Melania Trump is miserable in the treasonous hellscape of her FLOTUS life

President Donald J. Trump participates in Shamrock Bowl Presentation

Melania is complicit and unsympathetic. So does it follow that we should revel in her misery? Because chica is flat-out miserable. I’ll admit it – it’s one of the few things that does give me joy, knowing that Donald Trump has the anti-Midas Touch, and that everyone he comes in contact with gets poorer and hates their life even harder. Melania is the perfect example of that: with each day, her life becomes a deeper hellscape with no escape. I’m typing this with a smile on my face. So check out People Magazine’s exclusive on how Melania is so “furious” about how her life in the White House sucks so hard.

She always worried that the Trumps would be like the Kardashians: “What’s happening is exactly what she didn’t want to happen. They’ve literally become like the Kardashians: scandals, divorces, headlines.”

How she feels after the chaotic & messy two years: Amid all the chaos, Melania is yearning for the peace and simplicity of her pre-White House life. In September 2015, in her first major interview since her husband launched his bid for the presidency, Melania told PEOPLE that she filled her free time by playing tennis, doing Pilates and reading magazines, in addition to caring for her son Barron, now 11. A hands-on mother, Melania said she enjoyed helping her son with his homework and taking him to after-school activities.

She really misses her old life: Another source confirms that Melania loved her life before her husband ran for president. “She was able to do whatever she wanted and have her family with her much of the time,” the source says. In those days, she enjoyed spending time at her husband’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, during the week, while Trump remained in New York City. She would “shop, use the spa and have her family dine outside with her…No one was paying attention to her two years ago,” the first source says. “They went about their day. Now it’s a 24/7 tornado. She hates it.”

She’s an introvert: The source notes that the first lady is intensely introverted and a creature of habit who “just wants to do her own thing.” As PEOPLE previously reported, the couple keeps separate bedrooms at their Bedminster, New Jersey, home because Melania “wants her own privacy,” according to a source close to the Trump family. Author Michael Wolff of the bestselling Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House also said the Trumps have separate bedrooms at the White House.

She wanted a quiet life: “She’s someone that likes routine. Early to bed, early to rise, take care of herself, etc. And he’s 24/7 on TV and electronics and thinking and scheming,” the first source says. “There’s not a lot of peaceful downtime. They are as a couple exactly how you think they would be: complete opposites. So this lifestyle doesn’t work for her.”

She hates First Lady work, like roundtable discussions & making speeches: “She doesn’t have a lot to say. She’s not a conversationalist overall. With her friends, yes … But at a state dinner or with other leaders, she’s not one to step up and lead conversation,” the source says. “She’s so soft-spoken. And so she’s just looking around at everything that’s going on and throwing her hands up…She has the same opinion about everything that the public does. What is going on! Why is this happening!”

[From People]

I mean, the quiet life Melania wants is my life – I enjoy a quiet house, I enjoy doing my own thing and being beholden to no one, and I’m pretty introverted in general. This is not a case of “well Melania knew what she was getting into with this life.” At NO point did Melania ever think that she would end up First Lady. She thought she was going to be a pampered trophy wife to a businessman/reality star. Life comes at you fast, Mel. Now, all that being said… her misery does make me laugh. Does that make me a bad person? Everything is awful and corrupt and treasonous and criminal. This is my version of something light and fun: Melania Trump is miserable and she hates everything about being FLOTUS.

President Donald J. Trump participates in Shamrock Bowl Presentation

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  1. Rhys says:

    She should just help us to not let him happen for the second term. Problem solved.

    • Mumzy says:

      I’m sure Mueller would love to help her with this problem and help her get back so a quiet life. Yet again, the Trumps could bring a lot of firsts to the White House …. first FL to ever go into the Witness Protection program.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      Or you know file for divorce and move back to New York. She can cash out her jewelry and live comfortably. Any attorney with brains can make sure she gets child support for her son, we all know he wouldn’t care if she had custody of him. But of course this would mean she has to live a modest life without private jets, designer clothing, the lifestyle of the rich. That’s the rub, she wants to complain but is unwilling to do anything about her situation.

      CNN did the full interview with the Playboy playmate who had an affair with Trump last night. She can no longer go on TV and claim Stormy and this woman lied so I guess they decided to go with the poor Melania leaks. Instead of Trump is an unfaithful slut and Melania is disgusted with him.

      • Rhys says:

        @ORIGINAL T.C. – why should she inconvenience herself with divorce because he is an idiot? She enjoys his money and he doesn’t bother her in daily life. He bothers us. WE want a divorce.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:


        LOL. True dat!

      • Addie says:

        She’s waiting for him to die rather than going for the divorce. I guess the kids are waiting for that too.

      • Triplecardinal says:

        From what I’ve read, she won’t divorce him. She’ll get little to nothing. Her pre-nup allegedly stipulates that everything of worth given to her during the marriage must be returned.

        Trump, while commenting on some other guy’s contract, said derisively, “Why would you give your wife fungible assets?”

      • magnoliarose says:

        If I have to suffer, she has to suffer. End of. Join the misery. I find comfort that she has to look at his disgusting face and actually be around him. She has to smell is cheeseburger breath every day.

