Jon Gosselin plans tell-all revenge book: no sex for a year

A friend of mine feels sorry for Kate Gosselin. She says that Kate is misunderstood and although she can be a royal pain in the ass at least she’s working hard for her family and is trying to keep things together. Jon, on the other hand, is total dead weight according to my friend. She thinks that Jon is the one who is passive-aggressive and wanted out of the relationship and the responsibility while Kate desperately tried to make her marriage work. She doesn’t think Kate would cheat, either, and believes the stories about her romancing the bodyguard are either untrue or that the affair didn’t happen until after Jon took off.

I can see that side of it, but I don’t really agree. I don’t watch the show in full as I’m overseas and don’t have access, but I’ve seen plenty of clips that are condensed down to show Kate at her most bossy, and she certainly is bossy. She didn’t necessarily drive Jon away, but the demeaning way she treated him didn’t help. I think she’s trying desperately to milk her kids and the series for as much publicity and money as possible. This woman wore a bikini on her front lawn recently. It’s all about cash and freebies for Kate and she seems to be more concerned about her media career than her children’s well being. Jon isn’t exactly father of the year as Kaiser mentioned, either, and he’s acting like a drunken co-ed lately, so I can definitely agree on that point. To me, these poor kids don’t have a parent on either side who is looking out for their best interests.

Things might get even worse for these kids when they’re old enough to face the slimy media trail their parents left. According to Star Magazine, Jon Gosselin is planning a tell-all that will detail the end of his marriage and reveal that he didn’t get any from Kate for over a year before they finally split:

Star has learned that Jon is penning a scathing tell-all that threatens to expose Kate’s darkest secrets!

Jon, 32, has had enough of being portrayed as the bad buy – and he’s ready to defend himself in a book that could earn $10 million! He’s already written half of the manuscript, and when he starts shopping it around, he won’t be at a loss for publishing contacts, ironically, thanks to Kate, the author of two books!

Jon plans to reveal that he and Kate… hadn’t had sex in a year before she got so close to Steve, and even before that, they were seldom intimate, says the source. “She’d withhold sex when she wanted to punish him. Sex is important to Jon, but she didn’t care…”

In Jon’s book, which could hit shelves as soon as November, he plans to reveal that he began to fall out of love with his wife about three years ago, when she started alienating both of their families. (today, Kate has no a relationship [sic] with any member of her family). “It was like she was too good for them,” says the source. “Once Jon started to back off from her, Kate could sense it, and it made her crazy. That’s when she decided that money would be her new love…”

Now, with the breakup and having to help support eight kids, unemployed Jon desperately needs money coming in – and $10 million for his book is the payday he wants.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, July 6, 2009]

I don’t know if this is true or not – it’s Star Magazine after all, and I can’t see Jon’s book being worth $10 million. A couple million sure, but ten million seems way overblown for your average reality show tell-all. It could be a bestseller, though, especially since these two have dominated the tabloids for weeks. Reality shows can sure exacerbate a family’s dysfunctional tendencies while giving them plenty of opportunities to continue to cash in on their own downfall.

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  1. Lori says:

    Kate is behind this too! Anyway she can make that money. Chick is the devil.

  2. aleach says:

    I could totally seeing Kate denying Jon sexy times. She is such a control freak, I cant imagine it would be that fun when they DID do it.

  3. Lem says:

    lol “sex is important to Jon” lol sex should be important to any marriage I would think

    yeah I just don’t see this one happening. Calling BS. Jon won’t even discuss ‘the situation’ Now I could see Kate telling Barbra Walters about how she hasn’t given Jon any for awhile. This just is too forward for his personality.

  4. Lem says:

    i have to admit I go week in the knee for that purr thing he does. Or used to do lol.
    Gets me every time I hear it.

  5. Joe says:

    wonderful rack.

  6. seriously wtf says:

    OK, I can just say… Kate has had a boob job!! Im almost positive!! I’ve been watching that show for years & they never have been that big. When they were in hawaii they certainly were not that large & perky!!

  7. princess pee says:

    I wish the media would back off. If everyone complains about their fame-seeking then the best thing we could do would be to ignore them.
    I can’t help but think that we are unnecessarily hard on them, too. Like pointing out that Kate wore a bikini on her front lawn… I’d wager good money on the fact that a LOT of Americans have done exactly the same thing. Have you never worn your swimsuit off the beach?

  8. bros says:

    wonderful surgically enhanced and children-paid-for rack, you mean.

