Rihanna was the People’s Pope in Maison Margiela at the Met Gala

met Gala 2018 NY set 2

Before the Met Gala even started, I was really concerned that no one would just put their own fashion statement on some pope gear. Thankfully, Rihanna was like “I’M THE NEW POPE, Y’ALL.” Rihanna wore this custom Maison Margiela (by John Galliano) look which is Pope Chic. There was a serious Popening happening at this year’s Met Gala, but Rihanna is definitely The People’s Pope. I love her. I love the way she interprets themes.

Costume Institute Gala  in NYC

Costume Institute Gala  in NYC

Chadwick Boseman also did some pope gear, and this is Versace. He’s the Pope-King of Wakanda.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

And finally, Sarah Jessica Parker was the Messy Pope in this Dolce & Gabbana. Apparently, her headpiece was… a nativity scene. Sure. Her date was Andy Cohen, like always. She never drags her husband to these galas. Not to nitpick, but was there a point to the turquoise eye makeup?

Costume Institute Gala  in NYC

Costume Institute Gala  in NYC

Costume Institute Gala  in NYC

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  1. A says:

    Habemus papam!!!!

    For real though, Rihanna and Chadwick Boseman brought it. There was so much with this theme to play with and so much more attendees could have done but I will take what I can get.

    I don’t want to be mean about Sarah Jessica Parker but her make up makes her look somewhat tired. The turquoise is rather washed out tbh. She should have gone with something bolder. Her gown is gorgeous and on theme though.

    • minx says:

      In the picture where her mouth is wide open, it looks like SJP has a wad of gum in there.

    • Spring says:

      Rihanna and Chadwick looked fabulous. Love them both.

      No comment on SJP & her companion except to note her increasingly obvious patterns of behavior in recent years.

      • Pandy says:

        What obvious patterns – what are you seeing? Spill it!!!! Gossiping minds need to know! LOL. She looks awful – that’s the pattern I’m seeing. Now that she isn’t getting tips from Patricia Field, she picks terrible things. That eyeshadow is terrible and it’s not the first time she’s worn it. Rihanna and Chadwick do look great but there’s something weird going on with Rihanna’s face?

      • Carrie1 says:

        Yep. I 😂 when I saw hearts on her dress. Try hard so much. Kim Cattrall nailed it.

    • CooCooCatchoo says:

      The Met Ball themes are usually culturally offensive. There’s nothing edgy or artistic about dressing like a slutty pope or a walking religious reliquary. It’s cultural appropriation of the worst kind and I can’t believe more people don’t object to it. I felt the same way a few years ago during the China-themed event. The costumes were, on the whole, an embarrassing collection of stereotypes. These celebrities and designers are mostly uneducated, culturally insensitive oafs and it shows.

      • Diplomanatee says:

        I’m a Catholic and I SO agree. It’s entirely possible to adopt a theme without being offensive, in this case you can take inspo from the artwork from different eras, as many did. But dressing a slutty popes/nuns, wearing iconography is just disrespectful and NOPE. And yes, I have the same issue with the poor, overexploited virgin of Guadalupe. There are respectful ways to pay homage, and then there’s whatever is going on here.

        I saw Piers Morgan did write about this so now I’m fearing I may be entering Piers Morgan territory 😛

      • otaku fairy says:

        Oh please. When it’s one of the most dominant religions in your country, it’s not cultural appropriation. Amazing how quick those who have done the marginalizing and wielded the power are to think they’re being persecuted.

    • Larsen says:

      Sarah had eye work a few years ago, that’s JMO.
      Those eyes are not even close to the shape of her eyes on SATC tv show. I think she had a lift of some kind around the eye and they looked pulled now.

      In the last movie is when I first noticed her eye shape has changed a lot.

  2. Tan says:

    Rihanna misses it everytime.

    Such a gorgeous woman and such awful choice of clothes and makeup.

    Chadwick was fun.

    • minx says:

      Chadwick was sharp!

    • Kitten says:

      I mean, I think you could make an argument about the makeup in that with her gorgeous skin tone and the theme of the night, she should have gone a lot more dramatic. I think she could have gotten away with a deeper, darker lip. However, that Pope-themed ensemble is amazing. She pulled it off as only RiRi can.

      • detritus says:

        The makeup is srs bad, the blush is taken way to far down her face, the eyes are a mess. It’s bad.