      • Felicia says:

        She would have to be a complete idiot to divorce him while he’s still in office and on the books at least, his only source of income is his salary as POTUS.

      • Eric says:

        Felicia, what????

        His only source of income is his Potus salary?

        Now that’s funny!!!!!!!!

        I’m laughing out loud but not necessarily with you…..

      • Megan S says:

        @ Eric – if I could interrupt your laughing at another poster for just a moment.

        I believe Felicia’s comment regarding “on the books” refers to the assertion that Cheeto in Chief made from the very beginning; that he was divesting himself of control of all of his companies and assets so that there could be no conflicts of interest between policy decisions and his (cough, cough) Empire.

        So Yes, if “on paper” that is how things are currently structured, then his POTUS salary would be what is submitted on his financial report as “income” when it comes to arranging alimony, child support etc.

        I have no idea how they are structured or what her pre-nup says…but I know Felicia didn’t deserve the outright derision for pointing this out.

      • Felicia says:

        @ Megan S: Thank you, that’s exactly what I meant. We all know he’s worth far more, but was required to divest himself of interests in his companies once he took office, on paper at least. Which means that legally, whatever income he would normally be getting is now being diverted into some sort of legal structure where he is not the owner or immediate beneficiary and won’t be until he leaves office.

        In addition, and I’m not sure how that would play out from a child support/alimony calculation, but from press releases it appears he’s actually donated his Presidental salary back to the government since he’s been in office. If he’s actually declined a salary and the “giving a check” to this or that department is showmanship, his “on the books” salary would be zero.

  2. Just Oranges says:


    No one’s point is made stronger by throwing around unrelated words, and looking unintelligent.

  3. Merritt says:

    Too bad. She chose to stay married to Trump. She has the perfect reason to divorce him right now, she just isn’t willing to give up the illusion of wealth. She knows he is broke and she won’t get anything in a divorce settlement.

  4. NameChange says:

    Good. Let them all burn…

  5. Melissa says:

    To be perfectly honest, this warms my heart…..

  6. Lala says:

    I would have felt bad for her…if it wasn’t for the some absolutely AWFUL things that she has said over the last two years…because she DIDN’T sign up for that…but when her mouth wrote those checks…welp…now she has to cash them…and the world could care less…

  7. TheOriginalMia says:

    Should have divorced him when she had the chance. No sympathies from me.

  8. Salanta3 says:

    If you haven’t already, you should read a piece called “Fairytale Prisoner by Choice: The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump” on Medium, that analyzes her Instagram. Thoroughly fascinating!

  9. grabbyhands says:


    No one forced her to go on the air BEFORE he became president and support his racist birther nonsense. She’s just as horrible as he is. The ONLY one I feel sorry for is the kid.

    You want to go back to being a useless society wife? Help get your fascist husband out of office.

  10. NoShame says:

    Like her husband, Melania is totally unpatriotic. So what if this is not the life she signed up for. Michelle Obama didn’t want that life either, but chose to make the role of first lady awesome because she LOVES HER COUNTRY!!!!

    As First Lady you have so much opportunity to make something great happen for your fellow citizens, to bring attention to things that matter, to give voice to the disenfranchised. A real patriot who loves and respects her country would understand that.

    Sorry if this is such an inconvenience to your stupid spa schedule Trophy Wife.


    • Truthie says:

      God bless it, why did you have to bring up Michelle Obama? I get teary (who is cutting onions, I am not cutting onions!) and my mind starts playing “The Way We Were” just remembering how things were a short 2 years ago. We had integrity, grace, intelligence, and the kind of beauty that shines like a beacon from within. But then I can only take maybe 4 Pete Souza photographs a day before getting horribly depressed about our current raging tire fire of an administration.

    • jwoolman says:

      Michelle Obama had the skills and drive to use the imposed role of FLOTUS to do something of importance to her. But we had no right to expect her to do anything. Her husband was elected President, not her. This whole idea of FLOTUS and getting a twofer is sexist and needs to be tossed.

      Melania is not a public speaker and shouldn’t be pushed into situations where she has to pretend to be one. Donald certainly never consulted her about running for President and undoubtedly told her that he had no intention of winning, it was just to get more $$$ for a future tv show. He appeared to be in shock himself for weeks after the election.

      In any case, Melania owes us nothing and has the right to live an entirely private life doing whatever she was doing before. I don’t care if she spends her days eating bon-bons on the couch and watching Oprah reruns. Her life is her own, she does not belong to us.

      I’m sure that her ragey narcissistic husband demanded that she back him up in public about all his vile thoughts and actions. So we have no idea what she really believes and what she doesn’t, and won’t until she and her son and her parents are safe from his vengeance. Even just joint custody would be disastrous for the child. Donald doesn’t care about raising children, but he cares enormously about vengeance.

      Extreme narcissists like Donald are well known for being charming until after the wedding. I doubt that she knew the extent of his disordered personality when she agreed to marry him. Many women have been trapped the same way.

    • Scarlett says:

      This is pretty much the way I feel about Kate Middleton and the half arsed way she performs her royal role that she stalked and waited a decade for. Both women have incredible public platforms where they could achieve so much if they could only be bothered.

