Paula Patton steps out with her still-married boyfriend, who now claims he is ‘separated’

Paula Patton and new boyfriend Zachary Quittman leave the AOL Build Series and head to lunch

No, this isn’t shady at all, right?? Yesterday, we discussed the weirdness around Paula Patton and her new “boyfriend” Zach Quittman. Page Six had a super-dishy piece about how Paula met Zach at their kids’ basketball game and they’ve only been dating for a month or so, and Paula is already all-in with the relationship. The catch: Quittman is married and not even separated (legally or physically) from his wife. Like, the dude hasn’t even moved out of the house he shares with his wife and kids. Page Six obviously got some sources close to Quittman’s wife, and my God, the whole thing just sounded so f–king messy. So obviously, Paula had to step out with Zach yesterday in New York for a rather gleeful-looking pap stroll. Quittman tried to do some damage control too:

Paula Patton’s no home-wrecker, at least according to her new boyfriend. The actress, 42, recently revealed that for the last month she’s been dating a new guy, realtor Zach Quittman, who, it was later reported, is currently married to another woman. The situation has drawn criticism on social media, where some have pointed out that Patton recently left her ex-husband Robin Thicke for cheating during their marriage.

But according to Quittman, he and his estranged wife are no longer together. “We were totally separated before I moved on,” the realtor tells PEOPLE.

He added that they’ve been separated “for awhile.” Quittman also responded to rumors that his estranged wife was caught off guard by his moving on. “Obviously there’s three sides to every story and I’m not pointing the finger or saying anyone’s wrong, but we were definitely separated before I moved on,” he explained.

On Wednesday, the duo were spotted out in New York City holding hands and smiling.

Patton called Quittman her “boyfriend” while promoting her new film Traffik on Extra TV Monday.

“I have a boyfriend now,” she told the outlet. “I haven’t called anybody a boyfriend. He’s my boyfriend!” Patton and Quittman have been dating for “a month.” She added, “But when you know, you know. I love him.”

[From People]

He’s saying that he and his wife were “totally separated” but he doesn’t really say that he has moved out of the home he shared with his wife and kids. I tend to believe it’s probably a messy combination of what he’s saying and what Page Six said yesterday – maybe he and his wife were having issues or whatever, but they were still together and still living in the same house. Then he met Paula and suddenly his marriage was dead. Clearly, I think this dude is a total douchebag but WTF is Paula thinking? As I said yesterday: girl has a terrible picker.

Also: girl has terrible style. WTF is this outfit?

Paula Patton and new boyfriend Zachary Quittman leave the AOL Build Series and head to lunch

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  1. Runcmc says:

    She looks like Hayden Pannetirre with her hair like that, it’s throwing me off! I didn’t realize they had such similar faces.

    As for the dude- just ugh

  2. monette says:

    These people, isn’t weird to them that they choose to move on with partners that look A lot like their exes?
    This guy is like a slightly chubbier version of Robin Thicke. And by all accounts a POS just like Robin.
    So basically nothing changed, different players , same game.

  3. Mia4s says:

    Well isn’t he a catch? 🙄

    Paula? Honey? Therapy. Look into it. A lot of it.

  4. NoShame says:

    This is messy and gross. Can we also talk about his style? Those pants! That “belt”! What. The. Hell?!

  5. BaronSamedi says:

    She looks like a parody or a Halloween costume.

  6. annabanana says:

    Maybe it’s not that she has a terrible picker but she’s just an asshole like her ex, which is probably why they lasted so long. The comment from yesterday she said about checking out the dads is just so wrong and off. You go to your kids games to watch and support your kids and not to look for hot dads.

  7. Reef says:

    I gave a hearty chortle at these pics. There’s so much going on. This dude is a walking stereotype.

  8. Lolo says:

    Ugh I was at least picturing someone good looking. He looks incredibly cocky and musclebound (in a bad way) and they’re both dressed like they went through a donation bag to Goodwill for Halloween.