    • otaku fairy says:

      The outfit works for her- it’s just the eyebrows that look weird.

    • Tan says:

      I don’t like Rihanna’s fashion most of the time, its OTT and bad makeup. That’s just me. Everytime I see her, I feel the same: such a gorgeous woman, such bad taste.

      • A says:

        @ Tan I’ll agree with you about bad taste, but I don’t think it’s RIhanna who has it.

    • Silent Star says:

      I think Rhihanna’s is one of the best things I’ve seen at the Met Gala ever. And if that’s Fenty highlight she’s wearing, I’m sold. Looks great and I want some!

  3. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Rihanna could wear a plastic shopping bag and make it look Haute Couture. She looks fab here.

  4. HollyGo says:

    Riri was a bit of a miss here. Only in comparison to her other Met looks, which were fab, but the coloring and styling does nothing for her.

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      I think it is her makeup that is off. Either that or the low brow line of her mitre. I actually think the dress and cape are visually interesting.

      • lannisterforever says:

        Yeah, I don’t like the makeup either! Outfit is cool though.

    • minx says:

      I wanted to like hers, but it’s just lacking. Maybe it’s her makeup.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree. I usually love what she wears (the yellow Met Gala gown was sooooo amazing), but I think this is a bit of a yawn for me. The hat seems too heavy and rides too low on her forehead. Her eyebrows are lightened, and I think it makes her eyes less powerful. Overall, I think the white-on-white doesn’t read very well. I am sure it took a lot of skill to make, but this look just didn’t impress me.

  5. Hoping says:

    I wish Rihanna’s ensemble was not white, I do not like it like that on her. That said, someone take away the body glitter from her, she is overdosing with it, these days! She does not seem very entertained in those shots.

  6. Mishka says:

    Rhianna rocks it.

    Rita Ora looks like Beyonce in those pics. Weird.

    SJP is old news. And so is her sidekick poopy pants!

  7. Ayra. says:

    I read that Rihanna decided to tone it down this year, compared to her other years, because she was co chair.

  8. ds says:

    I’m just wondering how come no one phoned Lacroix. The man’s work is exactly this theme. Houte couture on point. I know he retired but just imagine what he would have made. And for someone to take him back out and have him there would have hit all the top lists. Makes me sad. So many same head pieces… but all in all most of the people got it right this time

    • Lynnie says:

      That would require the celebs having actual fashion knowledge and going beyond the surface level of the Versace, D&G, Balmain, Gucci, etc that’s trending at the moment. Most of them are only there to be seen though, and as a result we get not very inspired looks

  9. lautie says:

    Rihanna killed it! fab gown!

    Chadwick killed it!!! I wondered if there was much the men could do with this theme then comes Chadwick!!! woow his costume is soooo on point!!!

    for SJP……meh

    • Rumi says:

      Completely agree. I think Rhianna owned the carpet she was queen and Chadwick was king. I thought she absolutely killed it!
      All eyes on her. And only she can pull it off. Love it!

  10. Jess... says:

    I actually loved SJP here! She was really on theme.
    Rihanna’s outfit was great, but I don’t like her makeup

    • Trashaddict says:

      Ehh. She always looks a little like she went to play in mommy’s closet.

  11. Eliza says:

    Riri was on point with dress. A rare misstep with makeup. The stoney colors don’t did nothing for her gorgeous face

    SJP was try hard. I could hear her thinking “you didn’t think i was on theme last year, so I’ll put a damn chapel on my head”

  12. Maum says:

    All hail the Pope-King!

    Chadwick looks too cool for words.

    Rihanna looks surprisingly boring and SJP looks demented. There’s such a thing as overly on theme.

    • minx says:

      SJP does look demented lol. Her dress is pretty but her expression is insufferable, talk about preening. And her date is the worst.

      • Carrie1 says:

        Her date is where she gets her attitude and crappy treatment of others from… ugh

        I’m disappointed Nicole Kidman didn’t get any coverage, what’s that about? Her dress was amazing!

  13. Elle says:

    I really disliked this year’s theme. Most people just threw diamonds on Catholic stuff. Zendaya’s interpretation was cool, but Rihanna’s and the others here were boring to me.

  14. Lexter says:

    Wassssssup w Rihanna’s face?

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      My thoughts exactly. Can we talk about her looking like a completely different woman? And a much older one, too? I would not have recognized her without the description.