  9. RobN says:

    How can anybody possibly defend Jon if he truly is going to put the intimate details of his marriage out there for all to see? You’re going to put those details out there where your kids will eventually see them and you’re supposed to be the good guy? Don’t think so. Passive aggressive twit is having an early midlife crisis and is going to regret it at some point.

  10. Lori says:

    “wonderful surgically enhanced and children-paid-for rack, you mean. ”

    LOL MTE!

  11. TEAM KATE! says:

    Any woman who’s been married to a useless lump like Jon knows what’s going on. Kate’s HAD to step up to the plate and juggle EVERYTHING. No kidding she probably hasn’t put out for a year; he can’t do the fidelity thing, this is not new to Kate. Who wants the bugs and diseases he’s been out collecting? I hope to God Kate finds a real man to be a father instead of another playdate-pal to the kids and an honest to goodness husband to Kate.
    If it were a guy being “bossy” it would be him “taking charge”; a woman who runs the show is called a “bitch”.
    I’m glad Kate’s shedding 200 pounds of useless, ugly flab. TEAM KATE!

  12. Lem says:

    Passive aggressive twit is having an early midlife crisis and is going to regret it at some point.

    *snort*(coffee up my nose)
    ya think?

  13. Taradash says:

    oh boy… the trick is …give them enough rope and they…. will ….themselves. wonder who will crack first

    if either writes a tell all book call the dept of children welfare

  14. Rosanna says:

    Oh how I like when I see a spouse (usually a man) saying/writing “I didn’t get sex” as an excuse for seeking divorce. I always feel like saying: “Well, you didn’t get sex because you obviously p*ssed your spouse off. One doesn’t stop having sex in a vacuum! What’s your part of the problem? Get the guts to own it”.
    This being said, I tend to side with Jon, too. But blaming it all on Kate is childish.

  15. Linda says:

    Joe – that rack was bought and paid for with the money that came in from shilling out the kids!! Both of these so called adults should be ashamed of themselves…in some twisted reality, they have convinced themselves that “all this” is what is best for the kids.

    I don’t feel sorry for Kate – she is nothing but a spoiled narcissist who will do anything to stay on the kids gravy train – there is no way this woman is going to do without the nannies, cooks, housekeepers, personal trainers and down size her lifestyle for the sake and welfare of her own children.

    I don’t blame Jon one bit and women better wise up – you don’t treat a man like a piece of shit and withhold sex and expect to keep him. Jon has jumped everytime this woman demanded things from him – she wouldn’t even pump her own gas for goodness sakes.

    I truly feel sorry for these 8 kids!!

  16. texasmom says:

    Ah, this can be quite handily solved by the divorce – the judge can restrain parents from speaking ill of each other for the kids’ welfare during the divorce process and this can also be one of the terms of the divorce settlement. Of course, that would mean KATE wouldn’t get to write her version of the whole thing, so maybe she won’t go for it.

    My own counselor (shrink) recommended I write a book about my awful divorce and all I could think about was “the kids would read it one day” — and it wasn’t their fault it was awful!

  17. Obvious says:

    I’d read it. I have morbid curiosity.

    That being said I still don’t think it’s a good idea, but to each his own. If he gets that kind of payday then maybe he can get this kids away from Kate. Jon at least has always seemed to understand that they are children not props. And he does care for them unlike Kate who is only using them (not that Jon doesn’t too, he’s just not so bad).

    Too each his own.

  18. JustV says:

    I’m trying to stay as neutral as I can, but I’m leaning more towards Jon’s side. Yes he’s passive-aggressive and maybe even lazy (probably), but, when I watched the show, he seemed more in-tune with the kids and their needs, more patient, more loving towards them, many seem to have a preference for him.

    And what is up with Kate and her kids always being in the front yard/driveway? Don’t million+ dollar homes come with extensive backyards where play structures can be built? That’s is where I would be especially if I knew that there were a team of paps waiting for my door to open. Don’t these kids deserve some time off!?! If there home doesn’t, why the heck would they buy a house (when you’ve money=options) that doesn’t come with a big back yard for freedom and privacy? It seems like the need-for-attention factor is overwhelming.

  19. Leah says:

    Wow, a tell-all? That is really low.

    It always takes two, dude. I would think that this will just make HIM look WORSE – playing the “blame game.” I’m sure Kate could pen her own tell-all with plenty of crap on him, too.

  20. Leah says:


    And this concludes Lesson #1 of “Why you shouldn’t volunteer to be part of a reality show about your personal life.”

