Kanye West names Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez as his ‘hero,’ but she shut it down

Donald Trump and Kanye West Meet at Trump Towers

What can we even say about Kanye West at this point? Imma let you finish but I actually thought Taylor Swift’s anti-promotion for her album was better than Kanye’s MAGA promotion. Kanye went full-tilt MAGA to promote his new music and whatever else, and I’m just… done. I’m done with him. I’m done with giving him the benefit of the doubt or being his apologist in other matters. Kanye is over. Now that he’s over, Kanye is desperately trying to get attention, day after day. He tweeted this photo of Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez, calling Emma his hero:

Which will piss off the MAGA crowd, because they LOVE guns and Emma is one of the children advocating for more gun control. But even then, Emma wasn’t having it. She tweeted this:

James Shaw Jr. is the man who disarmed an armed gunman in a Waffle House, then set up a GoFundMe for the victims and the victims’ families. He’s now paying for the funerals of the victims. Donald Trump, the NRA and Kanye West have not said one word of praise for James Shaw Jr.

Also, this:

I mean, I could write multi-page rants about every one of Kanye’s tweets from the past week and a half, but it wouldn’t mean anything to him or the Deplorables who think that Kanye is one of them. But “silent majority” comes from Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy, and it was about the Civil Rights Movement. Nixon was telling white people that they had been “silent” long enough in the face of all of those black folks getting rights and such. To hear a black American man use the phrase “silent majority” is just… ugh. Kanye is so uneducated. His ignorance is profound.

Kanye West heads to the office after the birth of his third child in Calabasas, CA

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  1. Swack says:

    Just like Trump – one day on one side of an issue, the next on the other side. Whatever will get them the most publicity.

    • Beth says:

      They’re both pathetic flip-floppers

    • AnnaKist says:

      You think they’d be fitter what with all their running at themouth, back-flipping etc…

    • MoAnne says:

      Narcissists don’t have stable beliefs other than EVERYTHING MUST BE ABOUT ME. So, yes, they will jump onto whatever train helps them stay relevant. They have ZERO shame and will steal or plagiarize anything.

      It’s why Trump jumped from supporting the Clintons as a Democrat & attending their wedding(!) to a 180-degree turn around as a pro-gun, anti abortion Conservative who chants ‘lock her up.” He saw more potential for getting the Conservatives to vote for him, as they can’t see thru his BS con game. Kanye is similar. Emma Gonzalez is relevant & in the media–so, Kanye is trying to jump her train to sell albums–even though he doesn’t care about what she supports. If he did care, he would be anti Trump b/c he took big gobs of money from the NRA. Same goes with Madonna who has appropriated every artistic endeavor that the avant-garde & LGBTQ communities have created and made them “her own.” SMH.

      Then, narcissists pretend it’s all “their own ideas,” and that they’re smart or “geniuses.” They do it often enough & people believe it. If they last long enough, they get to become legends. It’s hard to deny that Madonna isn’t a legend and Kanye is still a major star (although he’s starting to fade a tad…). And, then Trump will always be remembered as the dude who BS-ed his way into the presidency. UGH…it’s so depressing!

      Why do narcissists always seem to win? There’s no justice in this world!

      • Jordan says:

        I’m 28 and Madonna is no legend, least to the majority in that age up to about 35. After that age then everyone will tell you how madonna did this or that when all she did was rip off several different cultures. Talented sure but that’s where it ends. Your comment surmised exactly why she’ll never truly be a legend. She’d been trying to stay revelant ever since that one love isn’t true song. Her last good album was Ray of Light and that’s only because Frozen was decent.

  2. Nicole says:

    Guess he’s caping for all those poor left behind white people

  3. Esmom says:

    Boom. Out of the mouths of babes. Emma’s reply brought tears to my eyes.

    • lightpurple says:

      Right? She saw right through his pathetic attention-seeking crap and wasn’t going to let herself be used in his attempts to sell whatever he is selling.

  4. Anastasia says:

    Ug. I want to take him by the shoulders and shake him! Or just take away his public microphone (Twitter, etc.). Like just sit DOWN, Kanye.

  5. BlueSky says:

    As a POC I will never support any POC that supports this POS. I hope I never Jones this bad for attention or white acceptance.
    You are right, he is so ignorant. I’m sitting here thinking “This is what my father fought for during the civil Rights Movement movement? Being beaten, hosed, attacked by dogs for this dumbass?”

    • Katy says:

      LOL – BlueSky!! Your first sentence cracked me up. Your father is an amazing man to stand up for the rights of POC. May God bless him!!

  6. oh-dear says:

    yay for Emma! – this group of kids is so media savvy, it’s amazing to watch Emma and some of her peers using it so well to counter the Republicans. Social media is the platform that equalizes marginalized voices, so I’m loving that it is the platform Trump uses and he’s meeting his match with these incredible kids.