    • Anguishedcorn says:

      Yes! I don’t even follow her that much but I thought her face looked so different, and wondered if it was the weight of the headpiece and the low brim pushing down that sort of squished her face?

    • NameChange says:

      Yeah. It looks like she had some work done.

    • bread says:

      Her eyebrows are too light and her contour is too dark. It’s aging her.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        ^^^This. Too light eyebrows take the gravity away from her amazing eyes.

    • minx says:

      Something is different.

    • Tallia says:

      Thank you. I wondered the same thing. She is simply stunning, but her face looked so “off” here.

    • Kitten says:

      I think it’s two things here: firstly, she has gained a bit of weight, which shows on her face and makes her features look a bit smaller. Secondly, she is also wearing a pale pink lipstick without liner. She usually does a MUCH darker, bolder lip color replete with liner, which suits her much more frankly.

  15. Lucy2 says:

    I love Rihanna’s look here! It’s definitely her, plus Pope. I wish it weren’t quite so low cut though.
    Chadwick looks awesome.
    SJP needs to stop. I’ve really had enough of her lately.

  16. Louise177 says:

    I liked Rihanna’s dress except the headpiece. It was on theme but also wearable. I don’t like when the outfits are more costume than dresses. SJP always goes over the top. I think this is one of her weaker looks.

  17. Aang says:

    love the Pope hat! And finally a man that dressed for the theme, he looks great. We could use an African Pope, but sadly most of the African clergy are super conservative especially about lgbtq and sex in general ( long live Francis). SJP just looks crazy.

  18. SM says:

    I love Rihanna’s look. So on point and a great statement, she was the equivalent of the Pope last night. As for SJP, i understand that her make up people hate her, but the fact that there is no single person in her life to tell that to her for say past four years, is really sad.

  19. Nicole says:

    She nailed it. Giving me Pope realness. She does fashion so well.
    Chadwick looks amazing as well.

  20. lightpurple says:

    I thought Rihanna’s look was fun but she looked uncomfortable. The skirt part was too short and she had to keep pulling it down in front every time she took a step.

    I loved SJP.

    Chadwick was sensational.

  21. Jess says:

    Chadwick nailed it

  22. Tig says:

    Agreed-Rhianna’s makeup was way off. I didn’t believe it was her at first. I say this in a good way-every look she’ll ever wear to the Met Gala will suffer in comparison to that stunning yellow gold gown she wore a few years ago. This ensemble was OK-beading/embellishment was amazing- but she’s done better.
    SJP-yep, the turquoise eyeshadow needs to go. Loved the gown, and thought the headpiece was a distraction from it.

  23. ISSAQUEEN says:

    I like RiRi’s interpretation but I think if her cape/jacket was longer the look would have been more dramatic. And her make up is awful. I expected more from her at this event honestly.

  24. Jayna says:

    I loved loved loved Rihanna’s. The detail to her outfit was amazing. I could stare at it all day up close just to look at the material, the design of it, the weight of it.

    I felt the headpiece was too literal and would have preferred something more abstract.

  25. Lucy says:

    Nothing but love and respect for my Popes, King T’Challa and Rob!!!!

  26. Onemoretime says:

    I loved Rihanna and Chadwick choices! Long live the Pope King & Queen! They are so on point for the theme of the ball. It’s a costume ball people! I’ve seen a lot of comments stating they didn’t like certain looks because it’s too costumie. Isn’t that the point of the ball? Last night I was calling out everyone who didn’t dress for the event. Same old same old basic boring folks who put no effort into the event! If we want just plain gowns and suits that’s what awards shows are for, not the Met Gala!

    • CuriousCole says:

      Thank you! Rihanna was the absolute ruler last night! I loved what she chose, and also Chadwick’s look. I was disappointed so many guests phoned in for the theme, but RiRi brought it!

  27. Veronica S. says:

    She is ridiculous. I love her. Chadwick’s look is a little heavy to me, but he otherwise looks lovely. I’ll give SJP credit that she never phones it in to the MET Ball. She shows up to play.

    I really want to know what the hell was going on with the makeup artists for this event, though. Selena, SJP, Rihanna…they just don’t even look like themselves.

    • Sophia's side eye says:

      Yes! So many people had makeup that photographed badly. I’m sure they looked great in person, barring SJP.