  21. Just a poster says:

    Well he has to support his ever growing earring collection! LOL

    Okay seriously, who doesn’t have “secrets” in their marriage that nobody wants let out? I bet this is a ploy on his part to get something. I hope she calls his bluff.

  22. mollination says:

    This whole thing totally makes me think of “Be careful what you wish for….because it just might come true”

    My bf thinks all his problems are the result of a lack of funds, and this whole reality universe is the perfect example of how getting your entire life effed up with the promise of financial opportunities to replace it is NOT the better route either.

  23. lola says:

    Jon behaves like an imature teenage boy. i really can’t blame kate for not wanting to have sex with him, he is so unmanly, he pouts and whines like another kid, she doesn’t need another kid she needs a partner and a man, not some loser who wants to hang out at bars getting drunk or hang out in the bushes getting high.
    Thought Jon was whining a few episodes that he couldn’t write a book like kate?? Guess he figured out how.

  24. huh says:

    I really don’t understand all the “Kate HAD to be this controlling, bossy, etc” b/c she has 8 kids to take care of and Jon wasn’t helping and she HAD to go out on book tours to make money for the family.

    First of all they didn’t need the book money. They were making over 70grand an episode in addition to tons of freebies. Therefore, they should be able to save most of that money since they certainly don’t have to pay housing costs and for their kids clothes, toys etc…she wanted more money and fame. They didn’t need that.

    And she didn’t need to be so anal and controlling b/c she had 8 kids. They have a staff. They have a chef, nannies, assistants, maids, etc. If anything she was managing the staff. And chances are there was a main person in charge of the staff.

    So basically she was not alone taking care of 8 kids with no one to help her. There is no reason in the world for her to act the way she does.

    I don’t mean this in defense of Jon just that people keep defending her on these grounds and they don’t make sense at all. They might if she really was the primary caregiver with no help at all. But since that isn’t the case there is no excuse.

    And even then I think she needs to learn, trite though it may be, that you catch more flies with honey. It may not be her personality but she can obviously work to make herself a better person and a better parent. As can Jon.

  25. bored says:

    Sounds kind of made up. I’m decidedly team Jon, even if they are both responsible for that awful show… I can’t imagine anyone who could watch that show and not supress a shiver at Kates dead eyes and abusive demeaner. If thats how she behaves on camera, what kind of person is she off camera? I mean how far from normal is it really for the guy to go out and have a few wild weekends post breakup. Hell, I’d buy him the first drink.

  26. TaylorB says:

    Gee big shock, they haven’t had sex in a year…she is an over controlling, harping shrew and he is a whiney, passive agressive little baby in mid life crisis. If I were either spouse in that mess of a marriage I wouldn’t want my naughty bits near the other persons for some ‘sexy time’ either.

    There is so much hate between those two if they tried to have sex it would be so ‘unsexy’ her vadge would dry up like a craisin and his wank would rot and fall off.

  27. Cinderella says:

    Well know wonder he’s moving to NYC….To be near all of the publishing houses!

    What’s he going to do, shop it door to door? I hope he gets many a door slammed in his face.

  28. Jess says:

    I’m sure his kids will enjoy reading the book 10 years from now. In between therapy sessions and drug parties.

  29. lisa says:

    Star magazine claimed Jen Aniston in 2008 and Jon Mayer in 2009 were writing $10 million tell all books too

  30. Yae says:

    Yay, to having loads of babies….

  31. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    About all this junk with Kate HAVING to be such hell on wheels: I call BS.

    If the husband had been the one being controlling and verbally abusive, humiliating and insulting his wife at every turn, acting like he hates her, criticizing even the way she BREATHES, people would be up in ARMS.

    But if a woman does it to her husband it’s ok?

    How is that? If both people are adults, then they treat each other LIKE ADULTS. With respect.

    I mean, come on, why’d she marry him if he’s such a huge loser that he doesn’t even know how to breathe correctly? Just for the baby batter?

    Give me a break. There’s no excuse for ANY adult who claims to love another adult enough to marry them and have kids with them to treat them like dirt. Why would anyone want to put up with such humiliation and disrespect day after day after day? Good for Jon for getting out, though he’s not a knight in shining armor. But at least he’s trying to reclaim his testicles that have been shredded to bits over the last 10 years.

  32. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I just saw the back of the bikini shot and it was gross. Who’s the kid in the truck she’s talking to?

