Carmen Electra shaves the side of her head


While celebrities do a lot of stupid things to themselves to get attention, I’ll never understand deliberately making yourself less attractive – or even ugly, depending on your opinion – just for a few more paparazzi snaps. But that’s exactly how desperate Carmen Electra is. The former model/dancer/whatever had nothing left to get attention (after all, she’d already married Dennis Rodman), so she did the only logical thing she could – shave part of her head.

Half-shaved heads are the new black.

Former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra — known for her lengthy locks — is the latest celebrity C-lister to pull a chapter from the “Book of Cassie” and adopt the half-shaved head look as her own.

Carmen debuted her new haircut –which features sides of her head buzzed cut — during a night out on the town earlier this month.

[From PopCrunch]

I gotta say, I’m not into Carmen’s look. Cassie’s head shaving incident was pathetic because it was so desperate, but she did look sorta hot in a way. I think it only works if you’re otherwise perfect – and let’s be honest, few people, even celebs, are. And even then, it’s sort of a long shot. There are so many better ways to get some flash bulbs aimed at you. Go to the right restaurants, the cool clubs. Even if you get turned away, the damage is just to your ego and it’s fleeting. Shaving your head? I think Britney Spears can tell you: it takes over a year to look even semi-normal.

Here’s Carmen leaving the theater with her shaved head on June 7th. Images thanks to Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Kelly says:


  2. What says:

    She’ll be wearing hair extensions to cover up her stupidity in no time.

  3. Lem says:

    that so last decade

  4. voodoobetty says:

    yawn. I was dressing like that and shaving my head back in 1993. She’s so desperate to be edgy and cling on to whatever she thinks is cool. If you are daring enough to shave your head then dye the rest of it something other than boring brownish blonde. poseur.

  5. paranel says:

    Anything to get a little press, anything. Isn’t she a little too old for this ? She should have done this when she was 14 not 40.

  6. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    I’m not against it. I think it looks good on her. Just it makes me think that she got a really BIG lump of chewing gum stuck in her hair and couldn’t get it out so she shaved it off.

  7. Fan of None says:

    I thought she was supposed to be preggers?

  8. Miggs says:

    Who does she think she is – Cassie?

  9. MSat says:

    Flashback! Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam! Good times, yo. good times.

  10. bros says:

    who the heck is cassie?

  11. CeeJay says:

    Ditto. Who is Cassie? Must be another irrelevant celebrity who managed to get a nod on this site because she shaved her head?

  12. Tia C says:

    1984 called. They want their hair and wardrobe back!!

  13. shamwow says:

    she’s clinging on to relevancy
    she’s an old bird now she shouldn’t be copying young girls

  14. aleach says:

    i think its hot!

  15. wow says:

    Exactly, Miggs. Cassie is exactly who came to mind when I saw this. Maybe Carmen wants P-Diddy to produce her next album. Lol.

  16. what says:

    Her whole look – hair included – has been done by a model (and an ugly one at that..) named Alice Dellal. Brit i think not sure.. or half Brit, half Brazilian- google her. She’s gross. Why any straight woman would want to look so butch is beyond.

  17. LaLaLA says:

    well…thats ugly

  18. Chris says:

    I like it, I had the same ‘do cira 1991

  19. chucky king says:

    I don’t think Carmen thought this thing thu. If you are a trendsetter like Cassie then submit a full body shot to and a brief description about yourself and why everyone tries to get a piece of your style. We Dare you to be Vain!

  20. BeeCee says:


  21. Ellie says:

    Uhhh, Interesting?

  22. Kelly says:

    Shamwow, “clinging to relevancy”? She lost her grip on that years ago. This is just a desperate attempt to get back in the news. Sad when your options are reduced to (A) announcing an(y) addiction or (B) shaving your head.

  23. notso says:

    Rihanna – as beautiful as she is – doesn’t even pull this look off. Carmen, what were you thinking?

  24. the original kate says:

    boring. doesn’t she realize without hair and fake boobs she’s nothing?

  25. fabulous says:

    Love it! Its so 80s – we used to call that style an undercut. Anyway, think you are all making a big fuss about nothing – she still has longer hair immediately above the shaved area and can wear it up or down dependent on the mood. I think she looks totally wicked! Go girl. xx

  26. Moore says:

    cassie, then lala, then carmen. not a fresh idea to be found.

  27. Nebraska says:

    Never do anything to your hair when you have pms.

  28. BlueSkies says:

    Nothing sadder than her biography, when a beautiful woman like Tara has no self esteem and was pandering to the less genetically gifted, Prince. Ugh, her choice of men is and always will be hideous.

  29. DANMOR9 says:

    She’s a hot cougar now, She needs to act accordingly!

  30. Fiona says:

    Is it fashionable to copy uggly fashions from Brits?Bad move…The trashy Alice Dellal and her bunch of chippies Pixie & Peeches are making school, indeed…
    What do you have inside your head Carmen (because outside , we can see this awful hairdo)?