Jennifer Lopez is putting one of her clothing lines on hiatus


J-Lo is packing up one of her fashion lines. Now before you panic, keep in mind this is J-Lo we’re talking about – she’s got 38 different projects going on at any given time. So rolling up (not out) the red carpet on one of them isn’t the end of the entire world… unless you’re a major J-Lo lover. Then it is near-catastrophe.

J-Lo’s is putting clothing line Sweetface on official pause. It’s not gone forever – at least that’s the world for now. Instead, the company is calling it quits-ish while they revamp.

The recession has already claimed its faire share of celebrity lines from Mandy Moore’s Mblem to Lauren Conrad’s eponymous clothing line going on hiatus, and now WWD is reporting that Jennifer Lopez is following suit and shuttering the doors on her Sweetface line. After six years, Sweetface is halting production after the spring 2009 line, which is in stores now. Sweetface started in 2003 as a urban streetwear spin-off to the JLO by Jennifer Lopez line, but soon became a high end contemporary line. While Sweetface isn’t over forever — the company plans to relaunch with a new vision– no date has been set for its return to stores. But if you are a dedicated J. Lo shopper, you are still in luck — her JLO by Jennifer Lopez line still sells in 40 countries outside of the U.S, and she has six highly successful perfumes with another on the way later this year.

[From People]

Urban streetwear to high end contemporary is a nice little jump for a clothing line to make. Rather unexpected. It’s strange for a clothing line to basically go on hiatus without giving any good reason except something about a “new vision.” And that doesn’t even seem to be the reason, just they’re little bit of chatter about the future. Instinct tells me this is it for Sweetface. But you can still buy one of J-Lo’s 37 other lines of stuff.

Here’s Jennifer Lopez closing out New York Fashion Week by launching her Just Sweet collection for Spring 08. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. Ellen Smith says:

    She has lousy taste. No loss here for the American consumer. Unless, of course, you want to look like hood rat hussy.

  2. QB says:

    Sweetface was never that popular in the first place. But her perfumes are nice.

  3. CandyKay says:

    I also thought her stuff was cheap-looking, until I picked up a nice pair of sunglasses at an outlet and discovered – after I had purchased them – that they were a JLO brand.

    She’s not my favorite celebrity, but I still like the sunglasses.

  4. bew says:

    who buys her shit anyway?

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Unless, of course, you want to look like hood rat hussy.”

    ha! it’s funny cause it’s true…

    well, my reaction to this news was that YAY! now little furry creatures won’t have to be beaten into submission and then skinned alive for her “fashion”.

  6. sam says:

    Im hearing Michael Jackson had a heart attack and died – can anyone confirm??

  7. Magsy says:

    If that’s one of the dresses then J-LO made a wise decision. That reminds me I have sheets in the washer……

  8. lola says:

    she may have lousy taste in men and clothes but at least she is around for her twins and keeps them near her un like some other loser mother of twins that can’t be bothered with baby care or bonding. It is more important to be a good mom than have good taste in clothes, just saying…..

  9. mel says:

    Yeah I luv her perfumes.

  10. orion70 says:

    lol Magsy, so true. The color is also somewhat institutional green.

    She looks incredibly ungraceful in these pics. Just clumping along, arms all over the place.

    First pic @ bottom however, the model behind her, have to say I like that little dress, and love the shoes.