  7. Rapunzel says:

    James Shaw isn’t getting any attention because he is black and he disarmed the shooter without needing a gun.

    • lightpurple says:

      And because the victims were also black.

      • Rapunzel says:

        And shooter was White.

      • me says:

        @ Rapunzel

        If the shooter was brown the story would have been EVERYWHERE and labelled a terrorist attack. The fact the shooter was White and the hero was Black makes this a story the media wants to bury. It’s bullsh*t and so unfair.

    • PPP says:

      Seriously this guy should be getting invited to talk shows. He’s such a great example of why you don’t need necessarily require guns to deal with these situations.

  8. Lela says:

    We’re very lucky to live in a society where freedom of speech is allowed, and as horrible as Trump and the MAGA followers are I wouldn’t want to live in a country where anyone is silenced, freedom of speech SHOULD go both ways. BUT with the liberty to say what you want also comes the freedom the rest of us have to criticize the insane verbal diarrhea that spills out of your mouth, and I think this is where Kanye doesn’t really understand things and he feels “persecuted”, no one is trying to muzzle him or Trump or the MAGA’s but the criticism is fair and it’s what comes along in a free society.

    • Obvious is Obvious says:

      I don’t think anyone is wanting to censor Kanye’s speech. Although, for some reason he is trying to make it seem that way.

      People are rather confused at his thought process, or lack thereof. One day he’s screaming MAGA and retweeting alt right conservatives, and then the next day, he tweets that he can’t call himself a conservative because he’s not educated enough on what they stand for. Almost 40 years on earth and he hasn’t bothered to learn Conservative policy? Puh-leeze. Kanye is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

      He reminds me a lot of John Mayer. Neither has anything real or smart (or real smart) to say, but sometimes they use big words and won’t stop talking, so everyone thinks they’re such great speakers or thoughtful.

      We need to stop getting hype around the publicity tactics that Kanye is using and listen to what he’s actually saying…and he isn’t saying anything that profound. He’s crying out for attention and everyone is buying into it.

    • N. says:

      It’s funny how Trump and his MAGA crowd claim freedom of speech for themselves but use every opportunity to attack the free media (for exposing his lies, no less.)

      Also, as someone living in Europe, it’s shocking to me that a “news” channel like Foxnews is even allowed to exist. Really, just translate their lies and propaganda into German and you’ll see Hannity is basically Goebbels 2.0. It’s so horribly blatant, I don’t even know what to say.
      How on earth is this even legal???

      • Jordan says:

        I mean to their credit it’s owned by Fox Entertainment group so nothing on Fox News is actually news. It’s the E! Channel for Republicans.

  9. ELX says:

    He’s so far up his own a$$, he can’t see daylight. I’m beginning to think Kim has more on the ball than he does.

  10. HeyThere! says:

    James Shaw Jr is MY hero!!! This man deserves a metal of some kind!

    • Lady Rain says:

      Agreed. He’s a true American hero. The media’s silence on his heroic actions is disturbing and disheartening. It’s really sad.

  11. Floydee Mercer says:

    Make Kanye Black Again.

  12. Ann says:

    As a huge Kanye fan this is all quite depressing to witness. I’ve always known he was a narcissist blowhard, but I found it amusing and the music was outstanding. Now though… the new single sucks and his level of stupidity in all of this is just, uh.

    • Crimson says:

      From an article on D-Listed dated April 28 that reviews one of his latest songs (and gives a link to it):

      “The track features a chorus of women singing “Lift yourself back on your feet, let’s get it on” over a beat. But then the rapper enters with some of his most bizarre lyrics to date: “Scoop ditty poop…poop ditty scoop poop.” Wait, there’s more: “Woop ditty scoop poop…poop…poop.”

      Wow, Kanye’s taking us for a ride.

      • Jussie says:

        The track was a parody of tracks where there’s this big, long build-up to a rappers verse, only to have it be pointless garbage that might as well be nonsense words.

  13. Sophia's side eye says:

    I saw this posted last weekend and it was amazing. LMAO! Perfect shade while showing love for a genuine hero, Kames Shaw Jr, who is being ignored by the narcissist in chief and the rest of those loud hypocrites. Emma Gonzalez is great, I can’t wait to see what she does with her life.

    Kanye disgusts me, I used to be a huge fan. He’ll do anything for attention.

  14. Umyeah says:

    Ugh Kanye….lets focus on James Shaw, someone who desrerves our praise and admiration. What a great guy, his daughter is lucky to have such a good man raising her.

    • me says:

      Yes ! Too bad the media is barely talking about this story.