  11. hey-ya says:

    ….how is she different from Jackie O…her first husband banged anything & everything…while he was potus….just get a grip…

  12. Emily says:

    What a coincidence! I hate everything about Melania being FLOTUS, too.

  13. Looty says:

    Not feeling sorry for her is one thing. Being happy she’s miserable is another.

  14. Beth says:

    Poor liddle Melania. 😢She married a sleezy scumbag that was world famous for his history of being a trouble maker, cheater and a con artist business man. If someone wants a quiet life, marrying a famous reality show host who will do anything for attention might not be a good idea. If she’s so miserable, then she can leave

  15. Neelyo says:

    ‘She has the same opinion about everything that the public does. What is going on! Why is this happening!”

    B*tch please. It’s happening because you’re husband is the biggest jackass in the universe. No sympathy at all.

  16. lightpurple says:

    She always worried that the Trumps would be like the Kardashians: “What’s happening is exactly what she didn’t want to happen. They’ve literally become like the Kardashians: scandals, divorces, headlines.”

    Did she not know who she was marrying? She’s his THIRD wife! And he wasn’t a widower!

    • jwoolman says:

      Trump is very charming when he wants to be. Very typical for a malignant narcissist, they can turn it on and off easily. Look up narcissist and “love bombing.”

      And if things were that obvious, there would be no third wives. Obviously women frequently assume that things will be different for them when they marry a man with multiple previous wives. The guy often tells them stories about the prior wives that they believe, for instance that they just didn’t understand him like she does….

  17. Lizzie says:

    i wish they would leave the kardashians out of this. i realize they are like the poster children for reality TV trash but they are about one BILLION times better business people than the trumps. they are certainly more charitable. i honestly think they are more wordly (i mean – trump has no idea there is such a thing an an armenian genocide). they have deeper faith. i can assure you if kim kardashian was president and kris was her chief of staff – the white house would run more smoothly. there would be less drama, all the important staffing jobs would be filled and we wouldn’t be on the verge of war with north korea. those are just facts.

    meliania married a man who was already twice divorced and had a litanty of financial crimes and now she’s shocked at all the scandals? GTFO.

  18. tw says:

    Girl – you wish you were the Kardashians. They actually do have money.

  19. Kimma1216 says:

    If she is so miserable, why doesn’t she just leave him? I’m sure she could get her Barron Money…

  20. lucy2 says:

    She knew who he was when she married him.
    She chose to have a child with him.
    She chose to stay, and continues to do so.
    She participated in the racist birther nonsense.
    She participated in his campaign.

    I have no sympathy for her. Her life is miserable due to her own choices. Others lives are miserable because of her family’s dirty dealings and her husband’s horrific policies. Those are the people I have sympathy for. NOT HER.

  21. Betsy says:

    I say again: I do not cheer her misery because I am not at all sure that Melania isn’t an abused woman.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      BETSY I was looking for a place to say this. I can’t stand the vapid, scheming, self-centered, lazy Melania. But I do wonder about Trump beating and threatening her. We know he is violent and hateful. She may well be an abused wife, and worried about her child. He undoubtedly knows things about her that she does not want to get out.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      Sure, that’s possible, he sexually assaulted his first wife but did not try to stop her from leaving him nor did he fight for sole custody of his children. His gripe was about her disclosing things about him, alimony and child support. He let his second wife walk too, again with her child and again she got money for keeping her mouth shut. These are all facts not speculation.

      If Melania left him taking her son, it would have no effect on his cultish 35% fan base (even murder wouldn’t), as long as she kept her mouth shut she will get her alimony and child support. Her kid is not a hostage. He has gone on the record endless times that he didn’t care about any of his children until they were adults and could understand business, again fact. If she was an illegal immigrant, I have no problems with Trump outing her as she has been outspoken against illegal immigrants with no sympathy for parents being deported and leaving their US born children parentless.

      We can make lots of speculations about Melania including that she and John Kelly are lovers, or she’s the secret connection to Russia or the leaker in the WH etc. The facts on the other hand about her situation are known based on Trump’s history. He never changes.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Is there speculation she and Kelly are a thing? Or were you being facetious? I never heard that, but it is funny. lol

      • Belle Epoch says:

        ORIGINAL TC I agree with you. But I’ve never been beaten up by a partner (and Trump’s violent fantasies are really sick), so I can’t judge. So many abused women STAY, when it’s obvious to everyone they should get out fast. The abuser gaslights them, blames them, acts contrite, turns vicious, says it’s all their fault… Women with no money feel they have no options. Why Melania would stay I have no idea. Maybe it is just for cash.

      • Jenny says:

        Original TC: How can you be so sure he raped Ivana? It was an allegation never proven true by a woman in the midst of very contentious divorce proceedings. She was negotiating her settlement, that casts some doubt on the veracity of her claim in my opinion. Trump may very well have raped her or assaulted her, he seems like a vile person, but I do think there is some room for skepticism in this case.