  28. Rose says:

    This is the only time Rhianna has looked unattractive to me, something is off . They dress doesn’t nothing for her body aside from making her look fat which she obviously isn’t .

  29. Lala says:

    For the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE…I have to say…Rhi-Rhi…looked…”Meh”…and her MAKEUP WAS NOT THE BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is SO IRONIC!!!!

  30. Darla says:

    Chadwick Boseman blew me away.

  31. Dee says:

    No one did Catholic school girl?

  32. Sage says:

    Rihanna’s makeup too dark and heavy. The detailing in her dress though!
    Chadwick is so damn handsome.

  33. Other Renee says:

    I love Rihanna’s outfit but her makeup is way off except for the eye shadow. She looks like she’s sweating profusely. Pregnant? It’s strange that a woman with a successful makeup line is so off in her makeup. Burn that lipstick!

  34. tracking says:

    Normally, I love Rihanna’s style but I thought this one was too literal. Even with the gorgeous detailing, not a fan. It needed a pop of color and something other than that awful bishop’s hat. Maybe this is colored by my dislike, but meh on SJP’s OTT queen of hearts look too.

  35. Carmen says:

    Is it my imagination or has Rihanna gained a lot of weight?

    • Grinning mama bear says:

      Sarah Jessica Parker – for whom the bells toll.
      all the papal themes were already given to other celebrities so Parker doesn’t do papal but she IS THE CHURCH. Or at least one bell tower.

      Has the Prince / King of Wakanda forgotten that the Christian religions did morally justify slave trade and imperialism and colonialism? And of course they did benefit from these evils, too.

      Rihanna – heavy heavy makeup and contouring overexercised.

      A black female tattoed bejewelled pope in a short dress and a full view of the full balcony – but without any kind of moral message? No signs, crosses, peace dove / peace sign, victory sign, palm tree leaf … ? What does this outfit stand for?

    • siri says:


  36. L84Tea says:

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph….SJP looks terrifying!!

    • Carrie1 says:

      Yes! Her light shines in the right clothes apparently. God help me, I detest her now

  37. Aqua says:

    Rihanna nailed it. She understood the theme perfectly!

    • giu says:

      Isn’t it a bit lazy dressing as a Pope or literally
      as an angel like Katy Perry?

  38. Lilith says:

    RiRi was already the Queen so it was a natural progression. She looked incredible.

  39. HeyThere! says:

    Chadwick looks amazing! I am so glad a male finally stepped up and did something awesome. It’s just so easy for men to wear a black tux….boring!

  40. phatypopo says:

    as weird as this is to say in response to the dress she was wearing, I feel like I’d seen SJP in that outfit before. Kind of bored me. Maybe it’s just that her over the top try hard look is to be expected now so …

  41. No Doubtful says:

    Rihanna had the best look, but I wish it fit better in the bust area.

    Sarah Jessica looks dreadful. That is some bad makeup…

  42. serena says:

    I kind of want Rihanna and Chadwick Boseman together.. they’re both always so cool and gorgeous!

  43. Valentina says:

    Rihanna! Yaaas! She is Queen.

    As for Sarah Jessica Parker…. well I bet Kim Cantrall is laughing. An lot. I love Kim Cantrall. Because I’m Canadian and I support my kin. 🇨🇦 Yeah she was born in the UK but is Canadian. But also because I’ve never really much cared for Sarah Jessica Parker.

    And I just in general love Kim Catrall!

  44. sza says:

    Riri is gonna Riri til the sun burns out and thank god for her! THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!! She is everything and make me want to go back to being a Catholic so I can be a Popess.

  45. Rori says:

    SJP looks awful. Flat out. Sorry. She’s worn some serious stinkers to met galas past, but styling (hair and makeup) has been the saving grace for some of those past looks (not always, to be sure, but sometimes). This year looked messy and unskilled. Her eyeshadow looks like it was applied by an 8th-grade me.

  46. CamoTime says:

    This is terrible. She looks bloated. Ick.

  47. Clancy says:

    Love Rihanna and will always respect and appreciate her style decisions. However, the cut and fit in the bust area is horrible and distracts from the other elements of this gorgeous outfit. How could a designer allow that in good conscience? Please. This is disappointing.
    Side note: This is the same issue I had with Kylie Jenner’s dress. Unnecessary.
    Breasts come in all sizes. Figure.It.Out.

  48. hey-ya says:

    ….Cardi B did it much better…