Gordon Ramsey Burns His Testicles

Gordon Ramsey, famous for using bad language on his restaurant kitchen reality show Hell’s Kitchen, actually has a reason for his potty-mouth today – he’s burned his testicle.

“The other day I was standing to close to the hob when I was cooking. I was wearing cotton trousers and underneath I was going commando. Then suddenly I felt this searing heat – my balls were burning,” Ramsay told The Sun.

Ramsay admitted that he was in “absolute agony” after the accident last week.


Through pants? You were seared through your pants? Do not share this with my husband or he’ll never go near the stove again, commando or not.

Ramsey’s not the first celebrity chef to burn his bits – the by far more charming and attractive celebrity chef Jamie Oliver burnt his private parts cooking in the nude for his wife Jules on Valentine’s Day. I’m no anatomy expert, but I imagine these kinds of burns put a stopper on other Valentine’s Day plans too!

Jamie later treated his wife to a weekend in Paris to make up for the ruined evening. Gordon Ramsey just swore a lot.

Gordon Ramsey picture from The Wreckoning. Jamie Oliver picture from Ananova.

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