        As for Melania being a battered wife, that’s not my take on her at all. I think there is too much emotional and physical distance between the two throughout their entire relationship for him to be a classic abuser, ie controlling etc. Also none of his former lovers except Ivana at the time of her divorce hearings have ever accused him of being violent towards them. My take on Melania is that she is a greedy trophy wife who wanted the best meal ticket she could find at the end of her mediocre modeling career (and a green card so she could stay in the US and not have to go back to Slovenia) and she got what she aimed for. And that she will do anything not to rock the boat since she most likely has a rather poor pre-nup in the case she decides to file for divorce. Hence why she only passively-aggressivly acts out against her husband amidst the Stormy affair (cancelling the trip to Davos last minute, electing to not ride with him to the SOTU etc) instead of filing for divorce.

    • jwoolman says:

      I’m reasonably certain that Melania has been abused and threatened, using her son and parents as hostages. Just read about what spouses of such raging sociopathic narcissists go through and how they were fooled before marriage, not realizing what a monster they married until after the wedding. We just catch a glimpse of his rages occasionally. She’s had to live with them. He has a violent background and tried to actively harm others physically as a child and adolescent. He shifted to verbal abuse in public as an adult only from fear of losing his freedom. He had no qualms about slugging his first-born in college in front of witnesses, though, so he doesn’t have perfect restraint even in public. Who knows what he has done behind closed doors.

      I think people here are letting their disgust with Trump flow over into their opinion of Melania and are forgetting what a dangerous man he is to those around him. We have no idea what she really thinks about anything. Do you honestly think she would voluntarily seek out opportunities to back up her husband’s idiotic beliefs in public arenas, even if she agreed with them? She is obviously unhappy in such situations and would rather fade into the background. She does it only under orders.

  22. Ib says:

    Ugh it doesn’t make me laugh; it just makes me angry. Michelle didn’t want to be First Lady either but she recognized that she had a platform and used it for good. Good leaders are ones with the humility and selflessness to serve others. At least believe in SOMETHING bigger than yourself. I would die for the opportunity to have the platform that she does to make a difference and guide national conversations. I want to believe that most people would actually say the same, too. It’s upsetting to see someone with the ultimate platform and privilege, complaining about it.

    • Felicia says:

      Out of curiosity, how do you get that Michelle didn’t want to be First Lady? It seems like a bit of an odd thing to say about someone who is the wife of an ambitious career politician.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        President Obama had an interview on this topic and he mentioned it in his book. Michelle married a community organizer who was passionate about making a difference in society. They made a pact where she would be the bread winner for the family so he can help the community. Then he decided that he could make a bigger difference in government. She was OK with that as long as she could keep the family in Chicago and continue her job.

        But there was a timeline set where he would switch to being the bread winner and she can explore another aspect of her profession and or change in who does most of the childcare. When he decided to run for President, there was tension in their marriage as that involved breaking their pact and moving the girls from their home. I can understand Michelle’s POV because they had an actual agreement and it involved sacrificing her own professional career. To me that’s like a couple deciding not to have children then your husband changing his mind and going back on his word. But she ultimately sucked it up and made the best of the situation.

        Melania never had such an agreement with Trump per her interviewsShe met him after he had already tried running for President and knew that was his next goal. I’m sure she believed he had no chance in hell but it wasn’t a surprise. A case can be made that they agreed to their own pact where he provided her money and stuff where she would never have to do any work including charity work and in exchange she would provide him sex, a glamorous image without gaining weight and also respectability. But as with Michelle Obama, she could then divorce him or suck it up.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Michelle repeatedly said in interviews that she didn’t want to be First Lady and that she was most concerned about the effects on her daughters.

      • Felicia says:

        I would imagine that when Obama decided to run for President (or more likely was approached by people who were willing to back him to that end), he didn’t accept and/or decide without getting Michelle’s agreement first. They would have made that decision as a family, unless the man was a complete dick who considered that he could make decisions for the whole family himself without consulting his wife, which is hard to imagine.

        Does anyone really think that Trump and Melanie jointly, and after mature discussions on the potential impact on the family, made that decision together? The guy is a megalomaniac narcissist.

    • jwoolman says:

      IB- Most people are not dying for such an opportunity. I myself prefer to work behind the scenes. I would be miserable doing what Michelle Obama did. That’s for other people, not me. Takes all kinds.

      I was involved in peace-promoting projects for a number of years that required me to do a lot of phone calling sometimes and go to too many meetings. Exhausted me. Would never do it again. Took quite a toll on my physical health also. I got to the point where to keep my sanity I had to turn off the ringer on the phone and convince someone else to do the phone bit. But I have a friend who lives on the phone and thrives on endless meetings and is baffled that such things would tire me out at all. She is energized by such contacts but they just drain me. (Extrovert vs classic introvert.)

  23. Donner says:

    I miss my old life too….The one before Trump when I didn’t have to worry about my 401K, my health care and when World War III will start. But I’m sure your job is not that hard Melania. Plenty of time to read magazines.

  24. Felicia says:

    I can actually kind of empathize on this one, regardless of who we are talking about.
    Being rich is one thing, you can do that relatively anonymously and just enjoy your life. She doesn’t sound like she was trying to conquer the NYC social scene and “wield social power” so I don’t think she was trying to push herself to the forefront beforehand either.