    • Kitten says:

      I feel kind of bad for dudes that are short and muscular. They could be the nicest guys in the world but that aesthetic just screams “douche” to me. I know it’s not really fair but….

      • Maria F. says:

        i agree. The D word came to mind… Probably also because we already have pap strolls. You would think he would prefer to keep a low profile during this messy time……

  9. RBC says:

    He looks like he went through the laundry basket of a cast member of Jersey Shore and put on whatever smelled clean

  10. Jussie says:

    Her type is clearly douchebag.

    I will say though, not everyone is able to just move out once they decide to separate. Many people live together til the house is sold because to do otherwise would be a financial or logistical nightmare, and if you still get along ok it’s silly to go through that for no good reason.

    My ex-husband and I lived together for almost 6 months after we ended things. We didn’t legally separate during that time because in our state trying to do that whilst living together requires a whole big legal drama, but we were totally done. Most of our money was tied up in our house, so if either of us moved out it would have been to a closet sized studio apartment not suitable for our children. Even if one of us had been willing to forgo physical custody for months, that would have just created a childcare nightmare for the other. It could have been done, but we were still friendly enough, so why make things harder and more expensive than they had to be?

    • lucy2 says:

      This does happen to a lot of splitting up couples. A friend of mine went through it for almost a year, it was pretty terrible. And her ex-husband could have moved in with family, but refused to leave the house. Very stressful for all involved.

      In this case though, based on the “source” comments yesterday, he may have thought they were separated, but I don’t think the wife did! He ditched her for Paula, and is now going to ride Paula’s coattails and live off of her, probably until she catches him screwing someone else.

    • Bridget says:

      Indeed. Not everyone files for a legal separation (‘normals’ usually go straight to divorce) and sometimes they’re stuck living together for a while – whether for financial reasons, logistics, or even just for the kids. But that is definitely not the time to date.

    • Christina says:

      THIS! I don’t know this dude or his situation but I know mine and just moving out is not always that simple. I still live with my ex husband while we are trying to sell the house. We are free to see other people just can’t bring them home for respect reasons. We are still friends and actually get along better than ever. It is not ideal and we both would like to get our own places, but it’s not financially feasible right now.

    • mtam says:

      Doesn’t he have a trust-fund. Apparently he’s rich, so it would not have been so hard for him to find his own apartment if he really was separated from his wife.

      Also he’s a realtor, and comes from a family of realtors no? Either he’s terrible at his job and couldn’t find temporary digs or himself, or he was dating Paula while still married (before “separating”).

  11. Lizzie says:

    i think she has horrible taste in men and likes a little drama.

  12. darkladi says:

    She is clearly “dick hypnotized” & needs an intervention.

    Girl, love yourself!

  13. Lala says:

    How you gone move some random D into your home, that you’ve only known intimately for a month….with your little boy? I can no longer with her…

    • Snowflake says:

      She’s moved him in? Wtf?! Yeah, that is so wrong

    • annabanana says:

      Yeah I agree, wasn’t she saying her son got traumatized because of the dad? Moving in some guy to your house with the kid around doesn’t seem like a healthy thing for the child. Unless the kid already knows him because of his kids are the sons classmate or teammate. Or the relationship has been going on longer

    • lucy2 says:

      That is really sketchy. I’m guessing he got thrown out when his wife found out about the affair, and cried to Paula that he just needed to stay with her for a bit. Now he’s living there, traveling with her, and who will be shocked if he doesn’t try for some sort of fame. It’s amazing how blind she is to how bad this situation is, for her and for her son.

    • mtam says:

      lol! I don’t believe they’ve only been involved for a month for one second. I’m not buying it.

  14. minx says:


  15. Green Is Good says:

    Separated, huh? Does his WIFE know?

