Angelina Jolie is quietly dating a handsome, older-looking real estate agent?

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Tabloids like In Touch Weekly, Star and Life & Style have been trying to make “Angelina’s New Man!” happen for months. The rumors are always pretty shady, the mystery man is never named, and Brad Pitt is usually “relieved” that Angelina is moving on. While I have fun with those stories, let’s be clear: they are bullsh-t. Now, I will believe Entertainment Tonight’s reporting though. ET is one of the outlets with solid sources and good relationships with publicists. And now ET is saying that Angelina has been dating, and they even loosely ID the guy: he’s a real estate agent! Presumably in LA?

Looks like Angelina Jolie is slowly moving on. A source tells ET that although “it’s not serious,” the 42-year-old actress is “seeing” someone, marking her first potential relationship since calling it quits from her estranged husband, Brad Pitt, in September 2016 after two years of marriage.

“Brad and Angie are both very secretive about their dating life. Angie has told some friends she isn’t ready to date, but she has been seeing a handsome, older-looking man who is a real estate agent,” the source claims. “He isn’t a celebrity or high profile in any way. Angie was in a very bad place after [her] split [from Brad]. Just having another adult to spend time with has been helpful.”

The source says that Pitt has also moved on, and any possibility of him getting back together with Jolie is highly unlikely.

“People talk about them reuniting, but it will never happen,” the source tells us. “Things between Brad and Angie really ended poorly, and while they’ve attempted therapy with the [six] children [they share], they can barely be in the same room together.”

ET has reached out to Jolie’s rep for comment.

Despite the highly publicized breakup, Jolie appears to be enjoying her day-to-day life. In addition to her job as an actress, filmmaker and humanitarian, the brunette beauty has been spending a lot of quality time with Shiloh, Maddox, Vivienne, Zahara, Pax and Knox, the six kids she shares with Pitt. While Jolie has seemingly started to become comfortable on her own, Pitt (who’s notoriously private), has become a changed man, going out more and enjoying time with close friends, an additional source told ET on Monday.

“He has made changes in his life since the split,” the source said. “When they first split, he spent a lot of time at home and was often very down about what was going on. He was a homebody for many months, but in the last month or two, he’s been going out more. He enjoys going out to eat with close friends. He’s very private about who he’s seeing, but he does continue to casually date,” the source added. “The women he sees are not in the public eye.”

[From ET]

“A handsome, older-looking man who is a real estate agent…” I’m picturing someone who looks like Pierce Brosnan. While I love Pierce Brosnan, I can’t really see that kind of man with Angelina. But it’s funny how your tastes change over time, right? Angelina had the hipster “bad boy” Englishman (Jonny Lee Miller, who is a doll and really not a bad-boy), she had the much-older “bad boy” man (Billy Bob Thornton) and she had Mr. All-American, sun-kissed People’s Sexiest Man Alive (Brad Pitt). Now what kind of guy does she really want? Just someone who can talk to her like an adult, someone who has their sh-t together, someone with his own career, someone NOT in the industry. I approve.

As for Brad and Angelina never ever getting back together… honestly, it’s for the best. I believe that they can’t even stand to be in the same room together as well. Even during her interviews last fall, Angelina still seemed like she was still so angry and disgusted with him.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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  1. Kimma1216 says:

    Good for her! I truly think she deserves happiness..

    • V4Real says:

      Isn’t this like the third person she’s been said to be dating in like the past couple of weeks?

      • LetItGoo_ says:

        Which is how you know it’s bs.

        How to tell when a story is a plant from the Brad camp:

        1) The “unnamed source,” in a story about Angelina, always knows more about how Brad is getting on. It’s always presented positively, and ‘the plane incident,’ and alcoholism is never ever mentioned.

        2) There’s always bs stated about how Brad is a “changed man,” again always in a positive social way, like Angelina had him tied up in the basement and he had no friends (this same tact was used when he split from Aniston, assorted friends weighed in to say he was “back to himself again” and they could actually come around because Angie was much cooler than Aniston).

        Oddly enough, these pieces never attribute Brad’s “changed man” status to therapy, rehab and him getting cleaned up and sober after drinking and getting high for the last 40yrs. It’s changed man because the wife is gone.