    Being famous is a whole different story, your life doesn’t belong to you anymore. I really don’t know why anybody would want to be famous actually, being quietly stinking rich would be so much better, IMO.

  25. Green Is Good says:

    Sympathy? Yeah, nope! There’s the door, bish!

  26. Kristen says:

    Kaiser, it doesn’t make you an awful person. This is a terrible, terrible family of grifters and bottom feeders. The only thing getting me through this administration is the fantasy of seeing many of them hauled off to prison.

  27. Mira says:

    Nope, no sympathy here. If she hates her life so much, she could just, you know get the F out maybe?

  28. nikzilla says:

    Leave Melania! Run away now!

  29. ME says:

    Honestly I am not sure she’s as miserable as the press reports. There was a picture of them attending the disco party at Mar-a-lago on the night of the school shooting that actually showed them to be very much in tune. It was of them sitting in a corner & they were tenderly leaning/holding each other.

  30. JennyJazzhands says:

    I completely disagree with your assessment, respectfully of course. She did sign up for this. She married an ignorant, racist, misogynistic and horrible man for a lifestyle. She married an idiot, these are the consequences of marrying a person like that. She could have filled for divorce at any time, still can. But, she won’t for a bigger payday because she’s not some honorable person trapped in a bad situation.

  31. Ladykeller says:

    I must be the only one here that feels some sympathy for her. I used to be in a relationship with a raging narcissist. I had to agree with everything he said or he would fly into a rage. I was terrified to have a contradictory point of view because there would be hell to pay. If my ex had spouted birther crap I probably would have agreed. Melania might be scared for herself and her son. Some of us aren’t brave enough or smart enough to carve a new path. She might stay put because she doesn’t see any other option.

    • Differentview says:

      I agree with this point of view. And who says she married him or was involved with him willingly. Melania seemed to be involved with a lot of shady stuff and people. Maybe she was ensnarled in something she couldn’t get out of.

  32. Kristen says:

    Let’s remember — Melanie has agency. She can pack up her $hit and leave anytime. The Resistance may even welcome her.

  33. Anastasia says:

    The part about her being an intense introvert ALMOST got me to feel sorry for her. I’m the same, and even the IDEA of living my life under an international spotlight gives me hives.

    But as others said above, she signed up for Trump, and she’s still married to him, so she needs to suck it up.

    • Jaded says:

      I don’t think she’s an intense introvert – she was all over the New York night life scene with EZ before the presidential run, constantly being photographed and LOVING the attention. She made a Faustian pact with the devil and her so-called introverted manner is actually “what…you mean I have to actually WORK?!”

  34. Sid says:

    The longer I stare at her face the more she molds into georgina chapman and vice verse. Literally facially and there isn’t much difference between them in personality and lives either. Yes georgina left but for honest and moral reasons?

    • elle says:

      I think it’s their super-tight jawlines without even a hint of sag below.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Nope. She left because it became public. Just like Melania only cares because everyone knows now.
      Moral reasons! LOL

      • Sid says:

        That’s why I put a question mark, to say sarcastically did she regally leave for moral reasons.

        I know you despise her and I was always willing to play devils advocate with Georgina but not anymore but it shows I’m open to changing my mind and I might again if more info comes out. I don’t think you would. It seems like you have inside info of her or have had a personal experience based on your previous comments on her. Hope you can tell us something.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I was angry with G for being complicit and then behaving as if she was a major victim and that she was more concerned with the label than anything else. It was tone deaf when it isn’t even true. Whatever my personal issues were I let them go. So many feelings were raw at that time and the carnage from Harvey too much to absorb.

        At this point, though, after perhaps finally understanding due to the disastrous attempt to show at NYFW, she sees that it is over. Everything connected to Harvey is tainted, and the label name can never recover. I have no idea who is giving her advice, but it is crap advice. Her crisis management team is a clueless waste of time and money.

        She only needs to lay low and quietly make some plans for her future. No one is really angry with her anymore, but her timing has been cringe. This is a golden opportunity to let time do the work that words can’t, and I hope she makes it a policy NOT to talk about Harvey. She can break her silence in a few years if she wants but if she didn’t talk about it, no one would blame her. A lot of people have regrets and wish they could do it over and choose better, but life isn’t like that. I happen to know there isn’t a lot of truth telling going on publicly by a lot of people and there is no reason she should carry the burden for life. It isn’t like she held power here. Already she has two children to think about. She lost the company that she worked for and believed in, and she will be attached to Harvey for life one way or the other. So it isn’t like she escaped unscathed.

        Most times I don’t root against women unless they are the ones who are directly responsible for the situation and it is their actions that cause harm. She deserves a chance to move on. She should start a new company, new name, start with something in fashion but not reminiscent of Marchesa. Like jewelry or focus on bridal or children’s wear. There is room for her to be welcomed back and supported. Women love a kick the a-hole to the curb and rise from the ashes newer and better than ever story. She’s very attractive, young enough and once she is no longer even remotely connected to Harvey, a perfect candidate for redemption. It has to involve a fresh start though. She could easily pull a Liberty Ross and find someone so she can keep the lifestyle she is accustomed to having. Just saying.

        Somewhere along the line, a more thorough and compassionate response would go a long way.