    • Marley31 says:

      1St may God continue to bless Mr Shaw and his family. What a heroic thing to do and a human thing to do. We as humans need to not look away. I’ve always been one to step up and get involved because I know God will have my back. As for James Shaw people don’t know about it because he’s Black. Some don’t want to see black men doing anything Nobel, heroic or good. As for Kanye never did like him I always thought he was full of himself. And it was rumored he made that comment about having to take multiple showers/bath (whatever) after being with Amber Rose. And I just thought that was ignorant as F–K because mostly everyone has seen his wife on video. If Kanye was as woke as he wants everyone to thing he is he would’ve kept that comment to himself. And the Taylor Swift award fiasco. Was not cool at all. How would he like it if someone interrupted his speech. Not cool. Idk someone once told me you can’t talk sense into nonsense and that’s how I feel when people try respond to comments by celebs or politician who have no sense.

  15. me says:

    Kanye has turned full on Karashian/Jenner. Doing the most to get ANY publicity. He obviously doesn’t believe his album is good enough to sell on it’s own. He thought he needed to create a lot of drama…which he did…but it backfired…as it does for the Kardashians time after time. The problem with Kanye and the Karashians is they believe we are all stupid puppets. They are smarter than us…so they believe. Jokes on you Kanye !

  16. Cberry says:

    Kanye is like Cecily Stong’s character, “The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At A Party”, on Sat. Night Live.

  17. tonetest says:

    My friend was telling me earlier how she wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye emerged with bleached skin and blue contacts when he releases his poop themed album this summer. He already dyed his hair blonde prior to his last meeting with the orange one. He is obviously in the middle of a self hate spiral fueled by mental illness and narcissism. I feel awful for his kids. They are probably already planning North’s plastic surgeries…

  18. Christina S. says:

    I always thought he was racist against white people. I saw him at UNCW in 2006 I think? When the song gold digger came on he literally stopped the song and said “it’s okay white people you can sing along”. Not to mention he was late starting and spent half the time yelling at the people in charge of lights. I realized then before Kim K or any of his other meltdowns that he might be a good musician, but he’s an asshole IRL. I still think he’s unhinged and bipolar and quit taking his meds so this is what we’re getting out of it.

    On a side note, I guess I’m ignorant too with the silent majority thing. I always thought the silent majority was the voters who don’t really talk about who they’ll vote for and sometimes they won’t vote at all. They are the ones who really decide on who will win. The silent majority stayed out of the 2016 election. Most of them simply didn’t vote at all because neither candidate fit the bill for them. I know my parents and step dad were a few as well as some fb friends. You never know who they support because they’re so midway, but they also won’t vote at all if they feel the right person isn’t being cast.

    • Save Mueller says:

      Trump supporters have been using the phrase “silent majority” to describe themselves at least since the election, if not before. Which I find hilarious, given the fact that Trump did not win the popular vote.

    • Tanesha86 says:

      Did you really just say “racist against white people”?! Didn’t bother reading past that sentence 🤦🏾‍♀️

      • Christina S. says:

        Yes I did because it does happen. Obviously I was wrong considering who he married, but at that concert he seemed annoyed most of the audience was white.

    • Cberry says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure how many times those “midway/non-voters” are called the silent majority. I think they have been, but I thing they’re also referred to as the “independent voter” or
      swing voter” which has been used as a catch all term for continuous voters that don’t vote along party lines, but I think has come to include the “stay at home” would-be-voters too, those that stay home to show disapproval of candidates and system.

    • Tanesha86 says:

      There’s no such thing as reverse racism, full stop. White people can be victims of bigotry and prejudice but not racism. POC don’t have the socioeconomic or political power to subject white people to racism so don’t even go there. That comment is complete and utter nonsense 😒

      • CatFoodJunkie says:

        I don’t know, man… I sure feel it as an un-affluent white woman living in the West Indies. saying POC have no socioeconomic or political power is quite simply not accurate. Perhaps that’s true in the US, but if we’re talking about a global perspective, it does exist. Any people in the base of power, deliberately attempting to hold back a set of people unlike their own, that’s racism.

      • Christina S. says:

        Oh I’m sorry but when I look up the word racism in the dictionary it doesn’t mention only POC or minorities apply to it. If you feel your race is superior to another race, you are afraid of another race, or you feel another race is below you, then that is considered racism. So yes POC can be racist against white people. I don’t understand why you’re making this an argument when I was talking about Kanye and his annoyance of having white fans. This was in 2006, 12 years ago so people can change. Again, I don’t understand why you’re making this an argument.

      • Tanesha86 says:

        @catfoodjunkie Nowhere in my comment did I say POC have NO socioeconomic or political power, what I actually said is that we do not have the power to subject white people to racism. You’ve completely missed my point too. Systemic racism is evident even on a global scale and even then white people are not victim to it, you know why? Because white supremacy exists in every part of the world.