        All these stories about Angie dating are designed to make it seem like she’s moved on before Brad, as Brad of course was notoriously burned by the Aniston camp on that score. (‘Waaaah he has no sensitivity chip..oh Opraaaaah, he didn’t mourn our marriage…he’s a devil being led around by a demon…waaah…I was left behind..ALONE!!) Yea Brad’s not doing that again, he’ll invent an Angelina engagement and impending marriage in the rags befor– oops, yup…see…he did this a few days ago. Lolol

        These pieces are so obvious.

    • citney says:

      I agree Angie deserves the best, but as for Angie and Brad not even being able to be in the same room, that’s nothing but tabloid sh*t. No one knows what goes on in their family therapy sessions.

      Who knows, Brad may come out of this stronger and acting more like a sensitive adult who for once does not put himself first. Stranger things have happened.

  2. Millenial says:

    Is Angelina still interested in women? It’s been a couple decades since she was with Jenny Shimizu, but I could still totally see her being with a woman as well.

    • i, pet goat 2 says:

      I mean, sexuality is so fluid, maybe she’s oscillating more towards the male end of the spectrum these days. But I would love to see her in a public relationship with a woman, too.

      • Rumi says:

        That would be interesting, as long as she’s happy and the partner whoever it is brings more positive energy to their family.

        Minus the kids part, I am convinced that Jen and Brad are the male and female version of each other.
        (when he’s not in shape shifting mode)
        I am curious to see who Brad ends up with only to see who he’ll shape shift into.

    • citney says:

      There has never been any gossip about Angie and a woman since Jenny almost 20 years ago.

      If you’re thinking Angie leans toward women because she had a relationship with Jenny, you’re going to have to include all the women in Hollywood for the same reason.

  3. Veronica says:

    At her age? With that many children? I’d say stability and reliability become increasingly attractive with partners. The glamour of youthful indiscretions has faded.

    • anna222 says:

      Yes! Stability, reliability and someone who has their own life and can cope with not being number one priority. Those three qualities together are basically the unicorn of single parent dating.

  4. Michelle says:

    Don’t believe anyone from Angelina’s camp is talking to ET. Still remember when they said she gave birth to twin girls and even had their names. They stood by their story, until they obviously were caught lying. Yet they refused to apologise. No one close to Angelina is talking to anyone.

  5. Mary says:

    Good for both of them, they’ve moved on.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I feel bad for anyone who publicly dates either of them, that’s going to be quite a media circus to jump into. The tabloids will rip them to shreds.

    “Pitt (who’s notoriously private)” – funniest part of the whole thing. The guy who won’t stop putting out Poor Sad Brad stories? The guy who talked about his partner and kids endlessly when promoting his work? The guy who put private family photos in a magazine? Yeah, he’s notoriously private.

    • Milla says:

      Pitt is private? So much for the sources…

    • Welp says:

      He only became private after CPS and FBI had to investigate his family because of his actions. People /tabloids forget that BIG part of the story.

      • Maya says:

        Yep – only when people started to hear about his pathetic behaviour on that plane, he suddenly stopped the media attack on Angelina.

  7. Krill says:

    Oh please. She is buying a house, thats all. Any man she is seen with more than twice will now be considered a bf.

    • Bettyrose says:

      LOL! Well..that is a logical reason to be seen around town with a real estate agent.

    • kate says:

      Imagine being a real estae agent, showing some houses to Angelina Jolie. And the next morning, you are, according to the tabs, planning to marry her and become a step-dad to six children. Someone must have had quite the surprise!

    • Welp says:

      She already bought her house. Let her live and date if she wants to. after the stress and hell her ex has put her through she deserves a nice man.

  8. Candies says:

    If so good for her and him. They both need to start living as they chooses. life must go on. I do believe he as man will have easier time than her. It shouldn’t be all about past drama and the over dragged custody deal imo
    Also putting your kids picture at birth doesn’t make you not private. Brad is totally private. He only gives very little about himself actually. Its very important to tell your status of situations after big drama especially than let assumption and gossip feel the space. You shouldn’t forget they are public figures all together.

