Andy Murray played a game show in bed for Sport Relief: surprisingly hot?

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I used to not find Andy Murray attractive in the least. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, and Murray has been out of commission from tennis for the better part of the past year. I find that I really miss him, I miss his grumpiness and his whinging from the baseline. I also have to say… he looks better now than he did eight years ago or so. He’s filled out, his hair is charmingly fuzzy, his arms are bigger and sexier. All of which to say, I was really, really hot from Andy Murray in this charmingly silly Sport Relief video. Sport Relief is a British charity which gets famous celebrities and athletes to come together and do silly things, dumb skits, weird videos and more, all to raise money. Andy Murray does something for Sport Relief every year, and this year was an instant classic: he’s woken up by a camera crew entering his hotel room in the middle of the night, and he’s forced to participate in a ridiculous “game show.” He’s shirtless and rumpled throughout. And sexy, right?

Murray is, by all accounts, happily married to Kim Sears and the proud father of two young daughters. But I would hit it like a screen door in a hurricane. What’s the best part? I think it’s when he recognizes Tim Henman by his smell. But the Ginger Spice part was quite sexy too! Especially since he knows all the words to Spice Girls songs.

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  1. Bobo says:

    Um… NO.

  2. Alyse says:

    Not physically attractive to me, but his sense of humour is appealing.

  3. Digital Unicorn says:

    He is well known as a really really nice down to earth guy with a great sense of humour who takes no BS with a blunt communication style but he is Scottish like myself and we are known for being direct. He is also very well liked within the tennis community and with the fans.

    The part with Geri Horner and the spice girls songs was brill.

    Given that the March for Our Lives was yesterday and that he is a survivor of the Dunblane shooting am a little surprised he never made any public statement on it.

    • Bex says:

      I’m not surprised. He’s spoken about it in depth publicly only once, in that BBC doc around the first Wimbledon win, and he got so upset that he had to cuddle his dogs and barely got the words out. Judy has said on many an occasion that Jamie can be more open about Dunblane but Andy never speaks of it. What an awful day that was.

      He’s a lovely guy who has really grown into himself. I hope he can get that hip sorted soon, I’ve been missing him on the tour.

    • hindulovegod says:

      He’s talked about the massacre a few times over the years, as has Judy Murray. I imagine it was overwhelming for a small child and remains very difficult to discuss publicly.

      • xdanix says:

        He has spoken about it on a very few occasions, the most recent being his documentary, but it’s obvious he’s still very impacted by it- he could hardly say a few words without crumpling. It was very sweet and moving to see him bury his face into his sweet little dog. He’s a very private guy, so he never really likes to open up much about his life away from tennis anyway, but I could see that kind of pain being awfully hard to openly talk about for even the most outgoing of people, let alone a guy who is quite shy.

        I think I also read that quite apart from not liking to talk about it as it’s still so raw for him, there’s another reason too- he still knows people and friends from Dunblane, not just people who were there with him and his brother, but also people who lost people that day. If he did open up about it, it would undoubtedly become a big story, and apparently he’s very hesitant to possibly add to that pain.

  4. Snowflake says:

    Uh no, not sexy. Too pale, I don’t think he’s attractive.

  5. magnoliarose says:

    He has my preferred body type for men. Tall, lean and athletic. But it is his personality that would win the day. He’s not a dumb jock type or uncomfortable with his masculinity. His support of feminism and I loved when he corrected the reporter about Serena.
    My husband and one of my stepchildren are tennis fanatics. It is one of my favorite sports too, but they are in another league so as a result we watch a lot of tennis and like going to tournaments.
    I never cared much for Henman’s style of play, but the part where he guessed it was him was adorable.

  6. Rumi says:

    I thought it was Andrew Garfield for a second

    • K. T. says:

      LOL! Omg, I can never unsee this now, didn’t notice before but you are right, he kinda looks like Andrew Garfield.
      I totally would go there with the gruff Andy. Don’t know why! When Geri looked under his sheet, yep, I wanted to know if he was wearing pants too. **hides face*

  7. xdanix says:

    Bless Andy Murray. He’s such a shy guy, but he’s usually up for mostly anything when it comes to contributing for charity, no matter how they’re making fun of him. He’s usually the first one to laugh at himself! I heard one of his friends say once (I think it might have been James Corden?) that what the media and the public perception never used to understand was that he takes his TENNIS incredibly seriously, but he doesn’t take HIMSELF seriously at all. I thought it was the perfect description, and it’s sad that more people don’t get it. (I think more do, nowadays, but there’s no convincing some people!)

    I don’t think he’s particularly attractive in THIS, though I have seen photos of him where I’ve thought he’s surprisingly good-looking for a guy who’s not really perceived to be. He’s definitely gotten better-looking as he’s got older (and tamed the hair a bit!!)
    I agree with magnolia rose though- it’s his personality. He just seems like such a kind, funny, intelligent dude, and just such an overall nice, GOOD guy (and I mean that in the very best sense of the word) that that makes him attractive, not anything to do with his looks.

  8. JJP says:

    I’ll have to think about it.

  9. JeanGenie says:

    Yes, he’s hot. Not Rafa of Monfils hot, but definitely “not kick out of my bed” material.

  10. MisJes says:

    People with talent ARE sexy – I have so much more respect for Andy than I do for actors who just play dress up for a living.