        Lengthy post but I wanted to be clear.

  35. CrazyCatLady says:

    That old cliche applies here. If you marry for money, you earn it.

    I’m sure she renegotiated her prenup to stay through his POTUS tenure. So clearly If you STAY married for money, you REALLY earn it.

    Her choice. She can walk if she chooses, she’ll just leave cash on table. No sympathy from me, but no shade either.

  36. isabelle says:

    She will no doubt gonna divorce him and after stormy Daniels interview this weekend, I’m hoping its while she is still in the WH.

  37. Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

    I laughed when I saw the picture of her with her spouse/louse on the White House balcony. They were snowed in and couldn’t ditch the winter for Florida so they tried to play happy family in a photo op. Sadly, with all the mistresses and assaulted women in the headlines none of it comes across as believable. You can’t make lemonade out of yellow snow. But the Deplorables will still drink it.

  38. isabelle says:

    He conned Melania just like he has lied to all of the women in his life. His first wife said when they met he was charming, she felt loved and she fell for him. Other women have said this as well, he was charming and then bam. The playboy number gazillion that came out yesterday said he was very charming and she “loved him” but he didn’t love her of course. I’m always shocked at the hate toward Melania because she married a con man and an ABUSER. He has actual physical claims of abuse & rape against him. A predator & sexual harasser of women. He lied to her just likes he lies about every thing else. Abusers come in many forms and they use different tactics to get what they want so they can control. Even if she is a “gold digger” Trump manipulated that to gain her trust. Trump uses his money and power to abuse those around him.

    She will no doubt gonna divorce him and after stormy Daniels interview this weekend, I’m hoping its while she is still in the WH.

  39. Taxi says:

    I think she’d like to take Barron & leave but is afraid to. Since her parents are on the gravy train, they are not likely to help her with the logistics of departure. She’d need some cash, because I doubt DT would give her access to Mar-al-Lago & maybe not to the NYC penthouse either – as she has probably doesn’t have any ownership interest in it. She’d need a lawyer willing to oppose the current occupant of the White House, which might not be easy if she hasn’t got money or equity for a very big retainer fee. She’s also got a kid with either learning disabilities or a place on the spectrum.
    Maybe she’s been quietly selling off jewelry on the q.t. or old clothes on poshmark? It takes money to leave. I “left without permission” decades ago. Everything was my spouse’s separate property & I wasn’t authorized to use any of his credit cards or bank accounts. Took me a year to scrape up enough money to hire a (cheap) lawyer. If a wife is on title to any real property, she signs a promissory note secured by the property & can retain a lawyer & move forward. Otherwise, it’s very difficult without money of her own.

    I’m certainly no fan of this woman (magazines? not enough pictures in books?) Her husband is vile, unprincipled, dishonest, immoral, vengeful & maybe mentally disturbed, but leaving a powerful guy who could send dozens of men to drag her back, with a kid, no place to go, few or zero powerful friends of her own, no help from her relatives, etc., is beyond her capacity now. He’d cut off her credit the minute she tried. Katie Holmes got away from Tom with her lawyer-father’s help + lots of advance logistics already in place.

    Maybe living in a very big house surrounded by staff & avoiding him as much as possible is the best she can do for now. We all know he only married Marla because she was pregnant & that 2nd marriage was doomed before it started. Mel probably didn’t know how awful DT was when she married him & thought she could just be a trophy wife. She’s certainly not alone in that fantasy but it’s definitely morphed into a nightmare now & I do feel some sympathy for her as an accidental flotus in a position she never wanted. She also didn’t grow up in this country & can’t possibly have the same appreciation for the significance of the job that we expect. Michelle Obama set a very high bar, certainly the most impressive one since Eleanor Roosevelt.

  40. adastraperaspera says:

    Good. She is a user who “married” a user. She has zero notion of the ideal of service to her nation or any other worthwhile cause. She and the Trumpkins are the antithesis of role models.

  41. Lisa says:

    LOL her happiest times were away from him, that comes as no surprise.

    I don’t know anything about Melania, but as someone who values alone time and likes to just do their own thing, I would fucking hate being in her position. Even worse if I had to be married to Anus Mouth.

  42. frankly says:

    If she gets tired enough maybe she’ll trip something to end it.

  43. Barb Hansen says:

    Melania is the perfect example of, “if you marry for money, you’ll pay for it forever.”

  44. MoAnne says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. She knew what she signed up for with this d-bag. She can go cry in her gold-plated cereal bowl.

    It’s the rest of the country that will REALLY suffer–people will lose health care & DIE due to Trump defunding Obamacare, taxes going sky high for people in California, New York & New Jersey who won’t have the money to pay for it, people losing jobs due to the dumb trade war Trump started, soldiers losing their lives due to Trump’s decision to play war games in the middle east, cuts to social programs, like Medicare, schools, veterans, etc. Meanwhile, the rich–like Melania–will be rolling in even more ill-gotten money.

    To me, she’s Marie Antoinette. And I really don’t care if it all ends badly for them, either. She’s an adult, not a child. She can leave.