    And come on, she knows the paps are there taking pictures. So she goes out dressed like that. Oh my, I was just sunbathing in the yard, are those cameras I see? LOL.

  33. eml says:

    he’s getting sympathy for “no sex for a year”? too bad he was getting elsewhere. no sympathy for this schmuck.

  34. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    eml: oh my GOD. So you have proof that he was cheating on his wife a YEAR before she came to him with that separation agreement that said he could see other people? You better run to People magazine with that kind of scoop!

    I really wish women would stop transferring their own men issues on other situations.

  35. drm says:

    Oh for pete’s sake! Who cares…these guys are such an American phenom only…no one knows or cares who they are elsewhere (I live in New Zealand and my husband said “Who?” on seeing this.)

    With 8 kids and a very unhelpful husband (by all accounts) I wouldn’t feel much like sex either. A drink and a vibrator maybe…

  36. jennifer says:

    This woman wore a bikini on her front lawn recently.


    o_O I’ve no doubt as to her attention whoring ways but I fail to understand the issue with the bikini. Especially the “This woman” part, it comes off as “Can you BELIEVE she had the GALL?!?!?!”


    AS for the book – yeah, it’s Star, I doubt it’s true, but if it IS true, yeah Jon that’s the way to make sure the kids grow up healthy and well grounded. Good job.

  37. Yae says:

    Did they even think to go take some of that major money and get a damn good marriage counselor first?

    Drm……That cracked me up.

  38. ashley says:

    She wore a swimsuit in her front yard…stop the presses! Like no one else here has worn a swimsuit outside of their house on their own property. Granted she was a pushy bitch, he knew what he was getting into, and he is in such a midlife crisis mode right now, he just needs to grow up and be a responsible man, not some frat boy wanna be with hair plugs and a beer gut hitting on younger women, who by the way are probably only interested in him because he is “famous” if you could call it that.
    Seriously Jon, grow up and be responsible for this family you brought into the world.
    Kate quit being such a money hungry bitch and worry about your family and not what everyone else thinks.
    You all make me sick.
    Media whores.

  39. Kay says:

    No, I don’t wear a swim suit in the front yard, I have a back yard. And if I need to go out front, I cover up. And what about all the houses for the kids that were built in the back yard for the kids? Seems like Kate likes to parade for the papz. Attention Wh0re tis Kate.

  40. Emmaline says:

    Jon compalining about not having sex. Sex isn’t the only thing in the world. A woman raising 8 kids a husband whom is like a child and lazy who would have time and not be exhausted by the end of the night after having 8 kids I would never want sex again. Evenafter having twins who would want it. Children are a blesing, but bearing children takes a toll on a female body.
    Kate was to bossy and said hurtful things and I am sure it ate away at his heart and eventually he feel out of love and looking else where , she may have found her body guard, but with how she treated Jon do you really think anyman would want to but up with that if I was a man I wouldn’t put up with it two seconds.

  41. team kate says:

    Wow I just watched their first show yesterday and Jon was such an ass even then, why did I always think it was Kate that was being an ass.
    He called her stomache deflated and the jowls of a dog, very insensitive, no wonder she wanted a tummy tuck, I am glad she got one.
    Her hair was brown and he was complaining because it was blonde when they married, she said you still like it/me he said no I prefer blondes, he was just so cold after she had delivered 6 of his babies.
    Team Kate!!!

  42. team kate says:

    kay up there you shouldn’t be so insecure about your body, I mean really get over it. In Europe people are way more chill about body image and exposure, it is just a bathing suit, she (Kate) looks pretty good in it too.

  43. Jon is really a boy. Writing a book about no sex for a year. I am surprised they had sex at all. He is such a slow laid back person. He might fall asleep during the act. Rveryone can say what they like,but, the long and short of it is this. Jon was satisified with two children. He cannot cope with eight.He is just fed up. But,he likes the camera just as Kate does. Jon and Kate r 2 stars now. What about the babies.

  44. Shame on u Jon. Now your children will have something to talk about when they go to school.DADDY’S BOOK. Not once on the show did i c u and Kate take those children to church. The family that prays togethor stays togethor. No wonder why this happen. God put u and Kate here as the caretakers of his children , when u fail them u fail him.SHAME ON U BOTH.

  45. Maddie says:

    @31 I totally agree if the roles where reversed, the show would have been canceled in it’s first year.

    I’m so sick in tired of people saying she was bossy, there is a difference between being bossy and degrading your spouse on national TV for millions to watch.

