After a lot of hand-wringing, Sarah Jessica Parker endorsed Cynthia Nixon for NY gov.

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Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York. To be more specific, she’s running in the primary to oust sitting governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat. If I lived in the state of New York, would I vote for Cynthia? Perhaps. I support female candidates, I think her campaign so far has been really effective and I’ve never really liked the Cuomos as a political dynasty. That being said, a lot of New York Democrats like and trust the Cuomos, and Andrew Cuomo has always had a lot of support from the celebrities living in NYC in particular. Well, Sarah Jessica Parker is one of those New York Democrats who supported Cuomo. And now she doesn’t know who will get the coveted Carrie Bradshaw endorsement.

Sarah Jessica Parker may not support Cynthia Nixon’s campaign for governor of New York, and her silence dooms any possibility of a third “Sex and the City” movie, sources say. While other castmates have endorsed Nixon’s challenge of Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the Democratic nomination, Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO hit, has been mum.

Through her spokeswoman, Ina Treciokas, Parker said, “Cynthia has been my friend and colleague since we were little girls. I look forward to talking to her about her New York state gubernatorial bid.”

Since Parker already had a falling out with Kim Cattrall (Samantha), a schism with Nixon (Miranda) could obliterate the show’s premise that four career-driven Manhattan women can bond over Cosmos and support their BFFs through thick and thin.

“HBO is afraid the fallout will hurt viewership of the reruns and hurt the franchise,” one insider told me. HBO had no comment. Until Nixon became a political candidate, Parker was still hoping there might be some way she could star in a second sequel to the “Sex and the City” movie.

“They could maybe do it without Cattrall, but they can’t do without Nixon, too,” said my source.

[From Page Six]

I think this is less about Sex and the City positioning and more about SJP’s long-standing connections to existing Democratic politicians and the New York political machine. Nixon is largely an outsider in those political circles, whereas SJP is a major donor and fundraiser (she’s even personally hosted the Obamas for a fundraiser in her home, for the love of God). Of course SJP wishes she could just continue to support Cuomo in relative silence. But everything that happened with Kim Cattrall just makes this even harder. Because yes, SJP will look like a total a–hole if she doesn’t support Nixon.

Almost on cue, as soon as I wrote all of that, Sarah Jessica posted an endorsement on her Instagram:

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14 Responses to “After a lot of hand-wringing, Sarah Jessica Parker endorsed Cynthia Nixon for NY gov.”

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  1. Jegede says:

    Cynthia Nixon and SJP are tight and go way back. They’ve been friends for years.

    I’m almost certain they already know whatever the deal on this is between each other, but I guess for optic’s sake, SJP had to do the public endorsement.

    • Frome says:

      Exactly. Page 6 lives for girl beef and they invent it when there is none. Cynthia has been teasing this bid for years, SJP knew it was final long before we did. Her support and $ was pledged long ago. Don’t think a fringe candidate throws in without her wealthiest friends behind her.

  2. minx says:

    Nixon has no chance whatsoever, so SJP’s endorsement won’t really matter. I think it’s hilarious that they are still flogging the dead horse that is SATC 3.

    • Frome says:

      Cynthia won’t win but that that’s not the reason a fringe candidate like would run. Especially when she has no prior experience. They run to shift the platform. In her case, she is trying to shift Cuomo further left. It’s an excellent cause.

  3. brutalethyl says:

    Does anybody with a brain even *care* who celebrities support? I make up my own mind, and no basic celebrity is going to interfere in that. So CN can have the support of everybody from SATC including the guy who cleaned the toilets in their trailers. I don’t care.

    Of course, I’m not in NY so none of this makes any difference to me. It’s interesting reading, that’s all.

  4. Lorelei says:

    SJP REALLY needs to moveTF on from any more SATC talk. It’s done. Good grief.

    That said, I’m glad she endorsed Cynthia. I can’t stand Cuomo and even I think he would understand why SJP should publicly endorse Cynthia. Doubt he would take it personally.

    Re: the comments about her having no chance of winning: you’re probably right, but a LOT of people are extremely frustrated with Cuomo. I wouldn’t be completely shocked if she pulled it off. Especially this year when we should all be thinking “never say never.”

    ETA: Totally agree with Frome. Even if all this does is light a fire under Cuomo’s ass to move farther left and be more active on certain issues, her campaign was well worth it.

  5. Darla says:

    I am very much for moving Cuomo to the left. I am undecided myself at this point. I’ll tell you the truth, she may get my vote!

  6. Char says:

    Even if Cynthia loose, at least she dodged SATC 3 for a longer time.

    • minx says:

      I think SATC 3 was dead anyway when Kim Cattrall bailed. That’s why SJP was hounding KC, because no Samantha, no movie.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        But if SJP and CN are close she must have known this run for NY governor was a possibility but still dragged KC through the press when her brother passed? That was cold if that is how it went down.

        Cynthia Nixon does not strike me as the kind of person to throw together a political campaign because a planned movie did not go ahead, this must have been in the works for a long time.

      • minx says:

        Zapp–Honestly, I don’t know what SJP was thinking, as far as the sequence of events….unless she figured CN would lose and then be available for SATC 3.

  7. Janet Gerber says:

    I think sjp couldn’t not endorse Nixon since she already looks like such an a-hole with her treatment of Kim.

  8. The Ratinator says:

    I’m confused.

    Why does SJP have any say, or anything to do with politics?

    I can’t believe yet another celebrity opens their mouth and people think “I’m certainly glad they chimed in on the whole _______________ matter because now everything makes sense and all is smoothed over and perfect!”.

    The orange baboon (not to slight to baboons anywhere) has proven that if we don’t want our country being torn apart and turned into the laughing stock of the world, then keep the TV & movie clowns OUT of politics.