Mike Tindall finally fixed his crazy-crooked nose, now looks crazy-hot

Vordere Legends Ball 2017

I sort of enjoy Mike Tindall. Mike is married to Zara Phillips (now Zara Tindall), who is the daughter of Princess Anne. Zara is reportedly one of the Queen’s favorite grandchildren. Zara and Mike are both extremely sporty – Zara was a champion equestrian and Mike was a professional rugby player for many years. They are currently expecting their second child, and I guess Mike finally thought it was time to fix his famously “crooked” nose. That’s how real Mike Tindall is: he never got his nose fixed, even after he married the Queen’s granddaughter. He kept his crooked nose, even though he couldn’t even breathe. But now he’s gotten it fixed, check out this photo he posted on his Twitter:

Here it is a bit closer:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, accompanied by Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, visit the Matteusskolan School

It looks good! I’ve always thought he was a nice-looking bloke, but now that his nose is fixed, you can really see how handsome he is. Although, I’ll say this: he looks pretty old for his age. He turns 40 this year, and he looks like Jason Statham’s hot dad. People Mag is making a big deal about how Mike will have a “new look” for Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Like… I doubt that’s why he did it. He was probably really tired of breathing through his mouth constantly.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, accompanied by Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, visit the Matteusskolan School

Photos courtesy of Mike’s Twitter, WENN.

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  1. Joy says:

    40!? I’m 40 and he could pass for my dad.

    • Kass says:

      I was just thinking the same. He looks like my dad and then I saw we are the same age…..
      Thank you Joy! you made me feel a bit better

    • Athyrmose says:

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll be using an extra helping of moisturizer and sunscreen today. Thanks fo the reminder.

    • marjiscott says:

      No way! He looks Sixty!

      • DiegoInSF says:

        He looks homeless! And I like my men on the rugged side but this is too much!

    • PrincessK says:

      Amazing!…..I would not have recognised him…..

  2. Mop top says:

    Let’s not get carried away. He looks a lot better, but he’s not hot. Just a balding, middle aged man.

  3. minx says:

    I don’t know how he could live with it this long. That had to be really uncomfortable, even if he didn’t care how it looked.

    • notasugarhere says:

      He did talk about not fixing it before he was done with rugby, then how he was worried people would think he was fixing it because of his increased television appearances. The health aspects won out.

    • Millenial says:

      It had to be miserable always breathing out of his mouth. Good for him.

    • Emily says:

      I’m wondering how Zara could stand him since the snoring must be OFF THE CHARTS.

      • Anastasia says:

        Yes, this. They might have slept in separate rooms because of the snoring. Hopefully that has gotten better, if he did snore. (I can’t imagine that he didn’t!)

  4. Snowflake says:

    Good for him. My nose is slightly crooked even after a nose job. Hard to take a good picture. People say, so what? You would care if you had people subtly and not so subtly ask ask what happened to your nose. Makes you very self conscious. I’m also a mouth breather, I can breathe better through my mouth. So I hate mouth breathing being used as an insult.

    • OriginalLala says:

      I have a deviated septum and often breathe through my mouth – the “mouth breather” thing bothers me too. I’m too scared to get a nose job though because I like my nose!

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        They wouldn’t have to change the look of your nose to fix a deviated septum. It just so happens that insurance will usually cover a nose job if you have a deviated septum. You just need to find a really good surgeon who can fix the problem without changing your nose’s appearance.

      • Vava says:

        I had a deviated septum as well. (injury) The surgery didn’t change the appearance of my nose, but certainly did improve breathing, particularly at night! But, the week or so right after the surgery was perhaps the most miserable few days I have ever experienced. In the long term though, I’m very glad I got it fixed.

      • Becky says:

        I don’t even think it’s usual to change your nose’s appearance if you get a deviated septum fixed. I had my deviated septum corrected when I was a teenager, and I have the same large-ish nose I always had.