    • Welp says:

      Umm, he’s done more than use the kids pix. I can list a lot and not just photo-ops but interviews. If he was sooooo private we wouldn’t know anything about his family- not Angie and kids- his parents and siblings. We wouldn’t know why his first marriage ended. We wouldn’t know a lot of what we know about him.

      All of a sudden he’s private because he doesn’t have custody and still has supervised visits.

      Angelina deserves a good man after the stress of a Pr controlled narcissist.

  9. Welp says:

    No comment on Brad Pitt still having supervised visitation and not getting overnights with their kids? This is all distraction from the custody case Brad is losing.

  10. mannori says:

    Lainey is throwing serious shade on the timeline of these leaks. I know, Lainey has her own fixations and not always clean reasons to imply things, I think she’s very much PR friendly, but sometimes if you read through the lines of her sh*t she gets things right and in this case I think Brad is playing the game hard.

    • roses says:

      Saw that as well on Laineys site and it definitely makes me think twice about this whole story ET has put out.

    • Sage says:

      Brad has to start promoting his movie soon and I bet he would prefer to do it with a woman on his arm. A new relationship would give the tabs and gossip media something to spin. New movie, New beginnings, new love…all about moving forward happy and healthy.

    • LadyT says:

      Jolie is praised for her PR game but with Pitt he is up to no good? They BOTH use PR well. That’s just part of the celebrity life. If either or both are interested in a romantic partner at this point I wish them well.

  11. Candies says:

    talking about their small kids is something Most parents do as regular people and movie stars in promotion. I don’t see how that’s very bad ..
    The fact is positive story rarely sells and get clicks as much as neg dramatic story. The sites doesn’t like i bet too.
    Also if he gain or lose custody at this point it won’t be a big deal as you think IMO because it was dragged too long and it will be like he tried to fight for them and the kids should know daddy didn’t abandon them like say Tom c stories etc… You must think also the counter answer. Not that I think he will.
    And Pls it doesn’t matter who left who at this point either…

  12. Amanda says:

    I’ve read somewhere she mentioned in a print interview that she misses being adventureous (like flying and doing cool stuff) and that she thinks it’s time to do those things again which I agree. She used to be this sexy and beautiful woman who’s a bad ass without trying and with Brad she became boring. So I’m looking forward to this fun Jolie again now that she dumped Pitt.

  13. shellie says:

    I’m with Lainey on this one

  14. lunchcoma says:

    Or she’s meeting with a real estate agent because she’s buying and selling some property.

    I don’t object to her dating someone like this if it is true, but I’m pretty skeptical about stories about who Angie is dating. A lot of them end up being creative writing pieces with almost nothing to back them up.

  15. Adorable says:

    I don’t believe “They can’t stand to be in the same room” ,when she gave That Hollywood reporter last year she sounded like someone passed that anger & she mentioned Brads name with ease & without hesitation(Granted she’s an actress but I truly believe she realizes she has to be “ok”with the father of her kids.And I do believe she maybe seeing someone God knows she deserves A REAL MAN!

    • KBB says:

      I also have a hard time believing there is that much animosity between them a year and a half later. I mean they may not be chatting and having coffee together, but the idea that they can’t be in the same room is a little extreme.

    • Veronica says:

      I don’t believe that either. If theycare about their family, they will be adults and be civil, at the least. And from all accounts, AJ was NOT the one who called the police on Brad – it was one of the other adults on the plane. I think she was tolerating his BS for a while, and would have continued to put up with it to try to keep the family together. Until Child Protective Services stepped in.

  16. Sage says:

    Sources advised People online that Jolie is single! Lol. Maybe Lainey is right…

    • tracking says:

      As if Jolie would date a realtor.

      • Sage says:

        Not just any realtor but, and “old looking” realtor…lol. Whoever concocted that tale seems bitter and vain. Jolie would not introduce a new bf as some “old looking man”…lmao.

      • KBB says:

        @Sage If the guy has salt and pepper hair or grey hair I can see them floating that description out there. That way when he is photographed people don’t make a big deal about his age. They’d be expecting someone more in the George Clooney age range than a guy in her age range.

  17. Silent Star says:

    I always thought she’d be a good match with an older business man, like Salma Hayek’s situation.

  18. Tana says:

    I don’t really care for this story, only came here to say god she is beautiful!