Meghan Markle’s wedding gown is Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy

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Meghan Markle surprised the world by choosing a designer no one was expect: Clare Waight Keller, a British designer who recently became the first female artistic director for the House of Givenchy. Literally no one thought Meghan would chose a French fashion house for her wedding gown, even though it’s a British designer. It’s a beautiful design though – so simple, such clean lines. The flattering boatneck design is amazing. Harry told her that too: “You look amazing,” he told her.

The Queen loaned Meghan a tiara: the Queen Mary diamond bandeau, which was made in 1932. Everything looks really beautiful, but right now the dress is being overshadowed by how Harry and Meghan are looking at each other and their connection. It’s amazing. This is an amazing wedding.

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  1. Electric Tuba says:

    I’m a completely jaded and I must say even I was moved watching that. Very very sweet

  2. Taxi says:

    The dress didn’t fit perfectly but I loved the clean look & the pink veil is genius. Kept it from looking like she was playing virgin bride-first wedding. Minimal jewelry, the bracelet was dynamite & I love that tiara. It’s subtle & fit the occasion.
    Best dressed guest was Earl Spencer’s wife, in purple. It was perfectly fitted & accessorized.
    The York sisters need a stylist.
    Doria was lovely & dignified. I wish one or 2 of Meg’s single girlfriends had been able to sit with her. She looked so alone even though Charles was attentive & considerate.

  3. Anon55 says:

    Given: its her her day to feel beautiful as she chooses, but I was soooo disappointed with her dress! I feel like it must look lovely in person, but just doesn’t photograph well? It reminded me of the clothes in Handmaiden’s Tale :(
    I don’t understand why people don’t like her hair…it looks very polished to me. But I always think her updos look nice. I thi k the tendrils look purposeful and soften the look, not sloppy.

  4. siri says:

    Clean and simple is fine, but then it needs to fit perfectly. I didn’t. I also find the fabric too heavy. I guess the idea was to have it all understated, but starting with this dress, the flowers, her makeup and hair, and even the wedding cake all have this element of unprofessionalism about it. I love the idea, but not the execution. Her mother looked very good, so did the Queen.

    • Karen says:

      It is not unprofessional. I love understated. Not everything has to look perfect, perfect. I chose to have my dress custom made. It was also simple (29 years ago). I don’t remember if people thought it was amazing -but it was modern and different. I loved it. Not everyone wants a Cinderella ball gown, especially in their thirties. I think she lost weight this week from aggravation and agree it could have fit better.

      I love that her hair is not perfect. She had the premier hairstylist from the US do her hair Serge Normant. Her makeup artist was from Dior. I don’t see that as unprofessional. Maybe you used the wrong word in your statement. She had the top people working on her look you make it sound like she had the wrong people helping her and she does not know the right people to go to.

      In summary it was a spectacular wedding and the couple looked thrilled.

  5. tomatoejane says:

    Seems that many of the commenters are unfamiliar with late 60’s early 70’s British fashion. Boxy thick fabric was the look. Eugenie was also channeling that time. They got it spot on. The past few decades with their emphasis on body con dressing have skewed our eye. To think that a French couture house does not know how to fit a dress the way they want it to look is pretty ludicrous. She looked wonderful. The dress fit the way it was intended. Don’t like the style? That’s okay, it was pretty radical in the 60’s, too. Spot on, in my view. A modern nod to Carnaby Street and the beautiful boxy styles that came out of France at the same time.

  6. Skippy says:

    Meghan looked lovely and so did her Mum.

  7. Aubrey says:

    Not all dresses need to be skin tight, especially wedding dresses but somebody please, fix the train!

  8. ladida says:

    I loved the way it moved in the sun, there was something so insanely beautiful and sumptuous about the fabric (satin?). The sleeves seemed a bit baggy. Perfect choice of Tiara! LOVED the neckline. But not a fan of the huge veil, it took over.

  9. artistsnow says:

    Wow! Split down the middle here.

    I for one thought she looked exquisite. She WORE the dress instead of the other way around. Meghan looked comfortable, elegant AND gorgeous. Im;possible to pull that off at such a extravaganza event.

  10. artistsnow says:

    Saw photos of all four gowns: Meghan, Kate,Diana, the Queens. Meghan has by far the nicest most elegant gown and train of them all. Hands down. The Queen is a close second.

  11. Seraphina says:

    I wasn’t a fan of the wedding dress, which I posted to above. BUT, I will say that in seeing pictures as they leave the church they looked like perfection. I was very floored.

    And I also loved the tiara. It looked perfect on her. I still can’t get over how great that piece looked on her.

  12. Brumbie says:

    Gown -One of my older cousins got married in the 70s and her dress was identical to MM’s. Her mother made it from a Simplicity pattern and it fit beautifully. Designer gown? You got taken.
    Tiara – Queen E: “Lend her the ugliest one in the collection”.
    Hair- She looked like Morticia Addams. A little poof wouldn’t have hurt. It would have improved the look of that nothing tiara, and of course, a bobby pin.
    Makeup- Great inventions – lipstick, blush
    Loving looks – His are real- straight from his little head. Hers? She’s an actress. She can look whatever the scene calls for.
    Royal family pusses – How happy should they be? She’s divorced, older than he is, from another country, from another religion (did you know she had a Jewish wedding for her other husband?) a z-list actress with nude photos out there, from a nutty family and of another race. Yes, just what they all wanted. And why would anyone think Diana would be happy with this match? What mother wants her son to marry beneath him? She was a Spencer-Churchill, probably the most aristocratic family in all of the UK and he’s a prince. She would have wanted better for him.
    One last thought – criticizing MM doesn’t make you a racist. But bending over backwards to find everything she does wonderful does.

  13. Lady Rain says:

    I loved, loved, loved Meghan’s look for the wedding. Her dress was simple, clean and beautiful, while her tiara looked elegant. I agree with some who said she probably wanted a modest dress because it’s not her first marriage, which is very considerate. I loved her minimalist make up as I’m not a fan of overdone looks.

  14. Moons says:

    The dress was underwhelming and plain. Very disappointing for such an occasion. It didn’t need to be a poofy blingy mess but it really was lacking in originality and wasn’t special. However her veil was stunning. The dress was a huge miss. This wedding will go down in history books and she wears forgettable badly tailored gown. And her hair was a mess.

    That being said the genuine love and emotion was sweet. Can’t hate on the royal family for making faces during the preacher speech—it can be shocking if you’re used to very different sermons and church things. I think a lot of people felt he was over the top and goofy. I did, and I’m american.

  15. cindyp says:

    Dress was beautiful but was not tailored well. Neckline & sleeves noticeably baggy & ill fitting. She’s too thin & small chested to pull off a boat neck in that fabric. That piece of hair in her face was driving me crazy. Do they not have bobby pins in the UK? Secure that hair under the veil & tiara.

  16. David says:

    She obviously wanted to go with a minimalist classic look, but I’m sorry, that dress was truly awful. I see some folks trying to defend it, but no. It was so bulky and heavy, shapeless, and dull. Just awful and a huge disappointment fashion wise. I really liked the Stella McCartney evening dress she wore, looked fabulous on her, much better made and beautiful.

  17. Peeking in says:

    Kate’s dress was better if you’re into lace and such. They’re women with different styles, and I think this dress suits Meghan. It’s simple, clean and elegant.
    There was nothing weird about the American pastor. 😏