation has a lesbian angle. It’s nasty because it implies that Oprah and Gayle are lying and that they have something shameful to hide.

    If Oprah was gay…she’d effing tell everyone she was gay. Oprah don’t give a f*** what people think. She tells US what to think. Ha ha. If Gayle was her partner in life…Gayle wouldn’t appreciate being treated like “just a friend” after this many years.

    It’s implausible. It’s mean-spirited. I just don’t get it.

  4. daisy424 says:

    Agree Aspen, when my best friend visits from out of state, we share the same bed also and we are both happily married to men.
    She used to share the bed with my ex and I also, me in the middle. Love my Cal. King!

  5. dovesgate says:

    From the same person who is buddies with a celebrity came the confirmation about TomKat’s contract was the info on Oprah – she isn’t a lesbian but she is a hard-core alcoholic and thats why she struggles so much with her weight. She eats with the alcohol and balloons like crazy.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    if Oprah was a lesbian, we’d all know because she’d tell us.

    she opened up about being abused as a child, her drug usage, her weight issues…if she were gay, she’d have come out a LONG time ago.

  7. Pammy says:

    Oprah has talked about being raped by an uncle being abused and other embarrassing things, do you really think she would hide this? She would be busy making Lesbianism cool for suburban women.

    Oprah likes to have Gail around because she trusts her to watch her back.

  8. fizXgirl314 says:

    I think Oprah is great. she’s managed to be successful despite many of the obstacles she has had to face… being female, being overweight, being a minority and coming from an abused and destitute past… we should have more women like her as examples. GO OPRAH!

  9. G. says:

    I share a bed with my best friend all the time, and we’re not gay for each other. I doubt Oprah’s a lesbian, because I’m pretty sure she’d tell us if she was.

  10. BlueSkies says:

    Aspen, rewind to Rosie O in 2001. Of course Oprah is gay. Don’t be so naive.

    It’s her own business. Leave her alone.

    I love her and her phoniness.

  11. Magsy says:

    Gail has always been her girl, so it’s not such a stretch. Doesn’t matter though. Let her have her private life. If it’s true, I don’t think even Oprah would have the courage to come out and risk alienating a sizable portion of her fan base that is conservative, and mainstream America.

  12. Dr_Venkman says:

    I wanted to comment, but Magsy pointed it all out. Hats off.

  13. ka says:

    And I’m so sick of “people can’t believe two woman can be special friends and not lesbians” LOL yea right.I see how Oprah paws every attractive woman on her show-especially blonds.For somebody who hates men predators she is just as bad a female predator,gaining confidence useing her power,woman she feels up can do nothing but feel molested by “O”

  14. ka says:

    Oh,hilarious.They just ran an Oprah commercial where she calls gay Ted Haggard a “hypocrite”..LOL she said it mean too-lol. Talk about the lesbian black kettle….

  15. Me says:

    Its about time that Oprah gets outed. Many of us have known the truth for longer than she realizes.

    Oprah is so desperate to hide the shame that she’s feeling that it meant nothing to her to support homophobic Barack Obama in the recent election. In fact, because of the “leadership” of people like Obama and Winfrey, 70% of African Americans voted against gay rights in the Nov. 4th election.

    The good news is that Oprah will discover that coming out is actually wonderful, liberating and completely freeing. Living a lie is horrible, demeaning and humiliating. Coming out will set her free. And, the process, may help the millions of GLBT Americans who Obama sees as 2nd class citizens.

  16. Wise Owl says:

    What gets me is how the Public does not realize that she is part of the creation of the NWO (New World Order)

    This is why she acquired the Discovery Channel (OWN). It’s a blueprint of controlling the people’s opinion and indirectly their minds.

    Another very good example of this is her “Book Club” This is how she has the ability to influence what people read and think. The should seriously be censored. I hope all her secrets and willful deceptions will soon be exposed.

    Anyone that can start a all girl school in South Africa (where I live) could with her Billions alleviate all poverty in the world. (where is the boy school by the way???)

    I will say nothing about the Obama connection …. As they say Oprah: “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”. You will soon go down in history as the biggest deception of all times.