    I also wonder what is wrong with her head to expose your child to this kind of an abusive environment. There’s no doubt in my mind that Trump is a vile person with his family at home, as he is with others who work for him or those that contradict him. Marla Maples took off and tried to limit the exposure that Tiffany had to Trump. While I’m not sure if it worked, it seems like Tiffany might have a better chance of being a well-adjusted than the other Trump children. The three oldest children are just ghoulish impersonators of Trump. Let’s hope that Tiffany & Barron can outlive the curse…

    • imqrious2 says:

      Maples didn’t “take off”. She was tossed out, well before the mark where he’d have to pay substantially more in a divorce. He also didn’t want much to do with her or Tiffany. Marples also had a hard time trying to find any work in NY, so she moved them both to LA. From everything I read, Dump didn’t see much of Tiffany as she was growing up.

      • MoAnne says:

        Really? The story I read has Marla leaving Trump? Guess I’m wrong. Or, it all depends on who is telling the story? God knows you’ll never get the full truth from these people….

        Also, I remember an awful story told by Ivanka about how Trump treated Marla. One time, Trump, Marla, and Ivanka were supposed to leave for a trip together. Marla was late, and Trump signaled for the plane to leave without her. Ivanka then saw Marla running towards the plane, and begged her dad to stop. But, Trump said no, and the plane took off. Ivanka turned this story into some sappy life lesson about being on time. Whatever you have to tell yourself, sweetheart…The real lesson is dad doesn’t just love to humiliate the people who work for him, but also his own family. What a complete tool…

      • magnoliarose says:

        Marla found out he was divorcing her from reading it in the newspaper. He consistently humiliated her to the end. Even now he says I had two good wives and said the 1st and Melania. He still disparages her.
        There have been several articles about it and one in Vanity Fair among other publications.

  45. Tallyhoo says:

    It’s an interesting contrast to our previous two first ladies, who by all reports were also not eager for their husbands to be public figures, or be public figures themselves, but both were acutely aware of the larger implications of their role as first lady and grew to embrace it. Melania Trump’s world view just appears to be much narrower: she cares about her family but doesn’t appear to have strong feelings about the world, or the country, beyond that.

  46. Shannon says:

    I do have some measure of sympathy for her; I keep wondering if Dotard has something over her head? Maybe he’s threatened to have her parents deported? Or even her, if her immigration wasn’t entirely above-board. I keep wondering if it’s something like that, because otherwise, I can’t see any reason why she would stay. With Hillary and Bill, clearly there was/is some love there. Melania really seems like she can’t stand Donald at this point.

  47. erbs says:

    She should take her platform as FLOTUS and run with it.

  48. jferber says:

    Although I have no sympathy for her, I also take no joy in her misery. I wish I could. I liked the comment above that she is an example of an immigrant doing it the right way by being white. That is some heavy-duty truth wrapped in tragic irony.

  49. Jag says:

    Melania on TV Show, ‘The View’ show us you Bith ceticaate, Donald will go after anyxone that attacks him.
    And even the ones that ignore him, so she knew he is a bully.
    Folks get real, Melania likes playing dress up, that is why she is not going anywhere.
    Not much difference between her and Stormy Davis, except she got a ring.

  50. Skippy says:

    To be honest, I never give her or the rest of Trump’s family or anyone who aligns themselves with him a thought. If whoever is not happy, too bad for them. I don’t care.
    Basically I am just patiently sitting on the curb, sending good vibes to my buddy, Bob Mueller. 😘

  51. Trying Again says:

    No Sympathy Whatsoever.
    She helped unleash a monster on the world and all Melania cares about is herself and her son.
    Selfish lady.

  52. Jules says:

    She may not have signed up to be First Lady but she did sign up to marry a corrupt, narcissist, obnoxious creep. No tears for her.

  53. madonami says:

    1. “Melania Trump is miserable in the treasonous hellscape of her FLOTUS life.” Good.

    2. Sweetie, *the Kardashians* are better people than y’all.

  54. Parigo says:

    Stormy will set her free. It’ll give her every justification for a divorce. You made a mistake Melania, now just own it and run!

  55. Texasho says:

    Melania is simply one of the casualties in this whole DT debacle. There’s simply no way out for her because if there was, she would have been gone by now. Think of the nightly hell this woman must endure thinking about her life, her son’s life, and the trap she is caught in. Admittedly she was a gold digging hor, but never could have foreseen this. It’s quite tragic, not only for her and Barron, but the entire world – who is currently laughing at the US.

  56. jana says:

    When you sell your soul (or in this case) vagina to the devil, you have nothing but your millions to comfort you…proof positive that money alone can’t make you happy.

  57. Marianne says:

    I feel sorry for her and don’t glory in her misery. I hope she leaves him.

  58. Bettyrose says:

    Uuuuuuggggghhhhh!! I’m a huge introvert. Would love a life of pampering and privileged anonymity. But two things I wouldn’t do: 1) Spend my life with a monster if I had the option of leaving. 2) Stay silent when my testimony could save – literally – the world.

  59. Deeana says:

    They dated for a good long time before they married so she surely got the gist of him prior to marrying him. And there was a time prior to marriage when they “broke up” and then later reconciled and married. So what was that about? Hmmm?