  16. JustJen says:

    The pics of these two prove you can’t buy taste. Gawd that tank she’s wearing and those pants!! Why did she resurrect those boots from the Madonna “Like a Virgin” collection? Blond hair looks crappy on her. IMO, most people with an olive complexion can NOT pull off a blond shade like that. Everything about him is gross too. Ugh.

  17. SundaySundaySunday says:

    Forget about Paula’s clothing….I can see what she’s trying to do there. Let’s focus on the PINSTRIPE TRASHBAG PANTS WITH A BRIGHT WHITE DRAWSTRING that he is wearing. I can’t. I can’t take it. I know I’m hating on his look, I know, but those are hideous. And the shoes. As for their romance, oof this is gonna be bad.

  18. Bridget says:

    Rule of thumb: if you haven’t moved out of the home you share with your ex, it is NOT the time to date.

    And he looks like a suburban dad having a midlife crisis in that outfit. Oh wait.

  19. Sayrah says:

    What a mess. The guy is a realtor and a trust fund baby. It’s pretty hard to believe he couldn’t have moved to another place if he and his wife were really separated. He’s a lying liar who lies and she is a giant hypocrite. Puke

    • mtam says:

      Yes! 100% this. If his marriage was really over, and they were separated, just not legally yet, then why was he still living there? Out of all people going through a separation, no one would have an easier time than a rich realtor with a trust-fund to find their own place.

      I also believe they’ve been having an affair for a while. No two grown adults, with kids, one divorced in a humiliating way, one “separated” but still living as a married man, go from 0 -100 in one month. Unless they are totally careless, impulsive people, moving in a man you’ve dated for maybe a month into your home with you child is incredibly inappropriate. For those reasons, i don’t buy that they only started seeing each other after he says he “separated” from his wife. Bullshit. Total bullshit.

  20. Wamamax3 says:

    It seems like talking to her would be a visit to CrazyTown.
    And on a shallow note: for a naturally beautiful woman, she seems to have very little awareness of how to hold her face and body. I thought this in looking at pics from yesterday’s post: she is always making some awkward and/or unattractive facial expression.
    On top of all that, who CHEESES for pap photos like this. I think she definitely has one-to-several screws loose.

  21. Green_eyes says:

    The hair and the outfit.. ahhhh no! The guy that’s a huge H3🏒🏒 NO! I never understand why women (or men) get involved w/ someone that hasn’t even began divorce proceedings & then act surprised when it doesn’t work out. A lot of heart aches could be avoided… just saying. This won’t end good either.

  22. Madpoe says:

    Don’t even pass that hot plate of mess ova here! Nope!

  23. Nicegirl says:

    How much faith does his outfit inspire, as a realtor? Like if he was your realtor and you saw this pic of him in this outfit, would you reconsider your choice of representation?

    It’s super judgemental, but I would.

  24. Nicole says:

    Ugh Paula you’re just as messy as your ex

  25. mela says:

    RUN. I met a man who had recently broken up with his live in girlfriend and we started dating a few months later. He was married to another woman but “seperated” hence the girlfriend he had been living with the last year. Ok I rationalized this.

    Only after dating him for way too long did I realize he was more married than seperated,


  26. ZGB says:

    The comments are hilarious!!!

    Oh Paula, I’ve loved you since that ‘Zhiro, zhiro’ code scene in Mission Impossible 4. Why be… so messy. For the first time, I agree with those that are suggesting therapy for the woman…*In Goodluck Jonathan’s voice*…Bhet Waaiiy???

  27. VintageS says:

    I can’t get over that manic puppet smile. Creepy and mindless. Yikes.

  28. Pomegranate says:

    She has a type and it’s Massengill

  29. Mle428 says:

    He is tiny!! That is all.

  30. jferber says:

    The comments are to die for! She’s screwing up with this one, but it’s always possible to re-direct from horrible mistakes. She should re-direct now. I like her a lot and she was with Robin since she was a teenager and he put her through hell. Her judgment is off. Good luck, Paula.

  31. adastraperaspera says:

    I did not recognize her in these pics at all.