      • Jordan says:

        So… if a white person is murdered and the perpetrator stated it was because of their skin color- that’s not murder due to hatred of said skin color. Got it. It’s just murder. Or it’s only racist when you decide to apply the tag to the situation. Check. Other than that it’s bigotry or prejudice. Not a hate crime. Gotcha!

    • Clare says:

      Christina, I can see where you are coming from, so I won’t dismiss your comment entirely – but racism agaisnt white people isn’t a thing. As other commentors have said, white people may well be subjected to bigotry, hatred etc – but it is NOT (never) the same as a POC being subjected to racism. There is a whole canon of literature and thought of white privilege – and while that exists, reverse racism cannot coexist.

    • Krakken says:

      Um. Racism against whites isn’t a thing. There is no power structure in this world where POC command oppressive control over white ppl. Educate yourself in the concept of white privilege. You don’t seem stupid. Just ignorant. Opine less. Read more.

      • Christina S. says:

        My husband is a POC, so I’m aware of racism and I am also being aware that being white and majority race there is a power structure that I’m very aware of. White privilege does exist and I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t or I personally haven’t benefitted from it. I have and who your parents are (dad is a magistrate mom a lawyer) makes a difference too. However, the dictionary (as in google’s definition) clearly states that racism is about feeling your race is superior to the other. It says nothing about who it can/can’t apply to. Anyone can be racist and anyone can be a bigot.

        My whole point is back in 2006 Kanye seemed annoyed by having white people as fans. He clearly changed from that facade over the years, but it made me feel awkward when he made that comment during the concert. Who knows I may have taken it all out of context (hey it happens and I’ll also admit I am ignorant to somethings), but aside from that we can all agree he’s now a tool and needs psychological help.

        Also I love everyone! white people aren’t better than POC and vice versa. We all have something to offer humanity and our skin color shouldn’t define who we are as people. No one is better than anybody, we all have something to bring to the table.

    • Vet says:

      He was giving the White fans in the group permission to use the word n***a, you know because he so “cool”. It wasn’t meant to be a negative, against white people. The majority of his fans are white. He is the picture of self hate.

  19. ChillyWilly says:

    Kanye is an uneducated fool. That fact was confirmed for me when he got with Kim. He has yet to prove me wrong.

  20. Tiffany :) says:

    “There’s a silent majority of people that have been silenced for too long.”

    You are promoting their oppressor, jackass!

    • Shark Bait says:

      Nothing about the right in this country is silent. They are not a silent majority. They just aren’t celebrities. I guess being loud only equals being famous to them.

  21. LuvHotGuyFri says:

    A narcissist does not easily or often change-it is all about them, all them time.
    Everything he does is to get attention and he truly believes he is smarter than and superior to everyone, in my opinion. That is why Trump appeals to him, and he knows Trump will latch onto any praise and put his name out there…
    Go away, Kanye!!

  22. Jayna says:

    Ugh. Kanye has met with right-wing commentators Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk, and there’s photos of Kanye with his new buds. Excuse me while I go vomit.

    • Shark Bait says:

      That is what I find disturbing. Those two are something else. Also maybe Kanye should look up the accusations of racism at Turning Point USA. He won’t care though.

  23. Imagine says:

    For real? No one sees how he’s taking these classic racist lines and turning them around? How he’s showing love? I despise trump but someone like Kanye is big enough to disagree with his actions but still love the person. Which I even find hard to comprehend but I see where he is going and what he’s trying to convey.

    • Kitten says:

      He’s allowing himself to be a tokenized propaganda pawn in Trump’s hate-filled presidency. Showing love? Nah. He’s getting played and it’s sad to watch.

    • Jayna says:

      I guess you’ve forgotten when he said if he had voted, it would have been for Trump.

      “I told y’all I didn’t vote, right?” he told a San Jose crowd during his Saint Pablo tour. “But if I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted on Trump.”

    • Shark Bait says:

      Why is he meeting with Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk then? It would be one thing for him to tweet about Trump and reach out to him. It’s quite another for him to be meeting with the people from TPUSA.
      I mean if it turns out that he is just trolling these people (the alt right) then I’ll laugh that they fell for it, but I have literally no idea what he’s trying to do. Troll, get attention, actually believes this red pill stuff, wants to see both sides. I don’t know, but I think this is giving him WAY too much credit.

  24. PamelaJudy says:

    I actually quote tweeted Kaiser’s link to this article directly to Kanye, pulling out the phrases “To hear a black American man use the phrase “silent majority” …. Kanye is so uneducated. His ignorance is profound.”

    I wouldn’t expect he will read this blog but you can bet he reads tweets. Calling him out for being uneducated and ignorant should hit him in his soft squishy bits.