    As the show picked up speed she did push all her family members away, read it from a blog like three years ago, how she did not want to give them air time on the show because it was about her, Jon and the kids.

    If you go to the web site: A MINOR CONSIDERATION run by Paul Petersen the shild actor from The Donna Reed show his site is there to protect the rights of child actor and the like check out what he said about the whole show, and how he feels about the wholesale of ones kids for fame and fortune.

  46. Bubbles says:

    I saw 5 minute clips of this show on two occasions, before all this marriage trouble came out. I thought two things: these are the most boring people on the planet; and they are seriously not in love.

    I feel sad for all of those children, though! What a chaotic life they are leading.

    With all of Kate’s work on her looks, she really needs to do something about that large, flabby ass!

  47. Maddie says:

    @Bubbles: “With all of Kate’s work on her looks, she really needs to do something about that large, flabby ass!”

    I guess she will, once someone, maybe a Dr. (from DR.90201) will offer one of her many plastic “freebie” surgeries since she had her belly and bubbies done already.

  48. Anastasia says:

    To address the “he knew what he was getting into when he married her” excuse for her behavior: it works the other way, too.

    She knew what SHE was getting into when she married HIM. Apparently, according to how she acted, he was a total loser who couldn’t even breathe correctly without instruction. So she knew what she was getting into, too.

  49. punx says:

    If I had 8 kids I’d be nuts, too. I remember a couple of seasons ago Kate was talking about getting rid of all the cameras, and he seemed to be happy about that, I figured it was going to be the end of the show after that season. I think Jon was still working then and he had a very good job, working for the government: so hopefully he will get one again. You call him immature ? Maybe after being treated like one of the kids constantly he decided he might as well be one.I hope they send that oldest brat kid to therapy, because she certainly needs it. Or maybe that is the only way she can get attention, by throwing fits?

  50. daisyfly says:

    You know, I’m sick and tired of hearing people say that Jon was/is lazy. Have any of you people actually watched the show? I sat down with my MIL and we watched that damn thing until my stomach reversed itself and I began crapping out of my mouth.

    Jon had a full time job when the show started, and when he’d come home, he’d immediately begin helping out around the house. No one was going to work for HIM, yet Kate always had the help of her best friend, sister in law, etc… He’d bathe the kids, fold the clothes, put them away, help clean up the kitchen, etc…

    How many husbands do that after a long day at work? I’m fortunate that mine does, but I know many friends whose husbands don’t. Why do people call him lazy? Because he doesn’t do things the way Drill Sgt. Kate wants them to? Sorry, toots, but up until TLC came a knockin’, he paid for the bills, he put food on the table, clothes on your back, and despite the nagging, the bitching, the whining, and the downright rudeness, he STILL helped around the house.

    Is he a schmuck for cheating (if he cheated)? Yes! By all means, call him every name in the book for doing that to his family, but for the love of rationality, don’t call the man lazy.

  51. Lindsay says:

    Lisa – I was thinking the exact same thing… Jen, Jon Mayer, Angelina’s bodyguard were all offered 10 million for their book. At least change up the number to seem semi-believable!I bet Jon has made about as much progress in his tell all as Jennifer Aniston has!

    Obvious – I’d probably be tempted to read it too!

  52. UrbanRube says:

    Kate’s a narcissist who alienated both their families. Jon’s passive aggressive and forced her to do most of the organizing and work until they got rich enough and important enough to TLC that they could demand help around the house. He’s a lump, and she’s a stressed-out perfectionist. It was bound to explode. But those poor kids…

  53. eternalcanadian says:

    well, jon must have had some redeeming qualities about him for kate to steal him away from the woman jon was going out with at the time long before 8 kids came along. i think after so long of being demeaned and put down by kate, jon just gave up, not too unlike a psychologically abused woman would if her husband did the same things to her that kate does to jon.

  54. Kay says:

    She looks good, no doubt, (except maybe the rear shot of her a$$), but somethings aren’t necessary anywhere except the backyard. It’s obvious, she’s doing it for attention. Media attention. Media=bucks.

  55. texasmom says:

    I can’t figure out why they aren’t putting up some kind of privacy fence since they seem to be photographed every time they leave the house. I totally understand playing on the driveway because of bikes, etc., (we play more in the front than the back of our house for this reason) but surely they could put up a fence or plant a hedge or something. And stop running out in a bikini, smacking your kid’s behind, or smoking a joint… all where you can be photographed.