    I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Her dumbed down interview in support of him after the pussygate video came out made me sick. I lost all respect for her at that time.

    If she was all that unhappy she would move back to their “gold” apartment in New York. You know, the one Trump was apparently so proud of that he took his Playboy bunny girlfriend to see it when Melania wasn’t home. What a friggin’ jackass!

    I wonder how many of his girlfriends that so called “charmer” strolled through his wife’s bedroom?

    • jwoolman says:

      Look up “love bombing”. Many women have been fooled by malignant narcissists. They change some time after the wedding but keep the charm up before.

      People here are so horrified at Trump’s distorted personality and bad actions that they forget he really can be charming and does routinely make people like him. He makes me cringe, whether wearing his Grinchy grin or familiar scowl, but my radar is apparently more sensitive than most. So I don’t understand it either, but I’ve heard reasonable people say he was fine in person when they had to deal with him, and look at those people who voted for him and at the rallies. He entertained him and they loved him. They could have had the same bad, selfish, and cruel policies from other Republicans, but they gravitated toward Trump. He’s like my cat’s anal gland discharge – it smells awful to me, I just want to get rid of it when I smell it (hence the stock of Smells Be Gone). But other cats are attracted to it, act like she smells so wonderful, and want to lick her butt to get all the gooey goodness out of any traces (likewise for drops spilled elsewhere, which is actually helpful).

      Anyway, Anal Gland Discharge’s first wife Ivana isn’t stupid, and he turned on her eventually also. He was never committed to Marla and seems to routinely forget their daughter Tiffany exists, so it’s hard to say what her timeline was with him. Melania does not seem as smart as Ivana, though, and would have been easier to fool. She also needed him to get herself and her parents here, which adds another dimension besides looking for financial security (which women have been marrying for since forever).

      I think Trump is incredibly dangerous in person when he thinks he can get away with saying or doing anything. Hopefully the presence of the Secret Service puts some restraints on him now. He always pinged my creep radar, but now I hear nothing but “Danger, danger, Will Robinson!” when I see or hear him. He was violent even as a young child, lobbing rocks at the toddler next door, or later beating up younger children in his neighborhood. He hasn’t really changed – he himself has said he is basically the same person now as when he was six. I wouldn’t trust him around my cats.

  60. Ain’tNoTelling says:

    I had sympathy for Melania until I saw her interview on ABC, where she spouted out birther crap.

    I have no doubt she hates her husband and her current life as FLOTUS.

    If it is unbearable as she claims, she needs to get a divorce. No one with a good head on their shoulders will belittle her for doing so.

    Divorce the a-hole, NOW. Then perhaps, she can walk out with her head held high, and perhaps people will rally around her.

    Until then, too freakin’ bad. This is what happens when you marry a TRAITOR, a liar, a cheat, and a thief.

  61. puravidacostarica says:

    I just can’t get the image of ET out of my mind when I look at that picture with her standing behind Trump. With the long neck and alien eyes, she could be mistakenly for a taller ET with a wig on.

  62. LindaBelcher says:

    Every time there is a “poor Melania” headline, I can’t help but think of the old adage “When you marry for money, you wind up earning every penny,” lol.

    I don’t feel sorry for her. Her job was landing a man with money. She did and now she has side work as being the First Lady because her husband is an insane megalomaniac. Thems the breaks.

  63. Lola Lola says:

    This woman is the living example of “you made your bed, now lie in it.” She knew exactly what she was getting into in marrying that cretin and she hasn’t left. So can we please stop trying to feel sorry for her??? She is not a prisoner. She stays cause she likes the money, notoriety, perks etc. Simple as. Ok people. Move along. Nothing to see here…

  64. Mrs Odie says:

    FLOTUS is a job. Melania married a decades older ugly rich man so that would be her ONLY job. Now she can’t just enjoy the perks of her trophy wife job. NO wonder she’s mad.

  65. JJP says:

    And yet as bad as he is he’s still not..

  66. why? says:

    Melania comes across as just as cruel and unkind as her husband. What did she say when her husband verbally attacked Mika simply because she called the Dotard out on his bad behavior? Melania felt that he was justified. What was Melania’s response when her husband’s victims came forward? Melania said that these women’s stories should not be believed until they have gone through the court system. What did Melania say when her husband bragged about grabbing women inappropriately? She said it was locker talk. What was her response when her husband attacked the mayor of San Juan simply because she asked for help? Silence. What was Melania’s response when her husband called Elisabeth Warren Pocahantas? Silence. What was her response when her husband removed regulations and programs protecting women? Silence. What was her response when her husband claimed that Obama was born in Kenya and that therefore invalidates his presidency? She went right along with it, parroting what he said. Why would anyone feel sympathy for Melania? She isn’t miserable. Just think of how much she, her parents, and sister have profited from being married to the President of the US. Melania loves all the attention she gets from the press, it’s why she went out of her way to wear heels when visiting hurricane stricken areas.

    Melania isn’t an introvert. She has her own room because her husband’s expiration date for his wives is 35 years old. It sounds like Melania didn’t like how she came across in Karen’s interview and ran to PM to do damage control. It’s interesting how everyone in the WH leaks positive stories about themselves.