        Doctors do, however, always seem to presume I had rhinoplasty with my septoplasty, which really irks me. It’s like–if that were the case, then I must have picked the worst surgeon ever! I think my nose fits my face, but it’s never going to be an “after” picture kind of nose.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        I had a bad deviated septum with a weird bone spur that was blocking almost all of my right nostril. To make matters worse, the tip of my nose lacked adequate cartilage so it was compressing my nostril openings. Before my septoplasty and rhinoplasty, I could get winded climbing more than a couple of flights of stairs. If I had a head cold or post nasal drip, I was in agony and always struggling to breathe. Getting these problems fixed was life-changing. I had a very skilled surgeon, and very few people could even tell I had work done. More than twenty years later, my nose is still holding up perfectly too. I am so glad I did it.

    • Sophia's side eye says:

      That’s terrible, Snowflake. Why do people say such rude things? We’re supposed to look different an unique.

      So many people think that everyone wants to know their opinion, or that their curiosity is more important than common decency. Sorry you have to deal with that.

  5. Merritt says:

    He looks very different.

    • Léna says:

      I wouldn’t have recognized him if I had seen a picture on another website.
      (Well that sentence doesn’t sound really good but “I saw” doesn’t sound good either)

      • starkiller says:

        “If I had seen” is correct in this case. You’re right that it still sounds odd, but English is not a very graceful language.

      • Léna says:

        @starkiller thank you haha! I had to repeat it to myself at least 10 times before I sounded ok

  6. Bridget says:

    I know that he was waiting until his playing days were done (why get it fixed when there’s a significant chance that it would just get broken again) to have his nose put back into place.

    • Taxi says:

      This. He said it a long time ago.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      Ya that’s what I always assumed. Same thing with hockey players and missing teeth. Most don’t bother to get anything fixed until they’re retired, too.

    • LAK says:

      It was broken over 8 times during his playing career, so it was a good decision to delay until he was done with rugby.

  7. homeslice says:

    Crazy hot?? Nah. But tons better and he fixed his teeth a while back too…

  8. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    He’s only 3 years old than me and looks old enough to be my father lol.

  9. Chaine says:

    honestly i think he was better with the smushed nose. It gave him a rakish charm. He looks sooooo much older now and very generic.

  10. Tessa says:

    He looks like shrek

  11. Blanster says:

    He looks like a younger Joe Cocker.

  12. Becks says:

    He does look better, but I also thought the nose gave him character. I love him and Zara. They are the royals (or members of the royal family before people skewer me with cries of “ZARA ISNT ROYAL”….) that I would most want to spend an afternoon or evening with. I bet they are tons of fun and not stuffy.

  13. Jayna says:

    Crazy hot? Nope. He’s an average-looking man who looks much older than his age. The nose is an improvement, though, and I bet his breathing is much better.

  14. isabelle says:

    I think I’m definitely in the minority of this feature I find attractive, love busted noses on men or at least “interesting” noses. No small button noses for me. Like them busted, big or at least a different shape. Its one of my weird I’m attracted to you things. Although he really looked liked he needed to get his nose fixed because no way was he able to breath well through his nose, his was really broken.

    • Kitten says:

      In my experience, big noses often mean big wieners. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Ange says:

      I like interesting noses too, probably because I grew up around footy so everyone had one. Between my dad and two brothers there are nearly ten nose jobs. Ironically they now have lovely looking noses due to all the surgeries and us women are stuck with our honkers.

  15. Lainey says:

    In that last picture I get a Conor McGregor vibe from him.

  16. Anastasia says:

    God, his deviated septum must have been AWFUL. My husband’s nose wasn’t even this bad and he was 80% blocked on one side. Tindall’s nose looked like it was trying to run away from itself.

    I think he has a sweet smile, seems like a nice guy!

  17. brooksie says:

    Awww my husband’s nose is just like this guy’s former nose; it is super crooked from a bunch of soccer accidents and a botched nose job to fix one of his breaks. He used to be so self conscious about it but I think is finally over it. We always joke about sending in his photos to “Botched” but I honestly love the way it is and think him fixing it would change everything about his appearance.

  18. Leyton says:

    Crazy hot? Please don’t make choke on my water.

    I need to see a birth certificate. There is no way in hell this man is 39. That mean he’s on,y 3 years older than Meghan and her looks her fathers age. Hell, her dad looks better than him for 75.

  19. DP says:

    I’m 41… So that means I’m older than this guy?!?!
    I think he looks good and probably fun to be around… for an older guy. (Sigh)

  20. Tess says:

    Wooooow what a difference!