  56. Julianne says:

    I am amazed that people buy into this woman’s vanity. Anyone can look good with plastic surgery, a trainer, a tan, and money for a nanny so that you have the time to only think about yourself. She is such a phony and anyone who can’t see that everything she does is contrived and self-conscious is a complete idiot. I don’t believe for one second that she is anything but ecstatic that her marriage is over and her crying and looking sad on magazine covers only proves more that she is so aware of how she is coming off looking. If she really cared she would have some dignity and take care of her personal business in private. People need to stop paying this woman for exploiting her family.

  57. Debbie says:

    Jon is a coward. He should have stood up to Kate earlier on. Instead he cheated with a dog, bought stupid playhouse’s worth over 2,000 a piece, buys all kinds of clothes and now is shopping for an apartment at Trump in NY. Just walk away Jon like a coward with your tail between your legs. When your kids get older and they google you, their gonna know you were a loser!

  58. Margaret says:

    Have any of you ever had an unfaithful husband? Well, I have and I totally understand Kate’s actions. Betrayal, lies and manipulation can make you appear to be a bitch when in fact you are a scared, insecure Mother of 8 who doesn’t know how to survive alone. Wake up America! Kate has been wronged and unless you have walked in her shoes, stop judging her. There is NO EXCUSE for infidelity! NONE! Jon can sling all the mud he wants, but he is a slime ball!

  59. Jenny says:

    While I can’t condone Kate’s behavior, Jon’s no great prize either. Clearly he “let” her have the upper hand for too long without having the guts to fight back. The further she pushed, the further he retreated. She’s a frigid b***h, and he’s a loser wimp. They need to get straightened out or we’re looking at 8 really, really messed up kids!

  60. Sherry says:

    I think that these people both need some serious counseling. A wise judge could order it for the sake of the kids.
    If Jon writes a book like that then he is lying about wanting what is best for his kids. If Kate writes a book like that ditto.
    These children need to be protected from what is happening with their parents.
    If they have a writing urge, then they should write about what they did wrong to cause this problem. I know from my own divorce that neither person is entirely responsible or entirely to blame. Things tend to spiral and build on each other and then everything sprials out of control. From some of the comments that Kate has made, it sounds like this is just what happened here. I finally had peace about my divorce when I dissected my own part in it and owned it.

  61. Michele says:

    Jon’s an ASS if he lets this go through. Doesn’t he worry that his kids will someday read it?!?!?!? Come on now. Enough is enough. The marriage isn’t/doesn’t work. Move on , already! Grow up!

  62. TANYA says:


  63. lita says:

    What a great idea. Publish the dirty little secrets which, someday, your children will read. Way to get close to your children! He may be angry now. And his anger may be justified. But how do does he think his children will feel when they (or their friends) read his book when they’re older? Kate put the show before her children; now, it appears that he will do the same with his book. So much for family and the love and protection that parents are supposed to provide for their children….

  64. gloria says:

    Anybody ever think that this is a game they are playing. What do WE need to do to get our ratings up? The kids are older not so cute any more!

  65. christina says:

    as a child of a divorced couple, i know that if jon goes through with this book, his kids will end up hating him for it. as for kate’s bossiness, etc… jon needed to man up years ago. he allowed her to talk to him like that. so all of a sudden he grows a pair? too little too late jon.. you already lost my respect.

  66. yeppers says:

    kate represents modern american women. Let’s face it guys.

  67. Rach says:

    As a mom of eight, she’s rocking that bikini. So she’s had cosmetic surgery? Who hasn’t? She’s recently had her boobs done….who hasn’t?

    She has a cleaning lady…..I do as well. I’d also have a gardener and a chef if I could afford it.

    A 6,000 sq ft home is hardly a mansion. Those kids do need a place to live.

    Nobody on ANY of these boards is privy to the Gosselin’s financial straits. None of us have a true picture of their financials, nor do we deserve to. It’s simply NOT our business.

    Jon is a wimp, although I do like the guy. My mother worked outside the home, took care of five kids while my dad sat back and did very little. I guess she’s a bitch too.

    Woman have been empowered, or hasn’t anyone heard?…GO TEAM KATE

  68. They are both the same says:

    They are both the same and all they care if for the money. Jon is a dick and any woman that falls in love with him, she must be stupid or blined. Kate she pushed him to the edge she’s big on her self and thinks that she’s hot and she cares more of her self, the money and not her kids. Why are you in front of your house were everyone could see you and your family and not go to the back yard where they dont have any way of seeing them. She loves the pictures and the people around her home.